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Yeh, I'm back... I hope there's no mistakes in this one...


Name: Enax


Species: Vortixx


Alignment: Neutral


Occupation: Mercenary/bounty hunter


Description: Enax lacks the bulk and muscle of most other Mercenaries, but has height and cunning to make up for it.He wears black armor with blue highlights, as well as odd chains that look suspiciously like ammo belts.


Personality: Enax, like most other Vortixx, is cunning, but he seems to lack his kind's tendency to betray others. He enjoys combat and always likes to bring out the fury in his opponents to break their concentration. He dislikes having to put up with others, and usually works alone as a result. Bio: Nobody seems to know exactly when Enax landed on the island, and he isn't exactly a storyteller, so it's unlikely that anyone will find out for some time. The one thing he has let slip was that he was looking for a mask. What mask, exactly, and why, he didn't say.


Abilities: Enax doesn't seem to have any abilities other than being fairly acrobatic, and can be hard to hit. He also seems to know exactly where to hit someone to do the most damage and cause the most pain.


Weapons: Enax carries a Clockwork Scythe, with one end firing paralyzing blasts, and the other functioning the same as a regular scythe.


Weaknesses: Enax is not physically strong, and has a hard time hitting targets with a ranged weapon, due to being nearsighted.(unless said weapon has a scope)

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Name: Arjun

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Alignment: Openly loyal to Le-Koro, but secretly hopes for island unity (neutral good)

Description: Mata-Green all over except for Metru-brown limbs. He generally doesn't decorate himself when he goes out in public, but if traveling or going into the wilderness he wears a guard on his right arm and a quiver on his side. He carries a backpack with equipment for fixing broken arrows.

Mask: Great Matatu (Telekinesis) with attached scope a la Nuju Metru. Solid green.

Weapon: Bow/Arrows (three of which are imbued with his Toa powers). Hand made.

Powers/Element: Air


Personality: Arjun is friendly and will work with a team when necessary, but most of the time he prefers to be by himself. He finds no extra joy in company. Arjun has a preference towards the more tranquil environments on Mata Nui and tends to hang out most in Le-Wahi and Ga-Wahi. Unlike most Le-Koro residents, he has no fear of water. The quarrel between the Koros upset him, but while he yearns for peace across the island he would much rather not raise any protest for it in fear of his own safety. Instead he stays vocally loyal to Le-Koro, while pushing for any opportunity to travel around the island safely. He has no loyalty to the many mercenaries that run among the island, and he considers them an immoral group that he doesn't want to deal with. But he will if his safety, or any of his friends' safety, is a concern.


Biography: Ever since his early life as a Matoran, Arjun has tried to develop his skills as an archer, mostly for hunting and recreational purposes. His job in Le-Koro wasn't anything glorious, mainly equipment maintenance and hut repair, although he would help defend when necessary. Since the Toa Vanishings and upon becoming a Toa, Arjun has pursued his skills in archery to adjust for combat purposes, hoping to play a role in the eventual war against Makuta. However, due to his natural peaceful disposition, he did not end up being a major participant. Since Makuta was defeated, Arjun has retreated to his hut in Le-Koro and adjusted his engineering skills to be useful for chute repair. After being a mechanic for about a year, he realized that there had to do his duty as a Toa to protect, especially given that Koro relationships had started to turn sour. He has since retired from his existence as a mechanic and joined the Nui-Rama force to try and find more of a purpose in his life. In addition to his bow (hand-made from the Le-Koro tree), Arjun hand-makes basic arrows. He does not imbue any additional arrows with Toa energy as it would drain him.


Weakness: Because the bow is not imbued with any Toa power, it cannot channel his elemental abilities (although, like any other object, it can be affected by them).When he's in close combat, shooting arrows become impractical and so his only method of combat is hand-to-hand. But because he spends his time developing his shooting skills (and an arrow makes a less than effective melee weapon), he is at a huge disadvantage in close combat. Wears thin armor on the chest.




Name: Razak

Species: Skakdi

Description: By Skakdi standards, he isn't buff and is rather short. His feet are clawed, and his Metru Blue and black armor is dirty enough to get across the message that appearances are not one of his concerns. His face lacks any distinct features except for his blue eyes, and his spine resembles a series of fins. He wears a brown belt around his waist from which he hangs tools he frequently uses.

Gender: Male

Powers: Element of Water, Telescopic vision

Equipment: His primary weapon is a pick-axe, simply on account of the job that does. He also carries around in his belt a small hammer and a knife, neither of which are combat worthy.

Alignment: Neutral


Weaknesses: Physically, he isn't nearly as strong as other Skakdi. And between his tendency to easily get frustrated and his inability to come up with solid plans, he doesn't make a very useful tactical planner of a team...

Strengths: …but he makes up for it by being incredibly loyal and dedicated, and thoroughly carries out his assigned tasks. His size also makes him slightly quicker than others in his species.


History: He never liked Makuta, and felt that he spent too much time cowering underground. For that, he never felt like he owed him any loyalty, and instead chose to start acting on the offensive (fighting his Rahi, challenging those loyal to him), as a way of passive aggressively challenging his power. Since the Makuta reportedly fell, he spends his time living a peaceful life as a quarrier in Po-Koro. But he continues to be on the lookout for injustice.


Personality: He is quickly led to anger and frustration, a trait probably resultant of his species as a whole. But when he can focus, he can be a loyal and dedicated partner who thoroughly carries out assigned tasks and can pull his own weight. It's also important to note that just because he's against Makuta doesn't necessarily mean he's a good friend to anyone else. Razak hates cowards, and his enemies consist of anyone who tries to exert too much undeserved force and power. Due to his lack of elemental and combat-useful eye powers, he will fight physically and he will fight dirty.




Name: Komyeh

Species: Dashi

Description: Fairly short, and relatively stout although not overweight. She's primarily purple colored with slight blue hues on her torso and mask, which is a powerless Rau in its standard shape.

Caste and Clan: Ringti; Dastana

Gender: Female

Powers: None

Equipment: She carries around small tools she uses to craft around in a bag, but nothing more.

Strengths: She's a dedicated worker who knows her business, knows her customers, and strives to make the best quality work possible.


Weaknesses: Vulnerable in all sorts of combat, focuses more on running her workshop than on a social life. Despite being an artisan, she has not completely focussed on the arts of metal smithing and pottery making, and as such is not a competitor in that market.


Personality: Despite being from a lower caste system, Komyeh is very proud of the work that she does. She loves spending her time making her products as beautiful as possible, and prides herself on making them functional as well. She considers a product a failure if it does not fulfill its function, or does not please its owner and will not call a product complete until it does both. This makes her a fairly aloof individual who does not spend much time socializing with others.


Biography: Komyeh was raised on the island of Iki, and spent her life learning various crafting techniques. Naturally she found much beauty in the natural crystals that can be found on the island, and chose to devote most of her time and energy to mastering the art of glassmaking, with the hope of being able to artificially replicate the crystal smithing that the Dasaka are capable of. Naturally she has not succeeded, but she continues to churn out lots of glass artwork. Her metal work and pottery work hasn't suffered as a result of this, but she doesn't consider herself a competitor in those markets as she spends less time developing those skills. Like all Dasaka, Komyeh strives to follow the three virtues. In her case she strives to become rich and move her practice to Sado where she can be a personal supplier of glasswork to the Rora. She strives to bring honor to a less celebrated way of life, and she continues to be proud of all that she and her fellow artisans accomplish.

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Err gawd. Why did I not save my profile?

'Ere we go.


Name: "The Wanderer"

Species: Toa of Magnetism

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good/rogue

Description: This black-and-silver armored Toa is wrapped in a dark cloak complete with a hood that casts his entire mask in a shadow. When normally seen, he is entirely wreathed in dark fabric, with little visible besides his hands, feet, and glowing eyes.

Personality: Mute. He does not prefer to work alone, but that's difficult, thanks to his muteness. In addition, he is having difficulty in letting go of his traumatizing past events. These events have also given him a skewed perspective on the world, as he views the world as being a bad enough place that he is more brutal and perhaps, on occasion, cruel, than most Toa.

Abilities and traits: All of the powers of magnetism outlined in BioSector01. He wears a Kanohi Huna.

Weaknesses: Mute. This makes working with others exceptionally difficult, as he cannot shout "Look out!" or "Change of plans, we're doing _____" in the midst of a fight. Also, Magnetism is rather weak against other elements - i.e. a fire-wielder could block an ice-wielder's ice bolts by melting them... a magnetism-wielder couldn't. In addition, while he can fly far and fast, he is not very agile.

Weapons: He carries a variety of small cylindrical protosteel chunks around his waist and inside his cloak. By making a motion similar to drawing a bow and arrow, he can launch these projectiles great distances at a frighteningly large fraction of the speed of light. However, it takes all of his concentration and a little while to charge up this attack. He can also use these as miniature clubs in melee combat, or form them into a larger object like a mace or shield. Unfortunately, these constructs are not as effective as a tool forged directly for the task (his cylinder-shield is weaker than an actual, well-forged shield).

Background: Once upon a time, he was a member of a proud Toa team. They eventually earned Makuta's ire, so his servants captured and killed most of the Toa team. However, the Toa of Magnetism, his name now long forgotten as nobody has been able to hear it in years, was saved for last as a plaything for his captors. His torturers took his tongue. He took their lives. After killing other living beings, he became somewhat of a recluse, a rare sight for the Matoran. However, now, with tensions running high amongst the Matoran and other races, he feels that it is now time to attempt to leave his past behind to help forge a better future.


Name: Torvoth (nickname Torph)

Gender: Male

Species: Vortixx

Faction/Alignment: None - Rogue. Chaotic Neutral.

Powers: Slightly stronger than the average Vortixx.

Skills: Weapons engineer, good at building, fixing things.

Equipment: Breathing mask/helmet crafted from a defunct Kadin, armor.

Weapons: Chainblade and a metal one-handed launcher that can fire almost anything (compressed air balls underwater, rocks) - he calls it "The Judge". His chainblade can cut through almost anything that his foes would wear.

Appearance: Black and silver, short for his race (not towering like Roodaka), the above mask, armor (like any decent Bionicle), always a bit dinged up and scratched. He's really nothing notable, you wouldn't pick him out of a crowd for any reason.

Personality: Unpredictable, sometimes gruff, sometimes friendly. He can sometimes go a little bit crazy, swinging from one mood to another in the blink of a heartlight, first going on an adventure with some person who he just met on the street, the next minute swiftly retreating and watching how his companion is devoured by an angry Ash Bear.

Weaknesses: Unpredictability can go both ways in battle. Sometimes crazy works, sometimes it backfires and you wake up on the hospital three weeks later with the nurse describing how it was a miracle that only one of your lungs was squashed like a soft biscuit instead of both. In addition, he has no elemental control or way to counter elemental attacks besides basic dodging. His helmet provides additional protection, but it can only give him about thirty seconds of air under water thanks to the damage it has sustained over time which he refuses to fix. The Judge, while able to fire almost anything, is relatively short range and relatively inaccurate. It also doesn't carry too much of a punch unless you load it with something actually deadly, as opposed to pebbles. His chainblade is only chainsaw on one side and is unsuitable for stealth or surprise attacks as it makes a loud roar when activated.

History: Before the destruction of Xa-Koro, he was a lowly male of the working class on Xa-Koro, where among others of his kind, he forged weapons based on the specifications of others. However, his mind could not be constrained by merely constructing items of destruction, so in secret he began to craft his own equipment, taking the designs of others and making them better. Soon, his creativity blossomed and complete originals came from his workshop, which by now wasn't so secret considering the cash flowing to him. From where? He didn't care, be they bounty hunters, Brotherhood Members, or a half-drunk Skakdi, as long as they paid him. When the what he called "The Cataclysm" arrived, he didn't hesitate to take with him his best designs and book it. He originally believed he was the sole survivor, floating amongst the wreckage of Xa-koro, but soon discovered that there were others. Some offered him membership to their various groups of scum and villainy, but he elected to be on his own, roaming the sea to do as he sees fit, periodically mingling with others if he so chooses. Since Makuta's defeat, he has now taken to Onu-Koro, where he runs a back-alley weapons business to any who want a nice weapon and have the widgets. However, he has had a hankering for adventure lately and would love to get out of Onu-Wahi to do something different.

Name: Agrathal

Gender: Male

Species: Toa of Sonics

Faction/Alignment: Pure evil.

Powers: He has all the elemental powers as described on BioSector01 for Toa of Sonics. In addition, he can detonate certain explosives with special fuses remotely with a sonic signal. However, distance or too many obstacles can block the signal.

Skills: He is an expert bombmaker and can craft any variety of explosives with even the simplest materials and smallest amount of time.

Equipment: Kanohi Akaku.

Weapons: Explosives. Lots and lots of explosives. He carries a belt, 2 chest-crossing bandoliers, and a small rack on each forearm of various explosive and incendiary devices. These range from smoke grenades, to small firebombs, to large explosive charges that take some time to prime before tearing a new hole in a landscape. He also carries a dagger hidden away on his person. He constantly changes its location in order to ensure that it remains his secret, last-ditch weapon.

Appearance: He wears a dark grey Kanohi Akaku and armor plating of the same color over his frame. He sometimes cloaks himself in order to conceal the bandoliers and explosives from prying eyes.

Personality: He is slightly crazy, noticeably so but not anywhere near actual insanity. He has an insatiable desire for people to respect, accept, and understand him, but doesn't know how to go about doing so in a non-criminal manner.

Weaknesses: Also, he is weak to loud noises, which are unfortunately all to common in battle. Even the simple clanging of swords makes him wince and flinch, so anything more could seriously weaken him in a fight. His most powerful explosives take some time to prime and ready. In addition, while capable of using his Sonic powers, he prefers to use explosives first. In addition, while he is not a weak Toa, his grasp over the elements is not notable or more impressive than the most average Toa.

History: Once upon a time, Agrathal was a De-Matoran who did De-Matoran things all day long. Specifically, he worked as the village chemist, creating dyes, fuels, and doing research of various sorts in his plentiful spare time, as nobody really went out of their way to interact with him unless they needed something. However, eventually, his village was attacked and a number of Matoran were killed and injured, including some of his closest friends. He somehow became a Toa shortly thereafter. He put together all of his chemical knowledge to build several crude bombs, with which he fell upon the attackers of his village in an ambush after tracking them for many weeks. This counterattacked resulted in the fiery deaths of more than one aggressor, so when he returned to his village with what he thought was heroic news, he was shocked when he was shunned and ostracized. The Matoran were fearful of his violence. He liked this. For once, the Matoran were giving him the attention he rightfully deserved. Eventually, a number of villagers had had enough of his tyranny, so they attempted to evict him from their village. An unamused Agrathal tore them apart. However, he realized that he couldn't fight his own village forever, so he left shortly thereafter, never to return again.

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Steam Name: Toa Hahli Mahri. Xbox Live Gamertag: Makuta. Minecraft Username: ThePoohster.

Wants: 2003 Jaller (from Jaller and Gukko), Exo-Toa, Turaga Nuju, Turaga Vakama, Shadow Kraata, Axonn, Brutaka, Vezon & Fenrakk, Nocturn, ORANGE FIKOU.

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  • Hua

  • Matoran

Hua is, pretty basically, your bog standard onu-matoran, albeit slightly larger. His mask, a pakari, signifies his slightly larger size. His "joints", his arms and legs are, unlike some other onu-matoran, a midnight blue (as opposed to the more commenly found purple). His eyes are this colour of blue, also.


Powers: None. He's matoran.

Technological items: Hua is, at heart, a geologist, and his tools are those of a geologist. That would simply be: A hammer, a compass, a loupe, a pencill and a notebook.

Weakness(es): Aside from the simple fact that Hua is simply not a fighter, lacking any sort of military training, there are some things that can be exploited if he ever is able to change that. Hua's work involves focusing on one object at the time, which is often more of an hampering rather then a help in a combat situation. He also finds it very easy to trust people, even though he is not very social at heart (perhaps, he simply dislikes the hassle involved in distrusting people), which can be very easily exploited in social situations.

Alignment: Indeterminable. Hua simply seeks to observe the powers shaping Mata-Nui.

History, personality and traits: Hua is obsessed with powers stronger then him, fueling his interest in geology as well as history. He often sees situations, stories, and even people as complex puzzles to be solved, as geology is itself a study trying to solve the puzzle of Mata-Nui itself. As such knowledge is extremely valuable, Hua is reasonably well off. The mines of Onu-Koro will not function without the knowledge of those who study the geological field, and Hua is eager to pass on that knowledge. Unfortunately, many onu korans do not share hsi enthusiasm for the inner workings of the earth and would rather be interested in hearing where they should dig. As such, hua has been feeling increasingly lonely lately.

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name:oni mukaiAge:unknownspecies:toa oni / toa of the nightGender:maleChaotic good / lawful evilPowers:invisible when in shadows, can teleport in shadows and has control of everything in shadows can hypnotize the evilWeaknesses:all powers do not work in sunlight Relatives:one brother: toa of the dayBasic info:6ft tall various weapons has memory loss and uses questionable methods to get what he whants

the void is coming :evilbiggrin:


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Name: Ilus

Species: Toa

Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ilus is slight of build, but quite tall, even for a toa. His armor is white and dark grey. He has green eyes unlike most toa of ice.

Weapon(s): Carries a spear of frost allowing him to channel his ice energy.


Powers: As a toa of ice, Ilus has control over the element of ice. He is especially adept at disguising himself as a block of ice, or summoning concealing snowstorms. He also has indirect control over storms by control the cold fronts causing thunder and lightning.

Traits: For a toa of ice, Ilus is quite friendly. He will sometimes say a whole sentence. Ilus dislikes most air toa, because he does not like their swift treespeak dialect.

Biography: Little is known about Ilus except that he has been living alone in Ko-Wahi for many years.

Weakness(es): Ilus is not very strong physically. He is also susceptible to strong heat attacks.



<}> <}>



RPG Profiles:



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Name: Veneras, the Zealot


Species: Toa of Ice


Alignment: Neutral Good


Gender: Male


Appearance: Veneras wears cold white armor. The armor decorative and grooved with religious runes, ornate symbols, and markings, heralding him as a zealot of Mata Nui. Over his archaic armor he wears grey and blue robes, symbolizing that he is an intellectual and a counselor rather than a warrior.

Mask: Veneras wears the Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding. While most Hau's worn by fire types have vents, Veneras's instead has icicle fin that arches over the mask, and a single large vent on each side instead of three smaller ones, resembling an aesthetic Rode.


Weapons: When Veneras became a Toa his staff transformed with him, turning from a philosopher's walking stick into a Toa's Scepter, topped with a blade that represents the sword of Justice. The Staff stands taller than Veneras, inscribed along the shaft and the blade with the inscriptions of the tablet, the same inscriptions that cover his very body. The Vertus Staff, as it was named, is able to channel his elemental energies of ice and cold. It seeps energy from its target, reducing its temperature dramatically. The shaft can retreat leaving only the blade and pommel to serve as a sword.

