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Nuju Metru

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Here is where you post the profile(s) for your BZPRPG character(s) (you must post a character's profile before you begin playing). Staff is not required to give approval for characters: you may post and play immediately. However, we can at any time ask you to modify characters if we think that they are too powerful or otherwise against the rules. There is no set pattern when creating character profiles, but if you need inspiration for what to put down, look at the outlines from others’ posts.
SECTION I. General Rules

  • In the profile page, you are allowed ONE POST; multiple posts by a single player will be deleted. Place all your characters into one post; this makes it easier for you, your fellow players, and the Staff to find your characters. You can have as many character as you want, as long as their profiles all fit into one post.
  • Your character must belong in the Bionicle universe. This is not to say your character must be of an official Bionicle species, or come from an official location, but he or she must be something that could come from Bionicle. Specific guidelines about this are in the following sections.
  • You cannot play as canon characters, like Tahu or Roodaka, unless doing so under explicit staff permission. Expies – characters that are essentially carbon copies of characters from other franchises, like Transformers or Star Wars – are also strongly discouraged. The point of the game is to create your own unique Bionicle-universe characters, so embrace the opportunity!
  • This is the most important rule: Your character must be reasonable. No gods or other invincible characters. Your character MUST HAVE WEAKNESSES; it must be possible for other players to defeat them in combat.
  • You must either post a picture of your character, or write a detailed description of his or her appearance – or both – in their profile.

SECTION II. Suggested Profile Fields
Unsure of what to include in your Character's profile? Below are some suggestions as to what would be useful subjects to cover. This is by no means a definitive list; you may include other categories, and some of these suggestions can also be omitted. Remember that the point of your character’s profile is to serve as a reference, so that others can interact accurately with him or her even upon first meeting. Try to be very informative. Here are the suggested profile fields (bold indicates a required field):

  • Name:
  • Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, etc.)
  • A detailed description or image
  • Gender
  • Powers and/or weapons
  • Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, which staff member approved the item)
  • Weakness(es)
  • Alignment (good, evil, neutral, etc.)
  • History
  • Personality and traits



Below you will find the lists of species, powers, and masks allowed in the BZPRPG. These lists have been carefully thought out; if a certain species or item is not on these lists, it has been omitted for a reason. All characters, unless given explicit staff permission to the contrary, are required to exist within the parameters of these lists. 
Playable Species:
Matoran – No powers or powered masks
Toa – One elemental power and one mask from the approved list
Turaga – One heavily weakened elemental power and one mask from the approved list
Vortixx – No powers or masks, two pieces of foreign technology
Skakdi – One elemental power (requires two Skakdi in conjunction to use), one vision power, one piece of foreign technology
Parakuka – No powers alone, but can be very powerful when bonded to a host (See here for more information on the Parakuka; if your character has bonded with a Parakuka, say so in that character's profile).
Lesterin – Special innate elemental abilities and either one mask from the approved list OR one piece of foreign technology (See here for more information on the Lesterin)
Dashi – See SECTION V for details
Dasaka – See SECTION V for details
Datsue – See SECTION V for details

Exo-Matoran - See this link for details

Personalized/customized species are allowed – however – they MUST resemble or be similar to one of the above species, including abilities, powers, and power levels, AND must be approved by a staffer before use.
Allowable Toa/Turaga/Skakdi Elemental Powers
One elemental power per character. No multiples.

Customized powers are allowed – however – they MUST be reasonably powerful, balanced, AND be approved by Staff before use. If your character is evil, she/he may be able to gain special powers from a dose of Antidermis bartered from the Vault Loot.
Allowable Skakdi Vision Powers:
Heat Vision
Impact Vision
Infrared Vision
Laser Vision
Thermal Imaging
Telescopic Vision
X-Ray Vision
Allowable Kanohi:
Kanohi Hau The Mask of Shielding
Kanohi Pakari The Mask of Strength
Kanohi Miru The Mask of Levitation
Kanohi Kakama The Mask of Speed
Kanohi Akaku The Mask of X-Ray Vision
Kanohi Kaukau The Mask of Water Breathing
Kanohi Huna The Mask of Concealment
Kanohi Ruru The Mask of Night Vision
Kanohi Matatu The Mask of Telekinesis (off-limits to Dasaka characters)
Kanohi Rau The Mask of Translation
Kanohi Pehkui The Mask of Diminishment
Kanohi Kualsi The Mask of Quick Travel
Kanohi Calix The Mask of Fate
Kanohi Kadin The Mask of Flight
Kanohi Sanok The Mask of Accuracy
Kanohi Iden The Mask of Spirit
Kanohi Zatth The Mask of Summoning
Kanohi Arthron The Mask of Sonar
Kanohi Volitak The Mask of Stealth
Kanohi Tryna The Mask of Reanimation
The Mask of Healing
The Mask of Rebounding
The Mask of Sensory Aptitude

Customized masks are allowed – however – they MUST be reasonably powerful, balanced, AND be approved by Staff before use. Your character may also gain certain masks not on the above list by bartering one from the Vault Loot.
Only one mask is allowed per character. No multiples, no Suvas. Period. Even if staff decides to give a certain character a more powerful mask as a reward or gift in response to some event or contest, that character must abandon their previous mask to use the new one. Should you decide you want to change masks, such a practice is permissible. However, the transition must happen feasibly In Character, and be immediately edited into your character's profile to avoid an illegal duplicity of masks.
SECTION IV. Technology
Foreign Tech
Per the nature of certain species' foreign origins, if you have a Skakdi or Vortixx character, you are allowed one or more pieces of advanced foreign technology. Technological items of this sort MUST be approved by staff prior to playing. If your character has a foreign tech item, you must note which staff member approved the tech after you describe the item in your profile.
These are the limitations on foreign tech per species type.
Skakdi: ONE piece of foreign tech
Vortixx: TWO pieces of foreign tech
Lesterin (w/out mask): ONE piece of foreign tech
The only way for a character not of these species to own a piece of foreign tech is for them to win it fairly from another player’s character in combat. If your Toa, Matoran, or Turaga character has acquired a piece of foreign tech, you must include a note about which character they won it from, AND which staff member approved the technology in the first place. Your character may also gain foreign tech by bartering some from the Vault Loot.
Native Tech
Technology on the island of Mata Nui has taken a step forward, and so more advanced technological items are no longer out of the question for Toa, Matoran, and Turaga characters. If a character wants a piece of this new “native technology,” they can attain one from a Koro Leaderor shopkeeper IC or, as with attaining foreign technology, win it fairly in PC-vs.-PC battle. If your character has one or more pieces of native tech, you must specify in their profile how this technology was acquired.
Smaller, freelance native tech shops can be created and run by players, as long as their merchandise is all pre-approved by staff. Shopkeepers are encouraged to require some kind of task-based IC payment in exchange for their special technologies, just so that native tech remains more valuable than imaginary widgets. There is also a "Living List" of token Native Tech items or item types that may be acquired by PCs in-game without approval. If players wish to suggest other technologies to add to the Living List, they may PM those suggestions to Nuju Metru.
Here is the list.

  • Glass lenses with various focusing/diffusing properties. These are used in telescopes, magnifying glasses, and lamps. Such lenses, usually employed in Lightstone lanterns, can also be purchased separately, as they're prone to breaking.
  • Onu-Koronan task tablets or "iStones" with abacus, note-taking, and some document-holding possibilities. These are very difficult to open without damaging the machinery inside - they've been manufactured to break this way by the Onu-Koro engineers on purpose, so that their computing abilities remain essentially unreproducible.
  • Basic metal tools such as hammers, axes, pickaxes, and even scissors. These items were available before, but now they're more easy to acquire; the best come from Ta-Koro.
  • Simple clockwork devices with gears, springs, and even little bells. The most complex and expensive sort are the smaller ones, especially rudimentary, one-handed watches. Many varieties of little wind-up toys are also available, from bouncing Fusa to rolling Manas.
  • Disk launchers have propagated, reducing the need for skill when using a bamboo disk as a weapon. Some launchers hold more disks with spring or gravity-loading magazines.
  • Photothermic powder, also known as "Stralix Powder" after its inventor, made up of mixed lightstones and heatstones. This powder is slightly more potent than the explosion of a Madu Cabolo, and is much safer to store and use. Sharp impact, or fire, can set it off.
  • Kites and gliders, while usually impractical, can be produced on request by the right craftspeople. Huge, delicate hang gliders are made best in Le-Koro.
  • Volo Lutu Launchers, a type of grapnel gun, have been around since the days of Makuta. They're now cheaper to produce, and are available in models able to haul the weight of larger beings like Toa, not just Matoran.
  • Patero Launchers, projectile cannons powered by compressed gas. The Patero launcher consists of an elastic bladder that is inflated by hand pump, a projectile barrel, and a rapid air release mechanism. This simple launcher can fire lightweight rounds without much accuracy, but over long distances. Only the smaller, handheld type is readily available; the secrets to making artillery-sized air seals still lies with Onu-Koro. Some types of Patero shots include small fireworks, glass-capped Stralix Powder capsules, clusters of bamboo arrows, and even confetti cartridges.
  • Exo-Matoran Suits. See here for details.


SECTION V. The Dasaka
Dasaka characters are now open to be played! Like other standard species characters in the BZPRPG, Dasaka may be created and played as without the necessity of staff permission. Any Dasaka characters you create in this way, however, must exist precisely within the parameters outlined below. To have Dasaka characters of a more advanced sort, staff approval is required; the process by which to attain this can be found in "C. Petitioning." 
A. Required Profile Fields
Dasaka character profiles are stricter in structure than the profiles of other species, because there are more required fields. Along with other profile fields you opt to include, these are the requisite fields for Dasaka characters:

  • Species (Dasaka, Dashi, Datsue)
  • A detailed description or image (minor note: all Dasaka have various shades of bluish and gold armor)
  • Caste and Clan
  • Gender (see “C. Petitioning” for details)
  • Powers, including (as applicable) mask powers and Menti Discipline(s).
  • Weakness(es)

B. The Lists
Below you will find the lists of species, powers, and masks allowed for Dasaka characters. All characters, unless given explicit staff permission to the contrary, are required to exist within the parameters of these lists. For more information about particular powers, clans, and castes, please see the Dasaka Master Reference Post.
Playable Species:

Dashi – No powers or powered masks
Dasaka – One Menti Discipline and one mask from the approved list
Datsue – One Menti Discipline, no powered masks
Allowable Castes

Menti (warrior-level only)

You may petition for your Dasaka or Datsue character(s) to hold higher rank within the Menti caste. Instructions on this are found in “C. Petitioning.”
Allowable Menti Disciplines:
Soulsword Discipline
Sighteye Discipline
Mindarm Discipline
Willhammer Discipline

You may petition for your Dasaka or Datsue character to be proficient in more than one Menti Discipline. Instructions on this are found in “C. Petitioning.”
Allowable Dasaka Kanohi:
All masks on the list in SECTION III (except for the Kanohi Matatu) may be used by Dasaka characters.

Customized masks are allowed – however – they MUST be reasonably powerful, balanced, AND be approved by Staff before use.
Only one mask is allowed per character. No multiples, no Suvas. Period. Even if staff decides to give a certain character a more powerful mask as a reward or gift in response to some event or contest, that character must abandon their previous mask to use the new one. Should you decide you want to change masks, such a practice is permissible. However, the transition must happen feasibly In Character, and be immediately edited into your character's profile to avoid an illegal duplicity of masks.
C. Petitioning
The above lists and whatnot outline what is acceptable for Dasaka characters that DON’T require staff approval to be created or played. However, there are other, more advanced possibilities for Dasaka characters available to you as players, which DO require staff approval to access. The process by which one seeks approval for advanced Dasaka options is called “petitioning,” and the instructions on how to do it are found below.
Some basic guidelines:

  • In some cases, profiles submitted for petition may not be posted here prior to their verdicts. Be sure to check under each type of petition whether or not this rule applies. When it does, the “character” you’re submitting isn’t really a character yet; you’re petitioning instead for the right to make a character that’ll receive the perk(s) in question.
  • You may petition on the behalf of more than one character at a time. If you’re doing this, though, please do me a favor and put it all into one PM.
  • You may also submit more than one petition for the same character. If you do this, I will pass separate verdicts on each of your petitions.
  • In almost all cases, you can opt not to pursue the creation of a character after a petition you submit for them has been denied. The exception to this is a Gender Petition; more details in the section on Gender Petitioning.
  • Petition PMs must be sent to Nuju Metru, and his verdict on them is final. If my verdicts are abrupt, it’s because I probably have a lot of them to sift through, and you mustn’t take it personally. Defiance of, or even attempted debate of, a verdict that doesn’t go your way is prohibited.

Here’s what you can petition for.


Caste Petitioning

You may petition for your Dasaka or Datsue character to hold a higher rank in the Menti caste. You can request to have, say, a Toroshu character, or for your character to perform a special duty for the Rora, or whatever else you can think up. To petition for a more advanced societal rank, your PM must include what rank/duty you would like to have, and a brief statement about why you want that position for your character.
If I feel that I need more information, I will ask questions; more likely, I’ll just say yes or no, and that’ll be the end of it. Your petition will be considered on its own merits/originality, and upon your skill and responsibility as a player. Petitioning characters CANNOT exist in the Profiles Topic prior to their petitions.
Clan Petitioning

You may petition to begin a new Dasaka clan. This type of petition must come with a Caste Petition attached to it, because somebody will have to play as the Toroshu of the new clan, and who better to lead it than its founder?  To petition to lead a new clan, your PM must include a Caste Petition, a 1-2 paragraph description of the clan – including its characteristics, social position, and other details of note (size, home, backstory, etc.) – and a brief statement about why you want to make and lead a new clan.
If I feel that I need more information to reach a verdict, I will ask questions. If your claim is granted, your new clan will be listed in the Dasaka Master Reference Post, and other players’ characters will be able to join it as they wish. Your petition will be considered on its own merits/originality, on how necessary I see the clan you’ve envisioned as being to Dasaka society, and upon your skill and responsibility as a player. Petitioning characters CANNOT exist in the Profiles Topic prior to their petitions.
Menti Discipline Petitioning
You may petition for your Dasaka or Datsue character to be proficient in more than one Menti discipline. In Kentoku Society, multidisciplinary training generally comes along with a more advanced rank, and so a Menti Discipline Petition can oftentimes go hand in hand with a Caste Petition. It’ll be easier to get this kind of petition passed if you’re only asking for one additional power. To petition for additional Menti abilities, your PM must indicate how many bonus disciplines you want your character to have, and briefly describe the coolest combo attack you could possibly imagine doing with this extra power.
If I feel that I need more information, I will ask questions; more likely, I’ll just say yes or no, and that’ll be the end of it. Your petition will be considered on its own merits/originality, and also upon your skill and responsibility as a player. Petitioning characters CAN exist in the Profiles Topic prior to their petitions.
Gender Petitioning
You may petition for your Dasaka character to be male. The Gender Petition functions a little bit differently than the other petitions listed above, though; rather than being based on merit, it’s based on sheer luck. To petition for a Dasaka character to be male, your PM just needs to say, “Roll my Dice.”
Once your petition has been received, I will simulate the 40:1 female-to-male Dasaka birth ratio with a random numbers generator, which will spit a random integer from 1 to 41 back out at me.  If the generator gives me the number 1, I will inform you that your character may be male; if I get any other number, I’ll tell you that your petition was unsuccessful.
Though each player may possess a maximum of ONE male Dasaka character, you may submit multiple characters at once to be Gender Petitioned, to better your odds. However, you won’t be able to keep trying your luck against the random numbers generator without some consequences. Any character that you submit for gender petitioning, whether or not that petition is successful, MUST be subsequently created, added to your Profiles Post, and played as IC. I’m enacting this policy both for the maintenance of realistic Dasaka gender ratios and to dissuade you from bogging me down with hundreds of Gender Petitions at once. If you want to submit 41 characters to me to be Gender Petitioned, that’s fine; however, you’ll be expected to follow through on all 41 characters.
Players who have had Clan Petitions approved will be given better odds in Gender Petitions; if the random numbers generator gives me a number 1-5, rather than simply a 1, then a male character credit will be given. Because of Dasaka societal norms, new male characters will be allowed to choose up to two Menti disciplines without the necessity of submitting a Menti Discipline Petition. Petitioning characters CANNOT exist in the Profiles Topic prior to their petitions.

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Staff/Canon Characters
Name: Zaktan
Species: Skakdi of Air
Alignment: Self-serving leader of the Piraka
Gender: Male
Appearance: At a glance, Zaktan looks like any other Skakdi, though perhaps a little meaner, sharper, and shorter. His dark green armor is accented with sandier shades of green, and some robust gold; his sharp fingers frequently steeple when he thinks; his vindictive smile, when it appears, is permanently set to “sneer;” his glowing red eyes move with deliberate slowness; his flat feet give him a somewhat duck-like stride that belies his quickness and balance.
A longer look, however, would immediately reveal Zaktan’s difference from others of his species. At all times, he seems to be subtly flickering, as if captured on a film slightly grainier than reality. Zaktan’s body and blades are, in fact, comprised of billions of microscopic creatures called Protodites. The Protodites, each of which contain a fraction of his consciousness, are unable to stay completely still, thereby causing this unnerving appearance. When Zaktan speaks, it is as though a swarm of insects, rather than a single voice, is buzzing in discordant tandem to relay his words.
Weapon(s): Zaktan’s main weapon is a golden Three-Bladed Scissor. Because the blade is made up of the same Protodites that comprise his body, Zaktan is able to maneuver the scissor blades with the masterful dexterity of a second set of fingers. The weapon can cut through nearly anything; the blades’ edges can be as small as one or two Protodites thick. The butt end of the Three-Bladed Scissor is a pair of vice-like tongs.
Zaktan is also armed with a Zamor Launcher, which he loads with the Piraka’s virulent yellow-green “jitter spheres,” Zamors filled with a powerful, hallucinogenic fear gas. Repeated exposure to the fear gas has made Zaktan, like the other Piraka, immune to it.
Powers: Zaktan, being a Skakdi of Air, has limited powers over the element of Air, which he can use only in conjunction with another Skakdi. He also has powerful laser vision. More strangely, Zaktan possesses the unique ability to dissolve and reform into the Protodites that comprise his body at will. Because of this mutation, Zaktan can dissolve into a flying swarm of Protodites, absorb kinetic energies almost flawlessly, and “dodge through” blades and projectiles.
Traits: Zaktan is a genius. Of course, this is not to say that he calculates flawlessly, or is without occasional lapses in judgement and missteps; he has made enough of those to count on his fingers, and he loathes their memories. Nevertheless, Zaktan is without many intellectual rivals, even when compared to others who claim genius status. His mind seems to function on a different plane, or in an alien place, as he is very distant from normal channels of thought. This makes him appear - accurately - aloof, detached from those around him, and carelessly ignorant to the needs and motivations of others, unless these can serve him. He confides in no one.
Zaktan’s intellect makes him cold, mysterious, and bizarre; paired with his ruthlessness and hunger for control, he is an aberrant, frightening presence. Though none of the Piraka will admit it - least of all to one another - they fear Zaktan. He is impossible to understand, and his rare fits of rage appear to them without cause, though they are always dangerous. It is known to the other Piraka that Zaktan sometimes confers with voiceless presences when he is alone; though this could be a facet of tightly channeled madness, they suspect it is something more.
Biography: As of yet, unknown.
Weakness(es): While Zaktan is able to dodge most attacks by partially dissolving into Protodites, quick enough strikes can catch him off-guard and damage him. Zaktan is also more susceptible than normal beings to mental attacks (these freeze his whole body, as every Protodite of his being is assaulted simultaneously) and to certain sonic frequencies.
Name: Kuno
Species: Dasaka
Caste and Clan: Menti Caste, Clan Fursic
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kuno, when wearing his set of elaborate crystal armor and his heavy, ruby-red mantle, looks every inch the part of Fursic First Son. He stands proudly, seemingly even taller than his normal stature; the masterful patterns of his armor catch the light, and his velveteen cape ripples majestically in his wake. Without his ceremonial garb, though, Kuno loses much of his splendid appearance. Admittedly, he looks healthy enough, he is tall, his armor is rich shades of navy and gold, and his posture couldn't be better; despite all this, the unadorned Kuno still manages to look unremarkable. His face is neither handsome nor ugly, and it rarely breaks into a smile. He is prone to stillness, and his amber eyes, if unoccupied, tend to stare in a surly-seeming way.
Weapon(s): Kuno only has one physical weapon: his crystal-bladed sword. This is of highest quality make - befitting for the First Son of such an ancient clan - with an ornate hilt into which traces of metal are woven. Kuno always wears the weapon at his waist, but this is more for ceremonial effect than anything else; it's part of his uniform. He isn't a highly skilled swordsman.
Mask: Kanohi Iden, the Great Mask of Spirit
Powers: Kuno is adept as both a Sighteye - wherein he specializes, most unusually, in creating odor illusions - and as a Willhammer, whose mental projections tend to manifest in the minds of his targets as water. He also wears a Kanohi Iden, the Great Mask of Spirit, which allows his conscious soul to leave his body at will. It's common knowledge that if Kuno isn't visibly in a room, he could very easily still be there; this always tends to spook people.
Traits: There are few things that stir Kuno to visible emotion. Superficially, the Fursic First Son embodies the Dasaka masculine ideal: he seems stoic, powerful, composed, dignified, and pridefully conscious of his station in society. Beneath the surface, however, Kuno's feelings and desires - intentionally unregulated when he was younger, and now repressed by habitual social paranoia - whorl with surprising, secret force. Eddies of negativity color everything Kuno thinks and does; He tends to fixate on his defeats and shortcomings, and blames himself almost exclusively for them. Kuno is, perhaps, happiest when he's in pursuit of definite goals. Winning means everything to him.
Biography: Kuno is the Fursic First Son, and he has been all his life. There was a generation - directly following the most recent Fursic coup, and a subsequent slew of executions - when Kuno's clan had no males, so when he was born, he automatically assumed the title of First Son. Ever since that day, Kuno has been raised to play his part, which he's done - at times resentfully, at times minimally, at times proudly - as well as any First Son could. Kuno learned quickly during his time at the Yards, and just as fast during his real education: in the Rora's court. Most of the time, Kuno lives on Sado, where he either lazily engages in or spies on imperial court proceedings.
Weakness(es): Kuno is practically unable to physically defend himself while using any of his powers, just based on the nature of those abilities.
Personal Characters
Name: Grokk
Species: Skakdi of Gravity
Alignment: Mercenary, with a tendency towards badness.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dirty-brown and black armor, lanky, clawed hands and feet. Wears an over-the-shoulder satchel in which he holds his ammunition. Has a spiraling green tattoo over one eye. Very white teeth, sharp canines. Grokk’s armor is scratched and dented all over, due to a casual disregard for minor injury.
Weapon(s): A Zamor Sphere launcher with extended magazine. The weapon has become one of his self-professed best friends, and he has mastered it with extended usage. The sphere types which Grokk possesses are:
- Containment spheres: One of his favorite and most versatile shots, containment spheres are a unique tool of Grokk’s. Dark blue in color, when they strike a target, these spheres will form a solid, shock-absorbing bubble around it. They are useful prisons, but also serve as shields, which Grokk can use on himself if he needs a quick defense (or salvation from a long fall). The bubbles will lose power progressively after formation, but are susceptible to far quicker dissolution by means of strong acids or intense heat.
- Acid spheres: Primarily in his possession as an anti-Containment Sphere, these strongly acidic shots are also useful in corroding metal locks or the armor of enemies.
This weapon was licensed by Friar Tuck
Powers: Grokk, being a Skakdi of Gravity, has limited powers over the element of Gravity, which he can use only with another Skakdi. He also has Impact Vision, which allows him to hit his foes with a powerful, invisible blow. Aside from these, Grokk has no other special powers – however, he has some other natural gifts. Grokk is extremely agile, able to leap and vault over obstacles in his path, and dodge attacks both ranged and melee with ease. He is unusually observant, too, with a developed gut instinct about when he’s being followed or watched.
Traits: Grokk is characterized by his thoughtless motor-mouth. He is constantly spewing gags, taunts, and other one-liners, even (or especially) in moments of tension and combat. He is self-centered and selfish, with practically no moral compass. Grokk is clever, sly, and slippery both in personality and in physicality - he is difficult to imprison for long, or to hold in one place - but he can also be impulsive and careless in the heat of the moment. Grokk deeply enjoys the sensations of empowerment and the surge of adrenaline that he gains through crime and violence.
Biography: Somehow, he wound up on Mata Nui. Grokk is unsure as to how or why, and he has very little recollection of his previous life (so he says, and for all intents and purposes, this is true; he sure as karz won't tell you anything else).
Weakness(es): Grokk is not resilient to most forms of powers, among those elemental, mental, etc., being used to fighting by physical means. He's also not a great swimmer.


Name: Nihi
Species: Dasaka
Caste and Clan: Menti Caste, Clan Eiyu
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nihi is of about average height for a female Dasaka, and is of athletic build. Her long, strong legs are attached to jaunty hips, which lead into a slim waist. Her toned arms and shoulders hang from a prominent collarbone, above which a long neck supports her face. Nihi is pretty enough, with big eyes, a small nose, and a square jaw, but always looks vaguely haunted. Her Menti's musculature lends her decent posture that lacks the regal confidence of the upper classes. Her hands tend to fidget.
Weapon(s): Nihi wields a long wooden staff, hardened by fire but still flexible.
Mask: Kanohi Rau, the Great Mask of Translation.
Powers: Nihi is a proficient Mindarm. Her mask power lets her understand almost any written or spoken language in the universe.
Traits: Nihi can be hotheaded and impulsive, though she is also extremely self-critical. She believes strongly in the righteousness of the Dasaka and in the structure of society, especially relative to the culture of Mata Nui. She's extremely passionate about what she believes in. 
Biography: Nihi was one of the first Dasaka to voyage to the island of Mata Nui. She was picked for the journey because her sister, Nachi, was driven insane by the Piraka, and Nihi sought revenge. On the Kentoku Archipelago, Nihi works as a night guard of the docks.
Weakness(es): As a mindarm, Nihi tends to burn out quickly in combat. She also tends to freeze up in moments of emotional catastrophe.

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Staff/Canon Characters

Name: Rayuke (ray-OO-kay)
Species: Dasaka
Caste and Clan: Menti Caste, Clan Umbraline
Gender: Male
Appearance: Even by the standard of males, Rayuke is extremely large, being about a half-head taller than everyone else and bulky with muscle. His broad shoulders, rounded a little by the stress of too many years, are nevertheless imposing; his hands, strong and rough by years of manual labor, have a certain gentleness to them; his face, routinely stern-set, too rarely imparts the gift of its smile onto the world. He's very much at ease in his body, and all recognize in his relaxed stance and peak physicality the body of a warrior who has not devoted reckonable time to the ways of the elite. Something about Rayuke's quiet, powerful presence has the effect of quieting those around him and easing tense situations.

Weapon(s): Rayuke bears a massive, ancient broadsword forged of metal. The weapon's origins are unknown, but it has been the tool of the Imperial Executioner for all memory.
Mask: Kanohi Rode, the Great Mask of Truth.
Powers: Rayuke is one of the few Battlemasters on Kentoku; he is proficient in Willhammer, Mindarm, and Soulsword disciplines. Rayuke's Soulsword is a simple pickhammer, which he mastered during his time in the crystal mines on Iki, and now chiefly employs when he makes sculptures.
Traits: Rayuke does not take pleasure in his role as Imperial Executioner, but he would never dream of shirking his duty. Beneath the layers of calloused memory, of countless heads falling to his blade, Rayuke is a soft soul, a would-be artisan, not a warrior; he finds respite in quiet acts of creativity, when he has the time, which isn't often enough for his tastes. Immensely careful and deliberate, Rayuke does not make assumptions when he passes judgement or even speaks; the same immaculate care and dedication are what have allowed him to pursue proficiency in three Disciplines of the Mind. Defense of Order is Rayuke's first priority.
Biography: In his youth, Rayuke killed a Dasaka noble when she insulted the honor and stature of his sister, Yusanora, the First Daughter and at the time the Chojo (Heir Apparent) to the Empire. This proved two things: one, his devotion to family and honor, and two, that he was extraordinarily easy to anger. The Umbraline matriarch at the time saw fit to send him to work with the Dashi as punishment, where she hoped he might learn to cool his temper. While there Rayuke was taught to be a Soulsword miner, and in years' repetition of physical labors, he learned to find peace and banish his rage from himself. When Rayuke became the First Son of Clan Umbraline by proxy upon the death of next-eldest male, he was ushered back to Sado to assume his new duties. Upon Rayuke's return, the rest of his clan marveled at his levelheadedness, and the Rora presented him with the duty of Imperial Executioner, a position that while he did not want, he accepted because it was his duty.
Weakness(es): Aside from the weaknesses of his disciplines when they are in use, Rayuke will do anything to prevent the death of innocents. He cannot stand idly by in times of crisis, regardless of the danger to himself.



Personal Characters

Name: Joske (wiki page)

Species: Ta-Toa

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Male

Appearance: Similar to Toa Lhikan, his primary color is a rich red with dark gold accents. Tall, built, muscular and athletic on a lean frame, his former bodybuilding and physical training for Kohlii translated perfectly during his transformation from Matoran to Toa. While built he is not large by any means, though his physique is that of a near-perfect physical specimen, and he works hard to keep it that way.The most noticeable feature however is his brilliant blue eyes; it's as though someone stuck an overcharged lightstone into his skull and it's shining out of his sockets. They never used to be like this - when he became a Toa of Light temporarily his eyes glowed then, but after he lost the power the glow still remained. In fact, it's been observed that the intensity will change depending on his emotional state, giving proof to the idiom "The eyes are the window to the soul".


Since fulfilling his role as vanguard for the Toa Maru he has a new set of armor that strikes a perfect balance between protection and flexibility. Light, yet durable, it favors smaller pieces over bulky plate. The chestplate, shoulder- and thigh-guards are golden with thinned silver framing along the edges, while the bracers and shin-guards are primarily silver, with in an inset strip of gold running the length of their center. His Kanohi Kakama reflects this change in color as well and is now golden as well instead of the standard red.


Crystal Flamberge: The flamberge has a sturdy, elegant metal hilt – a basic T-shaped crossbar, an unadorned ovular pommel, all crafted out of smooth lines – but what is remarkable about the weapon is its transparent, rippling blade. The blade suits Joske perfectly, as though it was made for his arm. The blade looks like it is made of glass, and its edge is so sharp that it almost disappears into the air. The seemingly smooth surface of the blade is actually comprised of exceedingly minute flat polygons that bend so subtly that their edges are imperceptible unless closely examined. Inside the blade, there is a tiny crevice, an angular-looking air bubble; it is the sword’s only flaw.

Disk Launcher: A gift given to Joske by the late Turaga Vakama. A very ornate weapon - polished metal, extreme detail, and complete with fire-inspired etchings - it is also highly accurate, being of the finest craftmanship. Perhaps an odd gift for a former Kohlii player, but it proved its worth in versatility during the course of his last adventure. It could have been used to channel his fire powers (but he never did) as he preferred to manifest his power in other ways. It also was used as a jetpack that was triggered by his thoughts (but this function is no longer usable since the loss of his powers).

Mask: Kanohi Kakama

Element: None?

Traits: Joske is no longer the headstrong, overconfident Toa with a powerful hold over fire that he once was. He has now lost his elemental powers, but not the ability to use masks. He is much wiser than he once was, having lived through the challenges of finding the Temple Crystals and facing Heauni (not once but twice), but is still an overbearing optimist. He remains as quirky as ever, ever in good humor and face-paced lifestyle. Thanks to Angi he now thinks a little more before he acts, but he still remains fairly impulsive and due to his mastery over his mask has a very act-now mentality. Intelligent, smart, quick, occasionally overbearing, and with the heart of a lover he is definitely one of the more romantic if not charming and uplifting toa on the island.

Biography: Born and raised in Ta-Koro, but as a matoran spent half the time away either competing in the Kohlii arenas or relaying messages for Jaller. This left his Guard duties often lacking, but with the fame he brought to Ta-Koro with his playing abilities, as well as one of the few matoran who could get messages across the island quickly, it was often overlooked. After his transformation, he was involved in a quest to aid the Wanderer's Company to gather the Temple Crystals and unlock the Keeping Place that held masks of great and legendary power. Over the course of the adventure he made some new friends, a couple of enemies, and fell in love with a Ga-Toa healer named Ceal... only to be to late to save her from his prophesied foe Heuani. Eventually he defeated the Shadow Toa in combat, briefly becoming a Toa of Light to do so thanks to his own legendary mask. The price however was great, for once his reserves were used up the mask was destroyed, never to be used again. In a final effort to salvage what was left of his wits and life he sacrificed much of his powers and abilities to bring Cael back from death, proving once and for all the unbreakable bond and power of true love and the ability for good to triumph over evil. The two of them are now a couple and currently working to sort out their new life together.

Weakness(es): Ice and Cold. Despite having no elemental powers he has retained the physical weakness in that regard, as well as being one of the few elements that can slow him down due to temperature. Has a deep attachment to Cael and if forced to choose he would save her over most other options.

Edited by Friar Tuck

Living large... like clown-shoe size large. Complete with nose, rainbow-colored hair, and a bottle of seltzer water.


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Name: Sulov Maru
Species: Onu-Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sulov is firstly a mountain. In height and girth, he pushes the limits of his race's form. This mass is compounded by its linear quality. His shape is made of hard angles. In conjunction with an upright posture and chin held up, he is as straight as a blade.

He wears a black cloak with a hood and a high collar, all comprised of ceramic mail. The cloak is additionally armored with segments of ceramic plate and insulated with alternating layers of hikaki scale and ice bird feathers. Its side pockets hold his grenades and prosthetic shovel blade. Sulov's waist is wrapped in an adaptable belt, his sheathed szabla and knife hanging at his left hip and his holstered pistol at his right. Over his chest is a harness-like pair of muaka-hide belts, which strap a scattergun and rahkstaff to his back. His feet are covered in muaka-hide insulated by the same layered materials. His hands are also in ringed ceramic gauntlets. Beneath this is the black plate armor he developed during his transformation, which is designed to deflect physical attacks.
Like his plate armor, his Kimi is military-grade and curved for maximum protection against blows. It provides an excellent field of vision. Its jaw is square and robust.  His cheekbones are also linear and taut. His eyes are a brilliant emerald and vigilant.
His voice matches his appearance in cavernous depth. He speaks unaccented and with a practiced smoothness.

In demeanor, Sulov is stoic and resolute, intimidatingly keen. Combined with his angular and puissant physique, he is sharp and fine as a knife to the senses. This image is wont to inspire fear or attraction depending on the desires of the viewer. Yet that doesn't represent the complete picture. In Sulov's graceless manner, size, and alertness, he suggests a vitality incapable of being shackled and a man larger than himself. His form was not chiseled, but grown; his growth continues unrestricted by his body's limits, so he channels his vim through his mortal self to an extreme point and aesthetic unlike pretty, human beauty and feeling. This enhances the steel of his action to a font of valor at his inscrutable surface. A rising black sun, then, would be the more common image he calls to mind, though he mirrors infinite phenomena of similar natures.
Powers: Sulov has control over the element of Earth at a powerful toa's level. He also can utilize the Kanohi Kimi.

