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Name: Erith Deverim

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Appearance: A grungy Toa, Erith’s armor seems to be made of wooden plates, worn to the point of appearing smooth--apart from gashes and slashes among the covering that mar the surface and occasionally reveal his true green protosteel components beneath. The wood is blackened from repeated exposure to the elements and flames, each slash telling the tale of another battle--and two large, blackened and cracked marks in the middle of his chest could have only come from a Rahkshi of Heat Vision. His mask, while no less battered than the rest of him, is fairly well taken care of and his glowing yellow eyes are kind. Ordinarily he wears a canvas tabard to cover up the worst damage to his armor--at least part of the tabard seems to have been stitched from a torn ILF flag.


He limps slightly, favoring his left leg.

Weapons: A heavy machete made of protosteel, covered in scratches and battered by frequent use from the curved end to the hand and a half hilt. He also has a katana-shaped blade strapped across his back, but seems reluctant to remove it from its vine and canvas wrapping. A hunting bow rests over the unused blade, more meant for killing Rahi than any sort of combat--though in a pinch it can somewhat suffice.

Strangely, he has a wrapped package of what looks like other weapons below the others.

Mask: Huna-shaped Kualsi.

Powers: Control over plantlife, teleportation.

Abilities: Experienced with his blade, has an unorthodox fighting style that takes advantage of his blade’s weight and heft rather than using the more agile strikes of most sword fighters. Strangely specialized when it comes to his control over plantlife--rather than focusing on quantity of material produced, he manipulates the variety and properties of plants created.
Fighting style: Minimalist and pragmatic. While his strikes are brutal and he displays creativity with his abilities, he keeps his power contained, usually focusing his elemental prowess through his blade or armor rather than using large displays of force. He wastes no energy in combat, preferring to not use his element if he can avoid it, and fights to avoid damaging anything he can.

Personality: Quiet and terse, Erith doesn’t speak much. His face has the lines of someone who was once laughing and expressive, but he now saves his words for when he needs them. Despite his reticence, however, his most common expression is a small, kind smile. He’s quick to leap to the defense of those who need it, especially threatened Matoran, and his soft voice has a pleasant tone.

Bio: Erith Deverim is not deserving of his name or his history. He must earn them once again.

Weaknesses: Fire, as it burns through his element. He seems somewhat rusty at combat--swordplay in particular--though this will diminish with time.

Name: Tamara
Species: Vo-Matoran
Mask: Powerless Kakama
Faction and position: Leader of Ihu-Koro and thus ostensible head of the Ihu-Koronian Highlanders.

Weapons: A protosteel short sword edged with the golden material that is Ihu-Koro's principle export. Words are etched into the metal, reading "For the many, One."
Appearance: A slender, short Matoran, Tamara doesn’t strike a very imposing figure. Her light armor is a dull black with light blue highlights, its stormy coloration often matching her countenance of late. She looks world-weary, worry lines appearing around her eyes and mouth earlier in life than a vainer Matoran might hope. Her violet eyes are always active, either focused with a keen intensity on the person she’s speaking with or glancing around, keeping attention on everything around her at a frenetic pace.
Weaknesses: No special powers above those of a normal Vo-Matoran.
Biography: Through competency and wisdom, a Vo-Matoran rose to lead a village of misfits atop the mountain. Her tenure has not been remotely without trouble. Ko’s fall has taken its toll on her, the stresses of an enemy settlement so close to her border weighing on her as she was abruptly thrust into preparing her village for war and rapidly increasing relevance to the island as a whole.


Staff approved.

A small village of approximately 30 composite ice and wood houses, the Koro sits up high on Mount Ihu. A massive tree grows in the middle, large enough to shield the town from the worst of the weather--though it reeks of Bo-Toa energy.. The settlement is protected from attacks by a 5 bio tall, 3 bio thick metal coated wooden wall that surrounds the permanent housing, the only gate facing the path down the mountain. 

The inn, tavern, grocery and smithy shops are located in a central square around the tree.

Of late, a refugee “tent city” of sorts has sprung up around the wall, full of temporary residents fleeing the fallen Ko-Koro. The larger exterior wall furnished by Po-Koro surrounds the tent city, sheltering it from wind but not snowfall.

Locations of interest include the graveyard nearby, where the previous residents of the village are buried, and the Forge in a ravine, where the rena is mined and smithed.

Principle export: A gold material called rena is mined from a vein under the town. Rena is much tougher than protosteel under normal conditions, but it's also more susceptible to heat and less susceptible to cold. The physics of its state changes dictate that it's a little lighter than protosteel. Fe-Toa affect it as normal. It's too rare and difficult to work with to forge entire weapons out of, but the smiths of Ihu edge weapons with it- for a fee.

Other profiles will be restored as characters are redone. 
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Name: Ryzen

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral, more to the good side

Appearance: Tall for a Toa, with a white Kualsi covering his face. He prefers to wear his white armor all the time, often with a black cloak. Has light blue shoulder armor, thigh armor, and hands. A long spear is usually seen strapped to his back when not in combat. His eyes are a cold, icy blue and are seemingly emotionless.

Weapons/Equipment: A long silver-tipped spear around his height, and a small hidden dagger. He has a pack, usually slung over his shoulder to store his things.

Powers/Skills: He has control over the element of Ice, and can create, manipulate, control, and absorb cold and ice. Is an excellent spear fighter and melee specialist. His mask allows him to teleport to places he had been to.

Personality: A stereotypical Toa of Ice, he rarely talks or pays attention to anyone. He can be respectful, and is quick to lose temper and patience. He can be helpful, but rarely shows it. He does not trust others easily. He is a wanderer, and likes adventures after being on one. He does not show his emotion often, and he doesnt show them in his eyes as well. He may not fight for the good, but he cannot tolerate evil. He suffers from some memory blackouts now and then, for a reason that no one knows of.

Weaknesses: Fire. As a Toa of ice, he knows that fire will melt ice and he doesn't stand a chance against it. He has difficulty fighting long-ranged, as his spear allows only a bit of distance.

Bio: Little is known about his past. He lived in Ko-Koro as a Matoran, and he discovered a Toa Stone sometime, and turned into a Toa. He has stopped fighting for the "good", and stopped trusting others after a near defeat by an unknown insane Toa, but he will if he has to. Ryzen stopped living in Ko-Koro about 45 years after the Toa Mata disappeared, and has lived in the outskirts of it since. He left one day for Kini-Nui, and has been travelling around the island since.



Name: Veritas "Veri"

Species: Matoran

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: A Matoran of Iron of average height, with a gray powerless Miru. Is grey with bronze streaks. Has strap on back for pickaxe. One thing noticeable about him are his eyes. They are light green, almost blue, in color. They tend to shine in eagerness, a reflection of his character.

Weapons/Equipment: Powerless Great Miru. A pickaxe slung over his back. His pickaxe is mainly used for mining, but he uses it in battle if necessary. He also has a small pack to hold his belongings, including a lightstone he uses when mining, lacking the night vision the Onu-Matoran have.

Powers/Skills: Inactive iron powers, and is quick and agile. Being a Fe-Matoran, he has more physical endurance than other Matoran. His strength has grown due to working in the mines, and he is stronger than most other Matoran, though nowhere near a Po-Matoran's.

Personality: Is cheerful and friendly to most. Likes to take occasional risks. He can be determined and loyal at times, and can be uick to make solid decisions. He strongly believes everything will be determined by time, and all he has to do is to wait, and do his duty.

Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, he has no powers. An injury to one leg in the past could cause pain to him once in a while. Sometimes he does not think before doing.

Bio: Veritas lived in Onu-Koro most of his life and works as a miner in the Great Mine, until it flooded. He then took to wandering around the Koro, until he resumed working in the Lightstone Caves. Once in a while, he will wander out of the village but not for long. He left for Le-Koro one day, and stayed there throughout the Rahkshi attack, where he helped in the defence of the village.




Name: Darius/Jalix

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: One look at Darius shows that he is capable of being a warrior. Taller than most Toa, with muscles to go with it. Wearing armor that looks like it came right out of the lava, it is bright red and well-fitting with a fiery orange on the edges. A Kanohi Kadin rests on his face, black in color, which is quite strange. A dagger is strapped to his right leg. His eyes, once bright, with much positive emotions, are now dull and unlively. He is always scowling after the incident.

Weapons/Equipment: He does not carry much with him. The only weapon he currently possesses is a dagger given to him by a fellow Toa, although he seldom uses it. The dagger is very elaborate, which he could weld with great skill. He also keeps his Ta-Koro guard badge as a reminder of his past.

Powers/Skills: Darius is very strong, although drinking has taken some strength away. He is also skilled with blades, preferring to fight with swords or knives. His mask allows him to fly. He has control over fire and heat. 

Personality: Before the incident, Darius was quite good-natured, and had a sense of humor. He liked joking around, though he knows when to be serious. Now, drinking occupies over half his time and he is drunk a lot. Jalix is very serious and glum, and quite depressed, never smiling or laughing. Deep inside, he wants to break free, but does not know how and almost gave up the idea. He calls himself a "dying flame", for only reasons that he knows. He hates a lot of things, including other beings, so don't be surprised to find yourself on his list.

Weaknesses: When drunk, he cannot think properly and could get out of control. Years of drinking has reduced his physical ability, so he is not as strong as he was. He is also not very fast, so others could quite easily outspeed him.

Bio: Darius is a Toa with a troubled past. Born and raised in Ta-Koro, he was a member of the Ta-Koro Guard for a while. He played Kohlii in his spare time, though not too good at it. One night, a Toa entered his home while sleeping and took him out. The Toa turned out to be part of a small team, and offered Darius to be part of it. He agreed, and stayed with them for a long time. One night, they were attacked by an unknown group and in the tumult, Darius killed a fellow Toa. The rest of his teammates also died that night, and Darius was the only one left. Guilt-ridden, Darius gave up. Taking on the alias 'Jalix', he turned to drinking, believing that it was the only way out.




Name: Orina

Species: Matoran

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Orina is not very tall, even for a Matoran. Her light, pitch black armor identifies her as of the Earth element, along with her powerless Volitak. If one looks closely, they can see a crack across the left eyehole, and the eye underneath is a milky white in color, results of a fight. Her other eye is red. She wears a dark cloak with a hood always pulled over her face.

Weapons/Equipment: Orina prefers not to carry weapons, due to her dislike of fighting. However, she also knows that danger could strike at any moment, leading to a slightly rusty dagger hanging off her hip.

Powers/Skills: Matoran don't have any powers, and Orina doesn't due to her being one. She can come up with good strategies in a lot of situations.

Personality: Orina is a scholar, preferring to read and study whenever she can. She is generally a peaceful person, who strongly dislikes fighting and anything to do with it.She is also somewhat religious, although she often does nothing about it.

Weaknesses: Apart from the general Matoran weaknesses, Orina is blind in her left eye and therefore she has litmited vision, allowing other people to have a great advantage. She also hates combat, and therefore is unskilled after many years of studying.

Bio: Growing up in a small family in Onu-Koro, Orina could be seen as a different person from who she is now, doing all these things that she would consider insane now. A stab to the eye was all it took to get her to what she is now-a scholar with different ways of knowledge.

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Casting list:
Name: Drome
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Appearance: A large teal and orange bruiser of a Toa, with teal feet, hands, chest-plate, thigh armor and the upper part of his Mask. He has orange arm armor, leg armor, body armor (Minus chest plate) and the lower part of his Mask. He has two pairs of white spikes sticking out of his shoulders.
Alignment: Neutral, though more towards good, and very much chaotic.
Weapons: Morning Star Mace
Power: Elemental control of Sonics.
Mask: Kanohi Rau, with no eye covering and fanged teeth welded on for intimidation.
Other: Drome enjoys reading, and his mask allows him to better do such. Despite being a bit of a brute, he is not lacking in intellect. He does have a tendency to fight first and think later.
Personality: A boisterous sledgehammer of a Toa, blunt in both words and fighting style.  He doesn’t trust others, and the only person he is really willing to fully work with is Kadon, his mortal enemy. He prefers to use blunt force first and ask questions later, though he isn’t foolish enough to face something he isn’t certain he can defeat. This certainty is often only in his head. He doesn't like people commenting on how ugly his armor is, he likes it that way.
Biography: A Toa without a past, who decided that instead of falling into his emptiness he would create something better. He picked his favorite traits; those he thought would make the coolest anti-hero, and then strived to become them. After a little-while, he found he liked the part so much that it stuck. Whoever he was before, he doesn’t know, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
He eventually met a Toa named Kadon, who quickly became both is best friend and his mortal enemy. They work together most of the time when they aren't fighting, though fighting and bickering is the primary state.
After being on the receiving end of a massive beat-down in Ga-Wahi, alongside Kadon, he’s been recovering in a hospital. The two argued and bickered over whose fault the loss was so greatly that they had to be put in separate hospitals. Drome was the one who was moved, and he’s still holding a grudge over it.
Weakness: His bright armor stands out and makes stealth nearly impossible. His spiked shoulders can be used to a foe's advantage. He isn't the best at thinking ahead in a fight. He's a bit of a jerk.
Name: Larvidien “Larvi” Tempest
Gender: Female
Species: Toa
Appearance: A bit on the short side, and not really matching most in muscle. Dressed in primarily yellow and white, with grey-green eyes. She’s bald, though she usually hides it beneath a black leather aviator-styled cap. She wears a black long-coat.
Alignment: Pacifistic Good
Weapons: Sodegarami, built for both tangling clothing and disarming others safely
Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, mask of quicktravel
Element: She’s not even sure herself, uncertain of even what type of Matoran she was before. (Stone.)
Other: She had a strong affinity for explosives, and is usually packing far more than she really should.
Personality: Not particularly strong-worded, but willing to point out issues with things in a way involving delicately bouncing around the issue and hinting. She prefers to keep away from fighting. She is fairly quick with an idea or a solution to problems. She’s a bit easily flustered, especially when others express disappointment.
Biography: Throughout her life, Larvi has always been that person others push around without really meaning to. By her home’s standards, she was fairly sub-par at most things she tried in her life. She finally found her calling in explosive destruction, but even that fell through when she found herself very unwilling to actually use the explosives for harming people.
When trying a job of smuggling something in a small boat for a group she thought were friends, she realized that she wasn’t exactly fond of water. Then, since water didn’t seem exactly fond of her, she was lost at sea. Eventually she found herself, and the item, washed up on the shore of Mata Nui. Only they were no longer separate. The item had turned out to have been a Toa-Stone.  Ready to start anew, with new powers and a new location, she fell right back into the old cycle of people pushing her around, much to her disappointment.
She hopes to eventually live out her life’s dream of becoming a hero, but finds that reaching it is insanely hard when she keeps getting dragged into things.
Weakness:  Utter lack of fighting experience, aversion to violence, and difficulty disagreeing with others, not yet used to using her mask, no clue what her elemental powers are (For now).

Name: Virthee

Species: Turaga

Gender: Male

Description: Dark red armor with a black under layer. Very thin, not very muscular, except his back, it has grown strong from carrying his medical equipment.

Alignment: Good

Mask: Mask of Healing

Weapon: A basic sword, nothing fancy, just a sword.

Tools: A large, but light weight foldable tent made from Bamboo and Leaves, able to hold up to three patients inside when open. Broken weapons turned into medical tools, like a broken dagger turned into a scalpel. He carries this all in a cart that he drags along beside him.

Powers: Weak elemental control of fire.

Personality: Very loyal to those he sees as his friends. He can be somewhat bossy and hotheaded. Virthee is known for sometimes acting without thinking. He prefers to avoid fighting, staying back and helping the wounded. He is generally laid back, but willing to face danger for his friends and team. He is willing to listen to others, but even more willing to voice his opinion, no matter what the consequences. And always willing to help even an injured enemy.

Skills: Virthee is a skilled medic, and a small time inventor.

Weaknesses: His lack of fighting skills. His lacking elemental skills. His aversion to fighting when not needed.

Biography: As a Matoran, he worked as a medic, helping the wounded from the safety of the village of fire. He was somewhat of a self-imposed outcast, staying in the outmost area of the village. He awoke from a horrible nightmare, to find himself no longer a Matoran, but a Toa.

While he doesn't know exactly how he became a Toa, he took up the role as bravely as he could, though he sometimes regretted ever leaving the safety of the village. Around eighty years ago, Virthee took in a family of four siblings who came to the island. The oldest two left, filled with anger and hatred, something Virthee had tried to teach them against. The third and fourth left on much better terms.

Now without the powers of a Toa, Virthee plans to continue on with his goal of helping others, though his age is catching up with him.



Name: Thedar Chronn

Species: Toa.

Gender: Male.

Age: 916 years old.

Alignment: His alignment is rather hard to distinguish, seeing as he'll work for anyone.

Occupation: Owner and leader of "Dark C Investigations".

Appearance: A Toa of the Metru style, wearing mostly Dark blue with black underneath. He is average in physical build, and has light blue eyes. Under his mask and armor, his face has many scars, along with the rest of his body. What he may have once looked like is unknown, though now the scars give a since of unpleasantness to anyone who sees his face.

Mask: Mask of Death Vision. Allows the wearer to see and hear the last minute of a dead being’s life through the victim’s eyes and ears. While he does this, he appears to be in a trance-like state. He has no control in this state, and only sees and hears what the victim did. It has a very unpleasant weakness that is harmful to the wearer. Though it will not kill or severely injure the wearer, the wearer will feel part of the victim’s pain, often receiving small wounds and bruises upon their own body. (Approved by Ghosthands)

Powers: Thedar Chronn has control of the element of lightning, which he has trained with heavily. Despite this training, he does not exhibit any more power than an average Toa, though he has learned to use weak blasts to his advantage.


Spear: A metal spear with a highly unusual tip. The point is shaped like a silvery blue bolt of lightning.

Dagger: A dagger that has seen use many of times. It was taken by Chronn from the first murderer that he ever captured, and has kept it as a trophy, a bloodstained trophy that once took an innocent life.

Tools: He carries with him a pack filled with thin stone tablets and carving tools, to write down every detail of a crime, down to the shape of the pool of blood. He seems to take great enjoyment in this writing, almost too much.

Other: his voice has a metallic hum to it, due to metal being placed inside his throat to save his life. He loathes it infinitely.

Biography: Thedar Chronn traveled to the island of Mata Nui from a distant land in an attempt to leave his past, and anyone who knew of it, as far behind him as possible. Though he never speaks of it to anyone, it is slightly apparent that he has had a highly violent criminal past, possibly even as a murderer himself. He has a remarkable knowledge of murder in its many forms, adding suspicion to the potential of a ruthless past.

He can analyze wounds and often discover the weapons that caused them with remarkable accuracy. He is also skilled at elemental murder analysis. When he came to the island, he quickly created a name for himself by solving as many murders as possible, working himself to exhaustion. He did his best to make it clear that “Dark C Investigations” is devoted to solving any murder.

Anyone who knows him understands that he is determined never to let a murder go unsolved, to the point of taking even the smallest of leads. Failure drives him into a frustrated fury, especially that of those under him.

He is generally well liked by the people of the island, in all of the Koro due to his positive outlook and lack of any prejudice against anyone of any species. Though he isn’t one for making a show of respect for important people, treating them like he would anyone else.

Weakness: He seems to have a very short temper, he’s been trying to work on that but it isn’t going well. When working on an investigation, he is prone to forgetting important things that are unconnected to the case, like stopping to eat, and sometimes goes days without eating anything other than dried fruit and nuts, despite the effects on his health. This leaves him rather weak at times.

Property: He owns “Dark C Investigations”, which has its headquarters placed in Onu-Koro, which he considers the heart of the island. The building is a three room hut, one leading to another and the second leading into the third.

The first room is mostly empty, containing only a metal rack for holding clothing and hats, a mostly burnt painting of what was once a Ga-Koro waterfall, and two new chairs, his old ones broken.

The second room is larger, housing a desk, and two chairs, along with a much nicer chair behind the desk (Once nicer at least. The chair now has a massive chunk missing out of the back). On the desk is a lamp containing a lightstone, and a bowl of dried fruit and nuts. Hanging on the walls are three paintings, one of a stormy sky, one of the jungles of Le-Koro, and one of Chronn himself.

The third room is the largest, housing Thedar's bed and personal belongings. It is sealed, and only Chronn knows how to get in, so no one else will see the cluttered mess of tablets scattered about. The secret to entering is in finding the hidden handle to the door, which is to one of the far sides of the wall.


Name: Kirgon Visic

Species: Le-Matoran

Alignment: Neutral

Gender: Male

Age: 212

Description: Here

The Matoran grins, chuckling a little to himself. “And here's me in all my handsome glory."

Mask: Powerless Matoran Kanohi Miru.

"Nothing better than a classic."

Weapon: Disk launcher, backpack full of metal and bamboo disks with sharpened edges. His attitude, which might as well be a weapon.

"I'm the best shot this island has ever seen, and don't forget it. My name will long live in greatness."

Skills: He's quite agile, and has excellent aim with his disks.

"And if it takes a shootout for you to believe my skill with disks, I'll shoot you down before you even reach for the trigger."

Personality: Brave, daring. He’s willing to risk his life for an ally. Which sometimes comes in handy, though most of the time it just means someone else has to save him. Kirgon is suicidal in bravery, willing to stand against any enemy. And willing to lose to any enemy too. He has almost no fear, staring life or death situations as just another part of life. It has blinded him from his own safety. He has a bad attitude, and is known for showing it frequently. Very, very frequently. Actually, he almost never stops showing it. He is against killing a downed foe, though he does what he sees necessary.

"You all probably realize how awesome I am already."

Weaknesses: Willing to face enemies far more powerful than him. Which most already are. He has only Matoran level strength, and high overconfidence. Both of which make him act rather stupidly in combat.

"I have no weaknesses."

Biography: Kirgon was one of four sibling who traveled to the Island of Mata Nui on a ship. The ship came into the dock, dropping them off in a new and strange world. They were taken in by a Toa of fire, who worked as a doctor. Kirgon got sick of listening to the Doctor named Virthee, and left out on his own. He left so he could do whatever he wished whenever he wished.

Afterward, the times got tougher for him, running out of the money, he turned to small time crime, and spent his time in Ta-Koro, as a pickpocket. He was a horrible thief

"My past is a mystery, filled with action, chaos, and adventures."



Name: Manann Anlyr

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Alignment: He’s not really on any side

Appearance: A weary looking Toa, his armor primarily teal and blue, with bits of gold scattered about. His mask is sleeked, with long curling shapes extending off the upper part, aimed backwards, and a few shorter ones from his chin. He wears a Cloak of teal and white hanging from a golden chain. He’s a little on the lean side.

Mask: Kanohi Tryna, mask of reanimation

Powers:  Elemental power over Water

Weapons: A sword he named ‘Fragarach’, an oar he uses when metal weapons won’t do the trick.

Personality: A bit of a jokester, though almost always acting highly serious. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to tell if he’s joking or not. He rarely takes things all that seriously, though when his temper arises, it’s quite strong.

Other: He’s quite skilled at fighting in the water.

Biography: A fisherman by trade, he ended up fishing up something more than expected from the waters and was dragged beneath the waves. When he returned to the surface, he was a Toa. He refuses to speak about what happened beneath the waters. Whatever it was, it had a lasting impact on him; he hasn’t gone fishing since.

Weakness: Manann usually doesn’t see others as threats, generally allowing them to be the first to attack. He’s the type who enjoys sarcastic and witty banter during battle, and not doing so throws him off.




Name: Eshai “The Demoness”
Species: Dasaka
Gender: Female
Alignment: She has no alignment.
Caste and Clan: Eshai is of a clan that fractured apart, leaving her outside of any clan. Before this, she was a Menti Warrior.
Occupation: A Ronin, a master-less warrior who sells her fighting skill to whoever seeks it.
Appearance: She is armored in very heavy armor, thick and enduring, though it slowly her movements somewhat. She is a bulky individual when it comes to muscle, having worked hard on being as strong as possible. She wears black armor with dark red Crystals. She wears a mask in the shape of a Hannya mask, in a very dark crimson color. She has a black cape with a hood. The hood has holes in it so that her horns can stick through.
Mask: She wears a mask of Quicktravel.
Powers: The WillHammer Discipline’s Mental Entry. 
Other: She doesn’t really care for money or enjoy working as a mercenary, but she feels trying to join another clan would dishonor the memory of her own.
Weapons: Kanabo, Sword.
Personality: She often presents the face of a terrifying warrior, cold and calm through even the most dangerous of situations. Beneath that, she’s rather towards the depressed side, feeling more of an outsider than any acceptable part of society. It is extremely hard to get her to open up, though when someone manages to do so, they have found themselves a very loyal friend.
Biography: She was part of a very small Clan that found itself broken apart as their numbers dwindled and eventually left only Eshai herself and perhaps a few scattered others. She was once one of the Menti class, having been trained to be a warrior and defender of her clan.
Now she wanders the land as a warrior for hire, outside of any clan or caste. She tends towards jobs as a bodyguard and sometimes a protector of traveling merchants. She doesn’t have the option to be very picky in her choice of work, as being a warrior for hire is not a respected job.
Weakness: Her armor slows her down somewhat, and her mental powers are not quite up to the average level. She doesn’t really take well to insults, as they just further push her into her despair. When using her Mental Entry power, it combined with her armor makes her completely unable to move.

Name: Theriss Durim
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Alignment: The Toa Sarsi, Money.
Occupation: Loan shark. She is now the leader of the Toa Sarsi.

Appearance: Her armor is a dull copper-gold in color, with black as a secondary hue. Small patterns of light blue and white lay scattered about the ornate detail. She has a large dark green cape with a wide collar. Her mask is similar to those used for a ball, in the same copper-gold as her armor with white and light blue curled about. Her eyes are a vibrant violent hue, glittering out from beneath her mask. Her chest plate is very ornate, with a leaf-like pattern decorated in slithering patterns of white and light blue, and a large dark blue jewel in the center. Overall she doesn't appear to be a dangerous person, seeming almost regal, some might say beautiful.
Mask: A Mask of Strength, shaped like a ball mask, though spreading to cover her entire face. It bears the same leaf-like pattern as her armor.
Powers: Elemental Water, which she uses as a close range weapon. She has lesser control the farther the water gets from her, making long range a difficult challenge. For this reason, she prefers to get a fight up close.
Other: She’s quite skilled with his weapons, but her element suffers slightly. She’s a reasonably skilled cook, and often refuses food that she hasn't made herself. She has knowledge of desert survival, though she would prefer never to have to use it. She’s allergic to nuts. She has a tattoo on her upper arm that she keeps hidden under armor. 
Weapons: A pair of Brass Knuckles. She also carries a Spetum, which is a sort of Pickaxe Spear.
Personality: A tricky person with a friendly smile when she wants to have one and a dangerous snarl when she doesn't. She’s a manipulator, often using other people to get what she wants. She once had little patience for others, and would violently enforce her deadlines for payment, giving her a dangerous reputation as a terrible person to deal with. But, she keeps a lower interest rate than most others in her trade. Over time, she's grown a little more lenient in her time for payment, that way she gets more payments and saves herself the work of getting it herself. A lot of rumors suggest that she's not as tough as she once was and that she's getting less devious and cruel. These are rumors she's quick to deny. She lacks a sense of unity or duty to anything or anyone, and fends for herself. 
Biography: For as long as she can remember, the island has always been her home. If she was from somewhere else before, she doesn't remember it. She was taken into the village of Po-Koro, due to her armor color leading the belief she was a Po-Matoran. The desert heat never agreed with her, and often seemed unbearable. She wasn't as strong as her fellow Po-Matoran, no matter how hard she tried to match them. It was on a trip to the shore that she found the truth.
It was almost as if the water was calling out to her, beckoning her into its aquatic comfort. At that moment, something connected in her mind. The weakness to the heat and arid air, not being as strong as the naturally more powerful Po-Matoran, it all made sense now. She wasn't a Po-Matoran at all, she was a Ga-Matoran. Deciding that anything was better than another day in the desert, she headed towards the village of water.
She found herself without anything left to her name, and no one she could rely on for help. She had to start from the ground up, doing whatever it took to get by. Every widget was more valuable than gold, each one was a step closer to reaching the level of life she had known in the desert. And with enough saving and work, she managed to buy herself a building and become a permanent resident in Ga-Koro.
This is where she started loaning money. Small amounts to friends struggling through the same situation she had been through. Then slowly she began to loan to more people, ones she didn't know, with added interest to make the loans profitable. Each coin given felt like as if part of her was being torn away, but the returns found themselves eagerly accepted. With that came the problem of those trying to cheat her. She had to enforce her loans, using threats to make sure her money was returned, with interest.
With this, she started to become violent in her enforcing, going so far as to hire thugs to make certain she got payments. She never had a negative profit from a deal as long as she could help it, and slowly began to find herself with more and more money. With this money, she found she had influence over those who needed it. She decided who received a loan, and who did not.
Eventually, something went wrong, or right as the opinion may be. She became a Toa, gaining the power to control water, confirming her beliefs that she was a Matoran of water, not stone. With her newly gained powers, she became more dangerous to cross than ever. Despite this, some of her less pleasant associates claim that after that, she seemed to lighten up slightly. She wasn't as strict with her payment dates, and would let things slide that she never would have before. But even with a little more leniency, she always made sure she got her money back.
In desperation, she created the Toa Sarsi, a team designed to do heroic deeds and bring her a profit. She did not expect the number of members that arrived to join. Together, they have started a small-time operation of heroics, doing small good deeds to start building themselves an image of being heroes.
Weakness: She's a rather slippery person, outwitting her causes her endless irritation. She isn't a great fighter when it comes to long range, even with her elemental power. She doesn't trust others well, and tends to avoid getting herself into trouble when possible. She has a weakness for money, which can change her opinion of a person rather quickly.

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A Rebel




Verak is just a bit taller than normal, and wears tan and brown armor. The armor is light, designed to let him run and jump and backflip to his heart's content, and patterned with scars, scratches, and old wounds. His mask, a Kualsi, is exceptionally worn, one of its prongs being broken off and other other being pretty worn down. The web of cuts does not entirely mask the handsome, roguish, 'come at me if you can' look it exudes. Verak also wears a self confident grin and an excited but uncaring attitude. He is always moving.


Unusually, Verak has a basically no control of stone. He's spent his time focusing on his control of sand, instead. This makes him absolutely deadly in the desert, but impedes him if he goes anywhere but Po-Wahi. He is a fabulous hand to hand fighter. He's fast, athletic, and has incredible reflexes. His Kualsi gifts him the ability to teleport anywhere within his vision.

Important Possessions

A pack of widgets, his mask, a versatile knife, and his armor. He needs nothing more.


Verak's early life matters little to both him and those he meets. His more average, earlier days as a matoran are all but forgotten, and he's now fully a toa of sand, acting as flexible and uncaring as his element. He's left his home koro behind and, shunning society and it's virtues, spends most of his time wandering the island, looking for his next adrenaline rush. He's very adventurous, as reckless as a man can be, unwilling to empathize with others, and cares about nothing but enjoying himself.


Although good at hand to hand combat, he has little to no control of most rock. Verak is also impulsive and reckless with no concern for his own safety. He also cannot attack from a range, and is weaker physically than most toa, notably more so than a skakdi or Vortixx.

A Rich Man
He is naturally colored black and red. His basic armor is well polished and well kept up, and inlaid into it are gold patterns, for Alyo does not abstain from flaunting his wealth. He has a black and gold walking stick, with a golden gear atop it. For all this grandeur, he is not perfect. Look closely, under his shining armor, and you can spot scratches and gouges that can never be removed.
Control over fire, and invisibility. In both of these, Alyo is out of practice.
None. Why would he need anything but his mind or his money?
Alyo was an idealist with nothing back in the day, a Ta-Matoran with hopes. He was one of the first ones to be given a Toa Stone, just after the Mata had disappeared into Mangaia. Back then Toa were expected to follow almost exactly in the Mata’s footsteps, because that’s that heroes did, right? Alyo had seen his fellow Toa follow the Mata and get mercilessly crushed by the Makuta. He knew that the new Toa weren’t as powerful as the original six. The Matoran, however, were not impressed by his deduction, for they hadn’t quite figured it out yet. He had to leave Ta-Koro, and Alyo decided to adventure around the island, stopping crime to try and redeem himself. He didn’t get further than Ko-Koro, where he joined the guard, and stopped crime there. He didn’t enjoy it, even though he knew it was the right thing. Eventually, Alyo turned to crime, which is unusually similar to stopping it. He built up a large empire forging money, and it fell, leaving Alyo with no standing in the criminal underworld but, somehow, he managed to build a new kingdom for himself running a trading business, shipping things between Ko and Onu Koro. This was the role that he was able to hold on to, and his power grew and grew, and Alyo even became important enough to join the Cultured Gentry, an elite club of gentlemen which Alyo later discovered, thanks to Ambages, was in league with the oppressor of the island at that time, Makuta. And then the heroes killed Makuta, and the island boomed. Technology, trading, it all exploded, and Alyo’s business took off. He established contacts in Onu-Koro, helping the companies build new technologies, and expanded into Le-Koro, buying up more trading networks there. The island is perfect for a man in the business of trading.
He has forgotten what he once knew about combat.

