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So a year and a half or so ago, I started a lion MOC for Brickfair 2011. I envisioned a more cartoony lion, something tall and lithe, more along the lines of Scar from Lion King.I have had a lion MOC I've taken with me to all the cons since that one, but I've never considered it finished. So I took the basic body, and re-did just about everything else, opting to forgo the cartoonishness for something a little more realistically proportioned. It's still a little too pitbull-ish in the chest and front legs, but overall I'm satisfied with it. Even though it's now almost a weird mishmash between my current skillset and style and that from nearly two years ago. LION: (lion) roar01.jpg_thumb.jpg | roar02.jpg_thumb.jpg | roar03.jpg_thumb.jpg

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Impressive. I like the use of sloped bricks as the mane, and despite the fact that I have never seen a black-furred lion, the color scheme works here. Not sure, but it looks like there's a bunch of little spots of grey here and there, particularly in the shoulder area. Seeing as many of those parts don't come in black (I'm pretty sure), might I suggest using more grey to help balance the colors? Or maybe you did use more grey and the lighting of the pictures is just disguising it. Kinda hard to tell.

Little qualms about the colors aside, this is really good. I can definitely recognize the figure as that of a large feline predator. it would have been cool if you could have done a mouth with teeth, though. Other than that, well done!



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