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  • Name: Methias
    Species: Toa
    Appearance: A lean, green, killing machine.
    Element: Plant Life
    Gender: Male
    Powers: Control over plant life.
    Weakness: His confidence often gets the best of him.
    Alignment: Freelancer
    History: A Toa who always wants to do something, but doesn’t know what
  • Name: Drakner
  • Species: Skakdi
  • Appearance: A white/silver Irnakk lookalike.
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers: Impact Vision and immense strength
  • Technological items: A Zamor launcher
  • Weakness: Easily influenced
  • Alignment: Six-Hand
  • History: A renegade Skakdi who ventured to Mata Nui to join a new organization called Six-Hand


  • Name: Hielo
  • Species: Toa
  • Element: Ice
  • Appearance: LINK
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers: Forming ice-spheres in his hand.
  • Weakness: No Kanohi and minimal weaponry.
  • Alignment: N/A
  • History: A Toa of Ice who always had the urge to explore, rather than sit around and study all day.


Name: Gratoraxe

Species: Matoran (But he's extensively modified)

Gender: Male

Element: Gravity

Alignment: Six-Hand

Mask: N/A

Appearance: http://www.flickr.co...57633471241811/

Weapon: two swords

Weakness: Horrible speed, loud footsteps, not very stealthy.

Personality: An extensively altered Ba-Matoran who is out for money. NOTE: Alterations only include size and shape! Gravity powers are active, but not very affective!

How he got altered: On Metru Nui, he was captured and brought into a Makuta laboratory for testing and experiments. Upon contact with altered protodermis, Gratoraxe was transformed.
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Male Toa of Magnetism

Kanohi Kakama

History: Miraul awoke one day beneath the Island of Mata Nui, with no memory other than his name was Miraul, and knew that his job called him to defend all and defeat evildoers. That, and instinct on how to use almost any kind of weapon and his elemental powers. After meeting Bijackal and Tirax , he found his way to Onu-Koro. He there teamed with Divan and Ziraul in an effort to hunt a mysterious order of Toa who murdered Bijackal's sister.

Appearance: Mirual is grey and silver. The silver is extremely shiny in sunlight. A belt with knives and axes is visible on him, and it also has a quiver of arrows and a Volo Lutu, a recent purchase. A bag of javelins is visible on his back. A bow is slung over one shoulder, indicating his status as an archer.

Personality: Miraul thinks a little more than some warriors out there and has a variety of tricks up his sleeve. He will use his Kakama to fight and boost projectile speed and rate of fire. He may target Kanohi, since they are attached to their users via magnetism, and will often hurl foes back magnetically, or lock up joints and bind limbs together. Miraul tends to use throwing weapons and other ranged projectiles, but he does have a high degree of meelee skill if he needs it. He knows how to use most weapons at least a basic level, and only the most unusual will eclipse his skill.Miraul has no memory of his past and is completely at a loss as to where to begin hunting for it. His only clues are a set of names that he remembers, some of whom he has met, others who he has yet to find, who he persumably knew before his mysterious appearance. Somehow, anyone on that list of names has mysterously awakened in odd spots on the island, like Miraul himself, but there is no set pattern for the appearances, though the more recent ones have often happened underground.Miraul has strong morals and thus does not kill, strongly believing in the Toa Code. His only difference from other such Toa is that he does not always place "Matoran first" quite so strongly. He has a deep and instinctive rage within him against Makuta and his servants, and this can often provide him with incredibly strong willpower and boost his aggression.

Weapons: Mirual has many weapons.

Javelins: These metal or wood projectiles are one of many in Mirual's arsenal of ranged weapons. He carries them in a bag over his shoulder. The bag has a removable metallic plate at the bottom, which he uses to fire out all the javelins at once, like a spear gun. When doing this, he holds it over the shoulder like bazooka.

Throwing Knives: Sharp as razors, these weapons are designed for throwing, and Miraul is very accurate with them. They do work in hand to hand situations if need be.

Bow and Arrow: Mirual has a quiver of arrows on his belt and a bow slung over the shoulder. Once again, Miraul is a very good shot, and as his longest range weapon without elemental manipulation, that makes it more deadly.

Throwing Axes: Mirual carries several of these. He may use them for hand to hand as well.

Split Shield: Much like what Gresh carries.They serve as blades, shield, and flight board, the last function enabled by Mirual's element.

Weakness: Can't fight in confined spaces with hand-to-hand. Think broom closets.

Possessions:-a Volo Lutu launcher.-A supply of widgets for the team he leads.

-Books (In Toa Akiru Forge):

-The Complete Guide to Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry

-Several engineering periodicals describing some items currently found on the living list.


Male Toa of Iron

Kanohi Kakama

Weapons: Divan can fight with just about anything made of metal, but his preference seems to be sharp things, pincers, or blunt instruments. He makes his own weapons with his power as the situation calls, though he generally has at least one sword somewhere on his person. His preference is blade called Axcleaver, which has a massive axe in place of handguard, and a five foot blade.

Personality: Divan follows the Toa Code like all of his freinds. He is calm, and though he can be angered, it is not an easy task. He is also somewhat medatative in combat style, fighting with a simple sword style that he can easily beat his opponents with. His calm demeanor in combat can unnerve some of his foes. Divan is like a walking tank in terms of toughness-hurl him through a stone wall and he comes straight back at you like you nothing happened.

His amazing strength does not come at the cost of intelligence, however-Divan is a perfectly capable planner and a master of bladework. His skill in combat is supplemented with a knowledge of metal that allows him to easily make weapons, faster and at higher quality then some of what Axana can do. He enjoys metalwork greatly, and will do it in his spare time, using his earnings to support the team. A recent encounter with the substance allowed Divan to learn how to make protodermic mercury.

Appearance-Silver in color, Divan is a balance between clear-cut muscle and sleek agility and speed. Shoulder spikes are visible on his armor, and his elbows have sharpened metal points that can be used to strike.

History-Divan appeared on the island about the same time as Zirual. Though he did not approve of how his friend dealt with servants of Makuta, he has, never-the-less, helped capture them a time or two on the rare occasions he could be persuaded to let them live. Thank's to Ziraul's recent dispute with Miraul, Divan and Ziraul no longer work together. Divan now functions as deputy leader for Miraul's team.

Weakness: Keeping Divan down and out cold is incredibly difficult, but a very thick block of ice or some other technique of movement restraint might do the trick for a little while. Be mindful-even while restrained, he can fight back with his metal control abilities.

Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.


Female Toa of Lightning

Kanohi Pehkui:The Mask of Diminishment

Axana is both warrior and blacksmith. Her primary weapon is a Firestaff paired with a set of blue katanas and daggers, both with the compactly to channel elemental power. She uses strength in a fight, as she is bulkier than most Toa, but is far more agile than she appears.

Appearance: Axana is large and bulky, and mostly blue. A katana and a set of throwing daggers are visible on her. She carries a Firestaff best sized for a Toa, that she also uses as a walking stick.

Personality: Axana is a quiet Toa with a firey streak, suitible for both her element and career of choice. This firey streak can be triggered by various things, but injustice is likely among the triggers. When her firey streak is active, she talks much more and is much more bold.

Past: Although Axana knew the names of Miraul, Ziraul, Divan, Vilak, Takamaz and Hikari on sight, an indicator that she knew them before, she has no memory. She was defininately trained in combat by someone before, though. She, like Vilak, Hikari and Takamaz, awakened in a chamber deep beneath Ta-koro. They found their way to Le-Wahi, where they met Miraul and began working with him.

Weakness: Hates water. Not excessively likely to want to go for a swim anytime soon.

Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.


Kanohi Kakama

Male Toa of Plasma

Past: A Toa who awoke with no memory deep beneath Ta-koro, Vilak at some point saved Mirual's life. He recognized Axana, Hikari and Mirual on site, an indicator that they have all worked together in the past.


Vilak mostly uses a a set of twin boadswords, which he coats with plasma to fight. He has a small round shield on his back, and two additional short swords on his belt. He carries a sling and a small pouch of river stones for ranged engagements, his Mask of Speed increasing range and rate of fire.In battle, Vilak uses his mask paired with his swords to gain the edge over foes. His sword skills are virtually unmatched on the island, so beating him in a swords-only duel would be next to impossible. His skills with his fists are on only a slightly lower par, and his aim with the sling is dead on.

Personality: Vilak generally is very bold, not afraid to surprise foes who out number him ten to one or more. Though notable for his efforts as a hero, Vilak's recklessness can make him a difficult person to like.

Weakness: Sometimes Vilak's boldness can be used against him. He also can be vulnerable to surprise attacks. Complete restraint of movement and magnetism are also effective against him.

Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.


Male Toa of Fire

Kanohi Akaku (Includes vision magnifiers for both eyes)

Appearance: In shades of red and with a gold chestplate, Takamaz stands out like a sore thumb in some places. His mask has an unusual double magnifying lens set-up of the kind usually found on the Akaku. His build is lean and muscular, and Takamaz is athletic enough to deal with most attackers.

Personality: The logical puzzle solver and mathematician of the group, Takamaz enjoys challenging things. He spends a great deal of his free time focused on new designs.He is somewhat of an engineer. He tinkers with his own parts to improve them, sometimes offering improvements to others as well. He is know to kill Rahi for sources of parts to add to herself or others.

Weapons: Takamaz is a master of heat and fire, but he does have several melee weapons: A spear, twin flame claws, and a broadsword.

History: Takamaz is a very experienced in terms of engineering and fighting, having tackled planning various massive engineering projects for his homeland that had to be built during a time of war. Though he still has the organizational and combat skills he acquired during those years, he has since forgotten the events themselves, as he appeared on the island like several other Toa who he recognized, with no memory, just like them.

Weakness: Takamaz is vunerable to surprise ice and water blasts.

Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.


Female Toa of Crystal

Kanohi Matatu (Anxillia)

Weapons: Hikari fights with a staff made of heatstone, sharpened at both ends. It has a protective casing so Hikari is not burned by it.

Personality: Hikari is gentle in nature, not prone to violence. She fights only to stop Makuta and protect others. Known for her skill with her element, Hikari can be difficult to stop with many powers.

History:Hikari recently appeared on the island with no memory, much like a small and growing number of Toa on the island. She is somewhat strong for a Toa of her element and has unnatural amounts of skill with navigating the underground, a hint to her past.

Apperance: Hikari is white with translucent blue armor. The blue is crystal, so Hikari can grow crystal from her armor as an additional way to fight.

Weakness:Hikari's crystal can be overcome with Plasma.If her Anxillia is shocked, she may be confused along with Reynar.[/color]

Reynar: (Male Matatu Anxillia): A sentient Kanohi Matatu, Reynar's moral principles and personality echo Miraul's. He is steadfast and unmoving in terms of moral judgements, and is strong-willed. He has a independent streak fueled by righteous indignation that might come from Vilak, and as such may use his powers to act out on his own against circumstances he finds disagreeable without seeking Hikari's permission. This frustrates Hikari greatly. Reynar has a physical manifestation that resembles a nine-foot warrior, with spiked crystal armor.

Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.


Black Male Skakdi

Element: Earth

Vision:Tracker Vision-Much like the energy hound’s power, but it allows the user to see rather than scent the energy traces left behind by others.(Custom power was approved by Friar Tuck, likely prior to second reboot.)

Weapon: Bijackal is extremely skilled with a double edged battle axe, and also skilled with spears and javelins. Though he can handle knives pretty well, swords are not his thing. Recently he acquired a bag of javelins made by his sister, who died by his brother's hands. The javelins have a wooden shaft and obsidian heads, which are good for inflicting severe damage on his foes thanks to their sharpness.[/color]

Though he currently carries none, Bijackal longs for a higher tech weapon.

Appearance: Bijackal has a face that reminds one of a canine. Mostly black and grey colored. His eyes are purple, but one turns blue and the other green when his Tracker Vision is on.

Personality: Bijackal sees Makuta as evil, so he works alongside good Toa and Vortixx as a result, seeking opportunities to disinfect Rahi, kill Rahkshi, and defeat servants of Makuta. Bijackal is somewhat more hunter-tracker than warrior- capable in terms of fighting, but bestable. He has commrades for protection from tougher enemies. He is very good at fighting in wilderness, and is probably the best planner of traps and ambushes avalible on short notice. Escaping his tracking skills can be next to impossible.Weakness: Bijackal has little in terms of combat-oriented powers and is thus more vunerable to them. Not his best against tough foes on his own.

Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher

and now featuring the Green Tornado

Toa of Air

Kanohi Kadin

Weapons: The Green Tornado, called Cy by those close to him, primarily fights with his fists and element. He has a bag of ground green dust that he uses to color some of his cyclones, which are where he gets his unusal name. He may direct the dust into his foe's eyes as to blind them. He also carries a sling and a bag of sling stones as an alternative to regular air attacks, and two axes shaped like the aqua axes used by Gali Nuva.

Appearance:Shades of green with some silver, and a mask shape similar to Nuparu Inika's. Has two bags with shoulder straps connected to his belt at the waist. The bags have green dust and sling stones-his sling is fixed to the left bag. The bags have a magnetic seal to prevent loss of materials in flight. His axes are connected to the straps that hold the bags when they are not in use.

Personality: Cy is the clever, witty, joker with no shortage of bad puns. His primary focus in life seems to be fighting Makuta and others like him. He has a paticularly bitter rivallry with a Toa of Stone named Makkan. He has a habit of maintaining vaccums near his feet to keep his element charged.

Combat Style: Obviously, cyclones are a fave of Green when it comes to battle. But his melee tactics are worthy of note. He uses his Kadin as an agility booster in ground fights, flying back from punches and other attacks, and coming at foes from rapidly shifting angles. He may use literal "flying" side kicks. Generally he makes wide circles around foes while he attacks. He does incorporate some martial arts into this fighting style and is more than capable of direct blocks if he needs them. He uses his fists a little more than his axes, employing them only when he faces someone with a weapon.History: Cy has served as a guardian of Le-Koro for many years and has quite a bit of experience. Long practice has helped him develop his combat style. His past before this is otherwise unknown.Weakness:Worst off in a fight with other Air Toa, or Sonics Toa, as they require vaccums and more melee based tactics to beat.

Possessions:-A Cloak to protect from Ko-Wahi cold.



Male Toa of Sonics

Kanohi Zatth, Mask of Summoning


-Kivar uses a simple broadsword, which has a second blade that can be attached to make it a double-ended sword. He also bears a round shield with a mirror-like surface, capable of reflecting light into his foes eye's.


Skills: Kivar is a decently skilled swordsman and an able combatant. He has a high degree of skill with his element, capable of knocking out foes and shattering metal. He is familiar with what sonic frequencies annoy most common Mata Nui species, and can also scan an area with low frequency sounds.

Perhaps the most important of Kivar's skills is that he is multi-lingual. Kivar spent a great deal of time familiarizing himself with the languages of most Rahi, and is able to speak with birds, insects, arachnids, and mammals, though his element may be required to assist in vocalization. This inspired his choice of mask, since he is able to minumize the risk that his allies will be attacked through effective communication. Kivar also has some interest in learning Skakdi, since it is one of the few languages that he does not know.

Because of his multilingualism, Kivar is more closely connected to nature, something that greatly shows through in his personality. He has chosen Le-Wahi as his home, as there is no shortage of wildlife there.Kivar often spends time alone in the wilderness, simply wandering, admiring the beauty of nature and talking with it.

History: Kivar has lived near Le-Koro for many years and assisted it with taming Rahi when needed. Although he does not fight alongside Le-Koro often, he despises the way Makuta treats Rahi, like simple servants waiting to be used, rather than as companions to be valued and treasured. This means that he can be motivated to fight against Makuta, and occasionally other evildoers.


Echo Echo is a wild Gukko whom Kivar trained. He repeats anything Kivar says in bird speech, thus his name. He is a skilled flyer and allowed to roam free in Le-wahi when Kivar needs him not. However, he is vulnerable to air attacks.

Weakness: Kivar has a by far more placid nature than some other Toa, and can be more easily defeated due to his lack of aggression.


-A cloak to protect against the Ko-Wahi cold.

Dovorachk (Vorok)

Male Toa of Gravity

Kanohi Calix (With magnifying visor, affecting both eyes.)

Weapons: For ranged exchanges, Dovorachk uses a harpoon gun/crossbow, though firing the cable is optional. For close range, he has a large square sheild, much like Nuparu Mahri's, with gaps that he can fire his weapon through in the same spots. The edges are sharp and can be used as a weapon, or to plant the sheild in the ground for portable cover. A large blade with spikes on the back side also serves as one if his weapons.. In a pinch, retractable wrist blades, as well as elbow blades, knee blades, foot blades and shoulder spikes can also serve as weapons.(They also make hitting him rather painful.)

Skills: Dovorachk is a skilled marksmen, and can likely hit an apple of your head at two hundred yards. He is able with his blade and sheild, and powerful with his element. He can crush most objects with ease, so long as they are of moderate size, and sent objects floating high into the sky with just as much ease. He often does this to himself, using his sheild as a glider and parachute, to obtain limited flight. He is also physically in top shape thanks to his Calix, and excells at acrobatic tricks.


Dovorachk is gruff in nature, not afraid to say what he thinks or vent his frustration verbally. He won't back down from a fight unless he is certain that his challenger is of much higher skill than he. His moral code does make him highly unlikely to kill, but he sometimes will permanently cripple foes with his element if he finds them to dangerous or difficult or dangerous, though he does often feel guility. He has a habit of going by the name Vorok, as it is shorter and clearer in pronounciation.

History: Dovorachk found himself on Mata Nui about a year ago, and attempted to settle down in Le-Wahi, finding it similar to the jungle in which he once lived. He teamed with Cy as one of Le-Koro's protectors, since he could crash Rama to the ground quite fast.

Appearance: Very spikey bladed armor makes touching him risky. He has a sheild with a purplish glint in a square shape, with upper and lower firing slits for his crossbow.His armor is mostly black, and his sword is also black metal. His Kanohi is standard in shape, spare the visor, which is somewhat like a single-lensed Akaku style scope in function. The visor is transparent green in color, and his blue eyes can be seen through it.

Weaknesses: Since he must sometimes wait for his element to recharge, he can be somewhat reliant on his Kanohi in battle.

Possessions:-A cloak to protect against the Ko-Wahi cold.



Male Toa of Lightning

Kanohi Matatu


hunder Chain: One of Takari’s weapons of choice, he utilizes a fourteen foot chain as a weapon. He is less prone to use this weapon around Toa of Iron or Magnetism.


Knuckle Blades-Short two-pronged retractable blades. Found on the back of Takari’s hands. Two inches long, electricity arcs between the prongs when Takari chooses, allowing him to fight better at close range. Takari prefers fists to swords and some other weapons, so it’s no surprise that he uses these to enhance his punches and make them more damaging.

Staff of Thunder-Staff of twisted silver metal that is extremely conductive. Has an aqua-colored lightstone on one end. Material actually feels like wood.

Blades-Takari has two blades, one about a foot long and the other about three feet, that he may use in battle.

Appearance-Takari’s mask is shaped as a Faxon. He is almost completely blue with small traces of silver here and there. His body is well balanced, containing some decent muscle but not too much.

Personality-Takari walks with an air of bold confidence. As he himself jokes, he’s “electrifying”. He is not as cruel as his Black Inferno counterparts. Takari’s confident style makes him somewhat popular among the group, but within Takari has some moral hesitations about how they act.Takari’s confident style carries over into the fight, and he is never without a quip. He tends to fight with his element, electrifying his weapons to gain a decent hit. His elemental skill is moderate, and he can shoot lightning at voltages that are enough to stun but not injure. More destructive blasts are possible for him, but he prefers to avoid heavy-hitting. When need be, he will employ his skill with his Matatu, showing a darker style with the flexible Kanohi’s powers. He often manipulates the limbs of his foes, using the mask to dislocate shoulders and restrain enemies. He may pull off a Kanohi from time to time as well. If need be, he can dismember a foe at range with his mask, usually with a stranglehold. Though he is able to do this, Takari regrets the kills he has made, and avoids doing so.

History-Takari found himself on Mata Nui with no memory, and with nothing but a few weapons and a mask to his name. Hearing of the evils of Makuta and seeking a way to fight him, Takari joined the criminal Black Inferno, not knowing of any other organizations that opposed Makuta at that time. He has since come to regret his desicision, seeing that everyone here is almost exclusively after their own power, that no one in the Inferno cares who lives or dies, so long as no one gets in there way. Takari wishes for a way out, but has none. All who leave the Infurno are enemies of the Inferno, and all enemies of the Inferno will be killed without mercy.

Weaknesses:Takari is not the strongest, and someone with enough brute force could overpower him, but that requires some ability to resist telekinesis and electricity. His chain can also be wrapped around him, which is why he refuses to use it against some elements.


Male Toa of Stone

Kanohi Matatu


Chains-Makkan keeps two chains that he uses as weapons. They have clips on the end that allow various attachments to be used.Weights-Spiked mace-like weights that can be manipulated by Makkan, since they have a heavy stone in the middle of the metal casing. His ability to control the flight path of the stones makes these valuable weapons. When entering battle, he often makes them float in an unnatural way.Blade-Sword-like chain attachment with stone set in the guard for control purposes.Axesycthe-Chain attachment with scythe on one side and axe on the other. Has a stone set in for control purposes.Nunchucks-Need I say more?Sling-It shoots rocks. What did you expect?Appearance:Makkan is rather strong and well muscled. His Matatu is in the shape of Kadin, which is not a surprise, since he uses it as a means of flight. Makkan is a mix of brown and white, so he stands out a little compared to others of his element.

Personality: Makkan is more on the arrogant and negative side than anything else in terms of how he acts. He isn’t afraid to beat others down even if they have done nothing to deserve it-or so it seems. Makkan isn’t without guilt over his choice of jobs-he wanted personal profit, but happens to feel some of the pain he inflicts on others. Makkan is clearly blocking this out to continue with what he does, but something in him wants more than what his job in the Black Inferno can truly offer.Makkan’s skill with stone is moderate-he can create rocks, encase things in them and smash foes with rock fists. Stone walls are not challenging, and breaking them is not either.

History:Makkan arrived on Mata Nui near Xa-Koro, and began a career as a slaver for the Black Inferno, capturing innocent Matoran and those who opposed them, selling them into slavery for other villains in Xa-Koro. He is also a thief and has committed many other crimes.

Weakness: Makkan is less powerful without his mask.



Female Dasaka Willhammer

Kanohi Pakari

Clan Daikura


Crystal Staff-One of Sonyara’s weapons, powerful in her hands. Thin, glass-like, hard for the untrained eye to track.

Crystal Sword-Sonyara’s second choice of melee weapon, her short sword works better when she is forced into closer range melee combat. Like her staff, it’s translucent crystal tokeep all but the blue handle from being easily followed by the naked eye.

Crystal Axe- With a wooden handle and a blue edged blade, this axe has a head designed to chop on one end and another end to hook into opponents.

Crystal Hammer-One of Sonyara’s melee weapons, well suited to her brute strength.



Willhammer: Sonyara is a master of the Willhammer discipline, capable of manipulating the minds of others and bending their will like spaghetti. She is easily capable of forcing many of her targets to do her will-however, she may not always chose this approach in favor of more lasting results. She may lure or force targets into a more trance-like state to accomplish her goals.


Melee Combat: Sonyara has some talent with melee combat. She can hold her own against her foes at close range, and stands a fair chance of beating them.


Instruction: Sonyara is a teacher of the Willhammer discipline. She has some skill in doing this, but little patience.

Mental Math:Sonyara has a talent for mental math and some good intuition in terms of physics.


As a Menti Warrior, Sonyara has spent most of her life training in combat and instructing others.

Thus, she has developed few other skills.

Appearance: Sonyara is a typical Dasaka, having crystal armor with some gold tinges. Her leg armor begins above the ankles with a pair of crystal pauldrons. This is followed by some leg armor, typical Dasaka chest armor, some light shoulder armor and pair of crystal gauntlets.


Overall Sonyara is young, thin and attractive. But she is much stronger than she looks thanks to her mask, something most are not expecting when they face her. The mask is shaped and colored like a Kaukau, her beautiful peach orange eyes somewhat hidden behind it.


Sonyara can frequently be seen carrying her hammer, seemingly an odd choice for one built as she is. Her sword is sheathed at her side, and her axe can be found on the other.


Personality: Sonyara is best known for her fierce anger and lack of patience. She has little patience for students who cannot learn quickly, and they will inevitably be subject to her discipline, physical, mental or otherwise. Despite her lack of patience, she seems to be quite friendly otherwise. Just try to be quick about things.


Her motivator in life seems to be building her clan-and that means training students as hard as possible to insure they develop the strongest skills possible.


Sonyara’s preference for close range combat is oddly fueled by a desire to be more closely involved in battle-to see her opponents up close, to know their motivations and emotions, to better understand the mind and turn it against her opponents, to predict their actions and use them against them.


Beyond this Sonyara has an odd love of mathematics and seems to be talented at doing physics in her head. This sometimes works in her favor-if a projectile is on course to hit something, she’ll be the one to know.


Weakness: Possessing no talents at range, Sonyara is somewhat vulnerable to Mindarms and ranged combat. She has considered learning archery to deal with this weakness.



Female Dasaka Sighteye

Kanohi Calix

Clan Daikura


Bladestaff-A long wooden staff with a razor-sharp blade at one end. It’s longer than Tarasu is tall. The blade in question resembles Matau Hordika’s fang blades. The other end features a small spike for stabbing, and allows the weapon to stand on it's own by poking it into the ground.

Crossbow-Befitting her stealth methods, the crossbow can be held even while invisible without effort. She can fire it, but her invisibility will disappear for several seconds if it was active, giving an advantage to the keen eye. The arrows have obsidian heads, and the crossbow is made of wood.

Short Swords: Tarasu carries some small swords that she uses in close combat. She keeps two on her back, and two smaller ones, almost long knives, on her belt.

Crystal Daggers-Made both for throwing and melee combat, they are Tarasu’s favored weapons when in close combat, or she needs a more rapid-fire alternative to a crossbow.



