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Matoran? Or Monster.


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Hi guys, got another epic for you all. This time, it's about Gratoraxe.




Gratoraxe was just a simple Ba-Matorn miner, nothing more, nothing less. He hated his job, yes, but his girlfriend more than made up for the seemingly endless hours of toil in the dark, dank mines under Po-Metru. Every week, once they had finished their final shift, they would get together at the local diner and share a meal. But all of this changed when the X2 Robots arrived...




Chapter One, Goodbye

Gratoraxe was mining one day when he heard Reyna scream, he dropped everything and bolted through the corridors to Reyna's station. When he arrived, he saw two huge robots hauling a chained Reyna away. "Gratoraxe!" She yelled "Stay back!" Why would he stand down when his girlfriend was being hauled away? He charged at the robots, sword in hand. He did little more than annoy the robots. The robots dropped Reyna and cocked their triple-barreled shotguns. "Not good." Gratoraxe said.

"Hold your fire." A mysterious voice said. "I propose a deal, Gratoraxe. If you come with us, then we'll let your lover go."

"No Gratoraxe, don't do it." Reyna pleaded. There was a long pause. Gratoraxe was lost in thought, there was a great chance that he might never see Reyna again. "Well, which is it?" The voice demanded. Gratoraxe had to make sure that Reyna would be safe. "Fine." Gratoraxe said. "Take me." The robots undid Reyna's chains and bound Gratoraxe with them. "Goodbye." Gratoraxe said solemnly. Before they got too far away, Reyna ran up and kissed Gratoraxe. "I'll always remember you." She told Gratoraxe as they hauled him away.

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Chapter Two, The Monster is Made


Gratoraxe was lead through many underground tunnels, most of which he knew very well. After all, he dug them. "I know what you're thinking." The mysterious voice said. "Don't even try to run away, or we'll shoot. And trust me, you don't want to get hit by these guns." The group continued moving through the tunnels for another half hour before they reached their destination. A large airfield filled with many forms of airships, this was clearly a military airfield. "What are we doing here?" Gratoraxe asked.


"We need to eliminate our enemy's resources if we are to conquer them. But we lack the power to do so quickly and efficiently." By now Gratoraxe could see where the voice was coming from, a tall black figure clothed in black.


"Okay, then what do you need me for?" Gratoraxe said "I mean, you've got these huge, hulking robots that could easily do the job for you."


"Ah, but it would take to long. We were aiming for destroying all of these ships at once." The dark figure said.


"And how are we going to do that?" Gratoraxe asked. "Explosives?"


"No, I was thinking more along the lines of gravitational powers." The dark figure said smugly. "And don't pretend that you can't use your power over gravity. Because I know you can. You hide it in the deepest, darkest part of your soul. Hoping that no one will find out because you think that they'll treat you as a monster."


"And why should I help you destroy Metru-Nui's defenses?" Gratoraxe asked


"Because you want your little friend back there to live." The dark figure said.


"Fine." Gratoraxe said reluctantly. He closed his eyes and focused. He imagined each of the ships in the airfield slowly rising into the air. And although he couldn't see it, it was happening. He then imagined them falling very rapidly and shattering. His concentration broke when a tremor shook the ground that he was standing on and he fell backwards. Gratoraxe was speechless, he knew that he had power, but he had never used it on this great of a magnitude.



"Excellent." The figure said. "Ah, here's our ship now." He said as a combat ship was descending in front of them. They all climbed aboard and flew away from the destroyed airfield.


"Where are we going now?" Gratoraxe inquired.


"The place where you are to be remade." The figure said. And Gratoraxe was promptly knocked out by a Vortixx soldier.


Gratoraxe now floated in a black void, he knew that this was his subconscious, but it all felt so real. He saw memories flash by, his first date with Reyna, the time that he lost his hand in a mining accident, and many others, but one thing was for sure, nothing

would be the same. He woke with a start, he was floating in a tube filled with water.


"Ah, you're awake." A new voice said. Gratoraxe couldn't see him, but he could hear him perfectly. "You are probably wondering where you are, aren't you." Since Gratoraxe couldn't speak, he nodded. "Well, I can't tell you, it's classified." The voice said. "You've been in a coma for a week, it's incredible that the Vortixx didn't kill you, he can deal quite a blow. Oh, and by the way, you can speak through the air tube, there's a microphone in there." The voice said.


"What are you going to do to me?" Gratoraxe asked.


"Bringing out your inner monster." The voice said. "I am opening a port to let modified protodermis flow in, the changes will take place over the course of five minutes."


Gratoraxe felt the water grow warmer, he also felt an oozy substance touch him and burn him as it seeped through his armor, he let out a scream of agonizing pain as he felt himself grow larger and stronger. He was filled with rage and caused the gravity of the tube decrease, lifting it into the air, he then let it drop and crash to the ground, he ripped the cords that connected his body to numerous computers in the room and freed himself, by now he could see who the voice was. It was a scientist of the Makuta. He let out a growl of anger as he picked him up and smashed him into one of the nearby tables. "Drop the dagger." He said.


