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Matoran Marching Band?

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In one of those Mistika comics (too lazy to figure which one) The Toa Nuva Mistika/Phantoka entered the Codrex. Lewa began theorizing what was inside, one of his quick wits was "A Matoran marching band." Now, I now he was purely joking, but it raised the question: if there was a band for Matoran, what kind of otherworldly instruments would they play?

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Tom Mc. Israel, thats pretty much what i was talking about, so thanksThey may seem primative, but the matoran have an almost perfect way of life. Co-existence with the environment aswell as technological advancements using the simplest of tools.From Instruments made of nature, to mines filled with natural light. *sighs* protodermis... man i wish i was a matoran

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To add to the conversation: Musician.png(thanks, BSO1!) But basically you can see here that Le-Matoran are playing musical instruments, almost the same instruments played in marching bands (minus the drums), in Le-Koro. Where Lewa primarily resides.

Where Lewa used to reside. Now he's somewhere on Bota Magna...
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On Mata-Nui at least I'd imagine a sort of tribal flavor with plenty of flutes and drums, especially in Le-Koro. As far as the matoran in Metru-Nui, I'm not so sure. There isn't that much material dealing with any sort of culture on the island of Metru-Nui. However, the music would probably be less tribal and more techno-oriented due to the superior technology they have on Metru-Nui. -don't touch my pocket protector

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Since Lewa's more familiar with Le-Koro instruments, he was probably referring to drums, flutes, didgeridoos, and whatever could be made from plants and other stuff. Also, the triple vuvuzela in the picture seems likely as well. The instruments on Metru Nui are probably more metallic, like ours. It is highly probable that they could fashion a marching band out of them.

Memoirs of the Dead entry: The Unknown Turaga, a tale from the late Chronicler Kodan's journal.

Strakk's Best Friend, the story of a confusing yet somehow canon friendship.

Terrible Comics, a collection of comics that are terrible.

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