Attention to Detail: It is said among the Daikura instructors that there are two or three skills a good Sighteye must have in abundance, and attention to detail is one of them. The most failible illusions are the ones where the details are not payed proper attention to-a shift in the texture of the stone, a slight difference in the lighting can be dead giveaways. Tarasu by instinct is always taking in everything around her-somehow she manages this even when she’s seriously over-excited.

Sensory Visualization and Memory: The second key to a Sighteye’s deception is the ability to imagine a sensation, to visualize an object (or lack thereof) not present. Tarasu is quite practiced in this, able to recreate objects solely from recollection or imagine new ones in detail.

Spatial Awareness:Tarasu is well aware of the space around her, and can easily visualize it from any angle with accurate distances. This makes her excellent at anticipating the movements of her foes, and breaking them down so she can use them herself, a talent only aided by her Calix.

Photographic Memory: Though she has never revealed it to anyone, Tarasu has a natural photographic memory. She is excellent at memorizing any information she comes across or remembering any details she might see. She's been known to quote large sections of Dasaka lore with perfect accuracy, word for word, even if she's only read it once or twice.

Sighteye Talents: Tarasu has a fair deal of talent as a Sighteye. If her purposes require, she can deceive all five senses at once. However, she prefers to deceive only the three major senses (sight, sound, touch) where necessary-it’s a conservation of energy to do so. These three alone can create an effective illusion. Tarasu also has a talent for using sensory distortion to confuse a foe, or incapacitating them by overwhelming their senses-lights too bright, sound too loud, pain too intense, all are effective at dealing with her foes.

Stealth: Tarasu has a talent for creeping around, much to everyone’s surprise. She seems to love dropping in on people when they least expect it, much to her amusement. She naturally blends in without needing to wear a Kanohi mask or use the talents of a Sighteye. Her height is only an asset here, allowing her to disappear in a crowd and slip into narrow spaces.

Combat: Tarasu is a moderately skilled melee combatant, able to hold her own on the field of battle. She works with others to cover her weaknesses, and often serves as support for them due to her talents and Sighteye skills. She excells at close combat in paticular and prefers ambush.

Love of History: Tarasu’s intellectual talents shine here. Her attention to detail means she has memorized perhaps half of Dasaka lore, and she’s working on the other half.


Appearance: Tarasu is very short for her age, perhaps mistakable for a dwarf. At around four-foot five, she’s hard to spot in a crowd because everyone but Dashi and Datsue tower over her. She has chosen inconspicuous and generic crystal armor that blends in with other Menti, though perhaps just a tiny bit thicker than the norm. Her bladestaff is visible on her back and protrudes above her head, providing others some warning so they don’t trip over her. Her crossbow and quiver can be seen on her belt, along with some daggers, providing some valuable weapons for a stealth-based warrior.


Personality: Young, enthusiastic, outspoken and easily excitable, Tarasu is easily noticed because she is boisterous. She may cry out in excitement unexpectedly, barely able to hold herself in. Her skill in stealth seems quite atypical for someone with her personality.


Her stealth skills and Sighteye traits reveal a more hidden and calculating side of her personality, which may overtake her other half as needed. Her attention to detail provides useful information both in combat and out. She’s good at a logical deduction and has an amazing memory-though she doesn’t tell anyone it’s photographic. She may be a prodigy when it comes to her ability to visualize, including her spatial awareness.


Tarasu has spent extra time mastering the Sighteye discipline due to her clan of birth, a prequisite to her status as an assistant instructor. As such, she completed her training at younger age than normal, this rapid ascension befitting her clan’s love of the virtue Power.


Tarasu has a private love of history, and old things seem to speak to her. She seems to collect them, and she is knowledgeable in the lore of her people, to the point that she has earned just a little bit of Honor among some Datsue-if her excitable nature doesn’t take that away quite quickly.


Weakness:Being somewhat young and naive, Tarasu is more easily manipulable than she likes. Her small size can be a disadvantage because her foes can use their height to overpower her.

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Finally a new story! Time to get back to this RPG...
The Main Six
Kirgan (More information)
Species: Onu-Matoran
Description: Black body with purple feet and a purple Kaukau
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Due to being an Onu-Matoran, Kirgan has the natural ability to see well in the dark and is talented at digging. He carries a standard pickaxe.
Technological items: None yet
Weaknesses: Kirgan's greatest weakness is his blind trust. He tends to be naïve and will rarely suspect that someone he trusts may be lying. He also gives up easily and does not like arguing with others. He can sometimes be socially akward and takes his time to get to know others before opening up to them. Bright light is especially hard on his eyes.
Alignment: Good, wishes for all Koro to be at peace but is ultimately on Onu-Koro's side if things go wrong
Personality and traits: Kirgan is peaceful by nature, but not ignorant to the reality of violence in his world. He is ready to fight for Onu-Koro at any time if the call comes, but until then remains tolerant to others, because he thinks it will make a change for the better. Kirgan is not a very adventurous person, but is still curious at heart and yearns for knowledge.
Lai Lai (More information)
Species: Ga-Matoran
Description: Blue body, dark blue feet and Kanohi Pakari (shaped like a Komau)
Gender: Female
Powers and/or weapons: Disk launcher
Technological items: None
Weaknesses: Not very powerful
Alignment: Ga-Koro
Personality and traits: Yet to be discovered.

Viima (More information)
Species: Le-Matoran
Description: Light blue body with green feet and a green Akaku
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Bamboo disk with metallic spikes on the edges
Technological items: None yet
Weaknesses: Tends to overestimate himself. As an opponent he's tough but not a very good strategist. Lets emotions control him and is easy to manipulate.
Alignment: Mostly cares about himself
Personality and traits: Viima combines the lifestyle of Le-Matoran with that of the Ta-Matoran. His priority is always finishing what he is doing, but he enjoys freetime as well. Although a skilled hunter, Viima is known to lack basic analytical skills. He tends to act based on his feelings and is poor at planning ahead or making strategies. He is also easy to manipulate.
Jarkale (More information)
Species: Po-Matoran
Description: Black body with orange feet and an orange Ruru
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Feet Additions, Matoran-version ones of those of the late Pohatu
Technological items: None
Weaknesses: What he gains in strength he loses in accruracy. Without his feet additions he would also be very slow
Alignment: Good, Po-Koro
Personality and traits: Jarkale is very friendly but has a constantly changing temperament. He can sometimes be very aggressive for no reason, but has control over his outbursts to some point. He is known to get carried away by his own imagination and making hasty conclusions on very little basis. After travelling with Rerus for some time, Jarkale was appointed the Chronicler of his Toa team. He takes this job very seriously and with great passion.
Hile (More information)
Species: Ko-Matoran
Description: Sandblue body with gray feet and a gray Arthron
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Nothing specific, but carries some flags with him
Technological items: Volo Lutu launcher
Weaknesses: Extremely weak in hot conditions
Alignment: Neutral
Personality and traits: Very untypical Ko-Matoran. Enthusiastic and curious.
Tuli (More information)
Species: Ta-Matoran
Description: Yellow body with black feet and a black Rau
Gender: Female
Powers and/or weapons: Guard spear
Technological items: None
Weaknesses: Weak in cold conditions, not a very persistent opponent
Alignment: Ta-Koro
Personality and traits: Very loyal to Ta-Koro. Likes making new friends, but is not always easy to get along with. Has a hot temperament like most Ta-Matoran. She has a lot of faith in her village and is willing to take extreme measures to protect security there. Tuli easily becomes playful with men, however, and loves flirting with men. She is known among the guard as having the ability to get any man she wants. Despite this, Tuli could not fully seduce a Matoran named Khervos. He remains a pain in her record and Tuli has set a goal for herself to someday get her way with him. Tuli found out she actually had some real feelings for Khervos, not just the physical kind. She was disappointed when Khervos said he didn't want a romantic relationship with her. Despite this Tuli still carries a soft spot for Khervos in her mindand cares enough about him to save him from danger.
Other Characters
Kavala (More information)
Species: Onu-Toa
Description: Black body and armor with lots of wear.
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Sword of Makuta
Technological items: None yet
Weaknesses: Although quite athletic and skilled, Kavala does not specialize in hand to hand combat, instead resoirting to surprise and trickery. He is quite easy to beat in a swordfight if the opponent is skilled.
Alignment: Makuta
Personality and traits: Kavala is a dark Toa who lived in the ruins of Xa-Koro until they were seized by the Ga-Koro marines. Kavala now seeks
revenge against Ga-Koro for that. He is highly manipulative and expects others to respect him. He is very courteous and a typical "gentleman villain". Recent events have eroded that part of him somewhat, though.


Khervos (More information)
Note: Originally a character of Geardirector, but given to me by him.
Species: Ba-Matoran
Description: Black body with a purple Pakari
Gender: Male
Powers and/or weapons: Disk launcher
Technological items: None yet
Weaknesses: Lack of strength and agility
Alignment: Justice
Personality and traits: Khervos is an intuitive and clever Ba-Matoran who runs a personal Detective agency. He has taken it upon himself to snuff out criminals wherever he can find them, primarily working through Onu- and Ta-Koro. Khervos may carry the air of a cliched gritty crime detective, but is actually rather kind and always willing to help those in need, just in his own way. He is also clever and good at reading people, as well as swift and agile. He's a decent shot with Bamboo Disks.



Thira (More information)
Species: Ta-Matoran
Description: Yellow body with purple legs and Huna mask. Very attractive.
Gender: Female
Powers and/or weapons: None
Technological items: None
Weaknesses: Naive and inexperienced at pretty much everything, seeing as she has just been born
Alignment: Good
Personality and traits: Being the daughter of Tuli and Khervos, Thira shares many of their traits. While she is beautiful like Tuli, she is also an analytical thinker, courtesy of her father, Khervos. She is still somewhat naive and inexperienced, but learns quickly. Her goal is to find her place in this world, and she believes firmly in destiny.




Characters I have had in Arc 2, but are now deceased. Click the links to read about them on their wiki pages.


Surina: Captured and executed for her crimes by the Ga-Koro Marines.

Kaunis: Killed in battle against the Piraka.




Onoraza: A Skakdi who wanted to have her revenge on Matoran. Joined the Onu-Koro Ussalry and has since given up her plans of revenge in favor of working with the Matoran she used to hate.

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Name: Varan
Species: Toa
Element: Gravity
Gender: Male
Occupation: Adventurer
Alignment: Neutral
Powers: Elemental Gravity, Kanohi abilities
Kanohi: Mask of Sensory Aptitude
Weapon(s): Tri-blade
Appearance: Average Toa size, black and purple armor, green eyes
Bio: Here
Status: Alive, active

Name: Nialus/"Cryptic"
Species: Toa
Element: Earth
Gender: Male
Occupation: Drifter, mercenary (Outsiders)
Alignment: Neutral
Powers: Elemental Earth, Kanohi abilities
Kanohi: Great Rau
Weapons: Great Axehammer
Appearance: Below-average Toa height (hunched), black frame with purple and gunmetal gray armor
Bio: Here
Status: Alive
NOTE: Cryptic is the owner of the NPC Kavinika, Skratch.

Name: Marauder
Species: Skakdi
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Occupation: Master arsonist/demolitions expert, mercenary (Outsiders)
Alignment: Neutral
Powers: Elemental Fire (when used in conjunction with the element of another Skakdi), Heat Vision
Weapons: Double Patero Launchers w/Stralix Powder capsules, assassin's knife
Foreign Tech: Repeller Knuckles (approved by Nuju Metru)
Appearance/Bio: Here
Status: Alive

Name: Noari
Species: Toa
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Occupation: Warrior, Ta-Koro Guard lieutenant
Alignment: Lawful Good
Powers: Natural elemental powers, Kanohi powers
Kanohi: Great Pakari
Weapons: War hammer
Appearance/Bio: Here
Status: Alive, active
Name: Aravihi
Species: Vortixx
Gender: Male
Occupation: Drifting warrior
Alignment: Lawful Good
Powers: Natural elemental powers, Kanohi powers
Kanohi: Great Hau (customized)
Weapons: Whakatapu Hoari (a Great Katana), tant
Foreign Tech: Unknown
Appearance/Bio: Here
Status: Alive, active
Name: Toenga
Species: Matoran

Element: Plasma
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mapmaker
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Powers: None
Kanohi: Great Pakari (powerless)
Weapons: None

Appearance/Bio: Here
Status: Alive, active

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oh hi there
character profiles
sounds fun
Name: Xylak
Species: Toa (Sonics)
Gender: Male
Alignment: NEX (Figurehead)
Kanohi: Matatu
Appearance: Xylak is a Toa of average height, with gunmetal-grey armour and some white elements, such as his mask, and his eyes are an icy blue. He is paralyzed from the waist down, moving around in an iron wheelchair made specially for him.
Powers: Sonics, Telekinesis.
Personality: Xylak is cold and emotionless, but underneath it seems to be an anger and a longing for revenge. He seeks to bring justice and to destroy Crux, both for crippling him and because of the threat he sees in him.
History: Xylak was once leader of a group, the League of Shades, spying on the people of Mata Nui and planning to take down the groups. Thrown from his seat and forced to serve under Erux, he helped to imprison the Matoran Xerov and release Crux. Crux snapped his spine, leaving him broken and crippled, and left him lying in the snows of Ko-Wahi to die. Saved by Interitio, Xylak now acts as NEX's figurehead, giving the orders Interitio sends him to the killers below.
Weakness: Xylak's wheelchair means that moving quickly is out of the question for him.
Name: Aerus (also known as Xerov or Elax)
Species: Vo-Matoran
Gender: Male
Alignment: The Legacy, Echelon (as Xerov/Elax, Reluctant Evil)
Kanohi: Rau (shaped as a Great Komau)
Appearance: Aerus is taller than most Matoran, and also thinner, not looking particularly physically strong. His primary colour is navy blue, but he also has some black in his armour, and his eyes are a light blue.
Powers: N/A
Weapons: A knife.
Personality: Quiet, and completely dedicated to Echelon. He behaves coldly towards all others, not allowing himself to make connections with them for some unexplained reason (as Xerov/Elax, he shows much more emotion -- he doesn't want to serve Echelon. He just wants out. He regrets the events of his past, feeling immense guilt for them, and tries in vain to act as Aerus' conscience).
History: Around eighty years prior to current events, Xerov (then known by Elax, his real name) accidentally killed his girlfriend Jalna in his own attempted suicide. Since then, he has been either hiding or on the run while Jalna's brother, Tarrhus, has tried to hunt him down. In the 2012 season of the BZPRPG, he met Joske on a beach in Ga-Koro, on the same day that he became a Toa. Joske, infuriated by Xerov's self-loathing and unaware of his past, told him to go out and make a life for himself.

He did.

Xerov first encountered Echelon in Ko-Wahi, after he escaped from an ice cave where he had been trapped by Merror until two Matoran unknowingly released him. Echelon took him in, making him a part of the Followers of Makuta, and for some time Xerov served him, until a Toa captured him in the Battle of Pala-Koro and he saw his opportunity to run and be considered another casualty, one of the many bodies that would never be found. He made it as far as Le-Wahi before he bumped into Myka, a friend of Jalna's, who was there with a Le-Matoran named Zyron. When Myka recognised him, Xerov agreed to explain what happened to Jalna to them in the morning, but left before dawn broke and returned to the Followers.

When Echelon was taken by Makuta and given an infected mask, Xerov realised how much danger he was in as a Follower, and decided to get out. Bringing another Matoran follower named Feongulf with him, he left for Ta-Koro, to find Tarrhus and get rid of him so that he would no longer have anything to fear from his past. When there, he was contacted by a Matoran named Huaki, who told him to go to Onu-Koro to meet the Dreamer, a man whose name had been haunting Xerov's dreams for some times as blurred memories returned to him. He took her up on the offer, and made his way to The Unfortunate Fikou, an inn in the village. When there, however, he found that Myka and Zyron had also been summoned, now a couple, and realised it was a trap when an illusion cast by the Dreamer outside the inn disappeared and a sniper took a shot at him. But Myka had seen the sniper, and pushed Xerov out of the way, taking the bullet for him. She died in Zyron's arms.

Infuriated, Xerov made his way up on to the rooftop where the sniper had attacked from, followed by Feongulf, just in time to see a group of Ussalry Matoran headed by Tarrhus arriving, and Huaki appearing on the street to scream. He had been set up -- he had a pistol from the Battle of Pala-Koro, used only once, and stood on a rooftop above the dead friend of his girlfriend, for whose murder he was still at large. Huaki would act as a false witness to the crime. He had nowhere to run. He urged Feongulf to escape, but she tried to take him with her, and he shot her in the leg as she attempted to carry him away. Then the Dreamer made an appearance, revealing himself as Feongulf's employer, and told her she had to run. Xerov surrendered himself to the Ussalry and was taken into custody, but managed to reveal to Tarrhus that the Dreamer was a criminal and had cheated him out of a chance to kill him, before being dragged away.

Some time later, Xerov had gone insane. His short and long-term memory were gone. He couldn't recognise his own reflection. Faces he didn't know floated around his mind. Until the Rahkshi attacked.

While in control of his memory, Xerov made a daring escape attempt, and actually managed to get out, while the Ussalry was distracted with the threat of Makuta's minions on Onu-Koro's doorstep. Shortly afterward, Makuta fell. But while the rest of the island rejoiced, Xerov knew the truth -- all they had done was create a power void, a gap which new evils would soon strive to fill. And he had an idea of who would have the best chance of success.

On that day, Xerov left Onu-Koro, and Aerus walked into Echelon's lair.
Weakness: Aerus has no powers.
Name: Nikarra

Alias: Sloth
Species: Toa of Lightning
Gender: Female
Alignment: Toa Daedra
Kanohi: Iden
Appearance: Nikarra is average height for a Toa, with dark purple and black armour. She is quite attractive, although she's become somewhat thinner in the past three months and has a constant tired look which draws away from that. Her eyes are bright green, although they've been a tad dimmer of late.
Powers: Lightning, that stuff that the Iden does.
Weapons: Two knives, which she keeps in hidden compartments in the armour on her thighs.
Biography: Nikarra betrayed her family a long time ago, then spent a while working for her cousin. After a while, she betrayed him too, and some time after that she met Dorian and her life started going wrong.
She became obsessed with him, stalking him any time he left her presence, growing angrier with him every time she saw him with another woman. Eventually she realised the effect it was having on her life, and stopped following him. This didn't make her life any better.
She's spent the last three months in a drunken haze, sometimes going for days without eating (to the point where she grew too thin for her old armour and had to get a new set), going to bar after bar and occasionally stealing money from guys who hit on her. She was surprisingly effective at going without being caught, but she's spent enough time without drinking recently that she's realised she needs to get a job and make changes to her life.
Weakness: Nikarra's armour is quite thin, and wouldn't be able to stop anything other than a slice or glancing blow from a sword or knife. She's constantly tired and has lost a lot of physical strength.
Name: Caelus
Species: Toa of Ice
Gender: Male
Alignment: ?
Kanohi: Tryna
Appearance: Caelus stands tall and thin, his white armour glistening like the ice he controls, its texture at once smooth and as though covered in frost, the light refracting against it. His movements are at once swift and solemn, fluid as water. His eyes are blue and emotionless, but they somehow convey both a powerful hatred and a deep sadness. His armour isn't particularly thin, but it is perfectly shaped to his figure, and decorated by transparent blue crystal.
Powers: Ice, Reanimation
Weapon(s): A sword, which he keeps sheathed on his back. The blade itself is metal, but the edges are made from the same blue crystal as decorates his armour, sharpened to a deadly point.
Biography: Caelus grew up in Ko-Koro, but as a Matoran he and a group of others found themselves lost in the Drifts. A week later, Caelus found himself safely home, but he was the only survivor -- the rest were left out alone, buried beneath the snow. He vowed never to allow people to be left dead where they lay again, choosing a Tryna when he became a Toa so that every time one of his allies died he could use it to bring them to safety and a proper funeral. Caelus does not use the dead; he carries them.
Weakness: Caelus is not very physically powerful, and it is unlikely he'd defeat an opponent in a hand-to-hand fight.
Name: Eva
Species: Toa of Lightning
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Kanohi: Calix (Shaped as a Rau)
Appearance: Eva is just about average height, maybe a little under it. Her armour is primarily violet, but electric blue, glowing vein-like lines run throughout it, apart from her face and mask. Her eyes, though, are exactly the same in colour. Most people would consider her very attractive.
Powers: Lightning, the stuff that the Calix does
Abilities and Skills: Eva is a skilled guitar player and singer, and likes to show off these skills wherever she can find an audience. She is quite quick and agile.
Weapon(s) and/or Tool(s): Eva doesn't carry any weapons -- she believes her elemental and mask powers are enough to protect her in a fight -- but she has her guitar on her at all times, usually kept in a case she carries slung over her back or under her arm.
Personality: Eva is quite self-assured, certain of her own identity, and usually fairly grounded and calm. However, her emotions tend to get the better of her, meaning that she'll sometimes run into things without thinking. She loves music, playing and singing whenever she can, although usually in private.
Biography: Eva lived on Mata Nui all her life, growing up in Le-Koro. Its tradition of music inspired her to pursue a career in it, leading her to travel across the island busking in the various Koro. With the recent paranoia and tensions among the villages, though, this has become a noticeably less profitable job, so she tends to look for jobs serving in inns and the like.
Weakness(es): As mentioned in her Personality field, Eva's emotions can often get the better of her, leading her to make rash decisions. Despite her mask, she is not a good fighter, and if she rushes into one she's likely to fail.
Name: Incommodo
Species: Toa of Magnetism
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Kanohi: Kualsi (Shaped as a Mahiki)
Appearance: Incommodo is primarily navy blue, with some grey incorporated. His eyes are a medium blue in colour.[/size][/size]
Powers: Magnetism, Quick Travel
Weapon(s): Two small blades (John and Edward).
Personality: Incommodo would like to believe he's intelligent. He may well be, but that doesn't come through past his hyperactivity and tendency to act without thinking, earning him a reputation as being somewhat thick, and incredibly annoying.
This reputation is entirely correct.
Biography: A lot of stuff happened and Arkrak is his best friend. Done. Also Nikarra is his sister, and almost every character of mine from last season is somehow related to him.
Weakness(es): His power over Magnetism can be neutralised (or whatever the appropriate word is) by heat, and he still retains some evidence of pyrophobia, and more recently porphyrophobia, but that is something else.
Name: Commodum
Species: Toa of Magnetism
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral (wow this is becoming a theme)
Kanohi: Kualsi (Shaped as a Rau)
Appearance: Commodum is primarily navy blue, with medium blue eyes. (what a description, eh?)
Powers: Magnetism, Quick Travel
Weapon(s): a knife? probably?
Personality: Commodum means well. Honestly, she does. She just tends to be rash, and obsessive, and annoying as Karz, and -- basically read Incommodo's profile. Ironically, she is one of the characters from last season who is not, in fact, related to him.
Weakness(es): Magnetism can't be used in extreme heat. Also if she can't see, she can't use her Kualsi. Take that as you will.
Name: Tueris
Species: Toa of Lightning
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Appearance: Here. Tueris is tall and thin, not particularly muscular. What he lacks in strength, though, he makes up for in speed, being quite quick and agile (although his lack of strength is made up for by his mask). He has dark blue eyes.
Kanohi: Pakari
Personality: While Tueris may be a younger Toa, he is not inexperienced or naive. He follows the Toa Code to the letter -- loopholes included. He will not hesitate to kill an opponent if the only other choice is his own death, although he has only been in such a situation twice. He treats being a Toa as something serious, also unlike younger Toa.
Powers: Elemental Lightning, Strength
Weapon(s): An oddly shaped Toa tool which he uses to shoot bolts of lightning in his right hand, and a metal claw in his left, which he will occasionally electrify.
Biography: As a very young Toa, Tueris lost his team. Since then, he has taken all the responsibility of being a Toa as seriously as possible and followed the Toa Code, but he also seems to be searching for the Vortixx responsible for his team's demise. After being involved in fighting off the Rahkshi outside Ko-Koro, he decided that it was time he learned to work with others once again, and his current goal is to make a Toa Team.
Weakness(es): Tueris can be too aggressive in a fight, getting too caught up in his own attacks to pay attention and defend himself.
Name: Vhéarus S’Akamh
Species: Toa of Sonics
Gender: Male
Alignment: Unknown
Occupation: Professional killer?
Kanohi: Huna (shaped as a Kualsi)
Appearance: Tall and lanky to the point where he almost seems deformed, Vhéarus is primarily dark green in colour, but his underlying armour appears to be black. His eyes are blood-red in colour, and his fingers are abnormally long and thin, standing out against his fairly well-proportioned hands.
Powers: Sonics, Concealment
Abilities and Skills: Vhéarus, despite what his appearance might suggest, is abnormally strong. He’s also quite quick and agile, abilities he uses to his advantage whenever possible.
Weapon(s): Vhéarus carries no weapons.
Personality: Vhéarus is very proud, and very secretive. He takes no joy in killing, but he does what he believes is necessary, expressing his regret to his victims as they die and often visiting their funerals in secret.
Biography: Vhéarus appears to be foreign, but has spent a long time on Mata Nui. Anything past this is uncertain.
Weakness(es): Vhéarus’ pride prevents him from carrying a weapon, which wouldn’t work in his favour in anything other than a hand-to-hand fight.





Name: Lyna

Species: Ga-Matoran

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Occupation(s): Ex-Detective, Reluctant Guard of Temples and Being Unoccupied

Kanohi: Powerless Akaku

Appearance: Blue. She's blue. She's blue and looks well-rested and just a tad emaciated, with yellow eyes that simultaneously convey exhaustion and having spent too much time sleeping.

Abilities and Skills: Surviving extreme boredom over extended periods of time, drawing x's and o's on a grid with three rows and three columns, and beating the stuffing out of people who get in her way. Or walls. She's done a lot of beating walls recently. And not so recently. She's been doing it for a long time, actually, and she imagines that there are few walls that could stand up to her in a fight except those that she is currently fighting. But they'll give in soon enough.

