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The Fire Chronicles: Terror


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I decided this time to let the old TFC topic rot away, instead having a fresh new topic to post in.


It feels good.


So anyway, welcome to the final season of The Fire Chronicles! For info you may have missed on Terror please check out the Spring CFE link in my sig.


Character and Color Chart

Prologue: Findings

Chapter 1: Perceptions

Special 1: Destined to Fade

Chapter 2: The Long and Winding Road

Chapter 3: The Bermuda Triforce

PSA 1: Return of the Meta

Chapter 4: Cue Gerudo Valley Music

Chapter 5: Un-expectations

It's all a choice.

This is it.

Scratch out what I said above. I'M BACK


Well, let us start with the prologue, shall we?



The Fire Chronicles: Terror


Prologue: Findings


In the Orderly Fortress…


To the Council...


I hope that when you get this it won't be too late...this is indeed a time of great terror.


While the prophecy has been destroyed, and the Empire has fled Makuhero City, I hear that they are attempting to attack Spherus Magna once again...this time targeting the Gates and the Council building. I am slightly surprised that they are not searching for Icarax…but perhaps their plan is complete and they have no use for him.


I have seen Ranox, ever so slowly, start to influence Helryx more. I experienced this especially after the skirmish in the Temple of Time—it’s almost as if he feels the need to do it himself. It is pitiful that she does not see the big picture: Ranox does not care about her. He simply cares about a way to get revenge—a way to destroy anyone that did and is getting in his way.


And as for the Nintendo prisoners—they are easy to get back. I trust that the Nintendo characters I allowed entry in the beginning of the comedy will be able to get them back…note that I said Nintendo, not Bubsy. Although to get the Avokhii back will be a challenge, as it is in Helryx’s quarters, I trust the Nintendo characters strongly with that as well.


      While my power is slowly returning, I still cannot gain control of NAW. Meta is still holding onto it…with a frail grip. But will we be too late? Meta needs to get out of his position, or, at the very least, scoot over so I can take control in some form. It is needed to destroy the impending evil.


Please help.

Tahu: Toa of Platinum


“Well, that’s nice.” Tahu muttered. “I guess we should—oh wait, there’s another letter…”


To the Council…


        As the owner of this comedy, I am well aware of the letter my doppelganger has sent to you. I write to you in the hope that you realize how wrong and inexperienced he is.


      I have led this comedy fairly well (certainly better than he has). I employed the old narrator immediately in his time of need, whereas TTP sent him into a dark realm that he had no control over. That was fairly stupid of him and I would never trash my employees like that.


         “Well…he is kinda right. He stood up for my comrades when they were being bullied,” Snake said.


  Listen to Snake. He’ll tell you everything.


 “…that is just downright creepy. Let’s just keep reading this.”


    With this, I can blame the rise of Ranox onto him because he exiled Narrator and thus influenced the poor chap to come back…and thus defeat the Great Being.


      Secondly, the power that I hold is meant for one person and one person only, as you held it as. TTP let no one else get in his way, and lead the comedy in a way that he calls smooth and a way I call mediocre. It depends on the way he runs it. His idea was broken up into groups, but I personally let my beings work to the best of their ability to help out around NAW. They get what they get, do what they do, and don’t get upset.


          I do agree, however, that Ranox is becoming a bigger threat. Because of TTP’s non-existing attempts to stop Ranox, he has grown more powerful each day. I am trying to work out a solution currently that I need your help with. I do also request that you save my friends from the Fortress; each Nintendo character plays an instrumental role (and two rescuers is enough, I wish to ensure the safety of my friends). I, however, have no intention to include him in the plan—I’m sure all of your power combined will be enough to defeat Ranox.


         Of course, all of the reasons above further support the fact that I am not holding a frail grip on NAW…I am only changing it to fit the needs of the people. As a prerequisite of my plan, I humbly ask you to seek out Keetongu as he will be able to cure Nuhrii of his…downsizing. I know he is on Spherus Magna…but I do have a bad feeling he is in danger.


Thank you,

Meta Nuva


         Tahu put the letter down, then glanced at the two letters. “…so now what do we do?”


End of Prologue


Edit: Fixed on 3/31/14.

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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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The Fire Chronicles: Terror


Character Chart




Prologue (Findings)


Tahu: Toa of Platinum




Meta Nuva






Chapter 1 (Perceptions)
























Special 1 (Destined to Fade)


Toon Link






Mata Nui






TLoZ Link


SS Link






Chapter 2 (The Long and Winding Road)






Chapter 3 (The Bermuda Triforce)












Edit: Fixed on 4/17/14. Somehow the colors loaded with the text but they're kinda pointless. If anyone wants me to update the list with the new chapters let me know!

Edited by Toa of Winds
The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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Thanks, thought the link is unneeded if the post is about 4 posts away.

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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Meh, it's there anyway.


The Fire Chronicles: Terror


Chapter 1: Perceptions


In the Council…


            “I trust that you’ll be able to keep them together…won’t you, Snake?”


            “Of course I will, Tahu. There’s only a select few that cause some problems…Fox…and…mainly Fox, actually.” Snake glared at Fox, who glared right back at him. “I doubt anyone else will cause trouble, unless Fox has something to do with it.”


            “Why…why me? Luigi can be a big pain in the tail too!”


            “Maybe when you’re bleeping annoying him,” R.O.B. beeped. “Which is beep all the time.”


            “Yeah, even Sonic isn’t a pain anymore. Personally, I think Bubsy killed him with that Sonic ’06 comment. It was bad,” Gelu added.


            “Don’t cry…don’t cry…don’t cry…” Sonic muttered, rocking back and forth in a ball.


            “But of course, he’s not coming because he’s from SEGA.”


            “Wait a minute!” Fox pointed at Snake, eyes wide. “You’re a Metal Gear character! Metal Gear isn’t Nintendo!”


            “So what? I’m the best fighter here,” Snake retorted. “You aren’t half as good as—“


            “That’s enough!” Tahu slammed down his gavel, and the Nintendo characters (plus Snake) looked at him. “I’ve seen enough. Snake, you may go.”


            “Wish us-a luck!” Luigi waved.


            “Shut up,” Fox muttered as they went out the door.


            Tahu personally got up and closed the door, breathing a sigh of relief. “Thank Angonce. Well, next we have to decide who to send away for Nuhrii and Keetongu.”


            “Yeah, I’m tired of staying in this tiny little Matoran form,” Nuhrii said. “And being ridiculed by Roodaka,” he added.


            “So obviously, Nuhrii is going. I’d say we have about three more go with him. And one of those is not going to be me.”


            The Council erupted. No one could believe that Tahu would not crusade this time. He wasn’t one for sitting down and doing nothing. Finally Tahu slammed down his gavel and continued.


            “I do request, however, that the ones to journey with Nuhrii be Gali, Kiina, and Tanma.”