Sheathed under his robes is a protosteel dagger. The blade is curved, medium sized and designed for swift close combat. Like most of his possessions the blade is grooved with the same symbols and designs. Although he prefers honest combat, he also carries an arsenal of throwing knives. Each carved with the familiar symbolism and artistic care, as is his custom.


Notable possessions: Bag of widgets, journal, pipe and tobacco, Kanohi reading-lenses, pocket time-keeper, Virtus Staff,


Abode: After the destruction of Ko Koro, Zealot took shelter among The Outsiders in the Obsidian Outpost. He once again wanders Ihu, but has yet to find a suitable substitute for his Koro.


Powers and Abilities: Veneras has the ancient powers of cold and ice. Filled with a zeal for the Great Spirit Veneras fights with the religious fervor of a valiant crusader. He strikes with great passion and cold sense of justice.

Not exceptional in physical strength, he makes up for it with speed, elemental energy, and zeal.


Traits: Veneras is calm, methodical, and resolute.

He is obsessed with morality and lives by a very strict ethical code, which can make him difficult to get along with.

He is very perceptive, usually able to discern the truth from the lies.

He can have the tendency to be argumentative, which renders him more talkative than traditional Ice-Toa. As a scholar he used to spend much of his time studying in Ko Koro before it was destroyed.


Veneras is a renegade zealot, declaring war against the Akiri and their laws. Veneras sees the law as a hindrance to true justice, rather than her agent. And Veneras holds the Akiri (especially Jaller) accountable for letting Ko Koro Burn.



Biography: As a Matoran Veneras studied in the Sanctum as a philosopher. He always carried with him a tablet covered in bright blue inscriptions. It's rumored that the wall of prophecy lead him to this tablet. It's inscriptions are not the native language of the Matoran and most cannot read it's content. Yet Veneras carried this tablet with him everywhere he went.

He claims the tablet tells of the nature of Mata Nui as a just and true God, sovereign over all the universe, and the standard of morality and virtue. He believed that the inscriptions taught that Mata Nui was the "Unmoved Mover", the sole creator of all things keeping everything in motion and change, but never being changed. Veneras once was married to a Ga Koronan named Sophia. Not much else is known about this era of his life, other than she died sometime during the Makuta wars.


Veneras was burdened to carry this sadness with him for the rest of his life and he keeps as a reminder of his loss.

No one knows how she died, but Veneras has always blamed himself.

In the depths of his sadness Veneras left the monastery of Ko Koro to wander. All that had once defined him was gone, stripping him to his core.


His travels led him deep into the caverns beneath mount Ihu; in hopes that he might study the nature of foundations and structure. No one knows what happened deep within those caves, only that he returned not as a matoran but as a toa.

He devoted himself exclusively to the protection of Ko Koro. His home was all he had left.


In Game Activity: here


Weaknesses: He is physically vulnerable to flames and heat. He is highly emotionally vulnerable. He also has a particularly hard time breathing thicker air, and has low stamina in such areas, as he grew up high on the mountains.

During the battle of Ko Koro he sustained an injury to his left knee which will never properly heal.




Name: Tharros


Species: Toa of Fire


Alignment: Chaotic Good


Gender: Male


Appearance:Bright red armor covers his black flesh, shining bright like his zeal for the Great Spirit. Shining gold arms and legs, and a bright red Pikari. He wears a long cape, flickering like the flames. Glowing red eyes hide behind his crimson mask of Strength. He stands tall among the Toa. These robes are kept constantly aflame by his power, their intensity reflecting his mood and rage.


Weapons: Tharros carries a Protosteel warhammer. Through this hammer he channels his energy and rage. On his left arm he has dual blades strapped to his forearm. These are short and sleek, extending just past the tips of his fingers, but placed behind the wrist as to not impede the use of that hand. These blades also increase in heat as his rage grows, but they do not channel his full energies.

For backup, Tharros sheathes a fire shortsword designed for quick close combat.


Mask: Tharros wears the Pikari, Great Mask of Strength.


Powers and Abilities: Tharros controls the flames and heat. The air crackles and sizzles around his eyes. With a raise of his hammer he can send fire leaping towards any enemies The energy he creates can light even the densest matter aflame. He is also a strong, and skilled warrior with his hammer.


Traits: Not a soldier, but a warrior. A brute, not tactician. A warmonger, not a protector. Like most fire toa, Tharros is wrathful and strong willed. Tharros longs for war and conflict. He fights against the evils that threaten the known universe. He is very protective of his allies, quick to take up arms in the name of those who have been wronged. It remains a worry that Tharros’ lust for conflict supersedes his desire for justice, and should evil cease to threaten his hammer may be turned against the Koros. No one knows for sure.


Biography: Tharros background is somewhat of a mystery. He claims to hail from the island of Detra Nui. However historians know the island to be totally desolated by Rahkshi and Exo Toa over a century ago. All the toa of Detra Nui were confirmed dead, including their Toa of fire, making Tharros' true origins questionable. Tharros showed up on Mata Nui just after the defeat of Makuta. He claims to have come as a response to a prophecy, hoping that the next great threat would arrive at the island of Mata Nui. He hoped to fight against that threat.


Weaknesses: Tharros's warrior heart will often drive him to attack enemies without thinking. He shows no compassion for cowardice, and this often drives him to take action, even when none is immediately necessary.


Name: Tarian


Gender: Male


Alignment: Lawful Good




Appearance: Standard Ta-Matoran with red mask, hands and feet, with night-black body and arms. His eyes glow deep blue, as well as his heart-light. his face is adorned with a red Mask of Levitation.


Mask: Powerless Mask of Levitation.


Weapons: Tarian carries the traditional spear and shield of the Ta-Koro guard. He carries a disk launcher, and a fair supply of spare disks for ranged combat. He also has an affinity for forging swords and blades in his furnace, and usually has one or two of those swords on his person.


Rahi: His companion Rohen is a male Ussal loyal to him (as Ussals are) since his time in the Onu Koro Ussalry.


Powers and Abilities: Trained in combat, skilled for a matoran; as any Ta guardsman must be. Disk throwing, forging, and lava-smithing. His true power is in his intellect; his brilliance has brought many battle-winning strategies.


Traits: Loyal, courageous, a warrior. Tarians heart longs to protect those closest to him. he loves his city, and his people. He is very intelligent.


Biography: Tarian is the son of Ta Matoran refugees. Raised in Onu Koro, Tarian never learned why his parents were banished from Ta Koro. His parents were tragically murdered by a rahi attack to the village while Tarian was very young. This drove Tarian to join the Ussalry and fight for Onu Koro in his adulthood. He served all throughout the Makuta wars, and after the death of Makuta he moved back to Ta Koro in hopes to find out more about his mysterious parents. Even still, he loved his home in Onu Koro, having a deep nurtured love for the tunnels, Tarian was inexplicably drawn to the Mangai. He found a home in Ta Koro and joined the Ta Koro guard, although he has still kept his Ussal, Rohen. He is a veteran of combat and has seen many wars.


Weaknesses: Being only a matoran he is not very powerful and easily overcome. His only advantage is his intellect; If he can be outsmarted, he can be defeated.


Name: Xerrand


Species: Toa of Lightning


Alignment: Idealistic Evil


Gender: Male


Appearance: Deep blue armor with burning white accents and silver over-armor. Aesthetically his Kualsi takes the honorary shape of the Avohkii, with Red eyes.


Weapons: Xerrand wields dual lightning maces, heavy and billowing. He also carries a heavy chain which he uses as a whip, channeling his electric energies.


Powers and Abilities: Xerrand summons the power of Lightning and electricity. He can send beams of energy hurling towards his enemies. When he brings himself in contact with an enemy, lightning is summoned from the sky and everything around bringing catastrophic damage. He is arguably the strongest Toa (Pakari wearers excluded) and has trained his body through electrical shocks to register neither pain nor pleasure making him nearly unstoppable.


Traits: Xerrand is analytical, pragmatic, and idealistic. Unable to feel pain he is a true brawler.


Biography: Raised as a Ta Matoran, Xerrand was once an energy specialist in Ta Koro. He devoted his life's work to converting the raw unpredictable energy of fire to a sustainable power source. He also served on the Ta Koro guard and often volunteered to accompany Jala whenever he journeyed to Ga Koro.

Xerrand kept to himself after becoming a Toa. Usually finding solace in the Mangai volcano.

When he emerged he was changed. Completely callused to all pain, physical and emotional.

He now devotes most of his energies to protecting Ga Koro.


Weaknesses:Lightning occurs by in imbalance of electrons and protons; lightning is the rapid transfer of energy between objects in order to balance them. This means that once Xerrand has summoned the power of electricity onto a target, he must wait for the electrons to even out and become imbalanced (or "recharged", for lack of a better word) before using his power against that target again. He does possess the power to create such an imbalance, but this takes time and he must find a way to distract his opponent's energies in the meantime. Also since he cannot feel pain Xerrand can be mortally wounded and not notice, decreasing his chance for survival.


Name: Niralle

Race: Onu Matoran

Element: Earth (innate)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: An onu matoran, black, robed in expensive purple. He wears a signet ring bearing his seal, and his armor is decorated with rare stones and expensive gems excavated from his mines.



Mask: Purple Pakari with lens attachment

Powers: Social political and market influence, large sums of wealth.

Weapons: none

Notable Possessions: Considerable wealth, large estate in Onu Koro,

Traits: Not much is truly known about the Onu Matoran Niralle other than that he has an expendable supply of wealth, and that he is not afraid to spend it.

Though many claim to, none have actually met Niralle save his most trusted servants and representatives. He usually uses his resources to help fund the expansion of Onu Koro, cultivate trade and feed the economy, and throw the most lavished parties the Matoran have ever seen.

Biography: As mentioned prior, Niralle is shrouded in mystery. With such wealth, and no confirmed account for its acquisition, rumors are in no short supply. Some say he was a weapon forger who capitalized on the Makuta Wars, others say he made a deal with Makuta himself. Some say he does not exist at all, but is an elaborate ruse. With all the uncertainty only this much is certain: everyone loves his parties.

In Game activity here

Weaknesses: Matoran fragility, lack of weapons.


Name:Yeri MacGukko


Species: Le-Lesterin


Alignment: Alcohol.


Gender: Male


Appearance: Minimal armor, Yeri prefers a sleek lightweight style that allows him maximum mobility in the bar.

His body is Green and blue reflecting his vibrant and lively personality. He wears dual holsters on his hips, each carries one of his prized Ale Steins.


Mask: Kanohi Sanok, Mask of Accuracy (aesthetically a blue Great Mahiki)


Weapons: Ale Steins, variety of alcoholic beverages and containers.


Powers and Abilities: Being a Lesterin he has an extremely high alcohol tolerance level. He is remarkably talented in the art of drink making, employing his skills and the full use of his Kanohi to create a fully artful experience.


Traits: MacGukko is a carefree, fun-loving Le Koronan. He as a refined taste for drinks, and extensive knowledge of flavors and mixes. He speaks with the Bionicized equivalent of an Irish accent, accentuating his charm and magnetism.


Biography: As long as Yeri can remember, he has been a bartender in Le Koro. After the evacuation of Le Koro Yeri wandered the island in search of an outlet for his passion.


Weaknesses: Stuck-ups who think drinking is a ploy of Makuta. Similarly he hates pretentious b*st*rds who condemn to Karz those who enjoy Mata Nui's greatest gift: Alcohol.


Name: Eretas


Race: Fe-Matoran


Element: Iron (innate)


Alignment: Neutral


Appearance: A Fe matoran, gunmetal black body with gunmetal silver mask

Mask: Powerless kanohi Hau


Powers: Considerable legal knowledge, a psychological warrior.


Weapons: none, other than his mind


Notable Possessions: He has one heck of a library


Traits: He is cold, confident, and very intimidating. Even when next to a Toa, he holds himself as higher than they.


Biography: Eretas is a long standing lawyer all across the island, although he specializes in Onu Koro. His life has consisted of little more than his practice in law. Not long into his career he was put on retainer for lord Niralle and he is often called upon to suit the mogul's legal needs.


In Game activity here


Weaknesses: Matoran fragility, lack of weapons.



Name: Mikrash

Race: Fa-Matoran

Element: Magnetism (innate)

Alignment: Lawful Nuetral

Appearance: A Fa matoran, gunmetal black body with gunmetal orange mask

Mask: Powerless kanohi Akaku

Powers: Innate sense for mining and extensive knowledge in the feild

Weapons: Arsenal of hammers, drills, and digging tools

Notable Possessions: Digging tools, iStone, widgets

Traits: He is warm, friendly, and very smart. He uses his innate sense of magnetism to help him find ideal mining locations

Biography: Not much to say. Mikrash was raised in onu koro his whole life. His father died in a tragic mining accident where the prospector had made a faulty call, leading to the collapse of the mine and the death of most of the crew. Mikrash swore that he would do better, that one day he would become a prospector himself and that he would keep the mining crews of Onu Koro safe.

He is an extended employee of lord Niralle.

In Game activity here

Weaknesses: Matoran fragility.




Name: Aurin

Species Dashi

Appearance: Basic Dashi with blue armor and mask, gold lining and details

Caste and Clan: Saihoko, Fursik

Gender: Female

Powers: Skilled combattant and sailor

Weakness: Dashi fragility

Edited by Rorschach the Absolute


--Character Profiles--


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Name: Kreshka

  • Species: Skakdi of plasma

  • A detailed description or image: A tall but quite well built Skakdi with a dark orange head and spine, he has a large and slightly pointed chin which looks thick enough to bounce rocks off. He wears pieces of armor that are slightly mismatched shades of gold and is missing a toe on his right foot. Generally carries a heavy brown satchel.

  • Gender: Male

  • Powers and/or weapons: Is capable of using the element of plasma in conjunction with another Skakdi, is capable of using X-ray vision, carries around a double pronged spear (Both prongs are on one end) and a large shield.

  • Technological items: A longsword which causes acidic damage (pending approval.)

  • Weakness(es): General physical harm and an acute dislike of ice (Not so much he won't go into icy climates however he will avoid ice wielding opponent as much as feasibly possible.)

  • Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera): Chaotic neutral

  • History: Spent a lot of time in Zakaz generally moving between Skakdi militia before abandoning the island in search of more interesting places, he had no trouble finding work either as a guard or heavy lifter of some description, these days he wanders from place to place looking for work and new things to hold his attention.

  • Personality and traits: Thought of as quite reserved and sane for a Skakdi, he will take quite a lot before losing his temper however when it has happened he requires a long period to calm down. Generally acts aloof though can be quite charming, never interested in something for more than a week at a time and is known for constructing oddly elaborate revenge schemes however these are very rarely carried out, fancies himself as a philosopher and often spends a lot of time sitting still and thinking, preferably at high altitudes. Generally indifferent to people regardless of race.


Drinks moons, devours suns. Twirls his thumbs 'till the reaper comes.

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Welp, one small step and all that...


Name: Veirath


Species: Lesterin


Description: He stands half a foot taller than the average Toa, though is a little leaner than most. His armour carries variously sized scratches and dents from past ventures, and he’s coloured a little differently than other Stone Lesterin, being an oak-brown and an off-white secondary colour, with tribal streaks of blue tracing up his left arm and slightly unnerving red eyes, the left of which has a clawing scar over it that reaches from brow to jaw.


Gender: Male


Element: Stone


Weapons: A straight-edged sword with a curved tip is Veirath’s weapon of choice, and he shows it with his remarkable swordsmanship.


Tech Items: A Grappling Gauntlet, with fifty metres of cable and a barbed, four-pronged anchor, sits on Veirath’s left arm. It’s strong enough to haul both Veirath and another Toa. Veirath also has a telescope and a compass, both of which hold precious memories.


Foreign Tech approved by Nuju Metru.


Alignment: Neutral/Good


Personality and traits: Veirath is fairly laid back when not doing anything, though he is generally just cynical, sarcastic and dismissive. He is not, however, above helping those that need it when the situation calls. He rarely cracks a joke or a pun, and absolutely hates any form of contact outside of fights, even going as far as to snarl at, and even threaten bodily harm to others for an innocent pat-on-the-back. There are very few people or instances that he'll allow touching him.


He tends to have a small smirk on at all times, and spends a good deal of time at a decent bar. He has a very hard time getting lost, and is a worthwhile tracker.


Weaknesses: He has a short temper and doesn’t tolerate fools too well. He also has a tendency to let his conscience overtake him on occasion, allowing others to easily trick him.


History: Veirath’s past consisted mainly of small Tournament fights and bodyguard duty, allowing him to travel among the islands.

During a bodyguard assignment to protect a trading ship, he met a young female Air Toa called Neyra who slowly worked her way into his shelled heart over time. She taught him many things about navigation that he had no interest in before.


When a Vortixx ship attacked the boat, Neyra and Veirath were on the frontline. Despite fighting fiercely, Veirath was still struck unconscious on the Vortixx ship. Having been thought dead, the remaining crew sent him on a small boat in a sailor’s funeral. As he had no medical treatment, it took him a few days to regain consciousness.


He currently has no idea where he is, but he has no problem in taking charge of his situation and making the best he can.


Current Location: Ko-Wahi.



Edited by Phoenixian Wraith
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Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, et cetera)



A detailed description or image

Lean, as all of his kind, with black skin and orange eyes. The left eye is covered with a headband, and left leg below the knee is replaced with a wooden limb. Wears a black trenchcoat, coarse pants, heavy boot and a cocked hat. Always limps.





Powers and/or weapons

=> Foreign Tech

Distortion Phaser. A rifle-like device powered by Kanoka disc, combined from Random Reconstitution, Weakening and Teleportation. Fires a beam, that, on hit, will distort molecular structure of a target and weaken the atomic links. If the target is affected by the beam long enough, it will lose it's density and simply phase out. However, it takes about a minute (or even more, depends on the size of a target) to fully phase the target, so at any point before that mark it will phase back. Will not affect enormous objects like walls or mountains, but pretty able to phase out a certain zone (one meters in human merits). Current status: lenses that focused the Kanoka's power into a beam are broken, also the disk itself is missing.

Laser pistol. Has similar to flintlock pistol design, but works from a Lightstone shard. Has pretty much the same focus lenses as Phaser, but smaller to fit the elegant design of the pistol. Semi-automatic, which means it does not allow continuous fire, only short bursts.


Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, who approved the item)

Damaged distortion phaser and laser pistol (see above for explanation), [both approved by Nuju Metru] A data slate that appears to be Sirius's diary, protected by password which is unknown to him in his current state. The contents of diary are simply descriptions of different techs Sirius met along his travels, his travel notes and simple sketch drawings of different things and beings.


Personal items

Smoke pipe and a sack of tobacco, lighter (a heat stone shard in a case).



Limited mobility due to artificial limb. Easy to tick off by insulting his species. Obsessed with foreign technology.


Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera)

Neutral Good



A seasoned traveler and sailor, Sirius spent most of his life in trampling distant lands. Before setting off the sail, he was a successful technological and corporate spy, he was stealing, selling and bargaining Vortixx manufacturers' secrets and always got away with money and no traces. That was until he messed up with some dangerous people's shipments, so he was forced to flee from the Vortixx homeland. Then he appeared on Mata Nui after Toa Maru appeared. He was just wandering around, offering his service as a navigator and helmsman. It appears he don't remember how he arrived at the island, so he just trying to find anything about what happened before Toa Mata fell under Makuta's control.


