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Playstation 4

Shadow Kurahk

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At a press conference earlier today, Sony confirmed the Playstation 4, as well as several launch titles.


The company has expanded heavily on the concept of social gaming--most notably, they've added a live stream system in which you can stream your game screen, receive comments from friends, and even let a friend take over the controller remotely temporarily.


The console will have 8gb of RAM and a secondary chip dedicated to downloads. This will allow downloads to continue after the system is put into a low power mode.


The low power mode also allows for games to be continued exactly where you left off. The game will not be quit when entering the low power mode so the session is preserved.


The Dualshock 4 controller now includes a headphone jack and an LCD touchpad, as well as Move capabilities and a "Share" button. The share button will bring up a video recording of the previous 15 minutes played, from which you can clip desired sections or separate individual screenshots for uploading to video sites and social networking sites, respectively.


Basically, lots of improvements. We have no visual on the console yet, but more will be unveiled in the coming months. Discuss rumors and such here.



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I don't think they've said; however, IIRC, they have confirmed there won't be any disc based backwards compatibility. I don't think they learned from the last time they tried that. =PIt does sound interesting, but I'm not even contemplating getting one until I get an HDTV; it'd just be a waste otherwise.

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I'm quite excited for the PS4, watched the whole event livestreamed last night. The opening was totally awesome, and I knew from there it would be an epic show.And oh my god, A NEW INFAMOUS GAME!!! Quite psyched, that game is the system seller for me.And Watch_Dogs also looks pretty awesome on PS4, although I'm most likely getting that for PS3 or WiiU.

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I thought it was a pretty solid conference, overall. Leaps and bounds better than anything from last year's E3.


Console seems pretty solid, except for a couple worrying things. The games look absolutely fantastic; inFamous got me hyped.


I couldn't help but sigh throughout Media Molecule's performance, however. Don't know what in the world was going on with that.



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The Three Virtues YouTube Channel




Check it out for laughs, discussion, and more.

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Console rankings are entirely subjective. I personally think that the PS3 has beaten out MIcrosoft on most, if not all, fronts. But that's beside the point.


I haven't seen the game presentations yet, I've only heard about which games are confirmed.


There are rumors circulating of a $429 model and $529 model (significant steps down from the first PS3 launch, so pretty excited. I got my PS3 slim for $400, including warranty. And for that much power in the console, it's a totally worthwhile purchase.)



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Aw man I just got a Ps3 and now there is a new console. Well I won't be getting that for several years. I still need to get a Wii U.


What did you think would happen when you waited 7 years to get one?


Oh well, I saw the press conference and I was expecteding something bigger than just games, controllers and spec to be revealed. But IMO Sony really isn't doing much to focus on video games but more of a social prospective.


You didn't see the part when they brought out real, living dinosaurs? :dozingoff:

What else were they going to show?



Playstation has always had the best exclusives, so I'm sold from the get-go. I'm super excited about Killzone 4 and inFamous Second Son. I just wish I knew what the thing actually looks like.

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