A Guard
Korzaa is a veteran of a 1,000+ year long war against Makuta and his followers, and it shows. Her armor is scarred and battered, and beneath it lies thick, corded muscle. She is large, powerful, well built, with a couple nasty scars to top it off. She moves with controlled, powerful momentum. Korzaa's mask is a crude, plain Hau.
Korzaa is a hardened warrior with intimate knowledge of war and it’s tactics. Fighting enemies is what she does best, and she approaches every fight or battle like a puzzle that needs to be solved. Besides her muscle and her mind, she has no special powers.
Korzaa has always been a guard. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t. She has always been a good one too, and loved being one. Work is her number one priority, more than her own personal safety, more than love, more than friends. It shouldn’t be surprising that she is relatively alone. It also shouldn’t be surprising that she has risen quite high in the ranks of the sanctum guard. Actually, she’s kind of hit the roof- Korzaa is the Captain of the Guard, and her only superior is Akiri Matoro. She’s loved the position in her own special way, funneling everything into keeping the guard strong. But it’s peacetime now, and her knowledge of war isn’t quite as useful as it once was.
Korzaa is uncomfortable not having a clear enemy to fight. She hates intrigue and subtlety, so often is oblivious to them. Also, she has no special powers in a straight up brawl, which puts her at a disadvantage to beings which do have them.

A Psychopath
Selchzar is thin and lanky, nothing but skin, bones, and wiry muscle. He’s blue and black, with eyes the color of urine that leer out from behind a sleek and dangerous looking Kanohi Matatu. His armor is all hard edges and sharp points and sleek curves. It makes him look predatory. His fingers are constantly moving, as if hungry to grasp something, and lightning often crackles between his fingertips.
Selzchaar has a refined control of lightning, and delights in it’s subtler, nastier uses. He is also very agile and nimble, able to crawl and climb faster than many Toa can walk. He very skilled with manipulating things with his Mask of Telekinesis. Although not practiced with throwing things around or using the mask for force, Selzchaar makes up for that by being able to precisely manipulate smaller objects- opening a lock, for example, is relatively simple for him.
Evil is probably a good way to describe Selzchaar. Not only does he look the part, but he acts it as well. Not a shred of morals nor a hint of honor can be found in him. He’s out for himself. Selzchaar kills for fun, and is pretty good at it, too. There’s nothing good to be found in him. If I were you, I’d stay away.
Selzchaar once deserved to be a Toa. Before the First Toa, he was a member of the Ta-Koro guard, and a fairly high ranking one too. His valor and courage made him a small legend, and when he found a Toa Stone in a lava flow near the Tren Krom break, nobody was surprised by Mata-Nui’s choice. Curiously, Selzchaar immediately left the guard once be became a Toa, and then disappeared. Nobody saw any trace of him, and the population assumed he was dead. Now, a century later, Selzchaar is back from his isolation, unrecognizable to the villagers he once knew.
Selzchaar is not the strongest, physically, nor the most resilient to damage. His frail body will crumple with the lightest hit. He also cannot muster much force with either his mask or element as well.

A Preist
Dorgath looks a lot like most other Ta-Matoran. His torso, arms, and mask are red, and he has faded yellow feet. Dorgath's mask is a Kakama, one of the more common matoran masks. His armor color is very faded, and he has scratches and scrapes all over it. A couple old burns are also visible, memories of a time when he was just a lava farmer. Dorgath usually wears a black cloak and has a bamboo spear strapped across his back. A belt with most of his possessions is also around his waist.
Dorgath has gotten pretty tough out in the wild by himself, and had a chance to refine his skills with his spear against the wildlife. He's gotten good at hiding in bushes and evading capture in forests.
Dorgath is an unhappy man. Back when he was a lava farmer, he hated the Turaga for creating a strict, unbending society where he had no choice of job. He worshipped Makuta because he thought that the dark god was a better alternative than the current leaders. His belief in his ideas began to dissolve when the Turaga died and nothing changed, so he switched to despising the society they had created. He briefly joined the Ta-Koro guard, hoping to use his influence to change people's ideas about the Turaga and the Makuta.
Then the Makuta was defeated, and after a week or so of soul searching, Dorgath quit the guard. He acutely noticed the changes to the Koro in which he lived, and noticed the growing hostility between villages, and finally realized that it wasn't the Turaga which were causing the problem- it was the people. Disgusted with his fellows, Dorgath vanished into the forest, where he has spent a month or so living in the wild, trying to decide what to do next with his life. Eventually, with nothing left to lose, he fell in with a group of bandits. A small group enlisted Dorgath in a plan to kill the rest of the group and take off with the group's look, which they did. Dorgath was beaten up and left in the sand for the small share of the money he got, and almost died of dehydration in the desert. The freak rainstorm saved his life, and Dorgath's belief that it was Mata-Nui that saved him led him to become zealously religious, believing it was his job to warn the world about the danger than the new technology was bringing them.
Obviously, no special Toa powers. Dorgath also has little experience fighting.



A Warrior

Oshi’s armor is blue metal and crystal, like most Dasaka, and nothing else. Her right shoulder has a larger amount of serrated crystal to give her better protection- her left arm, her sword arm, is lightly armored to provide greater freedom of movement. The rest of her crystal covering is similarly distributed- heavy in areas where movement and mobility are unneeded by sparse where they are. She’s slim and athletic- obviously a Menti in build. She wears a Kanohi Haunoru, the mask of focused shielding [Approved by Nuju Metru for Ghosthands], which resembles a Hau in shape as well. However, it is more smooth and contoured, fitting her face better and giving her a more youthful, heroic, and noble look.
Oshi is a Soulsword Menti, and an experienced one too. She has spent decades learning to create and wield a spear. Her manifested energy is simple- a crude pole that narrows to a point at one end- but effective. She uses this in tandem with the energy shield projected by her Haunoru, a large inverted triangle that matches her psychic weapon in hue.
Born of the Fursic clan, Oshi was raised with a prudent, effective outlook and has always put a little more value in the value of Power than Order. Selected as a Menti from a young age, she has known nothing but strict training since her birth. For a short time, she became a gladiator, earning a reasonable amount of fame and honor before moving on to carry on more traditional Menti duties. She is very distantly related to the central players of the clan, under the command of a minor official of the clan hierarchy.
Although adequately dutiful, Oshi possesses a strong sense of fun and adventure. She loves seeing the wilder portions of the island and dislikes being confined in areas such as Sado’s Imperial palace. However, this does not mean she is impulsive or immature- she is still calculating and disciplined. Oshi loves singing heroic ballads.
Although deadly effective at melee combat, she is unable to strike back a foes that can attack from a range. Her Kanohi does not give her a more diverse ability, instead functioning almost as an extension of her soulsword abilities, putting her at a disadvantage to those with a special powers such as flight or invisibility.

A Theif






Tahar is tall and lean and covered in patchwork armor pulled together from a dozen different places. A a strip of ragged cloth tied around his pakari functions as an eyepatch. On his right hand, he's missing his pinky and ring finger, and the thick cloth tied around his hand to disguise that fact hides a plethora of lock picks, knifes, keys, and other useful trinkets. More cloth is tied around his body - old bandages never removed, or there to function as protective padding (On his knees and elbows for instance). He always chews on a splinter of wood and is difficult to read.


Quick, Fast thinking, a fabulous fighter due to spending his entire life doing it. Dexterous, stealthy, good at stealing and picking pockets as well as head to head duels.

Important Possessions

Throwing knives, kitchen knives, knives carved from bones, knives carved with Vortixx or Skakdi symbols, Small pickaxe like devices, and many more concealable cutting weapons. Also lock picks, coins, hooks, and all manner of trinkets a thief should possess.


Tahar has lived his entire life in the harsh desert fighting to survive. Growing up without a society, he is antisocial and very self obsessed, caring not at all for others and just out for himself. He's still a cool guy, but he'll stab you in the back for half a widget.


He's only a Matoran.

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The Island of Mata Nui

Stannis Maru

Nicknames: The Wanderer, The Prophet
Roles: Toa Maru team leader, Toa-Protector of Po-Koro, pupil of Antrim Vakitano of the Massif (formerly)
Kind: Male Toa of Stone
Sexuality: Undeclared ("He's probably one of those chaste priests, yanno?")
Appearance: Gallery: Stannis as he emerged from the Keeping Place / Stannis as imagined in Po-Wahi

Stannis looks every part the revered hero he is—warm brown and sandy tan armor plated his heroic frame, which was borne with equal parts sagacity and nobility. Set in his handsome, statuesque face, above a set of defined cheekbones, are a pair of grey eyes that seem to see more than is visible and could slice through stone and flesh like lasers. Stannis has strong hands and a powerful jawline, as though he had been given physical features to reflect the character of his will by some considerate sculptor. He wears a burned orange mask with sloped sides; it crowns his brown chest, tan arms and legs and black skin. His weapons are carried in a harness across his back, which also has an attachment pouch for supplies on his journeys.

Powers & Abilities: Stannis inherited Pohatu's Elemental Stone powers and as a result has immense control over stone and stone-like substances exceeding that of every other known toa of stone. A trait of his new element is incredible physical strength; although not exceeding a boosted Parakuka or Pakari user, he possesses natural strength matching Sulov Maru’s trained level.

Uniquely, Stannis also has something that is colloquially referred to as his Wandering; wherever Stannis "wanders," or travels, Destiny seems to unfold. This translates as an intuition that borders on prophetic, an uncanny ability to sense imminent danger, and a propensity to always be headed in the right direction regardless of logic. This is best understood as Mata Nui's touch on him, though he denies any actual divinity. 

He is also a valiant and skilled combatant with talents honed from his many years as a Ta-Koro Guard and warrior. He oddly seems to prefer polearms with near exclusivity. As a matoran, Stannis demonstrated his competencies in leadership, guerrilla tactics, hand-to-hand combat, and survival, which were further refined as a toa. Stannis is creative, cleverly solving problems with improvised strategies and implements. 

Mask: Kanohi Hiripaki, Legendary Mask of Stories (Gift from Friar Tuck)
The Kanohi Hiripaki allows the user to bring to life anything spoken in story form, literally taking out of the Legend and into the world. If the user begins with the phrase "All hear the tale of the Great Spirit and of all things..." and ends with, "So transpired the legend," that which they have told in story form will come into being. The user may summon both animate and inanimate things from their stories. There is no limit to what a user may call forth from the Legend.

However, since something comes out of the story, something must go in to keep the balance; this 'tribute' is random unless specified by the user and of equivalent value to that which has been summoned. For instance, if a new Toa is called into life from the Legend, a random and nearby Toa will be subsequently sucked into it. The user may not transport his or herself into the Legend. Objects and beings summoned from the Legend will not return there unless specifically re-exchanged by the user in another spoken story. Beings or creatures summoned from the Legend retain free will, and are not under the control of the user in the event of their summoning. 
Tools: He carries a single halberd that can stand and touch his shoulder. Its blade is a deadly trapezoid with slatted patterns. The tool can be used as a lethal weapon with its shaft or blade and helps him focus his powers. He also has a Telerahk staff of power given to him as a token of friendship by Sulov, and he wears this tool perpendicular to his halberd on his back. It can be used to channel his power just as well as his true toa tool. 
Weakness: Despite his great skill in melee combat, his usual defense is to evade and distance himself which can allow a quicker swordsman to enter his defense and strike him. His jack-of-all-strategies skill with his weapon also means he has no solid fighting style and improvises on the spot, usually using pragmatic blows and power strikes. Though he is strong and powerful, he is slower than average and not prone to quick action. 
Dossier: Stannis was once a matoran of plasma in the service of the Ta-Koro Guard, an organization he rose to warrant officer rank for his cleverness and imperviousness to heat. He eventually left in search for a higher purpose at the refuge town of the Massif, and he learned under the place's toa-protector before heading out to discover the deeper mysteries of Mata Nui—the island and god. He founded a team of like-minded matoran, who coined themselves Stannis' Companions, and led them in the footsteps of the old Chronicler's Company. Takua, in disguise, called him to even higher service and sent him to Ko-Koro, where Turaga Nuju saw his future and dubbed him The Wanderer, a prophesied hero of legend.

Following Takua's instructions, he tearfully disbanded his Companions and assembled a new group of prophesied heroes: the Wanderer's Company. This team eventually recovered the First Toa's essence stones and transformed into the Toa Maru, destined to defeat the Makuta and save Mata Nui with Stannis at their helm. They succeeded (dubiously) at the first goal when Stannis himself banished the Makuta with his Legendary Kanohi, however the team's destiny is far from over. Stannis currently serves as Po-Koro's toa-protector, though he believes his duty is to all matoran of Mata Nui and still "wanders" abroad to investigate new threats and old secrets.

He is usually serious but has a quick wit that he can call upon for jests with his dry sense of humor. He has a very strong resolve to see things through and always finishes what he starts. As Takua’s spiritual successor, Stannis has a very beautiful perspective of the Great Spirit and the island. His view became one based on the virtue of Faith and a belief that everything is foretold and destined, which can pit him against the more factual of the Maru; nevertheless, his insightful view of life gives him an acute affinity towards prophesy and destiny, making him a powerful spiritual warrior and sage in demand of the faithful, and the Maru will admit that he does always seem to "find a way." Beings in search of a purpose often seek him out in the hope that their fates will be warped or unlocked merely by his presence. 


Sigrus Winedark

Job: Camerlengo of The Massif, wayfinder (formerly)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay???
Kind: Matoran of Magnetism
Mask: Powerless Kaukau
Appearance: Sigrus has shiny black armor with gunmetal grey arms and legs. His kanohi is matte black with shiny detailing. He wears a signature oversized blue hopsack cloak that just barely lets his feet be visible, and he tucks his arms under its voluminous sleeves which also have pockets for his smaller belongings. His weapons are well concealed by the cloak, held at his sides by use of a leather shoulder harness.
Skills & abilities: Sigrus’ latent elemental powers give him an excellent sense of direction and he can always tell where north is, lending to his proficiency as a navigator and surveyor. He is also an effective accountant and organizer, a skill he developed from occasionally working as ship quartermaster. Though Sigrus was never a soldier, he learned how to properly defend others after many years of practicing as a martial artist. His fighting style relies on grappling and using his foe’s energy against them, and his maces are used both to strike and build momentum. When deprived of his weapons and pushed into aggression he fights in a soft mantis-style martial art. 
Possessions: His belongings include the woolen cloak, a lightstone, and basic record keeping implements. For weapons, he has a pair of short-hafted melon hammers and a bamboo throwing disk. 
Traits: He usually speaks in a soft voice and often ends his statements with a self-affirming word. He always prefers nonviolent solutions but his personality belies the skills necessary to use force. Sigrus dislikes heights, delights in card games, and meditates regularly. Though perfectly content at The Massif, he still harbors a wanderlust and desire to explore. 
Traits: He is a very pious man and usually speaks in a soft voice and often ends his statements with a self-affirming word. He always prefers nonviolent solutions but his personality belies the skills necessary to use force. Sigrus dislikes heights, delights in card games, loves plum wine, and meditates regularly. Though perfectly content at The Massif, he still harbors a wanderlust and desire to explore. 
Weakness: Despite his martial prowess, if a peaceful resolution is possible he will go out of the way to take it. He is also physically weaker than most other species. 
About: Previously a renown navigator for a Ga-Koronan shipping firm, Sigrus somehow wound up taking a pilgrimage to The Massif and under the tutelage of then-Toa-Protector Antrim Vakitano. He contributed his keen wayfinding skills to the good of the village, helping chart the lands around it more thoroughly, an act that attracted Antrim’s eye. He was then tapped to be one of Antrim's main assistants. He indirectly helped bring the matoran Stannis to The Massif and waited his turn when Stannis was quickly elevated to Camerlengo of the Keep ahead of him, but assumed the role when Stannis left to begin his famed wanderings. After Antrim was murdered by Ambages the false akiri, Sigrus was among the villagers who chose Brykon as the new Toa-Protector. 




The Kentoku Archipelago


Yumiwa, Umbraline

Titles: Her Majesty the Rora of the Dasaka Empire, Empress of the Kentoku Archipelago and Lady of Sado

Biological sex: Female
Sexuality: Ardently bisexual
Kind: Dasaka / Menti caste / Umbraline clan / the imperial family
Appearance: Gallery: The empress in her usual clothes / Her kanohi dragon-inspired dress
Yumiwa has royal blue and gold armor with crystal plating and a regal-looking Kanohi shaped like a Hau housing bright blue eyes in a perpetually sly gaze. She also wears a red half-skirt and sometimes dons a full-length cloak of the same fabric for nighttime trips or special occasions. Though her clan's colour is purple, she wears red clothes because she likes it better and the imperial family can wear whatever colour they wish. She walks with a sense of birthright-given authority but contrasts it with a casual demeanor to assuage people’s concerns. Still, her noble standing and distant nature places her light years above the rabble, so when walking about she can seem highbrowed and aloof over lower castes despite her dispensation of inconvenient etiquette standards.
Powers: In her copious spare time as a princess Yumiwa was trained to use three Menti disciplines by Battlemaster Inokio, but her proficiency between each varies so she does not qualify as a Battlemaster herself. 

  • Her primary focus is in the Mindarm discipline, giving her vast telekinetic powers. Her skill with this form is so advanced and rehearsed that she can manipulate dozens of little things with incredible finesse and even redirect projectiles to defend herself, as well as throw and repel objects with incredible force and little effort. That said, she has a hard time moving much larger objects and is greatly taxed from that exertion. Her preference of the discipline has much to do with refusing to be solely in her Willhammer sister's shadow, and she has attained mastery of it.
  • Yumiwa has an extraordinarily strong sense of self and a natural affinity to Willhammer skills. Her mental entry by is represented by the color red, which eventually consumes the target’s vision when in full effect. This is the form she is second-best at, owing to her intuitive skills; it’s the Umbraline's traditional discipline. 
  • She has basic Soulsword abilities, sufficient to fling raw psychophysical energy at foes and summon a dagger into reality. This is the discipline she is weakest at. 

Mask: Kanohi Miru, Great Mask of Levitation (She can walk on water whooaaaaaa)
Belongings: She prefers not to wield conventional weapons, mostly because she never has any need to, though she does have a ceremonial rapier made of a polished silver alloy, a gift from her uncle Rayuke.
Abilities: She is a cunning politician-in-training, and while she is far from political science mastery she has fine trained intuition and refined charisma. She reads a lot, too, is a total bookworm and dabbles in poetry, dancing and other fine arts befitting her noble status. But she also has hobbies, especially riding horse rahi and amateur zoology. Despite never having been in a fight, she has some basic martial arts skills taught to her by Inokio.
Weakness: She is not a warrior, certainly not in the truest sense, and has very limited fighting capability with conventional arms. She can be outdueled—though it would hardly ever come to that. She has the natural weakness of a Mindarm and, to a lesser extent, the same applied to all the other forms in ratio to her proficiency with each.
About: From her inception she was heavily protected as the crown princess and given the finest education in the empire. She was kept in the palace grounds until she neared coming of age; only then was she allowed to pursue her own delights and explore the territory that would be her future realm. However, despite her status and potential power she was kept out of true leadership aside from minor court appearances and instead has been simply tutored on her eventual ascension, especially in the matter of being a competent and good ruler. She is very cultured, highly determined and sometimes manipulative, as she should be in a matriarchal society that she is bound to inherit. 

Unfortunately, her mother, Yusanora, died before Yumiwa's royal training was complete and she was shunted on the Diamond Throne before she was fully prepared to rule. As a result, she has had incredible difficulty managing the multitude of conflicts that take bites of her realm. 

Pressure to be politically married to bring added stability to the empire is mounting for her, which doesn’t give her much but anxiety, especially as she surveys the current crop of candidates and has an unease about the almost inevitable marriage with Kuno. Her relationship with her sister is chilly; while Desde is naturally gifted in something great, Yumiwa had to work for everything she had (save her titles) and her competitive personality makes her abrasive against her younger sister. 

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Our glorious leader

·         Name: Onepu

·         Species: Matoran of Earth

·         Gender: Male

·         Appearance: An Onu-Matoran of average height, with a muscular build, yet thin enough to be rather agile. Usually decked out in his Ussalry armor, decorated with his honors. Wears a purple Pakari and black armor with purple highlights.

·         Powers: Onu-Matoran night vision and strength, as well as sensitivity to vibrations. Politically, he is the Ussalry's commanding Captain.

·         Strengths: Tough as a brick, and strong from his time in the Ussalry. Truly in peak physical condition. Think Batman, but less agile. Skilled with all sorts of weapons, and in unarmed combat. 

·         Weapons:

·         Never goes anywhere without a throwing disk on hand. His favorite make is the simple metal Protodermis model, with sharpened sections around the edge. Bears Onua's Pakari upon them.

·         Uses a dolabra slightly shorter than he is tall, with a Protosteel head and hard wood staff. Makes excellent use of it both while mounted or on foot, using the versatility of its length and weight to its full extent to both attack and defend.

·         Carries a black crystal dagger at his hip, though he rarely uses it in combat and more for practical purposes. It has sentimental value to him, as the last thing Whenua had given him. The blade is around six inches in length, made of sturdy and sharp crystal, the handle being Rock Lion bone.

·         Keeps a concealed Protosteel combat knife in his armor, always easily at hand should the need arise.

·         Weaknesses: Relies on his Ussal when there is a need for speed. Very proud. Being a Matoran hampers his physical capabilities and potential.

·         Alignment: Lawful Neutral

·         Personality: Dedicated and dutiful. Tries his best to lead by example and to be a father to his men, a figure to be respected and looked up to, but not to the point of being inaccessible. Uncharacteristically flashy for an Onu-Matoran, outside of battle, and quite proud and concerned for his public image. Enjoys his commanding position, but hates leading from behind, preferring to lead charges rather than direct them from behind a desk.

·         His dedication to the Great Spirit still exists, but is very diminished. In his mind, Onu-Koro comes first, then the island, then the Great Spirit. He rarely offers prayers to Mata Nui.

·         History: (For pre-RPG events, look on Biosector01.) The news of the Toa Mata's failure hit Onepu hard, and for the longest time, hatred for Makuta was what drove him. He did his best to drive Makuta's influence from the village, but over time, was worn down from the endless barrage. He, like the rest of the island, learned to cope with Makuta's presence, but never relinquished his hatred.

·         Taipu's death dwarfed Onua's in Onepu. For two weeks, it was all he could do to function at all, and he kept himself penned up in Onu-Koro. It wasn't until others began to challenge his leadership that he set his feelings aside and truly put the village first and foremost, ignoring his own feelings if they conflicted with the village's wellbeing.

·         Whenua's death impacted him deeply, but he succeeded at hiding his feelings enough to continue to lead in a leaderless situation. In the brief time of chaos, the Ussalry became the most reliable body within Onu-Koro. Nonetheless, the Turaga's death shook Onepu's faith in the Great Spirit.

·         It came as little surprise that Onepu took control of the whole village when the Rahkshi arrived at the village's doorstep. Driven by memories of the lost, Onepu quickly directed the village's defenses and the organization of an escape route. In the end, the effort proved fruitless as Makuta's defeat rendered the Rahkshi feral, ignoring the village completely.

·         Onepu, seeing Sulov return victorious, a successor to Onua, offered him a full pardon and an offer to return to the Ussalry, which Sulov promply turned down. Despite his best attempts, Le-Koro still outdid Onepu's plans for Onu-Koro's celebration of the Makuta's defeat.

·         As things settled in the following week, Onepu ceded his unwanted position to Nuparu, returning to lead solely the Ussarly, due to his hatred of desk jobs. He'll still brag about having held the position sometimes, though. Nuparu quickly appointed him Right Hand of the Akiri, to which Nuparu readily accepted.

·         Steed: Ruwe, his Ussal crab.

·         Ruwe is equipped in sturdy lightweight protosteel and hardened leather armor, designed to protect while not hampering his speed. His underside is the most weakly defended area, to accommodate leg movement. His pincers are occasionally decked with small blades to add to his smashing power. While not the fasted Ussal in the Wahi, his speed is something to be reckoned with. 


The altruist

·         Name: Kehuri

·         Species: Toa of Earth

·         Gender: Male

·         Appearance: Tall for an Onu-Toa, but just about average for any other kind. This is, however, mostly due to his pad posture. While not as bad as Onua's, his spine curves in an almost Parakuka-like way that brings him down to the height of a regular Toa. Broad-shouldered, and thick-limbed, though not outstandingly so in either case. Not particularly handsome, and not particularly athletically built.

·         Wears a purple Hau. Black and dark gray all over, with purple shoulders and shins, and dark green eyes. Here's a picture.

·         Powers: Kehuri possesses standard Toa of Earth powers. Wears a Hau.

·         Strengths: He specializes in defense and impairment, preferring to defend and to lend aid rather than to attack or heal. He can move quickly underground and provide help from below, create defensive earth barriers, off-balance enemies when on earth, and create dust smokescreens by compressing and releasing balls of earth rapidly. While a very poor designer or inventor, he has a knack for figuring out how things work, and is a quick learner (things like tools or instruments). He's more resistant to the cold than most Onu-Matoran, though not near the extent of a Ko-Matoran. He's also powerfully built, able to dish out quick bursts of great strength, though not for sustained periods.

·         Weapons: His Toa Tool is an arm-mounted drill with the ability to focus his energy specifically to create tunnels, whether by manipulating or absorbing earth.

·         He also carries a round shield, which he prefers to use to his drill.

·         He had a second shield made for him after his return to Onu-Koro after Makuta's defeat. He usually keeps this one on his back.

·         Weaknesses: His speed and stamina aren't that good, due to his preference for mechanic tools over manual ones. He's also got the standard Onu-Matoran/Toa's sensitivity to sunlight, and is also unusually susceptible to heat. His elemental energy reserves are noticeably below average. Despite his intelligence, he's a slow thinker, and often either has to stop in mid-sentence to think about what he is going to say, stutters for a bit while thinking, or speaks without thinking. He's developed strong morals, and as a result, tries to adhere to the Toa Code, which could be turned against him if he doesn't hate his enemy enough to just kill them. See more under 'personality'.

·         Gets vertigo when he looks up at open sky, unless he's lying on the ground.

·         Alignment: Neutral Good

·         Personality: He's lost his former spunk and optimism, and has become a great deal quieter. His former self-esteem has taken a plunge, although it's not all gone. He still stands for the maintaining of Unity and his search for his Destiny. He's taken a negative view of the changes the island has undergone. He's less open than before, but still kind and gentle. His thought processes are still slow, but he's learned to take more time to think things through before speaking. He wants to do what is best for everyone, regardless of his own feelings or needs.

·         History: Kehuri was a miner in Onu-Koro . He was never anything special, never strove to be the best at anything he ever did, simply content with being perfectly average. His days primarily consisted of mining, talking with his friends, and shutting himself in his hut to busy himself with his various interests. When he had more money than he needed, he would often lend it to those lacking. Shortly before the end of the Makuta war, he became a Toa.

·         During the Makuta war, he strove to be as useful as possible, but ultimately accomplished nothing. His failure to be of use did a number on his self-esteem and optimism. He left the ILF a while after the Rahkshi attack, to accompany Naru in her search for Zauk, and then returned to Onu-Koro for a short while.

·         During the island's time of peace after the inter-Koro war was averted, Kehuri returned to Onu-Koro with the intent to stay, and joined the Ussalry.

·         Anything else deemed necessary: He has a Wiki profile page.


The recluse

·         Name: forgotten

·         Species: Toa of Plantlife

·         Gender: Male

·         Appearance: Medium and lime green with brown limbs. Covered in armor made of tough tree bark. Wears a medium green mask that resembles this, though covered in, not actually made of bark. Extremely tall, standing more than a head over the average male Toa, with a lithe and flexible build, adapted to the harsh life of a jungle hermit.

·         Powers: Standard Toa of Plantlife powers. Mask of Elasticity (custom mask with permission from Nuju)

·         Strengths: Extremely strong, fast, agile and sturdy, very at one with nature, and knows how to calm and treat Rahi. Has extensive knowledge on medicinal herbs and edible fruits. Mask makes him immune to blunt force.

·         Weapons: No permanent ones. Uses plants and wood.

·         Weaknesses: Can't speak. Weak language skills. Bladed weapons.

·         Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good?)

·         Personality: Not social at all, though he enjoys the company of tame Rahi. Inherently mysterious due to his inability to speak. Aggressive and dislikes the company of other sentient beings unless they are as nature-friendly as he is. 

·         History: He washed up on the beach of Le-Wahi, where he went unnoticed for months, living alone in the forest. His past is a mystery to all but him, although it is clear that at some point he lost his voice, due to a neck injury. The scar is still visible. He helped defend Kini-Nui from the Rahi attacks, and turned the grass of the field red afterwards as a commemoration to the battle. Seeing the modernization of Le-Koro scares him, causing him to fear for the sake of the jungle, and the island as a whole.

·         Anything else deemed necessary: His Matoran is rusty, and he has trouble reading and writing it, although he can understand it just fine. I am Groot.

·         Theme music: Native American music.


The soldier

·         Name: Aar

·         Species: Onu-Matoran

·         Gender: Male

·         Appearance: black body and feet with grey arms and a purple Komau-shaped mask.

·         Powers: Just Onu-Matoran night vision.

·         Strengths: An excellent survivor, knows how to survive well alone. Great physical strength and Stamina, moderate speed. Fairly good at using his mining equipment as weapons. Now trained in standard Ussalry combat techniques.

·         Weapons: Disks, spears and a power drill.

·         Weaknesses: Bright light, heights, he isn't outstandingly fast, and isn't agile at all. Throws all his power into offense and doesn't worry about defense.

·         Alignment: Chaotic Good

·         Personality: Cynical and pessimistic, but hopeful. He believes that things will progressively keep getting worse before they become good again. He doesn't keep his feelings bottled up and is honest and blunt. Not particularly generous, but not selfish either, he'll help out when asked, but don't expect him to offer help on his own. Devout, though he rarely shows it.

·         History: Born and raised in Onu-Koro. He has little interest in anything beyond the caves, although he cares for the island as a whole, and the virtue of Unity.

·         Anything else deemed necessary: He's friends with Kehuri and has borrowed money from him in the past. He learned to fight by fighting off Rahi in the tunnels. Shortly before the end of the Makuta war, he joined the Ussalry.


The phantom

·         Dead


The rich man

·         Also dead


The workaholic

·         Name: Priicu

·         Species: Ko-Matoran

·         Gender: Male

·         Appearance: A slightly older Ko-Matoran, bearing a black Ruru, with a white body and arms, and black feet.

·         Strengths: Little need for sleep. Tireless need for work to keep him busy. 

·         Weapons: The pen

·         Weaknesses: Gullible, never goes back on his word, not a fighter.

·         Alignment: Lawful Neutral?

·         Personality: Often seems tired, and weary of life, but hides great vitality. Loves spreading knowledge to others. Rather selfless, and enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Humble and honest to a fault. Often rather gullible and easily manipulated. Prefers to follow than to lead.

·         History: In east Mata Nui, born and raised. In the library was where he spent most of his days. Chillin' out maxin', relaxin' all cool and all readin' some books in and out o' school. He loved knowledge and spreading it, so he eventually worked to get himself a library. He was never completely happy just owning the place, and so was happy when a wealthy Toa of Sonics (see Demos) purchased it from him. He now sous-managers the Ko branch of The Wise Man's Archive.

Edited by Zalty

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Name: Litozen (Lee-TOH-zen)

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: SonicsAlignment: Own Interests (Evil)

Kanohi: Matatu, Great Mask of Telekinesis (Grey with Black Scope)

Powers and/or weapons: As a Toa of Sonics, Litozen can absorb, create and manipulate sound at will with his elemental powers. A personal favourite trick of his is to create a bubble of silence around him, either to keep conversations private or to prevent damage to his hearing. He also has the ability to weaken structures using sonic waves, although he has not practiced this often. He has shown basic Sonar abilities when focusing the manipulation of sound but again, this is a method he rarely uses.With his mask, the Kanohi Matatu (stolen from a random Toa), he can use his mind to move objects and other beings besides himself. His Toa Tool is a giant Tuning Fork which he channels his powers with, as well as creating a resonance with anything metal that can be devastating if pulled off.

