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The Pyro (From TF2)

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Okay, so I have stepped outside my comfort zone and started making characters without the Toa Mata Template. This guy is a character from The Dead World, a Bionicle RPG I entered into last quarterly contest. I've been making a lot of characters like this and they're real cool. What will become of these models? Instead of re-entering the Dead World in the next quarterly RPG contest, I have decided to make it into a little series of mostly unrelated mini-movies revolving around characters created by me and some of my friends. With Summer Break coming up there couldn't be a better time! (PS. I'm thinking about making it into an MMO, too, but don't get your hopes EXTREMELY high.)


Anyway, as for the image itself, it is currently my desktop. You can use it as a desktop if you want, too, but if so please tell me. Also, please don't distribute this; I really don't want to get my first and last name EVERYWHERE, so I hope you understand. Lastly, although the watermark probably will ruin any hypothetical plans of doing so, do not claim that you, the hotdog guy, or anybody but me, made this. That said, enjoy.





PS. You probably have a few questions as to what it's saying and stuff. Ask and you shall receive guidance from my infinite wisdom!

Edited by The Pyro (From TF2)

Herro there, person.

How are you?

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The model looks pretty nice to me, but all of the watermarks not so much. Looking at the the submission, I see this is a cross between a Leader Class Skrall and a Zyglak. I personally think it needs a lot more Zyglak and some more size. Right now it looks like a Toa.


(Hey, will my characters appear in the movie?)

I used to have a banner here.

But that RPG is dead.

What now?

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