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Blender 3D Toa Team

The Pyro (From TF2)

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Okay, so here I am again with some 3D models made in Blender out of my old Toa Mata template. I decided to make a whole To a team with it. I call them The Defenders. Unfortunately, the previous topic also had a Toa team in it, so I hope I don't look like a copycat. Anyway, without further ado...




I changed the eyes so they don't look so weird. Also, Statocles is the leader. Although many of you probably can tell their elements, I'll say them anyway: Toriak is fire, Parrok is plasma, Statocles is sonics, Mauta is lightning, and Thurosa is gravity. Please feel free to critique.


EDIT: For some reason Statocles' heartlight isn't showing up. I'll have to fix that later.


EDIT AGAIN: For some reason Mauta's shoulders have their colors switched with the other parts of her shoulders. If you look closely you can see what I mean.


EDIT AGAIN: YAAAY!!! I fixed all the glitches! Here's the link to the unglitchified one: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-Qnh29jm3hqs/US2V05od96I/AAAAAAAAAQQ/J4T1piMfdK8/s1298/The+Defenders+%28glitch+fix%29.png

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Herro there, person.

How are you?

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I really like the details on them. I remember Thirosa from your other topic. Again, the details are really nice on them and so are the weapons. However, Parrok's head/mask looks sort of weird because half of it is black, with no eyes/eyeholes showing, preventing us from seeing it. Also, Mauta's Kaukau looks a bit squished. But still, keep up the good work!

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