            Tanma jolted up in his seat. “What…I am honored, Tahu. Thank you.”


            “You’re welcome, Tanma. You’ve certainly been more polite than these two.” Tahu extended his hand out to the other side of the Council. Gali and Kiina were looking at each other with disgust. “Do you accept your quest?”


            Gali and Kiina turned to face Tahu. “With great honor, honey.” They snapped back to staring, hatred building up for one another.


In Tahu’s Office…


            The office had been constructed during the two months of peace after the Temple of Time battle, and this was Tahu’s first week with it. He looked at a picture of all of the Nuva (including Taka). Memories came flooding back, of a time when everything seemed peaceful…but wasn’t.


            “I miss them too.” Kopaka stood in the doorway. “It’s hard…missing three members of a team…a family who you’ve been with for years, isn’t it?”


            Tahu looked up. His eyes gleamed in the daylight streaming through the window. “Don’t you feel it too?”


            “Yeah…Pohatu and Onua both died together…I saw it. Of course…they’re back in some form, it’s just that—“


            “Taka’s dead. He’s not coming back. I do think, though, that there should be another Toa of Light…I’ve sent Tanma to see if he is the chosen one.”

            “Why him, though? Couldn’t it be Kirop or Radiak, or even Photok?”


            “Kirop and Radiak are in the hospital. I don’t want to put pressure on them. And Photok is nice…it’s just that I see something in Tanma, the same thing I’ve seen in Nuhrii too…a strive to make things right, no matter how big the problem. They can rule this Order when I am gone…”


            Kopaka’s eyes widened. “When you’re gone? Tahu…”


            “Think about it. The quiet one shall be humble until the end…the final word. What’s the end going to be? The end of me…or the end of the universe? I’d rather it be me, and I think it’s me. They have a destiny…to continue the universe’s go.”


In a Prison Cell…


            They’re coming, TTP thought. Aren’t they?


            “You are correct.” A snap was heard, freezing time as Meta appeared. “Hello, old self. Yes, I do sense your comrades coming to help here…which is rather foolish.”


            “Why is it foolish? They have to get—“


            “I know that. What I can’t guarantee is whether they survive or not. How many did they send…ah, ten, instead of my preferred two. What if those ten die here?”


            “What difference does it make to you?” TTP calmly asked. “They’re not your comrades…”


            “Excuse me? I happen to have a plan—a plan to defeat that awful Great Being of ours. And I need them. I need a massive army…and the fact that you believe in about twenty beings is not going to defeat him.”


            “I believe in the prophecy. I believe that Tahu, Kiina, even little Nuhrii can do—“


            “Ah, that reminds me. I’ve also observed, according to my plan, that Nuhrii is journeying to become a Toa again—“


            “How—foolish! You think they’ll be able to defeat—“


            “I have hope. Hope in myself, which is something you don’t have.”


            “I don’t need to, nor am I going to, until you realize that we’re fighting for the same goal, and we need to defeat Ranox together! Don’t you…”

            Meta was gone, though, and time continued to flow once more. TTP banged his head against the wall, praying to the Great Beings that Meta would understand. “Please…help…him.”


To Be Continued…           


The main plot is beginning to unravel...post your musings below.


Special up next, first post and chart updated.



EDIT: Fixed 10/28/14

Edited by SkywardStriker16
The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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“Yeah, even Sonic isn’t a pain anymore. Personally, I think Bubsy killed him with that Sonic ’06 comment. It was bad,” Gelu added.

“Don’t cry…don’t cry…don’t cry…” Sonic muttered, rocking back and forth in a ball.

Quite honestly, I'm amazed he's lasted this long, considering how every single Sonic game since...a very long time ago...has sucked.


“Wish us-a luck!” Luigi waved.

Don't think he's quite got that Italian accent down.


Good prologue and first chappy.




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1. “Let’s face it, Sonic. Your series lost its edge in 2004, and I’m being generous there.” -Meta, in S1 PSA 1.


To be honest though, Sonic 2006 was basically the Bubsy 3D of the franchise. Except Sonic was too popular to be completely destroyed...hopefully that Lost World game for the Wii U will finally do the series justice. (anddd it obviously didn't)


2. More like, he doesn't have that English down. Owell.


So I decided to take a break from the main story and release a Link debate special. I hope to continue this throughout the rest of the series...let me know how it goes!


The Fire Chronicles: Terror


Special 1: Destined to Fade


            “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”


Toon Link: …so you’re telling me that the Happy Mask Salesman sends Link off on a quest to retrieve a mask controlled by a demon? Wow, and I thought losing my sister to a bird was bad enough.


Link: Kid, the Child Timeline is just that. And it’s awesome.


TL: Not as awesome as having a male companion for once, instead of two annoying fairies.


Fi: I detect a 100% chance that you have forgotten me.


Both: We don’t care!


Mata Nui: Welcome to the third season of…Nintendo characters spamming up EXTRA! EXTRA! Today we continue this…unfortunate situation with a Link debate.


TL: Why is this so unfortunate? Don’t you love Zelda?


Mata Nui: I’m a Chibi-Robo fan.


TL: Chibi-Robo? What the Tingle is that?


Mata Nui: Never mind… (exits)


TL: …he actually trusts us alone?


Link: Eh, not really. It’s more that he’s sick and tired of us.


TL: Anyway. How would you like to explain how I’m a kid?


Link: One, you’re wearing pajamas underneath those clothes. Second, you’re more expressive than all the other Links combined—


TL: What about when you got Ooccoo?


Link: That was just…strange. I ended up not picking her up when I entered Snowpeak, and from there on, I left for SSBB.


Ooccoo: (appears) …so that’s where I know you from…you traitor! How could you leave me and my precious son behind?


Axonn: Yeah! Unbelievably, I’ve taken better care of Ooccoo than you in the other five dungeons!


Both: Yeah, I just can’t believe that.


Axonn: Want to explain how I haven’t thrown her head off yet? At any rate, she’s actually quite useful.


Ooccoo: I can teleport him anywhere, anytime. Oh, yes! How gracious is that?


TL: And that, folks is why the Child Timeline sucks. By the way, which Link are you?


Link: I actually have no clue. I think I’m the Hero Chosen by the Gods, but I feel like I have part of the Hero’s Shade inside of me.


TL: Must be the never-washed clothes you must be wearing.


Link: They’re dry clean only. Which for you, would not roll over well.


TL: Sail over well. Yeesh, you suck.


Link: Hey, at least I wasn’t stuck with Tingle or Beedle for three games.


TL: For your information, I do not appear in the third game. Neither do you.


Link: Yeah, they really didn’t think the timeline through.


TL: …so you’re saying we should be in the same timeline?


Link: Nah, we’d have killed each other by now. Which reminds me…aren’t we missing someone?


And thus, the evil Gannon was defeated. The end.


TLoZ Link: You know…that was just too easy. The only thing that could make this timeline worse was if some dolt decided to make a side-scrolling Zelda game.


