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"I have come to the conclusion," said Jerbraz, "that Tobduk is completely insane."


Johmak sighed, letting down the atlas she had been previously perusing and looked up at the space where her invisible colleague was sitting. "And how, pray tell, did you come to that conclusion?"


If the other Order member sensed the sarcasm that was positively dripping from each and every one of her words, he did not make any signs of having done so. Instead, he simply decided to answer the question in his usual irritating tone.


"He's always incredibly angry," explained the warrior. "And have you seen the way he kills people? It's absolutely horrible! He makes us look like a group of murderous psychopaths with no morals!"


"Jerbraz, we are a group of murderous psychopaths with no morals."


"I know that! But he's all 'I was made for war' and 'I am perfectly fine with interrogating you until your brain dissolves'! It's like we don't have standards!"


"I don't see how that explains his insanity," replied Johmak, exasperation clearly present in her voice. "So Jerbraz, just tell me what exactly you're trying to blame him for."


Jerbraz was silent for several seconds, the invisible warrior fidgeting as he tried to think up a way to reply to his colleague's answer.


"... He broke my sword."


"That's it?"


"You don't understand!" he snapped. "My sword was invisible! Which meant I could stab things to death without anyone knowing! It was also beautiful! Well, it was before it turned invisible. But that's not the point! The evil moron broke my sword! Which means I must have ven ..."


His voice trailed off as he stared at Johmak, who's expression had turned to one of horror.


"He's right behind me isn't he?" said the Order member, a feeling of dread building up inside him.


"Actually, I'm to your right," rumbled Tobduk. "Now, I heard that you want revenge."


He gulped, slowly moving away before the titanic being crushed his head in. Sadly, despite being invisible, Tobduk managed to detect him with ease, tightly grabbing onto him before he could even take two steps.


"Backing out already?" asked the giant, a malicious grin forming on his already terrifying face. "But we haven't even started."


"It's all Johmak's fault!"


The said being gaped, unable to close her mouth from the sheer absurdity. How dare he attempt to shift the blame onto her! They were supposed to be friends, yet he still would sell her out in order to save his own hide? She seethed. Jerbraz had gone too far.


"Listen up you illegitimate son of a Brakas Monkey," she growled, taking a step forward, hand dissolving into crystal. "You are going to die for this."


Even in such a terrible position, with two dangerous beings wishing to harm him, Jerbraz still smirked, raising his head high.


"My handsome self is of much greater importance than you, my dear."


"You won't be so handsome after I'm done with you," replied Johmak, preparing to pepper her colleague with shards.


"Finish your lover's spat later," interrupted Tobduk, who was clearly annoyed by their antics. "Although there might not be a later, depending on how I deal with you two."


His other hand shot out, gripping onto Johmak.


"Now then, shall we begin?"


Elsewhere on Daxia, Trinuma winced as the sound of screaming filled the air. Tobduk really needed to make his victims scream quieter, because it was impossible to do work with so much noise in the background. The only sane member of the Order shook his head; it would be impossible dealing with his colleague, nor would he risk his own safety to do so. He would have to either man up and ignore the noise, or find a different solution.


"Mental note," he said quietly to himself as he filled in another form. "Ask Helryx to invest in earmuffs."

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