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Ōkami RPG


Host: Toa Levacius Zehvor

Co-Host: .:Advent Aeternale:.


200 years ago, the land of Nippon was freed from the great evil of the lord of darkness, Akuro, once and for all. His vessel Yami was gone, as were his greatest servants. The forces of good were victorious. Or at least, that was what people thought…


Setting – Story


The land of Nippon is the mortal realm sitting between the heavens above and the netherworld below. One hundred years ago, the evil eight-headed serpent Orochi was freed from his imprisonment and attempted to use his evil powers to gain control over Nippon as he had once possessed. Fortunately, he was defeated before such events could come to pass, just as he had a century in the past.


But Orochi was not the only demon of Nippon, and other threats emerged – though all would meet the same fate as he, reputedly defeated by the sun-goddess Amaterasu. As the demons were slain, there was a great renaissance of faith in the gods that, though it had a small faltering in the months to follow, would grow greatly in strength over the next few decades. People had faith once more, and with faith, came a lack of fear. From a lack of fear came a people able to fight against the lesser demonic threats that roamed the world. From this came confidence; from that, pride; from that, a loss of faith once more.


Today, there remain people of every variety of faith in the gods. But there is a sense of danger that lies beneath the surface – as faith is lost in the gods, the demons of the world grow power once more, and areas of Nippon are swathed in darkness, becoming cursed zones. Out of a desire for power, or perhaps sheer desperation, there are those who turn to the reverence of the darkness – and desire to restore power to the great demons of the past.


This is the story of Nippon, and the conflict between those who serve the powers of the gods, and those who serve the powers of darkness. Do you choose to take a side, or are you neutral to the affairs of immortals (or, perhaps, do not truly believe in them at all)? Make your choice, and enter into the world of Ōkami.


Setting – Places


Map, of a sorts ---> [Link]


The country of Nippon is divided into three areas – Eastern Nippon, Western Nippon, and the Northern Lands.


Eastern Nippon is a land that is fairly rock and mountainous, with many open areas in the valleys. There are numerous locations here, but the most important are –

  • Shinshu Field is rightfully called the most beautiful field in Nippon. It is a large area in the northern area of Eastern Nippon. There are two large human villages that can be found; Kamiki Village and Yakushi Village. The former of the two is known for its historical importance as being the village from which the great demon Orochi once demanded a maiden sacrifice annually. Shinshu Field is dominated by Lake Harami, which is connected to a river leading to the Hana Valley.
  • Agata Forest is a lush forest inhabited by few people, of much smaller size than the Shinshu Field, and located between that place and Taka Pass to the west-southwest. There is a holy spring here called Hitoshio Spring, along. There is a massive ruined structure located in the forest called Tsuta Ruins, along with a tower called Five-Story Pagoda.
  • Taka Pass is a large plain surround by mountain ranges covering a large stretch of southern Nippon, giving it a mountain pass like terrain. It is the largest area in Eastern Nippon. Along the southern mountains rises Mt. Kamiji, where Kusa Village – second only to Sei’an City in size – can be found atop a quite level peak. Kusa Village is also home to the massive windmill known as the Gale Shrine.
  • The Moon Cave may be a singular location, but takes special precedence over other areas due to its importance. It is where Nagi and Shiranui (the past incarnation of the goddess Amaterasu) defeat Orochi, and sealed the demon away three hundred years ago. The cave was turned into a shrine containing the sword Tsukuyomi, which maintained the seal until Orochi was finally freed a century later, only to be defeated – this time, presumably, for good – once more. The cave itself isn’t particularly large – save when Orochi is awake – but it does have a large system of tunnels underneath, and a massive cavernous area where the entire place is coated in ice. It is worth noting that the Moon Cave had been left as nothing but crumbled ruins up until about six months ago, when it mysteriously returned…

Eastern Nippon is inhabited mostly by humans, but demons are also quite prevalent. It is rumored that there is even a Demonic Market found here, but the truth is debated.


