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The Madu Fruit

A blinding flash of golden light. Even the Toa of Light, Takanuva, had to shield his eyes.

Through his squinted eyes, he could make out the reptilian forms of Rahkshi all around him, spontaneously disintegrating. Tahu had unleashed the power of the golden armor.

When Takanuva had regained his vision, he determined that Tahu might have just won them the battle. He grinned broadly. All around him, Skakdi and Skrall were startled and disgruntled at the sudden loss of a third of their troops.

Grinning broadly, Takanuva wheeled around, preparing to fight off the remaining Skakdi and Skrall troops to put an end to the colossal battle once and for all.

Before he could do so, he felt a sharp blow on the side of his head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw was a Skrall withdrawing a closed fist, knocking his mask askew. It was the last thing he saw before he blacked out.

Takua’s eyes flicked open. A bright light shone from above, blinding him.

He squinted until his eyes had adjusted to the light. He could make out something along the lines of a palm tree. He heard a muffled voice speaking from somewhere nearby.

He shook his head violently, his mask almost falling from his face.

Now, he could see and hear with relative clarity. He adjusted his mask and noticed Jaller leaning over him, but it was not quite the Toa he had come to know in recent months. No, this Jaller was a Matoran, clad in Toa Lhikan’s Noble Hau and red-yellow armor.

“Are you okay?” asked Jaller, worry in his eyes.

“Ugh,” groaned Takua. He sat up, and immediately his head throbbed. “What happened?”

“Man, that Madu Fruit really hit you hard, didn’t it?” asked Jaller. “You were out for ten minutes!”

Takua noticed a Madu Tree above him, and a lone fruit lying on the ground nearby.

“What?” asked Takua, genuinely confused. He looked down at his body and, to his surprise, saw the red armor of Takua rather than the white and gold armor that he expected to see.

“What’s going on here?” demanded Takua.

“You’ll never believe it!” exclaimed Jaller.

“Believe what?” asked Takua.

“Remember those stones you found?” continued Jaller. “Well, turns out they summoned the six Toa!”

“What?” asked Takua. “Didn’t this already happen?”

Jaller simply stared at him, believing Takua had lost his mind.

“That Madu Fruit must have really boggled your mind,” said Jaller. “Now come on. Makuta won’t defeat himself, you know. And we have a Great Spirit to awaken!”

Yeah, I thought that this would be a cool plot twist, so I wrote a short story about it. Also I couldn't really think of a better title. XD
Edited by Makuta Matata
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