Weapon(s): Would you believe it, she's lacking one. They took her knife off her when they trapped her down there. She liked that knife.

Personality: Lyna is intelligent and Lyna is violent and Lyna is more than a little peeved, snarky and sarcastic, after being trapped for a very long time.

Biography: Lyna used to be very devoted to the law. Exceptionally so. She worked with the Marines, and took great pleasure in beating up those who didn't respect the law, after which she would look in the mirror and offer up  a single tear for her terrible act against the law in beating up a prisoner and saying they fell over. And then, mid-investigation, she was misled, and trapped in an underground temple. That was before the First Toa became a thing.

She's still there.

Weakness(es): Being a Matoran, Lyna has no Kanohi or Elemental powers.





Name: Donal

Species: Toa of Iron

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Calix

Appearance: Tall, dark and handsome, Donal takes great pride in his appearance. His muscles don't exactly bulge from his armour, but just looking at him you can still tell that he's strong, stronger than most. He's thin, but proportionately so -- in fact, every little detail of his physical appearance is proportionate and symmetrical. Donal is an image of physical perfection, with emerald-green eyes and high cheekbones, in his own mind a particularly aesthetically pleasing gift upon the people of Mata Nui.

Powers: Iron, the Calix

Abilities and Skills: Donal, along with his physical prowess, took an interest in the creative -- although specifically art. Over time, he's developed his talents, and considers himself one of the better artists on the island. Recently, he's taken to carving images into crystal and stone and manipulating metal in order to create indents of images. Most of them are fairly simplistic, but given time he can create more complex designs.

Weapon(s): He keeps a sword sheathed on his back, and a knife at his waist, but he'll often make weapons on the fly in a fight, resorting to these only whenever he lacks either the time or patience.

Personality: Donal is well-mannered, confident and charismatic -- at first glance. But underneath, his nature is a dark and twisted thing, sadistic and apathetic to all plights but his own. He is always seeking to further himself, gain more power and win the hearts of those around him, to convince those who have wronged or underestimated him in the past of his true potential and then laugh in their faces as he brutally kills them. He is misogynistic and violent, as well as cunning and manipulative, but he downplays these while interacting with others, keeping his nicer traits to the fore.

Biography: Donal was born into a poor family in a Le-Wahi village, with a kind father and a generous mother who were forced to throw him out on to the streets when he revealed his true nature. The life he has led since then has been nomadic, travelling from place to place, taking advantage of the generosity of anyone his charm can win over in order to stay with them until he grows bored and then steal anything their place of residence has to offer. Now, though, he's grown tired of simply stealing or cashing in on the kindness of others, searching for a larger purpose -- although he might occasionally indulge in them all the same.

Weakness(es): Donal can be quick to anger, and once he does he gives little thought to his actions and is as such easier to trip up.





Name: Koura

Species: Vo-Matoran

Gender: Female

Kanohi: Volitak

Appearance: Virtually unknown. Her Volitak is grey and her eyes are a deep gold, but otherwise she's always seen entirely covered by a hooded black cloak, bearing a strange, hourglass-like marking on the back.

Biography: Little is known of Koura's past, except that at some point she became involved with the 'like-minded individuals', with whom she now works. Having inherited a large sum of money from her parents, recently run afoul of a suspicious death, she contributes her wealth to the aforementioned individuals to secure her position among them.

Weakness(es): Being a Matoran, Koura has no powers.





Name: Antedil

Species: Fe-Matoran

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Powerless Great Iden

Appearance: Antedil is a dark grey Matoran, about average height, with images carved into his upper arms -- on both, a symmetrical hourglass-like shape, two triangles placed one on top of the other, with a smaller but identically proportioned triangle at the centre of each. A line runs through the middle of the two smaller triangles, from the upper's flat top to the lower's base. He wears a metal necklace in a similar shape but it's just the upper triangle pointing downwards, with a line running through the smaller triangle from its roof to a little below the larger triangle's point. Another line is present, too, coming upwards from the roof of the larger triangle, and perfectly aligned with the other, the chord that goes around his neck being being strung through it. His eyes are indigo in colour, and strong, something strangely unsettling and somehow hypnotic in the colour's intensity. As a result of this, Antedil often avoids eye contact with others unless he sees immediate benefit in its effects. When in public, he wears a brown coat, hiding the carvings on his arms from view to avoid questions on their meaning, the otherwise innocuous shapes almost seeming to be connected to some dark trauma in his past.

Personality: Antedil is charming and charismatic, if a tad secretive and aloof on occasion. He demonstrates patience at all times, always willing to wait out something or someone that he finds inconvenient without dropping a pleasant facade.

Biography: Some time ago, Antedil was part of the Sentinels and a dedicated member at that; although he wasn't well known, he was liked. However, some time after Makuta's downfall he left the Sentinels and Po-Koro and wandered around the island for some time, searching for a purpose, until he realised that his heart remained in the place he called home and that his duty was to it.

Weakness(es): Antedil has no powers.




Antedil's necklace is a Cult pendant, although he cannot use it and is unaware of its abilities.





Name: Kiaelus

Species: Turaga of Earth

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Noble Matatu, in the shape of a Noble Huna

Appearance: Kiaelus, more commonly referred to as 'Kiael', stands only slightly taller than most Turaga, and is primarily a dark grey in colour, with some lighter accents. His eyes are orange in colour. His body is covered in black tattoos, which he claims connect him to the Gods.

Equipment: A metal pendant which hangs around his neck and allows him to project illusions onto smoke or steam (further details at the bottom of the profile page, approved by EmpressYumiwa).

Personality: Kiael is completely dedicated to his Gods and to their commandments, offering the sacrifices that they demand with a fervent zeal. He does not, however, care quite so much for the people of Mata Nui. Mortals are flawed by their very nature, selfish and sinful, and the only way to cleanse them is by their own blood. He, however, as the Gods' chosen, stands above the rest -- he is no longer a victim of his own vices. He is as close to perfect as anyone could be -- selfless, he would sacrifice anything and everything for the Gods, having left his emotional attachments behind him upon taking the position of High Priest.

Biography: Many centuries ago, Kiaelus was offered the rank of High Priest within the Cult, and he accepted it without hesitation, becoming a Turaga in order to fully invest himself in his new purpose. Since then, he has lived beneath Ga-Wahi and led the worship of his Gods, sacrificing tributes whenever sacrifice was necessary.

Weakness(es): While wearing his pendant, Kiaelus cannot use his elemental powers. As a Turaga, he is shorter and physically weaker than the vast majority of Toa.







Cult Pendant


A maximum of six Pendants can exist at any one time. When worn or held by a Toa or Turaga, they lose access to their elemental powers -- but if they have been fully trained in the Pendant's usage, they can use it to project illusions on to steam or smoke. Each 'object' within an illusion can be assigned one colour, and any illusory objects will be surrounded by an ethereal glow, meaning that it is very unlikely that someone would mistake an illusion for an actual object. Illusions are restricted to the area covered by the aforementioned smoke or steam.

All the pendants are metal, and have the shape of a large triangle, pointing downwards. A smaller triangle is centred within it, and a line runs from the top of the smaller triangle through its centre, and continues through the point of the larger triangle. Another line protrudes from the top of the larger triangle, centred so as to look like a continuation of the other line, cut off in the space between the large triangle and the small. A chord is threaded through the top so that it can be worn around a Priest's neck. Pendants cannot be created without my permission. The Pendant was approved by EmpressYumiwa (EmperorWhenua).

Edited by Indigo Individual


Nikarra - Kaelynn - Ronan - Muir - Donal Aerus - Montague - Kira - KouraLearu - Alteora - Fuacht - Caana Nessen - Merrill

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(Work in progress)
Name: Torron (TOR-on)
Species: Toa
Element: Stone
Gender: Male
Appearance: Torron is a few inches taller than most toa. Clad in gray armor, with brown at the joints.
Powers: Element of Stone.

  • An average sword, long, fairly thin. Handle rapped in insulation (to protect user from electricity attacks). 
  • Kanohi Pehkui
  • A length of cable

Biography: In the old days of Mata Nui, Torron was your average sculptor and Koli star, but other than that, not much thrill. One day, he was out on a trek from the Po-Koro entrance to Onu-Koro, to buy a new pickaxe. He tripped on a particular rock, and, when pending over, realized this rock was perfectly symmetrically shaped. He brought it back to the Po-Suva (where else), and begun his life as a Toa. Worried that he would be shunned by his friends, Torron went into hiding, and to this day, the entirety of Po-Koro assumes he was dead. This is the reason he avoids Po-Koro as much as possible.
Personality: Despite being a star Koli player, Torron has little self-confidence. He usually thinks rationally. He usually has no patience for wacky or ridiculous ideas, and for that reason, is often mistaken for boringness. Other than that, he has a cheerful but bad sense of humor.
Weaknesses: Physical:
Running. Torron can run particularly fast for about 200 yards, then gets exhausted.
Torron has little self confidence. If there's a particularly difficult task at hand, he will usually chicken out.

Skills: Torron is particularly strong, understandable for being both a sculptor and a Koli player.

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Name: Nova

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Nova's build is similar to the Toa Metru's. His armor is light blue with silver undertones. Behind his light blue Kanohi Kakama are golden-yellow eyes.

Mask: Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed

Weapon: Sword with long hilt

Powers: Fire

Biography: Nova has always wanted to be unique; his light blue armor, highly unusual for a Ta-Matoran, is just a fraction of that goal. Through little more than luck, he found a Toa stone that transformed him into a Toa of Fire. In a fit of wistfulness, he began pushing himself to his limits with a strenuous training schedule that left him with legs like jelly every night. One day, he pushed himself to charge a nova blast, just to know what it felt like; but the immense power required proved too much for Nova, and, afraid he would burn the island of Mata Nui to the ground if he released the fire, he reabsorbed it into his body. The action left him weakened and trapped a large amount of power within his body that he cannot release at once, no matter how hard he tries; his body is stressed from storing such power, irking Nova to no end.

Nova now tries to remain neutral in conflicts between Koros but finds his values challenged by what can be best termed as peer pressure. He can't believe Mata Nui could turn on itself, is scared by the corruption gripping the island, and often spends nights thinking he is alone in the world.

Personality: Unlike most Toa of Fire, Nova is generally subdued. He often fears he is on the brink of insanity: Because of the power locked up inside his body, he is often under mental stress, suffering from numerous headaches and odd bouts of annoyance. Apart from his condition, however, Nova is sociable in a quiet way. He doesn't like being in the spotlight and thus can normally be found in the corner of a room. He's determined to correct his mistakes and continues to train hard. His dream is to become a legendary Toa warrior; thus, his devotion to his friends and the Toa Code is indefatigable.

Weakness: Sometimes Nova can't help but try to release all his power in one go; in doing this he drains his actually available power and can be greatly weakened because of this. His swordsmanship is only decent, so he generally makes up for it in usage of his Kakama and hand-to-hand fighting.




Name: Kynaera

Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Appearance: Somewhat on the short side for a Toa: only six feet, ten and a half inches, eleven if her back is straight as a ruler. Healthy weight-to-height ratio: not skinny, not thick, just average. Sleek purple armor over flexible black and silver under-armor. Wears a wispy black cloak and a belt, upon which are mounted three throwing knife holsters and a carry-pouch. Keen green eyes behind a purple, feminine variant of a Great Kanohi Kualsi.

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Teleportation

Weapon: Three throwing knives on her belt; a staff with a blade on each end (the blades are retractable via a mechanical switch).

Power: Gravity

Biography: Soon after the Makuta took control of the island Mata Nui, Kynaera decided she would be of no use fighting him and so sought audience with him, devoting herself to servitude under his rule. When Makuta's rule collapsed, so did Kynaera's purpose. Without a victorious side to support, and with so much sin in her past, she feels lost and sullied, and so serves as a neutral sort of mercenary.

Personality: Cynical, thoughtful, logical. Kynaera has always been more interested in mental discipline than physical conditioning; she thus became skilled in eye-hand coordination, elemental and Kanohi techniques, meditation, and playing the eye of the storm in battle. Her focus tends to be on subtle things--facial expressions, small irregularities in scenes, emotions, the warning bell in the back of her mind. She often trusts her gut feeling despite receiving mixed results. She has no trouble making eye contact with people. She has learned to limit her expression of emotion. Despite her general patience, misunderstandings, unneeded hesitations, and illogical thinking all easily catalyze her frustration. She has a fear of being vulnerable and compensates by exuding confidence. She prefers to work alone, but if she must work with others, she wants control so she can keep others from screwing up.

She refuses to kill anyone except those most despicable.

Weakness: Kynaera's strength is only passable; she tends to compensate for her lack of grappling capacity with speed and acrobatics, though this can't help her if she's trapped at close quarters. When she's helpless, trapped, or both, her moderate claustrophobia surfaces.

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Name: Vompran

Species: toa

gender: male

element: plant-life

alignment: chaotic-good.

mask: matatu (mask of telekinesis)

Appearance: Has a robotic right arm and an artificial right leg. He has the body build of a green and blue toa Mata. He has a very athletic build.

Weapon: sythe/grappling hook with a bladed edge. He carries a travel satchel.

Biography: http://bzprpg.wikia.com/wiki/Vompran

Backstory: Vompran believes that it is his duty to keep the world in balance. He was once an adventurous officer in the largest faction on Mata Nui during the Makuta war, but retired in shame after losing his arm and leg to a toa of sonics. Emotionally scarred, Vompran traveled away from the island to find someone able to craft a mechanical arm. Guilty for leaving his friends, Vompran decided to return to the island of Mata Nui in order to pick up where he left off in his quest for justice.

Personality: Before his injury, Vompran was young, adventurous, and naive. He has since become experienced and wiser. He has a strong desire for justice, and is always deeply offended when someone violates the toa code or the three virtues. Vompran carries a deep regret for having to leave his friends during time of crisis in order to obtain a new arm. He feels that no matter how many good deeds he commits, or how many Matoran he saves, it's just not enough to make up for his abandonment.

Weaknesses: His right arm lacks coordination and speed because it is completely mechanical. He is subconsciously afraid of sonic attacks, and dark-purple-armored warriors because they remind him of the toa that destroyed his limbs in the Makuta War causing him to hesitate when he fights. Vompran gets very touchy when it comes to the subject of abandonment.

Edited by Elemental Ussal


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Nipaki (Picture)


Species: Ko-Matoran

Description: White body with light blue Kanohi Miru, feet, and arms

Gender: Male

Powers and/or weapons: Ice Picks

Technological items: None

Weaknesses: Stubborn and inexperienced in combat, although he'd like to think otherwise.

Alignment: (League of Koros) Ko-Koro. Nipaki sees the value in the three virtues, and wishes that the koros would work together again, but is a realist and sees no complete re-unification in the near future. For this reason, he looks out for his fellow Ko-korans and anyone allied with him.

Personality and traits: Nipaki is a stereotypical Ko-Koran: stubborn and cold. He is very down-to-earth and always tries to look at things objectively, which is not always easy. He does not back down easily to challenges, but knows when to admit defeat. He is friendly to all, even though he may not trust them completely.

History: Nipaki is one of many, many astronomers in Ko-Koro, and has had that position since Mata Nui was first settled and jobs were distributed. He values his work highly and tends to be a bit boastful of his capabilities. He also operates a small general store out of his house in central Ko-Koro, where he sells useful items to those who pass through. Nipaki has recently expressed an interest in travelling outside Ko-Koro to become a delegate to the other Koros. He wants to promote the interests and agendas of Ko-Koro in other Wahis, since he believes cooperation between Koros is the key to strengthening Ko-Koro itself.


Nipaki is the founder of the League of Koros (LOK), a small group of like-minded matoran from several different Koros, all wishing to see more inter-Koro cooperation. Each member of the league represents their Koro and tries to promote goodwill and cooperation between the Wahis in a grassroots manner. Most of this is done without any official approval from the Akiri, and if their actions were to be discovered, could prove to be illegal in some of the more conservative Koros.



Status: At his house in Ko-Koro, hoping to become a diplomat.



Maripo (Picture)


Species: Ba-Matoran

Description: Black Kanohi Kiril. Black body with purple arms and legs.

Gender: Male

Powers and/or weapons: None

Technological items: Gravity Drill

Weaknesses: Like many Matoran, Maripo is not very experienced in combat. He is also not very fast, and is somewhat lazy.

Alignment: (League of Koros) Onu-Koro

Personality and traits: Maripo is a good-natured Matoran of Gravity, although he feels most at home in Onu-Koro, where he works as a linguist, offering his services to those in need of a translator. He is fluent in both Skakdi and Vortixx and can cross-translate documents if asked. If asked to describe him in one word, many of his colleagues would say, "good".

History: Maripo is generally viewed as overly liberal and progressive, but this stems from his naturally kind heart and easygoing temperament. Maripo dreams of an interconnected and unified Mata Nui, and became a translator in hopes of promoting cultural understanding and the idea of peace. He currently resides in Onu-Koro, but constantly travels to other Koros to promote goodwill between the cities.


Status: Traveling to Ko-Koro to meet with his friend, Nipaki.




Kapa (Picture)


Species: Po-Matoran

Description: Tan Kanohi Ruru. Brown body with tan arms and legs.

Gender: Male

Powers and/or weapons: Stone Chisels

Technological items: none

Weaknesses: Proud and at times overly patriotic towards Po-Wahi. Can be hotheaded from time to time.

Alignment: (League of Koros) Po-Koro

Personality and Traits: Kapa can be very proud, and tends to boast quite heavily when a piece of his stonework is displayed. He is a stonecutter by trade, and an artist during his spare time. Kapa loves to impress and entertain, a trait which makes him a good member of the LOK, where he organizes get-togethers and parties for their cause. When he is tired, he can become quite cranky and mean.

History: Kapa always loved getting attention for his works from everyone passing through Po-Koro. He would often sell small pieces of artwork to those visiting the city. Once the tourism dried up, however, he joined the League of Koros to try and regain some of his business. He is very to the point and business-oriented, but serves the group well.


Status: Travelling to Ko-Koro for a meeting of the LOK.


Other LOK Members:


Apitu: Le-Matoran musician; believes strongly in the unification of Le-Koro with others, but, like Nipaki, is a realist, and does not see total reunification happening any time soon.

Paito: Le-Matoran woodcarver; wants to see Le-Koro strenthened.

Kupowe: Va-Matoran rahi-herder; has no alleigance to a Koro, but believes in inter-matoran cooperation.

Laapi: Ga-Matoran fisher; friend of Kupowe's

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Name: Idar


Species: Toa


Alignment: Neutral


Gender: Male


Appearance: Toa Idar has a primary colour of Dark red with black and drak grey accents. He has big, dark green eyes and if one look deep into his eyes you can see the the burning village of Ta-Scandi. He have armour on his feet, shoulders, torso and on the upper part of his legs. he has a avarege height for a Toa and pretty slim for a Toa with Kanohi Pakari.PNS2eFt.jpg

Weapon(s): None


Mask: Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength


Element: Fire

Traits: Toa Idar loves telling bad puns and he is very insecure around Ga-Toas and Po-Toas (Ga because Toa Idar is very shy around Women and Po because most Po-Toas He have met have always been making fun of im and taunt him.) Toa Idar has a big hatred for the entire Skakdi race because his entire Toa Team was slain by them. Toa Idar hates to work with other people because he feels guilt in the death of all the Toa Scandi and the matorans on Scandi-Nui.


Biography: Toa Idar awakend at the island Scandi-Nui a 1 000 years ago. He was the leader of the Toa Team, Toa Scandi. One day Ta-Scandi is attacked by a swarm of vicious Skakdi who slayed all of Toa Scandi Except Toa Idar who barely escaped in one of the skakdi's boats. After years on the sea, floating North-East looking for a place to live, a place to be. He finally arrives on Mata-Nui. Toa Idar now walks around in the shadows of the Charred Forest, looking for Rahis he can slay and sell to earn widgets enough to buy the equipment he needs to take revenge on the Skakdi.


Weakness(es): The elements water and ice. Toa Idar can not swim, can't hold his breath for very long and is afraid of beeing frozen in ice.

Edited by Toa Idar
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(Italics represent updates after their introduction.)

Name: Komae Jishin
Species: Po-Matoran
Alignment: Morally neutral, largely loyal to Po-Koro 
Gender: Male 
Appearance: Komae is a fairly plain-looking Po-Matoran; he stands neither particularly tall nor particularly short, his light-brown Calix has no real distinguishing features, his limbs are a plain dark brown and his torso a simple beige.  Perhaps his only distinguishing physical characteristic is a two-sided scar on his left hand, a ragged circle visible on both the palm and the back.  On most days, he wears an unassuming brown satchel on his back, a sand-colored scarf, and a simple belt with a knife in one side around his waist.  When traveling, he generally wears light leather armor. 
Weapon(s): Komae is known to carry a sharpened stone dagger that he painstakingly chiseled himself.  Though not as effective at piercing armor as one of metal, it is remarkably sturdy and carries an extremely sharp edge that lends itself well for use against unarmored foes or in more practical applications. 
Powers: None. 
Traits: Komae is largely friendly and outgoing to those he meets, and carries few prejudices.  When a business or trading opportunity presents itself, he's eager to take it, and prefers deals where both sides walk away satisfied to those where one profits at the other's expense.  However, he is extremely slow to trust others beyond the terms of a deal, and beneath his friendly personality carries an iron will and a commitment not to divulge any more about himself than necessary.  Above all, he detests betrayal, and if double-crossed is capable of holding a permanent grudge.  His recent travels have begun to jade him slightly, and while still optimistic and friendly to most, his impatience with those he sees as slacking off on their duties is now more apparent.
Komae also has a fondness for hearing stories, and is highly respectful of those who have proven themselves heroes, particularly Toa. Physically, Komae is a capable long-distance runner, and as a sometimes carver he has learned to be extremely precise in his movements - with the exception of his left hand, which is weakened from an old injury. 
Biography: Komae is a Po-Matoran trader and carver who has lived a largely unassuming life.  Sometime after the fall of the First Toa, Komae's left hand was badly injured in a struggle against an infected Rahi in the desert, but when asked for details he is quick to change the subject.  Since then, he has maintained a simple life as a trader, though in recent times he has fallen back more on carving as a job, given the restricted travel and strained relations between Po-Koro and the other villages.  Though he has shown interest in the Makuta's vault, he seems to hold no particular ambition towards opening it himself; instead, he keeps an ear out for stories of others' attempts to do so, and is happy to pass on any such news to anyone interested.
In recent months, Komae left Po-Koro on a sales expedition. While the massive profit he wound up with was more his business partner's doing than his own, his broadened horizons have put a bit more life back into him, and the news of the Abettor's discovery has only strengthened his belief that it is inevitable the Vault will one day be opened - though by who and how, he has no idea.
Weakness(es): As a Matoran, Komae holds the natural disadvantage of a lack of any particular powers, and his long-standing injury to his left hand makes it difficult for him to skillfully wield larger objects or keep a steady grip on things with it.  In addition, his distrusting personality and tendency towards grudges can make it difficult for him to form long-term alliances beyond business deals. His distaste for those he sees as ignoring their duties can also lead to him butting heads with less upstanding members of society.


Name: Soraya Plangori

Species: Dashi

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral good

Appearance: Soraya is a bit on the short side and a strong sea-green from head to toe; she wears a powerless Kakama. Her attire varies with her activities - when brokering a deal or meeting with those far above her on the social ladder, she opts for a subdued, formal robe of plum, with heavy black and white highlights so as to represent her clan's colors and to set herself outside of the usual clan politics.
Otherwise, she wears (and prefers) a less formal, open jacket that gives her hands and arms plenty of freedom. Unlike her robe, which uses blacks and whites closer to grey and fades between the colors, the jacket is split three ways; the left arm is pitch black, the right stark-white (save spatters of dye from her work), and the main body plum. A larger version of her clan's signature emblem is emblazoned across the back. She is careful, however, to avoid letting any of the plum color of her clothing come too close to the Umbraline purple.

Weapons and Tools: Soraya is a merchant and artisan, not a fighter; nevertheless, she believes there is no such thing as being too cautious, and keeps a long, slender blade almost like an awl sheathed inside specially-made pouches in the linings of her jackets and robes. She also generally carries a small satchel with needle, thread, and patches of various colors which she can use to either repair damage or to sell a potential customer on the quality of her clan's dyes.

Biography: Soraya is a determined, skilled saihoko from the Plangori clan, who handle the brilliant dyes that give color to the garb of clans across the archipelago. Though she carries some skill as a ringti herself - necessary in her particular line of work - it was through peddling the clan's dyes that she made her name, and what ultimately led to her being chosen as the Plangori's dedicated merchant to the Umbralines. Though an occasionally hot-headed and stubborn person, her eager belief in the quality of her clan's work, as well as her refusal to flinch in the face of intimidation, made her the best candidate to handle sales to the royal family and its clan.

While her primary job remains to broker deals for the dyes and clothing of the royal family and the remainder of the Umbraline clan, her other key purpose is to keep the Umbralines happy with their purchases; if the dye of a cloth fades too quickly, or if a ceremonial garb is damaged at an inopportune moment, Soraya is expected to do whatever it takes to fix the damage and keep relations between the two clans strong. Though not forbidden from selling her clan's wares to others, she understands that in the capitol, things as simple as a saihoko selling the same quality goods to an opposing clan could be seen as an affront, and as such limits her personal sales projects - a chafing but necessary sacrifice.


As a child, Soraya looked up to and loved her mother deeply, but she died while traveling away from the clan when Soraya was very young.  Over the years, she has forgotten her mother's face almost entirely, but holds onto memories of her voice and the advice she passed down.


Traits and Weaknesses: Soraya is tough and prideful, which can serve as both blessing and curse in Dasaka society (usually the latter). While she'll go to any lengths to prove her clan's skill in dye-making or to keep a customer happy, she finds herself impatient in the face of others' mistakes, and on bad days has even been known to momentarily forget her place and chide Menti unfortunate enough to disturb her work or her goods.

