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Way back when there was a contest to build the AU Teridax, I started work on this guy. He was never finished in time and I've gradually changed a little here and there over the years, most recently rebuilding his warhammer into something a little more unique.


The overall structure is pretty stiff, especially the legs and forearms, but he has some pretty neat shoulder-joints if I do say so myself, which give a decent degree of flexibility. He can also move his head around and his middle arms


On to the images!














Weapon-upright(bad lighting, sorry)



Weapon-front(more bad lighting)



Thanks for viewing.

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That's quite impressive. I like the armor, the warhammer, and the legs. I understand that you probably don't have any of the gold Kraahkans from the Tower of Toa sets, but the Hau looks kind of small on him. Overall, it's still a good MOC.

Thank you!


I agree the Hau is a little small by comparison, but I couldn't afford the Tower of Toa set at the time and I didn't want to pull the same trick others were doing to get a gold Kraahkan free from lego. And using Lhikan's mask or the Hagah mask wouldn't really fit any better, so I went with what was available.


I think this is probably the most complex MOC I've constructed over the years, so I'm glad to hear some good feedback for it.


(Today should, if my calander is correct, be the twentieth day - still fair game for bumping I assume?)

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