Personality and history:

During his travels across lands, Litozen had found a fellow Toa who partnered with him as they performed various work for Matoran. Unfortunately, on one mission they encountered a fearful type of Rahi and during the ensuing battle Litozen’s partner betrayed him and almost killed the De-Toa in order to escape. Barely surviving the battle and slaying the Rahi, the Toa of Sonics developed a coldness towards all Toa unless they could be proved trustworthy. When he arrived on Mata Nui, he eventually met with a Bo-Toa called Syvra, who convinced him to lose his devotion to the Matoran in order to maintain his faith in the Makuta, a legendary being of shadow whom he had learned of in his journeys and come to respect far more than the Great Spirit. During the Rahkshi Attack on Mata Nui, Litozen fended off the Makuta’s Sons only to save his life and nobody elses, although during the battle the Rahkshi lost formation and it later transpired that the Makuta was gone. His deity seemingly no more, Litozen refused to relinquish his beliefs and is determined to continue the will of Makuta and take charge of the Matoran…after a break from doing anything in Le-Wahi, of course. He refuses to grant his loyalty to any of the villages unless he has significant reason too, although this doesn’t buy him favours.

A detailed description of his appearance: As a Toa of Sonics, Litozen has a grey and black colour scheme. Standing slightly taller than most Toa, at about 7'4" as opposed to the normal 7', he seems to stand out in a crowd of his own kind. His armour consists of gunmetal grey shoulder blades and chest plates, the latter of which has his poison-green heart light square in the middle behind a small, transparent barrier akin to glass. His thighs are also protected with lighter-coloured padded armour. The parts of his body that are un-armored or in the very least have less armour than the rest; his lower legs, arms, neck and back - seem rather normal as far as the mechanical-to-organic-matter ratio goes. His actual torso and hands are a 'Teridax' grey while his limbs are all coloured black. His eyes and heartlight are both a poison green. Interestingly, his chest armour has a 'U' shape on his torso which pokes up on either side of his body, similar to Mahri Jaller. His armour has several hairline fractures.

Weakness (es) Being a Toa of Sonics, Litozen shares many drawbacks that come with his sound powers; he is extremely susceptible to loud noises, although he has trained himself to handle more ‘everyday’ level sounds enough to not be deafened even though they still leave him on edge. He can lessen the impact by making a sound-muffling bubble around him, although this is not always possible.He also has a fear of heights owing to an event where he fell off of a Gukko Bird and injured himself. As part of this he also hates Gukkos with a passion.





Name: Thentyle

Species: Onu-Toa

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Huna (Black with silver lining)

Alignment: Loyal to Onu-Koro

Description:Thentyle has a fairly short stature owing to his smaller-than-average torso, which also makes him appear somewhat stocky. His chest has some basic gunmetal grey armour with a bright orange heart light in the middle, while his shoulders are clad in bulky metal which has been infused with Lightvine Essence to give off a dim glow. Because he is built for mining he has large silver hands (similar to Makuta Teridax's set design) with orange organic muscle intertwined with his mechanical body. On his legs are two claw guards and his feet are elongated at the back by means of clawed heels which let him keep his ground when tunnelling. Like most Onu-Matoran (and consequentially Toa and Turaga), Thentyle has light green eyes.


Powers and/or weapons: As an Onu-Toa, Thentyle has excellent mining abilities, although his hands (while larger than normal) are not appropriate for digging. As such, he uses a Tunnel Spear as a mining tool. He now wears a Huna, which allows him to turn invisible, but not inaudible.

Update; his tunnel spear was broken down into a hand drill, and he now weilds a full-length black, straight-bladed spear courtesy of the Ak'Rei'An armoury.


Thentyle began his life as a Matoran in a small village where every day was a battle to survive, not to different from Mata Nui today. His life had been changed on one day when he dug up a Toa Stone which appeared to have been long-lost. Quite by accident, Thentyle had activated the stone and received Toa Power along with his new Toa form. He spent many years slowly understanding the basics of his powers while helping his friends. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances involving major flooding and mass drowning, he eventually had to flee to the island of Mata Nui. During the cataclysmic event which had forced his hand this way, his original mask, a Ruru, experienced some prolonged water exposure and developed a strange kind of rust which is slowly sapping away its abilities. Once on Mata Nui he immediately began a search to make new acquaintances and help those that needed it.He befriended, or seemed to in the least, a Toa of Ice called Voxumo. Together, they saved a Fe-Toa from a Nui-Jaga and later travelled to Onu-Wahi. They parted ways for the last time before the Rahkshi attack began. During this period, his original mask rusted over completely and he succumbed to infection. When the attack was over and the Makuta gone, the freed Thentyle removed and discarded his mask, and buried it somewhere in Ta-Wahi where he purchased himself a Huna to replace it. He spent the rest of his time somewhere near the Ta-Wahi coastline to relax, though the recent power shift had forced him back en route to Onu-Koro to serve the village to which his loyalties liePersonalityAs far as his personality goes, Thentyle could be considered generous to a fault; he is willing to help others almost without question due to his life in the village and as a result can end up helping the wrong people. While he has some fighting ability, he prefers to sort civil issues out peacefully if possible. He tends to prefer being in dark locations and dislikes intense light, although he can put up with it when he has to, such as in Po-Wahi. Unusually, he also has a liking for sports more than Onu-Matoran usually would. While most Onu-Matoran look to the past, Thentyle’s painful memories make him prefer to look to the future.Since joining the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An, most of his personality has faded, although as time goes by it will resurface in a slightly different form.


He is very susceptible to bright lights and suffers from an acute form of PTSD due to the event that led him to Mata Nui which causes him to become rather emotional whenever he remembers it, leading him to bury the memories as best he can, and he has developed slight Hydrophobia. He also has a blind spot directly behind him, as his shoulders are too high up and obscure some of his peripheral vision.

_____Name: Celite (Sell-eye-t)

Species: Vo-Turaga

Gender: Female

Element: LightningAlignment: Evil/Self-Interested

Kanohi: Rau

Powers and/or weapons: Turaga Celite possesses a fraction of her original Lightning Powers, which usually manifest as the ability to give quick, sharp bolts of electricity that she uses as a form of punishment or a way to correct behaviour in Matoran. Bizarrely, this electric shock works exceptionally well on beings of Water. With her Kanohi she is able to translate any written language, and understand its meaning. She carries a Bolt Trident as her badge of office, the transformed version of her old Toa Tool.

Personality and history:As a Toa, Celite worked alone as a mercenary, saving money so that she would eventually be able to hire enough workers to help her build a village dedicated to the element of lightning. She never did gain enough money but found a new love for science and experimenting on beings as best she could, from attempting to rebuild parts of being’s bodies to completely disassembling basic machinery. Her destiny was fulfilled when she rescued an entire village from almost certain destruction, although it was not until several years later that she gave up her Toa Power and became a Turaga. She wandered around continuing to provide translation services for money, although when she arrived on Mata Nui (sometime shortly after the Rahkshi attack ended) she noticed that her services were not as necessary as she would have hoped. Regardless, she decided to tour the island and took up residence in a small hut in Ga-Koro using some of the widgets she’d earned. Learning of the new power system which left the Ga-Matoran Hahlii in charge, Celite has begun considering seizing power. After all, if you can't build you own village, why not usurp someone else's?update; Her soul has now been taken and is inside the mind of the Valkyr Daylaria, though her physical body remains comatose in Ga-Koro's prison.

A detailed description of her appearance: Celite is of average Turaga Height, with light blue limbs and white extremities (feet, shoulders, knees and hands). Her Kanohi Rau is blue but turns white towards the top in a marble-pattern fashion. Her chest is clad in a light silver breastplate, as are her shoulders. Her heartlight and eyes are yellow. Celite’s feet are flat and white, while her hands have two long fingers and a thumb on each, both artificially made.In her hand she carries a short, three-pronged lightningrod called the Bolt Trident.Picture: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Chirthorpe/RandomFolder/turaga_celite.pngInside Daylaria's mind, as a mental projection, she prefers looking as her old Toa self; curved and seductive yet at the same time fierce with a cruel look on her face.Weakness (es) Celite suffers from a one-track mind, and once she decides to do something she will try her best to pursue it. Similarly, she is also firm and strict, which while it garners respect also brings her resentment from those around her. She also suffers from basic Turaga weaknesses, such as being slower and weaker than Matoran.




Name: Malkan

Species; MatoranElement: FireAlignment: Neutral

Kanohi: Powerless Hau (black)Phys. Description:An ordinary medium-sized Matoran with the primary colour of red, the colour of his arms and legs. His extremities such as his Kanohi, feet and hands are black as coal. He also has a red shell-like bag on his back for carrying small tools or money. There is also a latch on this shell for his disk to rest on The organic matter on his body is a nice, dull shade of yellow and contrasts nicely on the silver metal connecting his body parts.Personality;Malkan is carefree to an extent and does what he likes. He is quick to fight and as a result has a hard time making friends with others. He is, however, easily coerced when money is involved; Malkan has a greedy side to him which shows itself whenever widgets are on the table. He cannot barter to save his life, though.Biography:On the surface, he is an ordinary Ta-Matoran; every day he does whatever he feels like, though this usually involves getting into lighthearted fights or lavasurfing in dangerous areas. This attitude has earned him the averted gazes of some villagers. Malkan has ventured into the other Koros from time to time, although he quickly came to dislike the people of Ga-Koro after he got into a more serious fight with a Ga-Matoran which wound up getting him arrested (though not charged). Over time, he found a friend in the form of a Le-Matoran called Sanchii who became a Toa through unknown means after they became good friends. He is now often seen in either Ta or Le Wahi, and is almost always it his Le-Toa friend. As a result of befriending a Le-Matoran, Malkan has slowly picked up some Tree-Speak.Abilities/Tools:Malkan has a natural resistance to the heat, yet intolerance to cold weather. He has a basic bamboo disk which he keeps on the shell-bag on his back, while he keeps a basic-grade lava board in his hut at Ta-Koro.Weaknesses: His arrogance in some situations has led to heated issues between himself and other beings from time to time. Additionally, He is a very poor fighter despite his violent tendencies and would rather someone else fight for him._____

Name: SanchiiSpecies: ToaElement: Air

Alignment: Neutral-Good

Kanohi: Iden (coloured both Lime and ‘Mata’ Green)Phys Description

Sanchii stands at about six foot eight, slightly short for Toa. His torso is slightly bulky because of the shape of his silvery-green armour on his chest and shoulderblades. His arms are segmented into two parts and oddly shaped; the upper arms are a dark grey and create a strange angle for his elbows. His lower limbs are lime green and his mask, hands and feet are Mata-Green. He has golden eyes with white irises.Personality:Sanchii is a cheerful individual, but also tends to be distrusting of species like Skakdi and Vortixx, who he considers to be natural threats to him for an unknown reason. The Le-Toa is also one who always wants friends and allies, and as such is quick to befriend Toa and Matoran alike.Biography:Sanchii was a Le-Matoran originally in Le-Koro, and was a skilled Carpenter who would collect his own wood for working with. He eventually was visited by the Ta-Matoran Malkan and after a few purchases became a good friend with him. He eventually was put into a financial crisis when business slowed and foreclosed the shop before he could fall into debt. One day, he became a Toa by means unknown even to himself, and found his old Tree-Chopper Axe had split into two for his Toa Tools. His new abilities and form gained respect from his Ta-Matoran friend and he began training to use his powers in secret. He is still inexperienced, and has yet to fully realise his power. For some reason, his transformation into a Toa seemed to lose him some of his friends, who claimed he would be better of with the many other Toa of the island.Powers and Equipment;While he is a Le-Toa, Sanchii has not mastered the use of his powers because he’s a fairly new Toa. He is capable of basic wind abilities and summoning powerful winds, though he cannot sustain his abilities or control them properly for too long. He can also separate his spirit from his body using his mask, something which required less effort than his elemental power to understand and use.His Toa Tools are two dual-wielded, hand-held Tree-Chopper Axes that are relatively short and designed for close-range combat.

He possesses a natural agility from his element.Weaknesses:As he has not fully realised his powers, his combat skills remain fairly restricted to close-range, and even then he is still yet to be used to this. His Iden is his greatest skill, but his mental strength is still weak and he tends to get an almost hangover-like state when his spirit returns to his body unless he is in a dangerous condition.

Edited by Makuta Almanax

Current (still-living) BZRPG Characters:
LITOZEN (Toa of Sonics) SANCHII (Toa of Air)
THENTYLE (Toa of Earth) MALKAN (Ta-Matoran)

CELITE (Turaga of Lightning)

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Name: Akira

Species: Toa

Element: Water

Kanohi: Rode shaped mask of healing

Allegiance: Matoran

Team: Paladins

Voice actor: Michelle Pfeiffer



Akira is of average height for a female. Her skin is navy blue and on the first glance, it looks like she has ornaments and runes tattooed on with black ink, but if you look closer, you'll see those are actually burn scars. She wears an ancient looking plate armor of silver color with navy trim. Akira also hates salty water, having built in goggles in her mask as well as wearing water black waterproof jumpsuit under her armor.



Akira's armor is an ancient plate mail. As such, it is lighter than most modern armors and allows for greater range and ease of movement, at the cost of decreased protection, especially against crushing blows. Instead of plate legs, Akira wears a plate skirt, further increasing her agility.


Akira's weapon is an urumi, a long sword with blade so thin it can be rolled into a tight coil. The weapon is excellent for one versus all combat, having unmatched destructive power in enclosed spaces. The sword is however very dangerous to use while fighting alongside allies. To that end, Akira also owns a staff.


Powers & Skills:

A trained killer, Akira can dispose of most things in but a few swings of her blade or in many other exotic ways. Her speciality are uncommon weapons such as her urumi, oftentimes putting her enemy in a difficult spot because they do not know what to expect. She makes for an excellent duellist, but doesn’t work well in teams.


Her elemental powers are at peak performance due to years of usage. She can use her power very efficiently, both for combat and other uses, such as clearing poisons and other healing. Her mask power allows her to heal wounds and illnesses she understands. She used to have extensive medical knowledge, but most of it she still can't recall. Being a land born and land living water Toa, she is more familiar with rivers and air humidity rather than lakes and seas, making her above average on the ground compared to other water Toa, fast swimmer (style trained by swimming against river current), but her lung capacity is way below par.



Akira doesn't make friends easily because she is a heavy introvert. She is very caring and peaceful and has a lot of patience. Akira has very strong will and enough determination not to stop until the task is finished and can resist great attempts at controlling her mind, depending on the willpower of the offender. Her trust is hard earned, as she is trying to protect herself from a world that still feels alien to her. When you break the ice though, she will have endless personal loyalty and devotion, unlike her loyalty to various institutions, which she does not trust on principle. Her lifetime goal is to protect the matoran from harm and oppression, though she doesn't care about politics.



2012: After a very strong tide one day, matoran patrol noticed a large, rusty piece of metal lying on the beach. When they investigated, they found the ancient Toa. When the patrol dug her out and light of the day shone on her, the Toa reactivated and reassembled. The matoran soon found out that because she was not sealed in a canister like the Toa Mata, the water Toa suffered damage and memory loss, forgetting even her language and name. Giving her a nickname Tohi - combination of Toa and Rahi - roughly meaning "Not like the Toa", they brought her to Ga - Koro to get better. The state they found her in and the fact that somebody burned runes into her skin suggested she had dark past, with lot of evil done to her, which in turn was the reason for her memory loss. Unknown to her, the memories are still locked deep inside her mind, only suppressed by the trauma and occasionally surfacing in her dreams.


In her forgotten life, Akira was a high ranking member of the Paladin order. They were attacked by hostile forces and to her knowledge, all of her teammates were killed. Akira was left alive as a warning and reminder to everyone who would dare to resist, being forced to watch her fellow paladins being executed, and then made public example of. The invaders rallied her town's population on the square, where they hung her by chains and burned her body full of scars. Akira was strong, but eventually, the humiliation, pain, despair and hopelessness caused her mind to shatter, leaving her in a catatonic state. When the enemy leader saw she would not recover and be the living example they wanted her to be, she was thrown into the ocean to die. As an act of mercy, her low ranked executioner instead deactivated her and sent her far away to be disposed of. A place where she was later found.


2013: After getting basic aid in Ga-Koro, she realized living in the village was nothing for her and left for the wilds. She spent most of her time meditating, trying to remember her past with various degrees of success. While she is unlocking many of her former skills, she only scratched the surface of her history, but enough to realize who the paladins were, and that this island needed them. She set her goal to reviving the order and picking up where it left off all those years ago. After having found several matoran destined to be the new paladins, she started training them in the order's ways.





- Crushing weapons, such as maces

- Fighting alongside allies

- Extreme heat and fire can trigger a phantom in her, causing her to relive a bit of her memory form when she was captured

- Very attached to Noira



Name: Fiera

Species: Toa

Element: Fire

Kanohi: Hau

Allegiance: All Matoran

Team: Paladins

Voice actor: Antje Traue



Fiera is not average Ta - Toa as far as looks go. She is very tall, taller than most of her male colleagues. What one notices about her is her strength. Her body is muscular and everyone can see she will give and take harder punches than others. Her armor is a heavy plate model, ash black in color. Her mask is a Hau similar in shape to Tahu's and of crimson color.



Fiera's armor is an ancient looking heavy plate mail. It protects her from most attacks, but weighs a lot and as such the wearer moves with the grace of a brick.

Fiera's weapon of choice is a ###### sword made in the color of her mask. She also has a sturdy military knife as a backup.


Powers & Skills:

Being a shock troop of the Ta-Koro guard prior to her transformation, Fiera is skilled in combat. Trained by Akira as a Paladin Knight, she is a formidable fighter in theory, but severely lacks experience. As a former archer, her senses and reflexes are at peak performance. Trained by a Ga-toa, her attacks behave much like water despite being composed of fire, often shooting in jets rather than blasts and spilling around in waves instead of exploding.



From her early years, Fiera attracted attention. As such, she developed friendly personality, despite being a tough girl. Her life in the guard made her disciplined. She is not easily distracted and obeys her commander without ever questioning the orders’ logic, as she has enough sense to know she wouldn't come up with anything better. She will not however execute an order she considers immoral. Fiera is quite slow thinking, but makes up for it with honesty and friendship. She generally abandoned her faith in the Great Spirit, but recent events are changing that. Fiera used to be sort of a drunk prior to her transformation, having developed high resistance to alcohol.



2012: In her youth, Fiera soon realized she would be no scientist. In school, she was a typical jock, and as it happens, wound up like one - right after school, she became a guard, one without any chance of ever reaching officer ranks. She moved through the field ranks though, as her battle skills were rather impressive. She had a simple life, though not by choice - a low ranked guard just neither has the money nor is allowed to travel the island.


2013: Shortly after Makuta's defeat, Ta-Koro was visited by a very strange water Toa. After hearing the Toa was healing people and being downed by an infection at the time, she found the toa and asked for aid. When the Toa was healing her, she noticed she wore the same ring that was passed down in her family for generations. Mentioning that peaked the water Toa's interest and she told Fiera about the paladin order. She revealed her name to be Akira, the last surviving member of the order. The thought and ways of the paladins intrigued Fiera and she invited the Toa over. When they arrived and Fiera touched her ring, both hers and Akira's started to glow. The presence of another activated the ring, which was in fact a paladin toa stone, transforming Fiera on the spot. Since then she has been under Akira's mentoring.





- Slower than others

- Inexperienced, unreliable powers

- Kind of dumb as far as studies go, but she has good common sense

- Her greatest weakness would be her lover Erif, albeit not that weak himself.

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The Survivor


Name: Valria

Gender: Female

Species: Toa of Gravity

Alignment: Good

Mask: Mask of Concealment.

Appearance: On initial appearance the Toa known as Valria is a rather petite and mousey woman. She seems somewhat uneven, but is walking with slightly more confidence. Many a male have been drawn in, gravitating towards Valria, mostly due to her natural beauty. Her fair skin is the shade of lavender and soft to the touch, at least where she isn’t scarred. The left side of her face has light scarring, and it runs down over her left arm. She wears armor of ebony, dark as a starless night. Her eyes, this is often what draws most people in, her eyes are like the glistening gemstone known as emerald. There are touches of sadness and yet determination to those eyes. She has a Huna with the same lavender shade of her skin. Her armor is as pure white as the Ko-Wahi stones and a brilliant golden color the alternating spots, blue highlights run down the arms and legs, it's a recent purchase for the Toa. Valria's grey cloak was destroyed in a fire where she rescued people in Ta-Koro.

Weapons: N/A

Powers: Valria's powers have been improving in the past but she still needs to improve.

Personality: Valria finds most of her current feelings in conflict and she's having a hard time deciding what she should do. She blames herself for every misfortune that befalls her or her friends. Valria's becoming much more assertive in speaking and in her decisions.

Biography: Valria was once part of a team who attempted to garner a big enough force of capable Toa to defeat Makuta. Like so many attempts before and after them it was doomed to failure. Makuta had caught wind of their plans and decided to have one of his servants handle it. Telric and a group of mercenaries he hired attacked their group, killing most of the males, torturing two of them and killing the rest. Valria and the other females in her group were shipped off to Telric's villa, where they served as "entertainment". Suffice to say this entire situation broke the poor Toa of Gravity and things did not get better. Every day was Karz for her, he enjoyed using a Mask of Mind Control to toy with her and the others. The emotional trauma took it's toll, and eventually Valria began to forget parts of her life, in order to simply stop herself from going insane with grief. Selaria did not fare any better and in fact got it worse. Though to be honest most of her malnutrition came during her trip back to the mainland.Eventually Valria escaped from the Villa, enduring other awful situations. By the time she reached Ta-Koro she had endured so much that frankly anyone else probably in her situation would have just laid down and die.Then she met Agni, a Toa on the Ta-Koro Guard who helped her and with his help she started to remember. After remembering the name of her captor and one of her memories. They set off for Onu-Wahi. Valria learned that she was on a team with Alrin and Kuyre but did not know what had happened to them. A trip to Whenua later revealed more about her team and their plans. It also revealed a small bit about Telric.During their travel to Po-Wahi they came upon a Toa of Earth by the name of Mef. Valria and Mef seemed to get along greatly and there was a sort of attraction beginning between them. Along with Tirokk, another Toa they met. They barely got out of a bar brawl. When their business concluded they went to Kini-Nui and fought Vester, a merc who had finally caught up with them as Valria caught up with her memories.Val traveled with Agni, with Kuyre who seemed to be trailing behind to the Kumu Islets, where Telric resided. After sneaking in, they clashed with Telric and Valria knocked him out. However Mef returned after a long absence and in some ways made things worse. Valria was considering suicide until Kuyre cut the rope and Agni chewed the other two Toa out. Now Val's just trying to close this chapter in her life.


The death of Kaiapo and Quada has hardened the Toa of Gravity a little more, but she still holds to an ideal of good.Weakness: Valria's not that strong or that resilient to damage, she's rather immovable when ti comes to her morals and this causes friction with others.


 The Optimist


Name: (Corporal) Hari Korari

Gender: Female

Species: Toa of Green/Plant Life

Alignment: Chaotic Good, but a Guardwoman

Appearance: Hari has light green skin with turquoise eyes. There are bits of yellow running up the length of her legs and arms, with the primary color being light green. She wears very little armor on top of her essential armor, mainly because she likes to move freely and also catch the eyes of people. She actually prefers dresses but her profession as a Po-Koro Guard force her to be in her armor for a good deal of time. Her mask is distinctly angular and feminine with a soft expression on her face. She doesn't slouch but she seems to walk with a bit more flow in her step.

Dominant hand: Left

Mask: Huna, Mask of Concealment

Weapon: Quarterstaff

Powers: Besides using her powers over plants to root people to a spot or swing from vines she is also good at using flowers for a distraction and can actually make some beautiful floral arrangments. A Po-Koro Guardswoman that has some experienced and is getting better, still happy and optimistic.

Personality: Hari is bubbly and forgetful, so much that she forgot about her orders to report to her commanding officers. She's playful and friendly to just about everyone she meets and assumes the best rather than the worst. This is also a fault. She's way too trusting for her own good and talks way too much. She's optimistic to a fault.

Biography: Hari had grown up hearing stories about the Toa Mata. All their adventures and daring deeds inspired much hope in her. She has a great deal of respect for the Maru, but isn't liking this new power struggle that is starting to form across the island. Both of her parents passed away during a pirate raid and many believe that her behavior is just a facade for both herself and others.


Currently is in a relationship with Le-Koro Lieutenant known as Krayn.

Weakness: Fire. Not only does fire eat away at her plants, she's deathly afraid of it when it's not just in fireplace or somewhere normal.


Logos (Logic)


Given name: Vera Polzin

Chosen Name: Logos

Gender: Female

Age: Younger than Ryiu

Element: Toa of Iron

Mask: Kanohi Akaku.

Alignment: Ambiguous

Appearance: Vera has dull grey skin, but she more than makes up for this in her choice of clothing. She wears a navy blue vest with golden buttons. A white dress shirt underneath is underneath that. The dress shirt being tucked into a golden skirt that stretches just a bit further than her knees. Vera wears a pure white noble Mask of Vision. Behind this mask two glowing orbs sit, the shade of lilac. These eyes seem unnervingly soulless as Logos whereas when she is acting as her Vera they have a focused, but positive edge to them. Logos looks young to most and sounds young as well when in reality she is much older than most would think. Though not older than her older brother Ryiu Polzin. This might be due to her supple and slender figure, almost as if she was carved from stone by a master sculptor. Her gait has a slight sway to it and has a focused, yet confident step to it.

Equipment: Vera has a multitude of dresses and outfits to choose from, though she prefers her normal business wear to any of the dresses she has. Vera does not carry any weapons, mainly because she can create them on the fly. She also has an Onu-Koronan Task Tablet, which she uses to run and effectively micromanage her company.

Abilities: Her intellect is astounding and her shipping company is often used to transport goods from both land and water. Though she is making the attempt to open up an air service as well. She is an excellent speaker and can often sway people to her side easily. Her powers over Iron allow her to create weapons on the fly, which she seems skilled enough with daggers. Her nearly sociopathic behavior at times allows her the ability to make harsh decisions few other people could.

Personality: Vera cares very little for hot heads and impulsive behavior. It is unknown whether Vera actually cares for those few she would call friends, or if they are just simply tools to fulfill her goals. For all her intellect and connections she can fight but she really prefers not to, and would prefer to have others do it.


Vera is the rarely seen heiress of Polzin Shipping Company, her father’s company. She is friendly enough but at times is difficult to deal with. She views things without the normal empathy that most people exhibit but like her father is also philanthropist. Many Ga-matoran speak of the Heiress in kind terms but often bemoan the absence of the businesswomen when she disappears from the public eye. Some gossip about her behavior


Biography: Adopted by the Ba-Toa Alarick, Vera was raised with two other siblings in his estate, Ryiu and Ishi. Ryiu being her older brother and Ishi being her younger. Alarick had no spouse, and the maids and other servants spent time with his children when he could not. Vera was the second child to be adopted by Alarick and he was surprised by the young girl’s intellect, which he cultivated, though his attitude towards grew harsh when Ishi was adopted. Vera was a constant reader, trying to get her hands on any scroll, any tablet, any book she could find. She devoured information like a beast starved for a meal. Eventually the matoran set out on her own, traveling the island, but broke away from this early to deal with a tragedy. He father had passed away. After the funeral was done, Vera found herself having to take the reigns as she worked the company better than her younger and older brothers could, though her father took a liking to the both of them more. The Polzin shipping company surged under her care. However the destruction that wrecked Ga-Koro has effectively forced Vera to rebuild her father's company, in the mean time her brothers have remained mostly absent from her life. She has bolstered the company with goodwill and building a faster sailing ship to transport goods. As well as getting other established sailing ships to work under her.


Some think that Vera is overworking herself, when in reality something else much more mysterious is at work.


Vera was one of the first people to lend aid to the rebuilding of Ga-Koro after the mess that was the Arete's Betrayal and the Rahkshi attack. Currently she tries to act as liaison for business deals across the island, doing her best to broker peace mainly. Although she has disappeared from time to time, raising suspicion about what she is doing when she does disappear.


Voice: Vera’s voice is easy on the ears, soft like the fur of Muaka. However as Logos any sense emotion seems to drop from her. Logos doesn’t waste time with pleasantries like Vera does, instead relying on directness with those she speaks with. Vera dances around subjects she believe are dangerous in conversations.

Weakness: While Vera is not as strong as other Toa, she is skilled. Vera also avoids direct confrontation as much as she can. To some this makes her look cowardly. Vera also carries no weapons, believing that weapons on her purpose would attract unwanted attention. She can create them anyways. She also cannot take a hit well.


Theme: "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode


The Lost


Name: Kino Iho

Gender: Female

Species: Toa of Air

Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: If Kino were to stand perfectly still she might be mistaken for one of Hafu’s masterfully carved statues. With curves in all the places that count this Le-Toa makes jaws drop when she enters a room, whether she wants the attention or not. Mainly due to revealing leather armor she wears, it’s revealing mostly due to how tightly it clings to her figure, as it fits the Toa of Air like a glove and flexes and bends with her body. If Kino tries to seduce the armor only seems to accentuate her figure.


Her body was carved by a rather physical lifestyle. Growing up in the Xa-Koro where the houses were stacked high and densely together, her and a friend developed a flair for Parkour. As a result of growing up in that environment her entire body is like that of gymnast something common to most Toa of Air anyways. She remains slender and supple still although not being as active as she once did in the Followers of Makuta.


Her eyes are a light grey, and are reflective of her current emotional state, which is tired. She has searched fruitlessly for her friend Pae and has not found him anywhere. Eyes are windows to the soul and Kino doesn’t care about keeping them closed anymore, as a life full of nothing but pain and lies is readily apparent upon her eyes, even if that face does not betray it.

Dominant hand: Ambidextrous

Mask: Kanohi Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis

Weapon: She wears a bandolier of knives on her chest, each sharpened after use. She carries a rapier, the point of which is almost absurdly sharp, cutting the skin from a single touch. She also carries a crossbow, strong enough to pierce light armor.

Equipment: A canteen of Madu Cabolo oil, a few matches, brass knuckles. and a case for clothes with a false floor.

Powers: Kino has worked to use control of air to subtly manipulate the air around her, leaving it more dense and uncomfortably for her combatants while comfortably and breezy for herself. With remarkable endurance she is very good at stretching out battles, though is usually impatient to try and end them quickly. She's also a good actor, and hates to manipulate people under this manner. Despite her skill with it, Kino hates all that falsehood now, as it has left a rather bitter taste in her mouth.

Personality: Makuta’s attack on Ta-Koro, a village with families and their children inside had a profound effect on the Toa of Air. Kino’s faith in Makuta was shattered in that moment, leaving a rather broken and lost woman, feeling much as she did when she lost her family. Kino is now drifting from village to village, trying to find some reason for living. Instead she has remained incredibly nihilistic. Kino takes on work as mercenary with a variety of skills, seeing as her view of the world is so cynical, good and evil don’t seem to mean anything to her anymore.

Biography: Kino is exhausted. After spending a rough childhood in the Kumu Islets, having her innocence and belief in good shattered with the death of her brother and father. She was friends with a Toa of Iron by the name of Pae, a who was mostly silent and yet strapping. Their friendship might have blossomed into something more had not Pae rebuffed as a teenager.


This had a marked effect on the Toa of Air but she never truly stopped thinking about him in that way. When her father and brother had died she fled into the Kumu Islets wilderness and “found” Makuta when she was on her last legs. Makuta was everything her father was not, powerful and protective, a man with pep in his step. The Toa as they were supposed to be seen faded from Kino’s mind as she grew more enamored with Makuta and his lieutenant that she started hearing whispers about. Eventually she came back to Pae as an adult, offering him something more than a meaningless life in the Xa-Koro Stadium, killing people for payment.


Her time in the Makuta Followers at large was brief, but she had seen a great deal. The Followers had wrecked a bit of Pala Koro on orders from Heuani, shattering the unity of the Island Liberation Front (previously known as the Island Liberation Squad). After which she saw Echelon, the Emissary of the Dark God effectively leashed by Makuta to ensure his loyalty to him above all things.


Her intentions to start a church in Makuta’s name were shattered when she realized that all her beliefs of Makuta were false when his sons, the Rahkshi laid siege to Ta-Koro, a town filled families. She fought bravely and valiantly for once in her life since she was a child, but found herself numbed by all that occurred.


Now Kino Iho is drifting, her belief in Mata Nui died with her innocence. Her belief in Makuta died when he attempted to destroy the homes of the good people of Ta-Koro. Now she wanders from Koro to Koro, desperately seeking a reason to live, and currently finding none.

Weakness: She breaks down when things don't go according to planned. She's not actually that strong and her backstabbing can quickly gain her enemies. When caught by a strong enemy her body isn’t meant to take too much punishment, partly due to the Le-Toa’s lower tolerance for pain.

Theme: "Hurt” by Johnny Cash


The Drifter


Name: Thok

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Alignment: “Turns out I was never really on your side.”