An active exerciser in her (little) spare time and a native of the jungle like all Plangori, Soraya has good physical endurance and strength. However, as a Dashi, she carries essentially no mental or psionic powers, a fact which irritates her greatly when she suspects someone is using them on her. She has a particular distaste for Willhamer users; though she recognizes the work put into it and the value it carries for one's clan, she cannot help but feel it is dishonest to force one's will onto another. Between this and her pride, working with the Umbralines has been a trying, if necessarily humbling, experience.



Name: Bohrei Tantarus

Species: Onu-Skakdi

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful neutral

Appearance: Bohrei is a middle-aged Skakdi with more than her fair share of scars and bruises earned over the years.  When on the job as coroner, she sticks to a set of plain gray and black work jackets carefully cut to accomodate Skakdi.  Her attire isn't much louder off the clock, with only simple dark blue or red coverings over her natural armor.  She also wears a loose-hanging bracelet of silver on her left wrist that she has carried for many years.

Weapons and Tools: Bohrei still carries the revolver she used during her days as a mercenary; as a coroner, she also knows her way around most simple medical tools, and keeps a scalpel handy.


Powers: Earth elemental power when she's partnered with another Skakdi - which is approximately never - and X-ray vision.

Biography: An Onu-Skakdi who has taken up residence in Ta-Koro as a freelance coroner working with the Guard and investigative corps, Bohrei is cool and collected, making her a good fit for her job.  Though she rarely speaks about her past, she had a brief stint in a small mercenary group.  When one of the members was infected by the Makuta's forces, the rest were left with no choice but to kill him.  As they buried him, she saw how the infection had warped his body, and found herself wondering what it would be like to find someone dead like this without knowing what killed them.  What if it was a friend? A lover? The pain of not knowing must surely be immense.

She left the group not long after, citing a weariness in fighting; her wanderings soon took her to Ta-Koro, where she put her knowledge of death to more constructive use as a coroner.  She works now to serve the community in the small way of determining what carried its members to the afterlife.  

When the cause of death is unclear or contradictory, Bohrei is known to work overtime, hounding anyone and everyone connected to the case in a search for answers.  

Traits and Weaknesses: Bohrei may be closer to a doctor than a fighter these days, but her survival skills are, if no longer top-notch, still quite solid.  Still, her comparatively non-physical job, age, and old wounds settling in have made her slow to move, allowing nimble opponents to get the jump on her if she lets her guard down.

Emotionally, Bohrei is stable as a rock; very little can surprise her or elicit a sharp reaction.  However, she despises cowardice and those who would hide the truth for petty reasons, and considers the act of defiling a body - particularly to hide the victim's cause of death - utterly unforgivable.

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Name: TorakGender: MaleSpecies:ToaAlignment: GoodDescription: http://www.brickshel...E/toa_torak.png Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Element: AirMask: A Volitak with telescope shaped KadinWeapon: Air SwordPersonality:.He is mostly sane although there are times where he can become completely insane, He also dislikes crowds, he can also be somewhat of hyper a times, he is also incredibly smart as well as fast and he is also known for being a little sarcastic at times.Weakness:.He is weak and he lacks in armor.Biography: One day he just woke up in Le-Wahi and could only remember his name and much more except his past.Name: MahikuGender: MaleSpecies: Ta-MatoranAlignment: GoodDescription:http://www.brickshel...tru_matoran.png Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Element: Powerless fireMask: Powerless MahikiWeapon:.Echo ForksPersonality:.He is your average happy, hyper, excited type of guy who always seems to find good in everything who has a large amount of strength even for a matoran and is of average intelligence.Weakness:.He is very slow.Biography: He doesn’t have much history about himself due to the fact that he is a newly made matoran. Name: CaracoGender: MaleSpecies: Onu-MatoranAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshel...CLE/caraco..png Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: Pulse Bolt GeneratorsMask: Powerless HauPowers: Powerless earthPersonality: Extremely Hyper, completely insane, Impulsive, impatient, medium intelligence.Biography: He is a newly created Onu-MatoranWeaknesses: Most of his personality is his weakness also his lack of speed.Name: AgoneorokGender: MaleSpecies: Le-MatoranAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshel...u_nui_style.png Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: Shredder ClawsPowers: Powerless AirMask: Powerless Hau Nuva Shaped HauPersonality: He is very sarcastic type of person, He has always been very serious and is also a pessimist.Biography: He is a newly created Matoran of Le-Koro.Weaknesses: He is often to serious to enjoy life he is as well a pessimist as well lacks in strength.Name: KumaGender: MaleSpecies: Ta-MatoranAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshel...tru_matoran.png Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: RepellersPowers: Powerless FireMask: Powerless Kakama Nuva Shaped KakamaPersonality: He has always been an always optomistic type of guy, he has always been gentle and likes to stay home.Biography: All his life he has worked as a blacksmith.Weaknesses: He hates fighting or hurting anyone.Name: MorokGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of fireAlignment: Chaotic GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshel...NICLE/morok.png Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: Magma SwordsPowers: FireMask: PakariPersonality: He is always looking for a fight, he has a strong scenes of justice some times as well as a twisted sense of humor.Biography: He once lived off the island of Mata Nui as a simple civilian, however, due to having his island threatened he was foced to become a toa. He, however, failed to protect that island. He now is looking for a meaning in life....as well as the person who destroyed his home.

Weaknesses: He loves fighting, he is also reckless, he has a lack of armor, he is also impatient, and over confidant in battle.Name: ConguzuGender: MaleSpecies: Onu-MatoranAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshel...E/congzu..pngCredit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: Electro-BladeMask: Powerless Noble RuruPowers: Powerless earthPersonality: He has a great sense of humor, he is of high intelligence, and he is also a quick thinker.Biography: He is a newly created Onu-Matoran.Weaknesses: He for some reason HATES using melee weapons, he is also not very good at dodging things.

§ Name: Murcurius


§ Species: Fe-Toa


§ Appearance: Tall, Muscular, he is orange and silver


§ Mask: Great Akaku


§ Gender: Male


§ Powers and/or weapons: Ice Gun and elemental iron


§ Personality: Willing to do any job for a price. Murcurius is highly intelligent,


§ Alignment : Chaotic Neutral


§ Personality and history: He has worked as a mercenary, many times in his life and is great at it.

Weakness: His weakness is his lack of armor: leaving him highly vulnerable. He is also overconfident as well as Ill-Tempered.

§ Name: Vuracious


§ Species: Le-Toa


§ Appearance: Tall, Muscular, he is Dark Green and Gunmetal he also wears a black cape.


§ Mask: Great Miru shaped Matatu


§ Gender: Male


§ Powers and/or weapons: Air Axe and elemental Air


§ Personality: He hunts down people he hates for a price, he is intelligent as well as over confidence that is close to bordering insanity. His negation tactic is torturing.


§ Alignment : Evil

§ history: He hunts down people he knows simply for the fun of it. Friends or foes.

Weakness: His over confidence, and his ill-tempered personality

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Name: Vakle Sein (Pronounced Va-klay Say-n)

Species: Toa

Appearance: Vakle's armor is a dark forest green, dominating his color scheme. A few small pieces of gunmetal armor are scattered across his body.

Gender: Male

Powers and equipment: Vakle is a Toa of The Green, and carries only a small pair of claws. He rarely uses these however, and relies mostly on his own physical and elemental abilities.

Weakness: Vakle's abilities are dampened in intense heat, as there are fewer plants growing in warmer climates. Thus, flame is also one of his weaknesses, cutting him off from his element and overheating his armor. He also rushes into things like a Ta-being, and doesn't think things through until he is doing them.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: Vakle is a traveler, and usually stays out of everyone's business. However, on occasion, he has become involved. It was at one particular village he was staying in when a Kane-Ra came smashing through it, destroying everything in it's path, including his hotel room. Vakle didn't take very kindly to this. He jumped out of the gaping hole in his room, over a body or two(he didn't stop to check if they were dead or alive), and onto the back of the Kane-Ra. The Kane-Ra felt his presence on it's upper back, and began to buck and attempt to throw him to the ground, where it would have a better target. But as it flailed and kicked, it's movements became slower, and more fatigued. The Best finally fell to the ground, and began panting heavily. The villagers were astonished, and quickly gave Vakle a Post-name for his valiance. This name was Sein, and translates to "Tamer". Vakle left soon after, without a word. Later, the villagers started to haul the beast back into the neighboring jungle, when they found a thick coat of moss covering the inner joints of the bull

Personality and traits: Vakle is a loner, but is not afraid to mingle. He speaks his mind, and gives his opinion often, even if it is not wanted. He becomes very irritated towards cowards, and despises many Rahi, though not all.

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This is my only character here.Name: Wierden Species: LesterinAppearance: Bright blood-red armor, steel-grey highlights, bronze coloring over the gauntlets, a Kanohi Volitak, greenish bronze eyes, acts like has eternal smile, has gauntlets having no finger-coverings, having the bronzen skin from being sun- touched a lot.Gender: MalePowers and Equipment: Immense bravery, Ko-Matoran techniques to keep calm, and carries a pair of twin blades, both made of protosteel, with a strange crystal inset to both blades hilts, and a special amulet that, when air is blown through, causes a sound that allows him to summon his mount, a Kikanalo bull named Warcross.Alignment: Lawful good.Weakness: Ice and too much electricity, on account of protosteel heavy armor.History: As the only crash survivor from an airship collision that survived after a few mere hours, hangs out with others of race on Mata Nui, since best friend and own wife were other two survivors, and they died after a few hours from the severity of their wounds. After finding work in an inn named the Rumbling Horn, and dis covering that work would be to help with Makuta, the evil one, agreed to it, found out that the job to help defeat him was a few years off time, gave up and moved to Ta-Koro, and got a job keeping wild Nui-Rama and other Rahi out, and has been there for three whole years.Personality: friendly, but sometimes seems a bit off, looking into distance, at the watery horizens end far away from the cursed spit of land that had crashed on, is great to have as a friend, worst nightmare for a foe, and has almost (almost being the operative word here ) perfect recall, and, having forgotten but has one scrap of memory of exploding boomerangs, was taught how to wield swords by own self through natural talent, and can be somewhat of a Ko-based personality instead of a Ta.


I'm gonna make a matoran. That way its not able to be op. CS:Name: RunolxSpecies: Fe-matoranAppearance: A voya nui ko matoran style body, a kakama-shaped calix, body is classic Iron colors, but skin is brown. Has a dark grey cloak with hood.Gender: maleWeapons: a set of metru nui kanoka disks, some of which are levitation and others being freeze, and the last of the set being teleport disks. Also carries a special sword made of iron (iron-y! Lol, that's also making it more funny to me)!)Tech items: A kanoka disk launcher as well as a Volo lutu launcher, a little watch, an istone, and a pickax for any iron ore found. Carries a glass telescope as well.Weakness: Has a high weakness to electricity. Really hates to be in water, because is unable to swim because of being iron , and like stone, iron sinks, not swims.Alignment: Good.History: unknown, since basicly has same amnesia issue as the toa mata in that only knows name, mission, and element.Personality and traits: Runolx is a good tech master, and is great in a fight with his combination skills of mastery of close range and long range attacks. Great person to have at ones back, and a good person to be friends with. Does have bad tendency to destroy evil beings that cross paths with him. He has a rather common knowledge of weaponry.

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Name: Kaeren

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Kanohi: Miru

Weaknesses: Kaeren is quick to anger and prone to doing rash things, which can often get him into serious trouble. He isn't the fastest Toa alive, if someone can get behind him they could exploit this.

Appearance: Kaeren looks like your average Ta-Toa, his armor is a bright crimson, with some of his armor being bright yellow; his chest, hands and feet are colored yellow. His eyes are dark blue. He is of average size and build and his armor is a bit scarred from battle. He wears a red Miru.


Weapons: Kaeren has two flame-shaped longswords which he enjoys covering with flame.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Kaeren has natural leadership skills, he can think clearly in battle and fights hard to protect the Matoran of his village. He can be a bit hot tempered at times.

Bio: Kaeren has lived in Ta-Koro since he can remember; he is a member of the Ta-Koro Guard and works hard to defend the city walls from enemy attacks. He is a strong leader, and will fight hard to protect those he cares about and defend his people. He was turned into a Toa from a Matoran when many other Matoran were as well, across the island after the fall of the Mata.

Name: Jarrun

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Stone

Kanohi: Pakari

Weaknesses: Jarrun isn't the strongest without his mask. If his mask is taken off he could easily be over powered.

Appearance: Jarrun looks very typical for a Toa of Stone. His armor is a dark brown with orange highlights. His eyes glow a bright orange as well. Jarrun has a stoic expression about him. Jarrun wears a worn looking cowboy or Western type hat to help ward him from the sun, also a tattered grey cloak.


Weapons: A large two-handed hammer made from proto-steel.

Personality: Jarrun is a defiant one. He cares little for rules usually but will do his best to protect those who deserve it. Jarrun hates criminals and slavers with a passion. He usually doesn't kill his foes unless they are slavers. He is a quick thinker and is able to keep a level head during battle.

Bio: Jarrun's earliest memories consist of being a slave within a blaring hot desert a insidious Skakdi. Jarrun and a group of seven Matoran were used as nothing more then bodies to do hard labor for the Skakdi. The Skakdi removed Jarrun's mask and replaced it with a broken or powerless Matoran mask so he was unable to escape. They also kept them all chained at all times and used a strange technology that made him unable to use his elemental powers. Eventually the camp on the island was raided by a single way-word Toa who set them free. During that night Jarrun snuck into the Skakdi's lavish home, he then grabbed the Skakdi's prize proto-steel hammer, and before the Skakdi awoke he ended the him with his own weapon.

Once it was over and the Skakdi was dead Jarrun Matoran banded together. Jarrun found a Mask of Strength and put it on, then he and the Matoran and Jarrun's Toa savior took the Skakdi's ship and sailed it to Mata Nui, landing ashore at the nearest village, Po-Koro for shelter. At first Jarrun didn't know what to do with his new freedom. He traveled across Mata Nui helping those he could. Eventually he came back to Po-Koro. Jarrun took a liking to the almost endless deserts. It was the first place that felt home to him. He now travels across the desert helping Po-Matoran in any way he can.

Name: Ashala

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Element: Water

Kanohi: Kakama

Weaknesses: Ashala isn't the best fighter, she is more of a healer

Appearance: Ashala looks like your average Ga-Toa, her armor is bright blue with some darker blue accents. Her eyes are a bright orange, and she wears a blue Kakama.

Weapons: Harpoon, dagger

Personality: Very kind and caring Toa, she works hard to help heal those who are injured using natural healing herbs. She doesn't like violence but if she must fight then she will.

Bio: Ashala is known to be one of the kindest souls within Ga-Koro. She is one of the villages resident healers, spending her days helping to mend wounds of her fellow villagers, especially those of the Matoran injured by enemies of the village. She cares greatly for others and can be incredibly brave and independent when she wants too. She enjoys to look up to the stars.

Name: Rujak

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Ice

Kanohi: Matatu (The one with the long scope)

Weaknesses: Rujak doesn't do well in the heat

Appearance: Rujak’s armor is a bright pearly white in most places; however his shoulder pads and a few other areas are a light grey. His eyes are a very pale blue and he wears the same mask as (Toa Nuju Metru). His mask is also grey.

Weapons: Rujak uses a long spear with a large metal blade shaped like an icicle at the end, he also has a small shield he carries on his back or uses as a small sled when sliding down banks of ice.

Personality: Rujak has been described as cold from Matoran and Toa from other villages. In all reality he is a Toa of little words. He is a problem solver and fierce fighter. Rujak is usually very quiet and he isn’t overly fond of the hotheaded Ta-Matoran.

Bio: Rujak spends most of his time within an icy tower in Ko-Koro, learning whatever he can from the ancient texts carved into the walls. This doesn’t mean that Rujak is incapable during a fight, quite the opposite actually. He was once one of Nuju's personal guards and has been trained in combat; he has also spent a good deal of time killing his share of the dangerous Rahi.

Name: Lathon

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Air

Kanohi: Kualsi

Weaknesses: Lathon doesn't do well underground or in caves

Appearance: Lathon has black armor with his arms and legs being bright lime, his mask is bright green, and he wears a dark grey cloak over his back.

Weapons: Massive two handed sword with glowing runes inscribed onto the blade.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Lathon is a very valiant and vigilant Toa, he works hard to protect the people of Mata Nui from threats. However, Lathon differs then some Toa in that he feels it is okay to kill villains if they kill innocent people. Unlike most Le Villagers Lathon doesn't really talk with tree-speak.

Bio: Lathon awoke one day in Kini Nui with no memories of his past or who he was. After that point he moved around the island, battling evil and protecting innocents. Now, Lathon does the same, moving across the island as a lone vigilante, standing up against those who threaten innocents.

Eventually Lathon came to remember that his team of Toa had been transformed from Matoran to Toa along with a good deal of other Matoran after the Mata fell. His team was then slaughtered by a group of Skakdi who were some of the first to come to Mata Nui, the Skakdi killing them all in Ko-Wahi. Lathon received a head wound, that nearly killed him if it hadn't been for a Matoran savior, but gave him memory loss for some time.

Name: Crystalia

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Element: Gravity

Kanohi: Huna

Weaknesses: Crystalia is quick, and best at killing with an element of surprise, if someone knows she is there she can be overpowered.

Appearance: Crystalia is feminine and attractive for a Toa. Her armor is a deep indigo-purple, her legs and arms are a light blue however. While her mask is a more feminized version of the Huna. Her eyes are a bright green and she is slender and lithe.

Weapons: Twin daggers and an array of throwing knives.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Crystalia is very cold and calculating, she believes in survival of the fittest and uses that motto to justify her assassin work. She is very good at sneaking around and enjoys the thrill of the hunt and even the thrill of a kill. She likes a good joke, and is quite playful and deadly.

Bio: Crystalia has worked as an assassin for almost as long as he can remember, knives always just fit good in her hands and seemed to find their way across the throat of a Matoran or Toa. She made good money working this way, and has a nice list of kills. For the past year she has laid low after getting into some trouble, but now she is coming out of the wood-work once again.

It seems that some dark figure from Crystalia's past had her sell his soul to her to train her to be an assassin for reasons unknown, so far his identity is a secret.

Name: Zarkov

Species: Skakdi

Gender: Male

Element: Iron

Kanohi: None, but has impact vision powers

Weaknesses: Without another Skakdi Zarkov has no elemental powers.

Appearance: Zarkov's armor is dark grey and seems to be made entirely out of iron. The Spines on his armor are very sharp and long. His eyes are a deep crimson and his teeth have been filled and sharpened like that of a shark. Has a scar going through his right eye.

Weapons: Twin iron-claws, slow reloading rifle (foreign tech)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Personality: Zarkov is a brutal and uncaring Skakdi. He only thinks of himself and will do whatever it takes to survive and make money. He cares little about the lives of others and won't think twice to take another life. He is incredibly greedy when it comes to money and material objects and enjoys the feeling of battle and the act of killing.

Bio: Zarkov came to Mata Nui on a ship along with a great deal of other Skakdi brother's and sisters. He decided to not stay with them however and branched out on his own, moving across the island and becoming a mercenary. He would do whatever nasty job the well-bred and decent folks wouldn't, and would usually do whatever it takes to get the job done and get his money. He lived in Xa-Koro, leaving on a contract before the island was destroyed, and learning that his home had been blasted to bits.

He has now heard word of the new safe haven for the criminal and evil-doers in the newly held Ko-Koro, and has decided to venture there.

Name: Insidian

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Earth

Kanohi: Mahiki

Weaknesses: Insidian isn't very quick, he is well-armored which slows him down, his backside is a bit unprotected.

Appearance: Insidian's armor is very dark grey. His eyes are a deep crimson red unlike most Onu-Toa and Matoran. Insidian almost is always wearing a thick black cloak and hood that hides his mask. He also likes to wear black gloves over his hands, it is unknown why. His armor is a bit bulkier and better fortified then your average Toa bit it also slows him down. His mask is obsidian black.


Weapons: Twin wrist-blades that extend from each arm, about an arms length, proto-steel and very sharp. Two daggers, and a crossbow.

Alignment: Evil

Personality: Insidian is hard to read. He is a master manipulator and usually works his own agenda from the comfort of shadows while getting others to do his bidding for him. Insidian cares little for the lives of anyone other then himself. He is cold, and malicious, but also a Toa of few words. Using his mask Insidian likes to play head-games with his prey. He is a devout worshiper of the one true Dark God, Makuta and has decided that since Makuta is said to be dead, he should assist the Legacy in any way he can. He is obviously a bit insane.

Bio: Insidian's past is mostly a mystery. He was once a Matoran who was transformed by the Great Spirit along with hundreds of other Matoran. However something went wrong. Once he became a Toa Insidian began to look up to Makuta. To him the island was better off when Makuta was controlling things. Insidian then became a follower of Makuta, and made a silent vow to serve the Master of Darkness. He eventually came upon an orphaned young Toa of Gravity named Crystalia. Insidian took her in, forcing her to pledge her soul to Insidian to be given to Makuta so he could train her to be strong.

Insidian trained Crystalia to be an assassin, and then used his 'daughter' to kill off anyone he thought was an enemy to the Makuta. Eventually Crystalia got tired of being his weapon and went into hiding. Now the insane Toa of Earth plans to meet up with the Legacy and pledge himself to Echelon.

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Name: Riaso (my Self-MOC)

Species: Ba-Matoran

Gender: male

Appearance: Click here Riaso is mostly not any different from a Ba-Matoran but the way he sometime act you can see him in a vary big crowd ,but when he not acting like a crazy monkey he can easily blend into a crowd. He have just a normal Kanohi Kaukau

Powers and/or weapons: A small knife and Pickaxe

Mask: Kanohi Kaukau (It's powerless aka it do nothing)

Element: Gravity

Technological items: None (i got nothing, what you want me to give him a ipod)

Weakness: Running out of nachos and do know how to swim and have the same Weakness like ever other Matoran.

Alignment: unknown (aka i have no idea)

Personality and traits: Riaso is just a Normal but sometimes act like a crazy guy who mostly do a lot of stupid and random things, he also mostly love nachos. He mostly love making idea for a lot of thing like weapons, vehicles, boats and more. He sometime forget a lot of things but do try to remember them.

History: Riaso was just a normal miner but mostly lazy at his work. Then the mines was attack and then later Riaso have lost his job, So now looking for a new Job or just be a Thief or a Pirate but he just do what ever he feel like doing (so in a nutshell, something random).

Edited by ShadowWolfHount

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Name: Xeeris

Species: Toa of Electricity

Kanohi: Kanohi Kualsi (mask of quick travel)

Details: Shape of a cross between Stars/Hero Factory; Golden mask, shoulders, feet, and legs. Yellow wings, hands, ankles.

Gender: Male

Powers/Weapon: Teleportation, small to large electrical discharges, can power electrical devices. Weapon is a sword that can harness electrical energy.

Gadgets: Robotic wings from a Le-Koro crafter

Weakness: Water

Alignment: Good

Personality/Traits: Serious, goal-driven, inventive, somewhat introverted

History: As a matoran, Xeeris originally lived in Metru Nui as a mask forger and miner, until he was driven out to find work due to poverty. After he reached Onu-Wahi, he discovered a toa stone while he was mining for protodermis. He brought the stone back to his mining camp, and researched it until the stone finally transformed him into a Toa of Electricity.

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Name: Akata


Species: Toa of The Green


Mask: Kanohi Tryna, mask of reanimation


Alignment: Evil


Appearance: Akata wears dark green, slightly rusted and pitted armor over his blue body.


Weapons: Akata channels his elemental powers through a black staff with a ball of lime green spikes shooting out of the top, and thin, dark vines clinging to its sides.


Bio: Akata travels the island, scamming anyone he can. Although he has just recently arrived on the island, he has already made a bad reputation for himself. He is very charismatic, and seems like a nice, trustworthy person. However, Akata betrays anyone who allies with him if he gets the chance, and only thinks of himself.


Weakness: While he is good at fighting, he finds it difficult to take on multiple opponents at once, since he usually focuses on defeating one while he ignores what the other is doing.


Name: Teravix


Species: Toa of Gravity


Mask: Kanohi Calix, mask of fate


Appearance: Teravix is a tall, slightly scrawny and hunched over Toa with black and purple armor, and his black Calix has a mechanical lens attached to the right eye.


Bio: Teravix is an inventor, chemist, astronomer and biologist. He has been working on machines to combat the Rahi, but he gave up when Makuta was defeated. Since then, he did come up with a few contraptions that keep him in business, such as bifocals that can be attached to masks (like he has), a very bulky, yet reliable wristwatch, locks, and even music boxes. He also sells photothermic powders that he mixes himself. He also works to invent weapons of some kind, including small, slow-burning explosives and large scale projectiles. None of these are entirely functional yet, especially the large-scale projectiles, since he does not have the funding to make even the prototypes. Teravix questions how certain things work in the natural world, but asks no questions when it comes to the motives of people.


Alignment: Neutral, he will work for whoever pays him. He just wants an opportunity to invent and he doesn't care what the invention would be used for.


Tools: Microscopes, an i-stone, clockwork devises, telescopic lenses, other simple laboratory tools.


Weakness: He will let himself be used by other people.


Weapons: Some photothermic powder, but he doesn't use it himself.