The [sic] Kahoni Kimi allows the user to track people or objects. These people or objects must have been pre-marked by the user ahead of time through direct physical contact, but once that contact has been established, the user can thereafter know exactly where the object or being they seek is. This location is summoned voluntarily by the user of the mask; they have only to think of what they want to find, and they will know where it is. A caveat of this mask is that it can only hold a limited number of items in its "database", and that objects marked longer ago will be forgotten faster, and become harder to locate as they age.

Abilities: As an Onu-Toa, Sulov has great strength and night vision. These traits are only enhanced by his natural physique and the strenuous hunters' work he occupies himself in such a way that he can function nocturnally with ease and has a physicality peak for his race, being extremely fast and strong. His armor gives him great endurance as well.
Weapons/Equipment: (10) Grenades-The Onu-Toa keeps a stock of photothermic grenades of ceramic shells for manipulation and enhanced shrapnel. They are of the two-piece cylinder design invented by Stralix and can be twisted for detonation.

(1) Ceramic Szabla
(1) Ceramic Dagger
(1) Scatter-Patero
(1) Sanorahk Staff
(1) Adaptable belt-a belt that changes its composition to guard against physical and environmental extremes. [Looted from Billetes; approved by Nuju Metru, 2014]
(1) Leum Astolc 54-a semiautomatic revolver with ten rounds a pack and accompanying rounds possessing maximum velocity. It and its ammunition are built of ceramic. [Looted from Billetes; approved by Nuju Metru, 2014]
(1) Armor-coat-ceramic mail that further increases durability and resistance to extreme temperatures at the cost of some agility.
(1) Shovelhand-the weapon half of Sulov's Toa Tool, a protosteel spade-blade that can be screwed into the socket of his "shovelarm." It serves as a prosthetic when the socket is not filled with an earthen hand.
Weakness: Short of polarized ceramic lenses, Sulov's vision in regular lighting is poorer than usual. He's also not agile in two layers of armor. Last, the weakness of plate armor is the joints.
Other Possessions: -Earth prosthetic wrist and hand

Bio: Sulov is widely known to be one of the Toa Maru and a former matoran of Onu-Koro. However, little is known by the public of his past as a resident or of the nature of his Kanohi. In the aftermath of the Second Battle of Kini-Nui, he kick-started his trailmix business. He simultaneously built dwellings for himself across the island and obtained weaponry using his widgets. He now works in tandem with the Onu-Koro Ussalry as Guardian of Onu-Koro and a bounty hunter when not producing new mixes.

Name: Reidak "the Tracer"
Species: Onu-Skakdi
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Darwin
Appearance: One bad man.
Powers: Reidak may control/aborb/manipulate Earth at a Toa level in conjunction with other Skakdi. His Vision Power is infrared and thermal imaging. Additionally, Reidak possesses a limited variant of Adaptation. Subsequent to each defeat, he will acclimate to the method by which he was defeated.

Adaptations: 1. Immunity to fear (from exposure to Jitter Spheres)
2. At-will cutaneous respiration (from being thrown into water)
3. Resistance to cold (from staying inside the giant squid's preservative organ)
Abilities: Reidak has a truly exceptional constitution, being endowed with abnormal durability and power--the latter being further enhanced by his element of Earth and Skakdi race. His agility and speed are also heightened by his lack of real armor. As such, he enjoys immense strength, endurance, and speed unrivaled among the other Piraka and almost all beings. He also has a great deal of skill in the art of tracking. These traits together allow him to act as an excellent hunter.
Weapons/Tools: (1) Buzz Saw-A custom buzz saw mounted on a long haft. Its reverse end is a drill. It may uniquely turn solid ground into quicksand.
(1) Zamor Launcher-The standard zamor launcher armed with the Piraka's jitter spheres.
(8) Photothermic Grenades-Grenades of Stralix' design in two pieces that can be twisted to explode.
Weakness: Reidak tends to focus on offense, not defense.
Other Items: -Tentacle of enormous cephalopod Rahi
Biography: He fled the Kentoku Archipelago for his crimes with the other Piraka and now resides on Mata Nui.

Name: Zmija Lys'Fagas
Species: Fe-Toa
Gender: Female
Appearance: Zmija is always wearing something over her armor. She has currently taken to wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants in particular. On her hands are a pair of fine muaka-hide gloves of black; on her feet are two equally shaded sneakers. The only bit of Zmija thus visible is her kanohi: a protosteel Hau with two hazel eyes (the left lensed). Zmija is quite pretty, if not an immediate knockout. Strapped to her back by means of bandages is an object as tall and wide as her embalmed in such fabric as well.
Abilities: Zmija is an excellent mechanic. It is unknown what other abilities she has if any.
Powers: Lys'Fagas has the element of Iron at a toa level-she can control, absorb, and manipulate it. Her skill with this is unknown.
Zmija's mask is the Hau, allowing her to shield herself from attacks she can see. [Rehn Hunt Reward]
Equipment: Zmija's bandage-wrapped object is a mechanical toa. It remains to be seen how this can be used.
Weakness: She is ill-suited for direct combat, neglecting physical power or speed in favor of the mastery of her powers.
Other Possessions: -Hoodie
Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Zmija is quite shy and rarely ventures from her clothes. She is wont to flirt with men who catch her fancy, however, by displaying this shyness extravagantly-leading some to suspect that she is merely manipulating those very men for her own pleasure. She also appears to have a fascination with machinery of any kind.
Bio: From Zmija's name and appearance, it can be deduced that she came from Ta-Koro and lived fairly well-off before she was captured and served as a slave for a week. The present is a bit more defined: She was bought by Doomslayer, freed, and has now come to work on the Infernavika.

Name: Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Plant Life
Appearance: Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First is of moderate build for a Toa, his only real difference from the average one in rough size and shape being his bulkier and more muscled upper body. He wears over his armor a black poncho and a belt slung across his left shoulder and returning to his back at his right hip, where he has strapped on a canvas backpack and accompanying tubular contraption parallel to it on its left and a sheathed sword parallel to it on its right. On his front, however, Rua has strapped a recurved and compound machine crossbow and six magazines of quarrels alongside a sheathed kukri. His hands and feet are covered in black rubber gloves and slickers, respectively. The Captain also wears a faded bright black beret with a cap badge of a sapphire shaped like a five-pointed star shoved to his left. His mask appears to be a glossy pitch-black Calix with two midnight blue eyes staring out from it. Aki's armor, plate in style and ceramic in make, is also colored glossy pitch-black and is always shining clean.
Powers: Doomslayer can control/absorb/manipulate any and all Plant Life at a Toa level, though his primary skill with this power lies in manipulating the subelement of Oil.
The Great Mask of Sensory Aptitude heightens all five of his major senses and balance.
Abilities: As the Captain is a Toa of Plant Life, he is more resistant to toxins than other Toa. This is compounded by his regular consumption of crude meals.
Doomslayer has a degree of training in covert operations in stealth.
Aki has notable grappling skill.
Rua is fast and strong as a result of his regular exercise.
He also has mastered his five weapons.

Doomie has a lot of stamina.
Weakness: The Captain generally does not use his powers.
Equipment: (12) Madu Cabolo-Doomie's explosives coated in oil for added flame and traction.
(50) Grenades-Doomie's more advanced explosives of Stralix' design, also coated in oil for fire and stickiness.
(1) Grenade Launcher-The Captain owns a primitive grenade launcher. It can fire one grenade at a time over a long range and is fairly accurate.
(1) Repeating crossbow-His repeating crossbow recurved and compounded for more power, and shoots one of the ten-quarrel magazines Aki wears in fifteen seconds. Although it is not as powerful as a regular crossbow, its fire is still powerful enough to pierce armor. Each quarrel is tipped with protosteel for extra piercing power, as well.
(1) Kukri-Aki Rua owns a protosteel kukri of medium size that has been edged with rena ore. It can be thrown or wielded in close combat.
(1) Snakebite (foreign technology, approved by Nuju Metru, 2013; taken from the Angler): dual-barreled pump-action shotgun. The wooden stock is made of ironwood, the bore of brush-coated steel in gold. Each casing contains shot soaked in an infectious, disease spreading poison which slowly kills the victim long after the shot has been removed.
Personality: The Captain is a total child.
Bio: Doomie is currently working as a mercenary aboard the Infernavika.
Other: He also owns a ukulele and plushie figures of various people aboard (or formerly aboard) the Infernavika. He also believes his element to be Earth and his kanohi to be a Great Matatu.

Name: Gyn Kirsug
Species: Toa of Crystal
Gender: Male
Appearance: Gyn wears a belt bedecked with cartridges and a holster over plum and black armor. He additionally wears a plum cape appearing to be weaved of Fikou web, sheathed saperka strapped beneath it. His kanohi appears to be a plum Great Hau and eyes pure gray. Gyn's Toa state is not evident: he merely looks like a well-built matoran. His armor has many scars, but they are all noticeably small.
Abilities: Gyn is proficient in the use of most weapons, having applied them all at various points in his career. His aim is particularly good.
He was trained in stealth and still retains moderate skill.
Kirsug possesses considerable resistance to piercing and cutting due to his element.
Powers: Gyn has Toa-level control of Crystal. His mask is really a Great Matatu.
Weapons: (1) Crossbow-Gyn wields the standard crossbow-an innovation by ingenous Onu-Matoran inventors which he has learned to use well in the past few years. It is folding-and-swivel-mounted on his ussal's shell so that he can fire from his riding position easily, but may be taken off. The bolts are protosteel-tipped to make up for its weakness compared to the average crossbow and kept in three sixty-bolt cartridges, all on his Ussal.
(1) Patero-Gyn owns a handheld Patero launcher. Its typical ammunition is one of his many grenades.
(1) Saperka-Kirsug also wields the usual protosteel-blade, bamboo-shaft saperka. It is perfectly balanced and sharpened for use as a shield, battleax, and throwing/stabbing blade...Not to mention it doubles as a normal entrenching tool. It has been edged with rena.
(1) Lance-Gyn uses the standard lance of his regiment for charging. It is long and thin with a plum lance pennon.
(19) Grenades-Kirsug reserves a stock of photothermic grenades of Stralix' design for his use. Their two-part cylindrical shells are made of crystal.

(1) Watch and chain - a protosteel pocketwatch of a fine chain. If its crown is turned one rotation clockwise, the watch will emit a spherical field of diameter equal to 3/2 its wearer's height. Kanohi powers that would take effect in or regarding the contents of the field are suppressed insofar as their perception or change of the field's contents has no effect. For example, the bearer of the activated watch could not be strengthened by his or her own Pakari, nor detected by another's Arthron. However, as the watch only nullifies the efficacy of a mask and not its use, the bearer's Kanohi could still affect the region outside the sphere; a Matatu-wearer using the watch could manipulate an object not in the field, and a Hau's shield would exist in every non-suppressed place. This function can only be maintained for one hour, and though it can be conserved by returning the crown to a neutral position to deactivate, it is only after that hour is up that its six-hour recharge period may begin. (Approved by Krayzikk)
Weakness: Kirsug's internal parts are weaker to blunt trauma than usual as the tradeoff inherent in his element.
Other Possessions:-Plum cape (heat- and cold-resistant)
-Rations for one week (kielbasa and bula beer)
-Volo Lutu launcher

 -Lamp with filter
-Motu, his Ussal
Bio: A former Regiment Commander of uncounted years in the Ussalry, Gyn's experience gives him an avuncular bearing. He is renowned for his combat prowess and tactical ability, a veteran of the force's flawless performance in the Nui-Rama Hive Assault and a Rahkslayer twice over. Yet his genuine emotion keeps it from going to his head. Confident, humble and warm, Gyn has served as a spokesperson for the Ussalry on more than one occasion, and if there's one man in the force guaranteed to lend a sympathetic ear to someone on hard times, it's him. Recently, his magnanimity extended even to now-Colonel Leli, rescuing her after her near-death in the Rahkshi Attack and taking her in. His random acts of kindness are as prolific as his fortune--word has it that he manages his money well.

However, that is only the Kirsug people see. Behind the scenes, Gyn masterminded the exile of Sulov Koskium, supported Kyju and brainwashed Leli, among other deeds of lesser moral quality. He has kept his change of race and powers secret in spite of the relevance of that information to others. He balances his public self between enough valor that he is unquestioned and enough quietness that he receives little attention. To those few who have seen even a glimpse of what lies beneath versus the outward appearance, Gyn leads a double life.
But Gyn would disagree with that definition. He has been led to believe it is otherwise. In his long life, he watched people die for popular morality and kill in the name of a dark god. Both experiences dissatisfied him for reasons he couldn't explain. Then came an epiphany: why must anyone serve anything else? Neither Mata Nui and his principles nor Makuta and his destruction, or anything else on the island, could adequately provide for the happiness of anyone. Adherence to either belief would only mean binding oneself to a kind of external order that could conflict with personal desires. Only each individual could determine what he or she wanted to do with his or her life, and each individual really would, in the end. It was worse than pointless for a sapient being to dedicate its life to external principles, he perceived, it was inhuman. So Gyn decided he would not. Since then, he has lived per his own whim, and satisfied any obeisance to anything else now as a means to his own end.

Name: Gavarm
Race: Matoran
Element: Earth
Appearance: quixotev2.png
(Sprite by Voxuchro)
Gavarm is a young Ussalmatoran clad in the gunmetal gray plate of 7th over his natural black and purple armor. His kanohi is a powerless and stylized Noble Ruru in the form of a helm. His eyes are light chocolate. He keeps his shield, longsword, and saperka on his back, the rest of his weaponry kept on his Ussals. Gavarm is constantly dressed in a Muaka-hide coat. He also wears a small satchel. He is notably slightly below average size for a matoran, unlike most of his element.
Personality: Gavarm loves combat. He is a prime philosopher and scientist, absent-minded but remarkably perceptive. He flirts with meaning in his life as he does with others.
Weapon(s): Saperka, repeating crossbow, stakes, lance, three arming swords, protosteel longsword of rena finish, thirty photothermic grenades, protosteel shield, and Volo Lutu and Patero launchers.

He also owns a greatsword which vibrates at extreme frequencies as he wishes, allowing it to cut through most anything. [Rehn Hunt Reward]
Abilities: Gavarm is strong and durable, mainly due to his race and armor, respectively. Training has enhanced these traits along with speed and reflexes, though these latter traits are primarily inherent in his upper body.
Weakness: He's got no powers.
Items: Three iStones, one for his satchel, one for his saddlebags, and one for his hut. As well, he carries a weeks' worth of rations within his satchel, plus a watch and chain.
Bio: Gavarm grew up alongside his fellow Ussalry members, joining the group at a very young age. He immediately fell in love with his work and has been doing it ever since.
Other: Owns an Ussal named Tonui for Ussalry use, as well as a larger one named Aroha for travel.

Nickname: Immaculate "Mac"
Suit Code: 34HW
Pilot: Gavarm
Weapons Customization: Ankles/Feet - 2 retractable crampons
Hands - 2 hands of two claws and a "thumb" claw
Shoulders - 1 artillery launcher and 1 scatter-Patero
Appearance: It's easy to see where Immaculate got the name. She or he--the Exo-Matoran brings to mind gender, but not one specifically--is painted like untouched snow. Mac's smell is of mint freshener, not oil and steel; sound of humming, not clanging. The suit is gracefully constructed given its building period, ever-so-slightly more curved and lean than others of the same generation, and seeming in form to be much more lissome. The weapons of the suit are places where the dream meets the reality, smooth transitions from sloping sides to sharp edges; notably, in place of the standard two shoulder launchers, Immaculate sports a broad artillery launcher where the head would be, and a scatter-launcher at the base of the "neck." Mac's action is likewise supple and speedy, as the suit's frame maneuvers with greater agility than most of his or her kind. If there were ever an Exo-Matoran that could fly, that would be Immaculate.

Name: Naara (last name 'I'Rohu', but not used)
Species: Ga-Toa
Gender: Female
Appearance: Naara is average in height for a toa, but far more muscled in appearance than usual. Her armor is navy blue in color and her eyes are sea green flecked with copper. Her Kanohi is shaped like a Great Iden. A falcata is sheathed at her waist. Naara prefers to wear a tank top, small backpack, short shorts, and boots made of quilted cotton along with minimal armor. Her right ankle's boot has been fitted to hide a sheathed janbiya. She is highly attractive.
Powers: Naara can wield the element of Water at a Toa level.
Her Kanohi is the Great Matatu. While wearing it, she possesses Telekinesis.

Abilities: Naara is very stealthy, quick, and strong. She has no small amount of stamina.
She's also adept with martial arts and her weapons of choice.
Equipment: (1) Falcata-Naara wields a long falcata of protosteel that has been edged with Rena. The center of the blade and hilt is hollow and filled with water.
(1) Janbiya-she uses a small, obsidian dagger.
(25) Grenades-she packs twenty-five obsidian spheres containing water.
(1) Suit-Naara wears boiled and quilted cotton in place of traditional plate armor, trading durability for speed and agility.
Other Possessions:
-Throwing knife
-Sheathes for knife, janbiya, and falcata
-Guitar and case

Weakness: Naara is weak to electric attacks. They can travel through her water and also can devastate her limbs, which does not help her to fight.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Bio: Having been abandoned by her school, family, and lover, Naara's looking for life beyond the mundane. [/color]

Name: Mars
Species: Le-Matoran
Gender: Female
Appearance: Mars is average in size for a matoran, though her build is uniquely Le- in its athleticism. Her armor of choice is typically an assortment of dappled, drab colors such as gray or brown. Her kanohi is a muddy Kaukau with a scope and eyes piercing blue. Around her wrists and ankles are wooden bracelets and anklets. Across her back is a similarly-drab light backpack. She wears muddy handwraps and muaka-hide boots.
Abilities: Due to her race, occupation, and much training, Mars is incredibly fast and can rival Toa in terms of speed. Her reflexes and agility are similarly high. She is also strong and extremely flexible.
Mars is also a stealth adept. Thanks in no small part to her camouflaging and muffling garments, size, speed, agility, patience, and intuition, she almost appears to fade from the senses and is quite unassuming.
She is also an expert with her weapons.
Weapons: (4) Tomahawks-Mars wields four protosteel tomahawks for throwing and hacking. She keeps two in reserve.
(20) Chakrams-She keeps twenty protosteel chakrams of assorted sizes for throwing and slashing. Ten are always kept in reserve.
(4) Balisongs-Mars possesses four balisongs, half of which are protosteel and the other half of wooden hilts with obsidian blades, one of which has a rena coat. She keeps one of each in reserve at all times.
Weakness: Mars is a matoran and therefore subject to the limitations of a powerless race.
Other Possessions: -Hidden sheaths
-Two hip-scabbards (tomahawk)
-One spine (protosteel balisong)
-One ankle (obsidian/wood balisong)
-Bracelet/anklet sheath set (chakrams)
-Great Kiril
-iStone pocket
-Chakram pockets
-Tomahawk sheaths
-Rations pouch
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Biography: Mars is a member of the Special Operations division in the Ussalry, specializing in reconnaissance and sniping. Her personality is balanced between fun-loving and cynical. She likes society and its laws and fights under and for both, but the Maru's fated success has shattered her ideal of freedom in the world and she's not wont to pick up the pieces. Additionally, she regrets a few of her kills. To cope with these stresses, she tries to find enjoyment--whether it be in work,sleep, or stuffing her face. She's adapted to a life of adventure and it shows.
Other: Mars' signature is not her name but this symbol.
Favorite Food: Cheeseburger
Name: Paka
Species: De-Toa
Gender: Unknown
Appearance: Paka appears to be a medium-build Toa of gainsboro and snow-white camouflage armor reminiscent of a Rahkshi's in its spines and claws. It wears a mask reminiscent of an Acurahk's head and carries a walking stick, backpack, and canteen.
Its gauntlets, unlike the rest of its armor, are heavy.
Powers: Paka wields Sonics at a Toa's level and the Great Kanohi power of Quick Travel.
Abilities: Paka is quite stealthy and deceptive.
It's also good with its weapons.
Weapons: (1) Walking stick-A weathered and beaten stick made of fine and durable oak. It is capped in protosteel while its other end has a muaka-hide grip. On very close inspection, it is revealed that the top of the stick can be screwn off to reveal a sword sheathed within the wood that shines with rena.
(6) Throwing knives-Inside special compartments built into Paka's armor are six masterfully-crafted throwing knives.
(1) Canteen-Paka's canteen only has a small compartment for water. The rest is devoted to highly distilled and concentrated madu cabolo extract-a deadly explosive.
(1) Acurahk Staff-Paka looted a staff from the Acurahk it killed. The staff is uniquely shaped like a dual-ended spear with the 'elongated leaf' type of blade and formed of a mysterious and durable metal. While Paka appears not to be as skilled with this weapon as its others yet, these traits have increased his capability with the polearm to the point that its inexperience is almost invisible.
Weakness: Paka's armor is light and not built for durability.

Bio: Becoming a Rahkslayer in the Le-Wahi skirmish, it is colonel of the Ihu-Koronan Highlanders.

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Name:AiriasApperence: A male toa of fire with heavy armor, a mask of shielding, and a custom fire launcher, called the Flare Pistol.Species: Toa of FireAlignment:Chaotic GoodBio:Airias has lived in ta-koro his whole life, and is an avid Kohli fan. He craves adventure, and tends to do things 'for the heck of it '. He has a selfish side, and is very stubborn.After the battle against the Rahkshi in Ga-Koro, he helped with the rebuilding and salvage efforts. He has also become much better at using his Flare Pistol.TakaVortixxTall, similar color scheme to Nanashi.MaleA long sword, Collapsible blade, Cloak, Wrist crossbow.Himself, and his family.Bio: Taka has always been the darker one. It's his nature. But that doesn't mean he can't change.Taka is a very skilled combatant, having once fought as a gladiator. He has been battling Rahi and various people for a long while, and can use all of his weapons to good effect. He has always been driven to be the best he can be, to protect his brother, although he doesn't like to admit it.He praticipated in the Battle of Le-Koro against the Rahkshi, and this has depleted most of his ammo for his Crossbow, and tearing his Cloak to almost shreds, and it now only comes down to his sholders. He also has a scar over the left edge of his mouth.species: VortixxAppearance: tall, wears mostly monochromatic black armor, with some sparse purple on legs and shoulders. Purple helmet.Name: KitaneGender: MalePowers and/or weapons: two daggers,collapsable purple helmet made of metal from the southern continent, Seeing Stone.Alignment: True Neutral(right now)Bio: He has always been the quiet, curious idealist, but now he is forced to interact more and more with his fellow people, something he is not very good at.Kitane has never been very good at fighting, prefering books and science to combat knowlage. He has always had his brother to fall back on, but after the Battle of Le-Koro, they have become seperated. He has a Seeing Stone, which allows him to see fragments of future events, but he is not very good at it, and it rarely works. Doesn't mean he won't keep trying

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Name: Arkrak

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Power(s): Elemental Power of Sonics

Mask: Kanohi Ruru, Great Mask of Night Vision (Shaped like Mask of Charisma)

Weapon(s): Battleaxe, Dao (Chinese Sabre)

Appearance: Arkrak's armour is a combination of dark greys, grey and white. The only exceptions are his arms, which are purely black, as to hide the dust that he used to deal with during his sculpting career. His eyes are an icy blue, exuding an aura of attentiveness and geniality behind his grey mask. A slight marking can be noticed from a close distance on his chest, a remnant of the time he was stabbed.

Personality: Arkrak is slightly stranger than most. He normally projects a cold demeanour, which is sometimes thrown away to show his more fun-loving side. However, these days he is somewhat more cynical, and wonders why his life is terrible.

Bio: A former sculptor from Ko-Koro, Arkrak has settled down underground in Onu, where he sometimes helps with his best friend’s “detective business” and cooks for his innkeeper girlfriend. While he has left his trade behind, the Toa of Sonics does dabble in the artistry scene of his new home from time to time.

Weaknesses: Arkrak is lacking in the element department, meaning that he has less energy than the average Toa. It disadvantages him in long and tiring fights, as he attacks mostly with his power.

--- ---

Name: Prei (Doughnut Guy)
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Good
Power(s): Elemental Power of Gravity
Mask: Kanohi Volitak, Great Mask of Stealth
Weapon(s): "A shield that adjusts its hardness according to the force used against it." - (Approved by Krayzikk)
Appearance: Despite being a member of a group known to have gaudy colours, Prei's armour is surprisingly dull. Unlike the vibrant purple of his fellows, much of his body is a lavender-grey colour, with only certain parts of his armour being darker, such as his gauntlets and shoulder-plates, which are black. His eyes are a simple shade of blue, adding to his dullness. In fact, his absolute lack of defining appearance makes him rather easy to ignore.
Personality: Prei is a rather collected person, as well as being quiet, usually only speaking when people wish for him to do. He isn't a very energetic person, preferring to simply relax and take everything as it comes. He can be somewhat insulting at times, yet such a state is rare for him.
Bio: A member of the Po-koro Guard, Prei has pretty much become the go-to-guy for messages ever since the deaths of many guards in the attack on their headquarters. Following the Rahkshi attacks, he lost his mask and weapons, forcing him to replace them. When not delivering things, he usually holds the fort at headquarters, making sure nobody blows it up again, or heads out to the local doughnut store.
Weaknesses: Prei has barely any mastery of his powers.

--- ---

Name: Lasinia

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Power(s): Elemental Power of Lightning

Mask: Kanohi Calix, Great Mask of Fate (Shaped like a Great Rode)

Weapon(s): Steel Lance; Glowstaff - "A staff whose head glows even in the darkest of areas." (Approved by Krayzikk)

Appearance: Lasinia is a sleek looking Toa of Lightning, and possesses slightly less armour than what most Toa have, for she doesn't like to go into combat situations as much. Her armour is mostly light blue with some tinges of navy, but most of her armour plates are a silver colour. Her eyes are a golden yellow, and glow behind her blue mask.

Personality: Saying that Lasinia is cheerful and energetic is a severe understatement, for she seems to be permanently happy and full of energy. Luckily for anyone who meets, this energy and cheer is mostly focused into her job, which she loves a lot. However, she can comprehend more serious matters, and is perfectly able to hold down her cheer during more negative events.

Bio: Lasinia has absolutely no memory of her past prior to arriving on Mata Nui, having somehow obtained selective amnesia after crashing into the shores of Ga-Wahi. However, this did not deter her from spreading her cheer over the island, and soon got a job as a person who fixed things for people, which lead to her developing a habit of tinkering with random things to see how they work. She now works on the Infernavika.

Weaknesses: Lasinia possesses less armour, so is less defended against attacks.

--- ---

Name: 'Vaisaga' (Real Name Unknown) - Libra

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Alignment: True Neutral/Lawful Neutral

Power(s): Elemental Power of Air

Mask: Kanohi Arthron, Great Mask of Sonar

Weapon(s): Sheathed Nodachi; Twin Daggers; Throwing Needles; Claw Blades

Appearance: As a Toa of Air, Vaisaga possesses a primarily green colour scheme, with some hints of white, silver and black as well. It is somewhat difficult to tell what gender he is at first glance, due to his lack of defining features and somewhat androgynous voice, but once exposed to him enough, it is easier to identify him as a male. His golden eyes give nothing of his past away, but from his battle-worn armour, one can see that he has had a turbulent life.

Personality: Vaisaga believes in keeping order and ensuring equality, possessing a dislike for the chaotic existences of most beings. He does this by helping others, hoping to keep their lives peaceful and allowing for order. At times he can be considered overly vague and complicated, but once one gets past his eccentricities, they can find that he is a rather sociable person, who rather enjoys the company of others. He is innately kind and forgiving as well, and is perfectly willing to assist those who are in need of help.

Bio: Not much is known of Vaisaga's past, other than the fact that he continues chasing after a certain being. This search brought him to Mata Nui, where he first met up with Rit, who joined him on his quest. In recent times, they have amicably parted, and he now travels the island, hoping to right wrongs and find the answers that he seeks.

Weaknesses: Vaisaga has less strength than the usual Toa.

--- ---

Name: Rannin
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Power(s): Elemental Power of Iron
Mask: Kanohi Pakari, Great Mask of Strength
Weapon(s): Giant Broadsword
Appearance: Rannin is taller than the average Toa. Due to an accident, his left arm and both his legs were crushed, so he was forced to replace most of his flesh and armour with a darkish grey metal. His body is mostly a dull grey colour, excluding his right arm, which is a rusty orange, and his Mask of Strength, which is a very dark shade of brown that contrasts against his crimson eyes.
Personality: A silent and imposing fellow, Rannin rarely initiates conversation, preferring to do his own thing without being disturbed. He can definitely be ruthless when dealing with situations that oppose his worldviews, and is rather fond of utilising violence to solve problems. However, his time teaching and working odd-jobs has taught him the importance of diplomacy, and now he continues to temper himself instead of lashing out immediately. His sense of humour can be quite dry.
Bio: Rannin has not cared for his history for a long time. It is simply an afterthought in his mind, with only the present and recent past holding any importance to him. A mercenary by trade, he has taken numerous odd-jobs around the island, from janitor to waiter, and once worked as a groundskeeper at Ko-koro's Academy before moving on for greener pastures.
Weaknesses: Rannin's weak-points are his metallic legs and left arm, which are more sensitive to pain and injury.

--- ---

Name: Aliêwru

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Good

Power(s): Elemental Power of Air

Mask: Kanohi Sanok, Mask of Accuracy

Weapon(s): Sagaris

Appearance: Tall and in possession of a lean frame, Aliêwru is like the majority of his Le-Toa compatriots, his armour painted in a combination of emerald and silver, though his Sanok is an aqua blue, contrasting the crimson of his eyes. Scratches mark his one gauntleted hand due to his constant work in Ihu-koro's artillery corps, while the other hand (his left) is missing, having been lost in an accident. In its place is a stump covered by cloth to protect it from the elements.

Personality: Anxiousness and neurosis are not traits that one would expect of a member of Ihu's artillery corps, but Aliêwru embodies both. Rigidly perfectionist, the Toa is incredibly invested in ensuring that everything he does is absolutely up-to-scratch, to the point where others could call it an obsession. Indeed, the somewhat manic manner to which he takes to things has provided him with a phobia of failing, and he constantly frets over whether or not he will lose his job if he fails. Thankfully, he does not express his thoughts out loud, knowing that they will disturb the work of his colleagues. His voice is incredibly deep, and he enjoys cream soda.

Bio: A resident of Ihu-koro for time immemorial, Aliêwru took eagerly to joining the artillery corps in the defense of his home. While he has suffered from his fair share of scrapes throughout his career, including the loss of his left hand during an accident when winding (which is the reason why he now serves as a spotter), the Toa of Air continues to serve his village well.

Weaknesses: He lacks the use of his left hand.

--- ---

Name: The Seventh

Species: Matoran

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Power(s): N/A - Formerly Mark Bearer of Courage

Mask: Powerless Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel

Weapon(s): Spiked Gauntlets

Appearance: Due to her being a Ga-Matoran, the Seventh's armour is a blue colour. Most of her body is a dark blue, with her mask being a purple colour. However, one arm is grey, with a red streak on the shoulder, where her Mark used to be. She has green eyes.

Personality: The Seventh was once the most hot-blooded of her sisters, possessing great courage and determination, traits that allowed her to shoulder the suffering that her Mark had once brought to her. In these recent times, the loss of her friends has sobered her, and while she is still, in a way, the single-minded, admittedly egoistic girl of the past, much of the exuberance and endless passion has faded, and she is far more guarded and careful than she once was. She doesn't know what her path should be, and though a dormant heart of bravery lies within, she's wracked by indecision, constantly searching for an answer to all her problems. Yet her determination and ironclad will continues, and has not faded despite her struggle.

Bio: An adventurer who travelled across the island in search of entertainment, the Seventh's life was changed radically by the presence of the Mark of Courage, a mystical tattoo that brought her great pain, nearly bringing about her death at times. During a conflict at an ancient temple, she and her fellow Mark Bearers would lose the powers they were given, something which overjoyed the Ga-Matoran, who had sought to find a solution to her issue ever since she had obtained it. Now, with her life once again whole, although lacking in dear friends, the Seventh seeks to explore the island, hoping to regain a clear mind and the appreciation for Mata Nui's beauties she once held.

Weaknesses: Though it is clear that the pain she underwent matured her, the Seventh still possesses some of her recklessness, and can be prone to charging ahead without any thought. Even with her newfound awareness of the world and slightly more careful nature, she's still easily ruled by her impulses.

--- ---

Name: Uyism

Species: Iroiit

Gender: Female

Alignment: True Neutral

Power(s): Night Vision, Greater Stamina, Tough Skin and Metal Corroding Saliva

Weapon(s): N/A

Appearance: Like all Iroiit, Uyism has a similar body shape to Matoran, except taller. As expected of her species, she possesses fours arms, two of which end in claws, while the other two end in hands similar to those of Matoran. However, unlike most Iroiit, her fangs are more pointy, and her grinding molars are much more blunt. Her armour is a combination of pale blues and greys, and her eyes are an emerald colour when underground, a contrast against its light green colour when on the surface.

Personality: Due to only recently coming up to the surface, Uyism does not truly understand the principles the surface-dwellers have adopted. In her former home there were no need for such things, with the only focus being digging. She appears to be naive due to this, and is not a very social being.

Bio: Uyism was one of the first Iroiit to reach the surface, which she never knew existed until meeting several Onu-Matoran. Due to their shared habits of digging, she was accepted rather readily by the people of Onu-Koro, and was escorted to the surface when she asked where the tunnels lead to. Curious, she began to explore, and ended up joining the Ussalry.

Weaknesses: Uyism is less than knowledgeable in the ways of the island, and is also easily mislead. As an Iroiit, she is also intolerant of sunlight.

--- ---
Name: Ophaim Ril
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Power(s): Elemental Power of Fire
Mask: Kanohi Rau, Great Mask of Translation
Weapon(s): Falchion; Sling
Appearance: Unlike most Toa of Fire, the entirety of Ophaim's armour is a pure white, with some minor silver areas. His limbs, torso and mask are all white, while his shoulder and knee armour is silver, along with his gauntleted hands, which are more a dull grey than silver. His Kanohi has the appearance of a Mask of Growth, and his eyes are a crimson colour.
Personality: Ophaim is a particularly reserved individual, preferring a quieter life than most. Indeed, he is generally a serious person, but this does not mean that he lacks a sense of jocundity - in fact, it is quite the opposite. His sense of humour may be rather dry at times, but it doesn't stop him from casually needling people (in a perfectly polite and sophisticated manner) for his own amusement. Of the things he enjoys, one is cooking; he finds it especially relaxing. However, he is in possession of extreme zeal and tunnel-vision as well, capable of acting with extreme violence against that which dares oppose his worldview. Fighting is something that comes easily to him, after all.
Bio: A member of the Church of Artakha, Ophaim spent much of his life wandering and spreading the word of his lord, especially through his zealous actions against those heretics (which seemed to consist of many mercenaries) who crossed his path, which was how he had obtained his moniker of "White Devil". These days though, he runs "Johj's Inn" in Ta-koro, which has unfortunately turned into a meeting point for smugglers.
Weaknesses: Ophaim is not a master of any skill, preferring to be versatile, so if his flexibility is lost, he is easier to defeat.