"Dagger? What dagger?" The scientist said as he dropped the dagger that he had picked up. "See? No dagger. My hands are dagger-free. See? All clean."


"I have a message for your masters." Gratoraxe said. "Tell them that I'm coming."


"Okay, will do." The scientist said as he was dropped to the ground.


Gratoraxe then walked out of the laboratory and went to find the people who had taken him.

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Chapter Three, Information


Gratoraxe had been walking the streets of Metru-Nui for hours and was no closer to finding the being who had kidnapped him and changed him into this monster. Every time he found someone, or anyone for that matter, they turned and fled. While his appearance might have been menacing, his personality hadn’t changed one bit. He finally found one Matoran who had the courage to stand his ground that dropped a piece of paper on the ground conveniently next to Gratoraxe. Gratoraxe picked it up and studied the note that was scrawled on it.


My masters have been alerted of your coming, but I was most surprised when they said that they welcomed the company. They said something about a new test, but I could not hear it very well. I have quit my job and gone into hiding. After all, I don’t get paid enough for what I go through. Hoping to fight by your side someday,



Gratoraxe memorized the coordinates included in the note and destroyed the paper. He did not want to get anyone hurt by the information that was disclosed to him. He set out on the journey for Onu-Metru. He had a long walk ahead of him, probably filled with danger, so he had to equip, brute strength isn't the answer to everything. He knew a weapon dealer close by that would be willing to help Gratoraxe. After all, they were close friends. But Gratoraxe’s new form may convince him as well.


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Chapter Four, Finding the Enemy


Gratoraxe walked out of the weapon dealer's building hauling a chain gun, twin gravity swords, and a pistol. He felt that he was ready to find who had done this to him and make them pay. He followed the various clues that Xinok, the deranged scientist, left for him. Hoping that he would find his unknown enemy soon.


He made his way to a small apartment complex and looked at the notes that he'd picked up along the way. One of them said 402, and another said knock three times. Could they be referring to Xinok's home? There was only one way to find out.


Gratoraxe made it to room 402 and knocked three times. An old Turaga of Air opened the door.


"Uhh, hi. I'm looking for someone named Xinok." Gratoraxe said.


"Xinok!" The Turaga yelled. "He's here!".


The mad scientist rushed to the door and stared at Gratoraxe for a long moment. "Well, that's one more person to check off of our list Ornika." Xinok said to Ornika. "Welcome to my home and base of operations for the underground militia of Metru-Nui." He said to Gratoraxe.


"You can't be serious, how can a whole militia fit in here?" Gratoraxe asked, sure that the scientist was definitely crazy.


"It's bigger on the inside." Xinok said as Gratoraxe walked inside.


Xinok gestured to a door on the other side of the small apartment, and Gratoraxe walked inside. It was an elevator of sorts. Gratoraxe pushed the button to go to the lowest floor, but the elevator never moved. However, the room shifted drastically. The walls disappeared and an entire lower floor revealed itself. "What the Karz?" Gratoraxe said in astonishment.


"Welcome to the underground." Xinok said as he gestured to the surprisingly large facility.


"How does this work?" Gratoraxe asked.


"Reality cloak."Xinok said. "Technology stolen from the Bortherhood of Makuta. Basically this is the entire building, but the reality cloak hides this entire operation, replacing everything with other apartments." He finished.


"Where does everybody else go?" Gratoraxe asked.


"An alternate dimension." Xinok replied. "That's how we hide so well. We press a button and everybody disappears, only to be hidden by the reality cloak."


"That's amazing." Gratoraxe said "Now, who and were is the enemy?" He asked.


"The 'who' is the Brotherhood of Makuta, specifically Teridax and Kojol. The 'where' is more complicated." Xinok said. "They hide on their island of Odina most of the time and teleport away when someone they don't like discovers their location."


"Great." Gratoraxe said, "An enemy who can't be found."


"That's not true." Ornika said "Kojol is hiding somewhere in Metru Nui right now. Somewhere that Xinok and you know well."


Gratoraxe looked at Xinok with a questioning look in his eye.


"I didn't want to tell you until you knew all of the details." Xinok said. "Kojol is hiding in Po-Metru. Underneath the very mines that you once worked in."


"Well then, "Gratoraxe said. "Let's go."


"It won't be that easy." Xinok said. "Kojol has sentries posted in strategic positions inside of the mines. We've sent scouts that never came back, only returned video feeds of the operation."


"Why didn't they come back?" Gratoraxe asked.


"The sentries are immune to brute strength." Ornika said "We haven't found a weakness yet."


"That makes our job a little more complicated." Gratoraxe said.


"That doesn't matter. Tonight we storm Kojol's base." Xinok said.



Wow it's been a long time since I've posted in one of my epics. I haven't forgotten about them, and will finish them.


I have an Instagram page where you can see these pictures and more like them! Just click


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