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(Update: All current characters complete! :D )Diegol

Species: MatoranAlignment: True Neutral (mostly loyal to Onu-Koro)Gender: MaleElement: SonicsAppearance: Diegol is the most unassuming Matoran imaginable: gray-on-gray, with gray muscle underneath. Even his eyes and heartlight glow gray, and at a dimmer intensity than normal for most Matoran. His physical build is calculatingly average: not tall, but not short; not thin, but not muscular; not sleek or advanced-looking, but not primitive and blocky, either. He even polishes his armor so that it slightly reflects the environment around him--not enough to camouflage himself, but enough that a casual glance won't really pick him out.Weapons: Diegol posesses no physical weapons; he defends himself with the power of knowledge and running away.Mask: Powerless Great Huna, with the edges smoothed and the ridges somewhat flattened--even his mask has been modified to make it less distinctive.Powers: Like all De-Matoran, Diegol has exceptional hearing, and as a result of this ability he has learned to move nearly silently so as not to drive himself insane. He is also skilled at picking out important information from a load of garbage.Traits: Diegol is something of a loner, but one would never know this from observing him; he is often seen in the company of others, and has something of a knack for getting himself invited into private or secret conversations--people just seem to trust him. The reason for this is simple: Diegol is a secret-trader; he works to keep his clients' secrets secret while learning the secrets of those secrets (and of course, other secrets he has not been hired to protect). The preferred price for his services is, of course, more secrets.Diegol is consumed with the desire to know. Despite this, he is a completely unambitious coward motivated only by self-interest--were he to uncover the secrets of Mangaia, he would likely seek to sell them rather than to use them to gain literal power. He hates to put himself at risk--although he lists spying and stealth work among his list of skills, he charges so exorbitantly for them that it is rarely worth the price, though there are some secrets so valuable that even Horen's rates become reasonable...Bio: Diegol was a late immigrant to the island, but he refuses to say where he was originally from. After coming to the island, Diegol lived in underground seclusion on the outskirts of Onu-wahi for many years, but rarely spoke to others. He emerged from his ruined home shortly after Makuta's defeat, and quickly educated himself on the major happenings of the time. He speaks little of his past, but those few who have bothered to look into the matter hear whispered rumors of a De-Matoran who once held influential figures in great fear of their darkest secrets being revealed, but who lost his influence when his clients realized his complete lack of ambition.Weaknesses: As a Matoran, Horen is physically weak and easily overpowered. He has no combat experience, and will run away and/or hide at the first sign of danger. Loud noises will almost completely incapacitate him, thanks to his sensitive hearing, and his eyes are unusually sensitive to bright light as well thanks to his years spent underground.


Species: LesterinAlignment: Neutral GoodGender: FemaleElement: GravityAppearance: Eggshell white stripes on soft pink armor--these are artifical colors, as becomes quickly apparent when she takes damage. Her shoulders are large and spherical, sort of like Samus Aran, but with an indent on the front and back center, in which aqua-colored lights are set. She consistently wears a worn, hooded gray cloak and a large gray satchel filled with healing herbs and supplies.Weapons: Nalita carries no weapons of her own, but she does possess a primitive wooden shield with the symbol for Peace embossed upon it. Apart from this, she relies on allies to defend her.Mask: Mask of HealingPowers: Nalita is extremely resistant to pressure, and posesses tremendous lifting capacity. As a Lesterin, Nalita is naturally resistant to toxins, and her mask allows her to heal herself and others.Traits: Nalita is a sad and gentle soul; she seeks those in need and heals their hurts, whether they be physical or psychological. Strangely, she seems unnecessarily harsh upon herself for an unknown reason.Bio: Nalita is a recent immigrant to the island. She speaks not of her past before her arrival in Ga-koro, but clutches gently at her cloak--a traditional Lesterin garment of mourning--and gently fiddles with its ragged hem when asked.Weaknesses: Nalita is weakened by extremes of temperature, and she is hampered in combat by her absolute refusal to participate in violence. She generally refuses to ask for aid, even when she knows she needs it. She is also overly optimistic about redemption, bordering on naivety--she is likely to heal a wounded foe on impulse if they feign even the slightest impression of remorse. She is far slower to forgive herself for mistakes, and is easily psychologically manipulated into bouts of depression, during which she is even more ineffective than usual. It seems likely that even a Noble Mask of Mind-Control could put her completely in the user's thrall.


Species: LesterinAlignment: Neutral GoodGender: MaleElement: StoneAppearance: Gaargl bears a coat of pitted, scarred brown armor that covers nearly his entire body, dozens of plates overlapping each other to allow him movement. This armor is heavily worn, bearing the unmistakable signs of having been broken and repaired, broken and repaired, over and over again. His helm covers his face completely, save for a narrow eye-slit with a lens to protect his pure white eyes--coincidentally, the helmet is clearly the newest and most out-of-place piece of the armor, bearing both fewer scars and a more elegant, sleek design than the sharp points and edges of his plated suit.Underneath the armor lies a similarly scarred figure. Now buried beneath his many bruises and withered by malnourishment, his white arms once showcased his perfectly-toned musculature, and his once-tan chestpiece reveals a being who was not buff but fit, but who is now weakened. His brow is now cut and scarred thrice over, and the lines of his face have gone from clean to drawn. He was handsome, once.Weapons: Most of his gear was destroyed or lost in the tunnels, but he possesses one piece of potent foreign technology: appearing at first glance to be an innocuous-looking sharpened staff, it is actually a Kanoka Blade, imbued with the power of Regeneration that he can activate with active concentration. This is the secret to his survival thus far, but it cannot heal his flesh, nor his hunger. It levels the playing field...for now. (Technology approved by Nuju Metru.)Traits: Gaargl is a simple fellow, which sometimes gets him into trouble. He's not unintelligent, but like a boulder rolled down the hill, once he starts something it's difficult to get him to change course. Concentration and determination are his forte, but it is definitely both a blessing and a curse. He's also quite a bit more optimistic and trusting than is perhaps wise.Physically, Gaargl possesses the strength and endurance of any Po-Lesterin, as well as the moderate poison resistance of his species. In his prime, he is handsome enough to be attractive to most beings, but only moderately so--and in any event, he doesn't particularly dedicate himself to his appearance; he's just one of those lucky people who is naturally in good shape. It is unknown what permanent effects his injuries might have on his attractiveness.Bio: The victim of a tragic misfortune in the tunnels underneath Mata Nui, Gaargl found himself unexpectedly alive. He spent a month digging himself out of the tunnel collapse, and two discovering he was on the wrong side of the blockage. Six months he has been down here, living on crumbs of rations and what plants and dead Rahi he can scavenge. He can't make it much longer...but he has to. He has to. He must survive. It's his only goal.Weaknesses: Gaargl cannot swim. Period. He is uncomfortable around water and is weak to attacks using it. As mentioned above, he is somewhat gullible, and tends to get focused on a particular task, which often leads to him missing important details about what's happening around him. He's strong and resilient due to his species and element, but his strength and resilience are merely moderate compared to other Po-Lesterin. He has a permanent knee injury that was not improved by being trapped under rubble for a month, and he suspects he may have two bad knees now--though only time will tell if this new injury is also permanent.TEMPORARY WEAKNESSES: Gaargl is currently in a severely weakened state thanks to months of wandering the tunnels with little food and constant fighting for survival. His left arm is currently usable for moderate tasks but virtually useless for fighting. He regenerates his armor often, but it is heavy, and it is far from impenetrable--and regeneration does nothing for his physical injuries. Even a novice Toa could likely finish him if they were sufficiently patient and sufficiently focused on the task.

Numa + Neko

Species: Matoran + ParakukaGender: MaleAlignment: Irrelevant (presumably once good, but completely dominated by Neko) + Neutral Evil (Self-interested, but more than willing to work with Makuta followers)Element: Earth (Numa only)Appearance: It is said that Parakuka victims tend to take on a Rahkshilian appearance when they activate the parasite's powers. Numa has used this power so much, and been dominated so fully, that he appears almost identical to a Vohrak even when not actively using Neko's power. The resemblance is striking, the difference only truly noticeable in full illumination--a condition the parasite is unlikely to allow its victim to experience ever again.Weapons: Numa is the owner of three items: a kolhii staff, a flute, and a pair of bamboo disks studded with a ring of sharp blades. Numa was once skillfully proficient with these--Neko is only marginally so. When hunting, Neko prefers to use Numa's fingers, which have degenerated into long, sharp claws.Traits: In terms of abilities, Numa/Neko posesses the standard Parakuka strength activation ability, which is active most of the time they are encountered--Neko rarely allows Numa to leave the den while inactive, and Numa is nearly too weak to do so anyway. Numa is swift by Matoran standards even when Neko is not activated, and the duo's sudden, almost erratic movements can catch opponents off-guard.Personality-wise, Neko is conniving and hungry, much like the Vohrak it resembles. While not a mastermind by any means, it is crafty, and prefers ambush hunting and snares to violent combat with prey. As for Numa, well...Bio: Whatever there was of Numa, it is long lost. Neko, an aged and experienced Parakuka, has thoroughly broken its host's mind beyond any hope of repair. It is unsatisfied with its meager Matoran strength, and yearns for something more. It is always watching, always waiting for the opportune moment...the perfect host. When that day comes, when Numa has outlived his usefulness, he will be consumed. His last thought will be the same as it has been for as long as Numa can remember: Total fear.Weaknesses: As a side-effect of his total dominance of Numa's personality, Neko retains almost none of his skills. (Numa had few to begin with anyway.) Though patient and cunning, at the moment Numa and Neko operate more like an animal than an intelligent being--if confronted, or if an ambush does not end in a quick or easy victory, Neko will force Numa to flee. This is their most vulnerable moment--when Numa hesitates to flee, and Neko is focused on it. A concerted attack during this small window of opportunity would do great damage--particularly if Neko is attacked directly.

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Name: Yuria

Species: Vortixx

Gender: Male

Alliance: evil, freelance

Appearance: He is black armoured, with a scared body and a robotic right arm. He has green eyes, and has to use a re-breather for his scarred lungs and chest. His legs are reinforced roboticly, and are just as scarred as his arms and chest. He sometimes wears a cloak, but during combat he takes it off. Also has a retractable jetpack strapped to his back.

Weapons: Daggers (some of which are hidden) and a spear of air held in his left hand.

Foreign tech: A retractable jetpack, used for limited flight. His right arm/hand can turn into a plasma cannon, capable of short blasts of plasma.

Powers: none, other then extreme agility, mastery of engineering, immense intelligence, and super speed

Weaknesses: Because of all the electronic implants, he is vulnerable to water, magnetism, and electricity. He can swim, but if he is hit with a water blast he will be hurting. He is also not as youthful as he used to be. He is fast, but is vulnerable to faster attackers. He also tires out easily.

History: Yuria began life in the factories like all other Vortixx males, and climbed the mountain successfully. He was also part of underground street fights, which is why he was drafted to be a dark hunter. He trained and went on missions, until one mission on Sidorak's island, where one of Krekka's species severed his right arm, severely damaged his chest and lungs, broke both of his legs, and left him to die. The hunters presumed him dead, but he was able to crawl into a cave, and using spare parts he collected, built himself a new arm, a re-breather, and reinforced his legs. He now wanders the universe, in a captured boat, looking for vengeance...




Name: Kurkai

Species: Toa of plasma

Gender: Male

Allience: Good, toa

Aperence: Orange-red Armour, with blades on his shoulders and powerful hands. His muscle is orange, and his legs are red up until the knee. His arms are red until the elbow. He bears a toa symbol on his chest, made out of red and orange armour. He has a sheeth for his sword

Mask: Kanohi Sanok

Powers: Can summon waves of plasma, turn the ground slowly into plasma, shoot balls of plasma, and with great accuracy block incoming attacks.

Weaknesses: Headstrong, almost too loyal for his own good, doesn't know how to fully control his power and can easily use it up. Easily is angered. Rushes in too much, and falls for traps easily. He is also very committed to upkeeping the toa code. Has no tolerance for evil.

Weapons: A plasma sword, which can turn into pure plasma, but also keep a solid state. Can slice through most things.

History: Kurkai started out as a matoran, and was given a toa stone not too long ago. He was trained by his turaga, and is committed to helping his village. Eventually, he left his village to find his turaga, who had been kidnapped, and has been searching the universe ever since.


Name: Surara (1997)

Species: Ba-matoran


Appearance: Purple, with black mixed in. His mask is purple, with 2 black 'tears' running down to it's end. Tissue is also black

Power suit: Damaged, it provides data on a barren ice planet, with only polar snakes as an inhabitant. When the user says the word za, it activates an attack sequence that can fire a laser to destroy solid protodermis. When the users says mno, it powers down. When the user says yeai, it goes into defense mode, and a bubble shield pops up around the user.

Abilities: none, other then being stable on his feet, and a slight atonement to gravity.

personality: he is very cautious, but also very timid and scared. He dislikes open fighting, but enjoys quite conversation.

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Name: Lienkel

Lesterin, Stone


Appearance: He's a typical-looking Lesterin for the most part, with heavy armor. He's rather tall and muscular, but the bits of skin he leaves visible are worn, and his armor is battered from several fights. He also wears a rugged tan cape of sorts, and a Great Matatu.

Personality: Lienkel's life is driven by hard logic. He chooses whatever seems to be the most logical path in a situation, and takes time to analyze options- which often leaves him distracted in crucial moments, trying to figure out what to do. However, one of his worst flaws is his short term memory- often he'll enter fights and walk out of them not remembering why he started them in the first place. However, under his logical approach lies a hardy, good-humored guy who's eager to defend people.

Powers: Typical Lesterin powers. His Matatu allows him to use telekinesis, and he has significant physical strength, as well.

Weapons: A large battleaxe, carved with care by Lienkel from stone.

Weaknesses: He is not too keen on water, and his large stature makes him an easy target. He's also easily lost in thought, and has short memory.

History: Lienkel doesn't know much of his own history- he just knows he was on his own for a long time, and didn't know many people as he traveled around the island.


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Name: Arnai
Species: Tiokaha
Mark: Kuyru - Mark of Empathy
Appearance: Quite tall, albeit average for a Tiokaha, and with a relatively slim body for one, which is to say average for any other species. Her armour is the white, light grey and orange colours as is default for her mark, and she has electric blue eyes behind a Noble Akaku.
Gender: Female
Abilities and equipment: She possesses all the abilities of the Mark of Empathy, meaning she can pick up on the feelings of other beings and influence them. She is physically stronger than an average toa, and faster and more agile than an average Tiokaha.
She owns a bone dagger, carved masterfully and engraved with remarkable flowing and interweaving patterns. She keeps it as a reminder of a homeland she has forgotten. Aside from that, she owns a protosteel short blade she uses with one hand, and a one-handed disk launcher.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Ta-Koro
History: Arriving on the island decades ago, she managed to integrate into Ta-Koro society. Some time later, she became an official investigator for the Ta-Koro Guard, a duty she takes very seriously. 
Personality and traits: Arnai is serious, although not entirely humourless. She has become loyal to Ta-Koro, and wishes to help her new home in any way she can. She has a rather vicious temper when crossed, but her fuse is long enough that most people don't have to experience it.
Weakness: Although she was originally weak against heat, she has since become acclimated to the environment of Ta-Koro, losing much of her natural insulating body fat. She is still somewhat weak to fire, but not like before.



Name: Mautara


Species: Tiokaha


Mark: Iaru - Mark of the Beast


Appearance: Large, even for a Tiokaha. His armor is primarily dark brown, with some bright brown highlights on areas of his biceps, abdominal area and thighs. His dark orange eyes radiate with an old man's wisdom, but also something primal. He wears a helmet and armor made out of the bone and hide of a powerful rahi, both shaped to resemble his rahi companion.


Gender: Male


Abilities and equipment: Strong armor made out of the bone and hide of a powerful rahi. He also wields a weapon carved from the leg bone of the rahi, and a large dagger made from one of its biggest teeth, as well as a bow crafted from one of its long ribs. Being born with the mark of the beast, he is able to communicate with any rahi, and has deep understanding and respect for them. He is stronger than an average Tiokaha, a side effect of his time spent with his lifelong rahi companion. His bones are also stronger, and his hide is thicker.


Alignment: Neutral Good, The Wilderness


History: Mautara was very young when he first met Rawar. The bear was but a cub at the time, and had lost his parents to a large and dangerous rahi that roamed the area. Mautara helped Rawar, and the two became good friends, often going on hunts together. A few years later, the pair encountered the great rahi once more. With their combined effort, Mautara and Rawar slayed the beast, avenging Rawar's parents and saving other rahi in the area from a similar fate.


From the beast, Mautara created weapons and armor that rivaled all other. From then on, the pair became the strongest hunters in the area, and with that power, they kept the balance of the wilderness in check. Decades passed, and peace reigned in Mautara's region. With their skills and Mautara's weapons, no beast that sought to upset the balance stood a chance against them.


One fateful day, how ever, Mautara and Rawar were stalking a dangerous beast in the icecapped regions of the land. Mautara set up camp on the ice, and the two went to sleep, completely unaware of the danger that was to follow. When the two woke up, they were not resting upon ice connected to the mainland, but an iceberg drifting at sea.


The two drifted at sea for a long long time, longer than they could keep track of. Eventually, their food reserves ran dry, and after an even longer while, their natural body fat had been consumed by the body to sustain them longer. It was then that Mautara felt the presence of another animal in his vicinity. A bird. A fishing bird. It seemed friendly enough, and after some conversing, the bird agreed to help the two get fish. So it went on for some days, and although the fish provided wasn't much, it was enough to keep them alive. At least for the time being.


Some weeks later, Mautara sensed another beast, but instead of being up in the sky, this one was deep beneath the waves. It was a Proto Drake. And thankfully, one sympathetic enough to their plight. And after what seemed to be a very short conversation, the Proto Drake agreed to help drive fish from deeper in the sea, so that the fishing bird could more easily catch them for Mautara and Rawar. This cooperation went on for many more days. And then the days became weeks. And the weeks became months.


Finally, the long trek across the ocean came to an end as Mautara spotted land over on the horizon. With some help from the Proto Drake, they finally got to the island, safe and sound. And that's where their story begins.


Personality and traits: Mautara has experienced a great many things through his years of being a hunter. His experiences have molded him into a patient man, but also one who will not tolerate nonsense from anyone. He cares deeply for all animals, and will go to great lengths to protect them. How ever, he realizes that if a creature becomes too powerful, it can upset the balance and cause the decimation of the environment he and his kind so dearly protect, and as such they have to be put down. His time spent with Rawar have shaped his behavior, but has just the same shaped Rawar's behavior. 


Weakness: Naturally weak against fire and heat. Wouldn't last long in Po-Wahi's desert or in Ta-Koro without proper preparations.


Companion: Mautara's rahi companion is a larger, stronger and tougher relative of the ash bear native to the colder and harsher homeland of the Tiokaha. His name is Rawar. He is large and strong, and powerful enough to match any living being in prowess, even a toa wearing a mask of strength, and has stamina enough to keep fighting for days on end. How ever, like his tiokaha companion, he is weak against fire and heat.



Name: Thodir


Species: Vo-Toa (Lightning)


Appearance: Tall, muscular and heavily built. Armor mostly dark blue with white accents in key places, some taking the form of nordic patterns. He lost one eye under unknown circumstances. His one eye is bright purple, although his age and experience is very clearly represented in it.


Gender: Male


Abilities and equipment: The power over lightning. He wears the Kanohi Kadin, mask of flight, and has mastered its power, which allows him to fly at remarkable speeds and with extreme precision. He wields a short yet very large hammer which he can use to smash people. He can also channel his powers through it, sending powerful arcs of lightning at his enemies.


Alignment: Honorable Good.


History: He’s old as balls. May or may not have been a god in the yonder times.


Personality and traits: Extremely honorable. A veteran master of the warrior’s path, he has experienced a great many thing in his lifetime. How ever, he can get very excited over honor and things he hasn’t encountered before.


Weakness: HONOR!!





Name: Kuraka


Species: Bo-Toa (Plantlife)


Appearance: Short and somewhat chubby, although not obese, but also somewhat muscular. Her armor is primarily dark turquose, with dashes of lime strewn throughout. Her eyes are electric blue, and the vents on her mask of healing are larger than normal.


Gender: Female


Abilities and equipment: Kuraka has completely mastered use of her mask, and is capable of healing many kinds of wounds quickly. She is also quite adept with her plant life powers, although she is more used to fighting with fist and foot, in which she has been observed to be almost unbeatable, defeating even the strongest of opponents, and the most well armed. Her speed and agility are often at times unmatched.


She is, how ever, not only brawn, but also brains, being well versed in different fighting styles, philosophies, tactics and rudimentary sciences and the ways of teaching them to others. She knows biology well enough that she can hit opponents in just the right spots to swiftly take them out, and will not hesitate to use brute force when she deems it absolutely necessary.


Alignment: Chaotic Good


History: Kuraka has traveled the island of Mata-Nui as a healer and also as a teacher of many things. Being an avid traveler has forced her to become a competent fighter, something she has surprisingly excelled at.


Personality and traits: Old and wise, patient and kind, Kuraka has seen many things and helped many people over the ages, and her experiences have made her into an excellent teacher, as well as an avid caretaker of the injured. Her patience knows bounds, though, for if someone tries to misuse her or someone around her, she can be quick to teach them a good lesson on personal etiquette. Physically. Where it hurts.


Weakness: Fights only with fist and foot. Although she sometimes uses her plant-life powers as well, and is perfectly adept at using them, this usual dependency on only her own physical form can lead to her being beaten by enemies with good enough weaponry, although she is still quite skilled in fighting against such tactics.



Name: Ardoku

Species: Su-Toa (Plasma)
Mask: A cracked, powerless Hau.
Appearance: Relatively average in height, moderately built although quite sleek, he has white armor with an orange secondary colour. He has bright blue eyes. His armour is quite battered after years of harsh wilderness, his Hau has a large crack from the left top side down to the top middle of the mask.
Gender: Male
Powers and Capabilities: 

  • Swordsmanship
    Ardoku is adept with a sword, although there are many others far more skilled. He has trained with the sword for a majority of his life, and can hold up a good fight with his sword alone.
  • Plasma powers
    Ardoku can use any powers a normal toa of plasma can. He is capable of channeling plasma through his hands, but more efficiently through his sword. He has been known to create a wall of plasma from the ground by channeling his powers through the ground, but doing so drained him considerably.
  • Strategic prowess
    Albeit strong and agile, he is in no way special in these areas, relying all the more on strategy to defeat his foes. Ardoku isn't a genius, but he is quite clever, able to form basic strategies for situations, given he is lucid enough.

Weapons: A brass claymore and his strategic, albeit inexperienced, mind.
Fighting style:
Sword and plasma bursts
As stated before, Ardoku is quite adept with a sword. He usually tries to incapacitate his enemies without harming them greatly, and he will hesitate to kill, but not when in extreme circumstances. He also likes to combine swordsmanship with his plasma powers, often channeling his powers through the blade as he slashes. Where as he lacks a maskpower (his hau was cracked, and the power leaked from it), he instead makes up for it with a overly strategic mind, being able to quickly assess a situation and craft a plan, most of which end in success. 

  • Inexperienced
    Albeit smart, he is quite inexperienced, and as such can at times be outwitted.
  • Physically mediocre
    Albeit strong and agile, he is in no way special in these areas, and as such can be overpowered by strong adversaries and quick moving foes.
  • Awkward
    Not as much a tactical weakness, as much as a social one, Ardoku has never been much for socializing, and can get quite stressed in social situations.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Coming of age
In his younger years he trained in swordsmanship, knowing that the world around him was merciless and cruel. Although it is unknown where he comes from, he was raised by an old turaga, who helped him to become a toa, sacrificing his own toa energy. Twenty years passed and eventually the frail turaga died of natural causes, leaving Ardoku to take care of himself. He left to explore the world (island).

The Present- Adventures of inexperience
As of today, Ardoku still explores the island, sometimes taking a small job to earn himself a few coins.
Personality and traits: 
Although kind and humorous, he is quite awkward in social situations, causing him to become distressed when around a lot of people. He is mostly quiet, and rarely initiates a conversation with another person. That doesn't mean that when confronted, he is closed off completely, and if a person were to take his time to know him, Ardoku can in fact be very personable, albeit a bit awkward in his speech.


He does how ever not have unlimited patience, and can exhibit a no-nonsense attitude if the people around him don't stop fooling around at inappropriate times.

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Name: Serith




Species: Toa of Crystal

Mask: Kakama

Alignment: Neutral

Gender: Male


Appearance: Serith is about average height for a Toa, if not a little shorter. He wears silver armor, which he keeps in almost perfect condition. His eyes are light blue, and they are clearly visible beneath his silver Kakama mask. The only battle scar he owns is a scratch over his left eye, which he received in a previous battle against some skakdi. Although he doesn't possess great height, he is still imposing in his armor, and his appearance causes most Matoran to be wary of him. He wields a sword in one hand and has a sheath on his back, which is what he uses to store his sword when he isn't using it.


Powers and/or weapons: He has the ability to control crystal because of his elemental powers, and wears a Kanohi Kakama. (The mask of speed.) Because of these powers, he can be especially lethal in close quarters combat. His sword is permanently encased in extremely sharp crystal, causing it to be able to cut through almost any substance. He is fast and agile, but somewhat lacks in physical strength because of his shorter height.


Personality: Serith picks and chooses his fights depending on what he thinks will benefit himself the most, and he is usually able to find the humor in most situations. He is a smooth talker, and he uses this ability to gain high prices for the mercenary contracts he sometimes picks up. Deep down, he finds it difficult to trust others, and this keeps him from revealing his past to his peers. However, he is loyal to a fault once someone gains his trust.


Weakness(es): Although he is a great sword fighter, he isn't very strong, and can be overpowered by enemies bigger than he is. Also, his stamina isn't the highest, and he tires quickly in longer conflicts. This means that he is more wary of directly engaging enemies that might have a chance of overpowering him.



Name: Gallan




Species: Toa of Fire

Mask: Pakari

Alignment: Good

Gender: Male


Appearance: Gallan is strong and heavily armored, with a distinctive red and purple color scheme. He stands higher than most Toa, and his crimson eyes shine brightly beneath his purple Pakari, the mask of strength. His upper body is especially bulky, and his armor is cracked and dented in several places on his body. He gained this battle damage through several battles against Rahkshi and Skakdi, and he refuses to clean his armor up, preferring the "unique personality" it displays to others.


Powers and/or weapons: He has the ability to control fire because of his elemental powers, and wears a Kanohi Pakari. (The mask of strength.) Gallan also carries a spear in his right arm, and a protodermis launcher in his left. (This launcher normally combines with his spear for elemental attacks, but is separated in the picture above.)