SS Link: Wait, who’s Gannon? Why is there 8-bit music? Where’s the nice 3D textures? ARGH!!!




TL: Eh, who cares? Let’s just wrap this up.


Sheik: Alright, and that wraps up the Link debate! Following this, a poll: which timeline is your favorite: Unified, Child, Adult, or Downfall? Let us know in the comments!

Meta: I believe it’s against BZP rules to start a poll?


Sheik: No one asked you, Meta. Anyway, stay tuned for the nex chappy of TFC, and have a great day!


End of Special 1


The next (story-centric) chappy should be up soon!



EDIT: Fixed 10/28/14.

Edited by SkywardStriker16
The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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1. “Let’s face it, Sonic. Your series lost its edge in 2004, and I’m being generous there.” -Meta, in S1 PSA 1.

To be honest though, Sonic 2006 was basically the Bubsy 3D of the franchise. Except Sonic was too popular to be completely destroyed...hopefully that Lost World game for the Wii U will finally do the series justice.

Doubtful. So long as it's in 3D, it'll suck.


Fi: I detect a 100% chance that you have forgotten me.

No, everyone's just trying really, really hard to forget about you.


While we're on the topic of Zelda, I felt it was important to voice my factual opinion and inform everyone that Majora's Mask is the best 3D console game, followed by Wind Waker, then OoT, then SS, and lastly TP.


There's a giant gap between the first three and the last two.




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1. someone likes sonic generations more than the one with the werewolf. I'm very wary-wolf of you.

2. We are, we all are (and I still haven't finished SS yet)



MM is pretty good, and I haven't (but want to) play WW. OoT is good (duh) but I feel that the last two are good in their own right, but probably don't appeal to you due to you enjoying the first three. Owell.

The Fire Chronicles: Terror

Chapter 2: The Long and Winding Road

At the Entrance to the Orderly Fortress…

“You sure, R.O.B.? I thought they told us to knock.”

“Fox, there is no beep way they will bleep let us in if we beeping knock,” R.O.B. muttered. “And beep-sides, the door is bleep sealed shut.”

“Maybe I can-a Super Jump-a over the-a door,” Luigi mused.

“No one asked you, King. No, if only I had my Arwing…”

“Quiet, all of you.” Snake’s ear was pressed against the door. He heard nothing. “Aw, cracklenuts. There’s got to be some way in.”

“Maybe you’re looking at the wrong door.” Link raised the Lens of Truth, which sent a beam of purple magic shining on a once-invisible, now-visible door. Snake ran over to it, pressing his ear against the wood.

“Yes…I hear something…no, someone.” Snake opened the door, and a flash of light spread over the Nintendo characters.

“Welcome to the Orderly Fortress,” TTP said. He motioned for the rescuers to come in, then quickly shut the door.

On the Way to Aqua Magna Beach…

“Please, Tanma. Keep telling your story, if it makes these two shut up,” Nuhrii pleaded.

“Well excuse me, Toa. I’m not the one that ‘Tahu likes more’,” Gali argued.

“Says the being that spent years with him!” Kiina retorted.

“Stop…please. So the six of us lived basically a normal life—“

“Until she—“ Gali pointed at Kiina, “came into the picture.”

“For the love of Mata Nui, please stop fighting!” Nuhrii yelled.

“More like: for the love of Tahu,” Kiina smirked.

“Shut up. It’s not like you have any Toa powers,” Gali said.

“That does not, in any way explain how I knocked VN off the Destruction Tower,” Kiina screamed, pulling out her trident and putting it at Gali’s neck. “And just because I’m not a Toa doesn’t mean I’m not a good warrior. A Toa should be anybody who is willing to do the right thing not for himself or herself, but for everyone else as well!”

“I saw him first!” Gali screamed back. “He was mine in the beginning of time, and he and I intend to keep it that way—“

“I kept waiting and waiting, for someone, anyone to take us out of there, but no one did. Solek and Gavla died trying themselves to protect us, and we didn’t even fight ourselves. I didn’t even see them die. I rushed into the temple before Helryx could get me.” Tanma had tears in his eyes, and everyone was watching. “I am no hero.”

“No.” Kiina pulled her trident away from Gali, and comforted Tanma. “There is a reason, perhaps, for your decision. It is the power of the Three Virtues.”

“Kiina’s right. Destiny brought you away from them, in the hope you’d be able to do something great. Look at you. Even Tahu has faith in you. Why else would he have sent us all on this trip?” Nuhrii queried.

Gali thought. Why did he send us on this trip? Was it to unify us? To see which of us, Kiina or myself, was more faithful to him? Or was it our duty, to do something great, to realize there is more to life than love?

“And now,” Nuhrii looked up. They were on Aqua Magna Beach at last, and he pointed to a dark island off in the distance. “We all, even myself, can do something great.”

In TTP’s Cell…

“Here, make yourselves at home.” TTP extended his hand at his cell, which was newly refurbished and looking quite nice.

Fox’s jaw dropped. “But…I thought you were a prisoner.”

“I’ve regained some of my powers over the past two months. Of course, this particular power isn’t that useful…but I’ve fixed the House with it, adding on a penitentiary for those Mctoran and the two Vezons. Tahu Nuva was very grateful.”

“I’d be too,” Snake agreed. “And I’d jail some of my own kind too…Fox first. But anyway.”

“The Nintendo prisoners are currently at the end of the hallway, but Ranox has been expecting you…and for all we know they might be moved away. Personally, that means I get to expand my living space, but for you…”

Sheik nodded and opened the cell door. “Remember, be quiet out there! The last thing we want is for that Great Being to capture all of us.”

“Yeah…Meta was kinda down about your choice to bring all of you. But in my opinion, good choice!”

“You two can’t seem to acquiesce on anything, can you?” Snake questioned.

“Not even the slightest bit.”

To Be Continued…



Anyway, this nex chappy was a gigantic writing block for me, so it's probably not going to be that great. But now that I'm done with this chappy hopefully the others will be more streamlined.



The Fire Chronicles: Terror


Chapter 3: The Bermuda Triforce


In Onewa’s Hut…


“That island over there? Not one of us knows what’s over there. But as to whom…I might have an idea.”


Onewa stood up and went to his telescope, salvaged from the wreckage from Nuju’s lab before it was completely incinerated. Next to it was a picture of Whenua and Onewa when they were on Mata Nui. As he looked into the telescope, Onewa muttered, “Those were the good old days.”


Tanma had never met the Turaga before, though he felt the exact same way as him, only worse. I saw my friends die, and I did nothing to save them. Is this how I’m going to feel for the rest of my life, burdened by the death of my best friends?


“Huh. Even from here, I can barely see anything.” Onewa looked away from the telescope and faced the group. “The only clue I have as to who might be there is when I first came down here, I saw a being with a broken wing run ahead of us. There was no way I could’ve gotten him, he moved so fast. But he had a shadowy aura around him.”