--- ---
Name: The Fourth
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Good
Power(s): Elemental Power of Water
Mask: Great Mask of Sensory Aptitude
Weapon(s): Frying Pan; "
A helmet which allows for even the smallest sounds to be heard clearly." - (Approved by Krayzikk)
Appearance: Unlike the rest of her sisters, the Fourth is a Toa, so she is taller than them. Due to being of the water element, her armour consists of shades of blue and minor greenish-blue colours, with her most of her body being light blue, while her mask is a navy blue colour.
Personality: The Fourth is a rather maternal and caring being, having designated herself as the surrogate mother of all the Jaliax sisters despite not being the oldest. However, being a maternal figure, she can go into a rage if angered too much.
Bio: The Fourth was the fourth of her sisters to be born, and quickly assumed the position of surrogate mother after their real mother's death. Her dedication to her sisters lead to her ending up as a Toa, and now works on the Fowadi.
Weaknesses: The Fourth will always put the safety of others before herself, even during incredibly dangerous situations, and isn't exactly a skilled fighter.

--- ---
Name: "Sajis" (Unajis)
Species: Matoran
Gender: Female
Alignment: N/A
Power(s): N/A
Mask: Powerless Kanohi Zatth, Mask of Summoning
Weapon(s): Mace
Appearance: The first thing that people usually notice about Sajis is the fading scar that runs along the entirety of her left arm, the remnant of a burn she had suffered many years prior. It is the only mark on the grey and black Fa-Matoran's body; her armour is barely scratched, her silver mask completely lacking in cracks. Her amber eyes are clouded, but still shine with determination.
Personality: There is an aura of isolation enveloping Sajis, yet the more perceptive may be able to sense wisps of something else; something that is remarkably different to her usual persona. Masks upon masks, the young Matoran hides much of herself from the outside world. People only see the headstrong and arrogant girl who is determined to succeed in world, never the mystery deep beneath. She has a deep-rooted disgust for disorder, but whether or not that is an act is yet to be known.
Bio: To some, Sajis' past is rather simple; a young girl from Ta-koro, forced to wander the island after the deaths of her parents. It was through her journey that she learnt how to fight, how to lie, how to succeed. Yet this is not the truth. Her past is hidden upon layers upon layers of mystery. An enigma who refuses to tell her secrets. She will simply serve. But nobody will learn of what lies beneath her masks.
Weaknesses: Sajis is not one for full-out conflict, and can tire easily through constant fighting.



Name: Unit 03

Identification: J8RS

Pilot: Sajis

Weaponry: Protosteel Tomahawks x2 [Can be utilised as boomerangs]

Description: Rust-red and grey in colour, Unit 03 has little modification, being of an extremely similar appearance and configuration to the other original twelve Exo-Matoran suits. However, it does possess two sharp horns protruding from the top, and equips its tomahawks on easy-to-reach holsters attached to its arms.

--- ---

Name: Kunitu

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful Good

Power(s): Elemental Power of Air

Mask: Kanohi Matatu, Great Mask of Telekinesis

Weapon(s): Longsword

Appearance: Kunitu possesses a rather sleek appearance, which is also accentuated by her rather polished armour, having been forced to give her formerly battle-worn appearance a shine after he semi-retirement from the Gukko Force. Her body is a combination of dark green and grey, with a green Matatu and blue eyes.

Personality: Kunitu is a rather laid-back woman, preferring to deal with things as they come to her. However, she has a sense of duty, and will go out and seek things if they are too important to ignore. She likes to cheerfully tease her friends and family, and would do anything to keep them safe.

Bio: A Squadron Commander in the Gukko Force, Kunitu decided to go into semi-retirement, having gotten somewhat tired after many years of serving with the force, although she would turn up to work if she was to be called upon by her colleagues. However, these days she mostly hangs around the village taking care of minor problems for people.

Weaknesses: Kunitu lacks proper fighting technique, and one can easily parry her blows due to the predictability of how she swings her weapon.
--- ---
Name: Iegasa
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Power(s): Elemental Power of Plasma
Mask: Kanohi Huna, Great Mask of Concealment
Weapon(s): Staff
Appearance: Unlike other Toa of Plasma, Iegasa's armour is a combination of black, silver and red, with most of his body being red. His eyes are a pink colour, and shine behind his crimson mask.
Personality: Contrary to popular belief, despite being a follower of the Makuta, Iegasa isn't actually crazy or filled with zeal. He is actually a rather calm and composed person, and may be one the most polite people on the island. He will gladly treat others to tea, and will kindly greet visitors to his shrine. His only negative aspect may be the fact that he has no qualms in killing people or ruining their lives.
Bio: Iegasa doesn't really tell others much about his past, and they rarely pry. What most only know about him is that he runs a shrine to the Makuta on the Ko-Ga Border.
Weaknesses: Iegasa is lacking in both physical and elemental strength, so relies on his skills.
--- ---
Name: Stronin Empato Nobies
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Power(s): Elemental Power of Iron
Mask: Kanohi Kadin, Great Mask of Flight
Weapon(s): Disk Launcher, Cavalry Sabre, "Diskette Rifle" - See Farzan's profile for details.
Appearance: Stronin's torso, hands and feet are all a dark grey colour, along with rusty orange arms and light-green eyes, which shine behind his black Kanohi Kadin. He is considered to be of a fair appearance. When walking, his left leg has an evident limp.
Personality: Stronin is a snarky guy, who sometimes puts on an appearance of a mischievous joker who sometimes attempts to charm the hearts of ladies. However, he is more than the stereotype of a fantasy rogue, possessing a sense of responsibility and devotion to his dreams, along with a philosophical streak, a thirst for knowledge and an annoying hero complex that he refuses to admit exists. Constant exposure to the madness of the island has mellowed him out quite a bit, and usually takes to many situations with a bland, seen-it-all-before attitude.
Bio: Formerly a thief, Stronin spent much of his life stealing from others, hoping to further a cause of his. However, over time, he soon gave up on that job, having been arrested too many times, and now works as a blacksmith in Ta-Koro, but does participate in adventures from time to time.
Weaknesses: Stronin has a somewhat irrational fear of Nui-Rama, along with a weak left leg.

--- ---
Name: Naona
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Good
Power(s): Elemental Power of Stone
Mask: Kanohi Kakama, Great Mask of Speed
Weapon(s): She uses a staff similar to this as a weapon. However, the pink parts are a dark brown, while the yellow crescent is a lighter brown. The orb-like apparatus is an emerald colour. The staff itself is a darker shade of silver. She also wields a Diskette Pistol and a Diskette Rifle - See Farzan's Profile for details.
Appearance: Naona is slightly shorter and sleeker looking than her male counterparts. Her torso, shoulders and legs are coloured a light brown, while her arms are a dull silver. Her gauntleted hands however, are a dark shade of brown, a colour scheme shared with her Great Mask of Speed.
Personality: Naona is a no-nonsense type of person who is incredibly dedicated to her job, possessing a strong sense of justice and intense loyalty to the people she respects. She is also somewhat sociable, despite her dedication to duty, and will not hesitate to protect her subordinates and friends.
Bio: Ever since she had been young, Naona had admired the Po-Koro Guard, who she saw as noble protectors of the village. Once she was old enough, she joined them in their duty, and despite obstacles that set her back in her earlier days, soon rose to the ranks of Lieutenant with her efficiency.
Weaknesses: Naona lacks most of the extra strength of most Stone Toa, focusing more into speed.
--- ---
Name: Ashiem
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Good
Power(s): Elemental Power of Magnetism
Mask: Kanohi Akaku, Great Mask of X-Ray Vision
Weapon(s): Sansetsukon
Appearance: Ashiem's armour is a dull grey colour, with hints of silver everywhere. Most of her upper body is silver and grey, while her lower body is more grey. Her eyes are a bright blue colour, and they flash behind her silver mask.
Personality: Ashiem has a rather dry and witty demeanour, regularly commenting on the strangeness of the reality around her. She has a good sense of humour, and is rather forgiving of people. At times, she can be strangely philosophical, and spends much time waxing poetically about the universe.
Bio: Ever since the death of her maternal figure, Ashiem has been somewhat distanced from her family, but still stays on good terms with them. She spends most of her time doing random things with no real purpose.
Weaknesses: Ashiem has a very low tolerance of heat.
--- ---
Name: The Thirteenth (AKA Treize Jaliax)
Species: Matoran
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Power(s): None
Mask: Powerless Mask of Sensory Apititude
Weapon(s): Standard Ga-Koro Issued Sword
Appearance: As a Ga-Matoran, the Thirteenth, or Treize as she likes to be called, possesses a colour scheme that consists of dark blues and light blues. Most of her body is a light blue colour, while her mask is dark blue, with red eyes gleaming behind them.
Personality: Treize is a rather kindly person, yet can be rather stern at times. Having idolised most the Fourth, she has assumed an 'older sister figure' personality, which is shown by her attempts at being a role model for her sub-ordinates in the navy. She is also rather easy-going, as shown by her lack of rage against anything that comes due to her godly unluckiness.
Bio: Despite idolising several of her older sisters, Treize felt overshadowed by everyone else in her family, and believed that she was only known for her unluckiness, which reached godly levels. This lead to her joining the Ga-Koro Navy, under the name Treize Jaliax, not wanting to be 'just' a Jaliax. After serving on many ships, which surprisingly never actually sank, she rose to the rank of Captain. Her first ship sank during a Tarakava Raid, yet she has now been assigned a second ship – the Fortune.
Weaknesses: Treize's luck is terrible beyond measure, and is more likely to end up in negative situations.
--- ---

Name: Elysi "The Crimson Lightning" Ril

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Powers(s): Elemental Power of Lightning

Mask: Kanohi Hau, Great Mask of Shielding

Weapon(s): Reinforced Shortbow (Can channel her powers); Electro Hatchet (Toa Tool - Channels her powers); Spiked Metal Gauntlets (Channels her powers); Massive Double-Bladed Sword, Zamor Launcher (Stolen from Purgatory)

Appearance: Elysi possesses less armour than most Toa, due to being more of a speed specialist, laying quick blows on the enemy before flashing away. More armour would hinder her movement, so she has a rather sleek form. Unlike other Toa of Lightning, her armour is mainly a crimson colour, with some traces of peach, while her Kanohi Hau is more vermillion. Contrasting her mask, her eyes are a light blue shade, a colour present in some of the joints of her armour, showing her Lightning heritage.

Personality: Elysi is an optimistic person, and very passionate about her ideals. She has a strong sense of obligation, and possesses some rather remarkable leadership qualities. However, she has the habit of doing anything possible to fulfil her goals, no matter how morally wrong they may be. Yet she will understand if she has gone too far. Her manner of speech is quite direct, and she takes most things with good humour. Overall, an usually pleasant and professional person.

Bio: Elysi doesn't speak about her past, preferring to focus more on the present. She is considered to be one of the better mercenaries/bounty hunters on the island, with her motto of 'Doing everything three times faster than everyone else or your money back'. This, combined with her efficiency and standard rates, made her rather popular with most people. Her line of work also gave her the moniker 'The Crimson Lightning', referring to her armour and element, along with her speed.

Weaknesses: Elysi has less armour than other Toa.

--- ---
Name: Aronis Ril
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Good
Power(s): Elemental Power of Fire
Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Great Mask of Quick Travel
Weapon(s): N/A
Appearance: Ril's crimson armour is covered with scratches, revealing his rough past. His torso is nearly all crimson, with some black near the edges. All of his limbs are a dark orange, but with minor black and grey areas. Behind his dark red mask he possesses a single orange-green eye, the other (his left eye) having been sealed shut during the Rahkshi attacks, and as such wears an eyepatch.
Personality: Having spent most of his past trying to survive on the streets, Ril has become somewhat obnoxious, with a philosophy of doing whatever is necessary to survive. Yet he still possesses a sense of honour, and will keep his word depending on how many loopholes the agreement has. He is also an incredibly blunt and rude (with absolutely no care for courtesy) fellow, and while considered a lazy bum, can be quite serious when needed. 
Bio: Ril spent most of his life as a street urchin, hoping to survive on Ta-Koro's streets. He had to beg and steal in order to survive each day. As he grew older, he ended up in more and more street fights and brawls, until he was finally arrested. Through the assistance of others, he managed to join the Guard, partaking in several actions such as becoming the liaison to the Island Liberation Front. Following the Rahkshi Attacks, he was promoted to Sergeant.
Weaknesses: Ril can be somewhat arrogant, and due to his lack of weaponry, lacks range in combat. He also possesses no depth perception.
--- ---

Name: Zomma Caruchi

Species: Vortixx

Gender: Male

Alignment: True Neutral

Power(s): N/A

Weapon(s): Gun

Appearance: Compared to the usual member of his species, Zomma is considered above average in height and size, possessing a muscular physique that is not normally found in Vortixx. His eyes are a dark red, which contrasts greatly with his scarred, neon green, body.

Personality: Short-tempered and rude, Zomma is a man with quite a peculiar vocabulary, one that may be considered ... "foul" by others. He does not suffer fools lightly, and possesses a distaste for long-windedness. Prone to commenting on even the smallest of things, his personality can be rather insufferable at times, but most can generally admit that he has ... some good qualities, such as his aptitude for sandwich making.

Bio: Zomma's soul was weighed down by gravity in his early years, so he does random things around the island so he can get a pyramid built to contain his mummified corpse.

Weaknesses: Zomma's gun can only fire thrice before having to reload, and reloading wastes time. He also lacks range other than his gun.

--- ---

Name: Higashi (保護 東)

Species: Dasaka

Caste and Clan: Menti Warrior of the Hogo

Power(s): Soulsword discipline - summons a psychic fist. 

Mask: Kanohi Calix, Great Mask of Fate

Weapon(s): Unarmed

  • Confiscated from Maripi Mashtet
    • Her Mashtet Token, palm-sized and bearing an crystal-inlaid animated engraving depicting a shuriken spinning with a whirlwind forming around it.
    • Two Nagamaki swords and two tomahawks
    • A traditional Mashtet wide bladed knife
    • Two Manriki Gusari weapons

Appearance: Clad in sleek, iris blue armour, Higashi is the very embodiment of a dutiful guardian, and her appearance reflects this. Scratches crisscross her body, remnants of the conflicts she has been involved in. Green streaks are splattered carelessly across her body, failed attempts at customising her appearance and hiding her scars. Yet she enjoys the rather bizarre look, especially as her Calix is a beautiful green as well. Her right hand is wrapped tightly in golden cloth, the same shade as her eyes.

Personality: Blunt and forward, Higashi is a girl who speaks whatever is on her mind, even if the situation is unsuitable for such words. While perfectly capable of holding her tongue, she rarely does so unless speaking to superiors or at social gatherings. She is also quite a deviant, having some rather ... strange kinks that are considered inappropriate by society at large. As with all other members of the Hogo clan, Higashi's loyalty lies with the Rora, but she is rather opposed to her own Toroshu, holding a grudge against the other woman for the changes sweeping through the family, preferring the neutrality that they once possessed. However, as long as the clan continues to protect the Rora, she will do her best to tolerate it.

Bio: Higashi is a member of the Hogo clan, serving as one of the Rora's (and by extension, the royal family's) many guardians. A keen warrior, she cared not for the clan politics, preferring to focus on her duties as a protector. Yet the decrees of the new Toroshu have brought the clan deeper into the world of politics, a fact that Higashi truly and utterly hates. Yet she continues to do her work, fighting for the empire despite the situation she, a loud antagonist to Noshima's actions, has found herself in. No matter what, she will be a great guardian for the royal family.

Weaknesses: She lacks great range.

--- ---

Name: Amaki (天鬼)

Species: Dasaka

Caste and Clan: Menti Warrior of the Fursic

Power(s): Willhammer discipline.

Mask: Kanohi Arthron, Great Mask of Sonar

Weapon(s): Reinforced bachi.

Appearance: Strength is inherent in Amaki's body. Each and every movement displays power, yet none is wasted. Indeed, she is a well muscled being, standing tall against the world. Once a passionate warrior, she has changed much - her outer armour seems to be a side-note, the azure crystals barely protecting her body; a far cry from the heavily armoured being she used to be. Yet it is necessary. Her art is one that requires great strength, and her armour would slow her down. Around her waist is a fading red cloth, its fibres tattered beyond belief. It is a sign of her devotion to the art, and when one looks into her determined red eyes, none can argue against it.

Personality: Amaki is a highly determined individual, known to never let anything get in the way of her goals. Indeed, she is considered to be the hammer against which things break beneath, a fitting metaphor for a woman with her powers. Her devotion to her cause is also a major part of her life, serving as the motivation for each and every one of her actions. While this may be offputting to some, when relaxed, the Fursic warrior is actually quite the joker, having picked up on many humorous anecdotes throughout her lifetime.

Bio: A minor member of the infamous Fursic clan, Amaki had not been one for the shadowy deception of her compatriots, preferring the more direct actions of a proud warrior. Not that her abilities were optimised for deception in any case. But she soon tired of fighting, having grown to love music and the traditional styles of the archipelago's musicians. From then on, she decided to turn all her energy to this art, and dreams of developing a respected style of her own.

Weaknesses: Amaki is very lightly armoured, and lacks range.

--- ---
Name: Noshima (保護 野志魔)

Species: Dasaka
Caste and Clan: Toroshu of the Hogo
Power(s): She specialises in both the Soulsword (manifests a naginata) and Mindarm disciplines.
Mask: Kanohi Akaku, Great Mask of X-Ray Vision
Weapon(s): When not using her abilities, Noshima wields a wakizashi and a tanto.
Appearance: Intimidating golden eyes are what people first notice when they meet Noshima, whether it be on the field of battle or in the court of the Rora. To those who have been in her presence, they seem to pierce into one's very soul, shining brightly from behind her azure Akaku. Indeed, it can be said that her eyes are the most distinct part of her body, but some may argue that her flowing silver cloak might be able to match them. It lies over her intensely dark blue armour, contrasting incredibly well with it and the light blue crystal rings that surround her arms.
Personality: One of the most noticeable traits of Noshima's is the way she speaks. Much like her ancestors before her, the Toroshu of the Hogo has a rather archaic speech pattern that may seem odd to most Dasaka, even if they are familiar with traditional formal dialects. Her personality very much mirrors her speech - somewhat odd, yet highly respectful and polite. Very few truly know what occurs in her head, and very few actually care for what does: most are simply content with dealing with the highly collected, yet slightly radical, head of the Hogo and her minor eccentricities.
Bio: Originally the third daughter of the former Hogo Toroshu, Noshima spent her early years in the shadow of her two older siblings, and decided that she would prefer to philosophise about the world around her, as she was a woman of less duties than her sisters. However, with the sudden death of the oldest to illness, and the disappearance of the second, Noshima was forced into a role which she never thought would ever be hers. Although it took some time to adjust, the Hogo warrior managed to succeed to the Toroshu position without many difficulties. However, her reign is beginning to lead into a time of troubles for her clan, her new policies slowly dividing the loyalties of her retainers.
Weaknesses: Noshima is extremely prone to overextending herself in battle.

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So this text editor is just garbage huh


Name: Vaíl
Gender: Female
Species: Toa of Plant Life
Mask: Miru
Appearance: Dark blue body with pale green armor and mask. Tall; athletic frame. Reddish eyes. Often wears a brown leather knapsack in which she carries her equipment. Occasionally wears a red bandana.
Powers: As a Bo-Toa, Vaíl is able to manipulate plant life and possesses an innate understanding of the various attributes of plants, even those she is unfamiliar with. Her mask gives her the ability to levitate.
Skills and Abilities: Despite her natural understanding of plants and their properties, Vaíl has extensively studied most of the flora native to Mata Nui. As a result, she has accumulated a vast knowledege of natural poisons and antidotes - as well as more mundane information such as nutritional value and seasonal growth cycles.
Weapons, Equipment, Tech:

  • One compound bow
  • A number of standard arrows
  • A handful of arrows fitted with a modified version of a Stralix grenade rather than an arrowhead. Expensive and relatively unreliable, these don't get used often.
  • One short sword
  • One hunting knife
  • Numerous vials of poisons and antidotes
  • One first-aid kit
  • Two lightstones
  • One heatstone
  • Two canteens
  • One pair of binoculars
  • One coil of rope
  • One grappling hook
  • One bedroll
  • One tarp
  • One tinderbox
  • Two bandanas
  • One set of cooking/eating utensils
  • Several days' rations
  • One pouch of widgets

Personality and traits: Though somewhat reserved, Vaíl is far from shy. She values meaningful friendships far more highly than casual acquaintances, but the former is far more difficult to come by than the latter for someone who lives on the road. Pragmatic and self-sufficient, Vaíl tends to speak only when she feels she has something of value to contribute to a conversation.

  • Physical: Though a talented archer, Vaíl is less skilled in melee combat.
  • Mental: It's easy for opponents to get in her head.


Name: Lekua
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran of Air
Mask: Miru (powerless)
Appearance: Fairly standard build for a Matoran; somewhat on the leaner side. Green and white armor; green mask. (Art by Bulik) (MOC)
Powers: As a Matoran of Air, Lekua possesses enhanced agility and is highly athletic.
Skills and Abilities: Lekua is strong for a Matoran, though he is still much weaker than members of other species. He is a skilled bird-pilot and a good shot with a disc.
Weapons, Equipment, and Tech:

  • A pair of white blades with longer-than-average grips.
  • Several wooden throwing discs.
  • A dagger with a white blade.
  • A wooden flute with which he is able to summon his Kahu, Cyclone, from virtually anywhere on the island. (Approved by Friar Tuck).
  • A heatstone.
  • A spyglass.
  • A disc launcher, which is usually mounted on Cyclone's armor.

Bio: A longtime member of the Gukko Force, Lekua was given permission by Turaga Matau to take a leave of absence and aid Stannis in his search for the members of the Chronicler's Company. When Stannis's Companions disbanded, Lekua travelled to Onu-Koro with Nichou, another ex-Companion, in the hope of finding more Matoran who would aid them in the continuation of their quest, which they believed incomplete. However, as they had no idea of how their mission should be continued in the first place, they were unsuccessful and eventually parted ways. Lekua remained in Onu, making a living as a rahi hunter until the Rahkshi Attack, during which he aided in the village's defense. Several months later, he travelled to Po-Koro to meet with Stannis, after which he returned to wandering the island. Lekua eventually resumed his position in the Gukko Force. After some time, he was sought out by a mysterious Matoran who claimed that Lekua's destiny was not complete. More out of curiosity than obligation, Lekua agreed to travel to Kini-Nui at the Matoran's request.
Personality and Traits: Lekua is not so carefree as he once was, but he still holds to his ideals. He can be rather impulsive and easily becomes impatient when things aren't done quickly or efficiently. He shows little restraint in providing his opinion on any given topic.

  • Physical: As a Matoran, he is shorter in stature and far weaker than most opponents. He also harbors a healthy fear of water, reluctant even to fly over it.
  • Mental: His recklessness and impulsiveness have landed him in more than a few difficult situations.

Cyclone: Lekua's friend and companion, Cyclone is a kahu who served with Lekua in the Gukko Force since the first day of his training. He is of average size, and his jet-black body is protected by teal armor.


Iraanus (eer-RAW-nuhs)
Male Skakdi of Water

Appearance: Golden body and spine; wears royal blue armor. (MOC)

  • Spear.
  • Zamor launcher. Zamor types: acid (contains a highly acidic and corrosive green liquid) and chain (contains a silvery liquid that binds the target to the nearest living being with an energy chain). (Approved by Friar Tuck)
  • Hidden daggers x2.

Powers: Elemental water (in cooperation with another skakdi); impact vision.
Skills and Abilities: Iraanus is proficient in melee combat. He sees himself as a talented tactician.
Alignment: Neutral
Bio: Iraanus rarely speaks of his life before his arrival on Mata Nui, claiming that he prefers to live in the present. After his unceremonious awakening on the beach of Ta-Koro, a "chance" encounter with rahkshi in Le-Wahi led him to join forces with another Ga-Skakdi. Rhow and Iraanus recruited a "Horde" of skakdi with a shared hatred for Makuta and his servants. The group's travels eventually led them to Ga-Koro, where they settled as the owners of the Great Takea bar-and-grill. Iraanus works as a chef.
Personality and traits: Iraanus has generally good intentions, but his demeanor is often aggressive and abrasive. His problem-solving strategies tend to be either very direct or hopelessly convoluted.

  • Mental: Iraanus is supremely confident in both his martial and tactical prowess.
  • Physical: Try ranged battle
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-The Living Flame-
Name: Oreius
Species: Toa of Fire
Gender: Male
Alignment: Toa Maru; Lawful Good
Mask: Kanohi Auporo, Mask of Weaknesses, which allows Oreius to instinctively sense the weakness or weaknesses of other beings. An Auporo user is constantly aware, in and out of combat, of where and in which way to strike his opponents for optimum damage. He can sense the best way or the quickest way to defeat an enemy; conversely, he can also sense the areas in which his enemies are strongest. (approved by Nuju Metru)
Powers/Abilities: Having trained for years in combat, Oreius is a worthy opponent with or without his elemental abilities. He used Tahu's Essence Stone to transform into a Toa, and thus controls the elemental power of Fire to a greater degree than any other Toa alive. Sharing his body with Inu, a Parakuka, Oreius has the ability to “activate,” granting himself roughly ten minutes of enhanced strength, agility, and speed, though at the cost of his elemental and mask powers.
Weapons/ Equipment:
(1) Twin short swords, composed of protosteel, created through the power of Tahu's Essence Stone. Impervious to heat, they can be used to channel his elemental powers.
(2) Tahu Mata's Flame Sword, looted from Mangaia after the Makuta's fall. The blade resembles a leaping flame, and can be used to channel his elemental powers. (approved by Nuju Metru)
(3) A Rahkshi staff, looted from a Rahkshi of Heat Resistance. The staff stands almost as tall as Oreius, and is topped with wicked-looking blades at either end. It can be used to channel his elemental powers. (approved by Friar Tuck)
Appearance: A strong, wide-shouldered Toa, Oreius wears red and orange armour with black highlights, and a red Kanohi Auporo, a sleek mask resembling a Pakari with what appears to be a third eye in the middle of its forehead. Inu's body is a sleek, segmented mass against Oreius' upper back, giving the Toa a slight hunch. His stocky form -which is not particularly physically imposing- belies his strength and speed.
Personality: Oreius can often appear serious and grim, but he is kind and honest at heart. He hates injustice and cruelty, and enjoys a good joke. He is always determined to give his all in the pursuit of his goals, and will never give up, even in the face of extraordinary odds. He often seems withdrawn and aloof due to Inu's presence in his mind; the two are always communicating mentally.
Weaknesses: Activating Inu temporarily robs Oreius of his elemental and mask powers, and activating for longer than ten minutes will burn out his body, eventually resulting in death. His determination to fight to the end, no matter the odds, can -and has- put him in danger.
Biography: Oreius was born and raised in Ta-Koro, and lived there all his life. Strong and brave, he served with the Ta-Koro Guard for several years, helping defend the village from Rahi attacks and other threats. Famous for his strength and speed in combat, he was also known for his kind heart and easy laughter.
After learning of a Rahkshi attack in Le-Wahi, Oreius, with Vakama's permission, left the Ta-Koro Guard to bring warning and aid to Nokama in Ga-Koro, hoping to do something more against Makuta than simply guard his village.In Ga-Koro, Oreius was approached by a mysterious Matoran who told him that he had a part to play in the second Great Prophecy Turaga Vakama had told him of. Instructed to wait for 'the Wanderer,' Oreius stayed in Ga-Koro for several weeks before being located by Stannis, the Wanderer. Oreius joined Stannis' group and, after locating the rest of the Chosen Matoran, they embarked on a journey across the island to collect the six Essence Stones, relics that would grant them the power of the First Toa.
Upon collecting the six Stones, the Wanderer's Company assembled at the Suva Nui, where they were transformed into Toa. Immediately upon their transformation, they were set upon by six Rahkshi, whom they defeated with the help of their new powers. Naming themselves the Maru, they continued on to the Kini Nui, and descended into the Mangaia.
In lair of the Makuta, the Toa Maru defeated the Manas before being confronted by six Toa of Shadow, who revealed themselves to be the First Toa, corrupted by the Makuta. In the ensuing battle, Oreius duelled with Reka, who had once been called Gali. He won only through Inu's strength, but lost control. He believes he killed her, violating the Toa Code.
After defeating the six shadow Toa, the Maru went on to face the Makuta. Confronted by the temptation to defect from his team and join the darkness, Oreius refused the Makuta's promises, as did the other Maru, and together they vanquished the Makuta. After the battle, Oreius returned to Ta-Koro, bearing the news of the great victory.
 * * *
 -The Thirsty One-
Name: Inu
Species: Parakuka
Gender: Male
Alignment: Toa Maru; Chaotic Good
Powers/Abilities: Inu has the ability to “activate,” joining his mind completely with his host's and releasing a flood of energy into their body. This activation lasts approximately ten minutes, and grants the pair enhanced strength, agility, and speed.
Appearance: A mottled green-grey slug resembling a kraata, Inu has been fused to Oreius, and is protected by a layer of black armour that makes it difficult to differentiate him from his host.
Personality: Inu's natural instincts tend toward aggression and ruthlessness, but he has fought to overcome them. He struggles to appreciate both mercy and fear, but has no such trouble with courage: being a natural hunter, he is brave to the point of heedlessness.
Weaknesses: Other than his ability to “activate,” Inu has no powers of his own. Without a host, he is helpless.
Biography: Inu was brought into being by the Makuta shortly before the Turaga were kidnapped. After Heuani brought the six elders to Mangaia, Inu was allowed to latch onto Onewa, Turaga of Stone. The Makuta set the six Turaga loose against their allies; they did minimal physical damage before being captured, but accomplished the Makuta's purposes by lowering the island's morale upon hearing that their elders had been turned into monsters.
Held in captivity in Pala-Koro, home of the Island Liberation Force, Onewa began to attempt to communicate with Inu instead of shrinking away from him. He found that Inu was a young parakuka, and was therefore much more impressionable. He began to teach Inu the ways of the Matoran, and patiently endeavoured to help the parakuka understand the foreign concepts of mercy and love.
Shortly after Onewa returned to Po-Koro, a pair of mercenaries were dispatched to assassinate him. Fearful for his life, Inu panicked and drained the energy from his host before relinquishing him, killing the Turaga instantly. The parakuka hid in Onewa's hut, and managed to avoid detection over the next day, growing weaker with every passing minute. It was only by sheer chance that he encountered and latched on to Oreius, a Ta-Matoran, who, along with his companions, was seeking Pohatu's Essence Stone.
Inu accompanied Oreius to the Suva Nui, where the Ta-Matoran and his companions were transformed into Toa. The transformation fused Inu to Oreius permanently, and granted them an enhanced mental connection. After their transformation, Inu and Oreius, along with the other Toa Maru, descended below the Kini Nui and vanquished the Makuta.
 * * * 
-The Healer-
Name: Cael
Species: Toa of Water
Gender: Female
Alignment: Joske Nimil; Lawful Good
Mask: Kanohi Mask of Healing
Powers/Abilities: Cael possesses prodigious control over the element of Water, the result of many years of practice and study. She can manipulate her element in subtle ways that few other Toa can, and has been seen to perform astonishing feats of elemental influence. Cael also possesses an incredibly advanced knowledge of the healing arts, and is able to utilize her mask, her element, and her experience to heal injuries that others would find impossible to heal.