Personality: Gallan has a warm and friendly personality, and attempts to do the right thing in every situation. He has made it his goal in life to protect the weak, and he normally travels through the Koros in search of those that might need his help. His brighter exterior, however, holds a darker side. He regrets that most of his teammates died during a fight against a swarm of Rahkshi years ago, and he still mourns their deaths. He tries his hardest to save as many lives as he can in the present, so he can atone for letting his friends be killed in the past. 


Weakness(es): Gallan is strong but slow, and quicker opponents can normally get the jump on him. He also relies more on long range combat, and can be cumbersome in closer quarters.

Edited by Shadow Destroyer

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Name: Ghlist (The GH is not silent, and it is said just like it looks. Guh-list.)

Species: Toa (Ice)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Male

Appearance: His body is primarily white, but with black streaked across his body, as if it were scratched in. His eyes are a clear and bright blue, which always stand out from the rest of his body. He's normally seen wearing a simple cloak, and he prefers to keep his hood down unless he needs to hide his face.

Weapon(s): Dual blades, both of which are kept at either side of his waist. He wears the Kanohi Volitak, mask of stealth; it has gotten him out of one or two slimey ordeals before, and is one of the fewer things that makes him glad he became a Toa.

Powers: Ice, of course.

Traits: Quiet, but not a recluse by any means; he speaks when he wants to, and to whom he wants to. Don't be surprised when he doesn't respond to you, or when he flat out walks away from you, regardless of the situation. In his Koro, he's seen as more of an outsider than anything, he doesn't seem to fit anywhere particularly.. as if he's made up his own imaginary world that he sprung from. He has his own morals that he chooses to live by, and sometimes these conflict with the moralities of other people. If you want to know him, good luck; It's entirely possible to be a friend of his, but in the end, it depends on who you are, and what he thinks of you.

Biography: He never really wanted to be a Toa, but he was stuck with the 'responsibility' anyways. If it had been up to him, he would still be a Matoran, living a simple life in his Koro. But alas, the world did not care what he wanted, and he was chosen to become a Toa alongside five others. Needless to say, he soon left the group of Toa that he had been tossed in with; he went his own way, and abandoned all the ideals that he had been meant to uphold. Now this didn't mean that he took to the life of crime, and evildoing, it just meant that he no longer fought for the 'greater good'. Nowadays, he accomplishes his own goals, and does only that which betters himself (provided it doesn't get him arrested, of course). Sometimes he wishes he could be rid of it all, that he could live as a Matoran again; but he does enjoy the strength he's obtained, even if it has brought about a level of chaos that he would rather not deal with.

Weakness(s): Ranged weaponry is quite effective on him, as long as the projectiles/whatever it is you're hitting him with move quickly.


(Looks alright... now to start playing again.)



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Name: Kairyn (K-eye-rin)

Species: Toa of Fire

Descripion: Black/Red Basic Inika Skeleton with Tahu Stars' feet, Nuva chest+shoulder armour, and Hordika Chest piece on back; his mask is a solid red Kualsi

Gender: Male

Powers: any powers Toa of Fire have and quick travel (due to mask)

Weapons: Inferno Sword (looks like Ackar's sword with a Tahu Mata Sword on each side),

Weaknesses: Water (of course), somewhat slow

Alignment: Good

Personality: Kind to others, Leadership qualities, impulsive (tends to do things without thinking it out thoroughly)


(edited due to some things (weapons and mask) not being permitted)

Edited by MakutaSardrox123


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The Paragon of Hope

Name: Salvinn
Gender: Male
Species: Vortixx
Appearance: Tall and slim, he has a black under armor, with a dark green over layer, and purple highlights. All of which are designed to help blend in the tops of trees. On his right arm, which is usually covered by the bracer he wears for shooting, is a pulsing green Mark. Since the reclaiming of his mind, Salvinn has regained his vivid armor and sometimes appears nobler than ever.
Weapons: Bow and Arrow, he shoots with his left hand, and two daggers.
Skills: Salvinn is an expert shot and is quite adept at utilizing his Bow. He is always extremely fast and agile for a non-enhanced being. After manning the Magic Boat he discovered that he knew the winds and how to properly man the boat and thus is a good sailor as well.
Powers: Currently Salvinn is forcing himself to prevent any activation of the Mark as he no longer desires it, for all intents and purposes he can’t use it. Hence while technically he has a power, it is unable and refuses to activate currently.
Personality: Once upon a time all Salvinn cared about was himself, sure people called him a hero, but he’s real reason for heroics was just to fuel his Mark. He’d go around draining people dry of hope just to experience another high. He’d act like a very happy person just because it suited his needs.He’s grown much since then.
Salvinn still appears extremely jovial and carefree, but this time it is no longer just an act to gain hope. He always has this mad grin and is constantly dragging Sep into crazy adventures. He believes strongly in the power of hope and the goodness in people’s hearts. An optimist true and true, he believes there is a good in all beings and will defend all those he’s sees in danger. Even still he realizes that some beings are more difficult to deal with than others and will not hesitate to put an end to them.
Salvinn is always putting on a cocky front, chuckling and grinning like a madman ready to take on the world. However his primary concern is always with the people he cares about, namely Sep, anyone who threatens them will receive the full blunt of his wrath. He is very much a two folded person, he wants to be seen as an ideal hero by Sep and others, but at the same time he finds that it isn’t the easiest thing to do. He doesn’t want to let his friends down and always wants to see them smiling. 
Biography: Salvinn woke up in the middle of a forest one day not knowing how he got there, or who he was. Soon after waking he stumbled upon a poor village, which, upon entering activated the mark on his arm. He charged out of the village, and raided a bandit camp, giving the money to the villagers. This filled them with hope, thus filling him with power. He soon realized this was an easy way to gain hope, and became a sort of Robin Hood to the people.
Since then Salvinn’s gone through a lot.
First off he saved a Matoran named Sep from the Toa Darylhii, since then Sep has been constantly by Salvinn’s side. At the time Salvinn had only taken him along since he figured he’d be an easy source of hope, however now Sep has become Salvinn’s closest friend and ally.
However that one happy moment was soon ruined by a string of terrible ones. It all started when he meant Cersei, Salvinn made the terrible decision of accompanying her and dragged Sep along with him. This led him to the terror of the Magic Boat.After barely surviving that encounter, the Vortixx arrived in Ga-Koro. It was there that he split ways from Cersei for a while. However after failing to save a few people, Salvinn entered a state of depression and when he came across Cersei again he was easily persuaded into joining her offer for an experiment.
The experiment robbed him of his soul and gave birth the terror known as Anthyn, the Daedra of Lust. The robbing of his soul completely broke Salvinn, rendering him brain dead and completely reliant on Sep. Stuff continued to be a mess for Salvinn as more and more Mark Bearers appeared and despite going by relatively unnoticed Salvinn would eventually be dragged into the mess himself, with his back broken as well.
However at the Temple where all but the first three Mark Bearers lost their Marks, Salvinn finally had his mind fully healed by the power of the Mark. He may have been through a lot but Salvinn has come out stronger for it. He is a much greater person than the phony he once was. In an effort to prove his growth he has left on a quest with Sep to rid his arm of the Mark as he no longer desires to be under its control.
Recently Salvinn and Sep thought that they might be able to venture into Mangaia hoping something that can rid himself of the Mark.
Tech: As Vortixx he has access to Foreign Tech, for Salvinn this is a special bow equipped with Trick Arrows. 
Current Arsenal:
Net Arrow - Sets of three arrows fired simultaneously with a net connecting the three.
Fire Arrow - Flint arrowhead coated with powder which catches on fire upon hitting a striker on the bow.
Explosive Arrow - After purchasing some Explosive Powder from Stralix, filling a bamboo shaft with it, and using his flint arrowhead, Salvinn created an Explosive Arrow, which depending on the freshness of the bamboo can create different detonation times for the arrow.(Approved by Nuju Metru)
Weaknesses: He fears the reactivation of his Mark and is at all times looking for ways to stop it. He also cannot the thought of losing or failing Sep and the rest of the people he considers friends. While he is extremely fast and agile, he is rather lacking in raw strength. Finally the Magic Boat is an evil creature that fills him fear. 



Lady of Ice(Still being updated)

Name: Morillia 'Rit' Ritona
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Mask: Sensory Aptitude, Shaped like a Hau, but slightly more Feminine.
Element: Ice
Appearance: The first thing one may note about Rit is her tall lean figure which gives off an unemotional and secretive air, as a result often putting people off, which suits her just fine. Her primary color scheme is an icy blue, while her secondary is black. She has a no nonsense look about her that she's been told scares some people.
Personality: On the outside Rit projects a calm, unemotional and cold air. Breaking this shell of her's is difficult, and requires a lot of trust, rarely does she open up to anyone. However beneath it is a fiery drive and passion to achieve her goals. She is fierce and dynamic. She is quite probing always wanting to know the truth, and has an uncanny knack for deducing liars. She prefers you to be straight up and blunt with her, as she hates liars and fakers. If you help her though, she will make sure to repay the favor, as she never lets a dept go unpaid. To her friends she is loyal and steadfast, but to her enemies she is force to be reckoned. Her skills at manipulation and her resourcefulness makes her a deadly enemy. However beneath her cold and secretive exterior, is a strong desire to help the weak, and she will never stop in achieving this goal. Often putting her in harms way to help others.
Skills: She is quite effective at wielding her Weapon, along with her Element. In terms of her mask she often uses it to scout out the truth. She is quite good at planning and resourceful at adaptation. Making her difficult to outwit. Her skills in Manipulation often aid in this manner, however she rarely Manipulates those who are not her enemy.
Bio: Rit was born into a wealthy medical family, a practice her father groomed her for. However Rit was not interested in being a Doctor, she felt that such a profession just didn't suit her. She felt that she stood a better chance in more active defending the weak, not just healing the few that she could. After all, by her reasoning, wouldn't eliminating the source of injuries be better than patching the few she could. Thus at a young age, Rit left her home, in order to learn how to use a weapon, and to protect the weak. While she tried out many weapons, it was finally the Naginata she settled on, something about it just felt right. After training for years, Rit finally set out to figure out a way to protect the weak.After stuff happened, she now travels with Vaisaga helping him track down someone who Vaisaga has given next to no information about. She’s still not sure why she’s doing this.
Weapons/Tools: A long Naginata, with shaft being about 5 feet and the blade 3 feet long. It's blade appears to be made out a strange, translucent, crystalline material. One that is more resilient than most metals. The shaft is simply a long black metal rod. In terms of other items, she possess a small journal she writes in every now and then, often using it to piece together clues. She also has a small harmonica she uses to pass the time.
Weaknesses: She has a tendency to hold a grudge for a while, if you wrong her anyway expect her to hold a grudge about it for a long time. This can get her in some precarious situations. Also while a Master with her Element and Weapon, she lacks in terms of the hand to hand department. She also has a tendency to become jealous of folks. 


The Lost Dragon


Name: Malik Shaddix
Species: Toa of Iron
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Pakari-Used mainly for strength enhanced leaps.
Powers: In his youth Malik was fascinated by the lore of dragons, and wanted to create a style of fighting similar to their own. Then, when he learned about the ancient warrior called the Salamander, who did just that, Malik created his own style.
The Iron Dragon Style:
Dragon Club: Morphs his leg or arm into an iron club made for bashing enemies.
Dragon Scales: Covers his body in Iron to deter attacks made against him. (Requires large amounts of energy.)
Dragon Sword: Morphs his arm into a long jagged blade used for slashing through foes and obstacles.
Dragon Talons: Creates a small harpoon like blade at the soles of both his feet, used for walking on walls and ceilings.
Dragon Lance: Morphs his arm into a large spearhead used for impaling enemies.

Absorb: Absorbs Iron to increase his own energy. (Can’t Absorb his own iron.)

(Approved by Despair and Tuck.)(Re-approved by Nuju)

Appearance: Malik is most often seen concealing himself in a worn brown cloak, however he will often use this cloak as an aid for pulling pranks and the like. Underneath the cloak lies a rather attractive Toa, what else would one expect from a Shaddix. While he was never as attractive as his brother he is still handsome in his own right. His armor is gunmetal in color, with a few icy white highlights here and there.
Besides his cloak his usual outfit consists of a shabby, black, sleeveless tunic, with a sleek black belt around his waist, loose whitish pants tucked inside black boots, and a pair of brown gloves paired with similarly black wristbands.
Personality: Malik’s personality is very much two folded. On the outside one see’s mainly what he used to be like, a trickster, a fool. Always pulling pranks, and cracking jokes in order to help show others the absurdity of life. He hates seeing people sad or afraid, because he feels that it’s a waste of life to dwell on such pointless matters. Instead he would much rather see them up and about and enjoying life.
However this is in sharp contrast to the other aspect of his personality. One stemmed from the murder of his sister. On the inside he leads a dark and gloomy life, one revolving around two thoughts: Finding his brother and getting revenge for his sister. It is this dark side of him that drives him for the most part. So while he tries and brings happiness to others, he has yet to find it for himself.
Currently he has focused his entire mind to tracking down Dorian’s murderer and is searching nonstop. He is rarely pulling pranks on other people as his mindset generally tends to be that he needs to leave as quickly as possible. He feels like he’s been wasting enough time and that Dor’s murderer may have already escaped and he can’t allow that.
Bio: Malik was the brother of Dorian, thus he too was born into a life of prosperity and wealth. Of course none of this really made a difference to him. He never felt that money was important. The way he saw it, the people who were most genuinely happy rarely possessed large sums of money. So why couldn’t his father see that.However as a youth Malik had a knack for getting into sticky situations. Often he would pull a prank on someone only to have it back fire and then end up in trouble. He never pulled this pranks with an intent to hurt rather they were always in good nature. He only wanted to get people to laugh and smile. Of course the people he saw in need of it most were always business men and criminals, thus he got thrown into heaps of trouble. It would always be up to his idol and hero, Dorian to save him.
Unfortunately one time Dorian wasn’t around, he was on a tour with his band Daybreak in some other Koro. This meant that there was no one around to help him out when another of his pranks got him in trouble. He had tried pulling one on some local crime lord, unfortunately said crime lord decided that he was need of a slave. Malik was carted away from his home, never to be seen again. His father never truly felt a need to help, feeling that the boy had probably run off, and that their family had no need for a slacker like Malik.
Years went by before Malik finally had a chance to escape, however in these years Malik’s playful nature had begun to disappear. When he finally returned home, he came upon a horrifying sight, his parents had been murdered, but more importantly so had his sister. This was what enraged him the most, that one could kill his little sister, someone who had never done anything but be kind and helpful to all. That was the ultimate evil. Seeing no signs of Dorian, Malik assumed that his brother had left in search of the killer, and thus Malik resolved to doing the same. He thus set off in search of two people, his brother and the murderer. However realizing that killer was probably targeting the rest of the Shaddix’s as well, he abandoned the last name he never cared for.
He later discovered Dorian’s grave and left off in search of his brother’s killer. However, he was sidetracked by the Rahkshi attacks and ended up defending some small villages from Rahkshi. After the end of the attacks he resumed his search which led him to Ta-Koro as he had learned the Toa buried next to Dorian, Kinvex, had been an honorary member of the Ta-Koro Guard.His search in Ta-Koro led him to learn that Kinvex had been under the command of Tuara, unfortunately for Malik, Tuara had left the Guard a while back. Still hungering for information about his brother’s killer he is currently in search of Tuara hoping she might be able to narrow things down. While searching for information about her home he learned that another being known as Dorian had been doing consulting work for the Guard. Despite his suspicion he eventually discarded the information assuming that it was most likely just another being with the same name. It wasn't unheard of. 
Recently he finally learned the location of Tuara's home and is on his way there to question her about his brother's demise.
Weaknesses: His constant use of Iron-based techniques on his body has resulted in him being resistant to the element and gives him many attributes of Iron, among them being its weaknesses. He is vulnerable to water, and his strength and powers will weaken when fight it for awhile. He is also weak to Magnetism as its powers are more effective against him. Other than his personal techniques, he has no formal training controlling the iron element. Additionally, his techniques are reliant on being able to say their names out loud. Without being able to speak, their power is significantly reduced. He’s also unskilled at using his Pakari for brute strength rather only good at using it for strength enhanced leaps. In addition to these physical weaknesses, mentally he is extremely focused on finding Dorian’s murderer now and as a result is rarely willing to relax for anything. 


The Broken Fox

Name: Vossen "Sev" Refur
Species: Vortixx
Gender: Male
Biography: Like most of his species, he just showed up one day on the beach. So he ended joining a team of resistance fighters in Le-Wahi, but after they were all murdered by Makuta's Rahi, he abandoned that path, and went the more morally ambiguous path. He began to ally himself more with the thieves of the Island, and soon became known throughout the Koros, as the Lunar Fox. This nickname was due to his crazy luck, and the color of his armor.
Then he met and joined Bad Company.
For a while things seemed to be going rather well for Sev, it was easy money that he could spend however he wanted. Of course most of the member of Bad Company despised him, but that was of little concern to the Vortixx. However things started going off the deep end, when the Peers started to intervene more directly in Bad Company’s affairs.
First came the genocide of the Kumu Islets, something that still doesn’t sit well with Sev. He was perfectly fine with killing when people got in his way or even if they were just wastes of space. Still, the bottom line in Sev’s mind was that he was a thief not a murderer. Killing so many people who had just chosen the wrong place to live was terrible to him, and yet he said nothing, he did nothing.Then came the assassination of the Turaga, Turaga who were already broken beings having been infected with parasites still failed to understand. To Sev there was absolutely no sport in killing the old men who did absolutely nothing but give boring lectures to Matoran. Those old beings were perfectly decent folk, and yet despite how terrible that seemed to him, he still did nothing, said nothing.
After the mission Sev disappeared, he didn’t even bother to go retrieve his payment, he didn’t want that filthy money. Since then he’s hung up his hat and pistols at an old shack and been wandering the taverns of Po-Koro. All day long he drinks and gambles in them until the Tavern owner kicks him out, then he just proceeds to the next Tavern and the cycle repeats over and over again.
Weapons: Twin Pistols that can transform into Daggers. Engraved in the Dagger's hilt part is a symbol of a leaping Fox. (Approved by Nuju.) 
He's currently stored these pistols away and is traveling empty handed.
Appearance: Tall and slim, with dark black under armor and the rest of his armor is a dark silver. He wears a pendant that has the same symbol as his Pistol/Dagger, and a fedora, the brim of which generally covers his eyes.
However his proud appearance is now gone. Sev has chosen to leave his weapons, his pendent, and even his fedora in an old shack only he knows the location of. He generally is slouched over now and looks extremely unkempt as he hasn’t looked after himself in quite some time. Whereas before he used to stand tall and proud, now he just drags his feet everywhere.
Skills: He's actually a tactical genius but his lazy attitude leads most to believe otherwise. Sev takes full advantage of this misconception, and acts like his strategy is pulling a Pohatu. Then just when you think you beat this weak opponent, his gun is cocking behind your head. Checkmate. His quick reflexes have also left him one of the fastest and most agile fighters, much like his namesake. This in turn leads him to being an expert fighter in hand to hand, with or without his dagger/pistol.
However his current state is far from that deadly. He has completely drowned himself in alcohol and has such is rarely in any top state. He is stumbling behind his words, his thoughts are slow and he can barely stay upright. He has abandoned his weapons and signature items in a hut as he no longer feels worthy of the name Lunar Fox. 
Personality: They say he has the luck of the devil, and that he could beat even Makuta when it comes to cheating death and gambling. He projects a lazy and carefree attitude which suggests that he doesn't give a darn about the world. In truth he just doesn't want to care, after all everyone he's known had died trying to fix this cruddy world. So what's the point.
At least that was how he used to be.Since leaving Bad Company Sev has just been a drunkard who spends his days sitting around gambling. He doesn’t care about the state of his well being and has become the trash he used to despise so much. He is often complaining out loud and no longer bothering with calculating anything. Sev is currently dead inside and appears the same way on the outside.
Weaknesses: He may be fast, but he is not strong. He also is inept at fighting with any other weapon besides the ones he possesses and currently he is carrying no weapons with him. He has completely shut himself off from the world and currently has no one he can call an ally. In addition he’s come to rely on his alcohol and is in a terrible slump of self loathing. Long story short, Sev is currently a wreck.



The Trickster Horse



Name: Vinyani


Gender: Female


Species: Dasaka


Caste and Clan: Menti, Eiyu


Appearance: At a glance, Vinyani is an unimposing being, even for an Eiyu. Her build does not speak of strength, nor does her height permit her to glare down at those around her. In fact, if any glaring is to be done, it would have to be directed upwards. If it wasn’t directed at her to begin with. In actuality, she stands a little shorter than most of her clanmates. What Zuto Nui did not give her in stature, however, it is immediately clear that she made up for in energy. The young Menti’s features are forever perky and animated, the corners of her mouth forever tugging upwards in an ill, if at all, concealed grin. A grin capable of turning mischievous at the drop of a hat, though usually too late for her intended target to preempt their fate.


Vinyani wears a startlingly white Kanohi Sanok, though crafted in the shape of a Miru, with seafoam blue tinges creeping into the coloration near its swept-back top. Her eyes are a similar color, the same turquoise one sees when the light hits a cresting wave just right. The natural shade of her armor is slightly lighter than usually, just a few hues closer to the sea than the color of her clan. Her crystalline armor is very lightweight, barely present on her limbs, and often worn only in part during day to day life. Her attire, most of the time, is very casual; the emblem and color of her clan is only intermittently present, though given that much of her time is spent amongst her own clan it affects her little. She is fond of the Saihoko coat that she managed to trade for on a trip to Sado, and often dons it in inclement weather. It serves another important purpose, however, as it permits her to blend more easily in with the lower castes when she travels across the island. In her eyes, the coat and a little mud permits her to travel an entire world unknown to most of those in the glimmering high society life above. Small straps are just barely visible upon close examination on the interior of her limbs, carefully concealed by most of her movements.


Weapons: Vinyani’s choice of weapons, as compared to most Menti, is rather eccentric. She has a vast quantity of small crystalline needle, akin to a healer’s acupuncture tools, inserted into small straps upon her limbs. These straps are normally turned inward, permitting their cargo to hide in the space between her limbs and her body, but are easily turned outwards during a fight for easy access. Similar storage has been carefully fitted to the inside of her poncho, ensuring ease of reach no matter the situation. She also keeps darts tucked away in similar storage, as well as within small pouches at her waist. As a means of absolute last resort, she keeps a small crystalline stiletto concealed in each boot.


Skills: Fleetfooted and swift, Vinyani prefers to move fast and strike faster. Her style of combat relies on precision strikes with her needles and darts, preferably to vital points on her opponent, and avoiding being forced into close range combat. When paired with her partner, she quickly adopts tactics best suited to maximize their abilities. When they cooperate, that is.


Powers: Vinyani has access to her Kanohi Sanok, as well as use of the Sighteye discipline. She is not yet an expert illusionist, but she is skilled enough in manipulations for it to be useful to her. Additionally she has been trained as a Twin Soul, and as a result she is paired with another Eiyu Menti with whom she can cooperate on an instinctual level at the speed of thought.


Twin Soul Partner: Eiyu Hanabe


Personality: From the moment she was born, Vinyani had a reputation for mischief. She was playing tricks on her fellow Eiyu since before she could walk, and the trait has carried on throughout her life. No one is safe from her practical jokes, no matter their standing within her clan. This has gotten her in trouble more than once with a particularly obstinate elder, but her Toroshu has always tolerated, if not necessarily condoned, her behaviors. Her penchant for humor carries even into her interactions with others, interactions often punctuated by a joke or quip. However, she’s far smarter than she tends to behave. Her fondness for mingling with the lower classes and her observation of the goings-on of the clan, and even further, the empire, leads her to be remarkably aware of what is going on around her. If someone needs something found, or needs to know the latest from the rumor mill, Vinyani will always know. Her natural curiosity knows no bounds, particularly about the world around her, and she is perpetually looking for new places to explore.


Though her reputation as a trickster is well (and infamously) earned, Vinyani is by no means a bad person. She tends to sympathize with the plight of others, particularly the more trodden on classes, and the arrogance or callousness of nobles is one of the fastest (and the only sure) ways to anger her. This ability to sympathize has lead her to become embroiled in the problems of her fellows more than once, though that side of her is rarely seen. At the very least, it is quickly concealed once again behind a prank and a joke. What friends she makes, she genuinely cares about; admittedly, she has met few that she would qualify as such.


Biography: Born after the last Fursic Uprising, Vinyani has grown up in the Empire’s most peaceful period in recent years. Though she never knew her father, as Dasakan children seldom do, her mother took care of her daughter with endless patience. Growing up in the clan she did, it was to be expected that Vinyani be raised by a woman with special passions about the world around her. For Vinyani’s mother, the Archipelago was a land of untold wonder and adventure. From the slopes of Mt. Koshiki to the few remaining forests to the depths of the sea, she was determined to explore every inch that she could possibly reach. This same sense of wonder was passed to her daughter as soon as she could understand, and Vinyani began doing much the same. Admittedly, her world was smaller. The trek from her lodgings to the library was an adventure, and a Datsue’s study was a great cavern to be explored. These explorations earned her the ire of many of the same beings she would receive it from later in life, though the young Menti was never discouraged. When she grew older, her mother even took her along on some of her expeditions. Her first trip was to the coast, and the young Eiyu was instantly in love. The sea and its boundless mysteries fascinated her, and even years later she would return as often as she possibly could. She found she got along swimmingly with the Taajar, as well, and tagged along on trips to their camps as often as she could. Their rich history enraptured her, and it was among them that her first feelings of distaste for the worst of Imperial attitude began to grow.


When she grew older, she trained to become a Sighteye, like her mother. Unlike her mother, who learned the discipline to be able to show people how she saw the world, Vinyani sought it out because of its endless potential for practical jokes. Her boundless individualism and energy set her apart from the scholars around her, even if her passion for knowledge was not at all dissimilar to theirs. Her behavior landed her in the Toroshu’s study often, though Nihonei’s patience and tolerance was endless. Indeed, she quietly encouraged some of the Menti’s exploratory tendencies, and taught her a few tricks that she had learned herself years before.