Kiina’s eyes lit up. “A broken wing? Ackar said something about having faced a Makuta with a broken wing…his name started with an I.”


Onewa’s eyes darkened. “Icarax. Right after that, I saw Keetongu following, and right when I got to the beach, a boat was floating away…but where to?”


“The Bermuda Triforce, of course!” Tingle yelled.


“…no. Just no,” Onewa said, facepalming.


Nuhrii burst into laughter. “You let…him…live here?”


Matau blushed. “We tried to get him out…maybe…not really…”


“Shut up, I have an idea,” Gali said. “But only if the Suva still works…” She put her eye to the telescope, then connected to her Suva, easily without trouble. “It works.”


“So tell me, Mrs. Telescope, what do your multi-lensed eyes behold?” Kiina teased.


“Shut up, Fish Fins. No, I see trees…darkened and bare, but there’s no snow. There is something white though…it’s moving—and so is a pack of red, blue, and keetorange…oh no. He’s brewing up Rahkshi on that island!”


On the Beach…


“Well…enjoy your voyage, I guess.” Vakama muttered.


“Be safe!” Matau yelled.


"Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo-Limpah!" the fairy boy man yelled.


Matau stared at Tingle. “Go die in a hole.”


Tingle sighed. “I mean, good luck adventurers…why do you hate me so?”


Onewa only watched as the boat carrying the explorers drifted off, and Matau feuded with Tingle. He felt drained, like there was no soul left in him. Though he’d had one, Helryx had shattered it with the deaths of Nuju, Whenua and various other beings. Yet, he found hope. That maybe, if Nuhrii and Keetongu could be saved, then…he prayed a small prayer to the Great Beings, then went to his hut to watch Nintendo’s E3 presentation.


In Icarax’s Tower…


Icarax awoke with a start. He had had a horrible dream, with a cable box-video game console that didn’t support used or shared games. The dream then shifted to Mario dressed in a cat suit, then a Wii Fit Trainer beating the Antidermis out of Icarax, and then an internet disconnection…forbidding him to play his XBOX ONE. With that, the Wii Fit Trainer grabbed a Smash Ball and sent rainbow copies of herself at the shocked Makuta, sending him flying into Planet Rayon, where Bubsy managed to step on his head and kill him. Shortly after, Bubsy suffered a similar fate as Cat Mario pounced on the bobcat.


It had been an interesting day. Icarax hurried to watch Nintendo’s E3 presentation. The day before, he had watched Microsoft’s and Sony’s presentations, and of the two the former was quite mediocre, to say the least. The night before, Icarax also listened to Bubsy’s voice acting. He still hadn’t gotten it out of his head.


The Makuta stood up, dusted off his mask, and went to the window of his room. Rahkshi production continued as normal, one a day. Keetongu remained chained up in the jail below him. Yes, everything was going as planned. The only thing he could possibly worry about was the Order coming to conquer the island, but that would never happen. No one—not even Axonn had seen Icarax run. Everyone could simply assume he was dead. Or so he thought.


On the Shore of Icarax’s Island…


“Well…I have nothing to say here.” Gali pointed to a sign right next to their docking, saying: “If you’re looking for Icarax he’s not here…>8)”

“Looks like this adventure was for nothing,” Kiina muttered, turning back to the boat.


“Don’t be silly, Kiina. You and I know very, very well that he’s here. What we both know very well as well is that you’re trying to avoid being with Gali and that’s failing.” Nuhrii raised his Kanoka Launcher. “And if you continue to fight, Tahu will realize who the better one of you is.”


“Shut up.” Kiina turned to the group and walked into the dark and deadly forest. The trees were bare and brown, and even from a distance, the group could see a small tower standing.


What they did not see was a small group of red and gold Rahkshi morph out of the trees behind them, blindfolding, beating up, and dragging the group to the tower.


To Be Continued…


what it posted with colors?


my life is complete.


also there will be a sequel to TFC coming sooooooooooon




Reason for edit: accidentally posted Chapter 3 before Chapter 2. If someone could split the two chapters into separate posts it'd be great or is it all right to keep things together?

Edited by Meta Nuva
The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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This is the first new extra made since my hiatus, and should explain clearly what happened and what is to come.


The Fire Chronicles: Terror


PSA 1: Return of the Meta


TTP: Shouldn’t the title be Return of the Platinum? Or at least Tahu?


Meta: (sighs) You continue to forget, old self, that I am the current incarnation of you, and thus the more superior.


TTP: False.


Meta: Anyway, today’s PSA is headed by me, personally. I do this one: to strengthen the importance of the PSA, and two: because.


TTP: Because what?


Meta: Just because. Our first matter of importance is Nintendo’s E3 performance. For this, I’d like to hand over the speaker to DK.


TTP: But this has nothing to do with—


DK: Thank you, Meta. Nintendo did quite a good job at E3—


Fox: Excuse me, but this is coming from the cool dude that has a game in the works for him. In my opinion, Nintendo had quite a missed opportunity at E3.


DK: You’re lucky you’re in the next SSB, Fox.


Fox: Yeah, but so are you. Why can’t Retro Studios do something worthwhile, other than Metroid Prime sequels and DKC clones?


DK: Because we don’t have Rare to make a Zelda-cloned Star Fox game anymore, that’s why. And personally, that’s one of the reasons you don’t have a game in the works for you.


Meta: Please stop fighting.


TTP: They won’t listen, Meta. Just like you won’t listen to me.


Meta: (facepalms) It doesn’t work that way with me. In my case, I significantly overpower you, old self.


DK and Fox: That’s because you were broken in Brawl. And they had better fix you next game!


Meta: Well, at least I’m not the dolt prancing around in a cat suit.


Luigi: That’s-a not-a funny!


Tingle: Hey, I wasn’t made fun of this time!


Meta: Or the dolt in a green leotard with the dolt’s dolt-head shaped bottles.


Luigi and Tingle: Hey, you’re making fun of both of us now (note: add a’s onto every other word to get an idea of how Luigi spoke)!


TTP: Guess who wasn’t revealed for the next SSB yet?


Meta: SHUT UP!


Ex: (pauses Extra) You know what? Let’s just skip over this part. (fast-forwards) There will be an Extra dealing with SSB exclusively instead. (presses play)




…thank the goddess Hylia that’s over.


Mata Nui: Don’t you mean me?


No, you’re useless. And plus, we’re discussing the thing—


Mata Nui: Oh, right. The thing.


That’s right. Anyway, it’s I, the actual Meta speaking. Today I would like to announce my new comedy in the works. The comedy is titled The Ashes, and it is the sequel to this comedy (set ten years afterwards).