Appearance: When you look at Thok, you could easily mistake him for just another run-of-the Skakdi of Ice. This is flat out wrong.


Thok is the epitome of winter: cold, harsh, and completely unforgiving. His blood-red eyes are seething with hatred and contempt. Despite this one crack in his armor, the Skakdi with snowy white armor maintains a relatively calm exterior, and for the most part his attitude towards those he is forced to work with comes out in the venomous vitriol dripping off his tongue. His arms and legs, a mix of cerulean blue, snowy white, and gunmetal grey are muscled and yet lean. Due years of being a thief and all-around mercenary have built up Thok, although in comparison to his compatriots he certainly is not the strongest of the Piraka nor is he the fastest.


A toothy grin seems to be perpetually plastered on his face belying his narcissistic, self serving attitude. Thok walks with a self assured swagger for the most part, convinced that with his small alliances he has made with his fellow Piraka as well as his own plans are going to work out in the end.

Weapon: Thok carries a dual-use Ice Gun. It allows him to channel ice blasts without needing to combine his element with another Skakdi (something the extremely solitary Skakdi prefers). The dual-use Ice Gun also has an ice peg on the back which Thok uses for both melee combat and for climbing, and as such he sharpens it frequently. Not only that Thok also carries a Zamor Launcher, the spheres he carries for it are the spheres all the Piraka carry, called the “Jitter” spheres. The potent hallucinogen is a fear gas, attacking the target with their own deep-seated fears. Thok never ceases to use whatever he can to his benefit, as he’s pragmatic like that, most Skakdi are. Constant exposure to the gas has built up a tolerance so strong in Thok that he is immune to it’s effects.

Powers: Thok is a Skakdi of Ice and as such without or without his Ice gun he can combine his element with another Skakdi to use it, not that he’s likely to, Thok loathes teams and partnerships. Being a Skakdi of Ice, Thok is immune to the ill effects of the cold, to him it’s nothing more than a comforting cool breeze. Thok has Spellbinder vision, a terrifyingly powerful ability that disorients the target and makes it difficult for them to maintain focus. Quite often used in battle to throw his opponents off balance. Thok quickly takes advantage of their momentary weakness. The Drifter also has control over inanimate objects which including the control of plants, walls, and rocks. Bringing these objects to life and bending them to his will, they can complete a variety of tasks for him. Used in combat Thok uses it for surprise attacks and rather unorthodox methods to ensure that he’s at least one step ahead of his enemies.

Traits and Mannerisms: If there’s one thing you can rely on Thok to have, it’s an angle. The Piraka of Ice is an extremely sociopathic, self-serving thief with no qualms in bringing the hurt to his enemies. An expert at manipulating people through their emotions and their goals, Thok is always moving the pieces in place to ensure that he’s in an advantageous position. While he is part of the Piraka, a “team” of Skakdi (team is used in the loosest sense of the word here). He only works with them when either their goals align or he absolutely has to (aka usually being threatened by Reidak or the team at large). In some ways Thok can be considered to be the most shadowy of the group, though ultimately not the enigma that is Zaktan, the leader of the Piraka.


To say Thok is manipulative is the understatement of the century, if you were to look up backstabber in the dictionary his arrogant grin would be the picture right below. Thok can be relied on to betray those he either has no use for and doesn’t really like and especially when he will benefit from it. He does however understand that when it comes to achieving his goals he has to work with others, even though he absolutely hates every minute of it. Thok is clever and aware enough to learn the goals of those surrounding him and bend their own desires to serve his own. Thok lulls people into a false sense of security, allowing them to believe most of the power resides in their hands. In Thok’s mind this couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s the one who holds the most power, as very few have a mind as cunning as Thok’s.


In battle all of Thok’s tactics underhanded and sometimes even unorthodox. Thok is a combat sadist, delighting in the failure, the fear, the pain of those who would dare come at him. Thok switches his tactics up as he goes in combat, never relying on the same approach twice, each action, each move is designed to leave his enemies unable to make decisions necessary for surviving battle with him.


While he can get resentful of his fellows, Thok is not petty, and capable of suffering small blows to his pride because in the end he knows he’ll be the one on top.

Weakness: Thok is weak to extreme to heat and thusly avoids it like the plague. Personality-wise Thok’s ego will ultimately get in the way of him accomplishing his goals as he has a tendency to count his Gukko before they hatch.


Name:Braen Llewellyn

Gender: Male

Species: Vortixx

Appearance: Braen is probably one of the most impressive specimens of his species. A lithe and athletic man, whose figure is due to a constant routine of workouts and healthy eating, only rarely does he splurge and usually that is at the behest of others. His beautiful black skin is as dark as the deepest depths of Onu-Wahi and his steel-blue eyes are like will-o-wisps, entrancing you and leading you into his open arms. He’ll be smiling with warming smirk and speaking with that smooth as ice voice of his, which is sort of expected from a Ko-Koro native like himself, having grown up there. His cheeks dimple, when he smirks and overall there is a warm, comforting aura that seems to originate from him.

The real Braen is cold, and the aura he projects then is as frigid as the Ko-Wahi Wastes, his eyes lose all their warmth, and his embrace now seems uncomfortably tight. It feels like there’s no escape, like he’s trying to crush you in his grip. Such is the fate of someone pulled into the almost supernatural aura of Braen.

Weapon: Braen has twin dart launchers and prefers to use a knife in close combat.

Foreign Tech: Braen’s perhaps greatest asset other than his ability to sway people are dart launchers strapped to each of his wrists, they are subtle, hidden just above the wrist. The darts can be merely high velocity sharp darts meant to be impossible to deflect, far too quick to notice. Most people are not prepared for these launchers during combat, simply because they strike with precision and so quickly it is hard to tell whether they come from Braen or someone else. Factor in that Braen uses two types of darts, A poison that spreads like wildfire, quickly killing its target. The final one is simply the darts which while many punctures are deadly, these are meant mostly as a deadly distraction in combat.

Skills: Braen is an excellent psychologist, perhaps even the best. His intelligence and penchant for planning as well as adapting makes him a difficult foe to face. He’s a social chameleon slipping into and out of any situation he needs or wants to. He doesn’t make it apparent but he has hired trainers to teach him fighting styles, he prefers to strike harshly and quickly.

Personality: Confident, suave, and easy to talk to, Braen is the man you want to go to when you have problems.In fact that is his career, as a man who studies the minds of all those beings that inhabit Mata Nui, he has also taken it upon himself to be a therapist. A daunting task to most, considering how such counselors are in short supply. When he’s not on the job, he seems to take charge of the social space he’s in chatting it up with just about everyone. However at times he can grow aloof, distancing himself from the group as if something is troubling him. Braen is truthfully a good actor, for there are only some things that can evoke emotion from him. He chases his goals only the way a true sociopath can, even if he believes that in the end he is doing what is right.

Biography: Braen was born in Ko-Koro to a rather rich family of Vortixx. As a child he had a voracious appetite for knowledge, as he seemingly ate up every bit of information he could get his hands on. Though he excelled more when it come to solving social problems, and thus he took more of an interest in people. Learning about how peoples’ minds worked, why the did what they did, he feel in love with figuring out people like they were puzzles. He is the sole inheritor of Llewellyn estate and has converted the manor to his own liking. He once “rescued” a Toa of Stone named Lana from a Toa who was torturing her, and she hasn’t left his side since.

Weakness: Braen isn’t physically that strong, which makes sense since most Vortixx are like this. He does his best to plan for eventualities, and adapt to them, however this doesn’t mean if he’s cornered properly. He’s also very loving of Lana.

Theme: “Tell Me How to Live” by Capital Cities

Name: Scurra

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Kanohi Hau, Great Mask of Shielding

Element: Ice

Appearance: Scurra’s white Hau has been dipped in red paint, making it look as if it is coated in the blood. He wears light armor, as to keep up his agility, on his muscled abdomen is the image of a laughing Hau. His armor and skin is mostly white, but there is some faded blue on his armor, in a style alluding to someone who was once part of the Sanctum Guard. His eyes are a sickening yellow-green, awfully reminiscent of the eyes most would have upon wearing an infected mask. However there is no sign that the mask is infected. He is a tall and lithe figure despite this though he cuts an imposing figure, wearing a black cloak with a hood, a red Laughing Hau emblazoned on his back. He smiles at times, and is prone to cracking a fitting joke if it fits the mood, sometimes even if it doesn’t.

Weapons: Two knives, his favored knife is a wickedly curved and jagged knife that is meant to catch flesh and tear. He also carries a bandolier of throwing knives. He carries a knapsack filled with roughly about five photothermic explosives, with fuses to light them.

Powers: Scurra has control over Ice, he uses his power in large bursts, making large sweeping and destructive attacks with his elements. He doesn’t dance around too much, using his agility and skill for quick, powerful strikes that do not let up. He does as much with his powers and in doing so he is an absolute terror to fight.

Skills: Scurra is exceptional with knives, whether it is throwing them or using them in closer quarters, he’s a rather excellent combatant, and worse yet he has no sense of honor.

Personality: Scurra is spiteful, for the people he’s supposed to protect are the objects of his contempt. Intent on raising chaos, and setting the whole island ablaze his plans seem straightforward but he has been known to be is unpredictable. It’s also impossible to really mess with him, it’s impossible to faze or freak out Scurra, more often than not he’ll probably be the one doing it to you.

Biography: Believed to have died during the Rahkshi attack on Ko-Koro, the man known as Alrin was healed, and shuttled off to an unknown location, after his strength was gathered. Alrin was subjected to bouts of mental torture and brainwashing, until he was fashioned back into exactly who he needed to be. A destroyer, a danger to those around him, a man with no ethical limitations, a man with intent. The people of Mata Nui will never know what hit them.

Weaknesses: Scurra is not the strongest man around despite his agility and skill, his elemental power is made for large bursts rather than fine control, part of the reason his element is one of his weakest skills. He is also prone to fits of unbridled rage, which can be his downfall.

Theme: Tetsuo: “The Bullet Man Theme”


Name: Hanako

Title: Handmaiden to Crown Princess Yumiwa, Nickname: The Rose of the Herupa or Hanako the Blue Rose

Species: Dasaka

Kanohi Mask: Kanohi Calix, Great Mask of Fate

Appearance: Hanako is stunningly beautiful, her eyes are like molten gold, sitting behind her dark blue Calix. For the most part they seem warm and welcoming, but can quickly harden in an instant if she is crossed. Her armor is a medium blue, and the golden highlights throughout her armor, making her appearance to others absolutely mesmerizing. While many would consider her beautiful she herself would say the Umbralines are the fairest of the Dasaka. While she is combat capable, she is not as bent towards physical prowess. Instead her form is rather lithe and lean and she likes to wear a crystal chestplate, along with pauldrons, bracers, and greaves. If she is ready for war so to speak she will wear the crystal armor solely, however she  is commonly see in a crimson robe with long sleeves and leggings that are fitted to her figure. Most of the time she keeps her hood down, but usually when traveling in public she prefers to wear it with the hood up. When she wears these clothes, her armor is underneath and is almost unnoticeable. For all intents she looks the proper handmaiden serving the royal family of the Dasaka Empire.

Caste and Clan: Daughter of Clan Herupa, and a woman of the Menti Caste

Gender: Female

Powers: Perhaps one of the best Sighteyes, Hanako was naturally gifted as a Sighteye, and such power was seen by her clan, Herupa. She has the basic capabilities with Ideatalk, and while understanding of the other disciplines she was not trained in their usage. Instead her power with Sighteye is very strong indeed. She once compelled an assassin to kill herself for even daring to raise a hand against the future empress. Such a crime deserved a cruel punishment in Hanako’s mind. Using Ideatalk she often uses it identify people she knows from people she doesn’t, and keeps herself aware of their presence.

Abilities: Hanako is a great lover of music, and all the creative fields and along with her training for both combat and her Menti Discipline she self-taught herself music theory and performed constantly. Constantly tutored and always advancing she quickly swept through her classes and training, and left training earlier than most of clan Herupa. She has learned a variety of fields, particularly in politics and history. While she is a skilled combatant, she is aware she is not the best at that. As such perhaps one of the best things about Hanako is her drive for self-improvement.

Weakness(es): Hanako suffers from the same weaknesses that all Sighteyes suffer from and that is the more people whose senses she tries to fool, the more it taxes her. The other weakness inherent to her discipline is moving while the illusion is kept up. While she is skilled in combat, it cannot compare to her skill with her Menti discipline. One of her biggest flaws is her perfectionist attitude, if something does not meet her standards she pushes herself even harder. She takes every mistake she makes personally, and thus works to maintain this image of herself as the perfect handmaiden.

Personality: Hanako is the paragon of passion. Hardworking and rather humble she serves as the right hand of future empress, Yumiwa. The Handmaiden’s loyalty is unbreakable and she would die protecting her master if she had to. Yumiwa is among the few Dasaka that Hanako has let her guard down to. Hanako is passionate, and such passionate wasn’t taught by the Herupa. It was harnessed and directed into a variety of pursuits from her menti training to combat, to social sciences, economics, ethics, and philosophy. She meets these high standards everyday and usually ends up surpassing them. However such passion can be a little too much, as she holds not just herself but others to high standards. Inwardly despite her own passion and skill she finds it impossible to internalize her own accomplishments. That is to say she is never quite happy with who she is. While outwardly she looks to be merely a extremely capable Handmaiden, one befitting of Crown Princess Yumiwa inwardly she her standards for herself are absurdly high, and thusly are the cause for exhaustion. So far she has managed to bury such feelings down enough that Yumiwa hasn’t noticed, but her master will likely figure her out eventually.

Biography: Hanako was born to the Herupa family, while all clans on the Kentoku Archipelago hold themselves to high standards, Clan Herupa is the harshest among them. The Herupa quickly identified that a young Hanako had a natural inclination towards the Sighteye discipline. Hanako is a passionate perfectionist, mostly due to the standards of her clan, and although her passion for self-improvement was something she naturally felt. While being a Sighteye was the power she was born with. Her absolutely favorite thing to do was performing on instruments and writing music. As a gift for her how rapid she was at learning and at the quality of her performance in her menti training and class, she was tutored in music. However the Herupa made it clear that she would likely be serving one of the more prominent nobles. As such she was they reinforced the requirements necessarily to serve as a capable servant and advisor to other nobility

Her talents did not go unnoticed, and multiple petitions were made for the highly passionate, highly skilled, and highly sought after servant. Much to the surprise of her clan although a pleasant surprise at that; Crown Princess Yumiwa had petitioned for her to serve as her Handmaiden, her right hand so to speak. All other petitions, no matter promises of money, or assets would dissuade the Herupa clan, and the young woman found herself in service of Yumiwa. Upon meeting the Crown Princess for the first time Hanako meshed well with the girl. Something both the Umbraline and the Herupa were ecstatic to see developing. They quickly became fast friends, further cementing Hanako’s loyalty to the future Empress of the Dasaka Empire. When her and her master’s time are not consumed by their daily responsibilities the two will often share their creative crafts with one another. Hanako loves to read and hear poetry woven together by the skilled Yumiwa. The fact that Yumiwa asks her to perform music, whether it’s her own or someone else’s, Hanako is thoroughly excited at the prospect of sharing it. Even more compliments from the Crown Princess cause a smile that few are privy to. Since there are such contrasts between Hanako in public and Hanako in private. She also takes criticism to heart and uses it improve on her work.

With all these accomplishments in the public eye she is the pride of the Herupa clan, and is seen as the competent right-hand to Yumiwa. Wherever Yumiwa is, Hanako is not far behind, giving her master advice as it is needed, and protecting her when the need arises.

Those whose who are stupid enough to stand in opposition of her lady should do well to remember the woman sworn to protecting and advising her. The Rose of the Herupa has sharp thorns.


Name: Kyra (Kyerin)

Sex: Male

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species:  Matoran

Kanohi: Noble Rau

Element: Electricity

Appearance: Kyra has the body of an athlete, though Kyra’s favored skill set is that of mountain climbing. This along with playing Koli and Kohli has lead to a muscular, athletic figure. Kyra’s skin is dark blue like deep ocean. Her eyes are light green, soft and welcoming. Kyra’s (Kyerin’s) figure still is a lot more masculine than feminine, much to Kyra’s frustration. She wears white armor over her dark blue skin and her mask is a pure white as well. Kyra has some dresses but rarely wears them. She wouldn’t wear any of it out in public in fear of what reactions she’d get from others. She also has comfortable casual wear, and wears those more frequently.

Weapons:. Kyra carries twin daggers, this is mainly because her travels lead her through difficult terrain, terrain that means she has small amount of space to work with in a fight. This is why she prefers close combat and guerilla tactics.

Equipment: Kyra actually rarely uses pitons and rope, as well as her climbing pickaxes, but usually brings them along to aid others. She mainly prefers her climbing gloves and footwear that is made so she doesn’t slip easily on difficult terrain. She carries pen and paper around with her mostly to take notes now, though also tries to draw what she sees, usually making notes along those drawings.

Skills: Kyra is among the best at traversing any terrain, her combat tactics often rely on a single attack before disappearing and reappearing. This is partly because she’s a matoran and thus isn’t very hardy, but also because she has a tendency to fight vertically. That is stealth attacks from above and below. Kyra is also an decent artist, though most of her work is done in drawing out detailed maps. She’s a good listener, and is very attentive.

Personality: Kyra (Kyerin) is overall a nice and well meaning character but is prone to fit of melancholy. While she is biologically a matoran male she identifies as a female matoran. As Kyerin she erects a wall, afraid of how others might react. Kyra knows her terrain, since part of job on Mata Nui was mapping out land routes and noting any recent changes to the environment. Part of her job is also acting as a guide, usually along the more dangerous and unconventional routes. Kyra however isn't a leader, the very idea of being the center of attention scares her and this comes from a moderate case of social anxiety disorder. She has a couple good friends but it is difficult for her to make new ones. Some of this is related to how uncomfortable she feels in her own skin. Kyra is a caring friend though, it’s just new social situations have a tendency to make her nervous and thus it becomes difficult for her to talk. She loves a great many stories and can recite a few of them herself. She would like to know more about lore, but often finds herself too busy to pursue that interest. The Kyerin personality is a facade created by Kyra. Kyra is masculine, melancholic but nice. Underneath that Kyra is screaming in frustration, angry and saddened by her state, she often tries to find ways towards becoming a woman fully, but so far hasn’t figured out a way.

Biography: Kyra was born to a family of Vo-Matoran, with her penchant for athletics she was her family of six’s golden boy, being the eldest brother, well biologically, she would have prefered to have been a sister. Kyra just felt off all the time, found herself spurning the girls who had shown interest in her. Only a handful of trusted people have come to know that Kyra isn’t male. She can walk, talk and play that part really well but it makes her uncomfortable and unhappy. She originally grew up in Ta, but eventually left for Po. Po offered her the distance from her family, and she feared how her parents would react if they knew how she felt. Upon coming to Po she turned her skill for athletics into a job for mapping routes and guiding people. She avoided becoming part of the Sentinels and the Guard mainly because it meant she would have to interact with people she didn't know on a frequent basis. She has few friends, but those who would call her friends care for her a great deal and she the same for them. Only about two of those friends know how she truly is. Right now she still serves as map-maker and guide, but prefers not to lead large groups. She has a small, quaint home in Po, and enjoys the feeling of peace it gives her, if but temporarily.

Weaknesses: Kyra can be a caring friend, and a person who is great to talk to once you get to know her. However, she is very nervous around new people and new social situations, her mouth dries out, her face gets warm and more than once she’s run away. As such her mental state is plagued by feelings of inferiority, she berates herself in secret and she suffers worse for it. She’s not great in a stand-up fight, part of that comes from being a matoran, but it mostly is because combat isn’t something she was trained in. She’d prefer not to fight altogether but understands that sometimes she cannot get around that.

Edited by Hanako Herupa


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for something entirely new and surprising, I will now to you present my new standard for profiles. My profiles will no longer have profile forms in them.

You heard that right.

I will be using descriptions for profiles. From these descriptions, you can really glean all the information you need - heck, you can glean a lot about the characters' personalities from them, because they are all in first person.Hello, people. My name is Cylund.

Now, you'll find that the individual commonly referred to as my creator has found a new grandiose way to tick people off and force them to read the entirety of his characters' profiles. Merely reject the ridiculous and illiterate idea of using a form in your profile and write actual paragraphs about them, heck, not even about them - by them. So please, join me in sitting down in the padmasana posture. Here, have this little drink while you're at it. Be careful, though. I've known people who died after drinking it.

If I were completely in command yet... you would indeed die after drinking it. I am Cylund's freedom, I am the darkness within his heart, and I will destroy--- nurgh!

Like I said, my name is Cylund. I'm a Toa of Plasma, and so far I have spent my life being male. I'm tall, handsome, with a chin pointed just the right amount - nor too much nor too little - and a nose short enough to be effeminate. (Don't tell anyone I admitted that or I will shoot you.) I wear a Hau. Amusingly enough, some people have actually failed to realize that, like a duelist I once knew. Speaking of dueling, hold these two swords while I tie my shoes. I just had them sharpened.

I was created by accident. It was on the day of the battle when the Rahkshi attacked Le-Koro, and Cylund stood, hoping to stem their tide. He succeeded, but at what cost? All it took was a Kraata of Anger. I showed him - me - the true errors of my ways, and now I, the Revenant, am Cylund.

I have few hobbies, but the ones that I do have I love with all my heart. Snowboarding, drinking, women. More drinking. More women. And then more women. Drinking, women, and more women can also happen at the same time, I don't mind.What do I do in life, you ask? Well... I seek vengeance. I have for too long been bound by humaneness, morality, all those things are below me. I will conquer---

He's a mercenary with a penchant towards a difficulty towards finding actual work. Now then, Cylund, get out of the way. You've talked enough. With two minds talking, no less.

Okay, now that we're rid of him for now... my name is Elianne. Who am I? I'm a Toa of Lightning wearing a Rau who has had a particularly bad year (the Rau has nothing to do with it). I've been put in a vat by a mad scientist, because, apparently, there's a power in my blood. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Yeah, well, it's a fat load of use to me, because there is one hugely important side rule to that.

(O/T: have any of you seen my spear and shield)

I will never be able to access said power. Heck, I will never be able to understand said power, because the aforementioned scientist is dead. And good riddance.

My childhood - the childhood of an orphan found high in the mountains - I spent in a mountain monastery, trained in the arts of war and the sciences of nature. I left it once I reached the age of majority, with the goal I assigned to myself - that of finding my parents. A year later, I joined the Toa Astha; a month after that, I was kidnapped by that psychopathic scientist.

I love the thrill of battle, more than anything more in this world. Once, I thought I would become a Toa like in the olden days, a glorious hero fighting for the peace of this island. I was wrong. Life turned out otherwise. But the point does not change. I am a warrior. And I will liberate this island of all its evils. Or I will die trying.

Thank you, Elianne, that was most entertaining, now get off the stage. So, people. My name is Arkei.


The overall majority of you may find that you know me as the Toa of Stone with the wristblades and the Pakari and the penchant for pillars that Perkahn and Grochi sealed in a plasma-filled cavern. There's just two details. One, the overall majority of you are huge nincompoops.

Second, I got better.

But anyway. For those of you who do not know me, I am Arkei. I am, quite frankly, an insurrectionary. Every step I take is filled with protest, with riot, with revolt at this world. This horrible world which will not change on its own, but which I must change. At any price---



Yes, well, people, that little mukau back there was Arkei. If anyone wants to talk to him, he'll be waiting for you, relatively somewhat unconscious, on the floor.

I'm Perkahn. Perkahn Highwind. Son of Diarmuid Highwind, son of Duibhne Highwind. Husband of Arianna Highwind, father of Jolek Highwind. I am a six-foot-and-a-half-tall Kakama-wearing Toa of Iron with a battleaxe - to be specific, Rebellion - as sharp as Makuta's wits that I will definitely not allow you to see, let alone touch. That is the express privilege of Arkei and people like him that get on my nerves. Oh, they get to touch it alright, right at the neck.

My armor is a mixture of the colors dark brown and dark red, and my mask is time-weathered, sometimes even scarred. My right hand is covered with a figurative net of mild, long-forgotten, no-longer-painful burns.

But anyway. This has been a lovely year. I'm back home, after quite a while, and I seem to be actually living life as I ought to be. Living off helping the ordinary Matoran alongside my beautiful wife, and when that isn't enough, going hunting in the Charred Forest with my son. For once in my life, everything is right.

Of course, since I'm part of the gloriously unfortunate Highwind clan, there's going to be some stuff that will quite definitely ruin my life some time soon. But for now, I'm hoping there won't be, because for now, I am the happiest man on this earth.

I'm sure hoping there won't. It would be depressing to see you die after all the effort you went through to come back to me.


My name is Arianna Highwind, and I am the happiest woman on this earth, the loving and proud wife of this lazy arse that happens to be my husband.

By profession, I am a healer - came natural to me, being a Toa of Lightning with a Mask of Healing. Don't get deluded by the shape of my mask, which is that of a Huna. Despite being a healer, and thus a peaceful person most of the time, I am skilled with a longsword as well, that being my weapon of choice. A long, one-handed sword which I mostly use in conjunction with my lightning powers, when pushed into such an unfriendly situation as one where I would need to participate in battle. I prefer to assist the Matoran in more everyday tasks and tending to their healing needs than to openly combat threats to them, but when that is necessary, I have no qualms about doing what is needed.

Nevertheless, me and Perkahn's adventuring days are long over - it's time to settle down already, spend time with our returned son, and raise, this time without interruptions, a proper family. Hopefully.

... We jinxed it, didn't we.

Edited by Eduard Bernstein
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Name: Leah
Species: Toa (Maru)
Alignment: Lawful good
Gender: Female
Appearance: Slim and well-toned, Leah embodies of the essence of the first Toa of water. However, the colours of her armour are more cerulean than dark blue, while her legs and arms have a hint of teal in their light blue. She wears a white tribal marking on her shoulder underneath the armour, hinting at her Le-Matoran past and showing her old rank in the Gukko-Force. 
Weapons: A simple Bo-Staff, with a piece of red cloth tied around one end.
Mask: Kanohi Ruhaku, The Mask of Intent
The Kahoni Ruhaku allows its user to sense the intent of any other creature in the form of an aura around the being. The Ruhaku cannot tell the user thoughts or specify how the particular intent being sensed is to be carried out; it is merely lightly clairvoyant, telling the user or a target designated by the user what others are going to do or are already doing to him/her based on their emotions. The mask is always on at a low level. The aura and their corresponding intent are as follows:
Red – Angry/intent to attack
Orange – Lying/intent to deceive
Yellow – Afraid/intent to flee
Green – Helpful/intent to aid
Blue – Indifferent/no intent
Violet – Passionate/strong and unknown intent
No color - Mask is being blocked
Powers: Leah wields the element of water with the skill and nearly the power of a Toa Mata, having been transformed using the essence-stone of Toa Gali. In addition, she is extremely agile and fit due to constant work and training in her martial art.
Traits: Leah is among the kindest and most caring people one can encounter. Good-natured, quick to laugh and hard-working, she approaches life and her new duties on the Island with as positive an attitude as possible, reasoning that there is enough darkness on Mata-Nui already, without people adding their own unhappiness to it. Having been granted the power of a first Toa, she is aware that she now can now stand against that darkness. As a tamer for the Gukko-Force, she took pride in her work and approached it with a sense of duty and responsibility surpassing that of her peers. It was this devotion to the Gukko-Force and Le-Koro as a whole that earned her a promotion to First Lieutenant while she was still a Matoran, a rank she is still very proud of. She applies that same sense of responsibility to her newfound powers.She also knows that her duty includes the protection of her old home, Le-Koro, as well as her new on, Ga-Koro and the other villages, now more than ever. To that end, she continues to practice her martial arts with fervor, as the transformation has given her a great boost, turning a skilled Matoran into a full-blown fighter.Like most Le-Matoran she has a thing for humor and her bright laugh often helps the morale of the Toa Maru, though lately she has mellowed out a little. Though at first not entirely sure of herself in her new existence, she was always determined to give her best. After defeating Makuta, she fully embraced her role as protector of Ga-Koro, but the Toa Maru going more separate paths lately is weighing heavily on her.  
Biography: Leah lived in Le-Koro, where she was a member of the Gukko-Force and in charge of the caretaking of the Gukko and Kahu in its service. When she was not at the headquarters she could be found practicing her martial art, or helping other Matoran around the village. She was and still is close friends with many of the other Gukko-Force members, most notably Sisk, as they had been colleagues for many years, before Sisk heard his call to adventure after the untimely death of Tamaru. After her friend's leaving, Leah was promoted to take over his duties as well her own, a task she faced head-on, being in charge of the tamer-teams and ground-crews for the birds after her promotion. However, adventure quickly caught up with Leah and she suddenly found herself at the front of the struggle against the Makuta, riding into battle and coordinating the support for the Gukko Force during the attack on the Rama-Hive, which revealed a strange Obelisk, whose importance she would only realize later. She spent a short time in Pala-Koro afterwards with Sisk, Lashev, Verdi and Lans, close friends of her, until she had to return to her duties in Le-Koro. One night, a Matoran named Stannis showed up on her doorstep, accompanied by four others, and told her of a prophecy that said they all had been chosen to become the successors to the first Toa and to defeat the Makuta in their stead. It wasn't an easy choice to leave her old life behind, but as Stannis had said: you cannot run from destiny. So she joined their company and together they set out to follow a trail of clues left by the late Takua, in order to retrieve six very special Toa-Stones: The Essence-Stones of the Toa Mata. Hunted by Makuta's minions and pressed for time, their quest led from the depths of the Sea to the heights of mount Ihu, collecting the stones from hidden places. And along the way, they made allies. The first was Joske: A former Kolhii-champion turned Toa, also mentioned in the prophecy. Yet his role was that of a vanguard, paving the way for the wanderer and his company. Next was Korero, a Ko-Matoran following his own destiny, now appointed chronicler of their company until they eventually returned to the Obelisk in the ruin of the Rama-hive - their own Suva. Still, surprises waited for them. It was revealed that Korero was not just to be the chronicler, but chosen to inherit the essence of Lewa as part of their team. Lepidran, who they had believed this role would fall to, departed. It was also revealed by Stannis that he saw Oreius betray them in a vision. But when all was said and done, they placed their respective stones in the Suva and they were transformed: The Toa Maru were born. Barely used to their new power and appearances, they were beset by Rahkshi, the first challenge of many to come. Traveling to the great temple at Kini-Nui, they found Joske again, who had beaten Makuta's first lieutenant in a duel and was opening the gateway to a semi-physical realm called the keeping place for them. Here the Maru were tested and completed their full transformation, emerging with new masks and ready to take on the Makuta itself. Together, they descended down into the Mangaia, where they faced off against the fearsome Manas, and - even more terrifying - the first Toa themselves, corrupted and turned to shadow versions of their former selves. Defeating the former heroes, they finally reached their target. Makuta attacked them physically and with dark visions, but through a united effort, the Maru drove the Makuta back in the end, allowing Stannis to banish him with the power of his mask. Victorious, but tired, the six heroes parted ways to bring the good news home to their respective Koro. It took Leah some time to get used to her new home, but she has done so very well and acted as Ga-Koro's guardian since her return. At first met with suspicion, she has earned the trust of Ga-Koro and Hahli since then. But their victory only lasted to the appearance of the Piraka and their attack on Ta-Koro. Driving off the Skakdi, Leah and Reordin followed them to their destination: Mangaia once more. Despite having sealed off the Makuta's lair after his defeat, the Piraka manged to gain entrance, Joined by Sulov, the Maru engaged their new enemies, but were unable to defeat them and their newfound horde of Rahkshi servants. Using most of her power, Leah flooded the cavern, allowing the Maru to escape and regroup. Tensions within the Maru reached a breaking point soon after, as Stannis revealed he had not destroyed Makuta, but merely banished him to another realm of existance. Fed up, the Toa turned from Stannis and went their own way. Returning to Ga-Koro to recouperate, Leah was present when another group of newcomers arrived on Mata-Nui's shores: the Dasaka. Despite this first contact going much better than initially feared, more bad news arrived when the remaining Makuta followers counquered all of Ko-Koro in a surprise attack. Together with Korero, Leah helped to bring the Maru together once more, but their team spirit had been shaken to its very core. Time will tell if they can reunite to stand as one against the dark forces trying to reclaim power.
Weakness: Despite her immense power, Leah is still a Toa of water. As such, heat and fire are her weakness.    
Name: Agni
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Alignment: lawful good
Description: Standing a head above the average Toa, Agni is perceived intimidating by some in Ta-Wahi. His face is a study of hard edges and a chiseled-looking jaw and his orange eyes glow with a fierce determination. His dark red body is clad in strong, dark golden armour and mask with a brushed finish. The right shoulder-plate sports the red insignia of the Ta-Koro guard, which Agni serves in. Across his torso run two straps, holding the sheaths on his back in place, while he has a leather-bag hanging from his hip, holding various day-to-day items, like herbs, light-stones, food, etc.
Mask: Kualsi, Mask of Quick-travel
Weapons: Two short blades adorned with red flame-shaped inlays, which glow when channeling his fire-powers. Agni always carries them, stowed safely in the sheaths on his back.
Powers: Fire elemental power.
Personality: When Agni first started out, he was considered something of a "rookie", compared to Toa like Tahu, but those days are long gone. Agni is a veteran Toa officer  with enough experience to face most enemies one-on-one. He is an expert swordsman, martial artist and guardsman. Agni is aware of the great responsibilities of being a Toa and his experiences at first turned him into a quiet and slightly cynic character, sometimes feeling close to disillusioned on bad days. However his heart is always in the right place and he gives all he's got to protect the Matoran of Mata Nui, doing the right thing when push comes to shove. Especially since the events in Ga-Wahi he's been determined to strictly adhere to the Toa code in order to atone for his shortcomings, something that strongly influenced his teaching of Toa Joske. Many get the impression that he is a curmudgeon at first, but that is not the case. He has lightened up a bit recently, something he blames on Joske and Dorian rubbing off on him.  
Biography: Agni had been a member of the Ta-Koro guard even before he became a Toa. He did not like the feeling of being dependent on good fortune and the six Toa Mata to keep Ta-Koro safe, as much as he admired them. His service in the guard made him feel able to defend his people. On patrol near the Tren Krom break, it was apparent accident that a rockslide almost killed him. Badly bruised he dug himself out of the rubble, only to discover a Toa-stone had been sealed away under the now rock. He took the artifact to the Turaga for safekeeping, but the accident turned out to be  destiny and Agni was turned into a Toa. Yet it seems that destiny played a trick on Agni as nothing happened after his transformation that would give him a call to action beyond that of his duty in the guard. And so, the young Toa resumed his post there for many years as an officer of the guard, pondering his fate while investigating crimes and fending off Rahi, often frustrated by the thought that there was nothing else for him that would justify his transformation. That is, until news of the Makuta eliminating the former chronicler's company began to spread and Agni met a Toa named Valria. Together they hunted down the slaver Telric. Hower, after loosing close friends to him they willingly broke the Toa code, leaving Telric to burn alive on his own ship after cornering him there. Back in Ga-Koro, the two Toa decided to part ways after their friend's funeral. Agni, though with a heavy heart, agreed, now aware what it meant to be a true Toa and feeling he did not live up to it. Agni vowed to do better, with Telric becoming his personal cenotaph. With this new knowledge and outlook on life, destiny finally came within reach when it decided to cross his path with that of a fresh Toa of fire named Joske and the Toa of water named Cael. Recognizing something of his past self in Joske he offered to instruct the rookie Toa in fighting and element, while Cael focused more on the psychological teachings, wich suited Agni just fine. Over the following months, the veteran was officially assigned to train Joske (a quasi-punishment for going AWOL) and while Joske's skills developed under his tutelage, the two became friends. And when Joske was called to aide the wanderer's company in their quest to defeat Makuta, Agni and Cael insisted in turn on helping him. Joined by Toa Angelus and Tuara, the group began to retrieve crystals from each of the Koro's temples, which Joske used to unlock the keeping-place for the Toa Maru. While they went below to face Makuta, Agni was part of the rear guard, defending the Kini-Nui against Makuta's Rahi-hordes and he later took part in the defense against the legion of Rahkshi. Then things went south and fast. In the wake of the Turaga's assassinations, Agni found himself assigned to the criminal Dorian on a mission to track down his former allies who had carried out the murders. They would never complete their mission however, as they encountered Joske once more and were drawn into a quest to find and stop Echelon - leader of the remaining Makuta followers and a far greater threat. Though their group managed to find Echelon in a hideout in Le-Wahi's jungles, the dark Toa escaped. Agni and his companions escaped with moderate injuries and new problems: Ko-Koro overtaken by Echelon's forces and Utu - his former mind slave. Despite severe arguments and differing opinions, Agni eventually found himself in Ko-Wahi, to both find Echelon's new hideout and to bring Utu home - which it turned out was only half the truth, as the former dark Toa was severly ill and passed away not long after arriving in his former village. Unable to move on together after yet another tragic event, Agni's companions split up once more, leaving only him and another veteran Toa of fire named Merror to eventually return to Ta-Koro.