(1) A small vial delicately carved of transparent crystal, filled with the purest of liquid protodermis. It has a mystical connection to the Temple of Purity: as long as the holder's heart is pure, it will never run dry. (approved by Friar Tuck)
(2) A Ga-Koran satchel filled with various bandages, herbs and ointments; it contains all the essential tools of the healer's trade.
Appearance: A slim, lithe Toa of Water with golden eyes, Cael's body is a deep cobalt, and she wears light armour of midnight blue. Her blue Mask of Healing is marred by a thin crimson scar that starts just under her right cheekbone and curves slightly down to end beside her chin.
Personality: Cael is gentle and kind-hearted, but she's not soft. She won't mince words, especially in a tight situation, and she will fight for those she cares about. Her first impression often belies her cheerful nature, as she often appears quiet and serious at first.
Weaknesses: Though she is an elemental adept, Cael has little experience with weapons or battles, and is likely to be quickly outmatched in combat. In fact, she prefers not to fight at all: she is a pacifist, and will only resort to violence if there is absolutely no other choice.
Biography: When she was quite young, Cael entered the training of a Water Toa who had mastered the arts of healing. Under this Toa's tutelage, Cael gradually learned both how to precisely manipulate her element and how to use a mask of healing to its maximum potential. Her teacher taught her how to use water, the healing element, to soothe injuries and speed healing, and as this required a high level of elemental mastery, it was a given that Cael would eventually become extremely skillful in the controlling of her element. She emerged from her studies both a capable healer and an elemental adept, able to manipulate water in many subtle ways. Setting up shop in Ga-Koro, Cael quickly gained a reputation as a marvelous healer, and served Ga-Koro for many years.
One day, a Matoran named Joske was nearly killed fending off a Rahi attack on Ga-Koro. Cael put her prodigious skills as a healer to use by bringing the Ta-Matoran back from the brink of death. Joske later came into possession of a Toa Stone and became a Toa. Unused to his new powers and finding it difficult to control himself, Joske remained under Cael's care. She eventually managed to teach him control over his emotions and his element.
When Joske came to her one day with the news that he had been given a quest that would lead to the downfall of the Makuta, Cael immediately decided to accompany him. Along with Agni, Angelus, and Tuara, the company traversed the island, collecting six Crystals, one from each of Mata Nui's Temples. As their quest continued, however, it became apparent that Joske's ultimate destiny was to fight Heuani, a powerful Toa of Shadow. Cael, having come to love Joske, was unwilling to risk losing him, so she travelled to the Kini Nui and offered herself to Heuani in exchange for his sparing Joske's life when they met. Heuani agreed to her wishes, then seduced her and murdered her.
Joske went on to fight and defeat Heuani, even though the Toa of Shadow had had no intention of keeping the promise he had made to Cael. Though the Toa of Fire was victorious, he was heartbroken over Cael's death, and vowed to bring her back to life or die trying. Having stolen Cael's mask back from Heuani, Joske sacrificed his elemental powers and a portion of his Toa Energy to rescue the Toa of Water from beyond the grave.
 * * *
 -Vortixx Extraordinaire-
Name: Jin
Species: Vortixx
Gender: Female
Alignment: Bad Company
Powers/Abilities: Jin has no native powers, elemental or otherwise. She is a practitioner of an unknown form of martial arts: her body is her weapon, and she fights with little else. Her fists and feet usually deal enough damage by themselves, but she can also choose to fight with any manner of preexisting or improvised weapons. Extensive training has lent her excellent coordination and extremely swift reflexes.
Weapons: Two green metal fans, beautifully crafted and razor-sharp, though they look harmless. Several knives of varying sizes and shapes. A grenade or two.
Foreign Tech: Two small, circular, electrical emitters that attach to her palms. When activated, they deliver an electrical shock to whatever they are touching. The power of the shock is dependant on how much stored energy Jin chooses to emit. Draining the battery in one go will emit a large, paralyzing burst of electricity, but the same amount of power can be spread out over a greater number of shocks that will do less damage, usually only causing distraction and temporary numbness or pain.Once the battery has been drained, it will take a day or so to recharge. The emitters can be used while recharging, but the amount of electricity they can emit is solely dependant on the amount of power left in the battery. (approved by Friar Tuck)
Appearance: Tall and lean, Jin's body appears to entirely built of lean muscle. She wears a long black leather coat that hangs to her knees, with a slit that runs half a foot up the back to allow her more freedom of movement She wears black metal bracers and greaves to protect her forearms and shins, but otherwise wears no armour. Her eyes are dark green, and her claws are razor-sharp.
Personality: Jin was once confident, always appearing to be assured of her place in life. She could be overbearing and brash sometimes, but was loyal to her allies, and never backed down. Now, however, her confidence is merely a show that hides her inner turmoil. She is perpetually uneasy, and doesn't trust anyone. Though she can still be seductively charming when she needs to be, it's always an act. She refuses to show her true feelings to anyone, and is constantly plagued by feelings of guilt and inadequacy. She masks these feelings with false bravado, never giving an inch or backing down.
Weaknesses: Jin has no mask or elemental powers. She takes pride in the strength of her body and her claws; overconfidence is still her greatest weakness, even though it's more of a show now than anything else.
Biography: Jin washed up on the shores of Mata Nui with little save the clothes on her back and the knives at her belt. It is unknown where she came from or who she was, but Jin hasn't lost any time in becoming who she is now: a mercenary, a thief, and a scrapper who won't back down from any fight, responsible for multiple injuries, deaths, and destructions of property.
After completing an assignment in Po-Koro, Jin met Dorian, a fellow mercenary, in Ga-Koro. He offered her a job in Bad Company, a mercenary group in Xa-Koro. Jin accepted, and the two travelled to Xa. Upon their arrival, Dorian was nearly killed fighting Heuani, and Jin singlehandedly rescued him and saved his life by carrying him to safety. Her abilities impressed Brykon, leader of Bad Company, and he accepted her into the team. The group was working for Aurelia, one of the Four Peers, who intended to blow up the Kumu Islets. Despite her reservations over the planned genocide, Jin went along with the plan.
After Xa-Koro's destruction, Jin and Dorian were assigned to assassinate Turaga Vakama. Dorian decided against the mission at the last minute, forcing Jin to complete the assignment solo. Joining Brykon in Onu-Koro a few days later, she was named deputy of Bad Company before being contacted by the Peers, who sent her to Ko-Koro to steal Onewa's Komau and give it to Ambages, the architect. She completed this assignment with moments to spare before the Rahkshi attacked.
* * *
-The Poet-
Name: Caerus Valli
Species: Ba-Matoran
Gender: Male
Alignment: Himself
Mask: Powerless black Rau
Powers/Abilities: No powers. Extremely skilled at gathering and communicating information.
Appearance: At first appearance, though handsome, most would label Caerus eccentric, or even mad. He is always reading or writing, and often refuses to acknowledge people standing right in front of him. Though he usually wears a handsome black suit and a polished black Rau, his clothes are often unkempt and his face unshaven. His bright green eyes complete the picture of an unpredictable man.
Weapons/Equipment: A quill, a bottle of ink, and a supply of parchment. 
Personality: Though he appears eccentric and harmless on the surface, Caerus is truly a manipulative and power-hungry creature. He is only concerned for his own welfare, and will con, scheme, and manipulate his way to the top. His chief interest is in knowledge, the more obscure the better, and its use in his advancement of power.
Weaknesses: Caerus has never been strong or particularly skilled in anything, save the spoken and written word. He is physically weak even compared to other Matoran.
Biography: Caerus, from the beginning, was always a master of language. His chief work was in composing letters and speeches and papers for use by richer or more powerful people, but he also worked as a simple scribe, transcribing documents and reports. While much of it was tedious, it allowed him the opportunity to come into possession of many secrets that he would otherwise not know. People brought him information and had him write a speech; merchants gave him numbers and facts and had him write reports and letters that helped them make a profit.
In addition to his legitimate business, Caerus also found that the right information was worth a good deal to the right person and the right time. Always careful to keep himself hidden -and, thus, safe- he sold secrets back and forth between rival businessmen, politicians, and organizations. He was always cautious in the selling, making sure to deal through different people and under different aliases to keep his identity hidden, and he gradually grew rich off the sale of knowledge.
But knowledge, rather than money and power, gradually became Caerus' chief goal. As his business expanded, he was able to employ others to keep him informed as to the goings-on around the island; he was able to hire others to buy and sell information, keeping himself safe while still taking a cut. He spent his time piecing all the knowledge he had gathered together, unravelling plots and mysteries, and always searching for ever more elusive secrets that he could use when the time came. Knowledge itself became his obsession, and while his empire grew, he himself was largely unconcerned with it. He devoured texts of any shape and size, seeking knowledge above all else, becoming an expert on history and the Matoran culture itself as he sought to understand the world around him to its fullest extent.
Eventually, Caerus was contacted by the Peers, who, recognizing his value, offered him a position among them. He gladly accepted, and took on the role of keeping the Peers' secrets safe, as well as gathering intelligence on their enemies.
* * *
-The Hand-
Name: Aila Valli
Pseudonyms: Atia, Arana, Etera, Hari, Iraia, Pio
Gender: Female
Species: Ta-Matoran
Alignment: Caerus Valli
Mask: Powerless purple Huna.
Powers/Abilities: No powers. Abilities include efficient written and verbal communication in Matoran, Vortixx, and Skakdi, proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, excellent interpersonal skills, adaptation, first aid, the art of disguise, petty conversation, dinner etiquette, wine-making, listening at doors, and smiling attractively.
Appearance: In truth, Aila appears quite average: she is of average height, and is neither particularly comely nor unsightly. Her armour is sleek and jet black, and she wears an elegant purple Huna, along with a shawl of black silk. 
Weapons/Equipment: A hidden knife, a bottle of poison.
Personality: Whatever benefits the situation.
Weaknesses: Being an Onu-Matoran, Aila is smaller and weaker than many other beings, and is more sensitive to light than your average Matoran.
Biography: Living on the streets of Xa-Koro for much of her life, Aila was rescued from her life in the gutters by the generosity of Caerus Valli, a businessman who took pity on her and took her in and raised her. Under his tutelage, she trained in many arts, both refined and barbaric, and was eventually raised to be his right-hand man (or woman, rather). Aila is in charge of the day-to-day workings of Caerus' information empire, but often takes it upon herself to perform lower jobs than one might expect, an administrator being only one of her many personalities and jobs. She is completely devoted to Caerus.
* * * 
-The Sinner- 
Name: Greed
Species: Toa of Air
Gender: Male
Alignment: Himself 
Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel
Powers/ Abilities: Elemental control over Air. Reasonably experienced in combat. Greed has a gift with words, able to twist others to his side with honeyed tones and smooth talk, but he talks so little now that it's not much use. Having lived in the wilds of Mata-Nui, he has become adept at moving quietly and striking swiftly, and is able to navigate and survive many extreme conditions. 
Weapons/ Equipment:
(1) Firework Revolver, a metallic green handgun that fires firework-esque ammunition capable of causing burns (looted from Jianzha).

(2) A three-foot-long machete hanging from his belt.
(3) Knives. A couple of 'em. 
Appearance: A dark green and black Toa wearing bits and pieces of scratched, dirty armour and a tattered black cloak, Greed's general appearance is unkempt and soiled. He has traded half his armour for brown leather, leaving him looking mismatched and vaguely wild, which suits a denizen of the jungle. He wears fingerless leather gloves and a ragged dark green scarf that hides the bottom half of his face, leaving his eyes, scarlet as blood, free to shine from his black Kualsi. He carries a machete and several knives belted at his waist. 
Personality: Once the leader of the Toa Arete, pseudo-heroes of Ga-Koro, Greed appeared wise and courageous in order to foster the village's trust. He harbours no such dreams now, and his true personality shines unimpeded. He is dark and brooding, always mistrustful, and easily angered. He will always look out for himself, constantly seeking to work events in his favour, no matter the cost. Selfish and unhappy, he is a broken shadow of his former self. 
Weaknesses: Greed always looks out for himself, to the exclusion of all else. He will never risk his life is he can help it, and will always seek to defend what's his. 
Biography: Greed was once a Le-Matoran living on Mata-Nui. Unlike most of the villagers, Greed was not happy-go-lucky or generous. He was always scheming; always making sure things would work out in his favour. He was greedy, and only cared about one person: himself.
The other Le-Matoran didn't know this, though. Greed was always careful to keep his true emotions secret, and nobody ever suspected his selfish nature. Because his ultimate motive was to keep himself safe and happy, Greed stayed on everyone's good side, always running errands and helping others. On the surface these activities may have seemed selfless, but Greed's ulterior motive was to keep everyone in his debt, and to cultivate favours and trust. 
One day, on an expedition to the shores of Le-Wahi, Greed found a half-drowned Toa of Ice washed up on the sand, carrying a Toa Stone. Greed didn't bother to learn the Toa's name or why he was there; instead, he slit the Toa's throat and used the stone to transform into a Toa. He changed his name, and left his life as a Matoran behind. 
After witnessing the massive destruction that resulted from a Rahkshi fight in Le-Koro, Greed resolved to abandon any ties he might once have held to Mata Nui and become loyal to the Makuta. Travelling the island, Greed recruited six beings to his cause, and ended up in Ga-Koro. The six Toa (and one Valkyr) quickly established a reputation as a team of brave heroes, peacefully ending multiple conflicts, repairing damage done to the village, and ensuring justice was carried out against criminals. Having gained the trust of the villagers and the Marines, the seven Toa were regarded as Ga-Koro's "official" Toa team: the Toa Arete. 
Privately, however, the Arete were evil, and schemed to take over Ga-Koro completely. They allowed Turaga Nokama to be murdered, and schemed their way into the power vacuum that resulted. Greed was eventually elected to lead the village until Hahli was found, but the ceremony that would have publicly instituted him as leader was interrupted by Ta, one of the Toa Arete. Having had a change of heart, Ta revealed the extent of the Arete's corruption. The team quickly dissolved, and began fighting each other, every sinner for himself. Greed was defeated, but escaped in the chaos of the Rahkshi attack, and disappeared.
* * *
-The Amnesiac-
Name: Kyara Avya
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Good
Mask: Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding
Powers/ Abilities: Elemental control over Plasma. Reasonable experienced in combat, although she remembers none of her training. All her skills are based on muscle memory, and instincts honed by forgotten years of practice.
Weapons/ Equipment: A steel longsword.
Appearance: A white Toa of average height and build, with faded golden armour and a brighter gold mask. She wears a sword strapped across her back.
Personality: Kyara is action-oriented, preferring to act instead of think or talk. She dislikes liars and cheats, and has a strong sense of justice. She has a tendency to be blunt.
Weaknesses: Kyara cannot use her elemental powers or mask power, and doesn't like to cheat or lie.
Biography: Kyara washed up on the shores of Mata Nui with only one haunting memory: trying to defend a village of Matoran from a Rahkshi, she lost control of her powers and incinerated everyone. She can remember nothing else of her past, but this one memory is enough to stop her from using her elemental powers, no matter the purpose.
After awakening to find herself on the shores of an unknown island, Kyara met a group of Toa who took her under their wing. She was given the name Avya, as she did not remember her name. The group made their way to Ta-Koro, where Avya helped evacuate the demolished hospital. Afterward, she and her mentor, Nikaron, attempted to follow Hiemalis, the Toa responsible for the hospital's destruction, but were unable to apprehend him.
A while after, Avya left Ta-Koro and joined the Island Liberation Force in Le-Wahi, where she fought against the army of Makuta followers led by Echelon, and later participated in the efforts to rebuild Pala-Koro.
* * *
-The Rider-
Name: Hoka
Species: Le-Matoran
Gender: Female
Alignment: Le-Koro
Mask: Powerless Kanohi Kaukau, Mask of Water Breathing
Powers/Abilities: Being a Le-Matoran, Hoka does not have any elemental or mask powers, but is extremely athletic and nimble. Otherwise, she's not particularly good at anything (with the possible exception of sarcasm).
Weapons/Equipment: Hoka carries around a knife that she likes to show off... but doesn't actually know how to use. She also carries around a pack of cigarettes, which she does know how to use.
Appearance: Hoka's outer armour is dark green, while her skin is light green. She stands at height for your average Matoran, though she's skinny as a pole and has about as much muscle. Despite this, she's nimble and deceptively tough. Her eyes, an atypical ice blue, shine from behind a bronze Kaukau.
Personality: A chronic underachiever, Hoka's dominant personality trait is cynicism. Others often mistake her lack of direction for laziness, but while she may not be the most motivated person in the world, she'll work to get what she wants.
Weaknesses: Hoka has no elemental or mask powers, and she's nowhere near the fastest or strongest of Matoran.
Biography: Le-Koro born and raised, Hoka has spent her life flitting from one odd job to the next, never performing poorly, but never excelling. Her life is the definition of mediocre: she does what she likes, but never gets what she really wants -mostly because she doesn't really know what she wants.
* * *
-The Smith-
Name: Akimoto
Species: Dasaka
Gender: Female
Caste and Clan: Ringti Caste, Dastana Clan

Mask: Kanohi Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision

Powers/Abilities: Akimoto has been trained as a Soulsword. However, being a Ringti, her abilities were not developed for combat purposes. Instead, she was taught to use them to craft buildings and weapons. Her ability to wield psionic energy is useful in shaping crystal: her “weapon” takes the form of a blacksmith's hammer.

Weapons/Equipment: Being a Soulsword, Akimoto has the ability to wield psionic energy. She has been trained to summon a psionic hammer used in the forging and shaping of crystal.

Appearance: Akimoto's work as a crystal smith has stripped every ounce of fat from her frame, leaving her lean and muscular. Her body and mask are midnight blue, so dark as to almost be black, and her amour is a burnished copper. Her mouth is usually set

Personality: Akimoto is, most of all, headstrong. She always knows what she wants, and will stop at nothing to get it. She's incredibly hard-working and self-disciplined, and pushes herself harder than anyone else. She likes to get straight to the point, and values honesty and straightforwardness. This single-minded drive shows itself in her creative mind and her ability to think on her feet. Everything she does, she does with 100% effort, as quickly as possible.

Weaknesses: Stubborn to a fault, Akimoto won't back down from anyone or anything, and will often refuse to change her course even when confronted with good advice. She pushes herself hard, and will often exhaust herself in her drive to get what she wants.

Biography: Akimoto was born into a family of Ringti crystal artisans, and grew up with her cousin, Libro Regula. The two were never terribly close, but they're now business partners. Educated in Sado in the production of crystal armour and other creations, Akimoto uses her psionic powers to create beautiful and useful things. Along with Libro, she runs a small crystal forge.

* * *
-The Shadow-
Name: Rorg
Species: Skakdi of Iron
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Mask: None
Powers/ Abilities:

1) Elemental control over the element of Iron, but only when paired with another Skakdi.
2) Thermal vision.
3) An experienced assassin and mercenary, Rorg is an adept in many forms of combat, both melee and long-range.
Weapons/ Equipment: 
1) A sniper rifle crafted to launch bullets at high velocity. These bullets are simply chunks of shaped metal. The rifle's barrel includes a built-in suppressor-like device and scope, for stealth and accuracy respectively. The rifle uses clips of ten bullets each, though bullets can be loaded individually if needed. The downsides to this weapon are that it's large and unwieldy, and it takes a long time to reload once out of ammo. The rifle can also fire darts containing small portions of EE-cancelling gas (described below), though the size of the dose means the duration will be no longer than thirty seconds. (approved by Nuju Metru)
2) A launcher that fires zamor spheres filled with an unknown gas, retrieved from the Makuta's Vault. This gas has the effect of immediately cutting off any being's access to their native elemental powers for five to ten minutes, with ten minutes being the maximum duration. The larger the dose, the longer the duration. Said being cannot absorb, produce, or manipulate any quantity of their element until the gas wears off (although they retain any passive abilities their element provides, such as heat resistance or enhanced stamina). The downside to this weapon is that its accuracy is negatively proportional to Rorg's distance from his target. (approved by Tyler)
3) A large hunting knife, about two feet long and serrated.
4) An assortment of smaller knives.
Appearance: Physically, Rorg fits the Skakdi stereotype. He is built more like a mountain than a living being, standing taller, wider, and thicker than most Toa, with bulging muscles and steely green eyes that could scare a Kane-Ra. His armour is a mottled dark gray, allowing him to blend into shadows. He carries his rifle on a strap around his back, and his knife at his belt in a sheathe.
Personality: In terms of personality, Rorg, in every way, contradicts the Skakdi stereotype. Silent for the most part, he only speaks when necessary, and uses as few words as possible. He is methodical and efficient in everything he does, from cleaning his weapons to dispatching a target, never using more energy than is required. Though his aloof nature might fool some into thinking he's nothing more than a dumb brute, he is remarkably intelligent, and his impassive face hides a precise, logical mind, devoid of emotion or morality, more dangerous than any weapon.
Weakness: Variables. When he knows what to expect, Rorg is as deadly as they come. However, he finds it difficult to deal with the unexpected, and his logical mind does not adapt to surprises as well as some.
Biography: Rorg's history is a patchwork quilt of thievery, betrayal, violence, and death. He does not speak of where he lived before he came to Mata Nui (as is the norm for most Skakdi), but it must have been a terrible place to produce a being so devoid of morals and so efficient at killing. He is not well-known on Mata Nui, despite having lived and done business on the island for many years, and this alone speaks to his professionalism: there are no wanted posters bearing his face, and no records of his crimes. If there is anything he takes pride in, it's the fact that he is more dangerous than ninety-nine percent of the island's inhabitants, but none of them know his name. He is a shadow, and that's the way he likes it.

* * *
-The Starving Artist-
Name: Lira
Species: Ko-Matoran
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good

Mask: Powerless Mask of Water Breathing

Powers/Abilities: Being a Matoran, Lira has no elemental abilities or mask powers. Neither particularly strong nor fast, her sole claim to fame is her dedication to her poetry, stories, and art.

Weapons/Equipment: (1) A satchel containing many scrolls, pens, and bottles of ink.

Appearance:  Lira's body is white, and her hands, feet, and Kanohi are bronze. She carries a gray satchel over one shoulder. She's not particularly tall or muscular at all.

Personality: Lira is very enthusiastic, especially for a Ko-Matoran. Once she gets going, she can chatter on for hours, but when the mood to write or draw strikes her, she immediately drops everything and can sit in silence for days. Friendly, but can occasionally show glimpses of Ko-Matoran aloofness.

Weaknesses: A Matoran, Lira has no elemental or mask powers, and her physical abilities are also rather lacking.

Biography: Ever since she was a little girl, Lira love to create. She would spend hours writing stories and drawing fantastic worlds in the snow. As she grew up, she honed her skills. She considers herself a poet and storyteller of the highest calibre, and is always seeking out fresh inspiration.

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Name: Akiri Hewkii

Species: Matoran

Alignment: Loyal to Po-Koro

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lean and muscled, Hewkii's build is unquestionably that of an athlete. Even as the leader of Po-Koro, Hewkii keeps his tan-and-brown body trained to the peak of fitness. His posture is usually relaxed and confident.

Weapon(s): His signature Kohlii ball

Mask: Powerless Great Kakama

Powers: None, save control of Po-Koro, and excellent athletic skill.

Traits: Hewkii is always concerned for the well-being of Po-Koronans, and considers himself not so much a ruler as a caretaker. To that end, he will weigh choices with his people's best interests as his foremost concern.

Biography: Originally a famous Kohlii player, Hewkii was chosen by popular acclamation to rule Po-Koro. While there was some dissent, at first, Hewkii made his first priority winning the trust of his people and securing his support. He now rules Po-Koro with a kind but firm hand.

Weakness(es): Being a Matoran, Hewkii can be overpowered by most other beings. His concern for his people can bias his decision-making.


Name: Lipa

Gender: Female

Species: Matoran

Maturity: Mid 30s

Current Affiliation: Ga-Koro Marines

Kanohi: Powerless Rau

Known Language(s): Matoran

Voice: Soft-spoken, gentle, and empathetic.

Wealth: Of decent means, thanks to her Marine pay.

Detailed Description of Appearance: Slightly shorter than average, Lipa looks fairly normal, with a navy blue torso and feet, with sky-blue arms and legs, as well as a sky-blue Rau.

Personality and Character: Quiet, respects her superiors and does her best to follow orders. However, she looks out for herself first and foremost. Believes that listening is, on the whole, better than talking.Beliefs: Likely the best way to describe Lipa is as a deist--she believes Mata Nui and Makuta exist(ed), but seeing that Mata Nui failed to intervene when they needed him most, and how Makuta is now dead, she doesn't believe in any omnipotent being, benevolent or otherwise.

Fighting Style and Abilities: Lipa is not a fighter. When confronted with a fight, she runs or hides, two skills that have proven necessary in her career as a messenger. She is capable of outrunning most beings she encounters.

Weaknesses: Lipa does not engage in combat, she avoids it as much as possible and isn't very good at it.

Tools and Equipment: Brown messenger bag with the logo of the Marines on it.


Name: Dail

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Age: ~300

Mask: Volitak

Power: Air. She is skilled with her mask and element, and has realized that it's possible to turn the air into a super-volatile oxygen mixture and detonate it. This being said, she has yet to be able to do this safely--the heat, shrapnel, and overpressure blast of the explosion almost killed her last time, and she still has scorch marks on her armor. That's not even counting the vacuum caused by the sudden lack of air, which can crush anything too close to the epicenter of the blast--which she barely managed to escape last time.

Weapon: Concealed, poisoned long knives

Appearance: Dark green, with black scorch marks in a few places. Usually covered in mud or some other material which can dull it.

Bio: Dail is an assassin for hire, but unlike most assassins, she has her own strict set of rules. Should a proffered contract break those rules, she will not hesitate to turn it down. She has been working for longer than some have been alive, fully two thirds of her lifetime. She is very skilled at her craft, often being able to deceive others into believing that her target died by natural or accidental causes. She aims for this most of the time, as she believes it is the sign of highest skill in her craft. Her goal is perfection.

Weakness: Dail prefers to strike from hidden locations and finish the battle quickly. As such, she pays for her outstanding elemental and mask control with low physical stamina.




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Name: Skyra Daring

Sex: Female

Species: Toa

Element: Air

Mask: Great Calix, Mask of Fate

Powers: Standard powers that come with being a Toa, controlling element power, mask power, etc.

Equipment: Her usual equipment and gear have been stored away for the purpose of her current mission. She carries with her a two-handed broadsword that’s onyx in color and, made of protosteel. She also has a belt which carries a small pouch of widgets and throwing knives.

Foreign tech: A blunderbuss of Skakdi make, with a force that can punch through a person's chest as easily as paper. The muzzle of the weapon is gold in color, while the handle is wooden. The weapon has to be reloaded after every shot with metallic pellets or something of similar shape. The weapon also relies on Skyra's elemental power to fire. (Approved by Tyler <3<3<3)

Mounts/Pets: Destiny is her Kahu, who she raised since it was a hatching, and her most loyal friend and companion. Currently in Ga-koro.

Alignment: Chaotic Good, if you’re against the koros, you’re against her. It’s simple as that, she is not afraid to take extreme measures in order to protect her friends and family.

Appearance: Skyra has drastically altered her appearance in order to infiltrate Ko-koro. She looks nothing like the Gukko Force officer that many people would recognize. Her new mask is in the shape of a Kanohi Calix, green in color, the top part above the eye holes is black. Her armor is quite different as well, while her basic color is still a dark green, her outer armor is onyx, looks dirty and worn, and its design is what you’d expect a mercenary to wear. It’s lightweight in design, allowing a lot of movement, only covering the more vital organs, and to give a somewhat provocative look. Over her armor, she’s wearing a thick, black coat, since it’s pretty cold in Ko-koro.

Strengths: Her Gukko Force training made her a master at swordplay, and not bad at hand-to-hand combat either. Her natural Le-koran agility makes her very evasive and harder to hit, combine that with her Calix and well, good luck buddy. If that alone isn’t enough to take down her foes she has her elemental powers, don’t underestimate her elemental prowess. A skilled Kahu flyer. Playing the flute is also one of her hobbies.

Weaknesses: If you manage to land a hit on her, you’ll find she has very little in terms of armor and overall toughness, it will probably hurt her a lot. In stressful situations, she can lose her temper, and it’s easy to make mistakes then. Claustrophobic.

Personality: Whimsical, enthusiastic, really hates paperwork. Skyra is what you’d call a positive thinker, though she can be sarcastic when she gets annoyed, and sometimes a rude ***. When push comes to shove though she’ll always try to do what she believes is right and protect her friends to the bitter end. When it’s time for action, she’s ready to go.

Biography: Skyra’s life has been a series of ups and downs. Some good decisions and quite a few bad ones. She’s got quite a story to tell, though she’ll probably skip to the interesting parts like when she changed sex, that’s the story that everyone wants to hear.


She’s now on a mission that does not have a very good chance of survival, statistically speaking. If she and her team are caught, they’ll probably die, along with quite a few hostages. But they have a plan, and Skyra will do what she must to ensure that plan succeeds, or die trying.


Name: Savina

Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Element: Jungle/"The Green"

Mask: Kanohi Zatth, The Mask of Summoning

Appearence: savina.pngStandard green and blue color scheme of a Toa of Plantlife, average height, light green eyes

Pets: Currently has an Ash bear as a companion.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Equipment: Wooden Bow, makes arrows using her elemental power. Dart shooter, she can shoot various poisons and drugs from her shooter, usually something that calms the nerves, typically effective on Rahi, though can make more intelligent beings like Matoran and Toa more susceptible to suggestions and tired.

Skills: Can hunt any target with amazing skill and grace of a hunter, capable of moving silently through almost any terrain and climate. She is a Rahi tamer and trainer and knows how to give complicated commands to her Ash bear. She's excels at making things out of plant life, from weapons, poisons, and medicine. She is one with her element and mask, knows how to use both to their maximum potential. She's skill with her bow and can hit targets accurately from great distances. Can make snares and traps with her powers over plant-life.

Strengths: Tough, independent, and wild like a Rahi. Knows how to blend in with the Jungles of Le-Wahi, she's not easy to find when she want to remain hidden. Causing her great stress or otherwise harassing her is probably bad for your health

Weaknesses: Fire is not good for someone of her element in most cases. Seeing Rahi mistreated, harmed, injured, etc will cause her to take action regardless of consequences.

Personality: Her personality has turned a 180 since she returned to the civilized world. No longer the sky and reclusive thing she used to be. Losing her soul and constant exposure to other people may have had something to do with that. She is rather bubbly at times, but also has a darker side to her. She has a soft side for Rahi, especially Grecko.

Bio: Formerly she lived alone in the jungles of Le-Wahi, with just an Ash Bear for company. Fate choose to lead her away from her jungle home and into civilization. She had trouble fitting in and adapting to this new strange world. It wasn't until she lost her soul at the creation of the Valkyr Anthyn that everything really began to change. Since that day she did nothing but follow the angelic being wherever she went.


Or she did, now-a-days however she's been chasing after her would-be boyfriend, Tehlin. She is currently staying with him in Ko-koro, trying to pretend all the murder and death she witnessed with Anthyn never happened.


Name: Darien

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Element: Plant-life

Mask: Kanohi Calix, The Mask of Fate

Weapons: A very decorative rapier. The rapier was a gift from his father, it has a golden hilt decorated with various jewels and a shining silver blade. On the bottom of the hilt is the crest of his family.

Appearance: A very tall and handsome Toa, with the typical color scheme of a Toa of plant-life, green and blue. Wears a navy blue cape, his armor is very polished as well. His mask and external armor is blue, the rest is various shades of green. Wears the markings of a Marine.

Alignment: Lawful Good; Ga-koro Marines

Personality: Kind and considerate, Darien will always help those in need, he doesn't think himself better than anyone else. He will bring vengeful wraith against those who bring harm and destruction however.

Strengths and Weaknesses: He is excellent at swordplay and melee combat. He always fights with honor. He dislikes dirty tactics to a fault and only kills when absolutely necessarily, his enemies might try to take advantage of this. Fire is a natural weakness for one of his element.

Bio: Formerly the Prince of a great kingdom, Darien was a traveling Toa who has a strong sense of justice and a desire to bring down the Dark Lord Makuta. His family was murdered by Makuta and vowed to avenge them. In his travels he met a matoran named Wokiya in the desert and saved her life. He ended up getting caught up in a quest to find her brother, which they did successfully accomplished. It turned out her brother, Wokapu was the leader of the Cultured Gentry, and had some dark secrets about the Gentry that he wished to unveil, mainly their dealings with Makuta. Darien offered to aid him and his sister once again. During that adventure he found his long lost sister, Visenya, and she joined the party. Things did not go as planned however, Wokapu swore to secrecy what he knew about the Gentry's dealings with Makuta in order to protect Darien and the others. Darien knows that if he or anyone from that group says anything, it could be over for them. That was three months ago, the group as long since separated, going their different ways. Darien moved to Ga-koro and joined the ranks of the Ga-koro Marines. He proved to be a cut above the other recruits in terms of fighting abilities and strategy. He quickly became a valued Marine, and as often been sent to bring in some of the more dangerous and cunning of criminals that creep up in the beautiful village of Ga-koro from time to time.


Name: Hakari

Species: Lesterin of Plantlife

Appearance: Her name armor blue green with yellow as her secondary color, dark blue eyes. Looks very much like a Toa in appearance besides her quite distinctive Lesterin traits.

Mask: Kakama, Mask of Speed

Gender: Female

Powers/Abilities: Resistant to poisons, able to photosynthesize to obtain energy

Weapons: Twin scimitars, ceremonial dagger, chain belt.

Technological items: None.

Weakness: No elemental powers, is very naive.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, she tends to look out for herself, but doesn’t hurt others if she can help it.

Personality and traits: Quite the energetic individual, she often talks as quickly as her mask allows her to move. She’s a bit of a pacifistic, never looks for a fight, and only fights when she has to defend herself or others. She’s often described as bubbly and sweet hearted.

History: Hakari has trouble remembering her life before she came to the island of Mata Nui, in fact she can’t remember much at all other than her name. Up until this point she hasn’t done anything noteworthy besides doing odd jobs here and there to support herself.


Name: Mekana

Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Element: Fire

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, The Mask of Quick Travel.

Powers: Control over the element of fire and all the granted abilities of a Toa. The ability to teleport anywhere in her field of vision. Can take nonliving objects with her, but not other beings. A Kualsi user cannot teleport through energy fields, such as those made by a Hau.

Equipment: Wears loose fitting and light armor to keep herself as quick as possible. On her belt she carries useful tools, such as twin daggers, machete, magnifying glass, scissors, a dash of Stralix Powder. She also usually has a short sword and a light weight crossbow on her person. She also has a small purse where she puts her widgets and more personal things, like small statues of famous men and a deck of cards.

Alignment: Acquisition of money

Appearance: A red and orange Toa of Fire with a somewhat petite figure for a smuggler. Her armor is lightweight and sleek, designed for being quiet and evasive. Her green eyes are often hid by the orange Fedora she fancies wearing. No one has the heart to tell her that the hat is weird.

Strengths: She’s a skilled smuggler, been sneaking in illegal goods as long as she can remember. Preferring to stay out of direct combat due to the nature of her work, she specializes in evasion and subtlety. She will use distractions and trickery before resorting to direct conflict, but if she’s forced to fight she will often try to pick off enemies with her crossbow as discreetly as she can, if that doesn’t work out she always has her sword or whatever else she has at her disposal. Simply running away often works rather well, especially with her mask.

Weaknesses: While she is a skilled combatant where it counts she’s not a heavy hitter, direct combat will not go well for her if she’s facing someone more heavily armed or just better at fighting with brute force. She will often go to great risks to protect her cargo, which can be used to an enemy’s advantage.

Personality: Smug, witty, and probably a sociopath. She lives dangerously and that’s the way she likes it. She does have a tempter, though it rarely comes out unless under a lot of stress. A bit greedy.

Biography: Mekana has lived in Ta-koro a long time, and has been a smuggler almost as long. She prides herself in the fact that she’s never been captured by any sort of authority, though she’s never done anything too noticeable either, at least not as often. She finds smuggling the smaller stuff adds up in payment and there isn’t as much risk in being caught. That’s not to say she isn’t willing to do the more dangerous and risky smuggling, for the right price.


Name: Rekirar

Species: Vortixx

Appearance: A tall, muscular Vortixx, rather handsome for his species. He had a black and brown color scheme.

Gender: Male

Weapons: A very long and massive broadsword, Disk launcher, Volo Lutu Launcher.


Technological Items:


(1) Advanced visor with HUD display. This visor was designed as a prototype for eyewear that could help you with your everyday needs. It allows the user to see in different light spectrums, allowing the user to detect heat signatures or see in X-ray. It can take images and store them for later viewing, such as people’s faces. It will display current temperature levels, current climate, acts as a compass. While it did not originally have a map of Mata Nui, Rekirar’s exploration of it has allowed it to map out a good portion of the island, allowing the visor to guide him to all sorts of locations, as long as he’s been there before. It only recognizes Rekirar has its user, as it is passworded. (Approved by Nuju Metru)


(2)Elemental nullifying armor. Rekirar wears special armor that will effectively absorb and nullify any elemental attacks that hit him directly, or at least are focused on him. Elemental attacks that are not specifically directed at him can still cause him harm. Example: A fireball would hit the armor and do nothing, but if the fireball hit the ground and caused a fire, Rekirar could still be harmed by the flames and heat. The more elemental energy it absorbs, the weaker it gets, and if not given time to cool down it will begin to break. (Approved by Nuju Metru)


Weakness: Lacks elemental powers and mask powers. While he can really be quite terrifying in a fight, if you can manage to stay out of range of his massive sword and dodge the disks he launches at you, he won’t be able to hit you.

Alignment: Lawful, Po-koro


History: Rekirar has lived on Mata Nui for over a year, and has done well for himself as a traveling mercenary. During the Rakhshi assault across the island, Rekirar helped defend Po-koro against Makuta’s final attack against the people of Mata Nui. He earned the respect the village and was allowed to join the ranks of the guard. He has been ever vigilant in his duties and seems eager to please.


Personality and traits: Intelligent, cunning, ambitious. Rekirar is by-the-book and logical in his duties, takes the rules very seriously and is quite harsh against those who break them, naturally there are always exceptions depending on circumstances, but once he decides you’ve violated the rules, he’ll bring you in. To those he considers friends and acquaintances he is polite and respectful.