Since this comedy is still not over yet, I can’t really give you an idea of the story (though it is already developing well) but what I am going to tell you is that it is a lot darker than TFC’s story at the beginning and it is better thought out than the past few parts in the trilogy. You heard me right, this stuff is a trilogy, and I intend to keep it that way as TAoT Series has actually been the creation of mine that’s actually clicked with others and me. Eventually The Ashes will end, but when that happens either there will be an entirely new works from me or I may just downgrade to a reader standard.


Today I would like to show you one of the main characters of TA. He is Ignis, a Ta-Matoran hailing from the original island of Karzahni. He never really had such of an interest or participation in any event in the past two installments; however there is something that happens in the ten year gap that motivates Ignis to make a difference in the world.


That’s all I have to show you for today. As I wrap up TFC, you can expect to see more about TA, including a release date. Speaking of release dates, if I can finish TFC without any bumps in the road, TA should be out before the end of the year (provided high school doesn’t pound me with work)



The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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...hmm...is it just me, or did the font for all the chapters suddenly get much larger?


Interesting E3 recap. I lean slightly towards Fox's opinion of Retro just making another DKC, although I wouldn't have minded another 1st person Metroid game, so long as it wasn't an actual continuation of the Phazon storyline (which has a perfectly good ending as is).


Glad to hear the trilogy announcement though. Looking forward to what you'll be writing then! (and now as well)




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1. ...it did. To be honest, I have no clue why either.

2. Well I don't play Metroid, but I do think Nintendo really does need their own FPS for the Wii U...something to change 3rd party developers' minds.


This chappy is more Nintendo focused, but the next chappy will fill your tastes for BIONICLE, no worries.



The Fire Chronicles: Terror


Chapter 4: Cue Gerudo Valley Music


In the Orderly Fortress…


“Wait.” Fox poked R.O.B. harshly on his arm.


“What?” R.O.B. whispered.


“Where are the prisoners again?”


“How am I beeping supposed to know? It’s bleep been two chapters since beep our storyline’s been featured.”


“Shhh…I hear someone,” Sheik whispered.


Snake silenced the rest of the group and listened to the hallway’s echo. “It’s just us…wait a minute.”


“Help-a me…” a voice echoed.


“That must-a be-a Mario!” Luigi squealed.


“Of course,” Snake muttered, flipping on heat-sensitive goggles and looking into the hallway. A red image projected itself at the end. “Follow me.”


The team crept down the hallway, following Snake with careful and precise movements. However, their way of walking seemed to irk Snake extensively.


“Stop copying me!” he growled.


“Stop copying me!” Fox imitated.


“Stop copying him!” R.O.B. scolded, spinning into Fox.


“Enough,” Sheik muttered. Snake had stopped walking, turned to the left and looking at a rusty door.


“Mario’s in here. Now, to attract little attention, I am bringing myself, Samus and Lucario inside. No questions asked.” Snake opened the door just a crack, then quickly ushered Samus and Lucario in before shutting and locking the door behind him.


“I feel strangely unwanted here,” Sheik muttered.


“Join the beep-club,” R.O.B. beeped.


“The beep-club? What is that?”


“…never mind.”


In the Jail Cell…


“It’s awfully dark in here,” Samus muttered. “Where’s the light switch?”


Snake chuckled. “Not every jail cell is as exquisite as TTP’s. Take it from me. When I look at a weapon, I think to myself—is it good enough to make a standard for all weapons? And if it isn’t—I just leave it on the ground.”


Samus was puzzled. “What does that have to do with jail cells having lights?”


“I don’t know. All of them should have lights regardless—what, are they trying to make bats out of these prisoners?”


“YAH!” A torch was lit in the corner. “YAH! YAH! YAH!”


The room instantly lit up with an orange glow, and there, all in the center of it, was Mario.


But Lucario saw differently. No, he saw a red aura around the figure. This could not be Mario. This was a villain. “HYAHH!”


False Mario was knocked to the ground by Lucario’s kick, and his eyes shone yellow with anger. “You-a fight for Mario?”


Lucario did not answer verbally, but with a blow to the imposter’s head. He growled fiercely before letting out a ball of blue fire and a brawl between the two ensued.


Samus could only watch as they platform the two were fighting on rose up. “You knew…all this time?”


“No, it was mere common sense. Take it from me; I know that any good villain wouldn’t just leave the door unlocked unless they were trying to trick us.”


“Yeah…take it from me that your examples are pretty pointless.”


“NO-HO-HO!” False Mario screamed, disappearing into the background.


Lucario waited patiently as the platform went down. Mario’s trophy appeared once the platform was set into the ground again, and Lucario laid his hand on the base.


Outside the Jail Cell…


“And that—“ Snake pushed Mario out the door “—is how you free a prisoner. Any questions before I split you up?”


“Wait, what do you bleeping mean, split us up?”


“Well, I figured that if we do this one at a time, the readers are going to get really bored. And so are we, so I’ve decided to split us up.”


A wall smashed next to them, revealing two green Warp Pipes. “Perfect idea, Snake. I’ll take half and go through one pipe; you take half and go through another pipe.”


“Now wait just a minute, dude. Mario knows this place better, I say he leads the group.”


“What? Snake, that’s just sexist, and for the last time, I’m a girl!”


“Mario, pick ten and go through that one. I’ll take the rest through this one.”


“Ugh…R.O.B., can I join the beep-club?”


In the Orderly Vehicle Hangar…


Captain Falcon walked among the dozens of vehicles that Helryx had made, prepared for war. What he did not see, though, was the one and only Blue Falcon of his. Where did she put that thing again? Better question. How did I sneak out without being caught…?


“You didn’t.” Helryx snapped her fingers, opening the Blue Falcon’s cockpit and shining a spotlight onto the vehicle.


Captain Falcon rushed over to the vehicle. “You knew…all this time, didn’t you?”


“Ranox knows everything.”


Helryx held out her hand, stopping Captain Falcon dead in his tracks. Raising her hand, she lifted Captain Falcon up and threw him into the ground. She picked him up again, preparing to throw him when the alarm blared.


“What in Mute City is—oh no they didn’t.”


Helryx dropped Captain Falcon and rushed to a video screen on the wall. “Of course they did. I should’ve known.”


Earlier in the Orderly Throne Room…


The Warp Pipe buzzed, and Mario, Luigi, Pit, Link, Kirby and a few others fell to the ground. “Un-a believable. The pipe-a dropped us-a into the Avokhii room-a.”


“You got that right.” Bowser dropped from the ceiling, cradling the mask in his hand.


“It’s a TRAP!” Nex screamed.


Bowser turned his head to look at the hero. “Uh…how did you get here?”


“I don’t really know. Aren’t I supposed to be dead?”


“Well, yes. But I guess we could use you. Can you just stay in the corner for now?”


“Of course.” Nex walked over to the back corner, where he disappeared.


By the Sand Gate…


“This is really boring,” Pohatu muttered.


“I agree,” Onua said. “Since Season 2 we’ve had no involvement in the story, and even then we had no involvement.”


