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Just a topic for my drawings and such that are not Bionicle or Lego related.I'll probably be updating this topic, so if you like what you see, feel free to check back from time to time. ^^ Newest Drawing:tangled.png Pokemon:Sunset: A Dragon's GraceI am very happy with the way this turned out. I recently decided to move in a different direction with my style and coloring. This was a test drawing to see how the system would work. Why Didn't I Evolve Into You?This one was my first test drawing for my new style as mentioned above. It was just a quick sketch, but people seem to like this one. ^^' Legend of Zelda:In the Hands of a GiantThis drawing actually inspired one of my OCs - a healing fairy named Cecilia from the Zelda franchise. Defending KakarikoMy original character, Eve. Not too happy with the colors in this one, but I generally like her pose and Mt Doom in the background. Pokemon and Legend of Zelda belong to Nintendo, Tangled belongs to Disney. Hope you like them. ^^ Edited by Tekulo: Toa of Wind

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