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So, my first Bricklink order (coincidentally, he lived right by my school :D), buying Breez from Brain Attack (awesome set by the way), two nights of missing homework later, and tons of photo editing, I finally got my entry for BBCC #64: Furryous Fighters done:




^Link to Gallery^ Deeplinks below

(also a pretty awesome banner, if I do say so myself)

A bit of backstory:

Lagerus was a novice Glatorian who got his first experience fighting in the Core War under the Elemental Lord of Jungle. He managed to survive, and relocated to what would become Bota Magna when the Shattering occured. He and a few other surviving Jungle Glatorian formed a new Jungle Tribe. To contest for food with the other tribes, the Jungle Tribe took on armor based on the native creatures, colored to blend into their native jungle. Lagerus took on the guise of some of the smaller species of biomechanical dinosaurs and improved his spear skills. By the time Spherus Magna was reformed, he had become a prominent fighter in his tribe, often put in charge of battalions of Glatorian in the tribal wars. He quickly joined with the Bara Magna Glatorian in rebuilding, but still spent most of his time as a loner in the jungles that had become his home.


Entry Pic

The background is from Spamic on a popular art site, used with permission. That editing took forever though! I think this is my largest and best MOC yet, and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out, even if a lot of the other entries are very cool as well.



I think I've got some pretty good part usage in here, and I'm proud of the armoring on him. I particularly like the chest and torso armor. If you can't tell, he's based on various types of lizard and gecko, as you can see in the hands, feet, body proportion, and sort of helmet.



Some more cool details



I also rather like the leg design, as it took me the most time to figure out. It took me most of my first day of MOCing to figure out how I wanted to finish up the legs.



His back also has a place to store his spear.


Head Detail: 1 2

His helmet is actually a backwards helmet from Speeda Demon, and then some spikes through the eyes to make him a little more lizard-like.


Hand Detail: 1 2

The hand design was my biggest challenge for the photoshoot. It's not nearly as stable as it looks, but it looks very lizard-like, and really helps the overall look.


Leg Detail

As I said, love it!


Spear Detail

That Nynrah Ghost Blaster Ammo was pretty much the closest thing I could find to a lizard head mixed with a speartip, to get something like Vastus' spear, and it turned out pretty good.


Skeleton: Front Side Back

Just because pictures like this (especially Chro's, thanks) kept me inspired through this, and gave me a lot of ideas I needed to build something larger than normal. Hopefully it inspires someone as much as other people's inspired me.


So, that concludes that. Hope you guys like it, feel free to leave comments, critism, etc. Best of luck to you all in the contest!

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I really like this guy!! Green Lizard dude=epic win!! The building techniques are very impressive. Good luck in the contest!!



"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


Recent MOC's: The Headless Horseman (BBC71 Finalist)    LDD CCBS Chess    The Shadowed One (BBC69)    Nydoretha (Netherealm Empress)

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Thanks for the reviews guys!

Interesting, nice proportions and I really like the hand technique. I just feel the arms could flow a bit better.

Yeah, my arm design kind of fell to the same thing many others did: haste to finish. I mostly threw something together because I needed to finish up my missing homework that I had already put aside too often. The lower arms have already been used in two of my previous MOCs (one hasn't been posted yet), and the upper arm was thrown together from what little lime I had left. Glad you like it anyways!


I really like this guy!! Green Lizard dude=epic win!! The building techniques are very impressive. Good luck in the contest!!

Thank you, you too!


Great entry, Click. Not sure about some of the proportioning, though it's hard to place what exactly is throwing me off. Torso's nice, good use of the track sections. (Thanks for the shoutout, too.) ;)

Well, let me know if you think of what's off. I'm not sure either. It might be the small head, or the really long legs, or the thin arms or something. That's pretty much all I can see as I look a it.

Glad you like the torso, I hoped I'd score some "NPU" points with those!

Thanks for the review, I love your MOCs.


By the way, one thing I forgot to bring up earlier was his name is actually close to Latin for "lizard," but I modified a few letters to give it more of a Glatorian feel.

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Alright, got it. It isn't the length or height of certain parts of the body, it's the width. The legs seem weirdly bulky in some places, which could look good, except the torso and arms are a little too thin by comparison. Still, not a bad MOC. :lol:

Edited by Chro

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