“I feel like playing E.T. would be better than being a character in this comedy.”


“…do you have it, Pohatu?”


“Of course I do. Let’s play it!”


“Oh…my head…” Nex muttered, before crumpling to the ground.


Pohatu and Onua turned their heads slowly backwards, before turning around completely to look at the hero. “This…could be bad.”


Onua ran over to the portal, and on the other side, he saw Bowser brawling with the Nintendo characters. “No…it could be a lot worse. It’s too bad we can’t leave here to help them, though, right Pohatu?”


“Come on, you darned TV! Turn on!”


Back in the Throne Room…


“Be-a careful, Mario!” Luigi yelled as the platform with Mario and Bowser rose up.


“I’ll-a be-a fine,” Mario called back. “I-a do-a better job than you-a.”


“This is not the time for insults!” Bowser roared. “This is the time for me to crush you in fighting. Prepare to die, fettuccini!”


Mario sidestepped and tried to grab Bowser, but the turtle spun, hurting Mario. Mario charged up FLUDD, only for the spray nozzle to barely push Bowser an inch. “Why-a Sakurai? Why?”


Bowser grinned and breathed fire onto Mario, whose damaged increased slowly but surely. As a Smash Ball appeared on the stage, Bowser jumped at it, ready to attack it. “RAWR!”


A blue arrow pierced the Smash Ball, knocking it away from Bowser. “Not today, Bowser!” Pit flew to the Smash Ball, where he eventually cut it open and sent Palutena’s Army storming towards Bowser.


As the platform lowered down, the golden Avokhii dropped down as well. Kirby took the mask and held it in his mouth, away from Bowser’s clutches. He looked up and muttered, “Uh-oh.”


“You think I’d let you go that easily?” Bowser dropped back from the top of the ceiling. Mario and Pit went to face him, but Bowser backed into the wall, slamming a red switch down with his fist. “You may have what you need, but getting out of here with the alarm blaring? Good luck.”


Luigi went to the button and tried to pull it back up, but to no avail. “You’re-a worse than Fox!”


Bowser chuckled. “And from what it looks like, you don’t even have everybody.” Bowser pointed to a much larger TV, which showed Helryx throwing around Captain Falcon. “Have fun in Gerudo Fortress.”


To Be Continued…




The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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2. Well I don't play Metroid, but I do think Nintendo really does need their own FPS for the Wii U...something to change 3rd party developers' minds.


Meh, it'd just be developed for a crowd that doesn't exist. IMO, Nintendo simply needs to worry about getting more people to buy the Wii U now, which means titles that appeal to the general Nintendo crowd. I'm all for starting a new IP, but an FPS wouldn't go very far with the general Nintendo supporters.


Quite the chappy. Not a whole lot of humor to be found, but the numerous fight scenes were entertaining. I can't imagine playing E.T. will go well, though.




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Meh, it'd just be developed for a crowd that doesn't exist. IMO, Nintendo simply needs to worry about getting more people to buy the Wii U now, which means titles that appeal to the general Nintendo crowd. I'm all for starting a new IP, but an FPS wouldn't go very far with the general Nintendo supporters.


Well you got that right, seeing as the only game I've played that is somewhat related to Metroid is Metroid Blast in Nintendo Land. In fact, I'm buying the cat game in Dec., which truly does show the kind of Nintendo fan I am.


And yeah. I kinda feel that the Nintendo characters are detracting from both the humor and the BIONICLE theme...so I've decided that in The Ashes, Nintendo characters will have a much smaller role in the main plot...though they could return for extras, I haven't figured that out yet.


Anyway, this chapter returns us to Spherus Magna...


The Fire Chronicles: Terror


Chapter 5: Un-expectations


In Icarax’s Tower…


Icarax screamed. “Augh! Camrahk, you scared me for a moment.”


The red and gold Rahkshi ‘popped’ out of the wall and smirked at Icarax. “It never gets old.”


“So what happened? Was there an intruder?”


“Nah, just a crumpled up piece of paper on the ground.”


“Really? Wow, I should really tell the Rahkshi of Accuracy to stop missing the trash can. Perhaps their Kraata need—“


“Why would I be here if we didn’t have any intruders?”


“…you tricked me. Again.”


“It’s not that hard, boss.”


“Anyway. Who are they? How’d you catch them?”


“I dunno who they are. They looked like they were looking for someone, though, but they certainly weren’t expecting us to come out from the trees.”


“At least tell me what they look like, Camrahk.”


“There were two Matoran there. One red and silver, one grey and lime green. Then there was one Toa and one Glatorian, both were blue.”


“…still have no idea who you’re talking about.”


Camrahk sighed. “Come downstairs. I’ll show ya.”


In the Basement of Icarax’s Tower…




The light turned on, and there was Camrahk, facepalming at Icarax’s utter stupidity. “The light was off, you big dope.”


Icarax had calmed down. “Ahem.”


“I mean, boss. Anyway, they’re right in front of you.” The Rahkshi pointed, where Gali, Kiina, Nuhrii and Tanma were all tied up together.


Gali coughed. “I can’t believe I’m tied up with you.”


“This is the closest we’ll ever get to hugging,” Kiina scoffed.


“If only I was a Toa,” Nuhrii muttered. “Then I could burn this rope off.”


Well, this couldn’t be any more painful for them, Icarax thought.


“You,” Tanma looked at Icarax angrily. “You let us go.”


Icarax chuckled. “And why should I do that? No one ever leaves Icarax’s Island…right, Keetongu?”


Keetongu sat in the corner, his neck hung down like a ragdoll. It was obvious that the Rahi had been through torture and suffering like no other creature had suffered before. His neck creaked up slowly and he looked sadly at Tanma. “He’s right, Matoran. Sadly even I’ve lost my willpower to leave here, after all of those Rahkshi dragging me back down here.”


“But you—“ Nuhrii looked at Keetongu. “You’re a warrior. You can’t possibly have given up.”


“Being a warrior physically doesn’t make you one. Being a warrior at heart makes you one, and you and your friends are certainly worthy of the title ‘warrior’.”


“What about ‘Toa’?”


“That works too, I guess. However, I am not a Toa—I am simply the last of my kind, the last of my Rahi family. And I, too, shall now lay to rest—“


“No!” Tanma shouted. The Matoran wiggled through the rope before climbing out the bottom, victorious. Grabbing his weapons off the wall, he looked Icarax in the eye. “Let him go, you follower of Helryx!”


Icarax winced. “But you are wrong. No one leaves Icarax’s Island—“


“—except the Barraki that you kicked out before moving in—“


“Shut up, Camrahk! And no one comes in. So how could I be a follower of Helryx if there’s no one else here?”


“…you have a Face Time?”


“I’m not a follower of Helryx. In fact, I strongly dislike her.”


“Wait.” Tanma lowered his swords. “So why are you here then?”


