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Fulaix, Diminished Wrath


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Turns out I still had some pictures of an old MOC lying around. Who'd have guessed? =D

So, this here is Fulaix ('Diminished Wrath' is what I think should be the translation of his Japanese name, had he had one.)(I don't know Japanese OTL)('OTL' is is an emoticon for failure)

More pictures are in the aforementioned gallery, since they were so incredibly big they would've exploderized both this thread and BZP's bandwidth usage.


A small list of some features:

  • His 'energy claw' is deattachable. ('removable' was too boring)(In my head, the claw amplifies his elemental powers)
  • He has a triple-barreled sniper rifle, with a laser scope.
  • He also has a laser scope-like thing in his eye, because why the [censor] not?
  • You can rotate the arm-blades out, or just leave them like they are and then he has tiny crossbows
  • Every flame is movable - not every position of the flames is adviced
  • The blue plus-to-round pins are only there because I ran out of black ones
  • The seventh thing on this list is a lie. (Wait a second.... this is the second thing on the list =O )


There's a bit of a backstory to this one, but since it's a bit large let's just say the leader of a powerful organization in my story-universe was secretly being controlled by a bad guy who is essentially the living embodiment of Destruction, and cannot be completely destroyed since deep down in everyone's heart they have the potential to destroy, but earlier his physical manifestation was destroyed, and he managed to take over the aforementioned great leader, whose mental defenses were weakened at the time, because he had found the 'power core' of his predecessor/previous reincarnation and swapped it out with his own, but it was too powerful for him to handle.

Then he proceeded to slowly corrupt his group, who were unaware of the fact that he was being controlled until it was too late, however Fulaix managed to keep his own mind and from that point on gathered as much information as possible in order to restore things.

He secretly completed a device created by the leader, who was more a genius than a warrior, before the takeover, and traveled back in time to stop his group from ever finding the predecessor's power core: however, they thought he was another (failed attempt at) a clone (before this they had some trouble with two highly-intelligent matoran who mutated themselves and worked only for their own gain, resulting in a full-blown assault by various of their drones and a few failed clones, who had some.... changes... because of the failed process), and they tracked him down, which lead to them discovering the ancient power core in the first place.

His attempt failed, he joined a newly-founded hidden resistance group further consisting out of: his past self, his brother, two toa from an alternate dimension (which was destroyed, in a failed attempt to keep a certain thing from escaping), the two previously mentioned evil-matoran, a matoran (wannabe-)warrior who was actually kinda totally useless and a Makuta and his servant.




Wow, just realized I probably typed more backstory then there were pictures of the actual MOC itself. (and that was just the summarized version! =O )

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed... no wait, that'd mean your eyes have to enjoy i-....... oh, what am I even saying.


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Nice MOC. I like the body, and the eyepiece thingamajig. The shoulder things are really cool as well. The legs look a bit unsteady, but I never saw it in real life so I shouldn't judge yet.

Thanks, glad you liked it =)

Oh, and the legs themselves are perfectly steady, however it did take a while to get the feet right, since he's essentially has heels (like the ones on any normal walking shoe, not the ludicrously-tall ones), instead of the usual completely flat undersides of the feet.


Currently the most annoying thing is that the shoulder-balljoints have seen better days =/


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