Western and Eastern Nippon are divided by the City Checkpoint. There is a massive river-canyon cutting through the country, and this space, between Taka Pass and the Southern Ryoshima Coast, is the location of one of the only crossings; a massive drawbridge guarded on the western side by a huge fortress enforced by the soldiers of Sei’an City.


Western Nippon is an area mostly coastal by nature, though most of the northern or central areas are mountainous and harder to navigate. The highlights of Western Nippon are –

  • The Southern Ryoshima Coast is a large landscaped mountainous areas further inland, harboring a beach connecting to the ocean. In the cliffs can be found a large temple known as Ankoku Temple, from where one can look to the south and see a tower called the Moon Turret.
  • Sei’an City, the capital of Nippon, lies at the edge of Lake Beewa, a large lake found in a deep hollow, surrounded by mountains to provide a natural defense. The only access to the city is a long path between two cliffs, leading down from a high ledge of Rysohhima Coast. The city spans the surface of the lake, held by large pillars staked to the bottom of the lake. Its lowermost layer is bedrock, with a plug as a means of channeling the water of Lake Beewa into the cities many canals. The main inhabitants of the city are middle-classed, residing in the Commoner’s Quarter. The upper-class reside instead in the Aristocratic Quarter. The most significant structure of the city is the Imperial Palace (seat of the Emperor himself).
  • The Northern Ryoshima Coast is a massive coastal area. Its main features are a set of ruins elevated on a plateau known as Watcher’s Cape, and a massive tower known as Catcall Tower. There are numerous islands along the northern coast, with the Tower being one of them. A large area of the coast was almost completely destroyed by an explosion a couple of centuries back.

Western Nippon is inhabited mostly by humans, along with some powerful demons. The Dragonian people, a type of mermaid-folk, are known to reside under the waves of the ocean in a place called the Dragon Palace, and are defended by a might Water Dragon.


The Northern Lands are found on an island separate from the rest of Nippon to the north-east. It is coated in snow and ice, and far from a pleasant location. It’s highlights are –

  • Kamui, a large snowfield that makes up the majority of the land. The furthest northern regions of Kamui are home to the twin volcanoes Ezofuji, along with the large, frozen over Laochi Lake. There is a large gate known as Affun Gate that can be found here leading Wawku Shrine, a large shrine infested by demons and coated in ice and clockwork. Within Kamui can be found Wep’Keer, a large village which is home to the Oina people.
  • Yoshpet, a large and dark forest where few travelers can navigate its confusing landscapes and strange path – made no easier when an animate, cursed tree can attack at any moment. It is a dark and treacherous place where one finds it almost impossible to escape. The Poncle village of Ponc’tan can be found here, and it is said that an ancient structure called the Spirit Gate is hidden in the deepest parts of the forest.

The Northern Lands are inhabited by virtually no humans, being home to the Oina tribe and the mysterious Poncles. The greatest of demons are known to reside in these snowy wastes, as it was here where all demons in Nippon first began their spread.



Setting – Inhabitants


There are three major races in Nippon which players are likely to encounter. These are also the only playable races allowed at this time, though others exist.

  • Humans are the most common inhabitants of Nippon, with nothing particularly special about them.
  • The Oina are a tribe of human-like beings who inhabit the Northern Lands. Their appearance is similar, though all members of the Oina tribe where a mask over their face at all times. All possess the ability to transform themselves in wolves, with the exact appearance of the transformed state being based upon their personal nature. Most Oina wear clothing similar to the fur of their wolf form.
  • Poncles are a race of inch tall humanoids also hailing from the Northern Lands. A bioluminescent glow constantly emanates from them, and they wear large helmets in the shapes of parts of insects. This, and their size, often leads to them being confused as such by humans. All glow a different color, but this color changes depending upon their emotions. Unlike Humans and the Oina, Poncles are very long lived, able to live for almost three hundred years. Poncles are known for their artistic talent, and the majority are highly loyal to the gods. The highest position a Poncle can obtain is as Celestial Envoy, an artist of the highest caliber and greatest faith who uses their paintings to remind the people of the gods. They can speak with most animals, and possess incredible strength for their size; enough to lift and toss an entire bottle of sake or leap many feet in the air.

