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BIONICLE: Rise of a Phenomenon 2


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Hello everyone!


Well it´s finally here, the second episode of my series BIONICLE: Rise of a Phenomenon which talks about BIONICLE in 2001, thanks a lot to everyone who watched my previous video, it´s thanks to you that I made this and I hope I can continue all the way through every year of BIONICLE's history, please feel free to leave any comment or suggestion, If you'd like to see something for the next episode or just tell me if you enjoyed it.


https://vimeo.com/64123122"]BIONICLE:Rise of a Phenomenon 2[/url]


And if you missed my previous videos here are the links:


https://vimeo.com/57107849"]BIONICLE:Rise of a Phenomenon Introduction[/url]

https://vimeo.com/57101149"]BIONICLE:Rise of a Phenomenon 1[/url]


Thank you very much


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That is awesome. They should have more interesting documentaries like this. Aside from what it's about being awesome, the documentary in as of itself is really cool. I gotta say, though, the 20 year thing took me by surprise. Imagine all the stuff that they could have done during that time!!!

Herro there, person.

How are you?

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