Personality and traits

Very independent and often calm character. Likes to sit near a campfire or fireplace with a pipe and tell stories about his travels. He is pretty friendly to anyone because he always liked to know more about other species. But gets really angry if someone said something unpleasant about Vortixx race. Has no affections and desires, but appears to be obsessed with any type of weaponry and unknown devices. Values them as a bargaining subjects more than pieces of technology.


* * *





Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, et cetera)



A detailed description or image

A tall Ko-Matoran, wears white Great Hau with optical lens, has sky-blue eyes and white skin with bluish tingle as if it's covered with rimefrost. Has very light, grey Protodermis armor under the white tunic and two additional pieces of armor: a right plated shoulder pad and armlet on the opposite arm. The tunic is dressed into a blue-black bloomers. On his feet Kikao wears boots reinforced with iron plates. He has wide leather belt with a bag on the side. From the bag hangs down two strings with tassels. His belt buckle has a symbol of Peace Principle depicted on it. A scrap of fabric hangs down from under the buckle ending with piece of iron.

He also has light-gray nosebag and rosary made of dark stone that he always stir restlessly.





Powers and/or weapons

Inactive Hau, combat staff, covered with iron plating.


Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, who approved the item)

Optical lens on the right eye. More of a hi-precision scope than a long-range ocular.


Personal items

A thick notebook, his 'Work Diary'. Contains of his observations, notes and a lot of sketch drawings.

A mountain climbing kit, including two ice picks, grapple and a lot of string, hooks and stakes.

A cooking set: mess-tin, knife, hatchet, ladle, frying-pan, two clay cups, spoons, forks and flint-and-steel.



His curious nature could be counted as a weakness. Also not so good at navigating regions of Mata Nui except for Ko-Wahi.


Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera)

Neutral Good



Unlike his icy brothers, Kikao often could be found wandering across the snow plateu of Ko-Wahi, or scaling the glaciers and climbing Mount Ihou. He studied the Ko-Wahi far and wide, enjoying every trip and finding something new from time to time. When the horizon of trouble covered Mata Nui, Kikao grew to feel uncomfortable to stay in Ko-Koro, so he took the most needed supplies and moved to one of the caves Matoro has discovered back when alive. For some time, he was forgotten, alone in the ice desert, left to his own devices, until the day he met Soro. This new source of knowledge and wisdom lured Kikao away and they began to wonder together.


Personality and traits

Very curious, energetic and open, unlike other Ko-Matoran. Always tries to keep conversation. Wants to know more about everything, so likes to sketch and take notes in his diary, and consume books and data slates with great speed. A talented hand-to-hand fighter, knows Ko-Wahi much better than other parts of Mata Nui.


* * *








A detailed description or image


A female dashi that prefers clothing over any kind of armor, wearing only the necessary minimum (armlets and leggins). She has bluish gray skin and dark-blue Kanohi Iden made in form of Noble Matatu with more oval form and elegant features. Her costume consists of light gray gown with open shoulders and blue borders and light leather sandals. Gaia also often wears shawl over the gown. Her eyes are orange.


Caste and Clan

Ringti of Eiyu






There's none



As any Dashi, Gaia has no special powers and therefore susceptible to any Menti Discipline. Also due to her belonging to Eiyu clan, she's not really capable of defending herself, depending more on Dasaka of her clan.



Despite the fact that most of Dashi are artisans and farmers, Gaia was lucky to be born in Eiyu clan. And though she still worked in a healer's shop, selling potions and herbs, she also managed to study healing itself. It is said that one night she had a dream of light, in which she saw Zuto Nui who gave her the Gift of Love. Since then, Gaia begun her path of Love, the only virtue that truly had matter for her. She managed to please every customer, to be affable and understandable. Eventually, old healer took her as a student. She came to be well known among Dashi folk as Gaia the Healer since she was a diligent student and learned all what her master knew really quick. After she finished her education, she went to House of Eiyu, looking for more knowledge, led by her love and inner light.

It is said that Gaia seen Zuto Nui more than once, and she showed her the Burdens of Doubt, Despair, Fear and Anger that aggravate people's hearts. Gaia swore to get rid of her own Burdens and teach people of Kentoku Archipelago the way of Love.


Personality and traits

Gaia is kind soul with a rare gift to be a leading light. Somehow she manages to shed love and understanding, though she does not possess any specific psionic powers. Some people mistake her all-embracing kindness for naivety of a child, but she's not. She lived long enough to understand what is this world about. She believes that Zuto Nui gave her the gift of Love, a virtue that will never be officially proclaimed, but will remain the only path of her heart. Gaia believes that all creatures are equal before Love, and both Dasaka and Mata Nuian, Vortixx, Skakdi and many others could live peacefully. Although, she completely understands how much evil could be in people's hearts.

Edited by The Mugbearer
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Name: Soro


Species: Toa of Ice


Gender: Male


Description: Concept Render


Male Toa of Ice, wearing symmetrical Kanohi Matatu, pretty much always dressed into his greyish mantle, holding a staff and hiding his face in deep cowl. His armor is weathered by time and struggles he's been in, light but still protecting. His eyes and heart-light are bright cyan, piercing and calm.


Powers and weapons:

  • Elemental power of ice, mastery level is high enough to stop a raging blizzard. He won't do it in an instant and it will take almost all of his elemental energy, but he is skilled enough to do so if it needs to be done.
  • Medical skill, gained through constant meditation and wanders on island. He can cure almost every disease there is with a mixture or potion because he knows every healing plant that grows here. He also knows how to treat injuries.
  • Great Kanohi Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis.
  • Staff of frost.
  • Templar teachings. Soro is skilled enough to defend himself and his protege from wild rahi or other threat. He excels at both mind and body training, being very agile and precise with his strikes, but prefering to be defensive and evading open combat. His meditations and discipline allows him to better use his mask and elemental powers.
  • High temperatures, rendering his ice abilities weak and consuming a lot of energy to sustain.
  • High noise, distraction or confusion hinders his concentration, making use of element and mask a tough task.
  • Brute force. While he's a monk and able to defend himself, Soro is no match to a high physical strength opponents.
Alignment: Neutral.




His past as matoran is blurry and he doesn't talk about it much. He was a templar at the Ko-Koro Sanctuary all his life as he can remember, making him strong in mind and body. After he became a Toa, he left Sanctuary on a quest to find peace while island is buried in conflicts over material items and power. On his wanders, he met Kikao, a ko-matoran, that Soro made his protege and showed him ways of Ko-Koran monks. So these two travel all around Mata Nui, thriving to find peace for mind and body.


Personality and traits:


From first glance appearing haughty and apathic, Soro is calm and wise. He doesn't consider himself a Toa-hero or worthy of this power, he's but a humble monk on his quest to find peace, honoring Three Virtues, Toa Code and Principles. He is very patient and intelligent, choosing to be silent most of the time and keeping to himself, only openly speaking to his protege and sharing his thoughts. He likes cloudy weather and nature, showing interest in every plant that grows on island. Because of his wisdom, he's also cunning and likes to speak in vague riddles.



  • Pouches full of healing herbs and plants.
  • Mortar and pestle made out of wood.
  • Hand-made book with Soro's interpretations on templar teachings and Toa Code.
  • Some charcoal and clean parchment.
  • Jerky and dried fruits.
  • Some lightstones.
  • Mote of cloth for bandages.


Name: Xania.


Species: Dasaka.


Gender: Female.


Caste and Clan: Menti Warrior of Umbraline Clan.



  • Mindarm Discipline.
  • Kanohi Sanok.
Using her Mindarm Discipline, Xania is able to launch her needles one after another, pinning her opponents to walls and penetrating armor. She can also use her surroundings to achieve an upper hand in battle, manipulating things with her mind. Kanohi Sanok helps her with striking swift and accurate.



  • Xania is weak in raw strenght and relies on her being at ranged distance. Any opponent that can close the gap or ambush her has a great advantage - at this point, she can either push them away, or run.
  • Xania doesn't wear much of crystal armor, basically forgoing the afforded protection and would be easier to harm as a result.
Description: Concept


Very lean and lithe, Xania looks almost fragile. She wears simple armor, colored in teal, dark blue and gold, almost absent of crystal plating. Her mask, while resembling the Noble Rua, is actually a Great Sanok in power, colored in gold at her forehead and slowly gradating towards teal at her chin. Her clothing usually consists of purple ribbons tied aroun her neck and shoulders, as well as purple skirt, all made from rich fabric with golden edging.

On her thighs and behind her back she usually carries quivers full of long crystal needles size of a simple arrow.




The Umbralines are mediators and diplomats. While the clan itself is loathe to involve in clan politics, they are still the ones who serve diplomatically to solve those political disputes. Xania is a such example and uses aggressive negotiations while doing it, also holding military rank to help her methods along.


Personality and traits:


Having a shor temper, Xania is swift with her judgement, as well as with her weapon. She thrives to get better, training every day when she has free time. Despite being hot-headed, Xania has cold heart. Loneliness doesn't bother her, because she thinks that on her own she can achieve greater results. Xania is proud of her progress, but humble. Her actions speak louder than her words.

Edited by Demitsorou
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Name: Vangar
Species: Fa-Matoran
Gender: Male
Alignment: ???
Powers: None, save for the infallible Fa-Matoran inner compass and sense of direction.
Mask: Powerless Great Volitak
Weapon(s): None. Vangar is better at running from fights than fighting them.
Appearance: Vangar is an average-sized Matoran of Magnetism, and can easily blend into a crowd. He has no distinguishing features, even his black Kanohi Volitak is averagely common for Fa-Matoran. Vangar wears grey armor, with black highlights. The only thing that differentiates him from other Volitak wearing Fa-matoran is that he is never seen without his iStone, which he has used to chronicle his life.
Traits: Vangar’s defining trait is that he has no idea who he is. (Well, it would be defining if amnesia wasn’t so stinking common in RPGs…) Vangar had the unlucky destiny to be plagued by amnesia, or in simpler terms, he forgets who he is quite frequently. Because of his repeated cases of amnesia, he carries around an iStone, which he has started using to keep track of his life. He will frequently log his actions and interactions in his iStone, so that when he forgets what has happened, he can quickly read up on what he was doing and why.
Bio: Vangar has no idea what happened to him before he got his iStone, as he quite frequently loses his memory. The only reason he remembers what has happened to him since he got his iStone is that he uses the iStone to chronicle his life so that when he loses his memory he can look back and read all that he had done. His life since he got his iStone has been boring, and nothing noteworthy has really happened.

Weakness(es): As a Matoran, Vangar is outclassed by almost every other species in combat. And even then, he prefers to run away from fights.

"I'll do it... If that is the choice of Stein's Gate!

I am the mad scientist, Hououin Kyouma!

Fooling the world is nothing to me!"

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Name:  Sanka,

Species:  Toa

Gender:  Male

Powers:  Elemental power of crystal. 

Mask:  Volitak shaped as a noble Matatu. 

Alignment:  Good

Weapons:  A pair of gauntlets that he channels his element through.  Whatever he makes out of crystal.  A backpack full of supplies and things he can’t make out of crystal.  His crystal balls take some time to make so he usually carries one around with him and has a few spares in his home.  He has made a giant crystal serpent copying the ones on Artakha, of course he has never seen the ones on Artakha so he just used his best guess.  This serpent can not focus the light into powerful lasers like the originals or even move on its own as it is not alive so Sanka can’t do much else while he is controlling it.  He has a spare serpent hidden in his home on Mt. Ihu as well. 

Skills:  He is a master at his element, creating and controlling large and intricate crystal structures with perfect detail.  He knows practically everything about crystals and can use them for things that other toa of that element would never even think possible.  He also likes making a crystal golem to use as a decoy.  He has learned how to make a crystal ball that he can look through to cast his gaze a distance around him, the higher he is, the farther he can see and from his home on Mt. Ihu he can see a good portion of the island, but in most places he can only see a short to medium distance around him.   Hahnabi is also training him in physical combat though he is far from skilled at it yet.  He is, however, quite skilled at both throwing and shooting.  When he does fight up close he uses crystal weapons and uses his elemental power to increase the speed and strength of his strikes. 

Appearance:  He is tall and fairly thin with a dignified look, he has a primarily white color scheme with a light blue secondary with intricate crystal designs inlaid in his armour.  His Volitak is shaped as an almost clearish white noble Matatu with a crystal imbedded in the center of his forehead, there is actually another crystal imbedded in his forehead underneath his mask, but of course you can only see it if he removes his mask.  He has blue eyes and a blue tinted heart stone made of crystal. 

Weaknesses:  He is not the best at melee combat and prefers to engage an enemy from a distance with his element while he remains hidden by his mask. 

Bio:  Sanka was once a matoran living in a cave hidden high on Mt. Ihu where he grew and made crystal jewellery, focusers (for telescopes and such), and other objects of crystal.  He only came to Ko-Koro once in a while to sell his goods and pick up supplies.  He became so skilled that people from all over Mata-Nui special ordered complex crystals designs and objects that some toa of crystal couldn’t even make.  On one of his trips to Ko-Koro he met the vo-matoran guard Hahnabi and quickly became best friends with her since they were both striving for perfection.  She was looking for a place to train and meditate so he invited her to train at his home since it was so isolated, she accepted and from then on she often visited him.  At one point while he was traveling alone on Mt. Ihu he found two toa stones, he used one of them himself and gave the other to Hahnabi, because of his years of working with crystals he quickly mastered his elemental power and Hahnabi trained him in using his enhanced physical form.  He and Hahnabi stayed at his home training and mastering their new bodies and powers for some time.  They participated in the defence of Ko-Koro from Makuta’s final attack and helped with the rebuilding.  They heard that mysterious beings from another island had landed in Ga-Koro with crystal armour and weapons.  This peaked Sanka’s interest and Hahnabi was interested by the stories of the vault deep in Makuta’s lair. 

Personality:  One of Sanka’s most defining characteristics is the desire to improve, to perfect; he treats everything he does as an art form and seeks to perfect himself in everything he does.  He knows almost everything to know about crystals and uses them for practically everything.  He is calm and fairly cautious, and likes to be prepared, but he also fairly curious.  He can be quite philosophical at times and often uses crystals as analogies.  He tends to analyse things before acting, and often has to slow down Hahnabi before she rushes into a trap.  He appreciates many forms of art and especially likes arts that require high amounts of skill, practice, and patience.  He doesn’t enjoy fighting except as an art form, and prefers not to even harm someone.  He follows the toa code.  He works well as a team with Hahnabi with her fighting close up and him providing elemental support. 


Name:  Hahnabi

Species:  Toa

Gender:  Female

Powers:  Elemental power of lightning. 

Mask:  Akaku fitted with a telescopic lens with the additional ability to see electrical currents. 

Alignment:  Good

Weapons:  Twin protosteel Tonfa that she can charge with her element to form a sort of cutting blade, she can also spin them at high speeds and charge with electricity to form a shield similar to Nokoma’s weapons.  A backup collapsible bo-staff and a backup dagger. 

Skills:  She is incredibly skilled at both unarmed combat and with her Tonfas, she has practiced fighting so much it has become an art to her, and many have described her fighting style as a dance, smoothly flowing around attacks and perfectly counter striking.  Though her Tonfa look light, she can hit remarkably hard with them especially when she spins them to build up momentum.  She has also trained with many other weapons like most other Ta-Koran guards.  She is fast, agile, and fairly strong.  In combat she relies mainly on dodging or deflecting enemy attacks then quickly counter striking with her hands and weapons charged with lightning to produce powerful, numbing shocks on contact.  When she can, she prefers to fight unarmed and can even hold her own against armed opponents, however, she will use her tonfas when facing another skilled fighter.  She is best at precision use of her element and is able to create shocks from her hands and weapons that screw up a beings nervous system, numb or disable limbs, etc., that is not to say she can’t do large, flashy lightning bolts, but she prefers to do them precisely to use as little elemental energy as possible.  She has learned to use her Akaku to monitor a person’s body temperature, heart rate, and breathing to tell if they are lying, although the better liar they are, the harder it is to tell. 

Appearance:  Her electric blue Akaku is sleeker and more feminine then most, she is primarily electric blue with white secondary coloring.  She has intricate crystal designs inlaid in her armour similar to Sanka’s, but with a more electric style to them.  She has blue eyes with a clear white crystal heart stone.  Her Tonfa are crossed on her back with handles at the bottom so she can grab them quickly.  

Weaknesses:  Rubber, obviously.  Because she focuses on physical combat she has a harder time defending herself from larger elemental attacks.  She tends to focus on one thing a little too much and can miss the other things like a trap, she depends on Sanka to help her slow down and consider other possibilities. 

Bio:  As a Matoran, Hahnabi lived mainly in Ta-Koro as a guard where she displayed her mastery of physical combat.  She often traveled to Ko-Koro to learn meditation to further improve and perfect her combat skills.  On one of these trips she met Sanka and found that he had the same drive and desire for improvement and perfection as she did and they quickly became best friends.  She was looking for a peaceful place to go to train and meditate and he invited her to come to his home, hidden high on Mt. Ihu, she accepted and traveled there many times.  Once when she was going to visit Sanka she found that his door had been enlarged, when she entered she was astonished to find that Sanka had become a toa, and even more astonished when he handed her a toa stone, transforming her as well.  Because of her years of physical training she quickly mastered her new body and Sanka trained her in using her element.  They both participated in the defence of Ko-Koro from Makuta’s final attack and helped with the rebuilding.  They have heard the rumours of the vault and these have peaked Hahnabi’s interest although Sanka was more interested in the stories of a new people from another island visiting Ga-Koro. 

Personality:  Like Sanka, one of her defining characteristics is the desire to improve and perfect.  She has trained hard to perfect her fighting style and even learned meditation to clear her mind and improve her skills even further.   She is fiery, strong willed, determined, and confident, full of energy and a bit hot tempered, though this has been cooled by meditation.  Through meditation she has learned to clear her mind and just act, giving her good focus and very fast reflexes.  She is quite headstrong and doesn’t really listen to anyone but Sanka whose advice she takes seriously.  She works well with Sanka with him providing elemental support while she gets right up close.  She thoroughly enjoys a good fight but dislikes actually hurting someone and sticks to the toa code.  She loves getting into long fights with someone as skilled as she is and will let someone back up to continue fighting as long as they are not a huge threat.

Edited by Takanuvainika

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Name: Wheryu Far'grit

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Element: Air

Mask: Somewhat stereotypically, Wheryu wears the Kanohi Kadin, the mask of flight.


Appearance: Wheryu is not an imposing figure. Standing at a short 5' 10", with the physique of a parkour player; he would never stand out in a crowd. The only 2 outstanding features noticeable to the casual observer would be his eyes and his armor. Wheryu's eyes are a peculiar strain of turquoise-grey. Depending upon the lighting and angle, his eye color can range anywhere between a periwinkle blue and a forest green. However, his armor is what stands out the most. Plated, medium-green with an overlapping pattern of short plate segments, and with a background of dark brown leather; it would be unremarkable, if not for it's condition and artistry. Although the plating shows obvious wear, it has obviously been well maintained. If that wasn't remarkable enough, the armor is beautiful, with leaf patterns impressed into the make of the armor. At one point, the impressed cracks had been filled with a brass or gold substance, but has now faded, and what patches are left seem to be a small reminder of previous grandeur.