There are other inhabitants of the land of Nippon; playing as them is a possible reward for excellent roleplaying across the game.


However, not all the races of Nippon are so peaceful. Over four hundred years ago, the first Demons began appearing, first in the Northern Lands and then across all of Nippon.


Imps are the most common form of demon, and reside primarily in Eastern Nippon. The weakest Imps are Green, followed by Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black. Most Imps once served as followers of Orochi, and are considered by many to be cheeky and monkey-like musicians. All wear a piece of paper that acts as a mask over their face. They are not very bright.


Guardians are quite similar to Imps, though much more powerful. They are only found in the regions of Western Nippon. All appear as desecrated Buddha statues without heads, with the most common therefore being called Headless Guardians. Bell, Halo, and Executioner guardians are stronger, in that order.


Namahage are a category of demons native to the Northern Lands of Kamui. They all have straw raincoats and masks, but with variations in design and color. They are far more dangerous than Imps or Guardians, but legends say one may be safe by playing dead; they are friends of the lazy. While even the most common of the Namahage are a threat, there are greater variations in the order of Blade, Bucket, Umbrella, and Cannon Namahages.


There are many other varieties of Demons that exist; for further information on these or other demons, feel free to contact the staff or do some self research. However, even the majority of the demons presented here are a major threat to players, if not on boss-like levels of power. Combating more powerful ones is a much tougher task for a non-divine being. Rule of thumb – if the creature is a unique being in the game (such as bosses), or if the area is inaccurate, or even if you think one of these applies, it’s not there.


Players who are familiar with Japanese mythology, or just saw something cool from it, can shoot a PM if they desire to face a particular creature; the beasts appearance will then be approved or not allowed. If the creature actually has a beast from Ōkami that is based off of it, I’ll direct over to that.


When demons are destroyed, no body is left - typically, a patch of flowers or something along those lines can be found, as the corruption has been purified.



Setting – Gods & Major Demons


Most of the demons in the realm are powerful, yes; few, however, possess much beyond a slight or average level of intellect, and none are particularly legendary in power. At one point in time, many demons of great power threatened the land; with the actions of Amaterasu and her son Chibiterasu, however, most of these demons were successfully banished or destroyed.


It is with Amaterasu that we are lead to the only creatures of power equal to or greater than these demons – the thirteen Celestial Brush gods. Each of these gods represents a power of the Celestial Brush (magical implements capable of altering the world via art).


The celestial brush gods are –


Amaterasu – The most powerful of the brush gods is the sun-goddess Amaterasu, who takes on the form of the wolf. Her signature brush power is Sunrise, the power to make the sun rise.

Yomigami – The brush god of restoration, who takes on the form of the dragon. His brush power is Rejuvenation, the power to repair broken objects.

Tachigami – The rending brush god, who takes on the form of the rat. His brush power is the Power Slash, which can cut through solid stone.

Hanagami – The Hanagami are technically a trio of gods which take on the form of monkeys, known as the flora gods. Their brush power is Greensprout, divided into three separate techniques – Bloom, Water Lily, and Vine.

Bakugami – The brush god of explosions, who takes on the form of the boar. His brush power is Cherry Bomb, which creates a powerful explosive.

Yumigami – The brush goddess of the moon, who takes on the form of the rabbit. Her brush power is Cresecent, which brings forth night by causing the moon to rise.

Nuregami – The brush goddess of water, who takes on the form of the snake. Her brush power is Waterspout, which allows the manipulation of water.

Kazegami – The brush god of wind, who takes on the form of the horse. His brush power is Galestorm, which summons forth gusts of wind.

Moegami – The brush god of fire, who takes on the form of the phoenix. His brush power is Inferno, which allows the manipulation of fire.

Kasugami – The brush goddess of mist, who takes on the form of the drunken sheep. Her brush power is Veil of Mist, which summons forth a mist capable of slowing down time.

Kabegami – The brush goddess of walls, who takes on the form of the cat. Her brush power is Catwalk, which allows one to make a wall climbable whilst in the proximity of a statue dedicated to her.

