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8537825124_8674c64a2c_z.jpgNo frog this time, sorry.I purposely kept a bit closer to the original with this one--my thinking was that Ski would have to be pretty small and light so as to not sink into the snow.Also, he's a robot with amazing reflexes and stuff, so that's why he only needs one ski pole. The original set designers and I have an...understanding.Share and enjoy!


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I love it. He's too cool for the second pole B-) .


-don't touch my pocket protector

Three great comedies at one low, low price....NOTHING!


Three late-middle age matoran think of something they want to do before they kick the bucket.


Choose Your Own Bionicle Adventure (archived)

Navigate your way through a myriad of meaningless choices as you try to not make a fool of yourself in perhaps the only comedy ever written almost entirely in spoiler tags.


Useless BZP Junk that you Must Have!!!

Get to your phone, whip out your credit card, and prepare to buy some useless BZPower related junk that has no benefit on society except that you want it!!!



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Love that torso, and the prefab legs look excellent. The fist looks odd, though- just a tad too human and a tad to big.

Yeah, it is a bit large--I suppose I could always go with the classic socket.

Meh. Compared to Jet, this is just meh. I like the custom torso, but the hunchback is odd. The limbs also seem very weird in appearance.

Have you seen the original set? It's pretty darn hunchbacked, too.


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