Weaponry: Like his armor, Wheryu's weapons are both ancient and well-maintained, though a bit more practical than his attire. Wheryu wields two razor-thin sabers, hand forged in a (OOC: Damascus Steel-like) wave-like pattern that indicates the quality of the make of the blades. both are held within durable leather sheaths at Wheryu's waist. The only other piece of weaponry carried by the hero is a ceremonial dagger, mounted at the back of his belt.


Personality: Wheryu is a thinker in all he does, whether in combat, or in conversation. Though he's not exactly a lively companion, Wheryu's ability to relate to others has made him an easy person to get along with, and in happier moments he has been known to make quick-witted jabs and puns at the words of others. His natural tendency around others is to be a gentle smart-alek, always making smart remarks that in other circumstances might be cutting, but always delivered in such a way as to pull a chuckle from everyone at the table, even from the person or persons he's poking fun at. When something's on his mind, though, he transforms into a muttering, pacing whirlwind, full of focused energy. When in this focused state, he loses his charm, and can be quite abrupt.


Traits: When Wheryu is thinking, he tends to pace, play with objects in his hands, tap his feet, or talk to himself. He is very disciplined, maintaining his physique much like he maintains his armor.


Skills: Wheryu is first a contemplative, and second a hunter. His contemplative nature extends to his skills. He is a master tactician, both in 1-on-1 fighting and in games of chess. He has mastered several forms of acrobatic sword fighting, though he can also classically duel. His greatest skills show themselves in problems of deduction and tracking, and he excels at both.


Weaknesses: Despite appearances, Wheryu is by no means an introvert, and can be very concerned about others' opinions. This desire can emerge in the form of a slight paranoia about what others are saying and may turn others off. Also, while Wheryu's agility and dexterity are by no means lacking, he is not fast, and can prefer brute force to extreme finesse.


History: To be revealed in ongoing story.

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Just so I don't get into trouble, I ran this idea past Nuju Metru, and he's allowing it.  This will be fun!


Name: Aras

Species: Stage Six Kraata

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark green torso with a tan tail.

Powers: Illusion

Weaknesses: Almost everything with a mind strong enough to see through my illusions

Alignment: Neutral Evil.  

History: Hundreds of thousands of years ago, some long-forgotten Makuta spawned Aras.  His true purpose lost to time, Aras instinctively traveled throughout the Matoran Universe until finally reaching the island of Mata-Nui.  After hibernating for some time, Aras awakens to wander the island of Mata-nui.  

Personality and Traits: Serious, stoic, a little abnormal compared to civilized society due to being an ancient, evil being made from a Makuta's essence..  His only memory of his Makuta is his floating Garai with his glowing, red eyes, which Aras can manifest with his illusion powers

Edited by Azibo

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  • Name Kaiaka

  • Species Su-Matoran

A detailed description or image Normal Matoran height, armor primary color white, secondary color orange, Kanohi is a orange Kakama

Gender Male

Powers and/or weapons Premium Protosteel Kohlii Stick as well as a sack of Kohlii balls.

Technological items. Nui-Jaga leather satchel containing a Lightstone, Heatstone, about 300 widgets one bamboo disc, hachet, Map of Mata-Nui, string, few pebbles of protodermis, six crystals (each with the symbol of one of the six virtues on it), and last but not least a lousy rock from Po-Koro.

Weakness(es) Being a Matoran, Kaiaka has no special powers, also he carries no weapon except for his Bamboo disc (no launcher) and his Kohlii staff (if that counts)

Alignment Seeker of the Six Virtues. (Courage, Purity, Faith, Creation, Prosperity, Peace.)

History Kaiaka is a Pro-Kohlii player, serving as the starting forward for a Su-Koro villiage in the Southern Continent. When Political issues discontinued inter-Koro play, Kaiaka left to Mata-Nui to seek a spot on a private team and ultimately to visit all the six Shrines of the Virtues. His teammate Tuara also left the Southern Continent and travels Mata-Nui with him.

Personality and traits. Although he may come off as a little arrogant, Kaiaka is a true Seeker of the Six virtues, trying to implement them into his every action, except when he takes the Kohlii field. Kaiaka is a true competitor on the field, winning multiple Team Championships and personal awards, he may get carried away sometimes in a game and play a little to rough but he doesn't mean it. He is deadly accurate with a Kohlii stick, rarely missing even a Cowrie Shell from five bio away. He is very creative, courageous, and despises all things evil (Pure).

  • Name Tuara

  • Species Su-Matoran

Description Tuara's armor is primarily white, but has bits of orange as well. He wears a powerless orange Miru.

Gender Male

Powers and/or weapons Kohlii Stick and Shield

Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, who approved the items) Due to becoming fairly rich in the Southern Continent, Tuara owns a hut in all the Koro's except Ko-Koro. He also owns a Ussal Crab named Waihi, a jet black retired from mine work Ussal, very sentimental and strong, although not very fast.

Weakness(es) As a Matoran lacks any advanced powers

Alignment Seeker of the Six Virtues

History Tuara was a Pro kohlii starting goalkeeper for the Su-Koro team in the Southern Continent. When Political issues disbanded inter-Koro play, Tuara came to Mata-Nui to visit the Shrines of the Six virtues.

Personality and traits Tuara is a quite, some what defensive person. He isn't shy, but he prefers to think things through before he speaks. He wasn't as competitive as Kaiaka on the field, but rather played for entertainment. He is a profound thinker and a excellent chess player. Tuara is very trusting, peaceful, and values hard work and the benefits it entails (Prosperous.)


BZPRPG Characters

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Name: Nuriparashukirui(Nuri-PARA-shucki-RUI)(Nuri for short)
Class: Matoran
Element: Po

Gender: Male
Mask: Kakama
Equipment: A Po-Koro carvers pick and hammer, Some Disks, and a statue of Pohatu bought from Hafu,



Nuri is very nervous, and extremely scared of Vahki, Makuta(who isn't), and wars. Nuri doesn't like fighting, but will if it is to protect, help, or save a friend. He can be brave if he believes in what he is doing, or if he is helping a friend.





Nuri is very nervous, and that can make him clumsy and drop things.



Alignment: good

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  • Name: Tonhgu

  • Species: Matoran

Gender : male

  • Powers: Adept carving skills and athetic ability.

Weakness(es): cute ga-matoran

  • Alignment : Chaotic good

Desc: Tonhgu was a former kolhii player for the po-wahi sandstorms but suffered an injury playing goalie. He later learned about his surprising carving skills and that became his occupation. He watches kolhii matches in his free time. He is light hearted at times but can be cold and calculating while working.

Name: Krakulhi

Species: Matoran

Appearence: White and blue Ko-matoran with a miru.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Powers: Vast knowledge of rahi and strong reading skills.

Weaknesses: not very strong social skills and doesn't speak as often as other matoran

Desc: Krakulhi is an Adept and rarely leaves the sanctum. He has incredible perception for prophecies and is one of the original ko-wahi scholars.





BZRPG Character profiles: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=9733&p=645870


Tohngu Krakulhi

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Name: RahkshiToa88, or just 88 (For now, I will reveal it later.)


Species: Toa.


Appearance: "88" is a male Toa of Lightning with a "Keetongorange" Kadin that looks like a Rahkshi Helmet. He is clad in yellow and silver armor and has a curved back. 88's legs end in feet with five claws- four in front and one in back. (Think jointed, realistic Inika feet with one claw in back.) Thick yellow shoulder armor- not like Nuva armor- slopes down towards his elbows, and his silver forearms end in five-clawed yellow hands. His eyes glow red with an intense light. He is known as a RahkshiToa because of his Rahkshi-like appearances.


Powers: "88" is a Toa of lightning. He is extremely fast and can fly with his Kadin. He enjoys to cloak himself in electricity while flying. He cannot control his direction very well while in flight, and has to rely on aiming before launching. His lightning flight is mostly used for traveling long distances quickly- but if he crashes, he will not be harmed. His attacks are fast and furious, and he can dodge very well. (Jedi-level reflexes)


Weaknesses: He is a little cocky, and the exposed "skin" of his neck is a major weakness. He is easily weakened by enough powerful strikes but can still attack very quickly for long periods. (He cannot withstand many attacks, but can keep attacking at the same rate.)


Nature: "88" is a science geek who loves learning and would rather spend his days chatting his enemies into submission instead of fighting. However, he is a laid-back guy who adventures for the sheer joy of discovery. He would rather teach and learn from others, fighting only if it is the last choice. He only really gets angry when asked about his name. He's also very curious.

(Edit: In case you don't understand just how curious he is, check out his interactions with the Dasaka. Yup, his desire to learn new things will always override his politeness.)


Affiliation: Good, but he mostly cares about himself.


Weapons: No more swords.

I have updated, hopefully this is good.

Edited by Pohatu: Master of Stone



~Pohatu Master of Stone, 2015

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Name: Servaas/Faas


Species: Vortixx


A detailed description or image: Image


Gender: Male


Powers and/or weapons: No special powers. Is a very skilled marksman. Adept at building/creating/repairing technology. He invented both of his foreign tech items. Carries a dagger on each wrist.


Technological items:


Kanoka Energy Pistol. Fires liquid ammo charged with the power of a Kanoka. Works by imbuing the power of a mounted Kanoka disk into small ammounts of refined liquid protodermis that can then be fired at high velocity at a target. The Kanoka has to be at least level 4 to have an effect on the protodermis. A liquid slug charged by a level 4 Kanoka has the effect equal to that of being hit by a Kanoka with a power level of 0.6. Charged by a level 8 disk the slug is equal to a level 1 Kanoka. It can also give fire just the liquid. This can do little damage to an armored opponent, but it is sufficient to break through glass/ice, knock off a Kanohi, or knock the wind out of a smaller opponent. Each shot evaporates on contact with the target. Servaas generally carries a few level 8 Weaken, Freeze, and Levitation disks to mount. Obviously, only 1 disk can be mounted at a time. (Approved by Nuju Metru)


Phasic Multi-Tool Beam. Can be used to repair/build most anything given enough power, materials, and a user that knows how to repair/build the desired object. Works on the principal of matter = energy, the device can somewhat phase matter then dephase it in a different configuration. Similar to how welding melts metal and the melted metal moves to the desired place then cools, thus repairing/building something. This is not, however, limited to metals and is much more precise. It cannot make matter, it must have raw materials at hand. When repairing an object and all of the original pieces are available, it does not necessarily need the raw materials. It cannot be used as a weapon as it takes several minutes for the alteration of the target object(s) to actually start, as soon as the beam stops beaming the object will rematerialize, and the beam has a maximum range of 1 foot. The controls are not user friendly, and if the user doesn't know how to use it, it will lock up and not respond to any commands for an hour to avoid causing damage. After mastering the interface, a user must then know exactly how to repair/build the object. Once the user knows that, it's a matter of practice how fast it can go. Something relatively small and simple such as a Kanoka Launcher could be built from scratch in anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 hours depending on all these factors (30 days even if the user is still learning the controls). Given access to a raw power source it can also rapidly recharge something low on power, including a Kanoka that's been used a lot. Cannot be used on organic matter. The absolute fastest repair/build time on a very small/simple object or the fastest charge time for a low power object would be about 5 min if the user knows his stuff. It can also be used to purify liquid protodermis. (Approved by Nuju Metru)


Weakness(es): Unskilled in close combat, he has trained for years, but he's still only average at best. He is also constantly trying to keep track of and protect Talitha, which can be a handicap in combat situations.


Alignment: Neutral/Good


History: Servaas was one of the last Vortixx to wash up on the shores of Mata Nui during Makuta's rein, and he started working as a bounty hunter shortly thereafter. He tried his best to avoid the spotlight, only taking low profile jobs. Because of this he has managed to remain fairly unknown to most of the authorities, although an unfortunate incident with regard to a few Nui Rama and the outskirts of Ko-Koro makes him leary of the Wahi, just in case someone might recognize him. He was recently traversing Le-Wahi and got a job from a Skakdi gang to bring them a certain Toa of Fire. See Talitha's bio for the rest.


Personality and traits: Servaas is a fairly reserved person, not one to let others in. He is a very gifted inventor and thoroughly enjoys creating/fixing things. Dispite viewing her as a burden at first, Servaas has become quite fond of Talitha and is fiercely protective of her. She is very much so like a younger sister to him, he will often refer to her as "Tali". There are few things that really move him, his conscience has been seared by the dark life he's led. This is slowly changing, as he is around Talitha's innocent nature he begins to see things though her eyes. Her presence tends to make things affect him more. He is unusual for a Vortixx in that he is not one to backstab or go back on his word. Once he agrees to do something he will fulfill his end of the bargain as long as you do your part. That is not to say, however, that his word comes cheap.






Name: Talitha/Tali


Species: Toa of Lightning


A detailed description or image: Image


Gender: Female


Powers and/or weapons: As a Toa of Lightning, Talitha possesses the ability create, absorb, and control electrical energy. She carries twin Shock Blades that can be connected into one double bladed Lightning Sword.


Kanohi: Talitha wears the Great Mask of Responsibility, though it has the appearence of a Noble Kanohi Huna. This Kanohi allows the user to switch powers with another being, as long as they are in physical contact and the other being gives his/her consent. Only natural powers can be swapped, not any abilities granted by a Kanohi, foreign tech, or any other external object that gives power, and weaknesses come with. Powers remain swapped until the bearer reverses the effect or they will revert naturally after 1 hour (Approved by Nuju Metru)


Technological items: None.


Weakness(es): She became a Toa very recently and has therefore not yet learned how to control her powers very well or how to use her Kanohi. She has a phobia of swimming due to almost drowning when she was younger. When she is in contact with a large amount of water she will reflexively release bursts of electrical energy.


Alignment: Good


History: Talitha came into being as a Matoran of Lightning on the island of Mata Nui. Whilst she was still young, the war against the Makuta was just beginning. She was fleeing from a Rakshi of Shattering when it struck the ground ahead of her. She fell into an underground river and was swept away by the current. When she woke up, she was in the outskirts of Ta-Koro. Talitha suffered amnesia as a result and never remembered where she came from. She did however have a deep rooted fear of drowning. She was then taken into the charge of a Toa of Fire. A few years later, this is the Toa of Fire that Servaas was hired to capture.


Talitha and the Toa of Fire were on route to meet up with the rest of his Toa Team when Talitha was hit by several shots of liquid protodermis that instantly froze her where she stood. The Toa of Fire immediately drew his fire mace and began increasing the temperature to melt her out as he looked around for the origin of the attack. He was struck from behind by a level 8 Weakens disk and half a dozen more freeze shots hit him in the chest. He attempted to break free, but the shock of the weakness from the disk and cold rendered him unconscious.When he awoke, he was in chains, along with Talitha, in the brig of an old cargo ship. His captor, a Vortixx who introduced himself as Servaas, was sitting just outside the cell fiddling with some sort of device.


After trying to talk his way out, the Toa offered Servaas a job. He would pay the Vortixx everything he had to take care of Talitha. This was a considerable amount, and Servaas was in need of cash. Servaas accepted, and a few days later they reached where Servaas was to drop off the Toa of Fire on the coast of Le-Wahi. On the way the Toa slipped a small package to Talitha, telling her to open it after he was gone. After the Toa was dragged away by Skakdi, Servaas was discussing payment with the Skakdi boss. Talitha opened the package and there was a glowing stone inside. That was about the same time as when the price negotiations went sour.


The Skakdi refused to give the full price unless he got Talitha as well, an offer which Servaas refused. The result could easily have been their doom, as there were 3 of the Skakdi crew right there and others were within earshot. As Servaas tried to calm the tense situation, Talitha took a step back and tripped on a root, falling from the platform they were on into the watery mire. Screaming in horror, she struggled to tread water as the Skakdi laughed and sent in two of his crew to get her while the other stepped closer to Servaas. When the crew members reached Talitha one of them dunked her head underwater for amusement, when he did so the stone fell out of the package and collided with Talitha's heartlight. A moment later an explosion of electrical energy blasted away the two thugs. As this happened, Servaas took advantage of the Skakdi's supprise and jabbed the one closest to him in the gut and grabbed him around the neck, using him as a living shield. He then fired off a half dozen weakness shots into the surounding trees, causing them to collapse around them. Using this additional distraction he threw the Skakdi away, lept down into the water, and grabbed the now unconscious Toa Talitha. Firing off more shots into the support beams of the platform, Servaas made is way back to the long boat he'd stored on the beach as the Skakdi crew scrambled for cover. Hauling Talitha aboard, he made his way along the coastline toward Onu-Wahi...


Personality and traits: Talitha is young, honerable, somewhat nieve, honest to a fault, and always tries to see the best in everyone. She loved the Toa of Fire, thinking of him as a father, and resents Servaas for not trying to save him. Dispite this, she does grow to respect Servaas greater knowledge of the world, relies on him for most things, and she cares about him like she would a brother. She will often fondly refer to him as "Faas".

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Name: Draft

Species: Vortixx

Appearence: Draft is slightly shorter then normal Vortixx, wearing a poorly-fitting suit of armor. The suit is clanky, loose, and a little rusty, but Draft wouldn't part for it for the world. He wears a helmet, which is similarly poor-fitting to his suit of armor, but different in every other respect. It is a shiny silver, reflective, and has a straight mirror plate on the forehead section. The rest is mostly spherical in shape. This is Draft's most valuable possesion, made of an alloy found nowhere currently found, and Draft refuses to say where it came from. He doesn't seem to know either. He wears a long Lightstone Rifle with a belt-loading system slung across his back, along with two short swords the length of his forearm, and his boots are a new-looking reddish metal.

Equipment: Two metal shortswords, a long Lightstone Rifle with belt-loading system, and his flight boots. The boots, operated my a mysterious repulsion energy, are very unrelieble and have a tendancy to shut off at the most inconvenient times. Thus, he cannot use them to fly very high or far. They don't go too fast either. They are activated by clicking the heels together.

Backstory/personality: Draft, though a fine inventor normally, always has the worst luck. Arriving somehow via a malfunctioning Toa Canister he managed to get stuck in, he got out with his current stuff and began wandering. Very little is knonw about his previous life, except that he was abandoned on the Mountain during the traditional Vortixx climbing thing and escaped due to a landslide. He is kinda sensitive about his past, and gets mad when anyone mentions it. He is very hard to discourage when working on something.

Weaknesses: The unreliability of his flight boots can be exploited to beat him. Despite his near-mastery with his shortswords, he is bad at using his Rifle, and apt to miss. He will also chase after his helmet no matter what, which is easily exploited


Name: Fekoro

Species: Fe-Toa

Appearence: Tall, with sand-colored armor and an x-shaped sheath across his back with twin Protosteel katanas. His Pehkui is shaped like a mix of a Hau and a Kakama.

