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OK guys, here is where you can talk about Adventure time, post favorite quotes, and be super awesome with fin and jake.So, What is your favorite episode? Mine is the one with the secret tapes. It shows Ice king's past and how he became the crazy creep he is now. Edit: Please don't double post. Merged!-Wind-

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I love Adventure Time. Especially the fact that for a completely ridiculous show, it has an astoundingly tight continuity, extensive character development, and it operates in real time. How many cartoons actually age their characters in real time? Very very few, is the answer.


It Came from the Nightosphere is still probably my favorite episode. Also Henchman and Evicted and other such Marceline episodes. And the Finn the Human/Jake the Dog special. That was really really good.





I also really like Adventure Time's sister web series, Greatest Warriors. It's great.




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