Name: Taleen

Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Element: Sonics

Mask: Great Huna, mask of concealment

Powers: Elemental control of Sound, mask power allows complete invisibility.

Equipment: Twin protosteel daggers. She carries small bags of powder that can be used as smoke screen, various vials of poison. Twenty throwing knifes.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Typical grey and black color scheme like most Toa of Sonics. Her armor is very sleek and light built, designed to make as little noise as possible. Though it lacks the heavier armor that many Toa use. Her feet are padded in order to further dampen her footsteps as well. She has the look of an assassin overall, a rather pretty one at that.

Strengths: A very deadly assassin, uses her element and mask power to sneak up on her target, striking before they know what hit them. She’s been trained and conditioned to be the perfect killing machine. Even without the use of her powers she’s a very deadly fighter, can kill just as easily with her bare hands as with a dagger. Been known to simply poison her target’s food or drink if the situation calls for it.

Weaknesses: Opponents who have an Arthron or some other means to detect invisibility would give her a severe disadvantage. While she is excellent at taking on single targets, fighting against multiple ones would more difficult, especially out in the open.

Personality: Cold, calculating, efficient, that pretty much sums up her work ethic. She has little use for idle chatter, though she will use it if she finds it to her advantage, or if she's simply in the mood for it. She is very good at manipulating people's emotions. Oddly naive when it comes to socializing and more 'normal' lifestyles'.

Biography: Taleen’s past is rather vague, all that is known about her is that she was trained to be one of the most deadly assassins known on her home island from a very young age. She’s known little else but the life of a killer, simply following her orders and carrying out each mission with efficiency and precision. She rarely failed to kill a target.


Name: Mimira Daring

Gender: Female

Species: Le-matoran

Appearance: Typical Le-matoran build, a bit short for most matoran though, torso is black, arms, legs, and mask are dark green

Equipment: A bag to carry her items in. Le-koran flute, used to summon her Kahu Mistweaver. A sabre with a jade colored blade and golden hilt, has a bandana around her head and a pirate hat.

Foreign Tech/special items: Mimira also wields a special hammer that's weight can be increased or decreased by the user's will. (Approved by Krayzikk)

Alignment: Chaotic Good. Friendly to anyone not scary. Skyra. The pirates of the Infernavika.

Weakness: Being a matoran. Mentally and physically a young child. Incredibly naive, and usually sometimes doesn't do what she is told.

Personally: Mimira is a very young matoran, a child. She's a bubbly, rebellious girl. A very deadly combination.

Pet/Mount: Her Kahu, Mistweaver, is never far off, usually within calling distance.

Bio: Mimira is the youngest of the Darings, and definitely the cutest. She has the same adventurous spirit and sense of complete recklessness the rest of her family seems to share. She has a deep fascination with pirates, enough so that she ended up joining the Infernavika pirate crew, which Skyra reluctantly accepted. So far she has not regretted this decision, and has been having more fun than she ever thought possible aboard the ship, she seems blissfully unaware of just how dangerous being a pirate really is. She has become close friends with Lasinia, who has become effectively like a big sister to Mimira. Lasinia does her best to keep Mimira out of trouble...unless she's the one causing it with her.


Name: Denerium

Gender: Male

Species: Turaga

Appearance: He has orange and white armor, looks like any old Turaga.

Mask: Noble Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis

Element: Plantlife

Belongings: Fruit Stand, complete with various fruit, has wheels and can be converted into a cart that can be pulled by his pet Mukau

Personality: Rather quirky for a Turaga, obsessed with selling his fruit, and when he does have something 'wise' to say he speaks in non-sense riddles.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strengths: Rather unpredictable. Tries use his wits and intelligence to get out of dangerous situations. Is also wiser and much more sagely than he appears to be.

Weakness: He is a Turaga, so most fighters could best him easily.


Name: Our prodigious name is none other than Talinka Quine of the expired village Cry-koro.

Gender: We could not fathom why people asked us these inconsequential catechisms, we were clearly muliebrous.

Species: We declined to answer the question. Feeling it was rather contemptuousness of them to discriminate a Toa like us.

Powers: We have slain many antagonists with our magnificent elemental dynamism over crystalline mass. We donned a mask that granted us telekinetic competency.

Equipment: Along with our prestigious endowment of unnatural know-how, we carry a sturdy spadroon that has been passed down by my people for an eon. It is formed from paragons.

We also carry a magnificent armament widely known as a shield. It is also formed from paragons.

We don’t really carry anything else because we discovered that paragons are rather burdensome.

Alignment: We oblige to an all knowing God called Mata Nui, mostly because his competitor turned out to be a fictional visualization and we wondered what was up with that.

We don’t know why inhabitants accuse us of bringing commination.

Appearance: Our armor is rather monotonous, in colors of white and cerulean. Despite our unostentatious appearance we often acquired unwanted observation. We usually glare with our amber circulars.

Personality: We aren’t known for fantastical winsomeness, and frankly we don’t care. We focus on our woeful quest of martyrdom.

Strengths/Weaknesses: We were rather hushed when we thought about how straightforward we were in all matters, and whether or not it was a good thing.

Bio: We told them of how our village of Cry-koro once stood mightily on this rather dull islet. And how after many eons we got bored of conquest and embezzlement and decided to throw a party. We ended up very drunk and forgot to keep watch for unwanted party crashers.

A crazed witch doctor decided that vengeance was in the now and summoned a gargantuan carnivore called the FELINE. It was a really big cat.

In our drunken disposition we had no choice to flee for the caverns as the FELINE started devouring the masses. We ran wistfully to the olden shrine deep underground, where we acquired the legendary paragon weapons. The heathenous gods that dwelled in the shrine were rather put off by this and enclosed us within a paragon.

It was quite some time before inconspicuous miners uncovered the shrine and managed to free us from the paragon. They weren’t sure how long we’d been there but they figured it had been a really, really long time. They proceeded to ask us lots of exasperating inquiries and we quickly grew bored. So we left.

Name: Arisaka

Species: Dasaka

Castle and Clan: Menti Caste, Umbraline Clan

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength

Appearance: Mask and external armor are darker shades of blue that gets lighter on the limbs, golden highlights on the edges of her armor. Has fierce yellow eyes that can look straight through you. She appears to be extremely fit and athletic, plenty of muscle there.

Powers: Dual Soulsword discipline, Arisaka is one of the few Menti to have mastered not only being able to wield one psychophysical weapon, but two simultaneously. Both weapons take the form of a standard sword.

Weapons and equipment: She wears gripped gloves and boots that all her to scale walls and other objects more easily, she has an assortment of crystalline throwing daggers sheathed on each side of her belt, just in case.

Personality: Arisaka isn’t what you’d call a scholar, or one with much of a philosophical outlook. She prefers to get things done with strength and valor, often solving issues with her fists and military tactics. She takes the three virtues very seriously, and finds anyone who dares to break these virtues the worst of scum.

Strengths: Very few can match the handmaiden’s strength or endurance, Pakari or not. In combat she is in every sense a bruiser or berserker, she will overwhelm her foes with sheer strength and relentless attacks. Has a very tactical mindset.

Weaknesses: Brute strength isn’t always the answer. Arisaka isn’t the brightest Dasaka on the block, and as a Soulsword she is particularly vulnerable to the powers of the mind, such as the Willhammers and the Sighteyes. In the heat of battle she may not realise when she reaches her limit, if such a thing were ever to happen to begin with.

Bio: Even at a young age, Arisaka showed great promise as a warrior. Growing up she always proved to be a cut above the rest in every athletic activity, outdoing every opponent she faced in terms of strength and agility. Only the most clever of opponents could hope to match her, cause they certainly couldn’t match her strenght. She was raised by the clan to be a guardian of the royal family, who only choose the best to guard the Imperial Palace.


Name: Xxeth Daring

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Mask: Kakama, Great Mask of Speed.

Element: Air

Powers: Control over the element of air. Kanohi Kakama grants him the ability to move and run at incredible speeds on all surfaces, far faster than the eye can follow. When using the Kakama, details and features around him blur and fade from view.

Appearance: His armor is mainly a dark slate gray with dark green highlights. His mask maintains the gray coloring off his armor with a dark green stripe going down the middle. His hands, feet, knee and elbows are black in color. He is hooded and cloaked in black, when wearing his hood you can only see the lower half of his face from most angles.

Weapons: Twin protosteel crossbows, he has two types of bolts he typically uses, bolts made of steel or wood. He has also acquired about half a dozen steel bolts that have been hollowed out and filled with photothermic powder or Stralix Powder as some call it. He uses these explosive bolts sparingly, unlike normal bolts they really have only one use, as they tend to explode upon impact. He is also equipped with a machete and several daggers in case he is forced to fight up close and personal.

Alignment: The highest bidder

Strengths: A skilled fighter all around, seems to be fairly proficient with both ranged and melee weapons, he's no amateur. He has full mastery of his mask and elemental powers. Having a rather balanced set of skills, they all seem to be about equal. His natural Le-koroan speed combined with his mask power makes him extremely nimble and a difficult target.

Weaknesses: He trusts no one, and no one trusts him. He has next to no friends and if he was put into a real bind chances are no one would help him.

Personality: A mercenary by trade, he is willing to do nearly anything as long as he's paid well. He also takes his chances of survival into consideration. It wouldn't be unusual for him to switch sides if it would benefit himself. He has a rather brash arrogance about him that make most people rather dislike him. Will say what is on his mind no matter who he's talking to.

Biography: Younger brother of Skyra Daring, older brother of Mimira Daring. He's what you'd call the black sheep of the family. Skyra herself wants nothing to do with the son of a gun, having played a rather large hand in his banishment from the koros, due to his working for the followers of Makuta for some coin. To this day he resents Skyra greatly and if given a chance would ruin her if he could.


Name: Wraith

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Mask: Kanohi Iden, The Mask of Spirit

Element: Ice

Weapons/Powers: Controls the element of Ice. Has the Kanohi Iden, and therefore can leave his body and become a spirit. Wraith has a crystalline, nearly transparent sword designed to resist extreme temperatures.

Appearance: Main body color is white, with silver Iden shaped mask and armor. His eyes glow light-blue, to look into them is like looking at the soul of someone who has seen much, knows much, and yet has little.

Equipment: Almost transparent sword made of some sort of crystalline material, it's an impressive sword that legends say is virtually unbreakable. Whether its truely unbreakable none can say, but the weapon is impressive none-the-less.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strengths: Wraith as spent much of his life mastering his element, becoming one with the ice and snow, to the extent that he has achieved what some call elemental transcendence. He's not bad with the blade either.

Weakness: Fire, anything particularly effective against ice. A loner, he tends to wander off alone into the wilderness.

Personality: Aloof, quiet, calculating. Pretty much your standard Toa of Ice. His show of emotion is rare, though he cares deeply for Ko-koro.

Bio: A rather quiet Toa who spends much of his time in the cold wilderness of Ko-Wahi and Mt Ihu. Wraith has long been a ranger of Ko-koro, patrolling its outskirts for any apparent threat to the village. He's been missing for months, though the truth is he's merely been meditating on Mt. Ihu, trying to become closer to his element than ever before.


Name: Oceanna Gallywix

Species: Toa of Earth

Mask: Kanohi Kadin, the Mask of Flight

Appearance: Oceanna isn’t particularly muscular for a Toa of Earth, she has a more average built, not really skinny or thick but somewhere in between. Rather average looking by all accounts, though she isn’t looking to win a beauty contest anyway, her arms and legs are adorned with tattoos and very few people have seen if she has any elsewhere. Her body color is mainly black, though her mask and highlights are purple, she has those typical dark green eyes you’d expect from an Onu-Toa.

Gender: Female

Powers: Elemental control over the earth, mask grants the ability to fly.

Equipment: One massive, proto steel guitar. It’s heavy and metal, she can play music and bash people’s faces at the same time, neato. She's also recently acquired a Rahkshi of Laser Vision's staff, it had been split in two, but she recently had it reforged by a Smithy back into a single piece.


Strengths and Weakness(es): She’s more of a lover than a fighter, her main strategy in a fight is to ensnare her opponents into the earth and bash their heads in with her guitar, if that doesn’t work she runs(or flies) like ######.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality and traits: She’s very eccentric about her music, always humming or playing some sort of tune. A bit absent-minded, often lost in her own world, trying to find the perfect melody. She’ll go to extreme lengths to spread music across the island.

History: After a fight with her family involving soap or some ###### like that Oceanna ran away from home and set out to make a living as an artist. So far being a solo guitarist hasn’t really paid the bills so she’s looking for potential members for a band. She can’t really sing so she’s hunting for someone with a really rocking singing voice.



Name: Silene

Sex: Female

Species: Toa

Element: Gravity

Mask: Kanohi Arthron, the mask of sonar

Powers: Standard powers that come with being a Toa, controlling element power, mask power, etc.

Equipment: A protosteel sword that's in fairly good condition, two daggers, some throwing knives, a pair of handcuffs.

Technological items: A Patero Launcher that she uses to launch special nets that can trap Toa sized beings or smaller, effective against weakened targets.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: When you look at the Toa known as Silene you will notice she takes great care in keeping herself looking tough and pretty, something that isn't easy to maintain with her line of work. Her pink and purple armor is well polished and shows off her body in all the right places, and yet provides excellent protection against attacks. Her mask is very pink, and her blue eyes that peer behind it stand out because of it.

Strengths: Silene, despite appearances, is very good at tracking people down. Her mask power only improves her skill at finding her target, not even those who have the ability to turn invisible can hide from her mask power. If her target proves to be particularly challenging well, that's what her gravity powers and weapons are for.

Weaknesses: She has a tendency to underestimate her opponents, which can be problematic against a particularly dangerous foe. She does not like getting dirty, or getting blood or dents on her armor, this will make her lose concentration as she frets about it.

Personality: Sassy, girly, loves to shop for clothing...she's not your typical bounty hunter, that's immediately apparent to all those who are unfortunate enough to be her target. To her friends and acquaintances she can be a massive headache, between her occasional giggly fits and how overly girly she acts. Her demeanor is at odds with her job, as typical bounty hunters are of a much more stoic and gruff type. She couldn't be more opposite of that.

Biography: A novice bounty hunter who is striving to make a name for herself. No one really knows much about her, or where she came from. If asked why she chose bounty hunting for a career, she will explain that she needed to make money to pay for important things like keeping herself pretty.


MIA/Inactive characters: Bruntoa, Agate, Kehaga


Dead characters: Frieza, Emotia, Havon

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As stereotypical as it is, I'm doing another being with amnesia washing up on Mata Nui. :P


Name: Ogeka, "The Castaway"

Species: Po-Matoran

Gender: Male

Alignment: Wealthiest customer

Mask: Black scoped Noble Iden

Tools: Ogeka has two blades charged with an unknown power, although he usually only keeps one around. He is also extremely inventive and able to design practically anything and use it.

Appearance: Ogeka is a brown Po-Matoran with black armor and a black Noble Iden with a scope he uses while inventing. His body seems unbalanced and twisted with mismatched armor from the many times he's rebuilt himself. Image coming soon!

Personality: After washing ashore on Mata Nui, Ogeka has quickly discovered his gift for inventing, and it has made him extremely proud. He also has become extremely paranoid, convinced someone is out to steal his ideas or even him. His brash personality often conflicts with the order of the Po-Koro Sentinels, and he's started a bit of a rivalry with them.

History: Beyond washing ashore on Mata Nui after a storm, Ogeka can't remember anything. Due to his inventive skills, however, he has opened a shop, Ogeka Tech, in Po-Koro, although some rumor he is doing secret deals with the darker side of society. He currently plans to take his small, little noticed business onto the road in a Po-Koro Trade caravan.

Weaknesses: Although Ogeka seems strong and proud on the outside, in actual high pressure situations, he's just another coward. Even if he had everything on his side (which he could if you gave him the time and materials), he would still cave before the slightest threat.




Name: Uitad, "The Broken," "The Wizard"

Species: Qa-Toa (My prefix for Crystal)

Gender: Male

Mask: Volitak

Tools: Elemental power of crystal, albeit weakened from becoming a test subject to many experiments. His usual use of it is to make tiny, sharp darts or crystal traps. He currently has no Toa Tool, although he often creates weapons out of crystal when needed. His favorite form is a bladed staff that he often uses as a walking stick because of the pain he still suffers.


This guy won't be appearing for a while, so read on if you want to ruin a big surprise. :D

Alliance: His Master (will be revealed, maybe)

Appearance: Hard labor has worn his once gleaming silver and trans-purple armor into a rusted and dull grey, and an unprepared rebuilding, while saving his life, has left him with a mismatched frame and armor of all styles covering him. His powers have also produced crystals covering his armor, prominently large, dull ones on his back and elbows, after becoming a test subject for an elemental amplification device built by his Master's slaves. His Volitak is also of an unusual style, but also broken, cracked, and chipped with battle scars. Image coming soon!

Personality: After centuries of serving under his Master, all traces of mercy he may have once have has been driven from him. Now, he is sadistic and insane, although he continues to execute his missions with a bit of flair, earning his title "the Wizard." He is utterly loyal to his Master, knowing that if he ever fails him, he will go back to the slavery he once was in.

History: Uitad once was a regular Toa protecting a far away land, but was grievously injured in a Rahi attack. The resident Matoran brought him to a warlord from a nearby land, begging him to heal their Toa, in exchange for extending his power over their land, which he did, but then forced Uitad into bondage for centuries. Eventually, the warlord had some...loose ends to clean up, and found the benefits of having a Toa on his side, bringing Uitad from his bondage and turning him into an agent. Uitad has traveled through the known universe many times over in his quests, but his latest one brings him to Mata Nui, where he has been sent to hunt down Ogeka and get him back to his Master.

Weaknesses: Uitad seems nigh unstoppable when chasing after a target, but that also leaves him with tunnel vision, where he is so focused on achieving his aims that he ignores everything else. He also loves to bring a bit of flair into his successes, which can leave him in dangerous situations when there could be an easy way out. His lack of a Toa Tool can render him ill-equipped for surprise melee ambushes, but he can usually form a weapon fast enough to not be severely injured.

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Name: Jaller

Species: Matoran

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Hau (Powerless)

Powers: N/A

Equipment: N/A

Appearance: Jaller is a strong, athletically built Matoran, mostly red and yellow in color. He walks with the discipline of military background clear in his steps. Jaller generally holds his face in a mask of calmness and focus, even if what lies behind it is stirred by irritation at insubordination or danger.

Personality: Jaller has excellent self-control over his emotions unlike many of his fellow Ta-Matoran. He can generally keep his temper under control and is known by all for his courage and responsibility. He has a strong sense of justice. Jaller leads his village firmly, but believes in leading with an ear open to suggestions.

Biography: Jaller served as the captain of the Ta-Koro guard when Vakama was the village’s Turaga. He distinguished himself in combat against the forces of Makuta on many occasions, and his restructuring of the Ta-Koro military was crucial in keeping the Koro safe. When news of Vakama’s death reached Ta-Koro, the citizens of his village almost unanimously supported Jaller to take up the Turaga’s mantle.

Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, Jaller can be overcome physically by most other species of beings in contests of brute strength.


Name: Tarnok

Species: Matoran

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi (Powerless)

Powers: N/A

Equipment: Knives; Protosteel saperka; repeating crossbow

Appearance: Like most of those with his element, Tarnok is taller, bulkier and more muscular than the average Matoran. His naturally black armor is largely covered by an external set of gunmetal gray armor, one carefully crafted and issued to all of Ussalry Seventh. It’s closer to plate armor, designed for maximum protection and maximum mobility. A large knife belt encircles his waist, and a crossbow is almost eternally slung across his back. His powerless Kualsi is usually set in an impassive mask.

Personality: Usually quiet, though tends to speak at length when a conversation is initiated. Possesses a very strong sense of Duty, and a determination to keep his village safe. Tarnok tends to be skeptical of Toa claiming to be heroes, and demonstrates little fear of beings far larger and more powerful than himself.

Biography: Tarnok started life as a simple miner, and were it not for a series of unfortunate events, he would have remained one. He joined the Ussalry and was assigned to Ussalry Seventh under the command of Sulov Koskium. During that time, he participated in the Hive battle and acquitted himself reasonably well. In the months following Sulov’s exile he fought off several marauding Toa, went toe to toe with a Valkyr, and fought Whenua's assassin to a standstill. He effectively organized the defense of Onu-Koro in the face of the impending Rahkshi assault, and fought in the battle that followed. After Makuta's fall, little has changed: the restructuring of the Ussalry left him bereft of his former squadron, with many former comrades promoted above him. As a result, his already limited socialization has decreased.

Weaknesses: Tarnok is only a midget in a world of tall people and as such has less reach and zero access to physics-defying powers.


Name: Krayzikk

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi

Powers: Due to his physical abnormalities and harsh training regime, Krayzikk is quite powerful, albeit not to the level of a Pakari-user.

Equipment: Morning star; longsword; knives; knuckledusters

Appearance: Krayzikk was born towering over the others. Most Toa come up to his lower chest, and the size difference is only punctuated by his physique. He is far more muscular than most, having trained himself to the peak of his already significant physical ability. His armor is gunmetal gray with lighter gray accents, his eyes a startling serious blue. He is seldom seen without his weapons, though he it is rare to spot him in general.

Personality: The Titan is very much not what one would expect from his appearance. He’s clever, though not exactly booksmart, and very, very quiet. Largely in solitude in recent times, his sense of humor nonetheless remains, and tends to appear in the form of occasional quips and remarks during his few interactions. He tends towards a rather serious demeanor, but if one manages to work past that, it is readily apparent that stoicism is not his natural behavior.

Biography: In his youth, Krayzikk trained underneath a Toa named Song, whose teachings were quite harsh and unorthodox. Later on, he would find himself at the former Ta-Koro Guard Hospital, where he met the doctor Riaril. They were quite close, and following her death at the hands of the Mark Bearer Frieza, brought the latter to justice on the snowfields of Ko-Wahi. He would settle in the village of ice, serving as its protector to this day.

Weaknesses: Krayzikk has no elemental powers.


Name: Nihonei

Species: Dasaka

Caste and Clan: Toroshu of Clan Eiyu

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Volitak

Powers: Nihonei is an incredibly skilled Sighteye. She usually uses her abilities to educate, but can turn them upon enemies in order to support her allies.

Equipment: Wakizashi; katana

Appearance: Nihonei is of slightly shorter stature than most, and she wears a set of carefully crafted crystalline armor, its quality and appearance befitting a Toroshu. Despite her almost motherly nature, Nihonei is still in the prime of her life, and her movements belie her athleticism. She did not, after all, retain her seat as Toroshu by being incapable.

Personality: Despite her stature, she is a very kind and friendly individual to those of the lower castes, with the near constant kind smile on her face a testament to this fact. Rarely subscribes to the clear hierarchy of the empire, though she respects others for their adherence to tradition. Tends towards more passive behavior, barring exceptional circumstances.

Biography: Nihonei was born into the Eiyu clan, taking to their teachings like a fish to water. The near-infinite possibilities of the Sighteye discipline attracted her during her early studies, and upon undergoing training in Twin Souls, utilised her abilities effectively alongside her Soulsword partner. Her partner would mysteriously disappear, but as the Toroshu of her clan, Nihonei has never acknowledge the departure. She is an able leader, her leadership bringing the Eiyu into an age of prosperity.

Weaknesses: Nihonei is not an offensive fighter, performing better in a support role.


Name: Sinshi

Species: Dasaka

Caste and Clan: Menti of Clan Umbraline

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Calix

Powers: Dual Soulsword Manifestation (Tiger Hookswords)

Equipment: Rapier

Appearance: Sinshi is slightly taller than the average member of her species, a trait evident from her straight posture. Her armor is a regal blue, accented primarily with touches of silver (although her pauldrons possess tints of brass-like gold). She wears the best crystalline armor she can afford, and tries to ensure that the details are in the same silver as her mask. When not in armor, she tends to wear robes accented with purple, and on other occasions, a dark blue coat with the Umbraline insigna in purple. Her Kanohi is a blue a few shades darker than her armor and accented with a simple silver. Though she would never describe herself as such, she is rather pretty when not scowling.

Personality: Quiet the majority of the time, bordering on stoicism, Sinshi is actually pleasant when she opens up. Driven to succeed, and thus earn her family honor, she makes no attepts to disguise her distaste for those in positions they haven’t earned.

Biography: Generations ago, Sinshi’s branch of the Umbraline clan was held in high regard, superior to all but the royal family itself. Yet now it is a mere shadow of its former self, a laughingstock behind closed doors. It is this that drives Sinshi’s every action, for her entire life is devoted to reclaiming her family’s past glories.

Weaknesses: Sinshi is easily enraged by insults to her family, and rarely manifests her Soulsword unless her safety or the safety of others is threatened.


Name: Kagesu

Species: Dasaka

Clan and Caste: Menti of the Eiyu Clan

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Sanok

Powers: Kagesu is a Sighteye capable of confusing opponents with her illusions.

Equipment: Uchigatana; Kunai x2; Shuriken; Smoke Bombs

Appearance: Kagesu has a slim build, not one that is expected of a warrior. Her natural armour is far darker than usual, a mere shade above the deepest navy. She has a tendency to wear plain and lightweight crystal armour, which is nearly indistinguishable from what is worn by low-ranking Menti. More often than not, she can be seen with a belt wrapped around her waist, one that holds an odd mix of devices and tools uncommon to the archipelago. Her mask is shaped not at all dissimilarly to a Kakama, but the hard edges have been softened, sharp angles turned into gently sweeping curved planes.

Personality:  Kagesu prefers to go unnoticed when possible, as attention interferes with her preference for a quiet environment. Quite well spoken when she chooses to speak her mind, she’s well versed in various forms of study. Prefers to avoid physical conflict, but will push back when pushed too far. She’s a master of stealth and a crack shot as well.

Biography: Kagesu was a born a week and feeble child, traits that she would carry into her youth and beyond. Her frailties limited her endurance, and she struggled greatly with even the most basic of training. Constantly beaten by her fellows, all that she possessed was her mental acuity and growing aptitude as a Sighteye. Yet even so, she persisted, recognising that the modern fighting styles did not suit her. With the assistance of a librarian, she took to the vast Eiyu library, discovering an ancient combat style that suited all her needs. Slowly but surely, she soon mastered the art, finally excelling over those who had once defeated her. In the present day, she works closely with her partner Masuyo, honing her skills, although much of her time is dedicated to the pursuit and compilation of knowledge.

Weaknesses: Kagesu is not physically strong, and is immobile when using illusions.


Name: Eisen

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Crast

Powers: Elemental Power of Iron

Equipment: Protosteel shield; Longsword (stored in shield); Gauntlets with hidden blades; Cape with protosteel weave

Appearance: Eisen is tall and athletic, possessing highly defined muscles and heroic proportions. His base color is gunmetal gray, highlighted by accents and patches of black and silver. His forearms bear ornate gauntlets with shining silver edges. His boots are steel-toed and crafted from fine Kane-Ra leather. Complementing his choice of armour is a long black cloak that nearly extends to his knees. His mask is unfamiliar and angular, with two protrusions jutting out below his chin almost like those of a Kanohi Kualsi, while the rest of mask rises and angles back into a sleek crest. With his deep green eyes, there is an alien feel to his almost-handsome face.

Personality: Surprisingly well-read and spoken for such a physical combatant, Eisen prefers word economy when talking normally, but tends to grandstand when the situation calls for it. He has an adept tactical mind, though he lacks the innate cruelty often displayed by those on his side. He possesses a different system of morals, believing that what is beneficial to one will almost always harm another, and vice-versa.

Biography: Eisen was originally a mercenary roaming the island in search of work, dealing with a range of tasks that included guarding caravans and fighting Rahi to less savory ones. While he avoided the spotlight and rarely went by his name, he garnered a reputation amongst circles familiar with him for always completing a task to the letter, so long as he was paid. On the one occasion where he was denied payment, he took vengeance with the same efficiency in which he performed his duties.


The skills he displayed drew interest from the Followers of Makuta, who decided to recruit his service. At first, Eisen did not know who he was working for, but as time went on, the truth was revealed to him. Their goals made sense to him, and soon he became one of their most skilled operatives. Yet despite his new occupation, none but his employers knew of his capabilities and whereabouts, for nobody lived to report them.


Following the fall of the Makuta, Eisen returned to his home in the wastes, becoming more and more dissatisfied with the island’s new status quo.

Weaknesses: Eisen lacks long range capabilities and is unused to his lack of Calix.


Name: Liara

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Kadin

Powers: Elemental Power of Air

Equipment: Basic First Aid (bandages, needle, thread, basic meds, etc.); Dagger; Knife; Tranq. Darts

Appearance: Standing at roughly average height, Liara cuts a fairly striking figure. Her armor is naturally a deep shade of green, accented by bits of earthy black. A clean white lab coat covers her at all times and a small leather belt with pouches is fastened around her waist. She dons leather boots when outside. Her blue eyes glint behind her Miru-shaped mask.

Personality: Though caring, Liara’s wit is often sharper than what inflicted the wounds she heals. Friendly enough when she warms up, her bedside manner often belies the concern she has for her patients.

Biography: Liara’s past is shrouded in mystery. Somewhere down the line, she ended up joining a group of mercenaries as a thief and medic. Although she wasn’t fond of the job, it wouldn’t be until her meeting with Skyra in Ta-koro that finally convinced her to leave. Over the next few months, she would find herself numerous friends, settling in one of their homes in Ga-koro. Yet things began to fall apart, leaving her destitute. With nothing left for her, she decided to start anew, setting up a clinic that continues to this day.

Weaknesses: She is not physically strong.


Name: Saeva Sareta

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Kadin

Powers: Elemental Power of Fire

Equipment: Sword; Trench Knife; Knife

Appearance: Sareta is a few inches taller than the average Toa, with a medium build. At a glance, she appears to be a merchant or server. Most of her body weight is in the form of toned muscle, a fact that more than one opponent has learned the painful way. Her armor is a deep crimson, accented by splashes of lighter color and touches of black. Her face seems practically built for grinning, her most common expression. Blue eyes are set behind a black Noble Huna-shaped Kadin, and much of the time she seems irrepressibly cheerful.

Personality: An enthusiastic brawler, Saeva enjoys seeking out new and more challengng opponents. Though her temper can often be evident, it rarely reaches true anger. Impulsive, with a fondness for making the most out of every fight, she is however a surprisingly decent tactical mind.

Biography: Born to a pair of Ta-Koro merchants, Saeva spent her days either working in her parents’ shop of satisfying her curiosity and pushing her boundaries. With the village’s tendency for trouble, she found herself involved in the occasional brawl, and attempted to take her experience with her into the Guard. However, disagreements prevented her from doing so, and with the consent of her parents, she found herself travelling the island. She eventually arrived at the Crucible in Ga-koro, combating all who challenged her until she met a certain Toa of the Green. They soon established a vitriolic relationship, and left the fighting ring for greener pastures.

Weaknesses: Saeva tends to make her own battles harder by not using her powers in order to challenge and enjoy herself.


Name: Song

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Kakama

Powers: Elemental Power of Lightning

Equipment: Rapier; Daggers x2

Appearance: Song is hard to miss. Taller than most of her species, she tends to be armored in striking yellows and silvers, though the former are muted slightly in tone. Where once she wore heavier armor, she now tends towards simple weather-resistant attire, such as all-weather coats and boots. Her mask, a Kanohi Kakama, is a sterling silver, the green eyes behind it filled with an amused light. Buckled at either hip is a well-crafted dagger, a lightning bolt inlaid on the hilt. On her left is the sheath for a rapier.

Personality: Sarcastic at every turn, Song often seems apathetic towards the state of her companions. Given her fondness for fighting, an enemy might even say “mildly sadistic”. These facts are partially true; it is not easy to get into her good graces, but she is quite protective of those she genuinely cares about. Though she won’t admit it.

Biography: Originally a teacher of some renown, Song grew bored of her previous life. Seeking some kind of adventure, she enlisted with the Infernavika under Captain Raknar. Her pirate career lasted for the majority of his time on the ship, and when he left it, so did she. The two dropped off the radar for some time, but eventually surfaced sometime after the destruction of Xa-Koro in a new ship, The Southern Charm, serving as the First Mate.



Name: Masayoshi

Caste and Clan: Menti, Umbraline

Species: Dasaka

Gender: Female

Mask: Arthron

Powers: Mindarm

Equipment: Exact equipment varies depending on the circumstance, ranging from lightly armed to heavily.


-Crystalline walking stick, sword hidden within the body.

-Vambraces, carefully designed with the densest material available. Meant to blend in as part of her standard armor, but reinforced enough to, if necessary, block a limited number of blows.

-Katana sheathed at either side of her waist, a smaller wakizashi just below them. (Katana x2, wakizashi x2).

-Straight short sword, sheathed horizontally at her lower back.

-Dagger in a sheath on her left thigh.


Appearance: Of average height and athletic build, Masayoshi is armored in the same material as most Menti. Her armor is deep blue, with faint accents of pale gold most notably on her body upper arms. On most days, she keeps only the dagger sheathed to her left, only donning her more apparent equipment when the situation calls for it. Her cane is, without exception, held easily in her right hand. Her Kanohi Arthron is shaped like a sleek Kakama, her visage almost pretty but for one thing; the carefully crafted, nearly opaque, crystalline visor slotted into place over her eyes. Very notably, her attire is completely devoid of both the Umbraline’s colors, and their sigil. making it difficult to place her within a clan on sight.

Personality: When one thinks of the Imperial Executioner, one thinks of the stoic, level headed mountain of a Dasaka that occupied the position. His bodyguards are a mere afterthought, silent shadows to the mighty Umbraline.


Masayoshi very much subverts that expectation. While quiet in the presence of the company she often finds herself with, this is only to avoid drawing too much attention to herself. When she starts talking, she’s a very cheerful and enthusiastic conversationalist. Remarkably casual about her own impairment, it’s shown only out of public sight that she’s not half as disadvantaged by her impairment as she lets on.

Biography: Masayoshi was considered one of the best up and coming Menti while training. She used her Mindarm abilities and her Kanohi Calix to, at least among her peers, almost unparalleled effect, weaving in and out of her opponent’s attempts to strike her and dealing out her own from every angle, both with limb and mind. To her pride, she had attracted both attention to her own skill, and attention to her family. Given the nature of the Yards’ methods, pairing students of roughly equivalent skill to spar, she found herself pitted quite often against those supposedly her betters, not the least of which were a handful of First Sons. Rarely did their pride escape intact, and one in particular was consistently enraged by the “nobody upstart”. Himself a Soulsword of considerable ability, the duo sparred often, both due to the instructor’s intentions and her opponent’s own desire to humble the young Umbraline. Sparring in the Yards, particularly with Soulswords and live weapons, was mandated to be strictly light touch, if there was to be weapon contact to the body at all. Near the end of their training, when such bouts became permissible at all, the two fought yet again; it seemed to be much like their other bouts, until, somehow, her opponent’s Soulsword bypassed her guard and connected with her face. Only her Calix prevented it from connecting perfectly, but even then the blow shattered her Kanohi and left a deep wound horizontally along her face.