Kanohi: Pehkui


A former member of a rouge inventors' group, he spoke out against the group's somewhat amoral ways... And was promptly  mindwiped, thrown in a metal barrel, and tossed out to sea. He landed on an island, and found a TOa Stone. Fekoro has no idea why he is called that; it was the only name he could remember. He is slow to anger, but when he does get angry, watch out. He is almost uncanny with his element, being able to very precisely manipulate small objects. However, he is not good at lifting and/or throwing large objects with his element. He is not bad with math, physics, and invrenting things, but cannot remember his past, besides some trivial things.

Weaknesses: He is not good at manipulating large objects.


Name: Shadowstalker

Species: Fa-Skakdi

Vision Power: Thermal Imaging

Equipment: An assortment of throwing knives and a long sword. His right arm is completely mechanical, armed with retractable metal talons.(This hopefully counts as the exotic thing) He sometimes wears a helmet with a tinted faceplate, preventing his eyes from glowing on the hunt.

Appearence: A lean, wiry Skakdi who doesn't seem to make the slightest noise when he moves. His eyes look uncanny, sweeping over everything in the room and memorizing each detail. WHich they probably are. When on the hunt, you nearly never see him. Dark, gunmetal armor.

Backstory: A total oddball at first, he was the only Skakdi in his thievery joint without an extra power. Once, a SKakdi got in a fight with him and Mental Blasted him, messing up his shy personality and making him into the assassin he is today. To make up for his power(Or lack thereof), he trained himself into a master of combat, martail arts, stalking, and assasin-ness. He has a possibly insane personality, rarely killing unless the situation warrents it or he's been payed, and generally sneaking after people to hone his skills or watch them look nervously around. He is often hired for assasination or guarding stuff, and is not very greedy to the point of stealing. He'll charge ridiculous prices, but doesn't steal.

Weaknesses: He often has his thermal vision on, so sudden blasts of Plasma or other hot substance can severely disorient him. If the person has a ROde or Mask of Detection, he'll run away or attack quickly, jumping on them from behind with reckless ambition. This can be exploited.


Name: Fotioks

Species: Su-Matoran

Appearence: A skinny, frail-looking Matoran wielding a double-sword that can be split in two. Wears a Powerless Calix

Kanohi: Powerless Calix

Biography: A quirky, shy matoran with a penchant for getting attacked, he lived in a quiet village near the coast. One day, however, the village was overrun by Rahi, and he was the only one that survived. He never directly attacks someone, instead defending, often in a way that causes the opponent to hurt themselves. He is not above tricking people into fighting others much stronger then they are if teh people were attacking him.

Weakness: Powers are effective on him, particularly undodgable ones like mental powers.


Name: The Sniper(Real name Gresak

Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, etc.): Skakdi

A detailed description or image: Gresak is lanky, with camouflaged armor. his eyes are like Reidak's, but he wears one-way tinted goggles to prevent people from seeing the glow.

Gender: M

Powers and/or weapons: Gresak has inaccessible Iron abilities and Telescopic Vision. He has a dagger, but it's nothing special.

Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, which staff member approved the item): He has several custom-made hand grenades that use Photothermic powder. he also has an advanced sniper rifle that fires powerful shots of energy, but takes 15 seconds to charge. Ha has a small Patero launcher.

Weakness: Gresak is primarily a sniper, so if you get him on close-range, he's dead.

Alignment (good, evil, neutral, etc.): Evil. Mercenary.

History: Gresak washed up on a peninsula once with his rifle and armor. He found he had a natural talent for sharpshooting, and made his living via assassination. He gradually sharpened his craft, camoflaging his armor, getting his goggles and Patero Launcher, and buying his first grenade off teh black market, which he later reverse-engineered and built more of.

Personality and traits: Gresak is cold-hearted, and compartmentalizes his emotions, effectively sweeping them into a 'back cabinet', or so to speak. This is probably terrible for him from a psychological point of view, but he does not care.


All tech approved by Nuju Metru.

Edited by Teclax Master of Tech

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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Jrahann (DECEASED)

[*]Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, et cetera)





Sound (passive unless activated with the help of another Skadki)

[*]Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera)

Neutral, may tend towards either extreme

[*]A detailed description of their appearance (this is actually required)

Jrahann is actually quite nimble for a Skadki, though still huge and brutish compared to a Toa. Her face and spine are light gray, while beneath her armor bright red is visible. Her chin is relatively unimpressive but slightly spiky; her eyes are sharp and angular. Her spine has a paired row of triangular spikes. Her feet are three-toed.


Jrahann can cooperate with another Skadki to combine her elemental Sound power with their elemental power.

Her eyebeams let her "borrow" the sight of another being or creature, essentially letting her see through their eyes, as long as her eyebeams are shining in their direction and they are reasonably close. (Sight-sharing vision)


She wields a pair of oversized sai that, when clashed against each other, produce a powerful resonation that is extremely painful to most beings and can even shatter fragile solids on contact. Luckily, being a De-Skadki Jrahann is nearly immune to this effect. She carries her sai on opposite hips to avoid them clashing accidentally.

Of course, they can also be used conventionally in combat to deflect attacks and deliver quick strikes.

[*]Personality and history

Like all Skadki, Jrahann is an emigrant from some faraway land. She has only just arrived on Mata Nui, and has no specific plans for her future, except that she intends to remain very much in control of her own life.

Jrahann is perilously danger-loving, and can't stand doing nothing. She would start a fight with her best ally before she would sit quietly. While she doesn't murder for fun, she has no problem with killing if she sees a benefit to it. On the flip side, she could also be persuaded to protect or save someone if she got something out of it. She sometimes prefers other species to fellow Skadki, as they tend to be very loud and she has sensitive hearing.

[*]Weakness(es) (this is ALSO required)

Jrahaan is prone to speaking or acting spontaneously. Only rarely does she think through her actions carefully. Her sharp hearing also can be a weakness, since loud noises can break her concentration or even temporarily incapacitate her.

[*]Anything else deemed necessary

Could I please have an approval decision on her technological weapons and vision power? I'm also new to BZRPG so please let me know of anything that's wrong.

EDIT: This has been approved by Jenny Quantum, though I'm not sure how to prove it.

Edited by Akavakaku

( The bunny slippers hiss and slither into the shadows. ) -Takuaka: Toa of Time

What if the Toa you know best were not destined to be? Interchange: The epic begins

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Neoru Konaro
Element: Ice
Gender: Male
Appearance: Reasonably built, with scratched white, silver and translucent blue armor. His Rahi hide satchel has turned black, and his right eye has a wicked scar, which glows the same color as his deep blue eyes. His cloak is dusted in unmelting frost. 
Alignment: Good
Weapon: Wristbow-Shield. It fired bolts of ice that Konaro creates himself. It extends multiple prongs out which, when the gaps are frozen with user created ice, produces a shield. 
Powers: Toa-level Ice power, moderately high intellect, inherent resistance to cold. Hasn't tested his singing voice yet. His normal voice is a little rougher, but if he has the opportunity, he might sing as well as he did before.  
Mask: a white Great Volitak. When activated, it turns him to crystalline ice first, then the ice turns completely invisible.
Gear: His cloak, mask, Wristbow-Shield, satchel(Contents are: 220 Widgets, two lightstones and a rope)
Personality: In his former life as a Toa of Sonics, he lost two companions in a single ill-fated battle. He was lucky to get out of it with his life, let alone his possessions. He got out with a single scar to the right eye, which now glows the same color as his eyes. 
 Desperate for penitence, he visited the Kini Nui temple. At this point a bolt of lightning dissolved his old form.  In his current form, appearing in Ko-Koro, he feels nothing can stop him. He will honor his fallen companions in any way possible. He seems a lot more warm hearted than most other Toa of Ice.
Weaknesses: Elements that ice is weak against, desperation to make his life useful, a pained desire to make friends and please them.
Neoru Asuno
Element: Sonics
Gender: Male
Appearance: A toa with what could be called a "balanced" build between thin and muscular. Reasonably good looking 
save for the few scratches on his armor, tinted in black and white. His mask is a broken Akaku. Wears a lime-
colored Rahi hide satchel over his shoulder with a few pockets for widgets (Counter: Approx 230), other items, and also 
wears the pearl grey sheaths for his gleaming white twin Tuner Blades. A tattered, hoodless cloak hangs from his 
shoulders to his ankles, and covers the right half of his body. Recently suffered a deep scratch that has left a scar over his right eye.
Alignment: Good
Weapon: Twin Tuner Blades (Able to channel his Sonics power and combine into the double-bladed, one-handed Great 
Tuner Blade), Recently obtained "Darksteel" Disc Launcher, always on the lookout for an auxiliary weapon
Powers: His toa-level Sonics power, his moderately high intellect, and a reasonable level of fitness and a 
marvelous singing voice. A little more resilient to his element than other Toa of Sonics, but not by much (can 
take a some loud music, not anything over that)
Bio: A relatively young Toa, he has only recently woken up in the midst of an area he forgets the name of. He has 
some measure of amnesia. Although he remembers his name, and the fact that he was once a De-Matoran, He forgets 
most other things. He tends to be hesitant near some depending on a situation's context and his amnesia. He never 
had a straightforward goal in mind, but to be an adventurer, help those in need and gain a few friends along the 
way. He knows he isn't the strongest, nor the smartest, but he does have some confidence in what he already has. 
Likes harsh music, and if he ever gets over his hesitation and amnesia, he'll be very eccentric.
Mask: A Great Akaku with the eyepieces broken off. He intends to replace it as he finds the mask nearly useless 
even if it was fully intact and powered.
Possessions: His Satchel and sheaths, his cloak, his broken Akaku, and his Tuner blades. Also, a small shard of an 
unknown mask, with a string attached, hung around his neck. He forgets what the mask was, and who owned it. He 
does know it wasn't his.
Items in Satchel(to be edited): Lightstones, Widgets (Counter above), segment of rope, Darksteel disc launcher.
Weakness: Louder sounds than he can tolerate, his amnesia, his relative "rustiness" with combat, elements that 
could muffle his powers, trap him or make sounds louder than he can tolerate, pretty females, a pained desire to 
gain friends despite some better judgement.
(one of my weaknesses involving this: I have way too many ideas for the character as I hope the progression allows.)
Status: Deceased (Annihilated to be reformed into my new character)
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Element: Electricity
Alignment: usually Lawful (sometimes Chaotic) Good
Bio: A recently transformed Toa, he was a freelance mechanic in Onu-Koro. Extremely friendly,he desires three 
things: Island unity, peace, and to serve as an apprentice under the great engineers of Onu-Koro. He might not get 
that, but he'll go looking anyway. Becomes furious if his friends are hurt.
Appearance: A moderately bulky toa with blue and gunmetal colored armor. The armor only has a few scuffs due to 
his continuing work as a mechanic. He has a high-capacity woven back pack with an ingenius system for strap 
adjustment. Also wears numerous customizeable belts(one over his chest and shoulder, other around his waist) which 
he'll have to pay someone to add things, unless someone gives him the additions for free.
Mask: He bears a Kanohi Kakama, the Great Mask of Speed. It possesses a Telescopic eyepiece.
Weaponry: -A staff with with a bladed tip on the bottom and two prongs on top. 
          -(To Be Added)
Powers: All the powers of a Toa of Electricity, including creating, controlling and absorbing electricity.
Equipment/Possessions:-Mask w/eyepiece
                      -Customizeable belts
                      -Blade Sharpening Tool (self-fabricated)
                      -Widgets(Counter: 200) (Starting Amount; Earned from his work as a mechanic as a Vo-Matoran)
Weaknesses: Has no combat experience yet, Sonic attacks, cold, elements that render his element useless, rather 
reckless, especially if furious. Also, females.


Status: (Inactive)

Edited by Mr. Lightning Bolt

Time is my frenemy. So is money.
May the classics never die and may the future find a new set of Toa.


BZPRPG Character

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Name - Jokaro Veqerel


Species - Matoran

Gender - Male


Alignment - Chaotic Neutral


Appearance - Sand-coloured Po-Matoran, fairly average. Simple, hammered chest-plate, and a sand-coloured-and-blasted Noble Huna. Golden-yellow eyes. A belt of worn tools hangs from his waist, and a roughspun black-fabric knapsack is slung across his back, filled with Jokaro's few belongings.

Personality - Often cryptically strange and sometimes incoherent. He doesn't appear to understand the concept of 'friendship' very well, but is not generally antisocial. Quite technically-minded, but has little regard for personal safety or the safety of others. He usually wants to get things done in the fastest way possible, even if that means misdirection or violence - he's not too prone to stick to a single ideal. 


History - Previously living the life of a reclusive hermit who stuck to the rocky regions of the Motara, Jokaro has recently come to live in Po-Koro. Living in a ramshackle hut of scrap and garbage for the majority of his life, he's not very up-to-speed on the happenings of the rest of the island. The only interaction he's had for the most part is trading and discussion with Caravans traveling between Ostia and Po-Koro. In his spare time, the Po-Matoran tinkered with the various bits of scrap, jotting down notes and blueprints and ideas for devices he had thought up, but never really had the supplies to build. Thus, he set out to Po-Koro.


Abilities - A quite skilled engineer, and an avid tinkerer. He thinks creatively and practically, but with a shade of madness to his methodology. Unlike a lot of Po-Matoran, past and present, he has an obsession with technology, and will modify it to any extent to his own uses and agenda. Given enough time and enough resources, Jokaro can practically build or modify anything imaginable with the right parts and his small tools. 


Technological Items - Hikaki's Breath Tear Gas Grenade (self-invented) (Approved by Nuju Metru)


Tools/Weapons - A few simple and worn tools hang on his belt, mostly hand-crafted out of scraps. Wields a short, dull spear, usually used only for hunting; and a small, barbed knife.


Weaknesses - His obsession with technology. While his prowess in this subject may be of great aid to him, Jokaro may often rely on tech too often; for all his cunning ability with advanced electronics, he is terribly inexperienced in -most- areas excluding the use of them. He isn't a very good carver or sculptor, nor is he very fast or strong. His power lies within his mind and his ability to use what he makes and tinkers with.





- - - - - - - - - -



Name - Gabe the Hatmaster

Species - Matoran


Gender - Male


Alignment - Chaotic Good


Appearance - Gabe is a Fe-Matoran. He wears a powerless Zatth, with a nicely-weaved straw fedora sitting atop his head. It should be noted the brim of said fedora also sports a razor-sharp blade.

Personality - Gabe loves to make hats. He also does not believe the Great Spirit exists, but whether he is ironic or not about this belief remains to be seen.


History - Gabe began his career as a Professional Hatmaster™ long ago, and continues to be one today.


Abilities - The unique ability to flip his fedora neatly onto his head. Also, he can make hats.

Technological Items - n/a


Tools/Weapons - Hats, hat accessories, and hat-making equipment.

Weaknesses - His courage and sanity are severely diminished should his fedora ever be knocked off his head.





- - - - - - - - - -



Name - Torana Avaliona


Species - Toa

Gender - Female


Alignment - Neutral Good

Appearance - Torana; Toa of Lightning. She is slender and fit, agile and gracefully fierce in combat. Her silver-coloured Kakama (matching the rest of her armour) is slightly scratched, dented and weathered. Flashes of electric blue underlay her protodermis plates. One feature stands out: A long stripe of black paint runs down the right side of her Mask (over her right eye) and armour, down to her greaves. This stripe is also accompanied by a similar stripe on her left shoulder-plate. Her voice is low, both in pitch and (often) volume. An elegant spear-sword (Yari) is slung across her back, resting neatly in a leather sheath slung over Torana's shoulder. The front strap of the sheath also holds several small blades for throwing.


Personality - Torana is often quiet - not specifically antisocial or shy, or even not talkative - she often finds herself alone with her thoughts. While not introverted, she tends to perk up around others, and is generally very friendly, though more recent events in her past have shifted her view of others slightly. Her heart is filled with a sort of cold anger, due to an unspoken event in her past, but she remains relatively cool on the exterior, often pushing these feelings down and bottling them up; often trying to distract herself with other things whilst she tries to tame the fire from within. She's still very young, per se, and can be often perceived as naïve, though a heavy layer of sarcasm and wit is often draped over her words when in good spirits.

History - Born and raised in Le-Koro, the young Vo-Toa stayed in her home Wahi for the majority of her life. Torana was content to stay and venture within the Village of air - until she experienced a traumatic event in her venturing days that left her internally scarred, leading to the painting of her armour and the sometimes quiet, but internally angry, persona she exudes. Torana attempted to restart her life within her home village, but found she could not emotionally handle being in the Koro any longer. Cutting all ties to the Koro, the Toa of Lightning decided she'd seen enough foliage in her life and trekked off for Ta-Koro - straight through the jungle and into the Charred Forest, where the greenery of life in Le-Wahi died and dissolved into ash and fire.


Ablilities - In conjunction with her Kanohi power, elemental power and rigorous exercise, Torana is an agile, electric threat to those in combat with her. Her speed combined with her control of lightning makes her both fast and deadly. Often, she is prone to stopping to observe the mannerisms and strategies of others in order to further her own knowledge. She used to be able to hunt with a bow quite well, but her lack of interest in the prospect of hunting (as well as other, undisclosed events) as well as her newfound preference for the swordspear have seen the skill decayed over time. She is moderately skilled with the swordspear in question and often uses it to better channel her elemental lightning. Torana also has the uncanny ability to crack her knuckles by simply making a fist, sending small sparks of electricity flying along her fingers as she does so.


Technological Items - n/a


Tools/Weapons - Torana carries her traditional swordspear (ref. Japanese Yari) as well as several small throwing knives.


Weaknesses - Torana does fancy herself a 'team player,' which can often lead to her being overly-trusting, and occasionally paranoid. She is also weak to elemental water. She relies on speed, agility and grace in combat, so brute strength may overwhelm her if given the chance.




- - - - - - - - - -



Name - Praxis


Species - Toa


Gender - Male


Alignment - Lawful Evil


Appearance - Praxis is a Toa of Gravity, of a medium, muscled build and dons a Kanohi Matatu, minus the telescopic lens. His armor is somewhat bulky, and modified with metallic spikes jutting out from the shoulder and forearm plates, greaves and even Praxis' mask. While his armor remains matte-black, his under-colours are a dull shade of purple. A strap stretching across Praxis' torso secures a brutal hammer-like weapon across his back. Two war-axes sit neatly in sheaths on his thighs.


Personality - Praxis is a bounty hunter and a contract mercenary; somewhat of a loose cannon. He can often be arrogant and boastful, and can be outright obnoxious most of the time. He claims there is nothing that scares him, and his destructive nature often leads to him doing a deal more harm than good, even when hunting, securing and returning bounties as well as performing mercenary work. It should be noted that Praxis is also dishonest and, ultimately, a gambler with not just money, but lives, lies and responsibilities.


History - Praxis' early life was fairly uneventful and boring (at least, in his opinion). From an early age, the Toa was boastful, and egotistical, routinely putting peers under boot just to proclaim his superiority. Praxis expressed prideful, and even violently destructive behaviour to those around him, and systematically alienated those around him to the point of complete social isolation. This could be seen as the transition from overly-proud Toa to cynical-but-boastful mercenary. With an abrasive personality and a lust for adventure (or perhaps just destruction), his career in man-hunting could probably be seen as an eventuality.