Gekigami – The brush god of thunder, who takes on the form of the tiger. His brush power is Thunderstorm, which allows the manipulation of lightning.

Itegami – The brush god of ice, who takes on the form of the ox. His brush power is Blizzard, which allows the manipulation of ice.


Depending on the balance of good and evil, some gods may die or be reborn to keep it. At the current moment, a number of the gods here were previously dead, but brought forth again in order to aid in combating the rising evil. Others, which previously held their places, are gone. Two of these are Michigami and Kyokugami.


The major demons mentioned before are as follows –


Orochi – The eight-headed serpent banished 300 years ago by Shiranui and Nagi, then defeated once more by Amaterasu and Susano 200 year ago. Each head had an elemental power: earth, wind, fire, water, thunder, poison, light and darkness. The bell on its back tolled 108 times – one for each desire of its sacrifice.

Ninetails – The Dark Lord of Oni Island, Ninetails was a demon so powerful and arrogant as to call himself a god. Appearing as a nine-tailed fox wearing a mask, he was defeated by Amaterasu 200 years in the past.

Lechku & Nechku – The gold and silver clockwork owl demons who once threatened the Oina people from their lair in Wawku Shrine. Though individually not as strong as other major demons, the two together possessed power greater than any save Akuro himself.

Akuro – The demon Akuro was the source of all evil in Nippon, having been the source of all other major demons power. His dark energies previously inhabited the form of the demon Yami, who was defeated by Amaterasu; her son Chibiterasu would succeed in destroying the demon himself.


At the moment, none of these demons possess enough power to have physical form; it is arguable if they actually possess any powers at all. Only time will tell.



Setting – Allegiance


There are two major organizations in Nippon which players may choose to align with. Others may exist, but they are generally much smaller and/or cannot be joined.


Disciples of the Gods – This is a general term that refers to those who serve the gods of Nippon. As a collective, they outnumber their adversaries – the Demon Cults – but are at a disadvantage due to the lack of support by demonic forces to bolster their manpower. The faction, though composed mostly of humans, has solid support from almost all races. They are based as follows –

  • Numerous disciples can be found in Hana Valley, the location of two shrines – one to Amaterasu, and another to the Hanagami. Priestess Mitsuko is the primary caretaker here.
  • The largest gathering of disciples can be found in Gale Sanctuary, a shrine to Kazegami, and the source of a powerful Divine Wind that guards Kusa Village from demonic forces. The holy knight Takeshi is the primary defender here.
  • Catcall Tower, a massive tower that acts as a shrine to Kabegami, is another large disciple base. The only way to reach the shrine at the top is by climbing the permanent Catwalk path, which allows any who are faithful to the gods to climb. The primary caretaker here is Priestess Yumi.
  • The Poncle village of Ponc’tan is another major base of the disciples. At the moment, the Poncles are attempting to figure a person to become the 9th Celestial Envoy; the 7th Envoy, Issun, acts as the elder of the village, and the 8th has mysterious vanished. For obvious size reasons, only Poncles are found here.

Siding with the Disciples allows players the potential gain access to the brush technique of the god they follow after they have proven themselves as roleplayers. Over time, they may also gain access to improved versions of the brush techniques. Certain brush techniques may work differently than in game; do not be surprised.


Demon Cults – This general term refers to those who work alongside the demons that terrorize Nippon, and are attempting to bring the major demons back to their former power. Though they lack numbers, their alliance with demons puts them at even footing with the disciples. Demonic allies and leaders aside, this faction is composed almost entirely of humans; few Oina or Poncles would even consider working with demons.

  • Wawku Shrine acts as the largest cultist base in the Northern Lands. The cultists here are attempting to bring back the major demons Lechku & Nechku, but with no success. The leader of the group is a Great Tengu demon named Taimatsu-Maru.
  • Ankoku Temple was once a holy place; however, it has been desecrated and turned into a powerful base for the cultists attempting to restore power to the major demon Ninetails. The cultists are led by Priestess Takara.
  • The Moon Cave mysteriously reappeared completely intact six months ago after being seemingly destroyed for over two centuries. This is the largest cultist base in Nippon, with the cultists here working to restore power to the major demon Orochi. The cultists are led by a powerful Bandit Spider demon named Jorogumo.