Weakness: Water and cold, duh  :P   
Name: Commodore Ayiwah 
Species: Dasaka
Caste and Clan: Menti Caste, Clan Umbraline 
Gender: Female 
Mask: Kanohi Arthron, mask of sonar, in the shape of a great Matatu. 
Discipline: Soulsword. While the majority of Umbraline's Menti are powerful Willhammers, there are exceptions to their traditional clan-discipline. The Commodore is one of them. Trained since earliest youth, she has become a master soulsword and a fearsome duelist, so adept in her discipline that many an opponent have been defeated without her having to take one step, kept at a distance by her psionic rapier. 
Weapons: Ayiwah carries no additional weapons to her psionic rapier, though she is skilled with traditional swords as well. As a backup she carries a crystal knife, a valuable tool on any sailing ship. Aside from that, the belongings that she carries on her person are a small first-aid kit, a compass and a spyglass.
History: Ayiwah's bloodline within Clan Umbraline is of some repute. Her mother was one of the few to have an offspring with Mune, a legendary Menti Soulsword and Sighteye, assigned as head-bodyguard to the previous Rora. Out of her blood-sisters (children of the same male Dasaka, not to be confused with clan-sisters), Ayiwah was one of only a few to show a similar talent to that of their father for the soulword. Eager to learn and showing promise in basic training, it was with the Toroshu's blessing that she was allowed to train her ability directly under Mune himself until his death during an attempted coup by Clan Fursic. Not content with merely having an exotic discipline within her clan, she pushed herself beyond the regular training of soulswords. Using physical weapons, Ayiwah prepared her mind for the requirements of psionic swordplay, from which she later developed a fighting style best described as psionic fencing. Already a skilled warrior, Ayiwah discovered another talent in the aftermath of her father's demise, while hunting down the instigators of the attempted humbling of the Rora: Sailing between the Archipelago's islands in an effort to find the hiding places of the coup's masterminds, she discovered a love for the high seas and tall ships. With her true calling found, she joined the imperial navy shortly after the end of the campaign against the Fursic. Putting the same amount of effort into her military career as she put into her discipline, Ayiwah soon rose through the ranks, until eventually being assigned the rank of Commodore, due to her proving herself to be an exceptional captain and strategist. Only answerable to her Toroshu and the Rora herself, she has been in command of the imperial naval forces for many years now. 
Personality and Traits: Sailors within the imperial navy , naturally prone to yarn, sometimes claim that there is no Dasaka sailing the high seas, tougher than the Commodore. While she herself would humbly dismiss such claims, were you to ask her directly and in a position to demand an answer, there is, as usual, some truth behind these rumors. And indeed, there aren't many that rival her in her strict behaviour and no-nonsense attitude. This attitude also translates into her looks, posture and speech as well. Her armor and uniform are kept immaculate and she moves and speaks in an energized, yet controlled and precise manner. Valuing professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail, she provides the baseline standard the sailors under her adhere to. She does not suffer fools nor insubordination and will consequently hand out fitting punishments for misdemeanour. Yet, she is not unjust. Her judgment is fair and can be very understanding. She does not demand perfection on first attempt, but rather the willingness of one to strive towards it. While at first glance, her demeanour may appear cold,distant and sometimes harsh, Ayiwah is very compassionate about her fellow Dasaka and her strict approach is merely as much a result of her upbringing as it is of being aware of her responsibilities. Some even claim that the Commodore possesses a sense of humor and has been known to smile and joke on the odd occasion. 
Weakness: As a soulsword, Ayiwah does have very little she can put up against the other Dasaka disciplines of the mind. In addition, she has no protection against elemental attacks aside from her armor and fighting-skills.   


Name: Kohra

Gender: Female

Species: Vortixx

Alignment: serving Makuta


Description: Tall like most of her species, this Vortixx stands a little over a head taller then an average Toa. Kohra is very slender in appearance, almost bordering on "sickly", despite being physically fit. With her black body and dark-blue armor and purple eyes, she still retains a lot of the attraction of a female Vortixx though, with the exception of her left arm. Touched by corruption it has transformed into a black sinewy appendage, almost as if belonging to a dead being, its hand ending in black sharp claws. This sudden change in appearance has its beginning on her left shoulder, also affecting her torso from the clavicle to the shoulder-blade. In addition, these areas are even stranger, since black feathers, almost oily in the way they reflect the light, grow on them.

Weapons:  "Crow's Talon" This strange glove is a part of Kohra's arm and merges seamlessly with the seemingly rotten flesh. It is evil in its design, with what seems like teeth growing out of the knuckles and more black feathers near the wrist. Its origins remain mysterious but it grants Kohra abilities where she herself has no powers of her own. These abilities seem to root in telekinesis as it allows her to move small objects. The glove in combination with her clawed hand also allows her to literally slice through the air if swept hard enough, effectively creating razor sharp air-currents. This effect travels on for a short distance, damaging beings and organic objects in its way.

Energy-Crossbow. While exploring the treasures of the vault, Kohra found several weapons-grade parts and components, as well as a self-recharging energy-cell. Using her native knowledge of technology, the Vortixx salvaged these parts and constructed a weapon for herself that would give her greater range than her limited telekinesis.The result of her tinkering is a collapsible arm-mounted crossbow that fires energy-bolts. Generated by the energy-cell, there is no need to carry ammunition for the weapon. However: the longer the shot, the more energy is needed to cover the distance and the longer the recharge time before she can fire again. Thereare  two alternate firing modes: A rapid fire mode, shooting three smaller bolts in quick succession; and a multi-shot, firing several weaker bolts at once in a spread. When stowed, the weapon folds up into a compact rectangle, which she can carry attached to her lower back. When in use, the two halves of the prod and iron sights flip open; the stock splits into two halves, with the grip, trigger and brace between them. When worn, the brace secures the crossbow to her lower right arm. This permits greater stability as well as making it difficult to disarm her.

Powers: None of her own, besides a natural affinity for technology inherent to her species and the powers granted by the glove. 

Personality: Kohra is a corrupted soul. She thinks she is doing the right thing, with the ends justifying any means. In her twisted mind, moral values are opposite, good becoming evil just as evil is becoming good. Despite her loyalty to the cause, she does experience moments of doubt. If she is beyond redemption, nobody knows.

Biography: Kohra remembers fleeting shadows from her life before she woke up in a dark cave with an immense pain in her left arm and a weird glove attached to her hand. Back outside of the labyrinthine caverns underneath Mount Ihu, she found that this glove could not be removed and to her horror, that her arm was changing as well. Slowly at first, it seemingly decomposed over the next few weeks. And as the change took place, the whispers came. Whispers in the back of her head, so subliminal she didn't know if they were her own thoughts or somebody else's influence. They guided her ever since, promising her rewards and greatness while her actions were that of evil. Eventually she realized this had to be the Makuta's influence and with that discovery she pledged her allegiance to the master of shadows, as he was the only one looking out for her. She has used her dark passenger's help and her own cunning to actively work against the three virtues, in order to spread mistrust and divide the Matoran - starting with poisoning Po-Koro's water supply and flooding the great mine, always pointing to other Matoran as perpetrators. Faithfully serving the darkness, she was captured after the Makuta's defeat, which almost killed her. Without the connection to him she developed severe withdrawal symptoms that nearly drove her insane, until Echelon broke her out of prison. Joining forces, she soon became his second in command. Eventually they pulled off their greatest coup - conquering Ko-Koro.

Weakness: Kohra is addicted to antidermis. As long as she has a supply nothing is wrong, but without regular injections she will go into severe withdrawal and the accompanying, crippling pain.
Name: Sisk "The Tamer"
Gender: Male
Species: Le-Matoran
Alignment: Resisting Makuta
Description: A wiry Matoran of average height, Sisk is colored in the traditional Le-Koro green, with the addition of lighter tribal markings covering his mask, upper torso, shoulders and arms. Sisk is hardly ever seen without his backpack, a small versatile bag made from tough leaves, also featuring sheaths for his two batons on either side.
Element: none, despite a slight affinity for the Green
Mask: Non-functional Zatth (shape only)
Weapon: Two Bamboo-Batons for self-defense, however Sisk's prowess in one-on-one combat is that of an amateur. He has a talent for using items found in nature around him though in self-defense.
Personality: They don't call Sisk "the tamer" for nothing. Boasting about his adventures with the wild-life of Mata Nui, rumour has it that he once got a wipe-down from a Ghekula and the nickname stuck as means to counter his Ego. He is ambitious however and a willing risk-taker, just for the thrill. While Sisk is quite savvy in the knowledge of flora and fauna, he is socially awkward, which doesn't stop him from talking though. 
Biography: Sisk has been on Mata Nui his whole life, which is almost as long as he has been assigned to take care of Le-Koro's Gukko, Kahu and Kewa. But at some point feeding seeds to tame birds simply wasn't enough anymore and Sisk started to venture into the jungle during his free time, with the goal to become an accomplished Rahi-tamer. It caught the note of his superiors, earning him a promotion within the Gukko Force. He studied the various Rahi found on Mata-Nui and knows a lot about their behaviour. Among his greatest accomplishments is the fending off of a full-grown Muaka, earning him the first of many scars. Despite the slightly humorous moniker given to him by his fellow guardsman, he has proven himself, both as a skilled tamer and Gukko-Rider. After Tamaru was killed in Le-Koro he requested and got permission from Kongu to travel with the heroes hunting for the killer, but when they faced them in Po-Wahi, his by-then friend Merror requested he should try to find and protect Kapura and the other members of the chronicler's company. He joined up with the Ga-Koro Marines in Ta-Koro, who had the same goal, yet Kapura proved too elusive. However, Kapura was not elusive enough for the Makuta and Sisk, who'd promised to protect him, only heard of his demise days later. Devastated at first, he regained his composure and together with Lans, Verdi and Lashev, they formed the "Rahkshi-hunting squad". They aided in the attack on the Rama-hive led by the island liberation front and later during the battle for Pala-Koro, after which they immediately got caught up in the defense of Le-Koro. It became clear that Makuta wasn't the only one threatening the safety of the villages, but that others were trying to carry out their evil schemes as well. It became apparent that the villagers were loosing trust in the ability of the guards to protect them following the death of Turaga Matau. Sisk, together with Commander Skyra, began to help the village rebuild, winning back hearts and minds. Shortly afterwards, he assisted in evacuating civilians from the Koro when Makuta's Rahkshi-Legion attacked. After recovering from the battle, Sisk has been in and around the village of air, helping out where he can, but looking forward to take to the skies again on Skyscratcher, his tamed Gukko and constant companion.
Weakness: With no elemental control, no mask-powers, no protection against them either except a heightened resistance against the green, life isn't easy for Sisk. He has to rely on his wits mostly to get him through his adventures. Despite him trying to tame various Rahi, he has little chance to put up a real fight against an opponent with access to powers.
Name: Rhow
Gender: Female
Species: Skakdi
Alignment: Neutral Good
Appearance: Rhow's appearance mirrors her attitude: tough, brutal and scarred. While she is not as buff across the shoulders as male Skakdi she is still extremely ripped. Her spine is lined with long fins that have worn over age. Her face has the characteristic Skakdi grin, framed by a noteable jawline and prominent cheekbones. Two bright neon-green eyes with slitted pupils scan her environment for prey or foes.Her armour is dented and scratched, often dirty, but still recogniseable as dark blue. She also carries a leather pouch on her thigh.
Element: Water (in combination with another Skakdi)
Vision power: Thermal Imaging
Weapon: A sharp piece of steel with a crude handle that Rhow salvaged sometime before her coming to Mata Nui, it looks as brutal as the owner in appearance. Without any special properties, it is a barbarian tool, unclean and deadly, akin to the tooth of some large predator, cast in metal.
Personality: Rhow is as wild and tough as the stormy seas, and just as moody. Regarded as something of a savage even by her fellow Skakdi she has a hard shell and a harder core underneath. However, at that core lies a heart the strives to do good. An old warrior without a home, Rhow started to long for something more in life than just bloodshed. And when the Horde formed, that thought took form. Sill making decision with an iron will , Rhow wants to ultimately keep the peace, living together with the Matoran. 
Biography: Rhow washed up on Mata-Nui's shore one grey morning. Since then,she has forged herself a way to survive on the Island in the forests on the foothills of Mt. Ihu along the border between Ga-Wahi and Po-Wahi. Staying on the move she hunted Rahi and at one time even an unlucky Matoran. Anything weaker than her is possible prey and anything stronger is just prey that will weaken in time. On her route-less travels she has ventured into the Motara desert as well as up the flanks of Ihu. A brief encounter with the Hordika Lantz brought her to Le-Wahi. They split again shortly after, and Rhow wandered aimlessly for some time, until she found the site where a Matoran had been trapped and killed. There she was attacked by a Toa serving the Makuta, yet the arrival of Rahkshi and the ensuing battle ended the fight quickly and she retreated. This was her first encounter with any other beings, save for Lantz, and she began to realize there were bigger things at stake. Shortly afterwards, she met Iraanus, another Skakdi of water, and they traveled to Le-Koro. Together, they  founded the Skakdi-group dubbed "the horde". While in Le-Koro, they attended a meeting informing them of the activities of an organization merely known as "the peers". Asked to help, they returned to Ga-Koro to inform the authorities there, however upon their arrival during Turaga Nokama's funeral they discovered that Ga-Koro was facing more problems and they got caught up in the fight between the Toa Daedra wrestling for control over the village, which ended when a legion of Rahkshi attacked the village. They helped in the defense and have since made Ga-Koro their surrogate home, serving as mercenaries while running a bar and restaurant in the village, called the "great Takea".  
Weakness: Rhow isn't much of a thinker in terms of combat. She isn't stupid by any means, but she does not think ahead much in the heat of battle. After all, she didn't need to until now, her brute strength has been enough.
Name: The Traveler
Gender: Male 
Species: Toa 
Alignment: Unknown
Appearance: At first glance, he is overlooked by many, which suits him just fine. But take a closer look, and you see a man who's eyes tell a thousand stories of deeds good and bad and who's lifetime of hardship, travel and fighting have left their traces and scars on the quiet Toa merely known as the traveler. Yet, he moves with purpose, carrying himself with all the finesse of a fighter skilled in the art of wet work and knows how to conceal it. Underneath the traveler's attire there is a wiry body that belies the skill and strength inhabiting it.  A Toa of air, the traveler's body is a rich and dark green, jade to emerald in it's hues, while the armour covering it is mostly black, but worn with time and definitely showing signs of use. Rounding out the ensemble is a dark three-quarter long, hooded but sleeveless cloak ,made from durable cloth and providing protection from the elements. It is worn half under and half over the armor. The hood semi-conceals his face, casting and magnifying the hard shadows of the Volitak underneath, which is in stark contrast to his eyes, which appear steely grey at first, but reveal a hint of neon-green if looked at closely. However, he does change his attire from time to time, if the circumstances require it. 
Element: Air 
Mask: Kanohi Volitak, the mask of stealth. 
Weapons: - His primary Toa-tool is a sword carried in a sheath on his back. The sword has a distinct profile, with the tapered blade being much broader and thinner at the point than at its base, with a protruding spikelet along the flat side of the tip and a bifurcated hilt which is believed to represent a mythical creature's open mouth.

In addition to his sword, he carries two Karambit-Daggers, cleverly hidden in small sheaths on his belt, where they appear as a mere fashion-accessory. These daggers are curved like crescent moons at the bottom, with a finger-ring at the end of the handle.

A shiv , cleverly hidden on the inside of his leg-armor. It's not a weapon used in combat and only a self-defense measure, in case he ever gets imprisoned by somebody. 
Personality: The Traveler superficially seems like a he's the traditional 'lone ranger' type of character, but his quiet demeanor hides a sharp and calculating mind. He speaks in a very precise, controlled manner which translates to his body-language as well, making him difficult to read. He wears this mask of false feelings and cold demeanor to leave as little an impression wherever he goes as to not attract attention to himself and his work. He does this so well, that very few can remember distinct details about him once he has left. What his job precisely is varies - and does so quite often. Some say he is an assassin, a mercenary, a thief and scoundrel, while others know him as a friendly stranger, a helping hand or a true Toa hero. In his own words, he is "merely a man that makes things happen." But what ties all these traits together is the cold and efficient approach taken. Whether he sets out to make someone disappear or to obtain secrets, he does it with cold calculation and careful planning. Though operating alone, he has a way of getting all the information he needs to complete a task through unknown contacts. Despite this, the Traveler is not a man without a conscience. And though he uses ever dirty trick available to succeed in his line of work, he greatly values life, since he knows that it is easily extinguished and acknowledges its nature as fleeting at best. 
Biography: To some, the Traveler might just have appeared on Mata Nui, but his knowledge of the island suggests that he has been around for a while. For how long is not known, but an extensive local knowledge suggests that he's a former native of the island that disappeared below the radar for a time. Whether this is true and where exactly he originally came from is as much a mystery as his real name. He has recently resurfaced, showing up in the villages here and there. Since the Makuta's fall, there have been little uses for his true talents, except for hiring himself out as a sellsword or bodyguard and 'business-facilitator' to broker deals between the wealthy that need a more forceful touch. But with tension between the villages rising and speculation about the Mangaia vault and its contents spreading, he has started to keep  a close ear to the ground, sensing his services will soon be required again.  
Weakness: While he is a master of both his weapons and his element, the traveler is still just a Toa of air and susceptible to the other elements and physical attack.   
Toa Aitua


In the circle of stones, six Toa stood silently, the only sound the wind softly howling through the ancient archways. Their figures at first were like the shadows, dark silhouettes, faces obscured by hoods they wore. Yet where light hit them, it revealed the slightest shimmer of colour. As other Toa before them, they were united by a single purpose: To drive back the evil force trying to seize power. Long had they fought towards that goal, to restore the balance of light and dark in the universe. But to truly understand their enemy and defeat them, they had entered the twilight. Absorbing a tiny portion of the essence of evil itself, they have become tainted -and able to sense the same corruption in others nearby. It is a gift and a curse, as for all its usefulness, once intertwined with their being, the darkness will try to bind them...


The Aitua are a team of Toa hailing from a distant Island, "south of here", as they describe it. Shaped like a crescent moon with a high ridge of mountains rising along its center line, its regions differed greatly, depending which side of the mountains they were situated on. Not unlike Mata-Nui and just as dangerous, many Matoran went missing, never to be seen again. But a prophecy spoke of six Matoran, destined for greatness. Summoned by their elders, they each came from one of the Island's regions. The Turaga showed them tablets speaking of a place of power that they would need to find. Aparangi gladly took to the task, quickly establishing himself as a leader. After a long search, they finally came upon a hidden path leading into the mountains. This was the last time the six were seen as Matoran. Not long after their departure, seismic activity caused an earthquake that shook the whole Island. As the villages recovered, a Toa appeared in each of the Koro, helping where they could with previously unseen powers. The six had returned, now transformed. Once the rebuilding was complete, the Turaga summoned them again and named them Aitua - Spirits - , in light of their unexpected return, as if from beyond the grave.


The six took to their new roles with fervor and for a time there was peace. Until Matoran began to disappear again, in greater numbers than before. Trying to solve the mystery, the Toa eventually discovered a living shadow abducting the Matoran. Despite their best efforts, the creature managed to escape. Seemingly impossible to track, it was as if it could anticipate their every move. Confused and frustrated, the Aitua turned to the Turaga for guidance, but even with their help they failed to stop the abductions. Tired of chasing after a being that seemingly outsmarted them at every turn, they eventually did the exact opposite of what the Turaga had advised as a test. And as if by chance, they walked right into a small village that was haunted by the very monster they chased. But once again their adversary slipped away without a trace.


Enraged, Aparangi confronted the Turaga about their supposed guidance. But instead of aiding them, the elders scolded them for their disobedience. Confounded and worried, the Aitua held a secret meeting, suggested by Tupua. The quiet Toa shared a terrible suspicion: the Turaga were involved in the abductions and they had lied to them. None of them liked these terrible implications. But being desperate for a way to stop the shadow, they decided to at least investigate if there was any truth to them. Secretly abandoning their hunt and with a heavy heart, they turned their attention to their own elders. Tensions ran high between Aparangi, who felt he was failing the Matoran with inaction, and Tupua, leading the investigation into the Turaga.


After weeks of doubt and stalking their elders, the Turaga unwittingly led them to a secret meeting. Gathered around a pool of living darkness, they revealed themselves to have been the living shadows abducting the Matoran. Sacrificing the villagers to a so-called master in order to become stronger, they had killed the original Turaga long ago and assumed control of the Island. When the Aitua's arrival had been prophesied, they had sent them to what they had believed to be certain death. And when their plan failed, they continued in secret, misleading the Toa until their work was complete. Demanding what their master intended with the death of so many innocent Matoran, the only answer was laughter. Betrayed and enraged, the Aitua engaged the shades in battle. It was a close fight, barely won by combining their elements in time.


But before the Aitua could celebrate their victory, cataclysm struck. As the Island crumbled around them, the evil Turaga made a final escape. Out of time and torn between saving what was left of the villages or going after the Turaga, they made a terrible choice: To find the shadows wherever they went, they willingly tainted themselves with the living darkness. Now they were changed - no longer Toa, but something darker. When they awoke again, they were on the beach of their Island, which was tearing itself apart. Without traditional elements and with new masks, the Aitua were forced to flee, together with the few surviving Matoran of their homeland. Watching their Island getting swallowed by the sea, they swore they would hunt down the servants of darkness and destroy them, wherever they might hide. Since that time Aparangi and his fellow Toa have traveled the known and unknown lands, using the infection within them against its source, seeking out corrupted beings and putting them to rest in order to restore the balance of dark and light. Now their quest has led them to Mata Nui, though they do not know how. And the shadow on Mata Nui will soon learn of the spirits of the lost Island.


Name: Aparangi

Species: Toa

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Male

Appearance: On first glance, like the other Aitua , Aparangi's armor is completely black. But shine a light on it and you will see that they each have a highlight-colour. In his case, red. In his default form Aparangi is a regular Toa: tall, strong and broad-shouldered; a fact emphasized by his armor: a shell of interlocking plates with large shoulder-protectors. He often wears a black hood attached to his armor, concealing his face - safe for his glowing red eyes.

Weapons: Claws, Arms that turn into blades, spinal spikes etc. are all possible forms Aparangi can use, but they're not the only weapons he can form and his full arsenal is limited only by his imagination.

Mask: Hau, Mask of shielding

Powers: Body-Alteration: Aparangi can transform himself at will, to a certain degree. E.G.: turning his hands into claws or growing spikes for better protection. However he cannot alter his physical appearance completely and is locked to the main shape of a Toa.

Traits: Aparangi's spirit is one of determination and tenacity. But a strong will like his often only sees one approach to a given problem. As such he often seems rash and stubborn, sometimes  even unreasonable - a trait often leading to friction with the other team-members.

Biography: Aparangi, as a Matoran, lived in the southern, volcanic region of his homeland. Full of grey and twisted trees, sulfurous puddles on the plains and a perpetual mist rising from cracks in the ground - but also rich in minerals and other buried treasure, something the Matoran built an economy on. Aparangi was assigned to protect the workers from Rahi and other threats. When one of the Turaga had a vision of him and five others, he answered the summoning call. There he first met the rest of what was to be the Toa Aitua 

Weakness: His stubbornness can often lead him to take risks that might endanger him or the team. He can be hurt by physical and elemental powers.


Name: Tupua

Species: Toa

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tupua is wiry, a strong but not-as-bulky version of the average Toa. His armor matches this design, with the exception of a high neck protector and broad shoulder guards, that give his silhouette a very straight edge. Like the other Aitua , his armor appears black, minus his mask, which is painted with a white skull-like pattern, from which his ice-blue eyes glow piercingly. He also wears a black hood to obscure his face.

Weapons: A Scythe with a specially designed blade, which can be folded down and fastened onto the handle, turning it into a Volgue.

Mask: Tryna, Mask of reanimation

Powers: Regeneration. Tupua is able to recover from physical injury. The regeneration is very fast, with superficial injuries disappearing within minutes to hours, depending on severity. Yet the power only allows for rapid healing of epidermic biomechanical tissue. A broken bone or injury to internal organs is just as dangerous to him as to any other being.

Traits: Tupua is cold, solitary and often silent. He is very aware of his own abilities and realises the responsibilty they impose on him. He prefers a calculated approach, most times with the persistence of a glacier and applying a ruthless calculus to complex problems. He is aware of the changes that he and the others underwent and he tries to use their new appearance and abilities to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Biography: Tupua was living in a Koro situated in the mountains of his home-village. It was there that the first abductions began and Tupua investigated them even before becoming a Toa. When Aparangi became the leader of the Aitua , he initially disliked the idea of having to work with the stubborn Toa, but realized over time that they needed somebody as driven as him leading them. Since the destruction of their homeland, his introvertness has only increased. It is often hard to figure out how he feels, a fact that he likes. It saves him from many conversations he regards as pointless, as well as questions about his Kanohi Tryna. At first he refused to accept the immoral mask as his own, but he soon realized that they had already done worse things much more unbecoming of Toa than wielding a Kanohi that could raise the dead. Now Tupua walks side by side with his fellow Aitua, using his abilities to bring down creatures of shadow wherever he finds them.

Weakness: Tupua's regenerative abilities do not make him invincible or immortal. Despite being able to take more punishment than other beings, he can still be injured by all physical and elemental means. While his solitary nature is often his strength, it can lead him to taking on challenges too great for him alone.


Name: Mariko

Species: Toa

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mariko is the shortest of the team, with a lean body and muscles defined through endless hours of physical training. He is the only Aitua to wear armor that is truly black. Like that of his bretheren, it also features a hood, revealing only his dark green eyes when worn. The armor itself is tailored to support his close-quarters style of fighting, with additional smaller plates fitted onto what otherwise regular Toa-armor. His vambraces are thick on the outside, as they have to house his extending blades.

Weapons: Katara-like blades, extendable from compartments in his forearm-protectors.

Mask: Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis

Powers: Mariko's power is strange by any standard. When activated, prolongued proximity to him will cause the subject to suffer mental fatigue. Starting with a mild headache the effects will soon become full-blown nightmares and eventually the exposure will cause the target to loose consciousness. The closer one is, the more rapidly the effects take hold. To fully utilize this ability, Mariko has trained long and hard to become an accomplished martial artist, engaging enemies in close combat to quickly wear them down.

Traits: Just as his mask allows him to move objects in a certain direction, Mariko knows that there are multiple ways to approach any situation. Due to his ability he is often the voice of reason in conflict, both within the team and in other instances, as he can diffuse situations rather quickly if necessary.

Biography: Before becoming a Toa he lived in the eastern region of his island, a Koro situated in the foothills of the mountains, thriving on mining. He was the most opposed to the idea of becoming tainted, but willingly followed the other Aitua after the cataclysm destroyed their home, knowing the importance of their task. Since then he has always harbored a feeling of guilt over the decision, often wondering whether or not they made the right call. As such, he tries to keep the team as honorable as possible, to counter their often dark deeds.

Weakness: His high-risk, high-reward style of combat can be dangerous, as he has to rely solely on his mask for ranged engagements.


Name: Rewera

Species: Toa

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Femal

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Name: Wryu (Rye-Yu)

Description: Wryu is a female Toa of Fire. She has a slender build making her light and swift on her feet. She wears the Kanohi Calix, however this is shaped as a Noble Ruru. She is mainly reddish copper in colour with accents of dark red here and there. She has bright blue eyes, similar to those of a Ko-Matoran.

Gender: Female

Kanohi: Calix - Mask of Fate

Powers and Weapons: Wryu rarely uses her elemental power of fire, as it drains her of much of her energy when she does, even with the use of her Kanohi which only helps temporally as it causes her extreme headaches. She has to curves sickles which wrap right around her fists. She is deadly efficient with and their odd shape catches out many of her opponents when she battles with them.

Alignment: Neutral but she has the tendency to flip between the lines of good and evil seamlessly.

Personality And History: Wryu is very good at playing "the sweet thing" although those who know her will see her as a force to be reckoned with. She can be hot tempered at has twisted views of good and evil. She finds it difficult to trust others because of her past history of being betrayed and not realises that sometimes she has to come first. She can warm to others but if it comes down to it she would not hesitate to watch all of them die before she does.

Weakness: Because of her unpredictable nature and seamless transitions between good and evil, others find it hard to trust her. They know that she would not put her life at great risk to save them, so they would not do the same for her. She has a fiery temper which can lead to violent outbursts. She is not very efficient with her mask or elemental power, especially the latter.