Abilities - Praxis is a master of his surroundings. With his Kanohi, he can move and shift the surrounding environment around to his will, and with his Element, he can control the gravity fields of his environment and the objects he is manipulating. Praxis tends to keep his mind sharp for a number of reasons. He prefers to lie and cheat his way into getting paid than going unpaid for a job, for one. The second reason has to do with the concentration needed to manipulate multiple gravity fields around multiple levitating objects in the midst of high-speed combat. He is physically strong, and controls and utilizes his hands/fists with brutal accuracy. He prefers traditional boxing methods for hand-to-hand combat over more graceful martial arts.


Technological Items - n/a


Tools/Weapons - Praxis carries a duo of war axes, as well as his signature warhammer.


Weaknesses​ - Generally, his pride, arrogance, and his destructive nature could potentially get him killed. His claim that he is afraid of nothing is also severely untrue. His compulsive lies may lead him to situations he won't be able to bluff his way out of, and the intense concentration and mental ability he has to maintain in order to fight in the manner he does can be draining, as well.




- - - - - - - - - -



Name - Raaka Baszlin


Species - Skakdi


Gender - Male


Alignment - Lawful Neutral


Appearance - Raaka is a bit of a haggard-looking drifter. He bears several scars, some of the spikes on his spine have been cut down, and he walks with a bit of a limp. His elemental power is Sonics, but he is not able to take advantage of said power often. His spine and armor are dark black-grey in colour, flecked with some hints of silver, which makes up the colour of the rest of the Skakdi's body. 


Personality - Raaka, while occasionally brutish, is very moral, though he goes through regular bouts of antisociality when isolated or alone for long periods of time. He wanders from place to place, looking for honest work to do, but has often found himself the subject of attack in the past. While his morality limits the amount of work options and could potentially garner him some terrible enemies, Raaka's sense of justice outweighs his fear. Death and torture do not frighten him, and the sight of his own blood couldn't mean less to him. He feels like he is in perpetual purgatory, and he is just waiting for a good reason to sacrifice himself for something, or someone he believes in. Self-doubt is rife in his subconscious, however, as he feels he can never know when he should die, and for whom.


History - Raaka's early life was very straightforward. It was a simple work, hunt, eat, sleep, repeat cycle for the major portion of his life, until he decided to leave his home - the rocky fields of Onu-Wahi - in pursuit of something more than just day-to-day survival. His mind remains blank for a certain period of time after that - all he remembers is a good friend, a promise of trust, a betrayal and waking up to find himself with a gaudy cannon permanently grafted to his arm - and functionally to his own life - fighting savage Rahi in an underground pit. He won't ever comment on how he escaped, but the scars he bears speak more about his past than his mouth would ever need to.


Abilities - Raaka is a brutal fighter. Using both ranged and melee-based strategies, Raaka is fast, efficient and deadly at any range. While he charges at you, cannon firing, his right arm will be preparing to cut you down with a scythe-like blade. His tracking and hunting abilities are also improved by his use of Thermal Imaging Vision.


Technological Items - The Adrenaline GunA dual-barreled, automatic energy weapon attached permanently to the character's left arm and hard-linked to a mental trigger. The ammunition is essentially limitless, however, the user's energy is significantly drained whilst using the weapon. Use it too much in a short period of time and it will kill him. However, when he is at his most active and adrenaline is pumping through him, the weapon can be utilized with a lowered cost of energy, feeding of said adrenaline. The user's energy is regained normally over an extended period of time through eating, drinking, resting, etc. (Approved by Nuju Metru)


Tools/Weapons - A syringe of pure adrenaline. Injecting its contents into himself will stop Raaka's heart, but allow for an unprecedented amount of power in his final moments. He hasn't found a good enough reason to use it yet. Raaka also carries a Zakaz Scythe - a weaponized scythe with a blade four times as long as the handle, which is about half as short as a traditional farming scythe.


Weaknesses - Raaka often works alone and can be overwhelmed by numbers. The though of using the syringe on his belt often flutters through his mind, and he is tempted to use it many times, often leading to moments of weakness or brief pauses in combat that can be exploited. His primary weapon also has the potential to easily kill him.






- - - - - - - - - -




Name - Dessa Jalee

Species - Vortixx


Gender - Female


Alignment - Lawful Good


Appearance - Quite a bit shorter than the average Vortixx, Dessa's just slightly taller than a Toa. Fairly average physique, her biological features are significantly lighter than the dark black shared by most Vortixx, though said features have once again been darkened slightly - tanned by long periods outdoors. The rest of her body is clad in dark green flecked with streaks of gold-yellow and burgundy. Her face - while not an example of pure seductive allure shared by many female Vortixx, exudes a note of natural youth beauty - bears freckle-like spots under her welcoming blue eyes. Her hair is pulled back into a rather loose knot. Her claws are small; not fully developed. Dessa's usually adorned in old, almost ragged clothes, with a telltale rahi-fur poncho draped across her shoulders.


Personality - Lighthearted and almost bubbly, Dessa is content living a simple life. She's quite extroverted and tends to get along well with others, even if she doesn't particularly agree with their ideals. As she's lived a good portion of her life amongst them, she's friends with, and prone to happily trust, caravaners. A smile is almost always stretched across her lips, whether is be a sarcastic grin, one of genuine happiness, or a subtle smile while strolling through town.


History - Raised in southern Po-Wahi, Dessa and her family farmed for a living, selling their harvest in what would later become Forsi. With more and more dependence on settlements around Naho Bay, including Ga-Koro, for foodstuffs, Dessa packed up and set out southward to find a more suitable prospect for her family to resettle to and continue their lives unabated by shortages, drought or lost business.


Abilities - Dessa is well-educated in the matters of farming and hunting, being taught by her family to make a living by doing so her entire life. She's as skilled with a hoe as she is with a shovel or a rifle. She's quite an expert in most things natural on Mata Nui - she's extensively studied flora, fauna and geology. She's able to ride Muaka pretty well.


Technological Items - A pair of zoom-able electronic binoculars, hanging from a leather strap around her neck, and an air-powered rifle. Similar to a Patero launcher, but much more compact and comfortable, and much, much more powerful thanks to Vortixx engineering. The rifle is bolt-action, and fires paper capsules containing bundles of fleschettes. The rifle is magazine-fed, with each magazine holding twenty rounds. Retrofitted with an electronic scope similar in function to her binoculars, all resting within a nice stained-wood stock. She carries seven spare magazines, and uses the rifle to hunt rahi. (Both items approved by Nuju Metru)


Tools/Weapons - A standard utility knife and a few mechanical tools. A satchel of widgets.

Weaknesses - Dessa's quite naïve to knowledge outside her areas of expertise, and gets a bit embarrassed when she has to ask a question.





- - - - - - - - - -




Name - Savfina Orin

Species - Turaga


Gender - Female


Alignment - Neutral Good


Appearance - Bearing a Noble Sanok shaped like a Hau, Savfina's features are quite sharp, almost looking chiseled. While not quite the model of absolute beauty, her face portrays a sense of wisdom underneath a mostly blank, unremarkable visage. She's quite fit for her age, able to deliver a swift punch or kick that'll probably make some eyes water. No walking stick needed here. Her element of Stone has coioured her mainly brown, but with black and burnt orange highlights. Her eyes are a pale orange-yellow. A dark black-purple bandanna covers her head most of the time.

Personality - Oftentimes quiet and reserved, this is mostly due to polite patience while in the presence of others. Though she is more than willing to let others speak before her and keen to listen, at her very core is a tough stubbornness born out of the rigorous lifestyle she maintains, in regards to fitness and to health. Her studies into the elements and their interactions between one another are of great interest to her, and she is always seeking to expand her knowledge in this regard.


History - Most of her younger days are unimportant to her, and she seldom discloses the events before the start of her studies into the elements. At one point during the start of her studies, she was trained and 're-moulded' into her current state of thought by a being who she reveres, but also seldom talks about. Her philosophy, her knowledge and proficiency in martial arts and her strict diet and exercise can all be attributed to this same person. Lately, however, her health is decaying and the pitfalls of advancing age are starting to take their toll.


Abilities - Expanded, philosophical knowledge regarding the elements, prowess in martial arts and other forms of combat, including weapon-based combat. Severely weakened elemental Stone powers.


Technological Items - n/a


Tools/Weapons - A simple, short, wood-handled pike, strapped to her back. A pouch of dried fruits hangs from her belt.

Weaknesses - Her short stature often impedes her ability to effectively combat larger beings, who don't take her very seriously most of the time anyway. Time is not quite on her side as well; her fit body is slowly decaying with age.





- - - - - - - - - -




Suit Identification Code - B4U8


Nickname - Blackheart


Pilot - Savfina Orin


Weapons Customization - Much like her bandanna, Blackheart is primarily painted black with a wash of dark bluish-purple streaks over it. No custom weapons, save for a single blade on the right arm which can swivel and lock in place when needed.


Appearance: A standard Exo-Matoran, currently undamaged. Matte-black with purplish streaks.





- - - - - - - - - -




Name - Zeska Barzanno

Species - Skakdi


Gender - Male


Alignment - Neutral Evil


Appearance - Though his face and spine are more grizzled in appearance due to his advancing age, he presents himself well otherwise - his personal hygiene is the most important thing to him, even over his 'business', which he takes quite seriously. The only thing he continually fusses about is a rather large birthmark, nearly hidden beneath his jawline, stretching from his left cheek to below his chin. He's prone to fidgeting with it from time to time, usually when stressed. Other than that, he's fit, though he's seen better, more youthful days. He walks with a limp (due to an injury to his left ankle) and carries a walking cane. His fingers are adorned with multiple rings of varying materials, coloured gold, silver, bronze, teal, and copper. Zeska himself is coloured medium blue and dark grey.

Personality - Liar, cheat, manipulator, charmer, whatever you want to call him. One shouldn't be deceived by the persona he puts on for others. His conscience, as well as his hands (metaphorically) are anything but clean. He prefers to use his wit and charm to get his way (or plain old blackmail and extortion if the former don't suffice) over brute force, but he won't hesitate to knock a few teeth out or cut a couple fingers off. His 'business' is what he lives for - he knows a great deal about what others aren't exactly privy to knowing, and makes sure his secrets stay that way. You might be wondering exactly what this 'business of his is, but that's his business

But really you could call him "consigliere-for-hire" of sorts.

He's also prone to fits of obsessive-compulsive disorder, usually fussing over his appearance and hygiene, as well as ensuring everything runs as smoothly as he desires.


History - He was once a young kid in Ta-Koro looking to make a quick widget or two, and didn't really care how he did it. Zeska witnessed a lot of crime in Ta-Koro back then, but the Guard often managed to apprehend lawbreakers within a week or so. It was then and there the young Skakdi had a bright idea that helped start him off on the path that brought him to where he was today. He hung around Guardsmembers, generally staying invisible as a child and listening to the ones with loose lips. They'd occasionally let something slip, and Zeska'd go off and warn the gangs about whatever the Guards had accidentally revealed. After several months of this, the Guards were having much more trouble cracking down on crime in the city, but couldn't figure out why. The widgets the gangs had been slipping Zeska for his 'services' were penultimate proof, but after all, who'd suspect a little street urchin?

As the years passed, his influence grew, and Zeska became an advisor for one of the seedier underworld groups on Mata Nui, but the elaborate crime rings he'd been a part of mostly dissolved with the arrival of the Toa Maru. Still, his contacts remained, and recent events might see the rise of these groups once again.


Abilities - His wit, charm, devious lies and secrets, elemental power over Water and Laser Vision.


Technological Items - The rings on his fingers amplify the kinetic force of his punches to near-Pakari levels. (Approved by Nuju Metru)


Tools/Weapons - The cane that he carries is sturdy and quite heavy; as such, he can use it as a blunt battering weapon.

Weaknesses - His constant obsession with hygiene and other factors that could potentially contribute to anxiety if left unchecked, and can often lead to stuttering uncontrollably when enraged, though he's become desensitized to a great deal in his years; violence doesn't really affect him in this way. He's also self-conscious about his birthmark, and his injured ankle can slow him down considerably.




- - - - - - - - - -




Name - Roosevelt


Species - Toa

Gender - Male

Alignment - Neutral Good


Appearance - Dreamy golden eyes, jawline like a Hafu Original, steamy pecs, and member of the  cuteboys  club. However, that was in the past. Well, recent past. Not like distant past. So maybe part of the  sexeman  club now. The life in his eyes has faded a bit, the jawline is harder and more grizzled, and the pecs... well, he keeps himself in shape so they're still steamy. Oh, and he's a Toa of Air and he wears a Huna.


Personality - Gentle soul. Kinda fancies himself a chivalrous knight, but he comes off as hammy more often than not. When he tones it down he's more soft-spoken. Gets brash and foolhardy when angered, but flustered and embarrassed when confronted by those who he's struck a bond with.


History - Grew up playing knights with his friends. Continued this naïve fantasy into his adolescence. Aaaand into his adulthood. And now into middle-age. Kinda sad but endearing in a way.


Abilities - Aside from control over air and the power of invisibility, Roosevelt is a pretty good swordsman. You could say that while Le-Koro was partying... he studied the blade. While Dorian Shaddix was having premarital sex... he mastered the martial arts. While the Dasaka wasted their days in pursuit of vanity, he cultivated INNER STRENGTH


And now that the island is on fire and the Legacy is at the gate they have the audacity to come to him for help?


Technological Items - n/a


Tools/Weapons - A finely crafted steel claymore, hanging in a simple leather sheath on his back.


Weaknesses - His good will is easily able to be taken advantage of.

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Name: Artem


Species: Toa of Sonics


A detailed description or image:Hiram_big.png

Gender: Male


Powers and/or weapons: He has a straight sword used to channel his sonic powers. His Mask is the Kanohi Huna, The mask of concealment, which is helpful for disguises when paired with his ability to imitate voices/sounds


Weakness: Atrem is weak to the element of earth and hates being underground.


Alignment: Neutral


History: Artem was raised to be a hero. After a grave mistake in battle, he was shunned by his family. He turned to a life of crime and bounty hunting.


Personality and traits: Artem is quite cynical. He is never to be trusted and never trusts anyone. He values money more than anything, and is a natural thief.


Name: Vetna

Species: Lesterin of Gravity

Description: Vetna wears a copper rope. He has an inika build and has copper armor with purple accents

Gender: Male

Powers/Weapons: Vetna has a bow and a set of twenty copper arrows. He has the Kanohi Hau, the mask of shielding. His lesterin ability gives him the power to lift heavy objects

Weakness: Vetna has no elemental powers and has only his mask and strength to rely on.

Alignment: good

History: Vetna spent many years in a temple in ko-wahi. After the take over of ko-koro, he left in search of a more peaceful village. He now wanders the island.

Personality: Vetna is a caring individual. he will go out of his way to help a matoran, for he feels it is his duty on the earth. He is a quiet man and is reluctant to cause violence, even in self defense.

Name: Dahtar

Species: Skakdi of stone

Detailed description/image: Dahtar has tan armor with dark brown accents. He is short with small sharp spikes down his back and a dark brown cloak.

Gender: Male

Powers/Weapons: Telescopic Vision and a large sniper rifle made out of intricately carved stone

Weakness: No elemental powers, not very strong.

Alignment: evil

History: Dahtar spent a long time with a small band of terrorists and thieves. They were all caught and jailed. In an escape attempt, all but 2 of the criminals were killed, one was later arrested and still in jail. Dahtar escaped and spends most of his time doing freelance assassin/Bounty-hunting work in 


Personality: Dahtar is a very nervous person. He often jumps to conclusions about people or events. Dahtar usually messes up a situation by acting on impulse.

Name: Seneaux (Sen-yuh)


Species: Toa of Ice


Description: thin and tall, with a white torso, mask, hands and feet. Has light blue-ish gray arms and legs and bright blue eyes. Her right hand is missing and is replaced with a metal sword holder.


Gender: Female


Powers/Weapons: Kanohi Kakama, mask of Speed. Two clear ice Katanas


Alignment: Neutral


History: Seneaux was a cop for most of her life. While fighting in the jailbreak that freed Dahtar, he cut of her hand and she was forced into an early retirement. She spends her days now living in Ga-Koro. She hates the Dasaka and avoids them at all costs


Personality: Cold, calm, sarcastic

Edited by Hiram McDaniels

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And thus the triumphant return!

Name: Veros


Species: Toa


Gender: Male


Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel


Element: Plasma


Alignment: Chaotic Good




Veros is fairly tall, with a reddish brown body (Toa Metru-esque), black shoulders, feet, hands, with a hooded duster of the same reddish brown of his body. He wears several bandoleers of knives under his duster. His katana, Absolution, is kept at his hip. More knives are hidden on the inside of his duster. He keeps his long knife on a sheath on his chest. His Kanohi Kualsi is a standard Kualsi, modified with three ridges at the top and is the same color as his body (reddish brown). Eyes are red. His Kualsi is scarred with an X-shaped scar across the face.



Long knife (longer and heavier than his throwing knives, used for stealth attacks)

Throwing knives

Metal quarterstaff

Absolution: protosteel katana (slightly longer than a normal katana) with engravings on the blade, which is a brilliant red.

Volo Lutu Launcher




Veros is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, but prefers stealth tactics, especially making use of his Kanohi Kualsi to sneak around a battlefield and take down unsuspecting targets from behind with his long knife. He alternates between using his katana and staff. However, his true strength is in wielding the katana, which he can unsheathe with lightning speed. He’s very pragmatic in his fights, and is willing to fight dirty if necessary, and make a tactical retreat if he’s losing. While he does make use of his plasma elemental power, he prefers to use it to enhance his weaponry rather than using it for blasts or the like.




Veros is not very physically strong. If anything, he’s average. If he fought someone stronger than him in a direct confrontation, he would lose very quickly, even though he’s a capable hand-to-hand fighter. And while he has a high constitution, he wears himself down quickly with his speedster fighting style and use of the Kualsi, not to mention using his elemental powers to enhance his weapons for long periods of time.





As a Matoran (and early in his career as a Toa), Veros was snarky, playful, and overconfident to a fault, though he could back it up with his skill. During his time as a mercenary, he was jaded and cold, with a fairly black and mean-spirited sense of humor. After his near-death, Veros became much quieter and more somber in tone. While he’d still whip out a snappy remark, he’s is much less likely to do so and prefers to keep things quieter. He does have a sense of humor, and when there are quiet moments, he will try to make some jokes to ease tension. During more tense moments, he becomes deathly serious. After his final conflict with Fuse, he returned to a bit of his old snarky and playful days, though if dangerous situations presented themselves, he’d become serious and less snarky.




