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Half Mutated Vakama


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I'm really getting an animalistic vibe from this ... I don't know if it's the pencil sketches that look a bit like mangey fur, or the almost wolflike mask, but I think you did a better job at capturing the Hordika-like nature here than the official set.It looks like you were going for an asymmetrical half-mutation but abandoned that after the torso and arms. I'd really like to see you go for the same look with the legs - not to the same degree as the upper torso, but enough to get even more of that half-mutated look.

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Thanks. About the "fur" they were supposed to be kind of like spikes randomly sticking out to represent the mutation, just that I put too many pencil strokes on them. About the legs, for his right leg, it is "un-mutated" from about slightly above the ankle to the foot, and for the other one the foot is his Metru one. It's just hard to see because again, I put a lot of pencil lines and stuff on it.

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Nice drawing man! I really like the way you drew the chest :)EDIT: I also see that you made his left half Toa Metru, nice!

Thanks. The Metru side is based on the movie, and not the whole left side. The leg is almost all Hordika, but the foot and halfway down the knee and foot is Metru.

Cool. Once again I like how you made him look more realistic and less like the set form.

Thanks again. One thing to say, I don't like drawing the set form. Though I did once, but I was focused on drawing still objects and decided to do a Bionicle set. Too boring and complicated. I like to modify the bodies into more realistic, more human-ish.
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That looks great, Takua Dragonstar7! Nice job!Please try to make your posts include informative feedback and/or criticism. What about it makes it great? What do you like about it? Just saying it looks 'good' is spam. -B6

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