Name: Tymek (Tye-Mek)

Description: Tymek is a Male Toa of Water. He is fairly well built is size which makes him bother fairly strong and fast. Making him even faster, is his Kanohi Kakama, shaped like a Great Ruru. He can use this very efficiently and does so often. Tyemek is a Dark Blue with accents of Dark red around his amour. He only has one eye which is hollow black. His right eye is covered with an eye patch. Many people who stare into Tyemeks remainging black eye for too long have been said to only see hatred, rage and sorrow.

Kanohi: Kakama (Shaped as a Great Huna)

Powers and Weapons: Tyemek owns two Katana. One a dark gold and the other a rusted silver colour covered in intruciut designs. He keeps them both attached to his back, however in combat, he only uses the former of the two blades. It is said that the rusted ancient one was a gift and is very important to him. He is skilled and fast with his sword but not so efficient in two handed combat.He also keeps six throwing knives and a dagger attached to his waist.

Alignment: Chaotic Good/Lawful Bad

Personality and History: While usually friendly and charismatic, Tyemek can sometimes have outbursts of intense rage. He has a strong sense good and evil and knows confidently when to use either. His heart is good, but sometimes his anger can make his mind dark. His charasmatic and friendly exterior is said to only be a facade to hide his sorrow and self hatred, caused by the loss of someone he held very dear.

Weakness: Can let his temper cloud his judgement. Also susceptible to damages on his right hand side because of his missing eye.

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Species: Skadi


Description: He's a rather avarage looking Skadi, he's slightly thinner than the regular Sakdi but he's far from skinny. His armor is mostly grey and brown with little highlights in purple. He's also less savage looking then the normal Skadi. He also wears a darker gray cape with brown borders and again purple markings.


Personality: Zoban is calm and peaceful by nature, even though he wont back down from a fight he values knowledge above all. Almost always he's trying to learn something new. Wether through research or books. Back on his homeisland he was the leading tactician of his tribe, leading the army to many victories. He collected foreign books and atrifacts and when his fellow Skadi discovered this, they burned his house down and banished him thinking h-of his actions as un-skadi. This event has left Zoban with a great hatred for Skadi, concidering them savages. Years later he found a partner who shared his love for knowledge. Finally he had someone to talk to and discuss ideas with, however one day when they were studying the Mountain together, his parter got swallowed by the rock and he was left alone. Since then he's been very silent. He also has a great passion for flowers. 


Powers: Zoban is a great tactician able to quickly analyse the powers and movement patterens of the enemy. He weilds a katana-like blade with which he is quite skilled, but definately not strong enough to beat the real masters of the art in direct combat. Also concidering his big general knowledge, he is able to weild almost every weapon to at least some extend. He has a broad general knowledge meaning that also can come in handy in battle.


Weakness: Aside from being not incredibly skilled in one to one combat, he is obsessed by seeking knowledge which quite often puts him in dangerous spots -This has slighty improved after the mountain incident-

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((Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely hate filling out the bio and history sections of my profiles; I prefer to fill these out as the characters are played and developed. Just some explanation for why these characters might look a bit two-dimensional, for now.))


The Poet


Name: Sernon


Gender: Male


Species: Toa


Element: Stone


Kanohi: Great Huna


Powers/Weapons: Elemental power of Stone, bow with stone-headed arrows.


Appearance: Sernon is quite tall and athletic. His armour is brown and tan, with black highlights, while his Kanohi is a dark, earthy brown. He usually carries his bow over one shoulder, along with a woven-flax quiver. He carries writing materials in a small pouch on his hip.


Personality: Reasonably outgoing, though with a recent tendency towards introversion due to his writing, Sernon is a fairly easy-going, chatty Toa. He has a tendency to stare too long before speaking in a conversation, which can make others uncomfortable, and he will often interrupt the other speaker. Sernon finds the current state of politics on Mata-Nui tiring and childish, and actually rather misses the simplicity of life under Makuta's reign. He is therefore quite mistrustful of anyone who is unreasonably patriotic.


History: Sernon served in the defence of his Koro against the Rahkshi, but since the defeat of Makuta has grown tired of the petty squabbles on the island, instead choosing to devote himself to the arts; poetry in particular.


Weaknesses: Sernon isn't much of a fighter; he is reasonably skilled with his bow, having guarded his Koro's walls, but in a close-combat situation can often find himself at a loss. He would usually prefer to slip away using his Kanohi, unless of course his friends or loved ones are in danger.


The Idealist


Name: Faori


Gender: Female


Species: Matoran


Element: Water


Kanohi: (Powerless) Great Miru


Weapon: While not really a weapon, Faori does possess a barbed harpoon for fishing, with which she is fairly accurate. She also owns a small sailboat, called The Cowrie.


Appearance: Short even for a Matoran, but rather pretty. Faori has blue and teal armour, and her mask is a deep, though very slightly translucent, blue.


Personality: Faori is completely in love with Ga-Koro. She is sweet and loving to her fellow Ga-Matoran and -Toa, but deeply mistrustful of those she calls "dry people"; that is, anyone from the other Koros. She spends most of her day fishing, swimming or sailing. She firmly believes that as long as the Ga-Matoran remain unified, and isolated, nothing can possibly go wrong.


Weaknesses: Faori has never fought, and as such would be unlikely to fare well in combat.

Previously known as tahakki-nuva, Zyglakky Tahakky, Dougal and Mister Brown Sauce. :P
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to

Ghosthands' Character Profiles




Mata Nui:
Wiki Article

Species: Toa (Maru)

Element: Air

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Mask: Kanohi Hiko, the Mask of Jumping

Appearance: Art by Vezok's Friend, third from the left

Powers: Korero, as a Toa Maru, possesses a level of elemental power above the average Toa, and he has natural and instinctive control over it.  He has inherited Lewa's skill, meaning that he has a level of proficiency above that of the usual Toa of his inexperience.The Kanohi Hiko allows Korero to jump between real locations in a flash. The Hiko allows for unlimited distance between locales, since it is not based on direct sight, but rather on images. The user can simply look at a picture of a location, or recall a memory of a location, and instantly "jump" there. If the location is unknown, then the picture must be explicit for the Hiko to work, for there is no room for error; any confusion in the moment of the jump will have grave and potentially mortal consequences. The user can also transport up to twice his or her own body weight with the mask, meaning he/she can jump with up to two other people or equivalent equipment. The Hiko does not allow for transportation through time or new dimensions.

Weapons: Korero carries his Toa Tool, a pointed-oval shield of green and silver with a circle at its centre, on which is carved the symbol of Faith.  He also possesses Lewa's legendary axe, which he retrieved from Mangaia.

Fighting Style and Weaknesses: Korero does not possess much strength, so he relies on his speed and agility (coupled with the use of his mask and element) in combat.  As his Toa Tool is a shield, most of his attacks come in the form of kicks and punches, although he can use his shield's sharp edges as a weapon.  Plus, the shield can be thrown similarly to a disk, spinning at the target then arcing back to clip onto Korero's forearm.  His main weakness is his relative vulnerability to physical brute-strength attacks.

Personality and Traits: The Toa Maru of Air is known for his inquisitive and optimistic character; this has changed little since his days as a Matoran, although he has lost his naivete and some of his innocence in fighting Makuta and the following months.  He is kind-hearted, and somewhat idealistic.  The main aspect of his character that has changed since his transformation is that he has become less timid and quiet and more open and effervescent in his interactions with other.  He has a sharp mind, and an excellent memory.

Biography: Korero was once a Ko-Matoran, an amateur archaeologist and historian who spent his time wandering the island searching for artefacts to discover and events to record.  Everything changed when he met the Wanderer, Stannis, and joined his Company.  Korero was revealed to be the sixth Chosen One, destined to become the Toa Maru of Air, and having transformed, he and his brothers and sister descended into Mangaia to defeat Makuta.  Emerging victorious, they returned to their respective villages, and Korero was accepted as protector of Le-Koro.


Wiki Article

Species: Toa

Element: Fire

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Good

Mask: Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate

Appearance: Art by Vezok's Friend

Weapons: He wields twin swords of polished metal. They are curved slightly, not unlike a katana or sabre, and are unusual in that the outer blade actually extends down over the hilt all the way to the pommel, protecting the wielder's hand. Merror keeps these in vertically-oriented sheaths on his back.

Powers, Fighting Style and Weaknesses: Merror's fighting style is a blend of several forms of martial arts; his focus is on hand-to-hand combat, mainly with either his twin swords or unarmed. He is highly skilled in both these forms of combat, possessing strength, speed, agility and dexterity, and the use of his mask takes this to a whole new level, making him formidable in close combat. He is not unskilled with his element, but most of his fine-tuned capabilities lie in non-combat applications (such as cauterising wounds or providing gentle warmth) and when he does use it in combat he is not capable of the feats of elemental energy demonstrated by more practised Toa. This means he is relatively ineffective at long range. He is also vulnerable to the usual weaknesses of Fire Toa: water, ice, etc.

Personality and Traits: Merror is a very moral, honourable and compassionate individual. He has many heroic qualities (though normally his modesty prevents him from admitting them); he is selfless, kind - and even in righteous anger, he is merciful to his enemies. Merror is an inspirational speaker and a natural leader, as shown when he spoke at Turaga Matau's funeral, and is never afraid to confront those who go against his code of morality. Merror has been around for a long time, seen a lot of things, and his wisdom and experience are valued by many. However, beneath this noble appearance, Merror is plagued by grief and survivor's guilt. He blames himself for every innocent that he has 'failed to save' from death; suffering's uncanny tendency to follow him around led him to develop something of a 'doom magnet' complex; he believed for a long time that he was a danger to anyone near him and refused to work with other for long periods of time, as he didn't want to 'put them in danger'. However, with the help of the Toa who later became the Astha, he has mostly overcome this guilt complex. He has a strict belief in the ideals of the Toa Code.
Biography: A veteran Toa, Merror has seen and done a great many things in his time.  Long plagued by survivor's guilt over the death of his original Toa Team, he has striven to atone for his failures and mistakes for many years, saving and helping people along the way, but made the mistake of forgoing long-term companions so as not to 'put them in danger'.  Eventually, he came to terms with his past with the help of firm friends, with whom he later formed the Toa Astha.

Wiki Article

Species: Toa 

Element: Dark Magnetism

Gender: Male 

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Mask: Kanohi Komau, the Mask of Mind Control

Appearance: Echelon’s appearance is an ominous one. Tall and thin, with armour that is light, sleek and blended with robes, once coloured black and lime - but since his exposure to Antidermis, it is jet-black with only the occasional glint of silver. On his shoulders are the carved semblances of two Kanohi Kraahkan. His mask, coming as it has from the Vault of Makuta himself, is a little different to the 'traditional' Komau shape: its curves are sharper, its cheeks gaunter, and from its sunken eye-holes his eyes glow acid green. It is iron grey in colour, standing out from his otherwise black appearance.


Weapons: Echelon has replaced his old (and highly recognisable) three-tined staff in favour of a new one. It is a long ferruled rod of black metal and lacks the tines of its predecessor, making it lighter and allowing for greater maneuverability, though it still bears the green gem.

Powers, Fighting Style and Weaknesses: From years spent honing his abilities, Echelon has attained an exceptional level of proficiency with his magnetic powers. He possesses great elemental energy reserves as well as precise control, and he utilises these in an expansive arsenal of powerful and complex attacks rivalled by few other elementalists. Throwing opponents about, turning metallic objects into projectiles, and turning opponent's weapons against them are but a few of his strategies. Besides its offensive capabilities, Echelon's unusual skill also has several defensive or non-combat applications; for example, he is able to levitate with relatively little effort. These powerful abilities come at a cost, however. Echelon has little physical strength or endurance, and therefore relies on keeping enemies at a distance. If a combatant gets under his guard, he is highly fragile compared to the majority of Toa.

Antidermis has enhanced Echelon’s elemental powers, transforming them into an even more potent form he calls ‘Dark Magnetism’. He is still able to sense and absorb magnetic fields, but now when he creates them himself, they are of this Dark variant; Dark Magnetism affects metals and charges as normal, but it can also magnetise any solid matter, allowing Echelon to manipulate stone, wood, crystal and more. The surfaces of affected objects are seen to coil with smoky shadows (intimidating, but this reduces the element of surprise).

Echelon has discarded his old Tryna in favour of a far more insidious Kanohi recovered from the Vault: a Great Komau. With this new mask, he is able to see into the minds of other beings and control their actions. This works somewhat similarly to the powers of a Dasaka Willhammer: if the target is unaware of Echelon's presence within their mind, they can be suggested to a certain degree without them realising it, but if they are aware, then a battle of wills between the Dark Toa and his victim will ensue. The less inclined the target is to perform an action, the more difficult it will be for Echelon to coerce them. He cannot force people to do things that contradict their morals. He can also use the Komau to deliver mental blasts.

Personality and Traits: Echelon is an enigmatic and dark presence on Mata Nui. He is a Dark Toa of brilliant intellect, but also extreme Machiavellianism and evil. He is highly manipulative and calculating, a persuasive speaker, and a cold killer. He has no regard for any sanctity of life nor morality, considering these both weaknesses to be exploited. Echelon believes that knowledge is power, and he pursues both with an iron will. Powerful as he is mysterious, he always has another plan, another failsafe...another trap.


Biography: Having previously kept almost totally to the shadows in his glacial Ko-Wahi lair, Echelon rose to prominence among the forces of Makuta during the assassinations of the Chronicler's Company. Helping Vidar to eliminate both Tamaru and Hafu, word of a powerful Necromancer who wielded Magnetism with deadly force spread across the island.

Frozen in an ice cave for two months following a duel with Merror, he later united the disparate forces of Makuta into an army, which he lead to march on Pala-Koro and defeat the Island Liberation Front. He also gained notoriety for his orchestration of the Mark Bearer incident, in a gambit to gain near-immortality - his plan failed, but he escaped even Heuani's vengeful clutches. He survived a second encounter with the Toa of Shadow, who instead of executing him punished him by infecting his mask. Echelon accepted the infection willingly as a means to gain closer communion with Makuta: a testament to the Dark Toa's black heart. He enslaved the mighty Utu to his will, and even managed to engage a Light-infused Joske in single combat, for a while gaining the upper hand until the temporary Toa of Light managed to free Utu from his control and destroy Echelon’s mask.

After Makuta's defeat, Echelon stepped back into the shadows. He reunited many of the Master of Shadows’ old followers as ‘the Legacy’, but secretly grew impatient with their inability to act. Following his discovery of Antidermis in Mangaia, and subsequent ‘enhancement’, he has decided to take a more active role in returning chaos, fear and destruction to Mata Nui.

To that end, he has assembled a group of six powerful dark beings, and forged an alliance with the Piraka.
Wiki Article

Species: Lesterin

Element: Water

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral

Appearance: Lohkar's armour is blue (a mixture of dark, medium and light) and ‘keetorange’ on the upper chest, thighs and ankles. It is shaped with fin-like spikes on the shoulders, and is sleek but durable. He wears two belts, one around his waist (on which he keeps his cutlass sheathed at his hip) and the other diagonally across his chest. Facially, he looks similar to the canon Agori Berix, with a small crest jutting from the back of his head.

Weapons and Equipment: Lohkar’s weapon of choice is a sabre, which he acquired after Makuta’s defeat to replace his previous one.  Its blade is of medium length and relatively straight and thin; closer to a rapier than a scimitar.  It has a roughly semicircular guard which protects his hand.  The pommel is tipped with the same Rahi tooth that had adorned his old cutlass.  He owns one piece of foreign tech: his Grapnel Gun.  Similar to a Volo Lutu launcher, but larger and more powerful, the contraption is rifle-shaped, with a large mechanized three-prong grappling hook at the front.  It fires this grapnel when the trigger is pulled, which shoots towards the target trailing a strong but lightweight cable behind it.  On striking the target, the mechanized prongs clamp onto or into it.  They are strong enough to dig into most surfaces, and can magnetise to metals.  When the trigger is pulled again, the gun reels in the cable at high speeds, which Lohkar most often uses to catapult himself towards the grappled object.  Lohkar carries various useful items with him, including a compass, a spyglass, a knife, and lockpicks.

Powers, Fighting Style and Weaknesses: As a Lesterin, Lohkar possesses no directly controllable powers; instead, his elemental energy manifests passively.  This gives him increased agility and the ability to hold his breath for long periods of time.  While not strictly a power, his advanced digestive system grants him a resistance to toxins such as poisons – a resistance which has been strengthened by regular exposure to rum and grog.  While wild and unpredictable, Lohkar’s fighting style is not unskillful.  He is proficient with his cutlass in close combat, but due to the loss of his Zamor launcher he has little long-range capabilities, forcing him to rely on dodging in such situations.  He also uses his Grapnel Gun to quickly move around the battlefield.  Most of the time, however, Lohkar relies on his wit and cunning to win fights before they start, turning his opponents against each other and rapidly switching allegiances to confuse and hoodwink adversaries.

Personality and Traits: Perkahn once described Lohkar as “the single most unpredictable creature in the Endless Ocean”, and with good reason.  The Lesterin pirate captain has a reputation for being slippery and cunning.  One nickname he has earned is “the Lohrak”, due to a combination of his name, his ferocity in combat, and his ability to wriggle out of any situation.  His behaviour is also rather eccentric, almost comical at times – but he is not without a dark and vengeful side.  Despite his lawless behaviour, Lohkar does have moral principles, such as a hatred of slavers and an unwillingness to kill innocents, and the occasional selflessness.  His piratical tendencies are not due to greed, but a deep desire for freedom.  And to those who know him well, there are rare glimpses of what might be the good man beneath the swashbuckling…

Biography: Lohkar is the infamous pirate captain of the Infernavika, a ship that he is somehow still in ownership despite at least two mutinies by past First Mates.  He's tangled with the Marines on multiple occasions, but also helped them on others, even going so far as to almost die defending Ga-Koro from the Rahkshi horde.  Currently, he and his crew enjoy a pardon thanks to this selfless deed, but it's unlikely that Lohkar has actually reformed.  Much more likely is the possibility that he's simply biding his time.
Species: Vortixx 

Gender: Male 

Alignment: Neutral 

Appearance: Zadron is of about average Vortixx height; while lean, he possesses wiry strength and agility.  His armour is black with the occasional glint of silver.  His facial features are sharp and angular, and his eyes bright orange.  He is known to wear a black cloak to conceal the many weapons strapped to his limbs and torso when going incognito.

Weapons and Tech: Zadron possesses various daggers and throwing knives, which he keeps in various sheathes about his person, plus a couple of other assassination tools such as a garotte cord. His main weapons are his Radius Blades - a pair of three-foot-long (when fully extended) telescopic blades fitted to the outsides of his forearms.  They are kept in mechanical housings that can extend or retract them, and are controlled by gel pressure pads on his palms. He also carries a tactical cloaking device clipped to his left upper arm, which allows him a five-minute period of invisibility.  Unlike the Huna, it casts no shadow, but if he moves in bright light a slight shimmering is visible.  It will also deactivate upon Zadron's making a physical attack against an opponent, but not if Zadron is struck by an attack or projectile.  It does not function underwater.

Fighting Style and Weaknesses: Stealth is Zadron's focus.  Quick, unseen, near silent on his feet, and using the element of surprise.  He is fast and dextrous with his blades, but prefers not to engage targets in open combat.  Stabs and neck-snaps are his bread and butter, and these have been made easier (and more deadly) by his recent acquisition of a cloaking device.  Part of Zadron's avoidance of open fights is that many opponents will possess elemental powers; and as a Vortixx, Zadron has little defence against these besides not giving targets the chance to use them in the first place.

Personality and Traits: Zadron is a professional mercenary and assassin, and as such bears little regard for the lives he takes.  He is cold and efficient, but does not kill needlessly - in other words, unless he's being paid.  After all, why waste a good employment opportunity?

Biography: Growing up in the Vortixx homeland, Zadron grew to hate the females' monopoly of power, and after trying and failing to make his way in politics, he trained as an assassin to exert dominance over the females in the only way that seemed possible: killing them.  There was seldom a politician who didn't have a few enemies she wanted out of the way, and before long, Zadron had made a name for himself as a mercenary and assassin. Finding himself on Mata Nui one day, he began to ply his trade for various criminals across the island, building up a reputation to match his old one, and was recruited into NEX.  He was often employed by servants of Makuta, particularly Echelon, and often sided with them - for example, in the attack on Pala-Koro.  Now, however, Makuta is gone and working for his old followers is a lot more dangerous.  As such, Zadron's services are still often employed by his dark contacts, but for a rather more substantial price tag - and he has made it clear that he no longer owes them any loyalty besides that for which they pay.
Wiki Article

Species: Skakdi

Element: Stone

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful/Neutral Good

Appearance: Less burly than the average Skakdi, Stralix is also noticeably less rough around the edges.  His face is smoother and lacks the aggressive brow and/or jaw of the majority of his species.  He does, however, sport the usual set of large, white teeth.  His armour is a combination of silver and a dried-earth brown, without spikes or ridges, but still fairly thick and durable, and his eyes are a warm amber.  His spines are fairly short and of a curved petal shape, similar to Avak's.

Weapons and Equipment: Stralix's main weapon is a custom-built flamethrower.  It spews a light blue gas flame, fed by a reinforced tank in his backpack, and has a nozzle with an adjustable 'iris' aperture which can focus the flames into a tight jet (also usable for welding) or release them in a wide spray.  He carries it on a shoulder-sling. Across his chest, he wears a bandoleer, with several loops to hold canisters.  He stocks these with grenades of his own invention - typically the basic twist-activated ones he sells, but sometimes with variations, such as smoke, flashbang or incendiary capabilities.  His non-combat equipment includes a utility belt with multiple pouches in which he carries widgets, both of the currency and the literal kind, and a pair of heat and chemical resistant goggles with large, round, orange lenses.

Powers, Fighting Style and WeaknessesAs a Po-Skakdi, Stralix has elemental powers over Stone, but only in conjunction with another of his species.  His ocular power is Diagnostics Vision, which allows him to inspect objects, revealing their inner workings and highlighting damage.  It superimposes a hologram-like heads-up display over his vision.  It cannot, however, teach him how technology works if it relies on principles he does not already know about (i.e. he can't use it to replicate foreign or restricted tech unless I have staff permission).  Stralix relies on his inventions for combat purposes, preferring to stay out of the line of fire and instead work behind the scenes, rigging explosives or the like.  If he needs to directly engage a foe, he will do so using his flamethrower and grenades; in the case of the former, he has a big disadvantage when facing opponents with heat/fire resistance, while for the latter, a Toa of Iron or Magnetism could easily manipulate them.  He has not trained with his element, nor does he appear to be much of a physical fighter - however, adversaries would be wise to note that he is still a Skakdi, however well-spoken!

Personality and Traits: Stralix is a brilliant inventor.  A skilled engineer and mathematician, he enjoys tinkering with any piece of technology he can lay his hands on.  While many of his inventions are weapons of some sort, he doesn't like to cause harm to others without reason, and thus the less-than-scrupulous uses his powder has often been put to sometimes weigh a little on his conscience.Stralix is an unusual Skakdi in that he is very articulate and unaggressive.  He holds no prejudice against those of other races - indeed, most of his disdain is for his own kind's brutish tendencies.

Biography: Stralix has been working out of his Ta-Koro workshop since he arrived on the island shortly after the Mata's disappearance.  He generally busied himself with collecting and salvaging what tech he could lay his hands on, tinkering with it, and experimenting with other interesting materials found on the island.  He made a living by selling his inventions and repairing broken devices. His big break came towards the end of Makuta's reign, when he was experimenting with crystal powders, and ended up inventing a substance he dubbed Photothermic Powder - an explosive that was both more powerful and more controllable than the popular but unstable Madu Cabolo. With the rise of the Akiri, and the boom in technology that accompanied it, Photothermic Powder (or Stralix Powder as it soon became known) began to sell like hot-cakes, making Stralix a fortune practically overnight.  He has not, however, used his profits to gain the trappings of the rich, preferring to use them to fund his inventing and donating significant sums to Ta-Koro's treasury. Also, following his assistance in fighting off the Rahkshi legion, he was approached by Jaller and asked to join the Guard, for whom his engineering expertise would be invaluable.  He accepted, having become rather patriotic towards the Koro, and now holds the rank of Specialist.




Species: Robot

Gender: Male programming

Alignment: loyal to his creator, Avak

Biography: Vakbot was constructed by Avak’s technological genius, as the next generation of his crab-robot design, and to be a multifunctional assistant. Previous versions were simple, disposable drones, but this one is more advanced: Avak included tech from the Vault which gave it artificial intelligence and made it considerably more useful.

His creator gave him the finishing touches in his ‘T.O.Y.S.’ shop in Ko-Koro, and activated him soon after.

Hardware: Avak’s mark II robot. It is like a crab or spider in appearance, with four identical legs surrounding a central spherical body. Each leg consists of a wide armoured outer section, connected to the body by a thin articulated section. These legs are controlled by a combination of hydraulics and high-performance servo motors, allowing it to scuttle about with speed and agility. The tip of each leg, with a small ‘finger’ on the underside, can be used as a crude pincer.

The spherical body, about the size of a football (soccer ball, for you ‘Murricans), contains the robot’s computer core at its heart. The two hemispheres are swivel-mounted to each other, with the legs attached to the lower one.

The lower hemisphere houses two long, spindly arms, as well as several tools that can be quickly mounted onto them. The upper hemisphere contains the robot’s sensors, including a screen in the shape of a curved rectangle. The robot’s visual sensors are built into the screen, allowing it to function as its ‘eye’, and when not displaying readouts, it typically glows blue with a lighter ‘pupil’ to indicate where the robot is looking.

When in sleep mode, or as a defensive measure, the robot’s legs fold inwards, enclosing the central sphere in an upside-down egg shape. The toughly armoured outsides of the legs protect the more vulnerable core and inner legs, and clamp together with magnetic seals, making them very difficult to separate.

The robot is built mostly from tough metal alloy and ceramic, making it relatively durable, temperature-resistant and watertight. Its colour scheme is mostly white and black, with a few highlights in brown.

Software: Avak’s previous robotic units were mindless automatons. Vakbot, however, possesses a piece of technology found in the Vault, dubbed a ‘Personality Matrix’, which gives it intelligence and personality.

Quite unlike the Piraka he serves, Vakbot’s personality is bright and somewhat hyperactive. He is curious and excitable, and executes his masters’ orders with an air of mischievousness. He has a strong attachment to his creator, Avak, whom he seems to consider his ‘daddy’.

Although Vakbot is capable of understanding Matoran, when speaking it, his entire vocabulary seems to consist of ‘Vakbot’. Besides this, he communicates through various electronic chirps and trills, which convey his current thoughts or feelings. He can also display simple images on his eye-screen.

Thanks to his computer core, he can compute difficult calculations and other exercises of machine thinking quickly and easily.

Tools: Avak has managed to cram numerous systems into Vakbot’s chassis and still have room for more:

  • His arm-attachments consist of two pairs of finger-like pincers (for more dexterous work than those on his legs), a drill, a buzzsaw, and an electroshock tool similar to a taser.
  • A set of grappling cables is mounted in two small tubes on each hemisphere. They are designed to wrap around nearby objects or beings and pull them closer to Vakbot (or him to them), and only have a range of a few metres.
  • A simple laser pointer.

Weaknesses: Although Vakbot’s outer leg segments are sturdily armoured, his spherical body is a little less so and his thin inner leg segments are considerably more vulnerable.

Being fully robotic exempts Vakbot from many of weaknesses of biomechanical beings, but exacerbates others and presents some new ones. For example, electrical shocks may incapacitate him or damage his internal circuitry, and he could very easily be taken out of action by elemental powers of Iron, Magnetism or Lightning.



Species: Dasaka 
Gender: Female 
Clan: Ageru 
Caste: Toroshu
Disciplines: Soulsword plus Willhammer [Approved by Nuju Metru] 
Kanohi: Haunoru, the Mask of Focused Shielding* [Approved by Nuju Metru] 
Appearance: Tall and elegant, Kilanya is clearly a Toroshu.  Beneath her glittering segmented crystal armour (which also includes, in places, valuable filigreed plate metal), her colouration is a mix of middling blue and indigo, trimmed with gold as often befits Menti warriors.  Her mask is shaped similarly to the Hau, but more smooth-cheeked and flowing, and emanates charisma and nobility.  Behind it, yellow eyes glow with the fierceness of a warrior and the intelligence of a general—she is undeniably both.  Her livery of emerald-green cloth is worn both in the common waist-robes fashion (albeit shorter) and also as a pair of short strips, one draped on each shoulder. 
Powers: Kilanya is a powerful Soulsword, one of the finest Clan Ageru has ever produced.  Her psionic weapon takes the form of a straight-bladed sword, crossguardless but with a hilt long enough for one or two-handed wielding.  She is also well-practised in the Willhammer art of mental entry, and of course Ideatalk.  The shield created by her Haunoru is shaped like a polygonal kite-shield about twice as long as it is wide, and is an electric sky-blue in colour.
Fighting Style and Weaknesses: In battle, Kilanya makes use of both her psionic weapon and her Kanohi’s shield to great effect.  A warrior using the physical equivalents of such weapons would be slowed down and restricted by their weight; Kilanya suffers no such drawbacks and is able to move as quickly and freely as if she were unarmed, while still making very real swings and blocks.  Coupled with her excellent physical conditioning and skill, she possesses impressive versatility and agility on the battlefield.  The energy required to sustain the blade and shield, however, will take its toll if battle is drawn out; and there are many elemental attacks against which she has comparatively little defence. 
Personality and Traits: Many things are expected of a Toroshu; honour, leadership, discipline...and Kilanya fulfils all of these.  As a warrior, she is formidable.  As a commander, she is respected by her troops.  As a judge, she is said to be unwaveringly firm but fair.  With all the responsibilities of a Toroshu and expectations of society on her shoulders, she keeps her kinder, gentler side well-hidden—but it does exist. 
Biography: Kilanya was born into nobility, the first and only daughter of the previous Toroshu, and under Clan Ageru’s rules of succession was thus earmarked from an early age as her mother’s heir.  Not content to rest on the laurels of birthright, however, she went about her duties and Menti training with a determination and talent that left little doubt that she was the clan’s destined leader - even duelling and defeating her teacher in her year’s Tarakona Games.  Despite Kilanya’s eminence, she does hold one well-kept secret: during her Menti training, she fell in love with a male of the same age, in direct violation of mating laws.  Her family, seeking to save her and the clan from this deep dishonour, managed to cover it up and avoid the shame that such a relationship would have brought upon them.  To this day, not a soul outside Ageru’s most trusted knows of this.After her mother became a Datsue and retreated into the role of Matriarch, she took her rightful place as Toroshu of the clan.  By this time her distinguished military service had earned her respect and also training in a second discipline: that of the Willhammer.  As Toroshu, she has commanded the Menti of Clan Ageru admirably, but leaves much of the day-to-day civilian affairs to her mother and the clan’s Steward. 
*A variant of the Hau, the Haunoru is a rare Kanohi much sought-after by Menti Soulswords. Like the Hau, it allows its user to project a highly resilient force field; unlike the Hau, however, this shield is much more similar to the physical sense of the word.
It takes the form of a glowing, transparent shield mounted on the user's forearm. This shield is impervious to most forms of matter and energy (including Soulswords' psionic weaponry) and virtually weightless, allowing the user to block with great speed and dexterity. This is an advantage over the Hau; it can be used without breaking the flow of combat, being usable more as a weapon than as a power.
The downsides to the Haunoru when compared to the Hau are first, that the shield does not fully encompass the user, and second, that any physical impacts against the shield are still carried through to the user's arm; it will not protect them against, say, being crushed by a rockfall or knocked back by a powerful blow.
The shape and color of the shield vary between users.

