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Grenak And Limup

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This is a moc I've waited to post. After a bricklink order arrived today. I can say the moc is done. With that I give you my Dark Hunter Moc


Grenak and his Energy Hound Limup




The goal with this moc was to use mainly green parts. The colors used are

Mata Green

Lime Green

Metru Green

Trans Light Green

Trans Dark Green

Trans Apple Green

Black (If the part existed in Mata Green, Lime Green, Or Metru Green it was used instead of Black)

Dark Bley (Just the metru head and the 3 long axles with the stud on the end.)



This is Grenak's Backstory

Grenak is a member of the Order of Mata Nui. Like other members he was experimented on to become stronger. He became physically faster and stronger but a side effect occured. He became unable to breathe normal air and could only breathe poison. So the Order fashioned a backpack that would syphon the toxins in the air and convert it into poison so Grenak could survive. Another side effect was Grenak grew a bunch of spikes.


Grenak wears the Kanohi Zatth allowing him to summon rahi

His weapon is a large Tri axe that allows him to control rahi. Though larger rahi require him to concentrate. He met Limup using his mask.


Helryx sent Grenak and Limup to join the Dark Hunters as a secondary spy. Just incase Ancient should fail. He is currently on Spherus Magna with the other Dark Hunters ready to tell the order The Shadowed One's plans once he discovers them.



I'll start with pics of Limup the energy hound


Side (Limup is built similar to the Energy Hound Spinax but with some changes)



Front (The head was the hardest to design using mainly green parts. I once used Ehlek's head, Then Corroder's head But the Spikit head works best.







Now pics of Grenak


Front (He uses a custom torso built around a mata body.)



Side (His joints aren't the strongest and the lime green ball joints tend to come loose. He is more a display piece than an play figure)



Back (Those aren't wings. There used to siphon toxins from the air and turn it into poison which goes into the tanks)



Back weapon stored



Bonus pic Grenak and Limup tracking something



Gallery when public



Comments and Critisim appriciated.

Edited by Takanuinuva

:smiletol: I am Takanui Nuva. The Toa Nuva of Light :smiletol:
11.gifI also go by Baron Von Brickenstein 11.gif

AFOL, Gamer and overall nice person.

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Wow, I love all the detail. The torso, the limbs, everything. The torso and the weapon are well-designed. As for Limeup, the basic body design is nice, same with pretty much everything else. Though I got to say that I would suggest making it a different color than Grenak, because green is a little overused IMO. I know you were trying to get a solid color scheme, but it isn't really suited for both.

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