Siding with the Cultists eventually allows players who have proven themselves as roleplayers to negate the brush techniques of their adversaries (exception – Sunrise). Over time, they may also gain access to other brush techniques; certain brush techniques may work differently than in game, so do not be surprised.


Important Note – Morality among the gods and demons is white and black; the gods are good and demons are evil, without exception (though many of the gods have the occasional cruel tendencies, and not all demons are complete monsters). Their followers are a different matter, and there are shades, there are those among the disciples who are less than moral and those among the cultists who have them.


Players may also choose neutrality to these two major factions, perhaps due to loyalty to another group; perhaps due to unwillingness to side with either. Perhaps another reason, even, but the reason is not important. Siding with neither of these factions does not stop players who have proven themselves as roleplayers from gaining access to brush techniques, and over time they may even learn many; however, they may never gain access to advanced techniques or the ability to negate other brush techniques.



Character Creation


To join the Ōkami RPG, a player must fill out the form below –


Name: (It is advised you pick a name that is Japanese or otherwise Eastern in origin)

Gender: (Obvious)

Species: (Human, Oina, Poncle)

Appearance: (Description of character appearance)

Equipment: (Any equipment or weapons a character has; the currency of Nippon is Yen)

Allegiance: (From above; please specify where your character is based from)

Personality: (Character personality traits, preferably with flaws)

Background: (The characters past life in Nippon)


In terms of equipment, the technology of Nippon is probably close to 1000 AD in real world terms at this point, just for ease. However, it pretty much goes all over the place in the games, so I might make exceptions if you can point to ones from in-game.


One final note – the Celestial Brush. This is the reward to players who have roleplayed well, and it can grant numerous abilities as listed above. How it works is that players who have been taught the proper technique, either through divine or demonic intervention, or through discovering old scrolls or whatever, make use of a magical Celestial Brush and enchanted ink. When the brush is held, time comes to a stop for the wielder and all around; however, their consciousness are still freed. The entire event lasts for only a few seconds, during which the Brush holder can draw on the world as if it were a canvas.


However, it is also during this time that the technique can be interrupted by others; others can also put their brush techniques into use, and if one is completed first, time immediately returns to normal. To wrap it up, note that the brush itself is all that is needed; the ink is immediately applied while the technique is being used. This means that a much greater amount of ink than usual may be used up, especially if a technique is particularly powerful. You do not have unlimited brush use.



RPG Rules & Regulations


These are the rules that must be followed -


1. Do not godmod (bunnying, using a power you do not have or using it in away contrary to the technique itself, having equipment you didn't have before, avoiding all attacks or hitting somebody else without permission, etc.) Even if someone else did it to you, that's what the staff is for.

-- 1a. I want to elaborate on a few more things. For starters, if you let your character get hit by an arrow, you'd better be willing to actually play it realistically. If you just shrug it off, that's not good. Otherwise, you're not better than the guy who just dodged three of them with ease. If you come into possession of a celestial brush, you had best also keep in mind your exhaustible supply of ink. Finally, the biggest thing of all - don't break character. You have an established personality section and backstory. Play it straight.

2. You are not your character; if you know something, that doesn't mean your character does. No meta-gaming. This applies to character interactions with newcomers - unless something on their profiles expressly states who they are aligned with or the like

3. There is a discussion topic for a reason. If you post, it must have an IC element to it. You may be spared once for doing this, but only once.

4. You may have disagreements with another player or staff member. If it's a two person thing, settle it via PM. If it involves more, then you may use the Discussion Topic, but it had better be civil. Any namecalling or the like will not be tolerated, without exception. If it goes on too long I will personally get involved, if I'm not already.

-- 4a. There is slightly religious subject matter inherit to any RPG where having gods and demons is a primary plot point, though I will try to stray away from it. This is not the place to discuss it. Any theological arguments or debates will result in immediate punishment.