One moment stands out in her memory, above all others. Particularly early into her training she traveled to Sado with her mother, and rather than exploring the gleaming Imperial Palace, the two ingratiated themselves with the Saihoko and the Ringti. With a little persuading they purchased (or traded for) a pair of Saihoko ponchos, and spent their day seeing the world through the eyes of those below the Empire’s notice. They consorted with the merchants at their stalls in Sado’s market, ad saw Ringti at work in their shops. All of the events of the empire were told and retold, but from the perspective of an outsider looking in. The way the world was seen from the perspective of its lowest inhabitants, the reality of the lower castes. She kept the poncho from that day, long after someone else would have thrown it away, and uses it to this day. When the mood strikes her she dons it and once again vanishes into the Empire’s underbelly, far from the gleaming high society lights. This tendency, ingrained at a young age, has given her a unique view on the world around her.


At the same time as Vinyani began to develop her views of the world, her instructors began to develop her skills. Like all Menti she was sent to the Yards, specifically the Arohi School of the Mind, for the basics of her training. It was here that she learned how to use her illusory abilities, and here that her antics first landed her in anything approaching real trouble. The instructors in the Yards did not appreciate her humor nearly as much as the Eiyu had, nor did her more noble peers. Nevertheless, it was here that she first began to become truly acquainted with her fellow Eiyu Menti; the people from whom her partner would eventually come. Many of them naturally gravitated towards pairs of their own, but one particularly silent Menti often stood apart from the rest. Hanabe, as Vinyani would later learn was her name, participated quietly in the training activities. Seldom did she draw any real attention to herself, though she notably avoided taking part in sparring bouts.


After the basics of her instruction were completed and they had graduated from the Yards’ training, Vinyani and her fellow Eiyu were recalled to their clan’s own home. The time had come for them to be partnered. The process of training Twin Souls had changed little from when it was invented in centuries past, though the young Menti knew little of what it would entail. The training was the most closely guarded secret the Eiyu possessed, to such a degree that texts detailing its process could not be found in any library in the Archipelago. As every generation had done before, the Menti were gathered in the library of the Eiyu chateau before their Toroshu and the elders of their clan. Many of the young Dasaka paired off amongst themselves easily, as if there had never been any doubt who they would partner with. For many there hadn’t. Such was not the case for Vinyani. Without a clear partner, the Eiyu Toroshu paired her with the Menti she had briefly met in the Yards; Hanabe. The elders had concurred with the choice, and though both parties still had a chance to refuse the choice went through unopposed. In the following months the two bonded as all Twin Souls do, though they still don’t necessarily see eye to eye.


Tech: N/A


Current Arsenal:





Weakness: Vinyani is not well-armored, nor is she physically powerful. Her tendencies in combat rely on her ability to move about quickly and unfettered, and inhibiting that ability would permit an opponent to overpower her. Additionally her chosen weapons provide little to no counter for the Archipelago’s most common weapons, leaving her at a distinct disadvantage if she finds herself separated from her partner. Vinnie’s habit of playing pranks and tricking people has led to her being rather isolated from other people. She has no real friends within Dasaka Society, barring perhaps the Toroshu, as she has driven most people away. Finally Vinnie is rarely able to apply herself to anything that doesn’t seem to offer instant gratification, as such it can be difficult for her to find motivation and stay on topic.

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Strikethrough means inactive.

Name: Okajo (OH-KAH-Jo)

Species: Matoran

Element: Plasma (Innate)

Appearance: This. Slightly taller than the average Matoran.

Gender: Male

Weapons: a medium-length sword (Pictured)

Weakness(es): Relatively weak-willed, terrible with any sort of technology, to the point where he almost breaks any tech that he touches.

Alignment: Neutral

History: Originally from Ta-Koro, Okajo was one of the few Matoran of Plasma there. He soon wandered around Mata-Nui, getting to know the people of the island. After a while, and before Makuta was defeated, he settled into Onu-Koro, where he still is today. He still is an outsider to Onu-Koro, and is distrusted by many.

Personality and traits: Calm, relatively intelligent and average strength-wise. However, if someone does manage to anger him (which isn’t an easy task), he becomes quite…unstable. Very proficient in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat.


Name: Xaron (ZAY-ron)

Species: Matoran

Element: Magnetism (Innate)

Appearance: Average height, slightly bulkier than the average matoran. Grey and black armour, with a silver Avohkii-shaped mask (Completely powerless). Has green eyes.


Gender: Male

Powers: Due to Parakuka bonding, now Xaron can turn into a mini-pseudo Rahkshi. Kinda weird, really.

Weapons: Small dagger, Bamboo disc launcher. Discs have metal spikes protruding.

Weakness(es): Easily distracted, and isn’t the most mentally stable. Also easily trusts people, unless clearly untrustable and/or trying to hurt him or his acquaintances.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: Xaron was-and still is-a resident of Onu-Koro. A Matoran of magnetism, but still fit in rather well with the other matoran. Other than his mental stability, which is questionable at the best of times. Once Okajo arrived in Onu-Koro, he was one of the few people to immediately trust him. Then again, he trusted almost anyone he met.

Personality and traits: Very light-hearted, friendly, and nearly insane. He is excellent at creating plans but they tend to be very odd, unpredictable, and liable to change at the last second. However, he is loyal to his Koro and basically anyone he meets that isn’t in direct opposition to Onu-Koro. And he has a habit of talking to himself, throwing widgets at random people, and kicking open doors. Saying he is odd is a huge understatement. Calling him mentally unstable is a much smaller understatement. He isn't absolutely bonkers, though. Just almost. After being bound to 'Stupid slug', Xaron has become slightly more irritable. Only slightly.

Notes: Interprets thoughts from his parakuka as full sentences, even though they are still images.


Name: Zarok (ZA-Roc)

Species: Toa of Fire

Appearance: Tall, with red and yellow armour, similar in build and colour layout to Lhikan. He stands slightly shorter than the average Toa, though. His mask resembles a Great Hau, in yellow. He also wears extra gold armour atop his natural armour, which looks similar to Nuva armour but fitted more to his body shape.

Gender: Male

Weapons: A katana roughly 3/4ths his size, with a glowing red lightstone embedded at the bottom of the handle. He also wears a Great Kakama, shaped like a Great Hau.

Weakness(es): Not the strongest Toa, nor the one that can take many hits. He also is incredibly curious about things, and this can sometimes lead him into traps.

Alignment: Neutral Good

History: Once a simple Matoran, Zarok was turned into a Toa by means he refuses to speak about, other than saying that it did involve finding “something or other” that turned him into a Toa. When he became a Toa, he explored the island of Mata-Nui, helping Matoran only when they seemed like they needed help. He doesn’t have anywhere specific he calls “Home”, as he is still moving all over the island, rarely staying somewhere for long.

Personality and traits: Adventurous, bold, curious… many words can describe Zarok. He is also quite full of himself at times, especially when he beats people who say that he can’t beat them. Well, he thinks that’s what Rahi say when they roar at him, at least. He isn’t loyal to any one Koro, but he is loyal to his friends that he makes on his journeys. If there is an opportunity to go exploring somewhere new, he jumps at it.


Name: “Kewa”

Species: Matoran

Apperance: Kewa stands about average height for a Matoran, but is slightly wider than most. His uncharacteristic Keetongorange colouring is easy to spot in a crowd.


Gender: Male

Powers: Typical Fe-Matoran enhanced strength and stamina.

Technological items: 2 small Patero launchers, typically loaded with Stralix powder. Kewa can mount these on his wrists, but cannot pump them easily when doing so.

Weakness(es): Kewa is just a Matoran. He can’t bend metal at his will, or really do anything like that. Has a strange fear of the Kewa bird, which people nicknamed him after for some odd reason.

Alignment: Neutral

History: Kewa was-and always has been- a simple Fe-Matoran on the island of Mata-Nui. Apart from his nickname, which he has been called by so long he considers it his actual name. He has lived in Le-Koro most of his life, forging iron tools occasionally for people who pay him. Despite this, he truly isn’t loyal to Le-Koro. He isn’t loyal to any Koro, preferring to stay out of the ridiculous inter-koro politics and carry on with his normal life.

Relations with other characters: Okajo: Acquaintance; forged Okajo’s sword.

Xaron: Acquaintance; met while traveling around in Onu-Koro

(This section will be added onto as time passes)

Personality and traits: Kewa is a laid-back Matoran, who prefers to stay out of most-if not all- conflicts. Decently social with people, and somewhat eager to meet new people. Mainly for business reasons, however. He is relatively good at forging and creating weapons, but does not own a shop nor work at one. He tinkers with technology, inventing completely pointless and worthless things, but invents things nonetheless.


Name: Zolarn

Species: Toa

Appearance: Pretty average for a Toa, tall, somewhat muscular. His orange Kakama(which is actually a Pakari) goes with his normal orange and white armor. His eyes and heartlight are a bright, piercing blue color.

Gender: Male

Powers: Elemental control of Plasma, extreme strength due to Paraki.

Weapons: A simple, undecorated sword, with photothermic powder packed into the hilt, just in case he needs to throw said sword and the blade misses.

Technological items: None, other than the photothermic powder in his swords hilt.

Weakness(es): He must be careful when using his sword, so he does not impact it and set off the explosives within. He also is no faster than the average Toa.

Alignment: Neutral

History: Zolarn has always been a Toa. He does not remember a time when he was not a Toa. He originally lived in random places scattered across the island, but eventually settled down in Le-Koro simply because it was a nice place. He didn’t help with the fight against Makuta, simply because he wasn’t anywhere near the fight when it happened.

Personality and traits: Zolarn has a habit of staring at people for minutes on end in order to get to know them. Other than that… very strange quirk he is outgoing, nice, and quite social. He can also randomly go into angry fits if something happens to irritate him, but otherwise he’s somewhat normal.


Name: Crasaro (CRA-SA-ro)

Species: Toa of Crystal

Apperance: Crasaro’s armour is primarily ice-blue, with his mask and other highlights being a translucent white. Crasaro’s mask is shaped much like the organic Calix, but does not have any ribbings or gaps at the top of the mask. The mask also doesn’t bulge as much at the sides as an organic Calix. He is no taller or shorter than a normal Toa, but is skinner than others. He tends to wear a white cloak over his shoulders, which leads down to about ankle level. The way he wears it, however, is more like a cape than a cloak.

Gender: Male

Powers : Elemental control over crystal, slight manipulation of fate due to mask.

Weapons: Auto-reloading disc launcher, with razor-edged crystal discs for ammo. He essentially has an unlimited supply of the discs, so he does not attempt to recover them. Also carries a small katana made of crystal.

Mask: Kanohi Calix

Weakness(es): Crasaro is extremely prideful of himself, to the point he may start attacking anyone who insults him. Not only that, but he also has a fear of people becoming irritated by his presence, and thus appeals to as many people as possible. No matter what the cost at times.

History: Crasaro prefers not to speak of his past; instead he focuses on his future. What little information you can glean from the scant times he mentions his past, it seems he wasn’t the nicest Toa around, or the one with the least blood on his hands. Crasaro thus has forsaken his past, and now lives a very happy life, and it almost seems it is to redeem himself from his past. He always moves around the island, helping those in need or brightening up their day when they feel down.

Personality: Crasaro is nice, nice to the point where it is almost scary. He never exhibits any sign of anger or aggression to others, and almost always has a smile on his face. Even in battle, he never gets angry or bloodthirsty. He prides himself in his kindness, prideful to the point where anyone who says the slightest thing about him negatively becomes his enemy. He makes friends far more easily than enemies, however.


Name: Addresses himself as ‘Parakuka 07910’, called ‘Stupid Slug’ by Xaron

Species: Parakuka

Apperance: A large, silvery-gray slug. Really. That’s about it.

Gender: ‘Male’

Alignment: True Neutral, bordering on Evil neutral.

Powers : Standard Parakuka fare: Turns Xaron into a mini-fake Rahkshi of sorts. Actually is able to converse with Xaron with sentences, since 07910 was attached to someone at one point.

Or something.

Weakness(es): If Xaron were to suddenly drop dead for no reason, ‘07910’ must find a new host. Or die. Also a somewhat young Parakuka, thus it has very little armor.

History: After Xaron decided to fall into some random hole in the ground on a random adventure of his, he landed directly on this Parakuka here. ‘07910’ attached himself to Xaron, and the two have now come to a very bitter, but mutal relationship.

Personality: Personality less, analytical, more like a robot than the more biomechanical being 07910 is attached to. More not-evil than most Parakuka, probably because the previous host was a good guy.

Notes: Transmits images like a normal parakuka, though these images are interpreted as full sentences.


Name: Misanoi

Species: Dasaka

Apperance: Misanoi stands about a head taller-maybe less-than the average Dasaka. Her mask is shaped much like a Kaukau and is a light transparent blue. Her normal armor is dull silver, but her crystal armor is a deep, dark translucent blue. Her eyes are a steely gray, much like her armor.

Caste/Clan: Menti, Umbraline

Gender: Female

Powers: Disciplined in Willhammer, Mask of Sensory Aptitude

Weapons: A crystalline katana with a stone hilt covered in leather to make it much easier to hold.

Weakness(es): Overconfident in her abilities at times, and cannot deal with ranged opponents without getting within sword range.

Since, you know, if someone is shooting at you/throwing spears at you, it’s hard to get into their head.

History: Misanoi has lived a completely ordinary, standard life for a Menti of the Umbraline Clan. She had been trained like most Menti, though it soon became apparent she quite enjoyed the sword most of all, and eventually her abilities with the sword nearly surpassed her Willhammer capabilities. She now lives a very mundane and normal life for a Menti.

Personality: Relatively sociable with other Dasaka, primarily Menti, though she almost never speaks to those of a lower caste. She despises liars, and if she finds out someone had lied to her, she quickly becomes cold and distant to them and them alone. Also has a strange habit of switching between spoken and telepathic communications, which could leave non-Dasaka confused.


Name: Vanika (VAN-i-KAH)

Species: Dasaka

Apperance: Short, bulky, and most certainly not the most…attractive Dasaka around, Vankia’s armor is nearly black in color. Her eyes are a bright, glowing blue that cuts right down to the soul. Crystalline armor adorns her lower arms, legs, and chest. Her mask is shaped like a Kaukau, and it shares a similar translucent white color to her crystal armor.

Caste/Clan: Menti, Diakura

Gender: Female

Powers: Disciplined in Soulsword, Has Kualsi made like a Kaukau.

Weapons: None, preferring to use her Soulsword, which is based off of an old weapon of hers, a very thick, spiked club. She still keeps the club her Soulsword is based on, though. She simply never uses it.

Weakness(es): Susceptible to almost all other Menti disciplines, and her short stature doesn’t help much in fights.

History: Vanika has always lived at the Arohi School, and during her youth was one of the top Soulsword users there. After some time, she eventually became a teacher at the school, educating new Menti who wish to become masters of soulsword.

Personality: Blunt, to the point, and honest to the point that it can hurt, if someone is being an cool dude she will tell them so. Despite this, she can be a very kind-hearted individual and most-if not all- of her students like her.


    Name: Adov

    Species: Toa of Ice

    Appearance: A lithe Toa, clad in dull white armor. In fact, all of it is white, as if he painted over any other color there might be. His eyes are a faded yellow color, almost white as well. His Kanohi Tryna is shaped much like a natural one, and is as white as his armor is. Despite being a Toa of Ice, he still wears an ice-blue scarf, wrapped around the lower half of his mask – the only spot of true color on his person.

    Gender: Male

    Powers and/or weapons: Elemental control over Ice. The Kanohi Tryna, a mask capable of resuscitating the dead for a brief period of time. Adov also utilizes a halberd-esque weapon, forged from metallic protodermis.

    Technological items: N/A

    Weakness(es): He is a standard Toa of Ice; extreme heat is not good for him. Despite having a very long reach with his halberd, he is not very adept at hand-to-hand combat.

    History: Formerly a mercenary in Ko-Koro, Adov lived a...well, a standard mercenary life. Hired to fight, to defend, to do whatever. Eventually, he made his way to Ihu-Koro, a so-called “haven” for mercenaries such as himself. After some time, he eventually decided that it was, overall, a better idea to remain in Ihu-Koro than stay as a mercenary. He eventually became a Highlander, working within the Koro.

    Personality: Adov acts much like a stereotypical Toa of Ice – cold, distant, calculating, “emotionless”. He’s very quiet, and efficient with the work he does. Give him a task, and he will do it as fast, efficiently, and with as many corners left uncut as possible. He doesn’t care about having to use others to complete jobs, even going so far as to use dead people to distract others. Though that isn’t very often something he does.

Below the surface, he is...much the same. Once someone actually gets close enough to him, he doesn’t act much different at all. Sure, he might be slightly more friendly, but there’s no hidden layers of friendship and rainbows.

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Steam name: Ehksidian

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Name: Toa Monton

Species: Toa of Earth

Description: Typical Toa of Earth; bigger, bulkier, well muscled but not necessarily tall for a Toa, mainly black with underlinings of grey. His armor and Kanohi Iden are tattooed with a luminescent green ink [derived from organic substances subterranean plants] that glows as his spirit enters or leaves his body.

Gender: Male

Powers/Weapons: Element of Earth

Tech: [none at present]

Weaknesses: As Monton spent a long time in exile underground his senses became closely entwined with the earth and the life it supports. Harm done to any part of it is greatly disturbing to him, as all life is invaluable. As a member of the Avashkan Cult he is shunned by the general populace of Onu-Koro. The exposure to the aura and odiousness of The Dark Walk have left him prone to anger and fear, a heightened fight-or-flight response, making him overreact to low-threat situations. His views and priorities seem narrow minded as he holds little [if any] political stances and values the well-being of the earth of the island equivalent to that of its inhabitants. Moodiness makes Monton a poor teammate, preferring his unity with the earth. Another major result of his occult life is his reverence for shadows and loathe for light. Any intense/pure light is harmful to him, and any venture to the upper world is only made at night. He avoids killing, but uncontrolled rage and fear make this goal difficult.

Alignment: His beliefs and self-considered home lie in the Avashkan Cult. As a result of their teachings his true love lies with Mata Nui's creation.

History: Monton was originally a guardian of Onu-Koro until he joined the Avashkan Cult.

The Avashkans [a matoran word meaning "shadow seeker"] were originally a political party within the Koro who vied for a halt in production -- a cease to all mining and construction -- until technology adapted for the Koro to return resources back to the earth, rather than continuing to rob nutrients from it. Desperate, their leaders began to explore The Dark Walk as a means of solution. The Avashkans began to show a reverence for the shadows and the things that grew within it, disturbing the villagers with experiments and discoveries that shared properties with the Makuta and rahkshi. The party began to drift from political to occult, to the point that began to reside at The Dark Walk. Avashkans may now enter but are not allowed to reside within the Koro. Not that they would be accepted by the villagers, Avashkans only wear black and are easily identified by the luminous tattoos that signify their members. Despite their eerie appearance and dealings with the dark the common view of the cult is misconstrued. Rather the Avashkans cherish the earth of Mata Nui and its children -- including the villagers who reject them -- and in their exile they have found ways to coexist with the natural in the dark. They get their bad rep from their traditional rituals that include exposure to the odiousness of The Dark Walk and ventures towards the Mangaia.

Monton was at first a scoffer of the Avashkan ways and their pitiful attempts to end the prosperity of the Onu-Koro. His opinions changed when he studied the properties of the earth with Omand, founder of the Avashkan party and whose knowledge he respected greatly. Monton studied under Omand as the party made pivotal shifts towards cult, and his teachings had a heavy impact upon his pupil. Monton began to see the world as a living organism, constantly dying and being reborn from the same matter, reconstituting its surroundings into itself. He also began to see that the dark was not to be feared for its own sake, and that it gave way for light to be; night is as essential as day for all that is living. When the cult seceded the Toa left willingly with it, causing a great stir in the Koro. For years he has lived as an Avashkan on the fringe of society, meditating, pondering the well-being of nature and society, engaging his spirit form in the earth and shadows, studying the properties of creatures of the deep, and even venturing near the Mangaia. He refuses to kill, resorting to putting himself in harm's way as last resort. Exposure to the odiousness of The Dark Walk is something possible as a Toa but lethal to a Matoran, making him an essential member. Years spent in meditation have helped to control his weaknesses towards rage and fear after he once murdered an entire mining expedition from Onu-Koro that was experimenting with a new explosive. The murder was mistaken for a cave-in and Monton remained unidentified, yet he continues to be tormented by the ghosts of his victims, especially in his spirit form.

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  • Name: Iokua
  • Species: Onu-Matoran
  • A detailed description or image: Iokua is a pretty standard Matoran, though he always seems to be covered in dirt, moreso than most Onu-Matoran, at least. He wears a light gray Great Rau that matches his arms and legs, while the rest of his body is a pitch black. He seems to be smiling all the time, even if he’s got a massive crack down his mask from a scuffle with a Rahi who did not appreciate him digging in his territory.
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers and/or weapons: Does being deadly with a shovel, pick and trowel count?
  • Technological items: N/A. Doing archaeology the old fashioned way!
  • Weakness(es): Not combat trained, occasionally callous, values knowledge over people, air-headed and absent minded, has difficulty making choices.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • History: Iokua is considered one of Onu-Koro’s town eccentrics, and spends most of his time digging alone, or with anyone who is willing to accompany him on his expeditions, which go questionably most of the time.He began his life as a miner, digging for lightstones in the mines of Onu-Wahi. One day, he stumbled across a vast site that seemed to have been inhabited in ancient times. He found that his skills in mining did well with digging up artifacts. He got permission to leave the mines and become an archaeologist, and after spending much time in the libraries of Onu-Koro, he learned much about history, though still believes that what’s revealed in archaeology is more valid than what’s written down in histories. “The earth never lies,” he’s fond of saying.
  • Personality and traits: Iokua is rough to talk to. He’s always going off on tangents and has trouble staying on one topic through an entire sentence. But if you can handle talking to him, his clever mind is obvious.He’s always thinking in several different ways about every single possibility. This occasionally leads him to paralysis when he has to make a decision, since he won’t make a choice until he knows all possible outcomes and has weighed them all rationally for the best outcome. Sometimes, with big decisions, he uses mathematical formulas, which makes it even worse, since then he spends weeks collecting data to input into his formulas, and he has to come up with new formulas each time.He’s very excitable. Pot sherds are his favorite thing, and he doesn’t get why people aren’t as stoked about history and archaeology as he is. It’s all so fascinating! He loves it!

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Name: Maverick

Species: Toa (heavily mutated)

http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=278956Please note that the admittedly horrible head on the MoC is not in fact the appearance of the character. Maverick’ mask is actually shaped like a Shelek (Chirox’ mask) that is longer and more jagged than the normal appearance for the mask.

Gender: Male


Powers: Maverick was a Toa of Fire, and so retains some of the elemental capabilities he once commanded. While he is able to summon small flames at a whim, more powerful displays, especially for combat, are nearly impossible for him to complete. He retains his elemental resistance to fire, however. He does not have any ability to use his mask any longer.


Weapon: Maverick wields two Scissor-like Scythes, which he wields similarly to wristblades. Both blades are held angling up behind him, so he can make the most of his speed. During prolonged or difficult battles, He can combine the two Scythes into one with two blades (A la the Protoss Dark Templar in SCII = P). Maverick also has a bladed tail which, while used mostly for balance, can occasionally make a difference when his opponent is distracted.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


History: Maverick remembers very little of his history, though some snippets remain in his nightmares and occasional flashbacks. What he does remember amounts to things he already knew – He was a failed experiment, what the initial purpose of the experiment was he has no idea. While he was once a Toa, he was mutated beyond recognition and turned slightly insane. The experiment also forced Maverick’ already chaotic personality to manifest as evil, and this evil in turn caused Maverick to break out of the laboratory he was held in, murder most if not all of the staff, and escape into the wilderness. After being caught and exchanged as a rarity, pet, gladiator, and all sorts of other slavery-ish shady deals, he escaped into the wilds of Mata-Nui and began –almost- terrorizing the island’s inhabitants, preferring only to attack those who bothered him.


Personality: Maverick enjoys a certain variation of multiple personality disorder. Both Good and Evil have some hold over him, and both manifest as different personalities. “Evil” often comes out during conversation, and can occasionally come across as annoyed or jittery, while Good dominates Maverick during combat. This isn’t to say he’s a pacifist, quite the opposite, as he has less moral trouble killing adversaries than most, he’s simply very, very calm about it.As an aside note, Maverick himself isn’t necessarily aware of the truth these sides of him represent. “Good” is Maverick as he should be, a morally ambiguous hero, while “Evil” is Maverick as he is, a morally ambiguous killer. Whichever side inevitably wins over Maverick’ personality will change more than just his reactions.


Weaknesses: Maverik cannot use elemental energy or mask powers, so his only combat capabilities lie in his skill with his scythes and speed. While his armor is thick and he is a more dangerous adversary in combat, sneak attacks or fights at a distance can quickly defeat him.



Name: Seryna


Species: Matoran


Description: Seryna is a mostly average Ga-Matoran. She wears a powerless silver Noble Huna, and her armor is both blue and silver.


Gender: Female


Weapon: Seryna wields a sword and shield, both stylistically following both water and Ga-Koro motifs.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral


History: Seryna is a native Ga-Koroan who dabbled in crafting but never actually had the patience to follow through with the profession, and so moved on to try and become a member of Ga-Koro’s military force. Though she’s had no real success in moving up the ranks, she also understands that every military needs grunts, and as long as there’s stuff for her to beat on she remains distracted enough that it doesn’t bother her.


Personality: Seryna is impatient, warlike, and cynical. Often enough it results in her being someone that no one really remembers. In a sense, this would make her a perfect thief – she makes people laugh and like her and immediately forget her, but her sense of right and wrong prevents her from travelling down such a path, regardless of whether or not it would benefit her.


Weaknesses: Seryna is impatient, and this often leads her to rush into things without thinking. She’s also relatively inexperienced, and obviously has no elemental or mask powers to fall back on.