Camrahk glanced at Icarax. “We’re building an army for—“


“you. We’re building an army for you,” Icarax said, slapping Camrahk.


Gali looked dumbfounded, then laughed. “Seriously? I’m a member of the Council. How would I not know about this?”


“Um, I Face Timed him this morning. He said he’d love the help.”


“But haven’t you not spoken to anyone since you landed here?” Kiina asked.


“He’s been speaking to me,” Camrahk said.


“…of course I have.”


“You can’t deny that,” the Rahkshi whispered.


“I know! Anyway…we both agreed that he could have the army…on one condition.”


“What, that you keep us?”


“No, green leaf. That I keep the Rahi.”


Tanma’s eyes shifted over to the yellow-armored Rahi in the corner, who looked pleadingly at the Matoran. “We can’t accept.”


“What do you mean, you can’t accept? Tahu’s the boss—“


“I said I can’t accept. Unless we take Keetongu with us.”


“And how do you expect me to let you do that?”


“Like this.” Tanma raised his swords, combining them in mid-air as he jumped on Icarax and held the sword to the Makuta’s throat.


Icarax laughed. “You wanna fight me, you wee Matoran? You know, you still ain’t a Toa, despite what that Rahi says, you hear me? I said, you—oh…”


“We’ll all fight you,” Kiina said, pointing her trident at Icarax. Gali and Nuhrii followed shortly after.


Camrahk watched Nuhrii glance at his, then focus back on Icarax. Uh, sorry boss, the Rahkshi thought as his armor changed dark grey (the color of the wall) and he crept up the stairs.


For Icarax, there was no way out.


On the Shore of Aqua Magna Beach…


Tingle inspected his metal detector, which glowed red. He dropped the detector onto the sand and dug into the sand, not realizing the metal detector was about to explode. “ARGH!” he screamed as the machine erupted into flames, setting his leotard on fire.


Inside Onewa’s hut, the Turaga of the same name looked out from his telescope. It had been two days since the group had left. Things were not looking good. Onewa sighed, before, finally, finally seeing a shape show up.


And sure enough, it was the canoe that they’d come in, and behind them…a legion of…Rahkshi? “What on Spherus Magna—“


An Hour Later…


Standing tall and powerful once more, Toa Nuhrii stepped on the beach, leading his group and the army of Rahkshi to the Clearing.


However, the plan had not been carried out everywhere.


To Be Continued…

The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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  • 3 months later...





So yeah, on the anniversary of TAoT's ending the hacker breached everything and erased three chapters and PSAs and stuff from this topic. And the review. Unfortunately though, this hasn't erased my thoughts of this and how to fix the comedy.


I had an idea once the forums came back up that I could rewrite the next few chapters, and now that I think about it more, I'm starting to lean towards that.

The other option, of course, is to just put this comedy on hold, effectively leaving it incomplete and thus screwing over any plans I've made for its sequel.


This choice, dear readers, is yours: what do you think should be done to this comedy? I encourage all, even if you've never actually posted here before, to put down your thoughts. After all, you might have an idea even better than the previously mentioned of mine.


It's all a choice.



The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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Will the older chapters be reposted regardless of decision?


And I would leave the decision up to you. What do you want to do as a writer? I honestly would like to see some conclusion drawn here, but if it's not something you want to write, then by all means, don't write it. Do what you enjoy.




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This might just be the toughest thing I've ever had to write (even worse than TAoT's finale). 


This series started off as an attempt to try to gain some popularity. To try to be like all the other writers. To try to make a difference in the forum. But, needless to say, the first comedy hit some giant bumps in the road. I had a few readers at first, but they mostly dropped away by the middle of the second season. I almost ended the comedy there, for nobody was reading it, or at least posting in the topic. Then, I got advice to move forward, and I did. I finished the comedy, and planned a sequel, hoping it'd be better.


And while it may have been better for a time, the quality declined quickly, people stopped reading, I didn't have any time, and the comedy got a bad review. I attempted to wrap it up, then the forums got erased. Now we are here, and if you haven't guessed it by now, I'm choosing to end TFC right here. Mainly because I don't have the time, energy, or wish to continue this.


So how does this end? I've thought about it several times, and I ended it with (CLASSIFIED MATERIAL BECAUSE THE STORY'S ALIVE HA)


And, with, that, The Ashes, Before the Madness, How it All Began, and The Anniversary Edition of Tahu are cancelled for good too (maybe not).


The only thing you can look forward to, perhaps, is The Life of Pridak, codeveloped by ibrow and I as an Afterwords spinoff. I suggest you check it out. But after that, I'm done for the forseeable future. I'm truly sorry, but perhaps this was all destined to happen...


Signing off,



Edited by SkywardStriker16
The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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  • 4 months later...

Okay, maybe I wasn't fair enough with all of this. I'd dropped the Pridak comedy in the matter of a month and completely ditched BZP. However, I've still been checking back every once in awhile, and the comedies forum, once again, has completely dried up. I guess me leaving didn't help at all :P.


Taking this into account, I'd like to revise my previous statement about leaving BZP for good (I've obviously failed that on that promise already) and apologize for this failure. Coming back to this comedy after a few months, I've realized that it's completely illegible now. I guess I'll try to fix that, and maybe repost the other chapters too, but I am not going to finish it. You'll have to refer to the ending I posted above for the end of this comedy, as trying to revive an already-dead comedy isn't worth my time. Or your eyesight, for that matter.


As for other comedies, I plan on reviving one of these comedies: The Ashes, Before the Madness, How it All Began, and The Anniversary Edition of Tahu (but I won't tell you which one!) and I just might start up The Life of Pridak again. That, I feel obliged to do, as it was completely unfair of me to ditch Voltex and leave our story unfinished. After that, I honestly don't know, but I am willing to make any contributions to save this forum. It's the least I can do.



The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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Andddd I'm back again. It seems that I can never leave this place, can I?


I'd like to take the time here to announce the return of TFC--after almost a year of no content, it's time to finally finish what we've started! However...since BZP still won't let me paste the chapters in...I've had to make a compromise.


READ HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://skywardstriker16.blogspot.com/p/the-fire-chronicles.html

 (please tell me I'm not doing anything wrong by BZP standards)


Edited by SkywardStriker16
The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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Did you miss the eye-searing colors?

Did you miss the 70%-Nintendo, 2% Bionicle, 28% Bad Jokes?

Well, look no further, because this is unedited from 2013, and it's quite trashy. I wasn't kidding, I guess. 

(Note, I've realized this isn't a new chapter because BZP erased stuff in October 2013. Whoops.)


The Fire Chronicles: Terror


Chapter 6: Plat-napping


In the Orderly Fortress…


Dark Hunters and Visorak patrolled the halls, searching for the intruders. Bowser cackled. “I’ll be back,” he yelled before waving his Power Star wand and disappearing.


            Luigi looked around hastily, trying of think of a way out. Then he slowly cradled his head in his hands. “We’re-a screwed.”