5. Be realistic with travel times. Oina can typically move much quicker overland than humans, while Poncles move much slower. In the cases of all three, travel will take some time. Getting from Western Nippon to the Northern Lands will take time.

6. To get characters approved - post them in the Discussion Topic for approval by a staff member. They may then be played. No character limit at the time, but I might impose one later.

7. Follow all BZP Rules and OTC Forum Rules. This should go without saying, but these rules are particularly deadly - break them, and it's not me you have to worry about. Tri to also oose propar speleng, grammer, and the lyke like aswel. It gets really annoying reading incomprehensible posts. No emoticons in IC posts.


Punishments -


First Offense: Warning for your actions.

Second Offense: You are likely to lose some (if not all) rewards you have been dealt. One or more of your characters will be removed from the game temporarily, and return with serious injuries.

Third Offense: One or more characters will be lost, permanently. You are banned for a weeks length from the RPG, and I'll figure out something to make sure you missing doesn't interfere with the plot. If you have any characters remaining, that's all you have now. If you don't, you have one more character you can create - that's it.

Fourth Offense: You are banned from the RPG forever, and all characters are lost. Goodbye. If enough players advocate your return after a fortnights time, you may be considered for a weeks return with a limited character to attempt to regain good graces.

Fifth Offense: You're out forever.


Players who have been banned from the RPG by the third offense may use the Discussion Topic, but once the fourth offense has been made, they may not use the Discussion Topic until (and only if) they are given a final shot.


Special Thanks


I have a few people I should thank. First off, I thank Clover Studio for coming up with such a great game. Hard work was put into Ōkami, and it shows.


I would also like to thank another user, MT (full username Toa Zehvor MT) for introducing me to the game a number of years ago. Otherwise, I probably never would have heard of it, and would be sorely missing the background music I’m listening to right now.


I would like to thank Basilisk for encouraging me to try my hand at this and for listening to whatever rambling I came up with over this.


I'd like to thank .:Advent Aeternale:. for agreeing to co-host this RPG with me. That way, I can actually put it up for approval.


Thanks to the judges for approving this, and for Makaru giving permission to post it on here.


Finally, I’d like to thank everyone I’ve RPed with.


Here's to a good RPG,

Levacius Zehvor

Edited by Toa Levacius Zehvor

"I disapprove of what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (often attributed to Voltaire)

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  • 2 weeks later...

OOC: Would have had this up yesterday, but...


Opening Post

IC: Kamiki Village


Darkness fell upon Kamiki Village as the day reached its end, but not in such a subtle way as the coming of dusk was expected to bring; instead, a dramatic darkness began to creep forward – a large mass primarily composed of Imps, all headed by a particularly nasty Black Imp, slowly creeping forward with a small set of skulls floating about it.


As they reached the border, the Black Imp pointed forwards, and one of the Blues leapt into the air, spreading its kite and allowing itself to be carried towards the border at impressive speed. However, just as it passed the Black Imp, the creature began to spasm, and holy runes seemed to glow in the air.


The creature hit the ground, and its body turned into wisps of dust. A small patch of flowers grew, with the demons corruption gone.


The Black Imp continued to stare forwards, and from the area ahead emerged a number of humans and even an Oina, standing in wolf form along the side.


One of the humans, a man named Saburo, stood with a number of small slips of paper in hand, and declared, “You know, it’s pretty bad to try attacking Kamiki Village, just knowing the basics. I mean, sure, the Disciples are here… but this does also happen to be holy ground of another being.”


Wisps of smoke formed above the demons, and behind them materialized the spirit Sakuya, only her face visible in the fog. The guardian spirit of Kamiki Village – though only a few of the Disciples or demons could actually see her at all, as such figures could be almost invisible to those without faith.


An exorcism slip hit the ground before the Imps, destroying a number of them in its burst. Another battle had begun.


However, as the demons kept the defenders of Kamiki Village occupied, a smaller group moved in the darkness, heading towards the village along the roundabout way. These were the actual cultists, moving without demonic protection to accomplish their own goal. At their head was Kenta, a largish man with a katana at his belt.


- Levacius Zehvor

"I disapprove of what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (often attributed to Voltaire)

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