The healers responded slower than usual, resulting in a single outcome; while most of the damage could be healed, there was nothing that could be done for her eyes. It had taken too long to get her to a skilled enough Sana user. They managed to restore the appearance of her eyes, even a limited degree of functionality, but she would never be able to see. The Umbralines treated her well, even gave her a comfortable job back at their estate, but it immediately became clear that it was as much to sweep the issue under the rug as it was to treat her with respect. The duties she performed were formalities, and the First Son never faced an investigation into the event. It was in her new position that she stayed, for a good many years. She steadily adapted, using her new Kanohi to replace her lost sight, slowly regaining the independence she had once had. All the while, she trained. Trained to regain her skill, to somehow compensate for her lost sense.


Eventually, she attracted the attention of the Imperial Executioner, on one of his visits back to the Umbraline estate. An offer was, after a time, made; Rayuke offered to give her a position as his assistant. She accepted quite quickly, and returned to the Imperial Palace for the first time since completing her training to take on her new duties, despite the whispers behind closed doors.

Weakness: Masayoshi is blind. If she were to uncover her eyes she would be able to see varying levels of light, but she is almost completely blind. Though her Arthron easily compensates for this, if one were to find a way to bar her access to its powers, she would once more be rendered without sight.



Name: Hanabe

Species: Dasaka

Gender: Female

Caste and Clan: Menti, Eiyu

Mask: Pakari

Powers: Great Mask of Strength, Sighteye Discipline

Twin Soul Partner: Eiyu Vinyani


-Heavy Crystalline Bracers, designed to block strikes from weapons

-Ovoid shield

-Bo staff

Appearance: Standing at only slightly above average height, though even that makes her markedly taller than her partner, Hanabe possesses a notably fit build. Her armor is naturally a hue darker than the species average, highlighted with rich gold. Her posture, without fail, is restrained and polite, her body language giving little away while in the public eye. Her muscle tone is most often hidden underneath both her crystalline armor, as well as the less formal (and much more comfortable) attire often worn by the Eiyu’s scholars. The emblem of her clan is carefully pressed and dyed into the collar of her crystalline armor. Notably the crystal is much thicker on her arms, resulting in slightly exaggerated shoulder pauldrons and thick, heavy bracers. Her Kanohi Pakari is navy blue, by far the darkest shade on her person, with gold detailing of the same shade as her armor.

Her shield is usually carried on her back, while her staff is usually in her hand.

Personality: Quiet and soft-spoken, Hanabe often gives the impression that she has little to say. Her voice seldom rises in volume, nor does anger often color her tone. The truth is that she is actually very opinionated, but carefully censors and filters her statements to prevent causing affront. Her emotions are kept contained, buried behind walls of self control.

Hanabe is, in fact, a caring person and the misuse of power is a sure-fire way to earn her disapproval, whether you realize it or not. Such a situation she also considers to be one of the few times that force is permissible.

Biography: Hanabe was born when Yusanora’s reign had already long been running, well after the last Fursic uprisings. She has never known any world but that of a peace lead by Yusanora, though she is aware of the unrest in previous generations. She was an innately curious and stubborn child, and never failed to voice her opinions. If she felt something wasn’t right, she acted. If she was displeased, people knew. She wasn’t particularly quick in developing her powers, admittedly.

In fact, she first tapped into her Kanohi quite by accident. On a trip to Sado with her mother, she saw a Menti berating an ashen-face Saihoko. She watched for a few moments, curiously, until the Menti materialized a Soulsword. Without thought she had, as a young child, burst forward and with a running jump slammed her fist into the Menti’s face. The older warrior was both knocked to the ground and thrown back by the force of her accidental usage of her Pakari, and it was only the intervention of her mother that prevented the situation from escalating further. Nevertheless, the incident horrified her; not just that a Menti had been so close to abusing her power, but that Hanabe had so easily misused her own.

A marked change came over her from that day. From that moment on her mannerisms became increasingly more subdued, almost withdrawn, with no signs of reversing the trend. Finally, one day, her mother sat her down to talk to her. Hanabe’s explanation was simple; she refused to mistakenly use her powers in such a way again, or use her powers the way the Menti had been about to. Power was a Virtue, but its use was not.

Nothing dissuaded her from this path, and as a result, she was very unremarkable during her training at the Yards. Average in every way, in fact. When the Eiyu were recalled for Twin Souls training, she was one of the few left without an easily chosen partner. By the Toroshu’s suggestion, she was paired with the trickster Vinyani.

Weakness: Hanabe, when she fights, is a primarily close range combatant. Additionally she will always act with only the bare minimum of force necessary, preferring to defend and incapacitate than cause permanent harm.


Name: Skrihen

Species: Toa of Plant-Life

Gender: Female

Mask: Pakari

Powers: Control over plant-life, as well as her Mask of Strength.

Equipment: A large zweihander with a secondary subhilt and handle above the main crossguard, carried on her back. Crossed opposite it on her back is an Acurahk staff, taken from the Hive battle two years ago. A reasonably sized dagger and a survival knife are secured to her left hip, and a small crossbow to her right.

Appearance: Roughly average height, Skrihen’s armor is colored the muted hues of an evergreen forest in winter. Pale greens accented by light gray, she is at home in most of the island’s forests. Her personal colors are contrasted by the stark black of the waist length jacket she wears, and the well-kept silver of her weapons. Her Pakari is a slightly darker shade of pine green than her body, and her gaze is tempo teal behind her Kanohi. She usually carries a small bag of supplies with her.

Biography: Skrihen’s past isn’t entirely clear. There isn’t much of a trail, of people she knew or places she’s lived, but a general idea can be formed of who she was. For much of her life Skrihen looked out for number one, without much regard for anyone else. Their well-being was their problem. Somewhere along the lines she was burdened with the Mark of Joy, a Mark she had to feed on a daily basis. Her path, rather unintentionally, brought her to the Island Liberation Front’s Pala-Koro just in time to participate in the Hive Battle.

After that… She stuck around for a while. She was a regular member of the ILF for the rest of their (admittedly short) duration of existence, and manned the village’s bar when its owner left. The culmination of events beyond her control took her Mark from her, and she returned only just in time to defend the village against the Followers of Makuta.She helped to defend against the Rahkshi during Makuta’s fall, and eventually left Pala-Koro for parts unknown. Most of her time since then has been spent traveling the island, taking mercenary work from time to time.

The fall of Ko-Koro has proven to be the first event to truly draw her attention since the fall.

Weakness: While normally an agile being, Skrihen’s zweihander severely limits her mobility when she uses it. Her Pakari enables her to move without too much effort, but she still experiences a drawback in her speed. This is not an issue when using her other weapons. Additionally, the physical nature of her element means that she uses more energy when using it in an area without much plantlife.



Name: Krayn Inzaka, former Lieutenant of the Gukko Force

Species: De-Toa

Gender: Male

Mask: Sanok

Powers: Control over Sonics, Kanohi Sanok

Equipment: Sword concealed in walking stick, wakizashi x2, daggers x2, repeating crossbow x1, revolvers x2 (Obtained with permission from Tyler), rations, first aid kit.

Appearance: Krayn stands taller than most of his species, though it is not immediately apparent. His armor is the natural gunmetal gray and silver of his element, though the former is more prevalent in his armor than the latter. He wears a black Sanok. His eyes, behind the mask, are dark green in color, and often unreadable in expression. If it's true that the eyes are the window to the soul, then Krayn's soul is very guarded indeed. He is seldom seen without his dark gray coat, made of a material light enough to be breathable, but still thick enough as to be effective in the wastes of Ko-Wahi.

Biography: Krayn was a member of the Gukko Force for an extended amount of time, serving alongside, and later under, Commander Daring. His path brought him into encounters with the Mark Bearers, pirates, criminal syndicates, and included time serving as a member of the Aggressors. Her served on the Fowadi for a time, and was stationed in Po-Koro as a go-between for the Force and the Sentinels. He has since resigned his position as a Lieutenant of the Gukko Force, and is presently a civilian.

Weakness: Like all De-Toa, his hearing is especially sensitive. He usually tones down sounds entering his audible range, but this fact can still be exploited with effort. He also is not an exceptional hand to hand combatant, without the technique of trained martial artists. He instead relies on pragmatic military maneuvers.


Name: Jikal

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Mask: Kadin

Powers: Elemental Lightning, Flight

Equipment: Large broadsword, daggers, guitar

Bio: Jikal's unremarkable life was disrupted by the Mark placed on his shoulder under then-unknown circumstances. His time as a Mark Bearer, with an alternate personality inhabiting his Mark, have left him remorseful and a semi-wanted man in several Koros.

Weakness: Highly unwilling to cause harm if he can avoid it. The loss of his Mark, and reluctance to fight since, have led him to be unused to fighting without the boosts it once gave him.

Edited by Riku Tryon



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Name: Sulov Maru
Species: Onu-Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sulov is firstly a mountain. In height and girth, he pushes the limits of his race's form. This mass is compounded by its linear quality. His shape is made of hard angles. In conjunction with an upright posture and chin held up, he is as straight as a blade.

He wears a black cloak with a hood and a high collar, all comprised of ceramic mail. The cloak is additionally armored with segments of ceramic plate and insulated with alternating layers of hikaki scale and ice bird feathers. Its side pockets hold his grenades and prosthetic shovel blade. Sulov's waist is wrapped in an adaptable belt, his sheathed szabla and knife hanging at his left hip and his holstered pistol at his right. Over his chest is a harness-like pair of muaka-hide belts, which strap a scattergun and rahkstaff to his back. His feet are covered in muaka-hide insulated by the same layered materials. His hands are also in ringed ceramic gauntlets. Beneath this is the black plate armor he developed during his transformation, which is designed to deflect physical attacks.
Like his plate armor, his Kimi is military-grade and curved for maximum protection against blows. It provides an excellent field of vision. Its jaw is square and robust.  His cheekbones are also linear and taut. His eyes are a brilliant emerald and vigilant.
His voice matches his appearance in cavernous depth. He speaks unaccented and with a practiced smoothness.

In demeanor, Sulov is stoic and resolute, intimidatingly keen. Combined with his angular and puissant physique, he is sharp and fine as a knife to the senses. This image is wont to inspire fear or attraction depending on the desires of the viewer. Yet that doesn't represent the complete picture. In Sulov's graceless manner, size, and alertness, he suggests a vitality incapable of being shackled and a man larger than himself. His form was not chiseled, but grown; his growth continues unrestricted by his body's limits, so he channels his vim through his mortal self to an extreme point and aesthetic unlike pretty, human beauty and feeling. This enhances the steel of his action to a font of valor at his inscrutable surface. A rising black sun, then, would be the more common image he calls to mind, though he mirrors infinite phenomena of similar natures.
Powers: Sulov has control over the element of Earth at a powerful toa's level. He also can utilize the Kanohi Kimi.



The [sic] Kahoni Kimi allows the user to track people or objects. These people or objects must have been pre-marked by the user ahead of time through direct physical contact, but once that contact has been established, the user can thereafter know exactly where the object or being they seek is. This location is summoned voluntarily by the user of the mask; they have only to think of what they want to find, and they will know where it is. A caveat of this mask is that it can only hold a limited number of items in its "database", and that objects marked longer ago will be forgotten faster, and become harder to locate as they age.


Abilities: As an Onu-Toa, Sulov has great strength and night vision. These traits are only enhanced by his natural physique and the strenuous hunters' work he occupies himself in such a way that he can function nocturnally with ease and has a physicality peak for his race, being extremely fast and strong. His armor gives him great endurance as well.
Weapons/Equipment: (10) Grenades-The Onu-Toa keeps a stock of photothermic grenades of ceramic shells for manipulation and enhanced shrapnel. They are of the two-piece cylinder design invented by Stralix and can be twisted for detonation.

(1) Ceramic Szabla
(1) Ceramic Dagger
(1) Scatter-Patero
(1) Sanorahk Staff
(1) Adaptable belt-a belt that changes its composition to guard against physical and environmental extremes. [Looted from Billetes; approved by Nuju Metru, 2014]
(1) Leum Astolc 54-a semiautomatic revolver with ten rounds a pack and accompanying rounds possessing maximum velocity. It and its ammunition are built of ceramic. [Looted from Billetes; approved by Nuju Metru, 2014]
(1) Armor-coat-ceramic mail that further increases durability and resistance to extreme temperatures at the cost of some agility.
(1) Shovelhand-the weapon half of Sulov's Toa Tool, a protosteel spade-blade that can be screwed into the socket of his "shovelarm." It serves as a prosthetic when the socket is not filled with an earthen hand.
Weakness: Short of polarized ceramic lenses, Sulov's vision in regular lighting is poorer than usual. He's also not agile in two layers of armor. Last, the weakness of plate armor is the joints.
Other Possessions: -Earth prosthetic wrist and hand

Bio: Sulov is widely known to be one of the Toa Maru and a former matoran of Onu-Koro. However, little is known by the public of his past as a resident or of the nature of his Kanohi. In the aftermath of the Second Battle of Kini-Nui, he kick-started his trailmix business. He simultaneously built dwellings for himself across the island and obtained weaponry using his widgets. He now works in tandem with the Onu-Koro Ussalry as Guardian of Onu-Koro and a bounty hunter when not producing new mixes.


-The Boy Wonder-

Name: Lux Saran
Species: Po-Matoran

Gender: Masculine / Male

Alignment: Neutral Good

Powers: Lux possesses enhanced strength, speed and agility for ten minutes when his Parakuka is "activated."

Mask: Powerless Kakama
Equipment: Lux carries a claymore and the staff of an illusion Rahkshi, along with a few odds and ends in an over-the-shoulder satchel. Amongst which is a Toa Stone procured from the Po-Koro Dark Walk. (Approved by Krayzikk)

Appearance: Lux is tall and muscular, his powerful frame contrasting with his boyishly handsome and straight-up adorkable face; green eyes glitter with shy curiousity, with a small scar over his left eye. His armour is muted yellow, with a dozen strange symbols engraved into his chestplate, covering a diagonal surgical scar from his hip to his shoulder. His left leg is slightly twisted, and the mottled green Parakuka on his back gives him a pronounced hunch.

Personality: Lux is a nice guy; generous, humanistic, and surprisingly brave when it counts. He might be insecure, awkward, and increasingly bitter and resentful about his poor lot in life, but that doesn't stop him from trying to help as many people as he possibly can. He's also an amnesiac and a bisexual (though the two aren't related).

Biography: Most of Lux's memories stop before the fall of Makuta, and in desperate search of clues to his past life, he took up wandering the island with the vivacious Melna and the enigmatic Day; that ended up with him getting latched with a Parakuka and walking straight into the Dark Walk on an insane rescue mission. However, to the surprise of everyone (not least himself) he managed to slay a Rahkshi and make it out of that hive of scum and villainy alive.
Weakness(es): Lux possesses few actual combat skills, and his relative innocence and naivety can lead him to be easily manipulated.


-The Wild Animal-


Name: n/a

Species: Parakuka

GenderMasculine / Unknown

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Powers: Having no powers on his own, he can only bestow enhanced strength, speed and agility to his host for ten minutes at a time.

Appearance: A fairly young Parakuka, whose skin is mottled green. He looks vaguely cute, in an ugly sort of way.

Personality: In truth, he has very little true personality; he's based most of himself off of the opposite of Lux's personality. Where Lux is peaceful and friendly, his Parakuka is spiteful and violent, loving a good fight and hating most things that aren't him or attractive females. The only element that his truly his is his fear of the Makuta.

Biography: A fairly young Parakuka which bonded with Lux Saran in a cave. He quickly came out of his shell in the Dark Walk, helping his host to demolish a Rahkshi before reverting back to being an unlikeable prick.

Weakness(es): The Parakuka is helpless without a host, being little more than a slug. He also happens to be incredibly unlikeable.


-The Brawler Babe-


Name: Plagia Simul

Species: Toa of Lightning
Gender: Feminine / Female

Alignment: Neutral Good

Powers: Elemental control of lightning, mask power of shielding.

Mask: Hau

Equipment: Temperature-resistant gauntlets

Appearance: Lean, muscular, looks every bit the brawler. Teal and yellow armour. Covered in scars. Green eyes and a surprisingly pretty face.

Personality: Snarky, hot-blooded, loyal, friendly. Serious determinator; heroism is like muscle memory for her. Serious alcoholic and a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Strong moral compass. Desperately seeking purpose in her life.
Biography: A heroic warrior from a strange land, Plagia and her brother were shipwrecked and separated months ago on the shores of Mata Nui, and for the past few months she's been drinking, fighting, making friends, and losing friends as she wanders across the island.

Weakness: Doesn't always think things through. Not very creative in battle.


-The Ne'er-Do-Well-

Name: Gunner
Species: Toa of Air

Gender: Masculine / Male

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Powers: Gunner wields great control over the element of air and possesses the power of levitation through his Kanohi.

Mask: Miru

Equipment: Gunner carries a broadsword slung over his shoulder, as well as a backsword at his hip which, through properties unknown, does not rust or dent or wear with time.

Appearance: Gunner is tall and lean, with a handsome face and regal posture marred only by a certain lanky proportioning. His cheekbones are sharp and his eyes are as black as water at the bottom of a well. His armour is grey-green, but rusted and pitted with time, and he wears a black overcoat most of the time.
Personality: Snarky prick. Good at insulting people. Poor impulse control. Working to be nicer to people, though. Largely unambitious. Smart cookie. Expert on liquor. Open to experimentation nahhmean.

Biography: Has a tragic backstory that he doesn't like talking about. Currently works as both Quartermaster and First Mate aboard the pirate ship Infernavika.

Weaknesses: Can underestimate opponents and overestimate himself. Doesn't always realize when he's insulted people. Lacks brute strength.


-The Less-Famous Simul-

Name: Rynekk Simul / "Libero"

Species: Toa of Stone

Gender: Masculine / Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Powers: Rynekk possesses elemental control over stone, and his Kanohi enables him to move at superhuman speeds.

Mask: Kanohi Kakama

Equipment: Rynekk wields a simple protosteel hatchet and a peculiar axe which blunts when held by an enemy. (Approved by Krayzikk)

Appearance: Rynekk is a stout and strong individual, built almost like a tank. He's donned a set of bronze armour for his latest mission in Ko-Koro, which is scuffed and dented while being more form-fitting than his last apparel. A delicate silver sigil of a fox's head is emblazoned on the left of his chest plate, and he wears a ragged black cloak.

Personality: Although outwardly jovial and outgoing, Rynekk is secretly plagued with guilt and apprehension about his time as a worshipper of Makuta, which often drives him to rashness and emotional instability. He wants nothing more than to be a hero again, and although he still retains a degree of his old sense of morality, it has been warped slightly by his recent past.

Biography: Once a great hero on his home island, when his boat crashed upon the shores of Mata Nui, a lost and confused Rynekk ended up donning an Infected Kanohi and joining the ranks of the worshippers of Makuta. Only upon encountering his sister, Plagia, did he manage to turn his life back around, leading him to join the Po-Koro Guard as a way to atone for his past crimes. Recently on leave after an incident regarding the sociopathic father-son team of Mephiles and Stendhal, he has found himself heading into the rat's nest that Ko-Koro has become to find information on the hostages there.

Weakness: Rynekk lacks speed and agility without his mask, and his inner turmoil over his crimes can lead him to be emotionally unstable.


-The Man Who Smiled-


Name: Teacher / Tyrus Archer

Species: Lesterin of Earth

Gender: Masculine / Male

Alignment: Lawful Neutral / Lawful Good

Powers: Resistant to pressure, heightened night vision, mask power of heightened senses

Mask: Mask of Sensory Aptitude

Equipment: Two talwar swords

Appearance: Slim, muscular, built for strength and speed. Grey and copper armour with blue accents and the symbol of the Ga-Koro Marines on his shoulder. Handsome despite his age, with dark blue eyes. Wears a black overcoat and boots.

Personality: Serious social Darwinist. Sociopath. Superiority complex like none other. Values fair play and honour in battle. Good at faking charm and sophistication.

Biography: Has worked as a mercenary, private tutor, and now as a mole in the Ga-Koro Marines under the name Tyrus Archer.

Weaknesses: Sometimes lacks stamina. Values fair play in battle far too much.


-The Poster Boy-


Name: Dalrin "Dally" Stratos
Species: Onu-Matoran

Gender: Masculine / Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Powers: Dally possesses slightly-enhanced strength and durability, as well as night vision and a capacity to sense vibrations in the earth.

Mask: Powerless Great-style Hau

Equipment: Dally possesses two bandoliers of ten throwing knives, as well as two hunting knives at his belt.
Appearance: Tall, lean, and very good-looking, Dalrin usually wears black and grey armour with a gold Ussalry insignia on his shoulder. He has dark gold eyes and a dashing smile.

Personality: Charming, warmly arrogant, and a bit of a flirt, Dally's the Ussalry's best bisexual bombshell of a butt-kicker since ... well, since maybe ever. The son of an innkeeper, he's a good cook, but he feels immense guilt over the death of his sister. That's probably why he's so determined to protect civilians from the ravages of war.
Biography: A working class lad, his sister was killed in the Rahkshi Attacks. He swore to keep civilians from having to fight and die like soldiers since then, and joined the Ussalry to fulfill that.

Weaknesses: Being a jack-of-all-trades in combat, Dally's a disadvantage against opponent's who specialize. He refuses to let civilians die, no matter what, leading him to make rash or ill-advised decisions and, still being new to being a soldier, can freeze up in dangerous situations.

-The Hunter-

Name: Nika Draen
Gender: Masculine / Male
Species: Vortixx
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Equipment: Two daggers

Foreign Tech: 

- Lightstone sniper rifle, which can be disassembled into four pieces. Fires silently, but takes longer to cool and reload between shots. (Approved by Nuju Metru)

- Mechanical left hand from the elbow down, with a retractable talon at each finger (Approved by Nuju Metru)
Appearance: Tall, skinny, doesn't look healthy. Covered in scars. Cloudy green eyes and a wolfish face.

Personality: Cold, amoral, psychotic. Heavily alcoholic and substance abusing. Suicidal. Has occasional bouts of depression and total rage. Pretty insane.
Biography: The only survivor of the bandit attack that killed his family, forced to take to such things as killing to survive. Recently started getting letters from people claiming to be his family. Hasn't helped his emotional state. Took on a job from Vera Polzin. Might help.
Weaknesses: Largely insane. Lacks brute strength.

-The Firebrand-

Name: Daijuno
Species: Dashi
Gender: Feminine / Female

Alignment: True Neutral
Caste and Clan: Saihoko of Dastana
Mask: Powerless Kaukau
Equipment: Crystal dagger
Appearance: Dai's of average height, average weight, average looks ... she just looks really average, like someone who could make a good living as a stock photo model. Maybe it's because of this that she had her crystal armour carefully tailored to balance practicality and elegance. After all, as a businesswoman and a Saihoko, her situations can change at the drop of a hat, and she needs to be ready to face soldiers, workers, or nobles on an ever-changing basis. Thankfully, her smirks and amber eyes can change just as quickly.

Personality: Shrewd, snarky, blunt, pragmatic. Good mind for business. Resourceful. Hates the prejudice against Saihoko. Hates the nobility, for the most part. Craves respect to assuage her Impostor's Syndrome. Can be nice if you're nice to her. Bisexual, but has a sorta-kinda girlfriend back home.
Biography: Prosperous owner of several timber and bamboo plantations on Odaiba, she is determined to make something of herself and change the status quo of the Empire.

Weakness: Little combat experience. Desperately craves respect.

-The Fallen King-

(Gifted from Kughii)

Title: The Angler
Species: Onu-lesterin
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Languages: Matoran, Skakdi
Hand: Right
Appearance: The Angler wears black and red armor, small lines of phosphorescent orange light glowing along his body and produced naturally.  He is short and lanky with venomous green eyes and snakelike flexibility.  His left side has a long scar from an old wound, and two fingers are missing from his left hand.  
Personality: Surprisingly polite, but full of cannibalistic jokes.  Always thinks of how to use (or eat) those around him.
Abilities: Resistant to pressure and sees in the dark as well as in the day.  He plays opponents into difficult positions and tight corners where he can exploit their weaknesses. 
Weaknesses: Intense light will temporarily blind him, easily bested in bouts of strength, and has a weakness for shiny objects of any material value.


-The Dark Existentialist-


Name: Vyartha Vena / "Pride"

Species: Toa of Fire

Gender: Feminine / Female

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Powers: Vyartha possesses elemental control over fire, as well as heightened reflexes and agility thanks to her Kanohi.

Mask: Kanohi Calix, the Great Mask of Fate

Equipment: Vyartha wields a protosteel longsword which she keeps slung over one shoulder.

Appearance: Nearly a head taller than most, Vyartha is powerfully and cruelly built, balancing speed and strength. Her armour is a mix of dark red and black, and although she is primally attractive, she is not conventionally good-looking; she is beautiful in the way an erupting volcano is beautiful in its terrible and awesome way. Her face is hard and angular, with icy blue eyes and a cunning smirk.

Personality: Darkly existential, Vyartha no longer believes in any sort of higher power or afterlife in this universe; thus, morality is arbitrary and life is to be spent carving out a legacy for oneself. Haughty, hedonistic, and unpredictable, she may find herself doing the right things for the wrong reasons or simply causing mayhem for mayhem's sake. Her pride and narcissism is profound, but not even close to as profound her terror of the oblivion after death is.

History: Born in the slums of Ta-Koro, Vyartha clawed her way out of poverty and through the ranks of the Ta-Koro Guard; even then, though, her pride was legendary. Captured during a raid on a group of Makuta worshippers, she fitted with an Infected Mask and given a "glimpse" into the mind of Makuta, whereupon she saw nothing but eternal and unyielding darkness. Her mind snapped and she attempted to burn down the village; she was stopped and captured, locked in prison for four centuries before she escaped. She was promptly invited to join the new Daedra, which just as promptly collapsed leaving her with nothing but two one-night stands with Sloth and a lifetime of wandering ahead of her.

Weakness(es): Years without a Kanohi leave Vyartha with difficulty in using her element in large doses, and her pride and narcissism mean she's not good at getting on people's good sides.


-Her Girl Friday-


Name: Zyla

Species: Dashi

Gender: Feminine / Female

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Caste and Clan: Saihoko of Dastana

Mask: Powerless Volitak

Equipment: Crystal dirk

Appearance: Tall and slender, handsome, with fine but practical crystal armour. She has bright eyes and energetic smiles, and she wears scarves and skirts of goldenrod and dark blue windbreakers.

Personality: Friendly, hard working, meticulous. Loyal, polite, well-versed in etiquette. Very shy, but determined to do good work. Also a lesbian with a massive crush on Daijuno.

History: Coming from the streets of Sado as just another Saihoko, Zyla’s skills at book keeping managed to find her employment as a personal assistant for the timber merchant, Dastana Daijuno.

Weakness: No fighting skills whatsoever.


-The Prodigal-


Name: Lumira

Species: Le-Matoran

Gender: Feminine / Female

Alignment: Lawful Good

Powers: Athletic and agile like all Le-Matoran

Mask: Powerless Pakari

Equipment: Tanto, hunting knife

Appearance: Tall, strapping, handsome, rugged, powerful. Blue eyes and a friendly face. Light-green and white armour. Wears a black blazer and matching boots.

Traits: Fun-loving, excitable, always looking for an adventure. Strives to root out evil and injustice. Bit of an adrenaline junkie. Friendly, loyal. Plucky girl extraordinaire.

Biography: Orphaned at a young age, spent her formative years on the streets of Le-Koro, tramped around the island later on. Worked as a navigator on a number of ships. Survived the burning of the Makuta's Revenge, the assault on Pala-Koro, and the Rahkshi Attacks of Ta-Koro. Started tramping around again with the Toa Voya.

Weakness(es): Tends to be headstrong. Lacks the powers or reach of other species.


-The Gardener of Gethsemane-


Name: Sylus Tudor

Species: Toa of the Green

Gender: Masculine / Male

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Powers: Sylus possesses elemental control over plant life. His Kanohi, a rarity on the island, allows him to detect hidden beings around him to an extent, and draws him towards Makuta's Vault through ever-increasing headaches.

Mask: Kanohi Elda, the Great Mask of Detection (Approved by Nuju Metru)

Equipment: Sylus wields a fine claymore sword, which he keeps slung over his shoulder.

Appearance: Sylus is the archetypal handsome man; tall, lean, with a torso that's practically triangular and a face that is friendly and unassumingly good-looking. His armour is a well-crafted piece of red and gold, highlighting eyes so dark that they appear black and a white smile.

Personality: On the surface, Sylus is charming, friendly, and, by all accounts, a trustworthy man. However, below first impressions, he is cunning and proud hedonist, willing to sell out anyone for an advantage somewhere else, and will gladly listen to your secrets if he thinks that they'll help him to control you later on.

Biography: Sylus emerged from nowhere as the lieutenant of crime lord, Malinus Vod, quickly expanding his activities to include owning and operating the Sunlight Lantern -- a club in the less-reputable part of Ga-Koro -- and freelance forging. This, however, isn't even to mention his recent work with terrorist, Hakann.

Weakness(es): Sylus refrains as much as possible from using his element in public, for reasons unknown, and has a worrying and ultimately self-destructive tendency to betray allies regularly and on whims.


-The Wild Woman-


Name: Saritsu

Species: Dasaka

Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Feminine / Female

Powers: Mindarm, Twin Souls with Nihonei

Mask: Akaku

Equipment: Dark-grey machete, ice axes, hunting knives (in wilderness). Transparent katana, dagger (in civilization).

Appearance: Strong, muscular, few inches short of average height. Armour is practical, durable, comely. Plain, weather-worn, friendly face, with a lazy grin and bright green eyes.

Personality: Disdainful of social hierarchy and politics, though good at the latter. Artistic, adventurous, outdoorsy, empathetic. Can leave on expeditions into the wild on a moment's notice. Uncomfortable in Sado. Light-hearted, casual, pushes convnetional etiquette norms. Protective of older sister. Doesn't think she'd make a good Toroshu.

Biography: The younger sister of Toroshu Nihonei, Saritsu devoted her life to protecting her family, with only occasional breaks to pursue her lifelong dream of traversing the entirety of the Archipelago.

Weakness(es): As a Mindarm, burns out quickly in battle. Second-guesses her own decisions. Paranoid about her sister's safety.


-The Big Friendly Giant-


Name: Peho Eniblad

Species: Toa of Fire

Gender: Masculine / Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Powers: Peho possesses elemental control over fire, and his Kanohi grants his the power of flight.

Mask: Kanohi Kadin, the Great Mask of Flight

Equipments: Peho carries a massive claymore, coloured bronze and with the words Phoenix Blade engraved into its blade. He also carries a tent and a bedroll, tied together with rope. Both his camping kit and his sword are slung over his shoulders.

Appearance: Tall and powerful, Peho is a truly massive Toa; he stands almost half-a-head taller than most of his kind, and is muscled like a opponent's nightmare. His armour is intricate and well-crafted, although scuffed and dented from his months of travels; it is coloured various shades of a red and burnt orange, with a high collar around the back and sides of his neck. His face is nondescript but gentle and expressive, with a smiling mouth and bright blue eyes.

Personality: Kind and gentle, with a child-like curiousity and wonder at the world around him, Peho doesn't let his amnesia get the better of him; he just keeps trying to learn more and help people where he can. He may not always be the sharpest knife in the box, but he's very keen and loyal, with a quickly-developed sense of right and wrong. He is unfailing generous, especially with his faith in others; oftentimes he trusts others' judgement more than his own.

Biography: Waking up on the shores of Le-Wahi without any memories, Peho was quickly swept into a series of (mis)adventures which involved being kidnapped by the Toa Hordika, Skaarn, before escaping and encountering Ril and the ILF. From there he "helped" with the investigation of Ambages and fought in the Rahkshi Assault of Ko-Koro, eventually striking out on his own to travel the island. Nowadays, he's joined a group of Rahkshi hunters.

Weakness(es): Peho possesses few combat skills beyond the ol' "Smash and Burn," and his ignorance and naivete means that he is more easily manipulated than most.


-The Man of the Hour-
(Gifted from Geardirector)
Name: Colx
Species: Male Skakdi of Gravity
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Powers: Gravity and Impact Vision
Tools and Equipment: Colx usually favours a rather large spiked club for combat purposes. He also has a crooked pipe he often smokes.
Technological Items: Zamor launcher with accompanying Zamor Spheres. Colx's Zamor Spheres have the power to greatly reduce a target's movement speed, rendering them incredibly slow (Approved by Friar Tuck).
Abilities: Colx knows a thing or two about the way the dark side of the world works, and is not easy to bait or fool, nor is he liable to let morals hold him back completely. Colx is a well-rounded warrior in combat, though his only truly outstanding skill is his immense stamina, Colx can outlast nearly anyone in a fight.
Weaknesses: Colx is much more used to fighting by physical means, less accustomed to powers and energy attacks. He has a somewhat short temper, which can be exploited, and he has little practice with his own elemental powers.
Appearance: Colx is a big, burly hunk of a Skakdi, with a very sturdy build that lends itself towards muscling through obstacles. He bears the signs of someone who's seen a lot of dirty fighting, a scar here, a fading mark there, and to top it off a small part of his large chin is missing, the result of a particularly gruelling argument with another Skakdi. Colx's spine and face is black, his teeth white, while his armour is of a steel grey colouring. Colx's eyes are orange.

Biography: Like every other Skakdi, Colx doesn't remember where he's from or how he came to the island. Colx first went the path of a mercenary, but eventually settled down in Le-Wahi alongside fellow Gravity users Melna and Helios. The three became unlikely, and reluctant from Colx's position, friends. When Helios one day showed up as a Toa, Colx decided to put his mercenary training to use and train both him and Melna in proper fighting. After completed training, and the three about to part ways, Colx stayed behind in Le-Koro.


-The Sass-Master-


Name: Dina Stratos

Species: Onu-Matoran

Appearance: Slender, a little on the short side, she nonetheless has the fair musculature of an amateur Kohlii player. Her armour is varying shades of black and smoky grey, and her face is comely, if a little similar to her brother in appearance in that balances sharp jawlines and cheekbones with smooth and feminine grace. Her eyes are the same dark gold as her brother's.

Powers: Dina possesses the usual enhanced strength and durability of Onu-Matoran, as well as their night vision and ability to sense vibrations in the earth.

Weakness(es): Dina has no real fighting ability. She's also headstrong and lacks an ability to think decisions through particularly well.



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- The Beast -

Name: Vezok

Species: Skakdi of Water

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, broad shouldered, and muscular; Vezok is athletically built, his limber form packed with lean muscle that belies an immense, animal strength. His scarred armor is mainly a deep navy blue highlighted with lighter accents, with his chest being a silver color, which is shared with his clawed feet. His red eyes burn with an intelligent, maniac gleam, a trait enhanced by his permanent wide grin.