            Captain Falcon woke up to the same blaring alarm he’d heard before. This time, though, Helryx had disappeared, probably back to the throne room to investigate. So he was free.

            He looked over at the video screen. Snake and his group were investigating Captain Falcon’s cell. His jaw dropped. “They’re…looking for me?”




            “I can’t believe it,” Snake mused. “How did he get out?”


            “Yeah, you’d think that they’d have better security in an evil villain’s main base,” Fox muttered.


            “…yeah…even the security bleep in my Subspace beep Bomb Factory was better-bleep than this,” R.O.B. muttered.


            “Huh. I forgot you were a villain at one point. Bad robot!” Fox scolded.


            “I had a bloop change of heart!”


            “Yeah, but you’re still a…well…we’ll save that for when we’re off—“


            “Look!” Sheik pointed to the wall, which exploded to show a transparent pipe leading to the portal. “Let’s get in.”


            “But what about Captain Falcon?” Samus muttered. “I wouldn’t mind fighting someone as long as I get my Power Suit back.”


            Snake sighed. “Falcon will find his way here. Plus, I’ll make a better suit for you—Samus. I won’t let you down.”


            “Thanks…Snake.” Samus blushed as she went through the pipe first, followed by Snake and all the others.




            “I’m crazy,” Captain Falcon muttered as he floored the gas pedal of the Blue Falcon, squeezing through the door he came and running over several Dark Hunters and Visorak patrolling the hallways. “Next stop: the throne room and the Rock Gate.”




            “Wait a minute!” Link shouted. The group in the throne room stopped shouting and looked at Link. “Do you…hear that?”


            A faint sound of an Ocarina played from the background. “Sure, but you-a crazy—“


            “I’d know that song anywhere,” Link ignored Mario, going to the center of the room and walking on. As he got closer to the corner, Saria’s Song got louder. “This—“ he looked at the Nintendo characters ”—is our way out.” Link ran into the corner, and did not come out.


            Pit shrugged. “It can’t be worse than E.T.” He rushed in behind Link, the others curiously following suit.


By the Sand Gate…


            “I still love this game to no end,” Pohatu muttered as he navigated adult Link through the Lost Woods.


            “Really?” Onua asked. “I think Twilight Princess is better.”


            “HOLY SALAMANDER CUTTLEFISH! How can you say that when this beauty of a game exists?” Pohatu screamed.


            “Just voicing my opinion,” Onua said meekly.


            “Your argument is invalid,” Pohatu said, turning back to Ocarina of Time once more. “Oh, look. There’s Sheik, Minuet of Forest time!”


            “The flow of time is always cruel…its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it…”


            “That’s funny. It almost seems like her voice is coming out from the TV.”


            “Um, Pohatu—“


            Sheik stood behind Pohatu, smirking. “A thing that doesn’t change with time is a memory of younger days…”


            “Seriously, it’s like I’m in a 4D movie theater! Don’t you feel it too, Onua?”


            “Yeah…really…about that…”




            “Onua! Turn down the volume, you’ll ruin my ears!”


            “But BIONICLEs don’t have ears!”


            “Don’t you fight me—OW!” Pohatu turned around to Sheik’s fist.




            Pohatu looked nervous. “What did I do?”


            Snake patted Pohatu and Sheik on the back. “It’s nothing really. She’s just having a bad fur day.”




            A cup of tea went between the two. Peach looked at Sheik, then offered her the tea. “Here you go, one princess to another.”


            Sheik took the tea and sipped it. “See? This is how you treat a woman.”


            “One woman to another,” Fox muttered.


            “YOU SHUT UP!” Sheik screamed.


            Peach immediately held out another cup of tea, and Sheik took it, downing the whole teacup. “And there’s more where that came from!”


            “Woah, Sheik,” Captain Falcon said, walking in. “You gotta chill a moment.”


            “Falcon?” Snake’s eyes practically bulged out of his head, both in shock and relief. “How did you—“


            “I heard there were intruders, and I figured I could finally blow that pop stand. I see Mario got out too.”


            “Yes, but-a barely. Link led us out-a here, and with the-a mask too.”


            “So we’re all free then…where’s the mask?”


            “Uh,” Pit stammered, looking around. “Link?”


            Link closed his eyes for a moment, searching the depths of his hammerspace. He shook his head.


            “Then who could possibly have it? There’s no way we left—“


            The slimy Avokhii slid across the floor, before halting at the feet of Pit. Kirby licked his lips. “Hiii!”


            Pit picked up the mask, which glowed gold. “Never mind, here it is.”


            “And I’ll take that,” Tahu said, taking the Avokhii out of Pit’s hands. “You folks have done great, and the new Toa will love this. Thank you.”


            “New Toa?” Fox said. “You mean, the only reason you sent us out here was so you could have another Toa?”


            Tahu stopped dead in his tracks, then turned around and pierced his eyes into Fox’s memory. “ARE YOU KIDDING—“


In the Orderly Fortress…


            “So it was you…all this time, who let them in. How’d you do it? Why’d you do it? Talk, you worthless piece of platinum!”


            TTP looked down at the floor. How can I tell her? He thought. As much as I hate what’s happened to this comedy…how everyone’s put their trust in a white and gold puffball…I have to defend them. They’re all I have left.


            “Ah…that’s right, I forgot. You’ve used up all of your power...you’re as much of a mortal as Helryx.”


            No…he can’t be. The Great Being said he wouldn’t…what is he doing?


            “She let them go. She let them all go. And that’s when I realized…maybe it’s not them at fault. Maybe it’s the creators of the comedy at fault.”


            I have to break free…I can’t let him do this…


            “So talk, creator. Tell me everything. Otherwise…perhaps I will have to find other ways to get info.”


            He knows everything. He’s just trying to convert me. But I won’t. I can’t. But what about—


            “COME ON!” The Great Being was screaming at him with such power that it cracked one of Helryx’s shoulder pads. “This is your last chance. Otherwise…everything you’ve made…will simply go to ruins."


            No…he wouldn’t. He can’t. Meta has to be stronger than him. But what if he isn’t? Then what do I say?


            I’ve been a fool, hiding here for the past few months. I should’ve known, even back in the time of peace that someone could defeat me. I let Meta rise to power. I let myself be here.

            No…this is what he’s trying to do to you. He’s trying to weaken you. He’s trying to make you…one of them. I can’t back down. I won’t back down.


            “Nothing?” Ranox chuckled. “I should’ve known you were too chicken to answer to me. I guess you’ll be stuck here forever then, while I conquer…oh, will I conquer.” Snapping her fingers, Helryx and Ranox teleported away.


            “No! Wait! Oh, what have I done?” TTP screamed. “I saved my life, but Meta…oh, no, Meta’s going to die. And after that, Ranox…


            Ranox will rule the comedy.”


To Be Continued…

The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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