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What Are You Listening To At This Very Moment?


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I noticed someone gave me a +1 on Cain. If there is a fellow Tiamat listener, show yourself! Or, if you know the song for its appearance in that game (I checked)...show yourself anyway.


that was me, I love Tiamat. especially Wildhoney and A Deeper Kind of Slumber but the albums after that are pretty solid too.





"Havoc" - The Foreshadowing


can't wait for these guys' next album which is dropping in a few months. one of the best contemporary gothic metal bands and probably one of the best metal bands to come out of Italy.

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Lucifer song - Ufomammut

The soundtrack to a mind trasferral to another time, another place, beneath a differently starlit sky. The uultimate music-driven psychic trip. You should listen. Please, do it. If you're into doom/drone/ambient I assure you you won't regret it.

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