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What Are You Listening To At This Very Moment?


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"The Final Command" by Slayer 



the only Slayer song i will ever listen to because it is about the Blitzkrieg tactics ov the German command (as stated in the song itself) during WWII! i actually made an EP called "The Final Command EP"! 


here's the track list: 

1 The Final Command 

2 Blitzkrieg (The Final Command) (live 1983) 

3 Final Command (live 1985) 

4 Mohaa Sniper Fest 


the fourth track was taken from a video on YouTube where the players in a server on multiplayer using sniper rifles, BARs or grenades! this came after some random hardstyle track used as music for a montage ov the firefight! 


if you don't like Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, what is wrong with you? it is, in my opinion, the best FPS game in the world! and the best game in the Medal Of Honor franchise! go play it NOW!! lol 

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