Before he became a Toa, Veros was excitable and had a huge interest in the Toa. He wanted to become one, like his hero, Tahu. After the Toa never returned, his dream came true and he became a Toa. However, he was greatly unprepared for a Toa’s duties, and with his hero never returning, Veros left on a journey to discover himself. The journey was long and hard, and the cheerful Matoran of the past became jaded and cold, though keeping a (somewhat black) sense of humor. He became a mercenary, and while he tried his best, he eventually abandoned the Toa Code, finding that its old teachings would not work in a harsh world. He developed a rather unpleasant reputation of being a brutal mercenary without any scruples, and was feared and distrusted wherever he went, earning the nickname of “The Dishonored Hero”. While Veros was perfectly fine taking assassinations and other forms of killing, he kept some scruples and wouldn’t do jobs that were completely evil (for example, razing an entire village). In fact, if he were asked to do such a job, he’d be more likely to kill that possible employer and steal their money.

As time passed, he grew fed up with the world abandoning him and decided to end his life. Before he entered the wilderness to find a rahi, Toa Tahu appeared to him in a hallucination. The hallucination voiced its disappointment with Veros, saying that Mata Nui would be better off if he died. Veros went into the wilderness and got his wish when he found a Muaka. He attacked the creature, and eventually was severely wounded. Near death, he collapsed and assumed the muaka would finish him off, until an unknown Toa rescued him. The Toa stabilized Veros’s wounds and brought him back to Ta-Koro, before disappearing into the night. When Veros awoke, he found himself home again, and realized that he was still alive. After some time recuperating and rediscovering the Toa Code that he had once abandoned, Veros left Ta-Koro once more, to wander the land and help wherever he could, and hopefully atone for his crimes and erase the stigma against him, and maybe find the Toa who had rescued him. He did not have much to go on, but he agreed that this journey would be one of enlightenment and atonement, and to distance himself from his past. Finding his savior would be just part of the deal.


His travels reunited him with childhood friend Crimeia, and introduced him to several others. He confronted his past when Fuse, the leader of the Burnouts (a gang that Veros had joined and later eliminated after they went too far) returned, offering Veros the chance to join a restored Burnouts. Veros declined, and this led to the two settling their differences in a climactic duel in the Charred Forest, which left Fuse without an arm and a leg. Veros atoned himself from the crimes of his past, and left Fuse to either die or escape before falling unconscious because of his wounds.


Name: Crimeia


Species: Toa


Gender: Female


Mask: Kanohi Volitak, Mask of Stealth


Element: Fire


Alignment: Neutral Good




Crimeia is tall, with a Toa Metru-style body. Her body is a dark scarlet, with a mix of gold accents on her hands, shoulders, and feet. Her mask is round with a crest in the middle on the top. Her mouth is white, and the rest of the mask is the same dark scarlet as her body, with gold accents highlighting the armored-like design. Her eyes are a striking green. She wears a brown cloak that is short in the front, giving her arms room to move, but long in the back, giving it a cape-like appearance. The cape is split into two halves, which are tattered and when blown in the wind give the appearance of wings. She wears her longsword in a scabbard on the right side of her hip. A quiver of arrows is attached to the back of her hip, and on the left side of her hip is a holster for her hand crossbow. A second quiver is slung over her back, held up by a bandoleer of crossbow bolts. One of her knives is strapped to her left leg, and the other is sheathed next to her crossbow.



Protosteel longsword

Longbow w/arrows

Hand crossbow w/bolts

Long knives x2

Volo Lutu Launcher



Crimeia is a fairly strong hand-to-hand fighter, able to go toe-to-toe with foes larger and heavier than she is, and while she is capable, this is not her forte. She prefers to keep her foes at range, making use of her Volitak and cloak to hide and snipe from a distance. She’ll make good use of her Volo Lutu Launcher to get up to high places and survey in her fights. She views fights as hunts, and being an expert tracker, can track targets for days while staying hidden herself. If forced into a direct confrontation, she’ll make use of her longsword and knives, and if the opportunity presents itself, her hand crossbow. She prefers to use her element to enhance her longsword and on occasion arrows, and the occasional use of fire for a burst of speed or to launch herself into the air, or cause a distraction.




Crimeia can keep up a barrage of high-speed attacks to keep fights in her favor, but is relatively fragile. While she can track/hunt her targets for days at a time, this does take a toll on her fighting skill. It’s why she prefers long range attacks to short range strikes. Her Volitak and stealth skills aren’t perfect either, so an acute opponent can track her easily if she’s not careful.



To use a terrible pun, Crimeia has a “fiery” personality. She’s energetic, fun-loving, and snarky. She loves to get into the action and have fun while doing it. However, this fun-loving appearance is a façade constructed to hide her inner doubt. She never expected to be a Toa, and the responsibility frightens her, especially living up to the standards of the Toa Mata. She has to protect the island she loves, and while she goes at it with gusto, she always doubts herself. She also finds it difficult to talk about certain issues with her friends, and when she goes introverted, she’ll use her mask to escape and hide.




As a Matoran, Crimeia was fun-loving and excitable. She was the one always leading the way to ridiculous stunts, something she picked up from Veros. A champion lava surfer and kolhii player, she was always trying new things and having fun while doing it. She had lots of friends, including Veros, whom she had a bit of a relationship with. The relationship was rather awkward between the two, and they mutually agreed to be just friends, though Crimeia always noticed something more in Veros’s awkward proposals. She harbored similar feelings, but could never get them out, always changing topics to something different, such as free-running across the roofs of Ta-Koro. Veros and Crimeia maintained a good friendship until Veros became a Toa. Everything went downhill from there.


After Veros became a Toa, he left to go on a journey to help people. Crimeia was left with friends, but still harbored her hidden feelings for Veros. She would try to dismiss it with more stunts and fun-loving, trying to keep up appearances, but couldn’t hide a bit of jealousy towards her friend. During this time she refined her already capable hunting skills, going out farther than she had ever been to practice hunting Rahi to provide food for her friends and family. She tried to keep in high spirits, until she started hearing rumors of a Toa of Plasma that had gone rogue. When she learned that the “Dishonored Hero” was none other than her friend, she buried any of her feelings for him completely. While she appeared to be happy on the outside, she was conflicted and furious at her former friend. This came to a head when she was given the chance to become a Toa. She spent a few weeks debating, before accepting the chance, becoming a Toa. After living in Ta-Koro for all her life, never really leaving, she saw this as a chance to see Mata Nui, and become a better hunter than she had already been, while helping people where she could. She vowed to track down Veros as well, and confront him about his actions, to finally put her past behind her.


She found Veros in Ga-Wahi, and joined him on his journey of redemption. Her actions helped bring her friend back to something she once knew.


Under this flag, I fly in freedom. A space pirate, sailing the sea of stars.

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. . .


*-Name: Saeren

*-Species: Toa (Fe)

*-Gender: Male

*-Profession: Paramedic

*-Medical Direction: Ta-Koro Hospital


*-Powers: Elemental Iron

*-Weakness: Saeren has no combat training beyond a better idea than most of where to stick his knife. He is nigh useless in close combat. Even his Elemental abilities have been developed primarily as a means to a medical end, and some minor self-defense. If attacked, Saeren would be wisest to either surrender or run. Outside of battle, Saeren tends to be out of his depth in informal situations unrelated to medicine.


*-Kanohi: Dark-grey Matatu, without Nuju’s telescopic eyepiece

*-Description: Average height, right-handed, bronze-colored eyes, wearing primarily dark-gray armor with bronze forearms, a matching left pauldron, and a right pauldron that is painted blue with a red Matoran "M". The right pauldron is shaped like a Rahkshi head while the left is more rounded. He carries his knife on his right hip, attached to a belt from which hangs a holster designed to hold his shears, pliers, wrench, and screwdriver against his right thigh. These tools are held in their pockets by various straps. This holster and the backpack carrying his other supplies are black. The tools themselves are plain gray proto-metal.


*-Weapons: 3-inch, lock-blade knife; trauma shears

*-Items: Leg holster and a large backpack for his medical supplies: iron bars for splinting; cloth dressings of various sizes; cloth bandages including rolls of thick and thin cloths, triangle bandages, and strips soaked in plant-sap adhesive (these peel off armor and each other rather easily, and as such are very temporary bandages); a screwdriver, plier, and wrench set for removing non-critical exo-skeleton pieces that need to be removed and can be removed in the field without causing damage. The backpack has a thin strip of bronze armor on the main flap which can be detached and affixed over the red M on Saeren's shoulder to mark that he is off duty.

*-Tech: A dedicated Task Tablet (iStone) with a Patient Care Report template, and a stored document containing Saeren's protocols and some medical/anatomical details regarding MU species.


*-Alignment: Medical Good

*-History: Saeren apprenticed himself to Ta-Koro medical authorities, earning his EMT License just before his transformation into a Toa. He briefly attempted to learn how to fight, assuming that Toa were supposed to be warriors, but while he had strong limbs and a calm head he had no talent for combat. He returned to the hospital and worked with the doctors there to develop protocols that would use his Elemental powers to the greatest advantage.

*-Personality and traits: Saeren is a quiet, unassuming fellow who is wholly dedicated to his craft in emergency medicine. Polite and strictly formal, he addresses his superiors and strangers as "Sir" and "Ma'am." While he tends to avoid fights, Saeren is unafraid to place himself in (reasonably) dangerous circumstances to provide patient care. When not on duty, Saeren spends part of his time with any coroner who will allow him to stand in, studying anatomy and discussing interventions that could have been useful in various cases.

~~-BS01 Histories-~~
by Zox Tomana, B.A. - Blog

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Name – Gen


Species – Toa


Here's what he looks like

Gen is an unusual case of a Toa of plasma, as he is not colored white and orange. Instead he is colored blue and silver resulting in confusion, leading people to think he is a Toa of water. He is very lean with a slim waist, but he has a very big chest and arms. his face is very stern yet young looking.


Gender – Male


Powers – Gen is a Toa of Plasma equipped with a Kanohi Kadin. Using his control over plasma, he can create plasma beams that travel very fast. Gen is also very muscle-strong from many years of training and no longer requires a sword for combat, although he previously used one. He is very adept at using martial arts to ward off sword users and can break a weak protodermis sword with enough effort. Using his fists, he uses his super-strength to enhance his blows. He also does not use his powers like a regular Toa of Plasma would as he tends to use most of his power in long range blasts instead of heating things up but, this takes a lot of energy and drains him fast. Despite the power consumption of the Plasma beams, he can create a special beam that uses up a third of his overall power, but is devastating when used. It also takes a very long time to charge. This is called the Infinite Flash. He also uses flight as a main technique when fighting.


(Powers) Super Toa - One of gens signature abilities is to transform and increase his overall power by 4X, resulting in a power boost that renders his normal state useless for a short while. this is called going Super Toa. When in this state, his plasma beams, speed, and strength are greatly increased. His energy pool is also replenished. His appearance changes slightly, the spikes on his back stick upright instead of falling downwards. Gen also becomes much more lean. He also has an infinite energy pool. After the ten minutes are up, Gen will go into a “cool-down” period, And he will have to wait fifteen minutes before he can use it again.


(Powers) Feats – Gen has enough strength to lift one single ton, in his normal state


Weaknesses – Gen's power comes from a fixed pool of energy and has a limit as to how much he can use, which makes him not very good in long fights. When using Super Toa mode, Gen uses so much more energy than in his normal state that his body can not take more than ten minutes of use. When he uses too much energy, he will fall unconscious and will not get up until his energy is fully replenished. He is very weak against any form of electricity, as his body is very susceptible to shocks. He is also weak against sonics, as his ears are very well trained, but not as good as the people who use them.


Alignment – Good


History – Gen was a Su-Matoran on a distant island. He was one of many Su-matoran there, but had different colouration. He was outcast as the only Ga- matoran on the island , even though he wasn't. He lived in the forest's of the island and lived quite peacefully. He would have left the island, but stayed because he sensed something might happen on the island. A few weeks after being outcast, he was turned into a toa of plasma and was given a destiny, as well as information that there were other toa on the island. They gathered in a remote temple, hidden from all but them. The Toa team, including Gen were Toa of Ice, Air, Fire, Earth, and Iron. Six toa that were also discoloured. The six toa decided to train on their own until they were strong enough to defeat the impending threat. Gen spent 20 years, training until he was at the right level of power. Gen was the second to get back to the meeting place, after the discoloured toa of ice. Eventually, every toa got back from training, just as the impending threat became a reality. The evil lord Tavak was taking over the whole island, without resistance. The toa arrived on the scene with mixed reactions from the matoran, as they had not seen them in over twenty years, they did not recognize them. Despite that. They confronted Tavak and after a long fight, Tavak transformed and killed all but Gen. Gen was furious and began to get very angry, he yelled and screamed until the loss had hit his brain. He became a super toa and totally destroyed Tavak. After he calmed down, he got all the information about his transformation. The thing that discoloured him, also gave him special abilities. Just as he was walking away, Tavak got up and started to fight Gen once more, Gen unfortunately lost and was thrown into the ocean. When he woke up, he was on the shores of Mata nui. his new story begins there.


Personality traits – Gen is very laid back and calm, yet when faced with a challenge, He is very vicious and acts quickly. He is a very good strategist.

Edited by Doomacam

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Name: Zandalorix

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Toa Team: Toa Kaitho (Southern Continent based, protectors of the town Kaitho)

Element: Plantlife

Team Status: Leader

Powers: Elemental; Kanohi; Limited Mind Reading

Mask: Kanohi Iodin, Mask of Conjuring

Elemental: Unaturally powerful control over his element

Other: Zandalorix has limited telepathic abilities. He had these before becoming a Toa, but kept them secret.

Skills: Zandalorix is at peak physical condition for a Toa, and is especially strong, although extreme agility is more likely to take him down. He is also a good climber, from having climbed numerous trees as a Matoran.

Appearance: Relatively heavily armoured, with rounded yet rough dark green, turquoise, and silver armour. His armour uses elements ressembling both Toa Inika and Toa Mahri armour. His mask is the Iodin, Mask of Conjuring. Zandalorix is of a quite strong build, and his strength easily corresponded to his size. His posture is straight and proud looking.

Equipment: Wrist Crossbows (both arms), Protosteel Triple Bladed Life Axe, Cranpons (for tree climbing)

Alignment: Good

Personality: Zandalorian assumes his responsabilty as a Toa more than most, and is very serious. He has sometimes even been called cold and calculating. Despite this though, he will put Matoran before anything else, even his mission if it is strictly necessary. He becomes extremely frustrated when powerless or trapped.

History: A long page of his life story and Toa adventures. There.

Matoro is dead. (Lol)

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  • 2 weeks later...

  • Name: Krazov
  • Species: Skakdi
  • A detailed description or image: Krazov stands at the normal height for his species, and is heavily built. His breastplate is coloured gunmetal grey, and the rest of him is white with red undertones. He favours his right hand for wielding his main weapon, and his left currently has none. His sharp red eyes and large grin make him seem less like a civilised being and more like a barely restrained animal. He wears a sling bag that stays on his left side, with a canteen and a couple of widgets.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Powers: Krazov is a Skakdi of Crystal, able to create, absorb and manipulate crystals when around another Skakdi. Krazov's vision power is X-ray vision, allowing him to see through opponents and walls, in order to scout out for where hidden goods are. As a Skakdi, his physical strength is immense, easily dwarfing any being that isn't using a Pakari or of superior strength. In combat he's not afraid to mix in a punch or a kick to disorientate his opponents.
  • Weaknesses: Krazov's main weakness is the fact that he's slow, and heavy. He also has no sense of direction, requiring something to keep him on track. Apart from that, Krazov's plans, while often good, tend to involve highly illogical leaps of pseudo-logic.
  • Technological items: Krazov's preferred piece of tech is the Crystal Slicer. In appearance, it is a simple, double-bladed axe, about four feet in width with a Rhotuka launcher on one side. The weapon has a powerful cutting edge, but its real power comes from the fact that with it, Krazov can use his elemental power of crystal. Other than that, its other power is to completely retract its long handle, allowing him to use it as a shield. The weapon is incredibly heavy- so heavy, only Krazov or a Pakari user can lift it. Krazov's Rhotuka power is for it to create a long-lasting, foul-smelling smokescreen that is capable of blinding an opponent not wearing a mask of X-ray vision, giving him a combat edge.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
  • History: Krazov was just your ordinary Skakdi, though more thoughtful and cautious than his brethren. However, a young encounter with a Toa of Crystal better than he was left him stumped. At the time, all he had was a dagger and a rhotuka launcher. Something told him to shoot the Rhotuka launcher, then stab the toa. This somehow worked, which convinced Krazov that it was his awesome luck that allowed him to win. At this point, he 'acquired' his axe from another Skakdi by a savage beating and was generally happy. He spent the next century doing discount mercenary work for whoever wanted it, always following his sense of luck. He once led a troop of Skakdi off the beaten path, his rationale being 'all roads lead to a city. But we're not going to a city. Therefore, we need to cut through the jungle.' This resulted in a surprise attack from several Muaka. However, after defeating them, his group was rewarded by several grateful Matoran for saving them from certain death. However, Krazov later left his group of fellow warriors, and travelled the world, searching for his fate.
  • Personality and traits: Krazov is definitely a powerful thinker- though not immune to mistakes, and definitely not a scholar, he's managed to impress several groups with his intelligence. However, his strange leaps of pseudo-logic and bizarre paths of action lead him down strange paths- he once brought a Makuta stronghold down by simply smashing every pillar he could see, on the grounds that 'if pride comes before a fall, then what happens to the pillar? They fall second. So we need to get out before the pride falls.' This planning style leaves itself open for improvisation and on-the-fly changing. He uses his strength and status as a skakdi in order to fool other beings into thinking he's an cool dude. Sometimes, he will act like an cool dude- he is a firm believer of fate and luck, and their intimate connection with him. This has led to some bizarre plans and get-away schemes.



  • Wotran
  • Species: Matoran
  • A detailed description or image: Wotran is an Onu Matoran. His primary colour is black and his secondary colour is tan, though his armour is heavily scuffed from numerous explosions. He wears a tan-coloured Kaukau and apart from that wears a simple bandolier, in order to easily carry Stralix powder. He also carries a highly secure bag with the necessary components for making Stralix powder. He usually carries about fifteen canisters of Stralix powder.
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers and/or weapons: Wotran has no powers, except considerable knowledge about Stralix powder, its uses, and how it can be applied in mining. He has an inactive Earth element, manifesting in good night vision and increased strength. He is also more than capable of using a Patero launcher.
  • Technological items: Wotran carries a Patero launcher, and several canisters of Stralix powder for his personal use. He has made his Patero launcher with a vague targeting reticule, and has also invented the highly dangerous yet stupid 'Stralix canister on a stick,' to enable easy throwing.
  • Weakness(es): Wotran depends on having large quantities of Stralix powder. If he runs out, he needs to make more. HIs Patero launcher also requires extensive pumping up, forcing him to rely on ducking for cover in violent fights. While physically stronger than most Matoran, he is still overpowered by the majority of species out there.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • History: Wotran was a developer of heavy-duty Patero launchers. However, his obsession with explosions and Stralix powder led to his being kindly asked to move out of Onu-Koro, to somewhere less dangerous. Currently, he resides in Po-Wahi, leaving only to acquire more Stralix powder and cannisters for his experiments.
  • Personality and traits: Wotran loves blowing things up- accidentally or otherwise. His unhealthy obsession with explosives has led him to develop even larger, powerful Patero launchers to fire the stuff even further. Despite this, he wants to help out with the Toa, seeing it as his duty to offer large amounts of explosive, highly dangerous help.