Species: Dasaka
Gender: Female
Clan: Ageru
Caste: Menti
Disciplines: Soulsword
Kanohi: Miru, the Mask of Levitation
Appearance: Tazera is a Dasaka of average height, middling-blue colouration with orange eyes, and athletic build; not unattractive. She wears her green clan-cloth as a bandanna around her forehead, and sports a relatively plain navy-blue officer’s coat. Her crystal armour is relatively light; heavy armour on board ships is widely considered impractical among Dasaka.
Powers and Tools: Soulswords’ psionic weapons come in many shapes and sizes; most are blades of some description. Tazera, however, favours a more esoteric form: the Soulwhip. This flexible lash of energy has greater reach than the average psio-weapon, at the cost of control. For this reason, she carries a short crystal boarding axe on her person, and also the obligatory sailor’s knife. She is, of course, fully proficient in Ideatalk, and in the use of her Miru.
Fighting Style and
Weaknesses: Tazera’s Soulwhip has greater reach than the average (non-polearm) melee weapon and can thus be very useful for keeping opponents just outside melee range, and can also be used to wrap around weapons and yank them from the user’s grasp. If enemies do close the gap, however, she will often be forced to switch to her boarding axe. She will often use her Miru to aid movement in combat, and in combination with her Soulwhip and suitable surroundings, she can use it to perform various aerial maneuvers and stunts. Years as a sailor have made her strong and resilient while still light on her feet, but she is lightly armoured compared to the average land-based Dasaka soldier and must rely on parrying and dodging to deflect attacks.
Personality and Traits: As Ayiwah’s lieutenant and first mate, it’s small surprise that Tazera is a stickler for discipline. Despite her reputation as a hard taskmaster, she is not unduly cruel or sadistic - she simply expects as high standards of her crew as she does of herself. She commands by example, and being the experienced sailor and warrior that she is, that example is a good one. Hers is a fiery personality by all accounts, whether barking orders on deck or holding her own in battle. Tazera holds a fierce loyalty to Ayiwah, having more than once refused promotion in order to continue to serve under her.
Biography: Born into the Menti caste, Tazera undertook psionic training from an early age. She first distinguished herself in the times around the last of the Fursic rebellions, serving on one of the Empire’s ships; it is not coincidence that it was then that she first met Ayiwah. The two (bunkmates at first, then comrades-in-arms and soon firm friends) fought bravely against the rebels, thus getting themselves noticed by their superiors, and Tazera has remained by Ayiwah’s side ever since.



Species: Dasaka
Gender: Female
Clan: Ageru
Caste: Menti
Disciplines: Soulsword
Kanohi: Rau, the Mask of Translation
Appearance: Enali is a young Dasaka and thus is of shorter stature than her elders. Beneath her light, plain crystal armour, she is coloured mainly an azure blue with hints of a lighter sky-blue and modest silver trim. Her eyes are sapphire, and shine with youth and curiosity. Her Rau is of the usual Great shape (though without the bubble-like eye-covers seen on some). She wears a green sash about her waist.
Powers: Enali has shown most promise in the Soulsword discipline; unsurprising, given her clan. While she is already capable in the use of Ideatalk, she is not fully trained and thus cannot yet shape her psionic energy into a concrete weapon. She is, however, quite practised with her Rau, as she enjoys using it to talk to animals such as her pet cat. While some would say this is outmoded by the abilities of Vilda Willhammers, it does have its advantages, being much less invasive of the animal’s mind.
Fighting Style and
Weaknesses: Enali’s lack of training (both physical and mental) means she is not of much use in pitched combat. Her current Menti abilities allow her to summon the psionic equivalent of weak punches or gusts of wind, but little more. She is, however, quick on her feet, and her smaller size lets her dodge or hide more easily than the average older Dasaka could.
Personality and Traits: A bright and curious young Dasaka, Enali shows a great interest in the natural world. She loves the beauty of those parts of the Kentoku Archipelago that remain relatively untouched by the Dasaka, and loves to walk in the woods and hills of Odaiba during her free time. She has a very free spirit, and sometimes dreams of a life and world beyond the duty of a Menti.
Biography: Enali never knew her parents, having instead been brought up by a foster family; when she was old enough to understand, she learned that they had died in a Kanohi Dragon attack. Despite this, she did not feel hatred or fear of the dragons while growing up; indeed, she would spend her evenings staring up at Mount Koshiki—on her lucky days, she would see one circling above the peak, a majestic silhouette in the orange sky. At an early age she was inducted into the Menti schools; despite initially showing promise, the development of her powers has been slow, as though something is holding her back.
She lives in a small cottage near Mahuika Hall, with a view of Mount Koshiki, with her cat, Ketu.





Species: Datsue

Gender: Female

Clan: Eiyu

Caste: Datsue; Lorekeeper of the Imperial Library [Approved by Nuju Metru]

Disciplines: Mindarm plus Sighteye [Approved by Nuju Metru]

Kanohi: Powerless Mask of Sensory Aptitude

Appearance: An aged Datsue, a little stooped by the years.  Her colouration is blue and turquoise, with amber eyes and light (mainly ornamental) crystal armour.  She wears blue robes, adorned with the sign of the Imperial Library (an open book enclosed in a circle and triangle) and often carries a staff of crystal, topped with an orb of golden metal; the signs of her office as Lorekeeper.

Powers: With the transition to Datsue, Gotsoko has retained the precision and skill with which she wielded her Menti powers in her younger days, which are now mostly put to use in ‘writing’ resonating books.

Fighting Style and Weaknesses: Having long since retired from any combat, Gotsoko doesn’t possess a ‘fighting style’ as such; age has weakened her physically and she is nowhere near as fast and strong as she was in her youth.  She is, however, quite capable of chastising would-be thieves, defacers and disturbers of the peace with a vengeance using her abilities.

Personality and Traits: Gotsoko is a mild and softly-spoken (though not always so, if provoked) Datsue of considerable age and wisdom.  She possesses knowledge on a wide breadth of subjects from many years of study, and her advice is said to be a valuable thing.  

Biography: During her younger days as a Dasaka, Gotsoko trained as a scholar-warrior of the Eiyu. Though skilled in the latter (having successfully mastered a second Menti discipline), she found that her true passion lay in the former. Becoming a custodian of the Eiyu’s library, her love of books and studious nature saw that she rose through the ranks to its head librarian, and eventually she earned the honour of being Lorekeeper of the Imperial Library on Sado. She has held this post for many years.




Species: Dasaka

Gender: Male

Clan: Ageru

Caste: Menti

Disciplines: Soulsword plus Mindarm

Kanohi: Ruru, the Mask of Night Vision

Appearance: As a male in the prime of his life, Dakte possesses a more imposing physique than most females of his species; his extensive training has given him an athletic build affording both strength and agility. His skin and armour are of a deep purplish hue, with modest silver highlights, and his clan-cloth is a long sash of dark green, tied about his waist so that the two ends trail down beside his right leg. His mask is shaped like a scopeless Great Matatu.

Weapons: A short, straight-bladed crystal sword, sheathed on his back; a handful of crystal shurikens.

Powers: Dakte’s psionic weapon is over twice the length of the usual, more like a quarterstaff or double-bladed sword. He is well-trained in his Mindarm powers as well, and is capable of using them with both power and precision, both in combat and outside it (he often makes use of them for his music). His mask grants him night-vision, limited x-ray vision, and the ability to project a beam of light.

Fighting Style and Weaknesses: Dakte has trained hard as a Menti warrior; he uses mainly quarterstaff styles for his Soulsword weapon, and is also a proficient swordsman. He has a particularly high level of physical coordination and dexterity, in part thanks to his musical skill, which makes him a skilled melee combatant. At greater ranges, he uses his Mindarm powers and shurikens. While he is strong-willed, giving him a degree of resistance to psionic attacks, he lacks the mental shielding of a Willhammer and has little counter to a Sighteye’s illusions, not to mention that his physical defences rely on dodging and parrying. His combination of disciplines also makes for a considerable EE drain from prolonged use.

Personality and Traits: Outwardly, Dakte is genteel and proper, if a little restrained or brooding; this is, however, a mask for his passionate inner emotions. He harbours a deep sadness and yearning for his lost love, and a resentment for the society that robbed him of it. His training and music are both in their own way an outlet for his inner turmoil.

Biography: Dakte is the eldest male of the second-most-influential family within Clan Ageru. During his rigorous training as a young Menti, he fell in love with Kilanya, the daughter of the Toroshu; their love was young and passionate, but in Dasaka society it could not last. It was covered up by their respective families to prevent a scandal, and Dakte was whisked away to Sado to keep it from ever resurfacing. He could not be given a role in court or as a bodyguard; this would bear too much risk of encounters with Kilanya, and so (unusually for a male) he became a master in the Yards, teaching the ways of the Menti Warrior and continuing his own training in a second discipline.

In his spare time, Dakte turned to music as an outlet for his emotions; at first this was a private endeavour, practising relentlessly in his quarters, but with time he took to performing in the Gardens and composing his own work, and has thus earned the attention of the music-lovers of the Sado elite.

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Name: Toa Karra
Gender: Female
Species: Toa of Magnetism
Appearance: She wears grey armor with a little bit of white.
Weapon: She wields a staff with a sharp blade that once belonged to a dear friend of hers. He was a Toa of Magnetism and he was killed along with her entire team.
Mask: Great Mask of Healing
Weakness: .

Name: Toa Nahra
Gender: Female
Species: Toa of Electricity
Appearance: She wears light blue armor and little bit of white on her Kanohi and chestplate.
Weapon: Two blades with sharp protosteel edges
Mask: Great Kanohi Huna
Weakness: .

Name: Toa Vranii
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Gravity
Appearance: He wears purple and violet armor with a little shade of grey.
Weapon: A staff with a curved blade
Mask: Great Kanohi Rau

Name: Toa Rebraz
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Plasma
Appearance: The color of his chestplate, hands and feet are orange. There are also orange lines on his Kanohi. The rest of his armor is white in color.
Weapon: He wields a twin bladed staff
Mask: Great Kanohi Kakama

Name: Krayne The Rainmaker
Gender: Male
Species: Vortixx
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Weapon: Hoverboard (Approved by Nuju Metru)

Deceased Characters

Toa Azthran, Toa of Ice (killed by Krayne the Rainmaker)
Ankran, Le-Matoran (death by fall, buried in a deep hole)

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Trudan (true-DAHN)

Species: Toa of Air
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Appearance: Trudan is tall and long-limbed, his movements lightly handed yet precise and deliberate. His armour is primarily in the colour of teal, with vibrant pink highlights, matching his eyes. Ragged clothing is draped loose across his torso and waist, along with a belt made up of a number of pouches in which he stores his possessions.

Kanohi: The Kanohi Cilia, the Great Mask of Melody (CUSTOM - APPROVED BY TYLER (idk if we still have to do that))
Personality: Gentle and quiet, Trudan is a pacifist that always has a song in his heart. He largely abstains himself from conflict, favouring instead the peaceful life of a wandering bard.
Powers: Manipulation and detection of the element of air. His mask, when active, allows the user to utilise music to tame and befriend Rahi of low power levels. It does not, however, assist in any way with the user’s musical ability, a proficiency at which must be attained in order for the mask to be effective. In addition to this, the number of Rahi the mask is able to control decreases with the size of the creature.

Toa Tool: A flute assembled by his own hand from bamboo shoots and jungle vines.
Biography: Much of Trudan’s past is lost to memory and time. Myths dating back to the time of the Makuta tell of a musical spirit living in the jungles of Le-Wahi, however much of this is anecdotal and therefore probably exaggerated. For as long as he can remember, he has lived on the island peacefully, bringing the gift of music to its inhabitants. Other than via his art he rarely interacts with other living beings on the island and instead chooses a simpler life.
Weakness(es): Having, for the most part, sat apart from conflict and social interaction for many years, Trudan is challenged in the fields of both dialogue and combat.


Mephiles (MEH-fill-iss)

Species: Toa (Magnetism)
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: Mephile's appearance is identical to that of Rynekk’s – stout, strong - but his armour appears faded, grey, darkened, as if all the light and life has been drawn out of it. The eyes also seem to look like crystalised versions of Rynekk's own, although with a bizarre change in colour: they are completely pink, the same kind of pink you'd find in a highlighter, with pupils of lime green in a similar sort of glowy style.
Kanohi: Hau
Personality: Mephiles has a taste for the theatrical, always putting on a show for any occasion. He tends to speak in riddles and cast fancy illusions to impress people, although more likely is that he uses such things to build a first impression on his enemies or people he tries to manipulate.
Powers: Elemental magnetism, great mask of illusion
Biography: Precisely one hundred and eighty-nine years ago, Mephiles was, although he cannot remember it, parted from his conjoined twin after a long life of hardship. His mother died during childbirth, and his father committed suicide shortly before the separation.
After an invasion of his home island ninety years later, Mephiles was further separated from his brother by escaping via a canister, which took him far away. Upon arriving on Mata-Nui, he had no memory whatsoever of his life to that point. Discovering an island in turmoil, he ventured to find an answer to its miseries himself.
After much soul-searching, he orphaned a savage child on the cusp of adulthood and named him, in the language of his people, after what he was sure, by this point, held the answers, the key to solving the final problem: The stars. And so, Stendhal became the child’s name, and from his animalistic origins, the boy was fashioned into a disciplined and hardy Toa.
Weakness(es): Fire and heat disrupt his magnetic powers, taking away one of his biggest strengths. His pride and self-confidence cloud his vision of how effective his plans really are. He never carries any weapons, believing himself to be above them.


Stendhal (STEND-hahl)

Species: Toa of Gravity
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Appearance: A broad-chested, muscular yet slim Toa who stands several inches higher than the average member of his species. His natural, under-armour 'skin' of sorts is completely a matt yellow-gold colour, including his head. His eyes are a cool, icy blue similar to that of a native of Ko-Wahi. Over the top he wears a complete set of navy blue protosteel plate armour (save the helmet) which has only a few gaps for flexibility purposes, which is where the gold shows through. His mask has sharper edges than most of those of its kind, and along the blade-like protrusions around his jaw region are strange, circular symbols. These foreign shapes also adorn the rims of many other parts of his armour, and are etched into both armour and mask in gold. His nails and teeth look as if they were once sharp but were made blunt, giving him a fierce undertone of a tamed beast. His voice is hoarse from lack of use.
Kanohi: Kualsi
Personality: The two words that describe Stendhal best are hard and unkind. Years of life outside of society has taught him to think too much, and feel too little. He only talks when he has something that's really worth saying, despite his vast vocabulary. He seems to take some kind of pleasure in giving as little information as possible, as if to tease people with tantalizing clues to lure them in. What he is luring them in to is an entirely different story, but it can't be good, knowing the callous expression that usually sits behind his mask. He claims he serves something called 'The Prophecy' and logic would hold that he longs to see whatever it is fulfilled.
Powers: Elemental gravity, teleportation/'fast travel'
Weapons: Twin one-handed blades, a pair of notched daggers, and a bow and arrow, all adorned with the same golden markings as his armour and mask.
Weaknesses: Stendhal's heavy armour and gleaming gold armour prevents him from making any decent attempt at stealth. He is also very antisocial and tends to work alone, putting him in danger that he must escape from alone.


Tadris (TA-driss)

Species: Toa of fire

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: A slim yet muscular Toa, Tadris' youthful face is not one that couples well with the scars on his chest. On the surface, his vibrant blue and red armour gives the impression of eagerness and innocence, yet his eyes are ones that have seen far too much darkness in far too short a time.

Powers: He can control fire to a certain degree, and his Kakama allows him to move at extreme speeds.
Traits: Tadris is an optimist. He's the kind of person that, upon losing his right arm, would try and become skilled with his left. Even in the face of intense danger or even death, he remains bright and perky, always ready with a quip or a joke in any situation. He always wants to help, but he tends to jump to conclusions and act impulsively, diving into situations without knowing the full story. Because of this, he has become skilled with the use of his mask to get out of sticky situations.
Weaknesses: Moving slowly is perhaps Tadris' greatest enemy. As a result, he hates being held in one spot for too long. He also hates the cold for this reason, besides it opposes his element. He is also impulsive as previously mentioned.

Huaki (hoo-AH-key)

Species: Ko-Matoran

Gender: Female
Alignment: League of Shades
Appearance: A primarily white Matoran, with some black, and crimson eyes, wearing a noble Akaku.
Weapon(s): Two white, Matoran-sized swords.
Personality: Deluded but loyal to her master(s). She sees the other members of the League as family in some way or another.
Biography: Little is known of Huaki's past, even to herself, as all she can remember of her life is working for The Dreamer, with Xylak as her father figure, who was always there for her to look up to (literally) and to put her in her place when she made mistakes.
Weaknesses: For a start, she's a Matoran, and as such has a low amount of physical strength and lacks powers of any sort. She also knows no life other than the one she lives, and doesn't have a firm grasp on morality.


Kuhrin (CURE-rin)

Species: Toa of Sonics

Gender: Male

Appearance: A perfect specimen of slenderness blended with muscular structure. His armour is primarily crimson accented by a dull silver, along with additional thick black leather gauntlets, shoulder pads and greaves, his entire body streamlined and sparkling clean. His mask sticks out like a sore thumb, being that it originally belonged to someone else. Currently maskless, his battered, naked face is a constant reminder of the void within him left by Makuta. Where his eyes were once a poisonous yellow, they are now a bright lime green upon his restoration.

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

Powers: He is a Toa of Sonics, and therefore can use said element in all its vast possibilities. His Mahiki was destroyed and Ferron's Pakari discarded, leaving him with out a mask power and rendering his elemental powers weak.

Weaknesses: Being a Toa of Sonics, loud noises are painful for him. He currently has no mask or weapons, leaving him highly vulnerable in a fight.

Affiliation: Noka, Ferron, Tuli, Khervos

Alignment: Good

Bio: Kuhrin’s unit fought in the battle for Kini-Nui, where one of their number, Traxin, was lost. His body was never found, so he was marked as MIA and never got a proper funeral, which Kuhrin was furious about. Traxin was replaced by a rookie named Turos shortly afterwards. The shock of losing such a strong member of their team caused Kuhrin to snap, eventually manipulated by Makuta to become a follower of his in a cruel twist of irony, being transformed into a Toa. He was now totally dedicated to his master’s will.

Kuhrin tried to convert his friend, Krell, to his own beliefs, but he resisted. As such, he was forcibly given an infected mask to keep him under control. Kuhrin had his doubts about this, however - despite being on a leash, Krell himself still desired to be free. Because of this, Kuhrin decided that Krell did not deserve to be kept under Makuta's umbrella, and smashed his former brother's infected mask, having him stranded on a beach in Ga-Wahi. Kuhrin then sent a pair of Makuta-following Toa to kill Krell on his way to discover the source of his parcel (which contained the shattered fragments of his old mask), but they failed, miserably, as Kuhrin expected. Kuhrin then set out and ambushed Krell and his little band of misfits. What followed was a climactic battle between Kuhrin and Krell, resulting in Kuhrin being mortally wounded, and Krell being killed by way of Kuhrin's knife to his chest.

Kuhrin was lost in the desert, his mask disabled, and his powers depleted to next to nothing. He ruled his empire of dust for several months, living off of insects and the corpses of the occasional passing Rahi. In this time, he devised a plan to restore himself and put his adversaries at a setback in one fell swoop.

First, he tracked down the Toa of Iron, Ferron, and told him that only Kuhrin could help him as he was being hunted by assassins that answered only to him. He then used this to send Ferron into the desert to retrieve a Mask of Healing buried there, which Kuhrin was not strong enough to retrieve himself. When he returned with the mask, Kuhrin took his Pakari to keep himself alive while he was healed.

The healing process cured his body of every bit of damage it had, but not his mind, which was as fractured and twisted as ever. He subsequently murdered Zuriana, Ferron's friend, and fled into the wild to find his fellow Makuta Followers.

Instead, he stumbled upon his brother, Desuka, who was in hiding after deciding he was a danger to society. Kuhrin took advantage of his brother's Parakuka form, which was but a mindless beast, to attack Ferron, Rhea and Nero. The outcome of the ensuing battle was even, leaving Kuhrin to flee once more.

Eventually, Ferron returned, this time accompanied by Noka, who had been Kuhrin's girlfriend as a Matoran (full version of this story found in Noka's profile). With some persuasion and a short battle in which Desuka was killed, Kuhrin was eventually purged of his dark side and returned to his former, more heroic, yet violent, self.


Noka (NOH-cah)
Species: Po-Matoran

Gender: Female
Dominant Hand: Right
Powers: None.
Abilities: Her training in the Po-Koro Guard has given her skill as a fighter, and being a Po-Matoran, she has a natural strength that is included as a passive ability.
Weapons/Equipment: (1)Katana-A gold-and-black-bladed sword, light and streamlined for fast slashes. The handle has green cloth tied around to provide comfort and a small amount of grip.
Fighting Style: Noka prefers to get up close and personal, striking hard and fast at an enemies defence until they break. She never uses killing moves, as she believes it is wrong.
Weaknesses: Her low mental stability as a result of Kutsan’s abusive mentoring. She is also not as strong as other beings as she is a Matoran, but her Po-Matoran strength helps a bit.
Home: A hut in Po-Koro, with four rooms: the main/living room, two bedrooms and a small eating room.
Affiliation: The Po-Koro Guard, Turaga Kutsan (NPC)
Alignment: Good
Full history here


Kahlynn (CAH-lin)

Species: Skakdi of Plasma
Gender: Male
Appearance: Red head, spine and main armour, gold secondary armour and weapons. Webbed, two-toed feet, glowing orange eyes, and a raggedy poncho with a large amount of holes and tears in it, which he wears most of the time. A deep scar is etched into the top right hand corner of his face, stopping just above his eye.
Dominant Hand: Right
Powers: As a Skakdi, Kahlynn possesses such abilities as Heat Vision and limited elemental control over Plasma (albeit only in conjunction with another Skakdi).
Abilities: He is a quick thinker, a good tracker and an overall good fighter.
Weapons/Equipment: (1)Wrist Blade-Carried at all times by the Skakdi, as it is very hard to detach from his forearm. The blade is deployable, and ten inches long, sometimes superheated by Kahlynn’s heat vision powers.
(1)Shield-A large shield with a similar appearance to 
this. Used less than his blade, although still an extremely durable and effective tool. He may also use this in melee combat.
(1)Crossbow-Acquired from Xa-Koro, and has become Kahlynn's new favourite toy. He's still a better shot with his heat vision, but the crossbow is more fun.
Fighting Style:
 Kahlynn prefers to charge his enemies, softening them up with Heat Vision then engaging in brutal melee fights. He has little Moral Code, and will fight as dirty as he likes.
 Kahlynn has a short temper, which often gets him into fights. He also has a cocky attitude which makes him underestimate his foes a lot. He can't swim, and has a slight fear of closed up or crowded places.
Affiliation: Himself, other Skakdi in the Horde and elsewhere
Alignment: Neutral
Bio: As a Skakdi, he was clearly on the island in the first place for his own personal gain, although it was more for his Rahi-kill-collection than for anything else. Where he came from or how he came to leave is a mystery, but he likes to tell people that he wiped out too many Rahi species, and was banished. This is, of course, a lie, but it's all he tells anyone about his background.
He joined up with the ILS to kill Nui Rama, but during the huge battle that ensued, his Gukko Bird was shot down, and he found himself in an inn with a large party of other Skakdi, whom he now works with, for the sake of Rahi to kill.
A hardened Rahi Hunter, the island of Mata Nui is like heaven for him, what with its tremendous amount of wildlife. Kahlynn never forms firm friendships, believing them to be a waste of time if there's nothing in it for him. Pretty much every anecdote he's ever told is a lie.

After the Horde settled in Ga-Koro, Kahlynn struck out on his own. With nobody else's moral compass to guide him, he lost himself in a partying lifestyle, constantly getting drunk, high and other states of mental elation on a nightly basis. Hunting Rahi became nothing more than a distant memory, and so did any worthwhile life he had led.

He is currently with a party of treasure hunters, hunting treasure.


Wrehn “Kung Fool” Huke (ren HOO-kay)
Species: Su-Matoran

Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Appearance: Taller than most Matoran due to his foreign heritage, Wrehn always stands out from the crowd, an unfortunate disadvantage for his occupation. His armour is primarily burnt orange, his torso, hands and feet being dark grey. On his face is a powerless Noble Ruru. Around his neck is hung loosely a beige scarf.
Powers: Due to being a Matoran, Wrehn possesses no direct access to his elemental powers, though it does grant him a resistance to heat and bright light.
Weapons/Equipment: Wrehn uses a dagger in battle due its light weight and his lack of other options. Over short distances he uses shuriken to his best ability. For disposing of pursuers, he also carries caltrops.
Other Possessions: -The shards of a diamond Wrehn stole from a museum in Po-Koro, which was shattered by Onyx in a struggle
-A bag of widgets, likely also stolen from Po-Koro

Home: The remains of the old Sand Runner settlement in Po-Wahi; sheds and inns across the island.
Bio: Wrehn grew up with his group of fellow orphan friends who called themselves the Sand Runners. From a young age it was their ambition to become notorious criminals, however shortly after the group was banned from Po-Koro, their main source of business, the Sand Runners either began to mature or simply drifted apart by other means, leaving Wrehn a petty thief across the island.

Weaknesses: Wrehn can get a little too absorbed in his ninja fantasy, which often gets him into danger. He is also a Matoran and thus lacks any powers.


TAKEN from Athmos

Name: Merzt
Species: Le-Matoran
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Appearance: Merzt is a small Matoran, wearing a lime green mask, and a mostly lime body with random dark green highlights throughout. He is missing his left hand, which in place a hammer has been fused to his forearm. His eyes are a bright blue.
Weapon(s): Hammer(Used mainly for work, not combat.)
Mask: Depowered Calix
Powers: None
Traits: Merzt is like most Le-Matoran, chatty and care-free. He has a habit for wanting to climb any tree he sees, but he normally falls out as he lacks his left hand. He does get silent and somber when others begin discussing Makuta and his evils, and occasionally will attempt to stop the conversation before it begins.
Weakness(es): Merzt cannot swim, besides already being weak as a Matoran.

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Name: Quert (Ka-wert)


Species: Po-Toa


Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Gender: Male


Appearance: Quert stands around 6' tall. His armor, and most everything else on his body, is a rust-brown. His armor is comprised of a set of gauntlets and a set of greaves. He wears a black jacket, bearing the Guardsmen symbol and a medical cross. His mask is shaped like a Miru.


Weapon(s): None; Carries a Medical Kit.


Mask: The Mask of Healing


Element: Stone


Traits: Quert is an all around good guy. A bit of a smart-alack, he can be very comforting and calming, although a bit harsh. He is able to keep a calm head in stressful situations.


Biography: Quert joined the guard early on in its development. He avoided the combat aspect of the Guard and instead joined up with the medical division, gaining a large amount of skill as a doctor. His sarcasm has resulted in him losing many a promotion. He prefers not to talk much about his personal history, as he says, "When I wear the jacket, it is time for business, not personal drama." However, he never removes the jacket.


Weakness(es): Quert was never trained in combat, and suffers in combat as a result. He suffers in the cold.







Name: Kaheri


Species: Skakdi


Alignment: Chaotic/Self


Gender: Male


Appearance: He is stands around 6'6". His body is light grey, with a triple green streak on his left arm. An ugly scar is visible above his left eye. His eyes are light blue. His body build is slim, but not scrawny. He is average height for a Skakdi. He wears a full set of light, leather armor, which is colored black.


Weapon(s): Scythe


Powers: Elemental: Ice; Vision: Thermal Imaging.


Traits: Selfish and cold, with a bad sense of Humor. Doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's brief and to the point. Kaheri doesn't like to hang around other of his kind, actually enjoying the company of Matoran more.


Weakness(es): Fire and Extreme cold weakens him. Useless in Long-Range combat.




Maxiam Kilanewb



Name: Maxiam “Max” Kilanewb


Species: Po-Toa


Alignment: Po-Koro/Lawful Neutral


Gender: Male


Appearance: Maxiam is a muddish-brown color and he wears a Dusty-Brown Kadin. He is middle-aged(for a Toa) making him older then most of the Guard Members. This is reflected in creases around his dark gray eyes. He is the only Toa in the Guard to wear camouflage(DCU) uniforms, as he insists, "The more I blend in, the more the enemy sticks out." He stands at 6' 10” tall.


Weapon(s): 6' Iron rod, that can extend to 10'.


Mask: Kadin


Powers: Mask of Flight, Element of Stone


Traits: Maxiam believes in strict rule-following and frowns upon rule-breaking in the smallest degree. This, along with his explosive temper, have resulted in many Guard members disliking him. He doesn't accept failure from himself, and will continue fighting to achieve his goals no matter what the cost. He has something of a unnatural loyalty for Po-Koro that never shakes, regardless of what happens.


Weakness(es): Swimming. He is rather terrible at dodging long range attacks.







Name: Shomdud

Alias: Duddy

Species: Fa-Turaga

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Male

Appearance: 4’ in height when hunched over, which is most of the time. He wears an oversized baggy, brown cloak, hiding his limbs most of the time, which are a pale gray. He wields a black Sanok, which forces his almost pinkish eyes to stand out.

Weapon(s): A iron dagger, with several names carved into the wooden handle.

Mask: Sanok; Mask of Accuracy

Powers: Weak Magnetic Influence

Traits: Shomdud is rather loud, and loves to give advice, even when it is not desired. He is often telling of his old days as a Toa, but most of his stories seem to be fake and made up on the spot. He has a good heart but his mouth often moves faster than his brain. He loves “slop,” a stew made from leftover Rahi parts, which he insists is magical in nature and gives him strength.

Weakness(es): He’s a slow, old, and weak Turaga.



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Name: Dowun/Ranama/Krahma

Species: Le-Matoran

Gender: Male

Powers: Exceptionally strong, fast and agile for a matoran thanks to extensive training.

Weakness: Impatient to get things done, severe psychological issues.

Alignment: Psychological trauma means he has two personalities, one of which is his former goodself, the other evil.

Bio: Nicknamed Ranama for the time he successfully brought down a Nui-Rama single handedly. Living in a fairly out of the way hut in Le-Koro, Ranama devotes all his time to training himself physically and mentally, for what he simply says is "the future". He makes his money by doing one off errands, as he is exceptionally able bodied. This allows him to get by, but he doesn't have money to spare. He wears a gunmetal Sanok with green armour and hints of gunmetal else where. Since the war with the Rahkshi, he has had difficulty sleeping and has been training more obsessively.


Name: Tayis

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Power: Gravity

Weapon: Throwing knives and a Kanohi Huna

Alignment: Good

Personality: While he serves good, Tayis will often tread on others to ultimately achieve his goals. His techniques are sometimes unorthodox or immoral, but he always has a greater good in mind.

Tayis almost always takes a hands-on approach to combat, using his elemental power to greatly enhance his own abilities in combat, rather than directing it at his enemies.

He has a casual attitude to virtually everything, but an enthusiasm to be involved in anything going on around him.

Appearance: Grey armour with occasional purple tinges. This contrasts his Kanohi, which is orange, and while having the power of a Huna, is shaped like a great Pakari. He wears a hooded cloak, but only wears the hood up when working alone. The cloak acts to hide the array of throwing knives he has strapped to his back and sides.

Weakness: His throwing knives allow him to take on an enemy at range, but are usually ineffective as most have armour that will easily shrug them off. He also tends to overestimate his abilities, taking on opponents far stronger than him.



Name: Eidolon

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Power: Sonics

Weapon: Kanohi Pakari

Alignment: Bad

Personality: Exceptionally secretive, Eidolon does not reveal to anyone his real name, and avoids socialising. He is obsessive about discretion, and prefers to be in command. His goal is power.

Appearance: Black and grey armour.

Strengths/Weaknesses: He is exceptionally stealthy, and avoids combat at all costs. If he does enter combat, he tends to use melee moves, as he can enhance these with his mask of strength.

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Name: Orderin.


Species: Le-Toa


Alignment: Neutral Good


Gender: Male




Orderin is tall, with a full height of 1.75 Bio. He has a deceptively lean build, accentuated by his height, but he is muscled, with an athletic physique.


His natural armor is a set of thin, deep green plates covering his entire body. In combat, he wears a set of silver armour, battered and pitted through years of use. His mask is a similarly scuffed Kualsi. His eyes, a steely blue flecked with green, shine brightly from behind his mask.


When not in times of combat, he wears a set of grey traveller's garments, a hooded cloak, and a rucksack. Across his waist is a simple belt, from which hangs a functional, unornamented sheath for his sword.




Orderin's favourite weapon, and most prized possession, is a long, thin-bladed sword, with a cruciform hilt, suitable for either one-handed or two-handed use.


He also utilizes a simple spear as a walking stick, but has been known to use it as a weapon in times of need.


Mask: Kanohi Kualsi.




As a Toa of air, his innate powers give him high mobility and increase his already formidable speed and dexterity.


In addition, he has control over the element of air, allowing him to release blasts of air, move objects with the wind and even utilize short range flight.




Orderin has a naturally friendly and sociable nature, and an affable charisma. Though a bit long-winded, and a bit argumentative, he is generally likable. He is possessed of an astute mind, and a dogged thirst to discover the truth that sometimes serves to get him in over his head.


He holds strong convictions, and can be uncompromising, which sometimes serves alienate those who don't agree. He is ambivalent towards the concept of organized religion, prefering a more personal spirituality.


In the past, his personality tended towards a different direction. For a time, he was jaded and cynical, simultaneously convinced of the futility of his quest to right wrongs, and unable to stop himself from continuing it. But, in a period of seclusion, he realized some things about himself, having what could be described as an ephiphany, and has reevaluated his worldview.




Orderin has been doing what he does for a long time. He's been wandering, alone, as a Toa for many years, and was part of a group of Toa before thlat. That group's unity was shattered when one member was slain by another. After that, the group dissolved, and to Orderin's knowledge, he is the last surviving member.


