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Minecraft Pohatu and Gorast


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So... I finally got around to trying out the minecraft demo. Wanted to see what all the fuss was about.. and... I loved it. I loved the shiz out of it o.o

I took a look into creating custom character skins, and while brainstorming for ideas, it hit me to try and make my own bionicle skins. Here's Pohatu Nuva and Gorast from the phantoka/mistika period! (I plan on making all six toa nuva and makuta)







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Nice skins! Where/how can you play the demo?

On the Minecraft site, they have an online demo which lasts for 5 ingame days, and a downloadable demo which is basically minecraft without custom skins or multiplayer, and it's offline.


Wow those are the best Bionicle Minecraft skins I have ever seen! Is there any way I can get them?


Once I finish the rest of the toa and makuta, I'll put the skins up here for you guys to grab 'em :)

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