Name: Kiharu I’ak Naruun (Normally simply Kiharu, or Ki)


Gender: Female


Species: Toa


Alignment: Chaotic Good


Appearance: http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=278957

Kiharu wears an ornate set of armour, heavy enough to be protective, but also light enough to allow her to move freely and with the agility she favours. The left shoulder plate of her armour features a large spike that comes up just under eye level, adding to the ornate – ancient look of her armour.


Mask: Kanohi Miru, in the shape of a Kanohi Kaukau.


Weapon: Ancestral Weapon – a Naginata – that is extremely ancient and as ornate as her armour. The Naginata is double bladed, a long, slicing blade on one end, and a short, stabbing blade on the other. The Naginata is decorated with a Silver Ribbon.


Powers: Element of Ice – Extremely Acrobatic and Light on her feet.


Personality: Kiharu is a cynical, serious Toa, born of a century or more of being an outcast amongst much of Mata Nui. However, this side of her is simply her outer shell of defence. She is extremely harsh to those around her as to ensure that she doesn’t befriend anyone, assuming that everyone on the island will end up betraying her eventually. Those that she opens up to as friends, however, see a side of her that’s humorous, almost childlike.


Biography: Kiharu comes from a land far from Mata Nui – or at least, that’s what she’s been told. She has very, very vague memories of places not on Mata Nui, but every time she focuses on these, she is unable to remember. The same thing affects the rest of her family.


Despite this, she has adapted to Mata Nui – albeit violently and unhappily. Kiharu knows that her armour and weapon all come from her homeland, but this memory lapse refuses to lift – and what’s worse is that because of this knowledge that she is not native to Mata Nui, many of the inhabitants of the island – or rather those who are not similar to herself – see her as either insane or a menace. This has caused her much pain through her life – and caused her to regard other beings with a cynic’s eye, and caused her to refuse to accept friends.


Though of course, times have changed on Mata Nui, Kiharu still holds onto some of her more shocking memories and prejudices against Koros. Specifically, Ko-Koro cast her out years ago when the Turaga were still in charge, and it’s a grudge that Kiharu has never really been able to bury.


Weakness: Kiharu’s major weaknesses are her refusal to make friends – causing her to refuse help from anyone. Kiharu’s armour protects only her chest, legs, and forearms. A hit to anywhere but these area’s will most likely be severely damaging. Kiharu’s weapon – while being devastating at long to medium range, can easily become her downfall if faced with multiple opponents at close range.

Edited by Lord Kini Hawkeye

I've been searchin' for the daughter of the Devil Himself,

​I've been searchin' for an Angel in White,

​I've been lookin for a woman who's a little of both,

​and I can sense her but she's nowhere in sight,
Cause I can't find a banner ;_;



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Name: Detrix


Species: Toa



Toa Detrix is fairly tall. His mask shares the same appearance as Hydraxon’s (canon Bionicle Universe). He has a silver breastplate and shoulder guards. His hands are covered in white and has white grieves as well as black boots. He has blue eyes and a bulkier stature.


Gender: Male


Powers: He is the Toa of Sonics and wields a broad sword that can also act as a bass, for recreational use (his element amplifies the sound). He has the kanohi of translation (after all, music is a universal language, right?).


Weaknesses: His personal weaknesses are that he is not as fast compared to other toa, due to his bulky armor and weapon, his elemental weakness is earth and water.


Alignment: He’s a bounty hunter, but has somewhat of a moral code.


History: Detrix hasn’t had the best of luck finding jobs, but he assumes he’s just looking in the wrong places. He has been after a rogue toa for a while that has turned towards “the dark side”, though this is for more personal reasons than the bounty.


Personality and Traits: Detrix has an easy going personality and doesn’t get angry easily. He stays alert in battle and doesn’t make many comments during skirmishes, for the toa likes to get things done as quickly as possible. He has no mercy for those who avoid the law and especially so if they have a price on their head. The only exception to that is himself and his friends or allies. He has a biased mind set about himself.




Name: Barus


Species: Ba-Toa


Gender: Male


Appearance: Black armor with purple as a secondary color. His frame is tall and bold and if he were to show his pride in himself, it would be through his stature.


Powers: He has gained strength through decades of training along with the elemental power of gravity and the Kanohi Kualsi. He is armed with two swords made from the bones of a blade burrower.


Weaknesses: Mentally, he’s a narcissist, even though he doesn’t show it, and takes offense when he is told he is not as great as he thinks. Physically, anything that is stronger than him. He now has lost a small ammount of depth perception, but he's lost his peripheral vision.


Allignment: Neutral for hire.


History: Barus grew up believing that he was better than everyone else. This is still a thought that lingers in his mind. The reason behind his narcissism is that he grew up in a highly religious community that performed rituals on him to hopefully help him take down Mata-Nui himself (whether these rituals actually worked, no one knows, but we can safely assume that his strength just comes from training). After learning about the legends of the Toa Maru, he became doubtful of the teachings he learned as he was growing up. This caused him to leave his tribe and become a neutral mercenary who travels wherever he can. He is now working with the mercenary group The Outsiders. In said group, he goes by the alias "Judge".

Barus lost his eye in a mission in Ko and has had his pride affected by it.



Name: Leron


Species: Le-Toa


Appearance: Green armor, light green secondary color. He has violent green eyes and silver greaves. He has a Kanohi in the style of a Mahiki. He is lean and doesn't look like he's that strong.


Powers: Elemental powers that are included with being a toa of air and a Kanohi Miru. He also has really good aim. Leron wields a short sword.


Weaknesses: He doesn't have strength and his slim body makes it easier for him to fly, whether it's through his mask or getting hit. His elemental weakness is earth and stone.


Allignment: Good


History: Lerron is a recent toa who takes himself very seriously. He grew up in Le-Wahi and is trained in both range weapons and sword technique. He likes to venture around and see if he can help people or stop crimes from being comitted. Lerron takes justice very seriously and believes that it is up to a turaga or a skilled warrior on the side of light to decide when a criminal should die or not. That being said, he doesn't mind pulling the trigger as he was taught... it's just that he hasn't killed anyone.



Name: Ziya


Species: Toa of Lightning


Appearance: Ziya wears golden armor that has more of a yellow hue to it, but his greaves are more of a silver or grey. He has a Pehkui mask, but wields the kanohi of healing. His eyes are a dazzling green.


Gender: Male


Powers/Weapons: Being a lightning toa, Ziya possesses the abilities of electricity manipulation. His kanohi also grants him the power to heal. He wields a short sword with a cross that is in a v-shape that is upside down. The blade has seen much combat and has gashes in it, but it maintains its sheen. He also has a small pugnum that has an angular surface that shares the color with platinum. Ziya is skilled in sword combat and is swift on his feet.


Weaknesses: Ziya isn't necessarily strong, if it were a contest of brute strength, Ziya would have the disadvantage. He also isn't really the best tactician, he likes to rush into a battle.


Allignment: Good


History: Ziya was taught how to take part in sword combat since he was young. He traversed around the southern area of the island with his brother who taught him. His brother was destroyed by a mercenary that was able to control gravity, but Ziya was able to escape. Using his skills and abilities, he kept on living, going around and trying to find people to help those in need. He is currently trying to help train Leron to become a better toa.


Personality: Ziya is surprisingly usually light hearted. He holds no grudges and is always looking to meet new people. He believes combat is a last resort, but he has no problems defending himself or others.


Name: Thelis


Species: Skakdi


Appearance: Thelis is lean and tall. He has white and black armor and a sneer that matches the evil in his crimson eyes. His long spined tail ends in forked spines. He has pairs of spines following his vertebrae from his head all the way down to his aforementioned tail. He wears a sash that contains all of his past victim's heart-lights.


Gender: Male


Powers/Weapons: Thelis forgot his element through his recent life. He has telescopic vision. He also has a crossbow that is enhanced with a barrel and a sling that gives him the ability to launch anything that fits inside the barrel through an assortment of springs and pulleys. When his opponents get close, he takes out a scimitar that is jagged enough to be serrated and barely recognizable as a sword blade for it resembles a saw. Thelis uses a melon baller type object to scoop the heartlight and its veins from his victim. He then severs the light from the torso using a knife that has a hooked-shape to the blade. Thelis' foreign tech is a thermal-imaging scope.


Weaknesses: Thelis doesn't have allies because he doesn't like knowing people who are alive. This also means that Thelis does not have any resources in villages or elsewhere to repair weapons or fix medical problems he may have. Thelis would much rather avoid combat and is quite unskilled if his target is well-practiced, leading to retreat more likely than not.


Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral


History: Thelis was a merc that was assigned for mostly assassinations. A mishap happened on one mission and he became stranded in the jungle. Thelis didn't struggle, he knew how to survive. Unfortunately, his sanity did not survive. When he met his first traveler, he was transfixed by the dazzling color of their heartlight. He wanted it. Needed it. So started the serial killings in the jungle and so started the collection of heartlights.

Edited by Isamu
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Name: Solensus

Species: Po-Matoran


Solensus is on the taller side for a Matoran. He is a dark, mud brown colour, with a lighter, sandy brown for accents in places like his hands, feet and mask. He almost always carries around a set of carving tools, should inspiration take him at a moment's notice.

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Powerless Kanohi Huna

Powers: Nothing to see here. He's a basic Po-Matoran. He does have considerable skill as a carver, though. He prides himself on his ability to take a lump of rock and make it into a work of art.

Weaknesses: As a Matoran, he doesn't have any special powers to defend himself with. Combine that with a lack of combat experience, and you have yourself a fairly easy target.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

History: Solensus wasn't always the way he was. His beginnings were as a humble apprentice carver. He was eager to learn and to impress the Matoran who taught him. When he finally completed his first masterpiece, he was applauded for his efforts. Some say his issues began here, as afterwards he kept on carving and asking people to praise them. When he got criticism instead of praise, he smashed the carvings. He later realised the error of his ways and how bad it was making him look, so he stopped doing that.

Personality and Traits: Solensus has a problem of hubris. He has quite an inflated ego, and it shows. He often walks with a swagger, and a constant arrogant smirk on his face. His attitude has won him few friends. He is, at times, capable of acts of kindness and selflessness, but for the most part, he only does things he knows will benefit him in both the short and long term. Though many dispute his attitude, few can dispute his actual skill with carving. He is a genuinely good carver, able to make respectable pieces of art "in his sleep", according to him. It almost makes his attitude bearable.



Name: Xodar

Species: Toa of Earth


Xodar is a bit on the bulky side for an average Toa. His body, which is coloured mostly black, holds pieces of golden-yellow armour in place. His mask is the same yellow colour. His eyes are a deep green.

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Great Kanohi Kakama

Powers: As a Toa of Earth, Xodar has power over the element of...

...ice. No, not really. He has power over the element of Earth, which he can use to his advantage. He is blessed with incredible physical strength and the ability to see in the dark. Handy for when one needs to traverse the deep tunnels of their Wahi.

Toa Tool: Ground Spikes-a tool very similar to the Crystal Spikes. It is held the same way and has many of the same functions. It can be used as a shield as well.

Weaknesses: He cannot see very well in brightly lit places. His elemental weakness is ice.

Alignment: Lawful Good

History: As a Matoran, Xodar stood out as something of an oddity among his peers. He did not enjoy the life of digging and tunneling that other Onu-Matoran enjoyed. Instead, he found himself attracted to the life of a musician. He spent much time among Le-Matoran, learning how to play all the different instruments from them. Destiny, it seemed, had different plans for the Matoran.


Whilst travelling through a vast tunnel, Xodar discovered his way blocked, due to a cave-in. He was able to shift most of the debris blocking his path, and accidentally unearthed a Toa Stone, which changed him into a Toa of Earth.

Personality and Traits: Xodar is usually a very calm and easygoing individual, rarely showing aggression , a very impressive feat for a Toa. Strangely for a former Onu-Matoran, his passion is music. He is able and willing to fight in order to defend that which he should protect-namely, the Matoran. He has fair combat skills, though he prefers armed over unarmed. His mastery over his elemental power is decent as well.

Will be writing stories shortly-Watch this space.

Here's my blog, where you can listen to me read bad fanfics.

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Name Forbus


Species Toa


Element Sonics


Description Forbus is of medium height and build, he has grey and black armor and bright yellow eyes. Because of a accident in his past, his left leg is badly damaged and weak. This of course inhibits his running speed and jump ability. He does walk with a limp.


Gender Male


Power and Weapons/Equipment Forbus has all the elemental powers of a normal Toa of Sonics as well as weaknesses. He carries a telescope with him everywhere and will usually have a set of writing materials as well. For weapons Forbus has a bamboo disc launcher. Forbus always carries a set of ear plugs, which have a auto tune device that absorbs noises and then tunes them down for his ears, although this process takes a second or so so he has slightly delayed hearing. If this device is broken it will cease to function.


Mask Kanohi Iden Mask of Spirit


Alignment. Public Good


History Forbus has worked for many political leaders in his life time. He has also been involved in war. Serving as a High Level strategist for many different small Toa Wars on small islands. Forbus was never stationed with a Toa team but rather was designed to help rule small island chains in the Southern Islands. He resigned his post and traveled up to Mata Nui looking for more important work.


Personality Is a natural orator and tactician. He doesn't do much fighting, but rather spends his time planning in Battle. Forbus can be considered a Bionicle "Lobbyist" as he is known for pushing many Akiri and Turaga to adopt certain public policies. He seeks to become a influential member of the ruling society of Mata Nui. He hopes only to benefit the public good, even at cost to himself.


Weakness Damaged leg, aversion to loud noises.




Name: Otokax

Species: Ta-Matoran

Gender: Male

Weaknesses: He can be distracted very easily. He is very treacherous, even though he works for the "good guys" He has a weak left hand.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Otokax is someone too keep your eye on, He can be rather crazy at times and maybe treachorus. He is usually somewhat crabby and negative.

Weapons: He carries a short dagger that he fashioned from the teeth of a dead rahi he found once. He now carries a short sword with a dagger at the end that he bought from Solis' shop.

Description: This

History: Otokax works as a a map maker and seller at Ta-Koro. He will occasionly travel around Mata Nui to make more maps for his small shop.

Name Tigan

Species Toa

Description Green and light blue armor, mask in the shape of a Kiril. Rather small overall, very long limbs.

Gender Male

Mask The Mask of Rebounding

Powers. Elemental power of Jungle.

Weapons. Bamboo Disc launcher. Upgraded to fire 3 at once if desired. Spring loaded.

Weakness Not physically strong, needs to be around plants for good elemental control.

History Tigan worked as a Rahi tamer, commonly taming Rahi and selling them as pets. Tigern has spent most of his life in Le-Wahi caring for injured Rahi.

Personality and Traits Tigan is quiet and thoughtful. He is a good team player always ready to make suggestions or follow orders.

Edited by Toa of Anarchy

BZPRPG Characters

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Name: Lapidu


Species: Po-toa


Description: Lapidu is tall and lean, with an overall imposing physique. His mask is a Kakama, but is shaped like a Noble Kiril. His armor is worn and damaged in several places. His mask, shoulder armor, upper legs, and feet are a vibrant yellow, while his lower arms, lower legs, and hands are dark brown. His eyes are a deep blue, as is his heartlight. His armor is light, but not underprotective.


Gender: Male


Powers and/or weapons: Speed from his mask, stone from his element. His weapons consist of a Mace and a Morning Star, which can be combined to form a longer, double-ended mace, with a chain loop between the handle and the spiked ball on one end (The spiked ball on the morning star connects to the handle, leaving the chain hanging loose).


Technological items: None.


Weakness(es): Due to his lone wolf, rebellious nature, he's easy to isolate and outnumber. His natural paranoia can also be turned against him.


Alignment: Chaotic Good


History: He started out living a peaceful life in Po-Koro, just like any other Matoran. He served in the Po-Koro guard, but didn't see much action. One day, Po-Koro was attacked by a stampede of Kane-Ra. He and several other guardsmen helped fend them off, but one teammate, a Toa, was mortally wounded. He managed to create a Toa Stone when he died, and gave it to Lapidu. Lapidu was transformed into a Toa, and, helped drive off the rest of the Kane-Ra. He then became a protector of the Po-Matoran, defending the village from the occasional rahi attacks, but still not seeing much action. But then, the villages began to drift apart. He advocated for unity, but eventually became tired of bickering and hostility between the villages and set off on his own.


Personality and traits: One of his key traits is that he's naturally paranoid. He's not too paranoid, but it's enough to affect his other traits. He respects the three virtues, but paranoia has driven him away from unity. He has become a lone wolf, and is rather rebellious. He still advocates for unity, but he also believes forging true bonds, and being able to trust someone completely is a slow process, and not to be taken too lightly. Once those bonds are formed, however, he believes that sacrificing them is an even worse mistake than forging new ones too quickly.


"I've got a dramatic pose, a dramatic background, and a dramatic sunset. Now get me some dramatic music!" - Me

Credit to Matoran Onknu and Takuma Nuva for sprites used in avatar and signature.

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Name: Ranaki Pakewa. Loosely means " Wandering Avenger".Alignment: "Ally of Justice"Species: Spliced ToaGender: MalePowers: Toa of AirMask: Great Kualsi Mask of Quick TravelWeapons: Air-Powered Shotgun, Air Katana, and Fire Toa parts for temperature resistance. Description: Ranaki has a very distinct look to him. He has a tall, lean, and agile build that looks like that of the Toa Mata. He has a unique color combination of black, red, and turquoise. His Kualsi is carved in the shape of the Miru to hide its true power. History: Being a traveler from a far land, little is known about his past. When asked, he only replies that his homeland has been destroyed, his teammates have been wiped out, and his friends don't remember a thing. He does say that his home will be rebuilt greater than before, but he cannot return until it is complete. Personality and traits: Ranaki has always been somewhat playful and sarcastic, but also temperamental. He now has a thick emotional wall that he will sometimes put up at any time, but mostly against people he doesn't know or new acquaintances. He sometimes is very calculated, but will run wild on a whim.Weaknesses: Over contemplation or analyzation of a scenario. This causes him to zone out or lose concentration at inopportune times. He also doesn't have the full elemental capacity a normal to has since he was spliced. He has less of his original self so he has less of his original power.

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Name: Leggonto Gender: MaleSpecies: First Toa Team Kanohi: Mask of Life (Powerless) Alleys: Toa Likan,Lessovok,Nidiki (formerly),Matoran,Toa,Mata Nui (formerly) Appearance: Leggonto is unknown now but all that is known is he has the Mask of Life and has joined the first toa team.Leggonto became Lessovok's most powerful Toa and appreciated him most. He was unknown at first but the other toa came to know him. He helped in the Matoran Civil war. He became known in: Mata Nui,Metru Nui,Voya Nui and Spheres Magma (formerly)



In loving memory of our hero


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Name: “The Operator”

Gender: Male

Element: None

Mask: Matatu

Height: 5' 3”

Alinement: True Neutral



“The Operator” stays hidden. Shrouded in a slate grey cloak, no one has actually seen “The Operator,” save two white glowing eyes that peer out from under the hood. Standing a little under the average height, he is not an impressive figure.


Weapons and Abilities:

“The Operator” carries only a knife with himself at all times, but it would be fatal to underestimate him. Using only his mask, “The Operator” controls object in the nearby environment to shift in a swarm like pattern. “The Operator” must overwhelm the enemy to win; something that has a high cost in elemental energy. With extreme mental fortitude, “The Operator” should not be reckoned with. In the case that his normal strategies fail him, “The Operator” carries a book with a cover made with a low class explosive (approved by Tyler).



“The Operator’s” voice is toneless, lacking any emotional quality. He is aloof and stubborn, something that has gotten him into trouble on many occasions. “The Operator” holds onto his twisted views no mater the cost. Though unreadable most of the time, “The Operator” does show some emotion occasionally.





Aurora is what you could call, different. His black and grey armor, and low slung head, would at first sight make people mistaken him as an onu-toa. Closer inspection would reveal that his armor is lightweight, durable, and designed for flight, making him out to be a le-toa. This armor is not the best in the world, as it's dynamic design comes at a cost, it is easily cut through, forcing him to use hit and run tactics. Aurora sports an odd mask for a toa, and infected Huna, in the form of an Avokii. The mask itself is, unchangeable, as cleaning is a hard job, and almost as soon as you stop paying attention to it, the rust forms once more. With or without this mask, he can change his eye color from a meek blue, to a blinding white. He has perfect mastery in both body and mind, even doing something as much as taking off his mask shows no physical effect, while mind games bounce off of him like a disk hitting a wall. This stellar focus gives him an eery nature, that some nicer people would call aloof. He sometimes pauses randomly in mid-sentence, his mind contemplating the magnitude of everything he does. With mental capabilities on a different level than most, he is the perfect leader for the Company, almost fitting the description of Archimedes philosopher king. All of this deep contemplation and planning though does not make up for one thing. Aurora cannot channel his element correctly. It would seem that either he cannot channel his element through a weapon, or he cannot absorb the extra strength given to him through a mask. Either way, it is a clear disadvantage to him.


A name not told, that is who he is. Lithe and jet black, the toa stands out. He almost gives off an aura of importance, that matches his arrogance. His head hands high, and sports a Kanohi Matatu in the shape of a sparking Avokii. He gives a stunning resemblance to Aurora, though they are not one in the same. His armor is curved, designed to defect damage away, rather than the flight based armor that is so similar to his own. He wields no weapon but his element, gravity. Do not take this for him to be weak, for he uses this power in was that people did not understand, using it to do everything from make one person a center of gravity to making a large space into a anti-gravitational well. Though this his problematic, it is not his worst. With his Matatu he uses anything sharp to cut his opponent to bits. Keep this toa in a glass free environment, and you will be safe. He has full mastery of the use of his mask, making him a formidable foe for some of the most experienced toa. His powers use up massive amounts of energy, sometimes stealing his reserves in a matter of minutes. The intent that lies behind his black eyes is unknown, but most doubt they would like to know.


The next being of importance is Kiara. She is a tall white vortixx, with blue outlines. She sports a fine black cloak, which she almost never takes off in public. Being the current acting commander of the Company, she holds some power. Her beautiful, almost fragile looks are quite deceiving. She is tough, strong, and well trained. Her background as a high ranking military official in Xia gives her a tactical mind. She carries a sleek, dark zamor launcher, that contains heavy protosteel zammor spheres, that are filled with stralix powder. These allow he do do large amounts of concussion damage in a short amount of time. She also carries a small drone, not much larger than your fist. It can do basic surveying for her, and flies by interfering with electromagnetic fields. The small sphere is highly reflective, and can look at things from above the clouds. It has basic facial recognition software. With her stunning looks, and her military training, she is an opponent not to be underestimated. In her spare time, she likes to listen to other peoples view on the working of the universe. Intrigued by other peoples ideas of the world, she can often be found chatting with the philosophers in the center of the city.


Probably the most underestimated person on the Company personnel list is Ferrum. Ferrum is obviously a fe-matoran. His color sceme is typical of that of his kind. One thing that we do not know about Ferrum is his face, as it, and part of his back is covered in protosteel plating. He is bonded with a parakuka, though it does not show. Like a lot of his race, he has a good working knowledge of machinery, but it is more than that. He learns anything at a dangerous rate, giving him the ability to see the habits of some of the most careful people. With this knowledge, he has made some incredible creations, such as the metal, crystal, and stone infused door that is the entrance to the Company's complex, or the exploding disks that are a trademark of a Company operation. Messing with one of his works in progress will greatly enrage him. Personality wise, Ferrum is not the nicest of people. He is quiet, yet cutting. When people talk to him, they don't like it.


The two handymen of the company are the Twins. It isn't much use giving them each their own paragraph, as they are very similar. The first of the twins is Airos, a tipical toa of stone. He is not the brightest lightstone in mata nui, and could be called stupid. He fights with things that are in his environment, using his akuka (shaped in the form of a scoped pakari). The second of these is Atakta, a sarcastic toa of crystal, who fights using crystalline throwing knives. When things get tough, he uses his mask of rebounding to bounce things back at his opponents. Together they make an unstoppable team. These fighters have surprisingly clean records in the public, making them a deadly force in Koro's they are established in.


The last member of this Company is "The Forerunner." He red and white, tall, and unnerving. He is from a foreign land, and often mispronounces things. He carries and odd shield and scythe. He has a dry streak of humor that is always present, even in the most tense situation. He is unlike anything we have seen on this island. He a toa of smoke, giving him the ability to create and control smoke. He can create solid "smoke grenades" that give off smoke for a time. Like his brothers of air, he can control the currents of smoke. A different advantage that "The Forerunner" has is mask, Kanohi Riven. He may cancel the elemental output, if he spends the same amount through his mask. A major advantage and disadvantage that he holds is the fact that he has no fear of anything. This allows him to never stop attacking, making him a ruthless opponent. The problem with this is the fact that he has no ability to know when to stop fighting. This removal of flight is problematic, and he relies on others to know when to run. Not working with others is not an option for him.




Cinica is the one of few that is not a company member. Cinica is a female toa of water. She is a bit shorter than most, with an almost sky blue armor. She is very kind, and gentle, but her mind is almost always somewhere else. It could be on the top of ihu, or it could be in kini-nui, we don't know where her thoughts go. For all of her absent minded traits, she is the master of keeping off the grid. No one has any records of her, and the people who do, have her marked as dead. She lives on a fishing boat, in the middle of the ocean. With her mask of water breathing and glaive, she can freely swim in the depths of the ocean, spearfishing.


One of the most complicated characters here is Matrixa. She is a normal vo-toa, with an iden. Her blue and white colors are usual of her kind, but her choice of tactics is not. She wields a large metal shield, and a unusual sword that appears to be forged from many different weapons. She is not talkative when she is mad, and usually there is something that will tick her off. When she is in an ok mood, she can carry some longer conversations out. One of the last points to cover on Matrixa is her element. Being a vo-toa, she has control over electricity, though how she must use it is different. She must make a "request" to use the power, sometime the delay between the "request" and the actual occurrence can be minutes long. Going over the amount of power she requested, can cause her element to backfire, making it unstable, and unreliable.



Edited by Aurora the cat

-Insert deep message to prove I am alive here-

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