Powers/Abilities: Vezok has impact vision, which allows him to hit a target with incredible force. Additionally, he can absorb the powers of those around him, temporarily storing them for a few hours for his own use. As a Skakdi of Water, he has access to elemental Water powers, though only when used in conjunction with another willing Skakdi. He is extremely agile, a trait made obvious by his lean build, while still possessing a prodigious strength.

Equipment: Water Harpoon- A dual-use weapon that can pull himself through the water through the use of the harpoon or by way of water jets. The opposite end has a buzz saw that hurls water daggers – blades of compressed water that strike a target with great force.

Zamor Launcher- A fairly standard zamor launcher that has the ability to fire a multitude of spheres.

Affiliation: Piraka

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Personality: Vezok is calm and collected, totally indifferent to the world around. Or at least, at first glance it seems that way. Burning rage is paired with an extremely clever mind in a deadly combination just barely held in check behind his cool exterior. Though an excellent tactician, he's far too intelligent for his own good, and harbors a “healthy” amount of either paranoia or contempt for those around him. This definitely extends towards the other Piraka, where as he can barely stand the likes of Hakann or Zaktan, with Reidak being the only one he can tolerate to any degree. And only because he doesn't believe the big brute to be smart enough to plot against him. He manages to keep his calm demeanor up, save his outbursts of rage in which he normally finds his weapons a better communicator than words can ever be. Nonetheless, when he does talk, it normally amounts to a non-too-subtle threat hidden behind some brutal observation of the world around. Any who spend a great length of time in his vicinity get the impression of a bomb just waiting to be set off at the slightest disturbance. One that wants to be set off, for that matter.

Weakness: Vezok's greatest flaw is easily his temper. His bouts of sheer rage leave him with little to none of the sharp intelligence he normally possesses.



- The Hunter -

Name: Tehlin Marrikh

Species: Toa of Plantlife

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tehlin is incredibly athletic, his limber form packed with lean muscle. Broad shouldered, but not bulky or overly burly, the Toa of Plantlife is around average height. His arms are corded and muscled. His legs are equally powerful, and built like a runner's. His body is toned from long hunting trips out in the Drifts, the Motara Desert, the Fau Swamp. If there's Rahi there, Tehlin has probably hunted there. His otherwise pleasant facial features are broken up by a white scar across his left eye. His armor is angled and utilitarian, of the standard design for the Sanctum Guard. He wears less armor than normal, with only his chest, back, and lower arms and legs covered. A band is tied around his right upper arm, holding three paralyzing darts, and another around his left hand. His Kanohi is similar in shape to a Miru, but much more rounded in design, with ridges similar to a Miru Nuva. His external armor is mainly a stark white, with almost no difference in color. His natural armor is a faded Mata-green, with pale lime green accents. A collection of bright yellow thick-lined fluid designs cover his body, and seem to be the natural armor color rather than painted on. The Sanctum Guard's emblem is painted onto his left gauntlet, and in the upper left hand corner of his chest armor. His eyes and heartlight are bright orange, and a grin is constantly on his face.

Kanohi: Kadin

Powers/Abilities: Tehlin, as a Toa of Plantlife has the ability to create, control, transform, and absorb plants. This power extends to wood, seeds, and pretty much anything else that's part of a plant. After his encounter with the Valkyr Anthyn, his power was reduced considerably, but has since returned to normal levels. After the event, Tehlin made a point to train with the elemental power he never quite mastered before. As a result, he has very fine control over his power, able to control the plants around him with great precision. He's gotten quite apt at changing plants from one form to another, but still needs to work on the whole absorbing thing. His Kanohi allow him to soar through the air under his own power.


-- Axes- Double-bladed axes with sharpened protosteel edges. They have a shortened handles that allow him to wield both at once. The hilts seem to be grown from tree limbs, doubtless the result of his elemental power.

-- 9 Darts- Wooden darts coated with a variety of different venoms from rahi across the island, Tehlin can use his elemental power to control these darts in mid-flight.

-- Staff- Standard for the Sanctum Guard, Tehlin's Toa-sized staff is normally strapped to his back.

Weakness: His main weakness is plasma and fire elements, as they can easily counter his own powers. Additionally, his lack of skill in any specific field of fighting can leave him at a disadvantage to those who specialize.

Affiliation: Sanctum Guard

Alignment: Chaotic Good/Lawful Good.

Personality: Easy-going, wise-cracking, a goofball are all very good ways to describe his personality. Growing up in Ko-Koro caused him to be even louder than normal, and he would frequently get into more trouble than it seemed physically possible. He'll be your friend almost instantly. Perhaps a bit too trusting for his own good. His mood has recently taken a grim outlook, and it's caused him to become reckless and less concerned about his own well-being. Not insane... But close enough.

Theme Song: Lonely, Velveteen Robot



- The Gentle Giant -

Name: Onuzek

Species: Toa of Gravity

Gender: Male

Appearance: Onuzek is gigantic, put simply. Taller then most beings, he stands well above his peers, with his great bulk increasing this image of height. His chest is broad and powerful, to the point where one could fit a Skakdi inside with room to spare, while his back is hunched over like that of a Toa of Earth. His arms are massive, with huge muscles bulging out from under his armor. His hands are equally large, and look like he could put a hole in a few walls without much effort. His hulking form is increased even more by the thick armor he wears. Bulky and covered with short spikes, it provides amazing protection against most attacks, and is scarred from countless battles. The gauntlets are especially thick, where he can almost use his arms as shields to block attacks, or as massive melee weapons to smash opponents with. These massive armor pieces also have gigantic pincers built in, making them even more deadly. His armor is mainly purple, as with all Toa of Gravity, but the color is fading along the edges of the plates, leaving matte black in its place. His natural armor is dark black, but has hints of dark, teal-blue in it. His purple Kanohi is shaped like that of a Pakari Nuva, while retaining the vents of a normal Pakari.

Powers/Abilities: Onuzek's main ability is his enormous strength, which is clearly obvious given his hulking form, surpassing even that of a Toa of Stone in terms of sheer physical power. His Pakari grants him even more raw power, pushing his physical limits to the max and allowing him to land tremendous blows. However, his elemental control is far below that of an average Toa. He can still use it to some degree, but has a much harder time bringing his power to bear and controling it specifically. Simple tasks that other Ba-Toa would be able to complete without much problem, such as altering the weight of a target, are much harder for him to accomplish. When he does manage to use it, it normally involves just increasing the weight of those around him. He can limitedly fly with the use of his element, but still isn't skilled in the ability.

Equipment: (2) Gravity Gauntlets- Two massive peices of armor with gigantic, crushing, pincers built into them. These huge claws are comprized of protosteel, and can easily be used as shields, as well as destructive melee weapons. They are very weighty, and are actually parts of his arms/hands, thus, they cannnot be removed. They seem to take on a purplish glow when his elemental power is channeled through them.

(1) Broadsword- A giant sword that's easily as long as a normal Toa. Its about a three handspans wide, and stays this width up along the entire blade. Additionally, the blade ends squared off, and does not come to a point. It is a weapon one would cleave, not slice with.

(1) Sniper Carbine- A sniper rifle weapon that uses components crafted from disks of speed to launch bullets at high speed. These bullets have no extra powers or properties, and are basically just chunks of shaped metal. The weapon's barrel has been shortened from standard length, and includes a built-in silencer-like device and scope for stealth and accuracy respectively. The rifle uses clips of twenty bullets, though bullets can be loaded individually if needed. (Originally used by Vortixx Pollux, approved by Nuju Metru)

Weakness: Onuzek's great strength comes with a price. His main weakness is the fact that he's the exact opposite of agile, and his heavy armor only serves to slow his body down more. Any being with moderate speed would easily be able to run in circles around him, as long as they stayed out of his massive arm's reach. His thick armor isn't perfect, and beings with keen eyes could spot weak points in it. Additionally, he is incredibly dumb. He doesn't realize that things could actually be dangerous, and thus can get himself into some dangerous situations. Some elemental attacks also bypass his thick armor, such as heat, sonics, and lightning; leaving him vulnerable to them. His weakness with his elemental powers also puts him at a great disadvantage when it comes to ranged fights of elemental energy. 

Alignment: His friends is the only alignment he understands.

Personality: Onuzek is almost child-like in his personality. Stupid, more then a bit slow, and friendly are all good ways to describe him. Despite his appearance, the Toa of Gravity is extremely friendly. In fact, he wants to be your character's friend. He wants to be your friend. He wants to be friends with your friends. His entire life seems to revolve around his friends. Almost always in a good mood, it takes an awful lot just to take the smile off his Kanohi. However, if any of his friends are hurt, then he turns into a giant mass of muscle and gravity powers running after whoever made his friends upset.



- The Commander -

Name: Dehkaz Kyhrilik

Species: Toa of Magnetism

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dehkaz cuts an impressive figure, possessing a muscular, bulky physique expected of a man of his position. His arms, corded and burly, are normally crossed against his chest; a knife weaving it's way through his dexterous fingers. Broad shouldered, his torso tapers into the unmistakable form gained from rigorious conditioning. His lower body and legs are equally powerful, befitting his melee fighting style. While only slightly above average in height, his heavy build and ramrod posture make him easy to pick out in a crowd.

As with most Toa of Magnetism, Dehkaz's natural armor is dark-tinted, primarily an inky, indigo-hued black with a dark teal tone being secondary. This is accentuated by a metallic copper color that adorns his shoulders, back, and torso; and running down the outside of his arms and legs down to his feet. A saturated cyan sits beneath these hues, situated around the joints and other flexible sections. The design of his natural armor is angled and geometric and possesses an overall matte quality to it.

His armor is thick and plated, allowing for moderate range of motion as well as exceptional protection. It's heavier than most worn by Guard members, though makes up for it in sheer durability. With a collared cuirass and flat plates wrapping around his torso and abdomen, the Commander's body is very well defended against physical harm. The right shoulder guard is angular and extends to most of his upper arm, meanwhile the left is comprised of large; flat plates; almost like a rectangular shield in some respects, guarding this side considerably well. A long segmented piece travels down the length of his spine for an extra layer of protection, forming part of the cuirass near his upper back. The gauntlet of his armor are bulky and blockish, connecting to the armored plates protecting his hands with segments that cover his wrist, though the right “glove” cuts off at his fingers to allow for unobstructed movement when using his weapons. Built into the underside of both his gauntlets are sheaths which store a pair of his knives to be dropped into his hands with a flick of the wrist. His right gauntlet has his wrist volo built into it's large shape, the mechanisms beneath the actual armor. Twin blades, broad and jagged, jut out on either side of the grappling hook. A leather belt goes from his shoulder to his hip, while another is slung across his waist, the first holding his many throwing knives, while the second holds various magazines for his rifle, and is where his pistol is holstered. This armor is primarily a matte black color, and has a geometric design motif similar to his natural armor. Markings of burnt yellow cover these plates in straight, parallel lines.

His Kanohi possesses a prominent jaw and brow, in the shape of an Arthron, and is stylized to match his segmented armor. With strong features and a rugged disposition, the Commander is instantly recognizeable. A large scare runs across his left shoulder, starting just at the top of his shoulder and ending on his back near his shoulder blade, while a smaller scar runs along his jawline of the same side. His Kanohi shares the same indigo-black and teal coloration of his body. His eyes are dark, grim, and hard; the violet orbs holding a piercing gaze. His heartlight shares this deep violet color, as well as the various lights on his natural armor. The Po-Koro Guard symbol is crafted into his right shoulder armor, as well as his current rank of Naval Branch Commander.

Kanohi: The Great Mask of Laser Vision- Its power is pretty much what the title of the mask says: It allows the wearer to shoot variable-sizing (from very thin to as thick as one's eye) lasers from their eyes. Unlike the Avohkii, it does not provide further light manipulation than that, and a wearer of the Mask of Laser Vision cannot make the lasers any wider than their eyes without help or a lense. However, the lasers can be used many more times than regular light powers and can be shot from the pupil of an eye, meaning a wearer only has to turn their eyes, not their head, to fry things with their ocular weapon. (Approved by Nuju Metru)

Powers/Abilities: Dehkaz, as a Toa of Magnetism, has all the powers and abilities that come with that. He can shape, create, and absorb magnetic fields. Applications include magnetizing materials, flying by  way of pulling his own armor through the air, firing magnetic pulses, as well as various other techniques and uses. Dehkaz can also indirectly manipulate metal, plasma, and even lightning with his element, and has gained respectable skill with this. He has a very fine control over his elemental power, as a result of extensive use when in combat. He commonly channels his element through his rifle to fire off shots with unprecedented velocity and power, as well as through his hands. In addition to this, his elemental power grants him the ability to sense magnetic fields, giving him a great sense of direction. Very handy when out on the high seas. His Kanohi grants him the ability to fire lasers from his eyes, which he is quite accurate with.

In combat Dehkaz is a very capable brawler, relying on a kickboxing style of martial art that takes advantage of his great physical strength, with the addition of throws and locks rounding out his proficiency. Tends to favor close grappling rather than rangier fighting as a way to work with his physicality, digging into shots with a mentality of stopping altercations as quickly as possible. Prefers a sturdy, stable base when it comes to stance, a decision which accentuates the power of his blows. He is a crackshot with his ranged weapons, and his knives offer him offensive capability both upclose and farther away.


-- Throwing Knives- Simple knives specially designed to be thrown with impressive accuracy. They are light, strong, and easily replaced. He has about 15 normal throwing knives and 5 double-bladed ones to be used with elemental manipulation. Most are coated with a protosteel alloy covering, making them very hard to damage. Unfortunately, it raises the price somewhat.

-- Heavy Repeating Diskette Rifle- A weapon of his own idea, it was designed and built by the inventor Farzan. It was custom made for his own specialized use, so is markedly different from the standard diskette rifle. Visually, the weapon is long and wide, its entire length flattened almost like a spade. It is constructed entirely of metal for durability, though it is quite heavier as a result. A sturdy stock is attached directly in line with the launching mechanism for stability, while a wide, ergonomic pistol grip is moulded into the weapon itself. Unlike the standard diskette rifle, this only has a single barrel, which takes the form of a deep vertical slot that runs from the launching mechanism to the end of the rifle. Two bars of alloy flank the groove on either side, in which Dehkaz can channel his elemental power. The weapon loads from two horizonally mounted magazines, and can hold anywhere between five and seventeen shots depending on the ammunition used. Because it only has one barrel, it can only fire half as fast as the normal diskette rifle, however, this allows for a huge increase in stopping power and projectile velocity with the oversized mechanics.

-- Diskette Ammunition- The ammunition used by his rifle takes on a variety of forms, but all are about the same size and shape, and all are metal to take advantage of his power. The standard ammunition Dehkaz uses are simple solid disks of metal, their edges sharpened for penetrating power. The magazines for his rifle can hold the most of these. He does have more specialized munitions, such as thicker disks that are hollow and filled with "Stralix Powder". These are explosive, and he can only load five in a magazine at once. Another type has grooves cut into the disks, and are designed to shatter into sharp shrapnel upon impact. The final type are covered in wood and are blunt, considerably less lethal then his other ammunition.

-- Bladed Gauntlet- A modified piece of armor, Dehkaz's left gauntlet has been fitted with thicker armor and two thick, long blades that run from the back of his forearm to a bit past his knuckles. Their lengths are serrated slightly, to allow for better cutting through armor.

-- Wrist Voto-Lutu Launcher- A device crafted into his right gauntlet/bracer, this grapple gun allows him to ascend sheer faces and entangle foes with its metal cord. Designed by the inventor Farzan.

-- Diskette Pistol- Smaller than his rifle but easier to conceal, Dehkaz' pistol serves as a backup to his main weapons. It can accept the same ammunition in magazines that hold two to seven diskettes each.

Weaknesses: Dehkaz's main weakness is the fact that he is no dualist nor fencer, causing him to rely on his fists or weapons to defeat opponents that train with a spear or sword. Additionally, while he possesses prodigious physical strength, his armor can slow him down somewhat.

Other Possessions:

-- Guard-issue Disks- Made of metal instead of bamboo, to allow him to control then via his element, Dehkaz mainly keeps them in his cabin. Is experimenting with using his element to remotely control them. They have a lot more mass and are much more weighter than average disks.

-- Pack of Metal Shards- Various shards of metal he keeps in a small pack on his side, Dehkaz uses them as a last-ditch effort to cut, confuse, and blind enemies. Especially dangerous when controlled by his element, they can slice through armor if propelled fast enough.

-- Roll of Wire- A few meters of lightweight, but strong wire that can be twisted into a rope.

-- Pair of Handcuffs- Standard Guard-issue handcuffs, he took to keeping these on his person after joining the guard. They are made of a protosteel alloy, thus even a Skakdi would have trouble breaking out of them with sheer strength alone.

-- Spyglass- As every ship captain must have.

-- Various maps, papers, books, and tablets in his cabin.

-- iStone tablet.

-- Heavy Naginata- A reinforced, single bladed staff weapon. Crafted from blackwood, the staff is flattened into a rectangular shape, steel running along the length for strength. The blade is heavy, with very little curve. The weapon is currently in two pieces.

Home: Fowadi

Affiliation: Po-Koro (Naval Branch Commander of the Sentinels)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Calm, collected, not one to anger easily, like a military officer should be. Not blunt, though he rarely adds any extraneous information when military matters are being discussed. He is generally in a good mood, cracking a joke here and there. Prefers to work alone, but is not antisocial nor overly aloof, he'd much rather just risk his own life than someone else's. Is a sticker to the rules, following ever procedure and regulation provided by the Guard. However, in times of need, he will do what is necessary to protect those around him. Unfortunately, recent events have taken a turn for the worse for the commander. He's become more withdrawn, grim, and quick to threats in his calm, I'll-throw-you-to-Karz-and-back-if-you-look-at-anything-funny way. It seems as if life has finally decided to come and drop down onto his shoulders, causing his overall demeanor to become much more dark and brooding. Dehkaz has an amazing analytical and tactical mind, methodically going through information as he receives it. A brilliant strategist, his, at times unorthodox, plans look like random orders until he pulls it all together in the end. Not one for dramatic flair, his strategies do still leave some of his enemies wondering what just happened. Thanks to a network of contacts he didn't quite get rid of after throwing away his life as a bounty hunter, Dehkaz knows quite a lot about the going ons of the island.

Theme Song: Radioactive, Imagine Dragons; Outro, M83; Sail, AWOLNATION



- The Destined -

Name: Leli

Species: Matoran

Gender: Female

Appearance: Leli is around average height for a Matoran, if a few inches smaller. She wears a single vambrace on her left arm, has minimal shoulder armor, and light torso armor; all of which is a dark black. This allows her great freedom of movement and allows her to move quickly, at the cost of protection. Unlike most of the Matoran in her village, Leli's natural armor is different variations of green. Her shoulder armor, hands, and feet are a green-teal color; while her torso, arms, and legs are Mata-green mottled with lime and dark green accents. Her Kanohi shares this color, and is shaped like a Great Huna stylized for a Matoran with an angled, feminine quality to it. She is athletically built, which shows her agility and speed. Leli's heartlight and eyes are a greenish-yellow color. Commonly has a light backpack around her shoulders, as well as a hunting knife strapped to her thigh. Her vambrace has straps that carry darts coated with dagger spider venom, and she has recently taken to wearing a few gukko feathers near her Kanohi (for "flair"). Her shoulder armor is painted with white markings showing her as one of the Ussalry, as well as her current rank. A length of rope is wrapped around her body, from her left shoulder to her right hip. A necklace of wooden beads sits around her neck, which she frequently fiddles with when nervous.

Powers/Abilities: Leli, as a Matoran, has no powers of her own. However, she is extremely quick and nimble, her light armor and natural skill giving her an agility that surpasses even the Le-Matoran in her village. Her smaller size allows her to move quite quickly through the trees without problem. She is incredibly acrobatic, and is actually quite strong for her size. She can be stealthy, something she uses to her advantage.


-- Blow Dart Launcher- A fairly simple bamboo tube that she uses to shoot her darts, this is quite accurate. Curiously enough, it can also be used as a flute of sorts.

-- 5 Darts- Coated in dagger spider venom that causes temporary paralysis in the target, she is quite accurate with the darts both when thrown and when shot out of her blow dart launcher. These darts are carried on her vambrace.

-- Knife- A fairly average survival knife. The blade is made of a protosteel alloy, and so is very strong. The blade curves a bit near the tip, and is serrated on one side about two thirds of the way up. This is strapped to her thigh for easy access.

-- Rope- A length of light, but strong rope. It has a grapple-like hook on one end, and can also be attached to her vambrace.

--  Bladed Staff- A weapon of Ta-Koroan origin, it's basically a reinforced metal staff with two collapsible double edged blades built into either end. It's light and sturdy, able to be used as both a weapon and as a means to block attacks.

Weakness: Leli does not have any powers, and so despite her quick reflexes and agility, she will be at a disadvantage against those with powers. Her light armor, while still effective, isn't as strong as normal armor.

Other Possessions:

-- Spyglass- Something that comes in handy during her job as a scout. This is stored in her backpack.

-- Map- A map of Le-Wahi, which she uses when out on her adventures. Also kept in her backpack.(1) First Aid Kit- Because one never knows what's going to happen out in the jungle.(1) Notebook- A journal of sorts she keeps in her pack.

Affiliation: Onu-Koro Ussalry (Division Head, Light Cavalry)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Bubbly, sly, and always-in-a-good-mood. Leli is extremely adventurous, wanting to see as much as she can in as little time as possible. She is friendly, energetic, and seems to almost never slow down. She is quite loud and talkative, even for a Le-Koroan, and is almost never shy. She absolutely loves to travel and see new places, recording it all in a small notebook she carries. Leli likes meeting new people and making friends, and is always willing to help anyone, or anything, in need. She can be possessive and overbearing, getting defensive of her friends. Extremely stubborn and competitive, she will never, ever, give up. Gets a kick out of crazy stunts that are always dangerous, which has gotten her into trouble more than once. She is an adrenaline junky in every possible way. Has a thing for dramatic flair and is more than a bit of a show off. Eccentric is another nice word to use to describe her.



- The Smith -

Name: Ackune

Species: Toa of Fire

Gender: Male

Appearance: Burly, rough around the edges, and looking like he's seen his fair share of life. Ackune stands around average height for a toa, though his posture is mildly hunched from years of laboring over hot metal. Most noticeably is his left arm, which is completely mechanical and a dull gunmetal color. His armor is burnt red, accented with yellow and black, normally covered with a dusting of soot and ash. His eyes are pure white, and lack any noticeable irises. His Arthron, similiarly colored to his armor, is pitted and scarred from years of use, and similarly shaped to a Great Zatth.

Abilities: As a Toa of Fire Ackune has the ability to control, create, and absorb Fire and Heat to his liking. Years of working in the forge has honed his ability to control heat to a high degree, and he is capable of finely controlling temperature around him. His Arthron grants him sonar, a needed ability when his eyes don't work themselves.


-- Forging Hammer

-- Barbed Broadsword- A battered and beaten weapon that, while kept in optimal fighting shape, has obviously seen as much action as its owner.

-- Heater Shield

-- War Axe

Personality: Jovial, ever helpful, Ackune is eager to create and loves the art of weaponsmaking. He's a firm believer in the classic myths of heroes, and attempts to facilitate those who would be such heroes as best he can. After all, he was something of a hero himself, back in his day.

Weaknesses: Not as young as he used to be, even if he's still handy with a blade.



- The Foreign -

Name: Kythera Siih

Species: Vortixx

Gender: Female

Appearance: While not necessarily as tall as most of her species, Kythera nonetheless stands above the average toa in terms of straight height. Overall she is built lithe and thin, all smooth lines and curves that prevent a skeletal look to her frame, and possesses a shape that is noticeably more feminine than androgynous. Her lower body is slightly more well built, though even then in the lean, athletic way of a runner rather than overly thick and burly. Her natural armor is primarily a blue-tinted black, with lines of purple-hued navy accenting and curving around her figure, the secondary color concentrated around her extremities and head. Silvery ink wraps around her left hand and forearm in a design slightly reminiscent of a lohrak. The additional armor that she wears is sparse to provide full range of motion, with plates protecting her spin, upper torso, shoulders, hands, and shins. The armor is smooth and light, comprised of individual plates fitted together with hexagonal seams. With a circular motif, the armor has a plain matte grey coloration and non-reflective coating, making it excellent for low-light conditions. This stealthy nature is taken away when the armor is activated, as bright geometric lines light up along its surface, glowing a bright cyan color, the concentric capacitor rings running the length of her back glowing a similar color.

Facially, her features are sharp and pointed in traditional vortixx fashion. Her eyes, angled and expressive, gaze out with an unconcerned icy blue glow, and her mouth is almost always found curved into a smirk that displays short, serpentine fangs. With a relaxed posture and a natural grace that comes without thinking, Kythera has a tendency to appear to glide along the ground rather than actually walk, her limbs simply moving in concert with whatever ephemeral force moves her body.

On occasion, she can be seen wearing a concealing black cloak, though this has become rare as of late.

Abilities: Like all Vortixx, Kythera is far faster and much more agile than your average Toa. She can easily dodge away from attacks, or land lightning-fast blows within seconds.

Weapons: Two daggers concealed in her back armor, a blade that extends from her wrist armor when her wrist is flicked. She also carries a small shortsword when needed. Her pistol is holstered at her hips.


-- Kinetic Laser Pistol- A small weapon that fires off high-density beams that impart their force as kinetic energy rather than heat. It is mainly designed to punch through armor or knock opponents back. It can only be fired a few times in rapid succession, after which the weapon shuts down for a few seconds to prevent damage to both it and the user. The weapon itself is similar in appearance to this.

-- Shield Generator- A protective device of Xian origin, it is built into the user's armor, with an extensive array of emitters positioned just underneath the armor. The emitters generate a crystalline-energy shield that stops objects just above the user's body. However, this shield can be overwhelmed by repeated hits, causing the emitters to short out, or the shield itself can be shattered by powerful hits. The device itself cannot be active for an extended period of time, as the capacitors drain at a steady rate. It takes around thirty minutes for the capacitors to recharge to full strength after completely draining. A specialized setting pushes the shield outward in a bubble a few meters across around the user, however, this rapidly drains power and can only stay active for thirty seconds tops (starting from full power).The device's batteries must stay exposed to open air to prevent overheating, though they are vulnerable to damage there. Additionally, when the shield it active, it exposes the user quite a bit, as the emitters and circuits will glow brightly, and possibly drawing unwanted attention. (Approved by Friar Tuck)

Alignment: Herself

Weaknesses: Elemental powers such as Gravity or Magnetism that hinder her movement.

Personality: Kythera is, for the most part, easy enough to be around. She has a relaxed demeanor, even if not necessarily talkative. She takes life in stride, and displays an unconcerned attitude towards most things. Not that she doesn't take anything seriously, but rather prefers to keep a cool head. This unconcerned disposition can change at times, her words coming short and sharp, and gaze frigid.

Theme Song: Without You, Junip

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Name: Bok


Gender: Male


Species: Toa


Alignment: Neutral good


Powers/Weapons: Iron, Kakama, WarHammer, Shield




History: Bok woke up one day lying on the ground in the desert of Po-wahi, with nothing but his armor, mask, hammer, and complete amnesia. Since Makuta's defeat he has mostly learned how to use his powers, though he still remembers little of his past. Shortly after Makuta's defeat, Bok worked as a blacksmith in Ta-Koro. When inter-Koro relations started going south, Bok left and became a homeless wanderer.


Personality: Bok is dedicated to protecting the innocent and serving Mata Nui and is extremely saddened by what has happened between the Koros. He hopes to help peacefully reunite the Koros. He also believes that Makuta is still alive and wants to prove this to the Koros both to prepare them and to reunite them. He tries to follow the Toa Code, or at least as much as he knows of it. He is willing to die to protect the innocent but he does not know if he is willing to kill for it and hopes he never has to find out.


Weaknesses: Bok has amnesia, so he's still trying to learn how to use his powers. He also is extremely naive trusting. His strong sense of morality can cause him to do stupid things such as running unprepared into fights.


Name: Strakolix


Species: Vortixx


Gender: Male


Alignment: Self-serving moralless


Equipment: Hagah Plasma Cannon (approved by Nuju Metru), dual poison-coated knives


Description: A tall, lean, black-armored (Duh) Vortixx. Has some light armor but always wears a hooded cloak, under which his knives and cannon are hidden.


Personality/History: History? Right, like he'd ever tell you that. Personality: Prefers to use his brains, not his brawn(he has no muscles). His ultimate goal is to eventually rule the island, for now he's satisfied with the best-paying job. He has no qualms about killing anyone, any way. He's considering becoming a seaman and eventually replace the captain and secretly eliminate, giving him a crew that will do his bidding.


Weaknesses: He's not much of a fighter up close and is rather weak. Without his weapons, he's hopeless in a fight. He also has a tendency to monologue to someone before killing them.


Name: Keldor


Species: Skakdi


Gender: Male


Alignment: Altruistic "Good"


Powers: Plasma, Laser Vision


Equipment: Scoped Lightstone Rifle, Axe


Description: A rather short Skakdi wearing camouflaged medium armor all over his body with holes for his eyes and mouth.


Personality/History: When Keldor heard Makuta had been defeated, he left his war-torn homeland and expected to find paradise on Mata Nui. Instead he found the Koros on the brink of Civil War. Since then, he has decided it is because the Koros have corrupt leaders and he has made it his life's goal to remove them all and replace them with true servants of Mata Nui. He is rather depressed and refuses to talk about his past. He will do whatever it takes "for the greater good." but still tries to be merciful and nonviolent, whenever possible. He is currently keeping his desire to kill the Akiri secret, but is looking for trustworthy co-conspirators. He is also quite adept with being silent, virtually invisible, and is a good shot with his rifle. He recently found a large sum of money in the form of buried treasure. (Strak's money, ironically enough.)


Weaknesses: He is clumsy with his axe in up-close combat and rather slow. He's not exceptionally smart, but not stupid either. He also has a difficult time trusting anyone.


Name: Tarpo


Gender: Male


Species: Matoran


Alignment: Torn between Ta-Koro and Po-Koro


Powers/weapons: Half Po-Matoran and half Ta-Matoran, he is slightly stronger than most Matoran (not as strong as a pure Po-Matoran) and has a slight resistance to heat (not as strong as a pure Ta-Matoran) He also carries a sickle and wears a powerless Kakama.




Personality/History: Tarpo is a farmer that has lived on Mata Nui as long as he can remember. His parents were killed by Makuta's Rahi many years ago. He tries to alternate time between his two Koros but this is increasingly difficult. He is very kind and dedicated and would never hurt a fly, but he would risk his life to defend his friends (if he had any)


Weaknesses: His torn loyalty between two Koros has had a deep effect on him and he often loses focus. He also has an extreme weakness to cold and an extreme dislike of water. He is also quite shy and paranoid.

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Staff Characters


-The Little Princess-


Name: Desdemona [“Desde” to most, "Des," to Hanako and Masayoshi]
Species: Dasaka
Caste and Clan: Menti Caste, Umbraline Clan
Gender: Female
Appearance: Desdemona is a willowy creature, just inches over the average height but slim and slender enough to require a layer of slim, interlocking crystal armor over the upper half of her body wherever she goes, as though she were a bauble that were in danger of breaking. Her actual armor is a dark navy, so dark it appears almost black, with fine golden trimmings running near the joints and along her chest in ornamental patterns. Her face has a similar look; attractive to behold but frail and slim, only her eyes look consistently healthy. They are a deep, powerful navy blue, a rare color for a Dasaka that may be linked to her prowess as a Menti and telepath.

Weapon(s): Since her childhood, Desdemona has had particularly middling skill as a Soulsword and though she still practices regularly the discipline does not come as easily to her as the other three. For her court appearances, when she makes them, she carries a long, ornate crystal dagger marking her as a member of the ruling clan, but she is not particularly skilled at using it and instead deigns to carry with her a small pouch around her neck, with three crystal spheres fashioned for her by her nurse as a child.

Mask: Kanohi Sanok, the Great Mask of Accuracy, in the shape of a Hau.
Powers: To make up for her lack of strength and fortitude from birth Desdemona was blessed with a profound, natural knack for the Willhammer, Mindarm, and Sighteye disciplines, as well as her lifelong prowess at Ideatalk; she's on the fast track towards becoming a Battlemaster for several years now. Her ability is such that it is almost always on, with the same amount of effort it takes to remember to breath or swallow food. In general, it manifests as nothing more than a quiet mental tug for most and when she wants to she can drop most of her whims and desires into another person’s head and embed them there, in the subconscious mind. She keeps this, as well as most of the range of her abilities, secret, so as to avoid scorn or undue attention on her family while they work to maintain the Archipelago’s runnings; to herself, though, she will quietly use her skills to keep tabs on those moving through her general area in the Imperial Palace, and often displays an eerie, near precognitive knowledge of the thoughts and plans of those who she can find.
Traits: Quiet and reserved from her years spent in glorified house arrest, Desdemona is a sharp, politically savvy girl who realizes the gravity of her birth, her powers, and her situation. If not for her birth as an Umbraline and second daughter of the Rora it is entirely possible she would be abandoned or shunted to some other lesser clan affiliated with her family, for her situation is one that unnerves many of the matriarchs in her clan. She appears at court and sits council from time to time to help ensure her family’s continued superiority and prosperity on the Kentoku Archipelago as a testament to her birth and acknowledgement of her skills, but the subtle threat of sudden, swift change that Desdemona represents is always there, and it is a constant, unspoken dividing line between the Umbraline who seek change and the more conservative old guard.

Biography: If she were in any other clan – even the Fursics – she would be dead.


Desdemona was born almost a month early, frail and already sick from the day of her birth, and her very survival was, depending on which gossip you talked to, either a stroke of luck or some sort of omen from Zuto Nui; on her very first night alive she had used what could only be natural telepathy to scan Yusanora’s mind and plant a single word there: Desdemona. The name stuck, and over the course of her life the natural prowess of the Rora’s second daughter manifested at odd times, in odder places; the usage was never more than fleeting but it was decided that she should be tutored as a Willhammer in private, away from anyone else training as a Menti. After she was trained as ably as she could be – at a certain point she started to overshadow many of her own tutors – the isolation stuck, for both her sake and to prevent her from inadvertently latching on to those at court who she may affect and manipulate –  publicly, anyway.


Desdemona still holds a place of honor during court and makes a conscious effort to try and not be an untapped reservoir of psionic power, but she has few relationships outside the top power structure of the clan, and though she is not explicitly barred from leaving the grounds of the Imperial Palace, she is strongly discouraged from doing so nonetheless.
Weakness(es): Desdemona is below average in hand-to-hand combat and has no apparent skill at arms. Though she has attempted time and again to learn the ins and outs of the Soulsword discipline she has not yet found the time or the skll reservoir to pick up the discipline, and her ornamental weapons are merely that - ornamental.


