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Well, I said I'd post something sometime, so here we go! I'm currently down with Mono (it is terrible), so I thought I might as well finish up posting these other guys before finishing Project Reignition. So, this guy is actually my little brother's Self-MOC (except I made it for him, because he's convinced he's terrible at building.), and all he requested was a Ko-Matoran with Ehrye's Mahiki and two Mahri blades for weapons. I worked with him over Spring Break, sketching out ideas and finally settled on one that looked nice, and then when I got home, I saw that Motorcycle front piece, and knew I had to use it, so I threw away those other plans, and built this!


Here's his bio, in attempted Dark Hunters-style. Feel free to skip to pictures.

Many beings join my organization for many reasons. Some, because they want the money and power, others for revenge, and there's some, like Builder, who just have no where else to go.


I found Builder shortly after forming this proud organization wandering the wilderness, taking jobs I would rather take, so I recruited him. His story is a sad tale, a Ko-Matoran who had been banished from his conservative village after one of his inventions literally blew up in his face, taking much of the town hall and village elders with it. I knew he would be perfect for what I had in mind.


Builder has been put to work in his very own, blast-proof laboratory deep beneath Odina. He has designed many of the weapons and tools we use in our missions, including my very own staff. All he does, day in and day out, is design and build just for us, except for the occasional mission I must send him on to keep his skills up.


Powers: Being a Matoran, Builder has very little in terms of powers. His resistance to cold and remarkable capacity for stealth has made him invaluable in many of my missions, however. He is also small, and extremely inventive, which has given him an...interesting take on how to achieve success. As long as he does, however, I'll keep sending him out every now and then.


Status: I currently have Builder working tirelessly on a new superweapon I may use to finally take Metru-Nui. Nothing can stand in it's way, and I'm the only one who knows about it.


So, pictures:




This was actually my first test of Ignakhi's knee joints. As I said, works so much better on a small MOC.




Back w/ swords mounted

A neccessary addition to the Assassin Self-MOC of an eight-year-old.



There really wasn't all that much to take off here.


Torso detail

Since I love how this all worked out.


I still have two more MOCs I still need to post, and I need to find batteries for our good camera before finishing up Project Reignition, but I'll get there eventually. I've got plenty of time here for a little while.

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To start with, I like the torso design. It looks really interesting, with the big piece in front and the back of it. The legs are pretty cool as well, nice design of the lower legs, although it looks sort of weird with the bulkiness in the lower legs IMO. The arms look pretty simple, yet neat in a way. Overall, great small MOC.

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Not bad at all! But might I suggest some additions to bulk him up a bit? Yes? OK!

1) The shoulders would look much better with a piece of armor on them...you should try Bohrok eyes or possibly Rahkshi heads;

2) The upper arms could also use a bit of flavour. This could be done using a Slizer foot or something of the sort.

But anyways, this is, by far, one of the most creative designs for a Matoran I'd ever seen. Solid work!




"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


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Cool, really cool. The torso design is really unique! But since he's an engineer of sorts, wouldn't a giant gun fit his character better than two blades?



Chuck Norik is no match for Bruce Lhikan!



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