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Help on Pieces


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This is what I know:

-The flame piece, (if it is really black) is painted. If it is a dark red, then it isn't painted. Either way, it came from Hordika Vakama or Raanu.

-The grey piece is from an old Hockey set that was released around 2003 (Example set here) The orange piece looks like it came from this Hockey set, or something like it.

-The solid disk and the purple pieces came from Enegy/Electro Slizer/Throwbot (Seen here)

-The two disks with holes in them are wheels from some Roboriders (They mixed up the wheels you got in the sets, so I can't help you with a specific set. They had sixteen different types, and each was a different character)

-Those black Bohrok covers are pretty common (I think)

-I have no idea where the blue piece came from


I surprised myself by how much I actually knew.

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The flame with the black handle is from the tower of toa set



The dark blue bohrok faceplate is from the tower of toa set



The orange nuva shoulder armor are from various lego hockey sets



The wierd mask is from yarious lego hockey sets



The three purple pieces are from the electro throwbot set



The blue carapar armor is from the power miners claw catcher set



The two disks are from roboriders sets. Judging by the color I'd say there from the dust roborider


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