-The Sleeping Dog-


Name: Jasik
Species: Dasaka
Caste and Clan: Menti Caste, Clan Dastana
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jasik's appearance (much like his twin sister Arsix) is one that strikes a strange balance between slightly intimidating and beautiful. He bears very handsome defined facial features with strong cheekbones and a sharp jaw-line. His eyes are dark, surly and bored where his sister's shine like bonfires, but they belie his drive and his improvisational wits. As royalty, he sports an extensive wardrobe, copper and orange and goldenrod, bearing his clan's colors proudly. Under the finery, Jasik is muscled and well-kept, a far cry from the slothful image he portrays, with colors of deep blue and ornate gold.
Weapon(s): A single dirk, ordained with crystalline patterns, exactly the same as his twin sister's blade. Jasik has grown adept with throwing the blade on his own time. Mostly for fun. Rarely sees combat use; the blade is mostly ceremonial.
Mask: Kanohi Ruru, Great Mask of Night Vision
Powers: His clan's discipline is the Mindarm, so Jasik was of course trained in the art as soon as he was old enough, but he is also a fierce Soulsword. True to his personality, he plays pretend with his very energies, conjuring up large orbs of energy akin to those of an amateur Menti. Only his sister knows better - they are in fact his very Soulsword speciality, powerful firecrackers that can explode with force that can punch through a chest or blow through a wall with a flick of his wrist. 
Traits: Everything about Jasik is pretend. Though too bored and detached to even contemplate prolonged life on Sado, he has cultivated friends in the Imperial Palace that keep him up-to-date with the happenings of the royal family. Cultivating friends is something that comes easy to him; though he errs towards the controversial and his jests cut too close to the bone for many likings, Jasik is not a physically threatening man, nor does he threaten with words. He jests and lends assistance, and keeps the Dastana relevant by assuring that the money the clan bankrolls will be best put towards interests mutual to his family and to the lendee's. 
Biography: The Dastana did not fight as ably as they potentially could have in the most recent of the Fursic rebellions, but they suffered their own losses all the same; the Toroshu's oldest daughter and her uncle were killed fighting under Umbraline banners, leaving the clan without a First Son and without an heir. The birth of Arsix Dastana, then, was a welcome relief for the moneylending clan. The birth of her younger brother Jasik was a miracle - and a complication. More than once the sister was mistaken for the brother, and the brother was given the tasks fit for a future Toroshu, which gradually became so inconvenient that eventually Jasik was shipped off to Sado for Menti training a few years earlier than custom decreed. His sister did not find out until a mere three hours before Jasik was scheduled to depart; sometimes, when in need of a laugh, he remembers the look on his mother's face when Arsix promptly slugged Jasik in the cheek, walked over to his side, and refused to leave him until they were both on the ship to Sado together.
While training in the Yards, he first met several of the Dasaka males who would soon grow up to be his fellow First Sons; among them was Kuno, a Fursic in a similarly male-bereft major clan. Many of the males had lost relatives to the latest Fursic uprising, and treated Kuno with thinly veiled distaste, but true to the style that would soon become his calling card Jasik sat back and watched the way the men interacted, learned their strengths and their weaknesses and slowly began drowning each of them in favors. He returned to Iki with his sister in tow, considerably more knowledgeable as a Menti - and as an information broker and courtier. 
He rarely leaves Iki now, only choosing to go to Sado when his sister's business demands it; as First Son and sworn shield to Arsix, Jasik prefers to sit back and let the simmering rivalry between Umbraline and Fursic boil over once again, just as it did a couple generations prior. 
But, he's slowly been forced to accept, it won't boil without help.
Weakness(es): Jasik is not as powerful as his twin sister Arsix, and though in good fighting shape, can be outmatched in a game of endurance and pure strength.


Personal Characters


-The Nuclear Option-


Name: Dorian Shaddix (“Dor”)

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Powers: Iron

Kanohi: Calix

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous, though favors his right when using his revolver.

Alignment: Highly talented, moderately bipolar captain of Bad Company [Ta-Koro Guard, loosely] (Chaotic Neutral) [Chaotic Neutral with Good leanings; Dorian’s morality varies on a person to person basis, championing some while leaving others to die depending on his opinion of them]

Appearance: The stuff of legends in the mercenary community –  Dorian’s otherworldly beauty is well known and is responsible for as many successful jobs and kills than all the remaining tools in his repertoire combined. Even if his face was hideous, his body would be comely; it draws sharp, dark lines wherever he ends and the rest of the world begins, lean and quick with a hard body packed with muscle. He accentuates the look with his famous taste in clothing –  after his recruitment by the Guard and his journeys with Joske Nimil, Dorian has taken to wearing his old leather pants, boots, leather bracers and fingerless gloves. Over his chest he generally wears a dark grey or black shirt of fine fabric, and recently he’s taken to wearing one of his old jackets from Xa-Koro, a black beauty of a coat chased with gold with a high collar, befitting his status as Brykon and Aurelia’s chosen lieutenant and golden boy. They are the closest thing Dor makes to a concession for armor; he wears the clothing and gait of a man who has not ever been accustomed to being hit. From his neck, a slender silver chain holds an ornate lighter, given to him by Joske Nimil, and three woven feathers from the wings of the Valkyr Anthyn. Across his arms, collar, and pectorals, ornate designs in calligraphic black ink draw themselves across Dorian’s body, a silent tribute and timeline to his past and his work; his tattoo ends at the back of each hand, with the inverted pentagram that was his Mark of Anger chased in black and iridescent blue, stark and proud. On his right hand, three Protosteel phalanges of Dorian’s own design – prosthetics for the set he lost in Xa-Koro in a fight against Brykon –  curl and twist as naturally as his real fingers, and are adept at a variety of things, including discreet serration and even potential lockpicks. Aside from his prosthetics, only a single scar mars his flawlessness – a long white line, wavy across his navel, where the Shadow Toa Heuani ran his blade clear through Dorian’s abdomen. The Toa of Iron wears even this as a mark of pride; he is the only Toa to be chosen by Heuani for his nefarious side activities and survive. The sword that marked him, he wears at his left hip, constantly ready to be drawn. Even if his face were hideous, he would be a sight to behold until he looked up.


Luckily for Dorian, his face is not hideous.


Where in Xa-Koro he was more of an effeminate pretty boy Dorian’s face has matured and filled out into a more masculine, proud collection of features as vivid and unnerving as a work of photorealism.  His chin is strong and bears the weight of his sharp jawline without complaint, while above it reclines a mouth that was born for easy, confident smiles and full pouts, all white teeth and veneer charisma. Those smiles have both won contracts and completed them in single fell swoops, and they can mean dozens of things depending on Dorian’s flippant attitude or wanton desires at any given time. What jobs he can’t accomplish with his smile, he pulls off with his eyes, arguably his most distinguishing feature –  deep and dark and blue, twinkling with specks of silver; by turns they are flirty, dreamy, or unforgiving, and set in such proximity to his sharp cheekbones they can see all Dorian requires them to see and disseminate what they find down to its core. Before Xa-Koro, he was known as a devilish killer with an angelic face; now he attempts to use his ethereal appearance and his charming personality for aims that are slightly more good-natured, if still self-centered.


There is always a place in society for people like Dorian Shaddix; amongst other tools, he uses his appearance to claim it, and it has not failed him yet.

Weapons: As a gunslinger of renown across the island, Dorian's primary weapon has long been his six-shooter revolver. He acquired the revolver after the execution of a Bad Company underling, Naryth (formerly played by KNI) and picked up the weapon as a trophy of sorts. (Approved by Friar Tuck.) Though his revolver is a sturdy weapon of proud make, and he can use his Toa energies to create new bullets for it any time, he is also a master swordsman and hand-to-hand fighter, meaning he is just as dangerous with a sword or gauntlets or even fists as he is with his gun; he can create all these things and more with his powers. For longer range kills, he draws a sniper rifle that uses components crafted from disks of speed to launch bullets at high speed. These bullets have no extra powers or properties, and are basically just chunks of shaped metal. The weapon's barrel has been shortened from standard length, and includes a built-in silencer-like device and scope for stealth and accuracy respectively. The rifle uses clips of twenty bullets, though bullets can be loaded individually if needed. (Formerly used by Onuzek [played by Gravity/The Tomorrow Girl], approved by Nuju Metru)


Recently, he has once again come into possession of the proud crystal flamberge that once belonged to Makuta's lieutenant, Heuani, and then to his friend Joske. The flamberge has a sturdy, elegant metal hilt – a basic T-shaped crossbar, an unadorned ovular pommel, all crafted out of smooth lines – but what is remarkable about the weapon is its transparent, rippling blade. The blade suits Dor perfectly, as though it was made for his arm. The blade looks like it is made of glass, and its edge is so sharp that it almost disappears into the air. The seemingly smooth surface of the blade is actually comprised of exceedingly minute flat polygons that bend so subtly that their edges are imperceptible unless closely examined. Inside the blade, there is a tiny crevice, an angular-looking air bubble; it is the sword’s only flaw.

Personality: Darkly playful, casually funny, and undeniably dangerous, Dor Shaddix has nonetheless been changed by his experiences over the past two years. After watching his machinations as a Mark Bearer and lieutenant for the Peers crumble one after the other along with Xa-Koro, and escaping the Ta-Koro Guard after Vakama’s death, Shaddix decided to test out life on the other side of the tracks and cut a deal with the Guard. His time there left his senses honed and his life anything but boring, but turning in criminals and getting paid a penance (compared, at least, to his exorbitant fees working for Aurelia) has left Dorian thoroughly miserable.


His charm is no longer eerily consensual; it’s now almost sinisterly codependent, a series of verbal, physical, and expressional tics that combine together and condense him into one big living croon, dark and smoky and perfect, able to soothe as easily as he can tantalize. Every step of his is a lesson in casual, easy confidence and seduction, part military march and part saunter. His time with Heuani had more of an impact on the young Toa of Iron than he realized, in the end, and it shows at times in both good ways and truly terrible ways.


With no true fear of his own death and the practiced motions of a man who has never known defeat, Dorian is a quick and preternaturally talented fighter with his hands, marksman with his guns and duelist with his sword; his offenses are ferocious and unpredictable, his defenses fluid and obstinate. The same attitude applies to his attitude with people – genial and clever, if a bit quick to mock and a flair theatric, Dorian makes friends and allies easily; however, when around an enemy or someone he dislikes every twitch of Dorian’s body or tone can represent the impending twist of a neck or loss of a heart. When he is offended by those he cannot kill, he nurses the grudge and gnaws it to the bone; as lieutenant of Bad Company his ground rules were to “never ###### me off” and “never fail me,” and it is these cardinal guidelines he cherishes above all. Those who break them didn’t live to taste insubordination again.

Bio: Dorian Shaddix is back.


From his early days as a wealthy merchant’s disappointing but quick-witted son in Ko-Wahi to his time as one of Mata Nui’s most darkly talented killers, from rubbing elbows with Mark Bearers and Dark Toa and serving as Aurelia’s favorite fixer, Dorian Shaddix’s life has been about moving from one purpose to another. After Makuta fell and Dorian took a consultation fee with the Ta-Koro Guard, for the first time he found himself truly miserable with no way out, engaging in vice after vice in the quest for something he could sink his fingers and teeth into. As the months rolled by and he sank further into despair, the young assassin was forced to face the truth: Dorian may have been one of the island’s most talented mercenaries and vivacious youths, but for all his personality he had nothing to live for.


It turns out that the Great Spirit had a purpose for Shaddix, after all.


Dor, through several sources both governmental and private, either charmed his way into or was given access to a variety of resources –  now armed with an array of safe houses, contacts, weapons and cash (oh, so much cash…) he has to adopt the persona of the seductive, debonair killer yet again, in order to arrest the remaining members of Bad Company and bring their employers to justice; that in itself is no mean feat, but to do it with Dorian’s age and history, especially while he continues to rediscover the allures of his former station in life, is another thing entirely.

Weakness(es): Dorian can be slow to forgive and stubborn to a fault, alienating potential allies for one wrong move or phrase. In addition, the flamberge wound on his abdomen refuses to heal properly (potentially a property of the sword) and repeated blows to the gut from a strong opponent can open it up and send blood gushing out.


-The Chosen One-


Name: Reordin Maru

Species: Toa of Ice

Gender: Male

Powers: Due to using Kopaka’s Essence Stone, Reordin has immensely honed control over the element of Ice and can resist some of the coldest temperatures on Mata Nui for extended periods of time.

Kanohi: Reordin wears a Kanohi Tauhaka, a Mask of Alchemy. The Kahoni Tauhaka allows its user to change the material or element(s) of one object into another. For example,Reordin could turn a tree from wood to stone, or a metal door to glass, the transmuted object gaining all the new strengths and weaknesses of the new material. The Tauhaka cannot create or destroy new things; it can only alter already-created items. The rate of change is determined on the size of the object – the larger the object, the more time is required exponentially to transmute its substance. Against living beings, the Tauhaka is far less effective.

Weapons: For weapons, Reordin wields two ice axes (what most people would call ice picks) with serrated inner edges; the weapons are versatile for both combat or for maneuvers which may require him to grab onto something such as the top of a building or the crevice of a canyon.

Appearance: Tall and noble looking, with the poise of a leader, Reordin has the lean, athletic physique of an athlete and a soldier. His old, custom-designed black and white armor has transformed now that he’s a Toa, becoming a smooth, seamless blend of whites, with accents of grey and black across his entire frame lending a less conformed look to his attractive body shape. The Toa of Ice is built for free running, and spikes on his feet allow him to climb up a variety of surfaces, such as mountains or canyons.


Reordin’s face is handsome, with defined cheeks, a strong jaw, and a thin mouth that seems to be continually smirking. Most notable are his eyes: two big, steel blue orbs shrouded in mystery that seem to focus like those of falcons gazing at prey when he’s examining something or coming up with a plan; his gaze can either pierce your soul or warm it, depending on his feelings towards you.

Alignment: Wanderer's Company (Neutral Good)

Abilities: Extremely diverse knowledge of parkour, or free running; his body is adjusted for the toughest physical conditions, and he has borderline Calix-level power over his body movements. He's also versed in several different hand-to-hand and sword-fighting styles. Reordin has the natural poise and tactical brilliance of a leader, and has a good feel for the emotions of his men and how to assuage them.

Personality: As a lifelong soldier and cop, Reordin has always made his living off of what he believe: namely, the subtle facial tells of a suspect's face, the evidence someone leaves behind at a murder or robbery scene, or the tactical layout of the place where a perp is hiding out. Destiny is not high on his list of favorite things, nor is the concept of fate; as someone who has deliberately plotted out his own life path ahead of time, the Toa of Ice is a very quick thinker, always planning on the move, even sometimes switching up his entire battle strategy in the middle of engagement if only to confuse his enemy and give him the upper hand.


During his time with the Wanderer's Company and his tenure as Stannis' presumptive deputy, however, Reordin has developed an appreciation for deep thinking as well as quick thinking, often trying for the sake of the rest of his team members to create a hybrid of the two that both fits his leadership style and the purpose the team was assembled for. The personality imbibed into him by Kopaka's Essence Stone has only furthered this begrudging appreciation for the philosophical. Though he may occasionally be the butt of jokes for this, Reordin is not a man who suffers fools gladly, and will pay back a jibe or a gag in turn down the road, and much more sharply. That said, he is a man who not only appreciates the value of teamwork, he appreciates the value of family, and the bond he shares with his team - his family - is unbreakable by nothing short of a hundred Great Spirits.

Biography: Reordin started out his days as a simple Matoran - a bright eyed idealist, in fact - with a sense of duty to Mata Nui and to his people. The moment that he reached the age of eligibility, he signed up for the Sanctum Guard and quickly became one of Ko-Koro's most well-known beat cops; criminals and Guards alike both feared and respected him for his growing willingness to go outside the boundaries of what a normal cop would do, and only by the skin of his teeth and his brilliant capture record did he escape administrative action. However, while leading a platoon of Sanctum Guard troops for the Island Liberation Squad in the Battle of the Hive, Reordin's lieutenant, Darrick Bane, as well as the majority of his men, were killed in combat; the two other survivors died en route to Ko-Koro to spread the news.With no one to corroborate his actions, Reordin - along with, unknowingly, his Ussalry counterpart and bromance partner Sulov Koskium - were placed on administrative leave; while Sulov was discharged, Ko-Koro was attacked by terrorists before Reordin's case could be reviewed, and the lieutenant immediately led a group of ILS forces to the village to see what he could do. He is currently assisting his home in any way he can, all whilst bearing in mind the ominous visit of a strange Ta-Matoran the morning after the Battle of the Hive, during which Reordin was told to watch for the Wanderer, who would change his life forever.


So he watched. And watched. And watched. And…Stannis.


Instantly, he and the Pa-Matoran butted heads, arguing over strategy, the Essence Stones, what the fate of the Chosen may be, and, at the crux of each debate, the faith of the saint vs. the logic of the soldier. Throughout their journey, however (and with the help of a certain Le-Matoran flygirl turned Chosen One) Reordin managed to develop a budding appreciation for the Wanderer’s style of leadership. When Stannis and Oreius, another Matoran from the team, were separated from the rest of the Company, Reordin took charge and collected two of the remaining stones while Stannis’ half of the team collected Pohatu’s.


When the team linked back up together, Stannis and Reordin (kind of) buried the hatchet, and the team used the Essence Stones to transform into Toa. Now Reordin is a Toa of Ice in the vein of Kopaka, and is learning to use the power of the First Toa whilst not completely surrendering himself over to the personality of his predecessor. Of all the predecessors he could have gotten, it was Reordin's forefather that ended up being Heuani; the Toa of Ice refused to follow in his footsteps and assisted in the final vanquishing of Makuta. After the battle and the team's experiences in Mangaia, Reordin returned to Ko-Koro to defend the village.


Currently, he serves as its chief protector.

Weaknesses: As a Toa of Ice, Reordin isn’t big on fire or intense heat, and his penchant for cockiness in the face of an enemy hasn’t exactly dulled much, either.


-The Piraka-


Name: Avak

Species: Skakdi of Stone
Alignment: Creatively gifted but temperamentally unpredictable engineer for the Piraka
Gender: Male
Appearance: Avak is a rather typical looking, almost totally unremarkable Skakdi of Stone. With bulging muscles under sandy brown armor, rugged features that betray his magma-colored, quick, dissecting gaze, and a burly stance whenever he’s in the room, his presence would be completely unremarkable if not for the fact that losing track of Avak could quickly get you backstabbed and killed. At best.
Weapon(s): Avak’s primary weapon is his trusty Seismic Pickaxe, which can slice apart any surface and then weld it back together with the utmost precision and also features a jackhammer side that can fire off destructive energy blasts, much like a souped up energy pistol of sorts.
Avak is also armed with a Zamor Launcher, which he loads with the Piraka’s virulent yellow-green “jitter spheres,” Zamors filled with a powerful, hallucinogenic fear gas. Repeated exposure to the fear gas has made Avak, like the other Piraka, immune to it.
Powers: Avak, being a Skakdi of Stone, has limited powers over the element of Stone, which he can use only in conjunction with another Skakdi. He also has X-Ray and Telescopic vision at his disposal.
Stranger still is his prison power: Avak can use his mind to create a perfect living prison for his enemies which would counter any powers they could possibly use.
Traits: Avak could scoop up a couple pebbles and a palmful of sand, roll it betwixt his fingers, and produce you a contraption that could vaporize an entire building. Easily the Piraka’s most skilled and fast-paced creative mind, the Skakdi of Stone’s cabinet of mental blueprints can be perused and produced in hyperkinetic speed. A skilled multitasker, he will often dabble in two or three weapons and inventions at once, just for the purpose of keeping himself busy. Able to detect and dissect trends before they happen, Avak has given up on trying to explain his thought processes or his ideas to the other Piraka, preferring to keep his highly inventive psyche to himself.
So why is he with them? Frankly, because he’s a prick.
Though his loner antics and willingness to screw his teammates have left him hated and distrusted by most of the other Piraka, he is considered invaluable for his skill with keeping the Piraka alive through mechanical inclinations but is not considered someone that anyone would want on their team as anything more than a last resort. He is typically sulking, able to flip into a volatile temperament that makes him impossible to argue or reason with. He will often calm down after a brief period of time but instead of apologizing or trying to make it up to the team will just tinker with new ideas and make it up to himself, not to them.
Biography: As of yet, unknown.
Weakness(es): Avak prefers to use his machinery and his intellectual property to give him the upper hand in a fight, for he’s generally weak in any sort of hand-to-hand fighting.

-The Pirate-


Name: Captain Raknar Seprillian

Species: Skakdi of Stone

Alignment: Free-spirited captain of the Southern Charm (Chaotic Neutral)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall and muscular, with rolling broad shoulders and quick hands, Raknar is a powerful Skakdi. He is surprisingly fast on his feet and steady for someone so big, befitting someone so accustomed to life on the deck of a ship. He wears an insulated jacket of fine Muaka hide, with fur lining the insides of the sleeves and the collar for cold weather sailing after a particularly frosty voyage through Ko-Wahi during his brief stint with the Infernavika. Seprillian's face itself is surprisingly open, windswept and ruggedly handsome with golden eyes and a broad, sly grin.

Powers: Raknar has access to the element of Stone, if in conjunction with another Skakdi. He also possesses acute X-Ray vision.

Equipment: For more long-range combat, he utilizes his Zamor Launcher, but long range combat bores the captain to tears. See him crying? Those are long-range tears. Raknar's chief weapon is a ferocious longaxe, capable of cleaving off a limb or a head with its head; he can use it for offense as well as defense. He also looted a nunchuck-morningstar hybrid from Xa-Koro before its fall, but it has fallen into a state of disuse since he commissioned the Charm and he only polishes it because, "well, a man's gotta love three things: his ship, his weapons, and his girl."

Personality: Raknar is a rebellious, reckless scoundrel that was born to be either a cowboy or a sailor - leave it to him to find the one profession that could combine both occupations into one glorious love child. The Skakdi has a taste for the simple things, sentimental and sure of himself and his ship. During his brief, miserable time as the captain of the Infernavika he realized that the basic joys he'd once extracted from being a rogue had vanished into thin air, to the point where when Lohkar revealed he was alive the Skakdi willingly gave the Lesterin back his ship. The spark has returned to him in the form of the Southern Charm, his sleek, powerful new flagship. 

Biography: As former captain of Raknar's Fist and even temporary captain of the Infernavika, thanks to a clever ploy on Xa-Koro, Raknar would have been well within his rights to retire after Lohkar made his escape from Xa-Koro. But retirement wasn't in the Skakdi's language, any more than "fairness," "incarceration," or "vegetarianism." Under an assumed name he worked his way into Po-Koro and commissioned himself a newer ship, the Southern Charm. Not so big as the 'Vika, but quicker and not without its own formidable displays of firepower, the ship made a name for itself in the waters around Xa-Koro before the Kumu Islets fell. 


If anything could have united Lohkar and Raknar after a century of petty squabbles, it was their old haunt plummeting to the depths of the ocean floor. After Makuta's fall and the return of peace to Mata Nui, Raknar made port in Ga-Koro, spending some time as a privateer in between voyages through routes both old and new on his charts. He still pirates - old habits being what they are and all - but thanks to the incessant nagging loving advice of his First Mate Slumpbuster Curvypants Song, his horizons have slowly been broadening. 

Weaknesses: Raknar has finally learned how to swim, but he's still a big guy who's accustomed to physical fighting, so being in the water slows him down. 


-Surf Rat-


Name: Tillian

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Powers: Gravity.

Kanohi: Kadin

Weapons: Tillian's weapons are a Rahkshi of Hunger's Staff of Absorption and a one-handed short sword. His body, however, is a much more powerful weapon than anything he wields: his canines are sharpened and powerful, able to rip through flesh in a second and bone in several, and his strength and speed make him a formidable foe in battle for any opponent.

Appearance: Tillian is tall and good-looking in the way that the prom king of a high school is: he's unassumingly handsome, with a kind, well-kept face, bright blue eyes, and a cheeky grin comprised of nothing but even, pearly white teeth. When you look closer, however, you'll see the way his canines seem to slope and end in dagger-like points, the way his blue eyes pulse with little red pinpricks of light when he starts to get hungry, the almost anemic tone he gets in his skin after a day or two.

Dominant Hand: Left

Alignment: The A-Team (Neutral Good)

Personality: Tillian's confusion about his true self is outmatched only by his discomfort when it comes to his celebrity. He is, in his own heart, as pure as a person can be, always ready with a joke, uplifting message, and making friends with a person as soon as he meets them. However, he is plagued by dreams of a darker, more violent image of himself, and his inner insecurities about what could happen if this version of him comes into fruition were only furthered by the events of Makuta's fall. Despite these nagging doubts, Tillian is a largely sweet, devoted, and "what you see is what you get" type individual.

Biography: One hundred and eighty years ago, a young boy was born into one of the most respected and wealthy families in all of Ga-Wahi, the Juturna's. This boy - who was given the moniker of Tillian, an old family name - grew up to be the darling of the entire village, a surfing champion, brilliant kid for odd jobs, and an all around good guy to have at your back in any situation. A year ago, though, Tillian left Ga-Koro for Po-Wahi to see if he could help pinpoint what exactly was happening to the Chronicler's Company. This decision changed his life.

Rahkshi. Six of them attacked Po-Koro on the day of Tillian's arrival, and after becoming the first person to kill one of the creatures since the fall of the Toa Mata, Tillian earned himself a high ranking spot in the Po-Koro Guard and connections with a group of people who would later form the basis of what was affectionately titled The A-Team: Tillian, his first-patient, then-girlfriend Emotia, his best friend Skyra, Skyra's girlfriend Laserbeak/Liara, and Emotia's best friend Reaver. The team - gaining members along the way, including Tillian's subordinate and field partner Naona as well as a stiff Gukko Force officer named Krayn - moved throughout all of Mata Nui performing deeds both good and heroic.


After his marriage to Emotia, the team splintered, with Skyra leaving to embark on his own path with another team, Krayn and Naona going back to Po-Koro, and Reaver following the Mark Bearer of Fear Utu blindly while Tillian, Emotia, and Liara stayed in Ga-Wahi. The team met up once again at the temple of the Mark Bearers in the Kumu Islets, where those who bore Marks had them erased - with a few exceptions, namely Utu, Salvinn, and the team's most recurring enemy Dorian - and those who didn't made their way back to their own lives.


Or so it was thought.


Now pretty much everyone is dead, Liara doesn't want to talk, Skyra's a girl and things are hella awkward.

Weaknesses: Tillian's blood cells deplete much faster, meaning that if he doesn't get some form of blood in his system every few days, his body will slowly desiccate and dry up until he is practically mummified, only able to move his eyes until he's fed.


-Captain of the Guard-


Name: Angelus ("Angel")
Species: Toa
Alignment: Ta-Koro Guard [Kino Iho] (Neutral Good)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Angelus is long and lanky, though bulking up with muscle; he's recently begun growing into his height and it's obvious from the way he's filling out with muscle in his arms, legs and chest. His armor is primarily scarlet with streaks of black and black fists, feet, and mask. Behind the mask are two blue eyes, wary and searching but not without their little glints of naiveity. His face is guarded and unassumingly comely, but his smiles still come often and brightly. Below the neck, though, his chest and back are mottled with the scars of old wars - his back and biceps carry the claw and teeth marks of Muaka and Kavinika from his years in the jungle, while his chest is scarred with the Marks of Fear, Anger, and Lust from extended torture during his time tracking the Mark Bearers. 
Weapon(s): Angel wields a long, ornate Protosteel longsword given to him through a wish by Joske Nimil's Mask of Conjuring. The blade is engraved with a series of ancient runes, one corresponding to each element; when an element strikes Angel or the blade, a piece of its essence will be imbibed in the blade itself, and whatever Angel strikes the blade will discharge another element into it that is either the foil or the weakness of the element it absorbed. This does not lend Angelus any control over the element itself, just releases a blunt discharge into whatever he strikes. It also means he may need to take a hit from the element for the sword to absorb the charge. 
The Toa of Fire also wields a specialized rigged gauntlet that fits his right forearm, with an extending trigger in his palm. When he has the trigger extended and activates it, a spring activates, sending a miniature javelin of either sharpened bamboo (potentially tipped with toxin) or a sleek metal, with notches to properly fit the gauntlet's shape. There are three holes for his stakes to fit, forming a triangle shape around his forearm.
Mask: Kanohi Hau
Powers: Control over the element of Fire and the ability to shield, in conjunction with his Kanohi. Angelus is also a highly adept hunter, tracker and survivalist from his years in the jungle. He's quick but powerful, and his blows tend to bite for several minutes after they land. 
Traits: Angel is proud but friendly, seemingly at ease with all manner of people and location with the exception of his own office in the Guard HQ. His time tracking the Mark Bearers and Heuani for the Ta-Koro Guard has kept the flames of his idealism alive but in check - he still has become largely desensitized to the prospect of death and he has now been around other people long enough to understand their faults and shortcomings, but he still tends to believe the best in them and trusts them to their word. However, as someone so totally self-reliant, who had his morality and personality shaped by the jungle, his natural curiosity and free spirit has still left him feeling ill-suited to the role of Captain, even as the crime rates drop and the Guard morale skyrockets. 
Biography: The freelance tracker and guide has become Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard; his new position is cush and keeps him largely around the people he knows best, but Angelus far prefers his old occupation to the new.
After spending his youth growing up in a treehouse he built with his own hands and eating only that which he picked or killed himself, the Toa of Fire's life changed forever when a routine visit to Ta-Koro to pick up some medical supplies unavailable from jungle scavenging led him into Tuara Drigton. The Deputy of the Guard and her partner Kinvex were looking for someone who knew the jungle (especially the tricky area where Le-Wahi and Ga-Wahi met, just south of the volcano) reasonably well to track down a Mark Bearer named Dorian Shaddix. When they found Dorian, he struck up an unlikely alliance with Utu, leaving Kinvex dead and the Guard on the run. Tuara and Angel began seeking out other Mark Bearers, those who had aims that did not align with Utu's. Along the way, Tuara was infected by the vengeful spirit of a criminal named Tarn, who lived inside the Mark of Cruelty. With Tuara as his permanent host, he began infecting other Bearers and uniting them under a single banner.
When he was finally purged from Tuara, and the Marks destroyed, Tuara had changed. She attempted to return to her old life in the Guard, but as someone who did not comprehend many of the vices of society Angelus didn't know quite what to do with her and underestimated the depths of her psychological and substance problems. Joske Nimil's arrival and subsequent recruitment of the couple into his team to locate the Crystals and defeat the Shadow Toa Heuani only opened up the wounds; Angelus spent the first leg of the journey sullen and detached from his new teammates, and Tuara eventually was disgusted by both his attitude and Joske's method of moving and left. Angelus, however, stayed, and formed a budding friendship with Joske, his girlfriend Cael, and the Ta-Koro Guard officer Agni.
Their mission culminated when Joske fought Heuani at the Kini-Nui, leaving Angel and Agni - both of whom were seasoned in combat - to command the defense of Mata Nui loyalists against Makuta's evil legions at the Kini-Nui. The battle was a success and Makuta was vanquished thanks to the attempts of the Toa Maru; with the war over, Angelus returned home to find Rahkshi corpses scattered through the Koros, Tuara in the arms of Dorian Shaddix, and the office and badge of Captain of the Guard awaiting him.

Weakness(es): Angel is not used to being held somewhere for very long, having spent most of his life in wide open spaces. He gets very antsy.


-The High Priest-


Name: The Red Hot Chili Pepper ("Redhot")

Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Mask: Kanohi Pakari
Powers: Elemental Power of Earth
Equipment: His elbows, fearsome things to behold, have been known to cave in a man's cheekbones - no matter how pretty - with a single crushing blow. Has fists like marbled ham, if you put marbled ham on a morningstar and slapped someone in the face with it Pakari-tier.
Appearance: About a hand-and-a-half taller than the Toa average, and thick with muscle; Redhot's jaw is lantern-shaped and spare, his face stark and teeth massive, but his grin always betrays a certain cheerfulness, and scarlet eyes brim with energy, giving him a youthful cast. Bears midnight black armor, with some concession to bright red streaks on the vambrances, calves, and heartlight. His costume is a single bandana tied around each wrist and a half-mask that covers his eyes, shaped in the form of a bright red bell pepper.
Personality: Soft-spoken and friendly, the Red Hot Chili Pepper takes his name less from his personality and more from his famously resilient taste buds - he loves all manner of spicy or hot foods and can wax poetic about them for hours. Also passingly fond of good alcohol, though he tries not to get drunk when he can help it. Red Hot Chili Pepper tends to serve best as a lowkey bastion of wisdom and advice, though he is more than willing to function as a party tank if need be, raising the question of whether there might be a little bit of a berserker's streak to him after all.
Bio: See Whitehot.
-Your Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa-
Name: The White Hot Munequita ("Whitehot")
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Powers and/or weapons: Earth, super-strength, jar of dirt, Swole Hatchetton the Swole Hatchet
Appearance: Whitehot is either an inch or two taller or smaller than her brother; no one really knows because when the two stand together, a witness tends to be thrown bodily into the air so high that all other witnesses are forced to locate him, like a golf ball voyaging whimsically across the cosmos. Either way, tall and shapely, with muscled arms, legs and abdomen lending her the power of a brick (HOOOUSE) the Warrant Officer tends to cut a striking figure in her navy Marine uniform, clashing against her white and black armor set and highlighting her cheerful green eyes. Her Pakari is shaped like a Kualsi and colored a light grey. Her smile, though potentially as big as her brother's, is much rarer.
Technological items: Volo Lutu Launcher
Weakness(es): Her little brother's ######, being an Earth Toa in a largely aquatic environment
Alignment: Hot
Personality: Much more serious and no-nonsense than her brother, Whitehot shares her brother's love of a fight and berserker's streak, though tends to be much less vigilante about it. Her time with her partner has slowly coaxed her out of her shell a bit, but Whitehot still tends to be the "bad" cop (AYY YO MA) and it requires a lot more to earn her respect than her happy-go-lucky big brother.
She could still drink your ###### under the table doe she's not the White Hot Munequita for nothing.  
Biography: Whitehot was born to a poor family in Onu-Koro famous for its obscenely muscled, ridiculously laid back kids, but most of her easy-going attitude was spent on trying to keep her younger brother Redhot out of trouble. A huge kid even by Hot Family standards, and always down for a brawl, Redhot grew up wanting to pound people into the dirt for a living under the Ussalry banner, but after his infamously disastrous entry exam her brother went off to the Crucible with all the funds he'd intended to save up for his Ussalry uniform.
Whitehot went out through Mata Nui, from the highest jungle to the meanest snowbank, looking for her brother. Finally, heartbroken and nearly hopeless, she stumbled into a hall in Ga-Koro known as the Crucible - there she saw not only her brother, cleaned up and happier than she'd seen him in a year, staring starry-eyed at a young Toa of Fire who was literally jumping rope with a drunk's body.
Satisfied that Redhot's new infatuation could keep him on point for the time being, but still wanting to keep an eye on her brother regardless, Whitehot took the entry exam for the Ga-Koro Marines and passed with flying colors. Her only request was the ability to choose her own partner, a totally contradictory pretty boy who was just coming off a slump of his own [NOT WHAT YOU THINK] and took a similar Warrant Officer job.
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