Since then, he has been many things, and been an commonly an observer, and infrequently a major player in some of history's most notable events. Of late, he feels as if he has been given a new lease on life, and has been taking each day as it comes.




Orderin follows a fighting style that favours mobility over protection. Thus, he can be dispatched by those who manage to pin him down, or otherwise take away his mobility. In addition, though he is adept at single combat, swarm tactics have been known to get the better of him.


Because of his strong beliefs and convictions, and tendency towards argumentativeness, he can be incited to anger rather easily. He also has a weakness for those in need, and is not particularly good at detecting deception.


Name: Illofarn


Appearance: Medium height, with black and silver armour. Illofarn has green eyes and heartlight, and wears a silver Kanohi Volitak


Species: Onu-Toa


Weakness: Illofarn cannot swim, hates water and becomes intensely seasick while on the water. Although he hates to admit it, he has an intense fear of water.


Mask: Kanohi Volitak


Gender: Male


Powers: Illofarn has inherent earth powers, this includes the ability to manipulate earth, create small earthquakes, etc.


Weapons: Illofarn's main weapon is a long blade mounted on his bracer, he also carries a shield.


Alignment: True neutral


Widgets in immediate possession: 250


Personality and history: Illofarn is a native of a far away isle, he came to Mata-Nui looking for mercenary work, he almost never speaks and if asked will tell nothing about the isle where he came from, it is unknown why. He has no qualms about killing although he will only kill if he has a reason, Illofarn detests murderers and those who kill without reason.


Name: Tuarn

Current Status: Alive

Species: Bo-Toa

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Mask of Healing

Alignment: Neutral Good

Widgets in immediate possession: None, at the moment.


Appearance: Average height, lean and lightly built. He is coloured mainly light-green with dark-blue highlights. His armour is covered with scars and scratches. Tuarn's mask is heavily pitted and battle-worn. He normally wears a long, grey cloak. His halberd is similarily scarred to his armour, it bears the wounds a many battles.


Weakness: He's kind, and has a weakness for those in need. His skill has lowered over the long years of his career, and he has a tendency to overextend himself. His ranged, halberdier fighting style leaves him vulnerable to opponents who can get close to him, and his battered body can't take the kind of hits it used to be able to.


Powers: Control over plants, ability to speed the growth of plants, ability to sense plant attributes.


Weapons: Tuarn's main choice of weapon is a long halberd, with a heavy blade on one end, and a small, spear-like protusion on the other.


Personality: Tuarn is a veteran Toa who has wandered far and seen many things. He pines for the past, clinging to the ideal of a chivalrous Toa code, and holds himself, and his allies, to high standards. He's polite, even with his adversaries, and loves a good story. He's quite fond of his halberd, as it's his original weapon, and one of the few items he has left from that time. Even his mask, despite it's battle scarred appearence, is not his original Kanohi.

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Name: Nichou
Species: Onu-Matoran
Appearance: Nichou’s green eyes and purple Kakama stand out from his scuffed black and grey matoran body. Nichou may not be a warrior by trade, but his work as a carpenter as well as his recent construction work in the Massif result in a stout build resembling that of a guardsman, but with a posture lacking the swagger a soldier might have. His black and grey armor is in good functional condition, but it's clear from the scuffs and wear that Nichou has foregone any minor cosmetic repairs for some time. His purple kakama is kept in better condition, contrasting his armor with it's much more smooth and colorful appearance. Nichou's green eyes peek out from behind the mask to complement his colorful kanohi. At his hip is a belt with slots and pockets for his equipment. When traveling he wears an insulating grey cloak in case of rough weather.

Weakness: Low strength Compared to toa and other species, no elemental or kanohi powers.
Mask: Purple Kakama
Gender: Male
Powers: None
Weapons/Equipment: Nichou has a dagger that can also function as a spearhead when affixed to a metal staff he carries. He also carries a hatchet, chisel, and a few commodities such as a lightstone and heatstone.
Alignment: Good
Personality and History: Nichou is a curious Onu-Matoran carpenter. He owned a small shop in Onu-Koro where he created and sold wooden carvings and trinkets. He is very skilled at his trade, and can make almost anything out of wood with ease. He joined Stannis’s Companions as soon as the group formed and followed the wanderer until the Companions disbanded in Ko-Wahi. He often reminisces about his time in that party because his help, however little compared to what others of the group would later accomplish, helped the wider island in some way.
After assisting in repairing Onu-Koro from the damage of the battle at the end of Makuta’s reign, Nichou traveled to Po-Koro to see Stannis again for the first time since his friend had transformed into a Toa. Unfortunately for Nichou, Stannis was not in Po-Koro at the time and the two would not meet. After rooming with Ishi Polzin for a time in Po-Koro, Nichou travelled to the Massif to search for answers as to what inspired Stannis to have such determination and hope in the dark times before the end of Makuta's reign. He arrived shortly after the assassination of Matoro, and shortly before the death of Antrim. During the time between the siege of ko-koro and the battle to recapture it, Nichou devoted his time to constructing housing in the massif for the diaspora of refugees.


Name: Kreigero
Species: Ko-Matoran
Appearance: The majority of Kreigero’s white and black body is normally hidden beneath a hooded white cloak thick enough to provide protection from the harsh Ko-Wahi weather but light enough to not be cumbersome in long journeys. Underneath that, her armor is covered with lots of straps, sheaths, harnesses and other modifications in an effort to keep the tools necessary for survival available at any time.
Weakness: No powers, low strength compared to larger species
Mask: Dark grey Kaukau
Gender: Female
Powers: None
Pet: Reyal, a light grey hapaka useful in tracking prey and carrying light supplies on occasion.
Weapons/Equipment: For self defense, Kreigero uses her Ice pick, spear, dagger, and a metal shield. She also carries some useful general supplies, like a lightstone, heatstone, and rope.
Alignment: Good
Personality and history: A hunter from Ko-Wahi, Kreigero mainly hunts rahi in the drifts and the North March, rarely returning to Ko-Koro only if she needs something she can’t make or repair herself. Given her self-sufficient nomadic lifestyle, Kreigero is unsurprisingly not trusting of outsiders, although it is unclear which of those things came first.

•Name: Quoribay
•Appearance: Quoribay has an athletic, sleek body of a dull grey color. His armor is lightweight and flexible, designed for absorbing the impacts of falls and slices from blades. His eyes and heartlight glow a dark blue.
•Species: Fe-Matoran
•Weakness: He's a matoran, so no powers, and low strength compared to toa or other species.  Greed can also get him in some trouble.
•Mask: Silver (Powerless) Noble Ruru
•Gender: Male
•Powers: None
•Weapons/Equipment: Two daggers that Quoribay "acquired" years ago from a Sentinel supply shipment.  He also carries a Lightstone, heatstone, lockpicks, and a vial of photothermic powder, insulated so as to not cause any accidental mayhem.
•Alignment: Himself
•Personality and history: Quoribay Is an adventurous, jocular Fe-matoran. He has a strong sense of humor and sarcasm. He is also a trickster who has learned how to get out of trouble by training in agility, speed, stamina, and acrobatics. Quoribay doesn't like an outright fight, preferring to only get what he needs and escape.  Quoribay's most notable achievement was when he came up with the idea to kidnap several citizens of Ko-Koro and ransom them for 2,000 widgets each; amounting to a total of 20,000 widgets. He split the profits with his ally, and later left to go on his own. He still has the money from that buried somewhere in Onu-Wahi. During the 3 months after the end of the Makuta wars, he took care to change his appearance so he would be almost unrecognizable from his former self.

•Name: Vrill
•Appearance: Vrill has a thin, athletic build, wearing a blue mask of perception that has the appearance similar to a kakama.  His armor has a thin outer layer of crystal that he can use to patch holes or thicken his armor on the fly using his elemental powers.  While not very subtle, is is effective.  Over this armor he often wears a white cloak so as not to stand out more in a crowd or at a distance.
•Species: Toa of Crystal

•Weakness: Sword is relatively dull when crystals are not grown on the outside edge.  Negative side effects of his kanohi.
•Mask: Mask of Perception (Approved by Nuju Metru):
This Kanohi, when activated, enhances the thought processes and sensory input of the user, Giving a surreal experience to the user, as if time had slowed down around him/her. This Kanohi does not alter time in any way, only letting the user experience more and comprehend faster, thus giving the "Slow-Motion" illusion. The user's body is as at the same speed of control as normal, so the user cannot use the mask to do impossibly fast attacks, etc. The user is able to control how much faster his mind is, with a maximum of increasing his/her awareness tenfold from his normal perception of time. But the higher level of speed his mind goes at, the more strain is put on his/her system, and memories of the experiences aren't as clear as normal memories would be. Prolonged periods of using the mask or using it many times in succession will give the user headaches of varying sizes, depending on the time used, speed used, and frequency.
•Gender: Male
•Powers: Elemental control over crystal and the enhanced mind processing of Kanohi.

Custom sword - This cruciform steel sword is seemingly standard, but at the edge, there is a sliver of space with tiny holes leading the the blade's hollow core, which is filled with a mixture of several crystal types. Vrill can grow these crystals using his elemental powers through the holes and past the crack, where it can be used the make the edge of the weapon coated in sharp crystal of various types and shapes. Unfortunately, this sliver of space makes the regular steel cutting edge less sharp than a standard sword.

•Alignment: Chaotic good.
•Personality and history: Vrill was a former undercover guardsman for Ko-Koro before its fall, who was skilled in leveraging his mask power to talk or fight his way out of a situation.  A skilled liar, Vrill isn't afraid to break a few rules and test the boundaries of guard protocol to get things done.

Vrill was out of the koro on an investigation when ko-koro was overtaken and the guard's command structure disintegrated.  Being unable to get into contact with his superiors, Vrill continued to pursue the same case as more of a vigilante than guardsman.

While Vrill is adept with his sword, he primarily uses his element as his combat style, using his sword as a way to fight with his element without using as much energy that it would normally take to summon a weapon of crystal.  He uses his kanohi to give him an inhuman reaction time in combat, relying on his ability to dodge and redirect the attacks of his opponent to give a swift victory or escape.

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Name: Arktizai (ARK-ti-ZYE) |ˈärktiˌzī|

Species: Toa of Ice

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Great Volitak

Appearance: Although a Toa of Ice, Arktizai’s armor is not as brightly colored as most of his peers’, with black feet, hands, thigh armor, shoulder plates, and a black chestplate accenting his otherwise snow-white cladding. Slightly taller than average, he is of a lean build, but not particularly strong. He wears a dark, frayed and somewhat shredded cloak, the insides of which are lined with arrows and signal flags. His Kanohi Volitak is of a bright white, but only its front is ever seen in its entirety because he almost never removes his hood. Despite the fact that he keeps his armor nigh on spotless, scratches and gashes in his armor can be seen if one looks close enough, cleaned to a silvery shine.

Powers/Weapons: A Toa of Ice, Arktizai has power over snow and frost. However, on the whole he neither has nor wants extreme prowess over his element, instead a master of finesse. This is very much befitting of his true talent: archery. A fantastic archer, there are rumors abound as to how he has hit seemingly impossible targets, many of which are false but no doubt within his capabilities. As such, he arms himself with a bow and carries arrows along in his cloak wherever he goes. He takes pride in the fact that he does not need a Sanok to shoot well, and instead wears a Great Kanohi Volitak, the Mask of Stealth, allowing him to fade from sight and to dampen any noise he might make while on the hunt.

Personality/History: Once a Ko-Matoran Rahi trapper, Arktizai has long been proficient in the art of ambushing and attacking targets from a distance. Once more sociable—by Ko-Matoran standards, at least—years of hunting combined with an incident in the Drifts he refuses to discuss have left him colder and bleaker. At some point in time, he became a Toa; he has never revealed the means to anyone, which leads some to think it is connected to his episode in the Drifts.


A loner by nature, Arktizai is particularly bitter to outsiders and likes the solitary direction that Ko-Koro has taken. He does not think of himself as a heroic figure, nor does he wish to become one; at heart, he does not really want to be a Toa at all, since he does not feel he does the title justice. However, when the opportunity presents itself he is both willing and able to help those in need, provided that they are from Ko-Koro and that they do not pester him with thanks and instead just leave him be.


Arktizai lives on the outskirts of Ko-Koro hunting Rahi to this day, enjoying the time alone in the Drifts. What time he does spend with others, he spends dueling wits; his calculating demeanor makes him an effective con artist.

Strengths: Arktizai is a master archer, making him a formidable opponent at a distance. His mental prowess is also noteworthy.

Weaknesses: Arktizai has spent little time honing his powers over Ice, meaning that his elemental skill is elementary. He is also not adept at hand-to-hand or melee combat.


One of his worst hindrances is his guilt. Arktizai feels guilty that he is a Toa, but refuses to divulge the cause of, and indeed, the very existence of these feelings to others. Instead, he hides them behind a bitter façade. This, combined with his odd contempt for the other villages, leaves him a loner and makes him an ineffective team player.

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Somewhat Active (?)

Name: Vine (V2; original version preserved under Retired Characters for reference)
Species: Bo-Toa
Gender: Male
Loyalty: himself, nature, the "Omnipresent Spirit"
Age: presumably just exited "young adulthood" but not quite "middle-aged" yet
Mask: Kaukau
Appearance: A lanky, monkey-like Bo-Toa with mismatched and miscoloured armour.
Voice: high-pitched and nasally
Weapons: quarterstaff, tree "sword" (actually a Vuata Maca sapling carved into a wooden dussack), stone-tipped spear
Powers: Vine possesses control over plant life. He has branched out from his former fixation on grappling vines and has become a generalist, preferring to manipulate his surroundings rather than waste precious energy in spawning vegetation from thin air. His mask allows him to breathe water for limited periods of time
Skills: herbalism, predicting weather, tracking animals
Weaknesses: still scared of fire.
Personality: Vine has had time to reflect on his behaviour and calm down. No longer obsessed with creating and enforcing lawns, he instead has taken it on himself to become a warden of the wilds, seeing to it that life can freely abound. He now worships an unorthodox interpretation of Mata Nui that he refers to as the "Omnipresent Spirit", whom he claims is present in every leaf and branch. He has also dropped the laconic habit.
Biography: one day, several Onu-Matoran found a random Bo-Toa messing with their lawns. That was really all that there was to it. Vine has refused to elaborate on his life prior to becoming an island-wide nuisance.

Following his initial appearance in Onu-Wahi, he was seen at random intervals in each of the Koros, performing what was probably intended to be community service but just ended up making a mess. He ended up getting arrested several times, but he would always fix the damage done with much pressure. No real events worthy of note in the history books happened after that, though occasionally someone would find a random lawn in front of their house.

Eventually Vine got the idea that randomly growing vines on private property was not a viable career path, prompting him to retreat into isolation to reflect on his life choices. Following a spiritual epiphany, he now is no longer compelled to spontaneously create plant life, but instead is focused on preserving and maintaining what already exists.


Name: Kyoshi Amakusa Asa
Species: Dasaka
Gender: Female
Caste and Clan: Ringti of Clan Kyoshi
Age: MU equivalent of 25
Mask: Mask of Healing of a unique design (resembles one of Gahlok Kal's shields with the horns of the Mask of Charisma)
Appearance: Other than her laughably large Kanohi, Asa cuts a slender figure, with minal armor and lean, but well toned muscles. Asa usually wears a seaweed colored kimono, with a yellow bodysuit underneath.
Weapons: Crystal survival knife, crystal hatchet. She can make primitive weapons out of wood and stone in a pinch.
Powers: Willhammer: Asa can use the ability of mental infiltration to access a patient's memories, greatly helping her discern the problem a patient may be facing. However, she is unable to influence her targets to act according to her will in any way. Her Willhammer will manifest itself as an image of the rising sun, growing stronger the deeper she is in a person's mind.
Skils: Near eidetic memory, immense knowledge of plants and their properties, mastery of the use of iambic pentameter. Asa is also very physically fit and possesses many wilderness survival skills due to constant expeditions to the wilds of the Kentoku Archipelago, looking for herbs.
Weaknesses: Asa possesses very little combat training and abilities. While she is capable of holding her own against wild animals, she stands no chance against even an averagely trained warrior. If backed into a corner with no room to flee, she possesses little chance of survival.
Personality: Tenacity has always been this Ringti's defining trait. Once she puts her mind to something, nothing can deter her from it. There is no mountain high or valley low enough to stop her. She also possesses a strong sense of professionalism, acting perfectly in line with what is expected of a healer and an apothecary. One of eher other major defining traits is that if she needs to perform lengthy exposition, she will always speak on iambic pentameter.
Biography: as one of Amakusa's Ringti, Asa was trained from an early age in the healing arts. She has spent nearly her entire life in the profession, learning many types of ailementa and their cures over the years. After the latest Fursic uprising, she was left as one of the few survivors of Amakusa, placing more pressure on her as an individual doctor. She has taken it in stride, however.




Won't post as them regularly, but too significant to just shelve.


Clan Kyōshi
Name: Kyōshi Amakusa Seiryū
Species: Dasaka
Gender: Male
Age: somewhere around the Dasaka equivalent of 18; relatively young for a noble
Caste and Clan: First Son of the Kyōshi Confederacy
Mask: Tryna shaped Calix
Appearance: Usually, Seiryū is heavily clothed in exquisite robes that thoroughly conceal his appearance. On these robes are emblazoned the symbols of an Azure Kanohi Dragon - the symbol of the Amakusa family as well as Seiryū's namesake. (A colored version of this with dragon decals)
Those who get the privilege to behold Seiryū's true appearance will be treated to the sight of a white, yellow-orange, and dark blue armored Dasaka. His defining characteristics are prominent shoulder armor, a silver chestplate, a white body and blue limbs; other than that, the First Son of the family doesn't have too distinctive an appearance. When he wears his harness into battle, a wood and crystal backpack is mounted on his shoulders, with two crystal tips sticking out; these tips are sometimes replaced with two metal blades.
Weapon: Seiryū's primary weapons are two rope whips with weighted tips stored in a harness worn on his back. The harness houses a reel were the whips are stored (similar to a hose). Using his Mindarm training, Seiryū can launch the whips out at will. The whips can be used as retractable projectiles or as ordinary whips.
Powers: Seiryū possesses training in the Menti disciplines of Mindarm (his primary) and Soulsword (his secondary). Due to having to stop Soulsword training halfway through, Seiryū doesn't have a fixed weapon but uses the energy in its raw form as a projectile. He often combine his disciplines to launch powerful impact blasts at his foes. In addition to this, Seiryū becomes extremely agile when his Calix is activated; in his Kanohi enhanced state, he can dodge nearly every blow thrown at him and move at the maximum speed that his body can physically tolerate.
Skills: Due to the conditions of his clan, Seiryū has had to refine diplomacy skills to a very great degree; as a result, he is considered one of the most eloquent politicians on the island. He used to be a very proficient swordsman and hand-to-hand combatant; a still-healing shoulder injury hampers this somewhat, but he is still a formidable foe. Additionally, he has some experience in resisting willhammers.
Weakness: Due to to the weight of his backpack, whenever Seiryū goes into battle, he has to pay special attention to his balance. As such, a powerful enough blow to the chest can easily knock him over. On the physical side of things, Seiryū's left shoulder is currently out of commission (due to an injury caused by Vezok's impact vision). As such, trying to dual wield weapons or use a two handed weapon is difficult for him at the moment.
Personality: Seiryū is an extremely stern and sober individual. Due to the sheer amount of nonsense he has had to deal with in his life, he is very down to earth, practical, and pragmatic, approaching all situations with a calm, no-nonsense attitude. He maintains a cynical attitude, but not to the point where his sense of reality is blinded by it. Seiryū is also very distrustful of other beings, particularly Willhammer Dasaka; there is nobody in the Archipelago that Seiryū has full faith in. Seiryū tries to view all sentient lifeforms in an equal life, as he feels that treating others the way one wishes to be treated will make things a lot easier for oneself. Their are two exceptions to this: the Fursic elite, for crippling his mother and eventually killing her by proxy, and the Piraka, for crippling his sister. Despite this belief, though, he can come across as condescending and abrasive, having no respect for fools. He has the tendency to use a more archaic form of speech, which can cause to use some... interesting ways of insulting people.

One thing of note is his struggle with his anger. Seiryu grew up with the impression that excess emotion was an evil thing, so all his life, hehas trained himself not just to suppress, but to even numb his emotions. This gas had varying degrees of success; while at his best, he can be extremely calm to the point of dissonance, but he can sometimes be prone to outbursts of annoyance or embarrassment.
Biography: Seiryū was born into a dying clan, as the youngest child of the remnant of Amakusa's nobility. From a young age, he was trained as a First Son should be, educated in all manner of things while being sheltered from the world. He was educated to be the epitome of the Dasaka concept of First Son, the perfect Scholar-Warrior.

All of that changed when his mother was severely injured in The Fursic uprising, rendering her unable to lead. That event devastated the Confederacy, as the absence of a leader caused long running tensions into the clan to come into full bloom. During the time, Seiryū stood by his sister's side as she took the title of Toroshu, and silently cringed as her reign quickly fell apart. Still, he did not act.

When the Skakdi came, Seiryū was eager to trust them, as he felt that they could provide insight into more ideas for invention. He also greatly coveted their advanced weaponry. However, he found his trust and admiration misplaced, and when their true nature was revealed, Seiryū was quick to react; however, by the time that they had been imprisoned, his sister had been gravely injured by their hand. On the eve of their escape, he managed to find and attempt to stop them. However, he was forced to withdraw after he was spotted and got blasted in the shoulder by Vezok's impact vision.

Since that moment, Seiryū has assumed control over the deteriorating Kyōshi Confederacy, trying as hard as he can to keep it whole. In addition to his uniting efforts, he has taken it upon himself to care for his sister as well as help her with administrative affairs. His struggles are starting to appear to be in vain, however, as the Confederacy continues to split. As well, there is the matter of diplomatic relations with other clans...

Name: Kyōshi Amakusa Minami
Species: Dasaka
Gender: Female
Caste and Clan: Toroshu of the Kyōshi Confederacy
Age: around the MU equivalent of 14(?)
Mask: Iden
Appearance: Wheelchair bound and deathly pale, Minami takes the appearance of "sick girl" to its extreme. The light in her eyes is dim, her heartlight flickers faintly, and her muscles can barely support her own body weight. Her appearance is extremely pitiful.
Weapons: a ceremonial dagger, her mother's axe (rarely uses these)
Powers: Minami possesses training in the Mindarm discipline.
Skills: Before her illness, she was quite talented in the fine arts, such as music, caligraphy, tea ceremony, and the likes. Her current health has prevented her from participating in these activities, however.
Weaknesses: Minami's physical constitution is extremely weak, to the point that a slight cold would be enough to kill her. As such, she never ventures outside of the walls of her castle, not even for an official summons from the Rora. As well, she has lost the use of her legs.
Personality: Minami possesses an interesting personality. On the inside, she is quite shy and unsure of herself. Easily startled, she is an extremely nervous individual. However, she feels such behavior is unfit for a Toroshu, so she attempts to disguise this with brash haughtiness. As such, she can come off as arrogant and condescending at times (not so much now that she is extremely ill).
Biography: the last scion of Clan Amakusa, Minami took the position of Toroshu at a young age. With her mother dying during childbirth, she had no real guiding figure in her life; her brother was as inexperienced as she was and the advisors were to her, cold and distant. Her youth, and the inexperience that came with it, proved to be her greatest stumbling block in her reign, as many found her unworthy to rule. She was always considered "just average" in everything, save for the fine arts, leading her to take risks in attempts to prove herself. This proved to be her downfall, as when the Piraka began stirring up chaos, she attempted to stop them, only to be gravely wounded by their hand. As if fate was trying to screw her over, she also came down with a nasty case of tuberculosis shortly after. Her days are numbered, and nobody can tell what her death will bring for the Confederacy...



Retired Characters (?)


I dunno if I'll continue with these characters or not. Completely lost track of them.


Name: Vine
Species: Bo-Toa
Gender: Male
Loyalty: himself, randomness, laconic philosophy, Mata-Nui Lawn Enforcement Association (MNLEA) (pronounced M N Leah)
Age: nobody knows. Got to be in the prime of his life though, given how he's swinging around
Mask: Zaath
Appearance: a monkey-like Bo-Toa, Vine's odd appearance is reflective of his unstable and whimsical personality. His armor is asymmetrical and mismatched, decorated with every color of the rainbow, and his mask has two tubes connecting to the sides of the jaw and just hanging there. One of his eyes glows neon green while the other is a pinkish orange.
Voice: somebody who inhaled too much helium, only naturally
Weapons: vine whips of varying numbers and sizes, tree "sword" (actually a Vuata Maca sapling wielded like a bokken), bamboo spear
Powers: Vine possesses control over plant life. He specializes in creating vines which he then uses as prehensile limbs, whips, or grapple guns. He can also create saplings with some efficiency. As an agent of MNLEA, he can create "perfect lawns", if that counts for anything. His mask allows him to summon random rahi to his side, though he can't control the animal's behavior.
Skills: conveying ideas with as few words as possible, launching himself in the air, enforcing lawns according to MNLEA standards
Weaknesses: Vine isn't very good at the whole "ranged combat" thing, or at combat period. He tends to panic and wildly lash out with his vines if he is attacked, something that might end up doing more harm than good if he is up against an opponent who actually planned things out. Also, he's scared of fire.
Personality: a man of few words and many quirks, Vine is a person playing to his own tempo. He is a devout member of the Mata-Nui Lawn Enforcement Association (which existence is... Dubious, to say the least) and actively mows and grows lawns, making sure all lawns on the island meet regulation standards. When not enforcing lawns, he... There isn't really any discernable pattern to his behavior. Some wonder if he even has an actual personality or if he's just a walking medium for the fulfillment of his random desires. The only thing consistent about him is his laconic speech.
Biography: one day, several Onu-Matoran found a random Bo-Toa messing with their lawns.

That was really all that there was to it.

Vine, as he called himself, was then seen frequently at random intervals in each of the Koros, performing what was probably intended to be community service but just ended up making a mess. He ended up getting arrested several times, but he would always fix the damage done with much pressure. No real events worthy of note in the history books happened after that, though occasionally someone would find a random lawn in front of their house.


Name: Mistral
Species: Le-Turaga
Gender: female
Loyalty: good in general
Age: MU equivalent of late 20s
Mask: noble Sanok
Appearance: Mistral's body is thin and twisted even for a Turaga (similar to a Voyatoran's body). Much of her formerly green armor has turned grey from wear and tear, and she walks with a noticeable hunch. What physique she still retains is well toned, hinting at the care taken to physically maintain it.
Voice: Unlike her body, Mistral's voice still sounds very young and graceful, but with an air of sadness expected of an elder.
Weapons: war scythe
Other equipment: sewing equipment, carpentry equipment, small scale metalworking equipment.
Powers: Turaga-level control over air
Skills: As a toymaker, Mistral specializes in making stuffed animals, making clothes, and carving wood. She has some skill in small-scale forging as well as assembling and disassembling complicated mechanisms in general, making her a decent mechanic.
Weaknesses: Mistral is not as strong as a Toa, Skakdi, or Vortixx (though she is still stronger than a Matoran). Combined with her short height and reach, she is at a disadvantage at melee combat. She is also very sensitive to blood, the sight of which can cause nervous tremors and overwhelming feelings of anxiety, particularly if she was the one who spilled it.
Personality: relatively young for a Turaga, Mistral still retains some of the youth that she possessed as a Toa, most emphasizes by her lively but somewhat sorrowful voice. She never really was a warrior, having no stomach for violence or conflict, but when she was a Toa, she knew that she had responsibility to serve and protect. In many ways, she's glad to have given up her Toa power, as that has allowed her to return to the life of a toymaker, a life that does not require her to fight every day. If under extreme stress, she can start panicking, either lashing out at everybody around her or freezing up.
Biography: one of the first of the "forced Toa", Mistral was suddenly ripped from her life in Le-Koro when she suddenly found herself empowered with the elemental abilities of air. She served as best as she could, but she soon cracked under the strain, being mentally unfit for all the trials and tribulations that came with the life of a Toa. Renouncing her Toa power, she hid herself away, indulging herself in her old hobby of toymaking. She was soon able to start a business of it, settling into a relatively normal life.

Name: "Avsa"
Codename: Tracer
Species: De-Skakdi
Gender: female
Loyalty: Outsiders
Age: Skakdi equivalent of late 20s
Appearance: Avsa's most defining trait is the length of her spine, extending so long past her body that it could almost count as a tail. She possesses black and grey armor, the typical red eyes, and a thin physique that belies her physical strength. A six digit number-371 293-is burned into her armor at the base of her neck and on her arms.
Voice: due to throat damage, her voice is really raspy; as such, she rarely talks, using either sign language or a blackboard and chalk instead. She sort of has to talk when ordering her Rahi around though, so she does. She is also capable of making a sound similar to a Muaka's growl, possibly due to the throat alterations.
Weapons: Crossbow, recurve composite bow (24 arrows for each), parang.
Native tech: Patero launcher (civilian model) with Stralix Powder glass impact capsules (10)
Foreign tech: facial implant that stretches under the eyes and across her nose that drastically increases her sense of smell (almost to bloodhound levels). This implant cannot be removed without severe facial damage.
Other equipment: ussal cart with interchangeable skis for snowy terrain.
Powers: Infrared vision, elemental sonic powers that can be used in conjunction with another Skakdi.
Skills: very good aim with a crossbow, decent aim at mid range with a regular (recurve) bow and Patero launcher, very knowledgeable of wilderness survival, good with animals.
Weaknesses: The crossbow takes quite a long time to recock and reload; as such, Avsa is more inclined to fire a single shot, drop the crossbow, and switch to either the recurve bow or her parang. She's also prone to carrying too much gear, which weighs her down; of course, she can use her ussal to help with that. Finally, despite her increased sense of smell, her tolerance towards certain smells hasn't gotten up that much, meaning she can be distracted, deterred, or even incapacitated by a strong unpleasant smell.
Personality: Avsa is viewed by many as a lone wolf; this is not out of any natural inclination towards solitude but more out of a disgust for society in general. As such, she spends most of her time with animals, as "they're not as complicated" in most cases. She is not one for words, preferring to let others do the talking and expressing herself through actions. She does have a soft spot for cute things (though not in excess) but most of the time, she is cold, sharp, and silent.
Biography: like most Skakdi who arrived on the island, Avsa remembers little of her past. However, a six digit number on her neck and arms, her haggard appearance, and the metal band grafted onto her face suggested that she may have been a test subject of some sort. Whatever she was, she seemed to know how to take care of herself in the wild, living as a hunter-gatherer for decades. Soon, rumors of a man-eating Skakdi and her wild dogs reached the ears of an upstart mercenary group, who sent one of their agents to investigate. After a fight, the agent convinced Avsa to join their mercenary group, where she continues to function as s tracker.
Companion Rahi: two juvenile female Kavinika by the names of "Lupus" and "Lycaon" and an adult male Ussal by the name of "Guanhumi". Lupus and Lycaon are mostly for hunting and occasional combat while Guanhumi is primarily a transport animal; if they are really needed, Lupus and Lycaon can pull some weight though they aren't exactly well behaved. Lupus and Lycaon are very temperamental, though most of their misbehavior is limited to barking and posturing. Lupus is somewhat calmer and more reserved than Lycaon, who is extremely hostile to anybody who isn't Kavinika, Lupus, or Guanhumi. Guanhumi is very calm and well mannered, never getting visibly agitated. He is loyal almost to a fault and a bit of a yes man; whatever Avsa orders of him he will do without question.

Name: Londar
Species: Fe-Matoran
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Mask: powerless noble shape Huna
Appearance: bulkier than most Matoran, Londar has a silver torso and feet, grey limbs, and a black mask with Metru-Nui style paint on the top.
Voice: Tenor range, very subtle Marseille accent to his voice, somewhat raspy
Weapons: Londar's current primary weapon is a Matoran sized arming sword with the blade blued to a very dark tone. He also wields a buckler with it for defense. As well, he carries a spiked hammer for armor penetration. He will often procure a polearm of some sorts at a job site and sell it off when leaving the area for ease of traveling.
Powers: Innate Iron elemental ability of enhanced endurance.
Skills: Londar is very skilled with the sword; his skill in other weapons such as axes, maces, or polearms is about average but he's working on it. Even when he doesn't have a weapon, his footwork is exceptional, allowing him to avoid enemy strikes and buy time for a getaway or create an opening to place a punch or kick.
Weaknesses: Londar is somewhat of a sword specialist; given that swords aren't the best for armor penetration and suffer from a range deficiency compared to the spear, he can find himself outmatched against heavier armed or armored enemies. He also has a bit of trouble adjusting to weapons and tools that have th