Name: Cadfaer

Species: Turaga of Air

Gender: Male

Description: A light-hearted Turaga, Cadfaer stands slightly taller than a Matoran, and is primarily lime green, with dark green undertones. His left arm is slightly shorter than his right from an accident. He wields a twin-weighted staff with lime green lights on each end.

Personality: Cadfaer is a surprisingly spry Turaga, attributing his limber nature to his young state before becoming a Turaga. Wily, witty and underhanded, only he knows his motives. He has an adventurous spirit, and has a strange sense of honour.

Abilities/powers: Cadfaer possesses weak Air powers, and is highly proficient in a twin-weighted staff. His mask has boosted his abilities to the very peak of a Turaga's abilities. Cadfaer is a wily fighter, unafraid to mix in dirty blows and tripping people up with his weak elemental powers. He is highly skilled in Wind manipulation.

Weaknesses: Though at the peak of what a Turage can do, take note of that- only what a Turaga at their peak can do. His elemental powers are quite weak. He also has very little stamina, often leaning on his staff.

Mask: Cadfaer wears a Noble Calix carved to resemble a Noble Shelek.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

History: Several centuries ago, Cadfaer was a Toa of Air. His deeds are relatively unknown, but at one point he fought and beat a small army of Skakdi. Afterwards, he made a Toa Stone, sensing that his Destiny had been fulfilled. Now a Turaga, he often accompanied Toa on adventures, offering his aid wherever they went. He then travelled to Mata Nui, following some sort of motive.




  • Name: Borzhov
  • Species: Skakdi of Earth
  • A detailed description or image: Borzhov is a giant Skakdi, standing a clear foot taller than the average. His large eyes and bulky chin contribute to his appearance as a thug, and his thickly muscled arms don't exactly stop the comparison either. His wide, flippered feet make him a highly awkward person. His spikes are the only thing short about him, stubby and slightly curved. The only thing that is even remotely normal sized is the sling bag that he keeps on his person, and even that is gigantic. It is mainly filled with iron rations, widgets, a Lightstone and a water bottle. His massive, gunmetal grey breastplate makes him look fat, but his bulging muscles usually quell any insults. Typically wears a thick, long-sleeved grey vest.
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers and/or weapons: Borzhov has immense physical strength and durability, which fits in well with his twin Thumpers, giant protosteel mitts that cover his hands. They boost his punching power immensely. As well as that, he has the ability to manipulate, absorb and generate earth when using his powers in conjunction with another Skakdi. As well, his other power is his powerful Impact vision, capable of sending just about any opponent back. His Earth element contributes to his immense strength and durability, as well as helping him see better in the dark.
  • Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, who approved the item): Borzhov carries a pair of tinted glass lenses, which he prefers to wear when in bright weather. As well, he carries a shoulder-mounted Zamor Launcher. His Zamor spheres slows the movement speed of his target down considerably, allowing him to get in close range. He is decently accurate with this weapon, capable of hitting his targets over a long distance.
  • Weakness(es): Borzhov is slow. Very slow. As well as that, he has a preference for close-range combat, relying on his immense strength and bulk to pummel his opponents into submission. He is also, not exactly stupid, but certainly seems stupid. In any duel that is not mercenary work, Borzhov will fight without his huge iron Thumpers, Zamor Launcher or Impact Vision... though he will not hesitate to use them if the other party cheats.
  • Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera): Lawful Neutral.
  • History: Borzhov is a giant of a Skakdi, who was previously a mercenary working for a bounty hunting company. Since then, hes struck out on his own, seeking challenges. He only recently learned Matoran, and has journeyed to Mata Nui after hearing about the large Skakdi population there... as well as the opportunity for mercenary work.
  • Personality and traits: Borzhov does not speak Matoran well- he speaks in simple, direct terms. He speaks with a lot more eloquence in his native Skakdi, and often has trouble understanding complicated words, though he can puzzle out the meaning fairly quickly. While not a simpleton, he is still not much of a tactical thinker, preferring to fight first and talk later. He's a quiet sort, only really speaking when he needs to, but he can get loud and excited when in the arena of combat. Borzhov has a lot of respect for any warrior who has the guts to face him, and will adhere strictly to the rules of boxing. If it is a duel, he refuses to use his Zamor spheres or impact vision, out of a matter of pride.
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Name: Kapuru

Species: Vortixx


Gender: Male

Powers/Weapons: Kapuru is fast, agile, and very smart. He also carries a curved blade in case his laser malfunctions.

Technological Item: Kapuru carries a high intensity melee laser mounted on his left wrist. Approved by Nuju Metru.

Weaknesses: Kapuru is somewhat frail for his species, so he is not very strong or durable. Also, his laser is useless if the power cord in the back is severed.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Biography: Kapuru lived alone near Mount Ihu for many years trying to find a treasure that was supposedly lost near the mountain. After giving up, Kapuru went to Onu-Koro to join the Ussalry.

Personality/Traits: Kapuru is very intelligent, a brilliant strategist, and a decent mechanic. Although smart, he can be very stubborn and too focused on his goal. Kapuru is determined to put himself in a position of power, and will do anything it takes to "climb through the ranks".  



Name: Drena

Species: Fa-Matoran

Kanohi: Powerless Akaku

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good


Powers/Weapons: Drena is very athletic, and carries a custom made protosteel Kohlii Staff.

Biography: Drena is, and always has been, a dedicated Kohlii player. He used to live in Po-Koro, but decided to travel the island after his best friend was killed by a Skakdi. Since then, Drena has become almost obsessed with exercise, and tries to live only in the present.

Personality/Traits: Drena is very physical, and has trouble staying still for too long. He is also playful, and has a very good sense of sportsmanship. Aside from sports, Drena is very loyal and earnest. He tries to maintain a positive outlook on life, even through the toughest times.

Weaknesses: Along with being powerless, Drena is a bit immature, and somewhat simple-minded.

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:t: :u: :k: :i:

The Silent Straggler~

[too - KEH - lee]

╰☆ GENDER ☆╮





Neutral Good

╰☆ POWERS ☆╮

Great Kanohi Hau

Water Element



~Tan Satchel: Handmade by Tukeli from plant fibers.  It's not in the best condition.  Has a button representing Le-Koro on the flap, and various symbols painted on it.
~Blue-Gray Scarf: She's had it for as long as she can remember.  It has the Onu-Metru symbol on it.
~Heatstone: She has a vine necklace with a minature heatstone on it.

~Lightstone Rod: The lightstones on the ends can be pulled out to form a double-ended torch. 
~Le-Koran Flute: While in Le-Koro, she learned to play the flute.  It serves no purpose, but she does use it sometimes.

~Staff: A very simple, primitive item that connects to the armor of her back when not in use.  She mostly launches spheres of water with it, only occasionally uses it as a close combat weapon, as her knowledge in fencing in minimal.


She has a medium height and build.  Behind her mask, there's a dent under her left eye.  She has decent control over her powers, there's still a lot to learn.  She has good accuracy, and attention to detail.  However, she tends to overlook larger, more important things.  She has good agility, stamina, and ability to strategize.  She's not physcially strong, but her largest drawback is her sensitivityLoud sounds, sudden movements, and extreme heat all affect her.  She's weak to fire attacks, and her mask has limited power.  She's also lacking in speed.


At first glance, she's a calm and patient Toa, who hides her feelings.  She's easily distracted and often spaces out.  She's known for being gentle and compassionate.  Tukeli is quiet; she uses small words, often accompanied by Le-Matoran slang, but prefers using gestures and actions.  She's very curious and loves to investigate new things.  Though she comes across as antisocial, she actively works with others.  Deep down, however, she's a nervous, timid character.  She's self-critical, and lacks self-confidence.  She's timid, and does best when she has support.  She's also rather sensitive.  Despite feeling rather lost, and having obvious flaws, she's determined to rise to the expectations of a Toa.  She's very loyal, and doesn't give up as easily as she did when she was a Matoran.


She doesn't talk about her past, so little is known about it, but she's been on Mata Nui for as long as she can remember.  In Ga-Koro she was a weaver gone historian, and her travels later brought her to Le-Koro after she was attacked by a rahi.  She was then forced to remain there, where she ended up mingling with the Le-Matoran and later joining the Gukko Force.  When the Toa Mata came, she was at first skeptical, but eventually rejoiced as well, only to be crushed when they were defeated.  While the island made a stand, she had a broken spirit, and planned to resign.  Though she took it hard, when a Le-Matoran showed her how selfish she was being she changed her mind.  
Her confidence soon returned, only to become a Toa soon after.  It wasn't meant to be;  lost and frustrated, she disappeared into the depths of Le-Wahi.  She did eventually grow homesick, and begun stopping by Le-Koro occasionally.  When the Turaga were kidnapped, then assassinated, she stopped hiding and nervously did what she could to help the village where she could, while also trying to control her powers.  When the Rahkshi attacked, sdriven by adreneline and desperation, she tried to defend a nearby Le-Matoran.  The Rahkshi quickly got the upper hand; she was too weak and inexperienced.  Tukeli was knocked to the ground unconscious, severely injured and about to be finished off.

She didn't wake up until days later, her wounds healing and her mask replaced.  After helping to repair the village and earning about and accepting the Toa Maru, she went on a short trip up self discovery, only to return when disharmony hit the island.  Peace has been restored, and she's changed a lot since the struggles between villages.  Le-Koro is still home, but goes wherever life takes her.  She still struggles, but she has more faith and willpower than she used to.  Her future is uncertain, but hopes she can be useful someday.

:k:  :i:  :r:   :u:

The Eccentric Pet~


╰☆ GENDER ☆╮



Gukko Bird


Neutral Good

╰☆ MASK ☆╮

Great Kanohi Hau


Tukeli's Gukko.  He's rather average, aside from the various dents in his armor and his injured right eye.  He's fast and agile, with powerful wings and a sharp beak.  His ability to fly for days gives him stamina, but his reckless nature is his largest weakness, and if his wings are strained he's helpless.


Kiru always had a bit of a bad reputation.  He does things his own way, which is often the dangerous, crazy, fun way.  He's arrogant, stubborn and reckless.  He likes to tease and bother others for his own amusement, and will take advantage of the new or uneasy rider.  Immature, he loves to mess around and takes nothing seriously.   He's also playful and silly.  He loves to fight, and will often rush into situations, without either thinking or caring about the consequences.  He's very loyal and determined; he'll stick with his goal and allies to the end.  He is, however, hostile towards those he doesn't know or trust, prone to aggressive behavior.  He doesn't care what others think of him.  Taking note of his bad behavior will urge him to do it more.


Not much is known about Kiru.  He was recently domesticated, so he's still a bit wild.  He appeared out of nowhere when the Gukko Force was attacking some Nui-Rama.  At first he attacked the swarm, but once they were driven off, he took pleasure in pestering the Le-Matoran, nearly causing some of them to fall to ground.  As a result he was captured and tamed, though proved to be difficult.  At one point of time he injured his owner, causing him to retire, falling into Tukeli's hands.  Being a submissive Matoran, he was troublesome at first, but over time he taught her to be direct, assertive, brave, and cooperative.  After she became a Toa, he injured his eye and retired.  He has since then stuck with Tukeli.  Though she's a Toa now, she doesn't want to see him off, and he wouldn't listen anyway.

:f: :i: :m_o:


The Sturdy Gentleman

[fee - OH - nee]

╰☆ GENDER ☆╮





Lawful Neutral

╰☆ POWERS ☆╮

Great Kanohi Kualsi

Earth Element



~Twin Blades: Two black, short swords that can be used to channel his Earth element. There's red metal in the center that glows when using this ability. Fionne mostly uses these for close combat fighting, but may occasionally use it to create small earthquakes and fissures. These blades can attach to his back when not in use, like many Toa.


In general, Fionne is a typical Toa of Earth. He has a wide, strong stature, is average in height, and is stronger than Toa of the other elements. His armor most resembles the Toa Metru, and is primarily black, but is also gray and gold in places. His eyes are a dark, cool shade of blue that accent his calm personality. Fionne's strength is obviously his primary advantage, but with this strength comes slow speed. It isn't too hard for him to be ousted by a fast opponent. Water, like many of his element, is another weakness. He cannot swim and overall doesn't like to get wet. His earth powers can only effect a limited area, and his mask power is limited to places that he can see. In general, he is highly a physical fighter, much of his power requiring strength rather than cunning or pure elemental energy. While no expert, he's pretty good with his swords and fists, and can use his element well enough for his liking.


Fionne takes everything seriously and literally. He's not a killjoy, and can tolerate some fooling around, but if it gets in the way he draws the line. He holds fast to his duty and will stick to it without fail. He's very responsible, and dedicated to his friends, and what he believes in. He does, however, tend to be very free-spirited and calm. He's not quick to panic and doesn't fret over most things. He's also very in tune with others and their feelings... you can expect him to be very open and friendly, though he won't be quite as overly compassionate as others might be. He's generally very agreeable, and easy to negotiate with, and is also very observant of what goes on in front of him. You can count on Fionne through thick and thin - he's very honest and dependable. He's also an individual that is usually tough to break, at least on the outside, and doesn't give in easily, as well as a hardworking character. Fionne has a very strong sense of justice and is protective of friends and anyone else whom he feels needs/deserves it.

Now for his flaws. Even though he's said to be, he's not stupid, but he is very slow minded. Complicated things confuse him, and he's not quick to understand jokes. Fionne tends to be very unimaginative, so he's not the one you want to come to for a clever plan. He's also fearless and confident, but to a fault, because he won't be scared or worried when perhaps he should be. Though not vain, Fionne does have pride, and tends to be demanding without meaning to be sometimes. He's also repetitive and quick to trust others, making it easy to predict and take advantage of him. When fighting, he also tends to gets so involved with the fight that he becomes over destructive without realizing it. Fionne is currently a little distant due to his forgotten past, and although friendly and negotiable himself, he's not good at working out things with others. He either ends up being too soft or too demanding, not able to find a balance, and when another being is unfriendly he can't deal with them effectively. He borders on being quick-tempered and irratable, and tends to be a bit snarky... while Fionne can generally be pretty polite and subtle, he can remain so while boldly speaking his mind, and having quite the witty tongue.


Pre-Game: Before he was a Toa, Fionne was a hardworking miner. One day he recieved a Toa Stone from a grief-stricken Toa of Earth who had decided to 'retire'. He wasn't sure about becoming a Toa at first, but after meeting the four other Toa Akari, over time he grew accustomed to it. Later, when evil beings were summoned to Mata Nui, Kajak decided that they would follow, and Fionne didn't argue.
Start: Fionne regained consciousness on the coast of Onu-Wahi, not far from a crashed ship. The Toa of Earth doesn't remember all that much about what happened to him before he came to Mata Nui. He knows he was a miner before he became a Toa, he knows he's been a Toa for a while, and he does seem to somewhat recognize the other Toa Akari. Anything else he tells you is based purely on assumptions, or what the others have told him. He refers these details not as possibilities, but as facts to assure himself. He's still a little unsure of his situation, even if he hides this fact, and overall is getting to know his fellow Toa all over again.

http://bzprpg.wikia.com/wiki/Fionne Edited by Pancake

"a b c d e f g, Rahkshi are my enemy.

Some are black, some are blue.

That one's chewing on my shoe.

Now I'm running for my life,

One of the Rahkshi has a knife!"

~ My 8 year old sister



Tukeli [+Kiru]




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Name:Akum (AH-kuhm)
Kanohi: Powerless Huna
Description: Akum is mostly black, but with orange feet and an orange mask. He is a bit shorter than the average matoran.
Powers:None. Akum, being undersized, prefers to work with his tools over fighting.
Tech/Tools:Onu-Koronan tablet,pickaxe,hammer
Weaknesses:Fighting. Akum is very bad at fighting, although he can sometimes defend himself with his hammer and pickaxe.

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Name: Drogen


Alignment: Himself

Gender: Male

Appearance: Here

Weapon(s): Sword-saw, or a sword with a serrated blade on the opposite side

Mask: Kanohi Calix

Powers: Earth

Traits: Swordsmanship and wrestling

Biography: When he woke up on the shoreline of Mata-Nui, he didn't remember anything, except that he was not where he should have been, and that he could trust no one....Except himself. He has a burning wish to destroy criminals of any kind- and anything that gets in his way.

Weakness(es): He is fearless, but careless. His burning goal to destroy the criminally minded gets in the way of his carefulness, therefore, he is likely to fall into traps.




Alignment:Unknown(He himself has yet to decide)


Appearance:Short for a Toa(Seven feet, where Toa are about nine), but don't let his height judge his powers. His armour is orangish and bright red, and his mask is a turquoise blue.

Weapon(s):Two razor Boomerangs

Mask: Kanohi Volitak

Powers: Plasma

Traits: Martial arts(Or whatever the BIONICLE equivalent is)

Biography:He doesn't know and doesn't care. He wants to find out who he is and what he should do.

Weakness(es): He is overly friendly, and too open. This can lead to his manipulation.





Alignment:The Waters, she will do whatever she can to protect them


Appearance:Tall, and sea blue


Mask:Water Breathing


Traits:She can hide perfectly when totally emerged in the water

Biography:After she awoke, she found herself in the water, but she did not struggle. She fell in love with the currents and has devoted her life to protecting and taming them.

Weakness(es):She thinks to highly of herself and is gullible and Naive

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Name: Kodre (Koe-dray)


Species: Vortixx


Gender: Male


Powers: None, though he has an extensive knowledge in plants


Alignment: Neutral, though friendly occasionally


Weapons:A double-bladed sword a pair of knives (one of which is imbued with poison),  Madu Cabolo fruit


Technology: Iron Pickax Iron Shovel


Personality: Serious, intelligent, creative,and cares for all plant-life and bo/le-matoran. He also has an unnatural hatred of Skakdi


Appearance: Kodre is somewhat shorter and weaker than most of his kind, but twice as fast. He wears light, black body armor like the rest of his species 


History: Kodre was originally a member of the Xian guard and was banished from Xia after fleeing the fight when a kanohi dragon ravaged his home island (in which he gained a phobia of fire). He traveled all over the matoran universe and after discovering a golden rohtuka-disc, took up the job of a treasure hunter. While staying at an inn on the island of Stelt, he heard a rumor that the Kanohi Ignika was on the Southern continent, and went to check it out for himself. He came across a small village of Bo-matoran, and was fascinated by their knowledge with plants. He was told by the matoran that the Ignika was taken by some toa, and decided to stayed there for 300 years and studied all he could learn about the art of the Green. He moved to the island of Mata nui after a gang of Skakdi destroyed the village and slew all the matoran. He now resides in a hut in Le-wahi.   


Strengths: Kodre has an extensive knowledge of most plants, and knows how to neutralize and use them (except for morbuzahk). He is small (for a vortixx) and is quite agile and very intelligent.


Weaknesses:  Kodre has a severe phobia of fire, and is weakened in cold conditions. He is not that strong, and has no control over morbuzahk. He also tends to over think things and is easily blinded by greed.

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