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Inika Range Games

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Just wanted to ask everybody. What's the highest level you've gotten to in the Inika games? (Piraka attack, Matoran escape, etc.) For Piraka attack, I got to lvl. 19, Inika Island Assault, I got to the Avak boss. And for matoran escape, completed the game :).


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It's been quite a while since I last played any of these three games, but I do remember completing all three of them at least a few times each.


Matoran Escape was the easiest of the three to beat. Piraka Attack was tricky at first, but then I discovered how easy it was if I used Vezok. I'd say Inika Island Assault was the hardest because, for a while, I had struggled on either the Avak boss level (4 of 12) or the Vezok boss level (6 of 12).

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I know I managed to beat Piraka Attack, but only after a LOT of tries. I seem vaguely remember finishing Matoran Escape once, too, but that was ages ago, so I could be wrong. I never managed to get anywhere at all on Island Assault.


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