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I'd have to agree with Chro. As far as I recall, they never actually give a description of their dreams. They mention that they were dark, though, because that's all the reader has to know in regard to foreshadowing the dangers ahead.In short: the didn't say anything because they didn't have to.


"Why can't I dream that I'm alone?" "That is not a dream, that is a substitute for reality"

"So where is my dream?" "it is a continuation of reality"

"But where is my reality?" "It is at the end of your dream"

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Don't forget that both Gali (and I think Kopaka??) at some point had visions of the future. Gali about the Kaita in one of the comics, I think. So it's quite possible they did have visions while asleep too.


Besides that, it could just be that subconsciously they realized something had to be wrong to feel that the canisters had launched, and secondly that after launching, they haven't arrived anywhere for a thousand years.

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I think it is just the random pieces of memories of their adventures piror to their slumber, rewinding before slipping into their sub-consciousness.

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