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The Scarabax Library


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The massive ruins of a once elaborate structure are silent save a soft, metallic skittering noise that echoes from broken buttresses and collapsed arched hallways. Thousands of years worth of dust gather on the once-polished floor. You look down into the cavern that was once the entry way and see row upon row of shelves filled to the brim with scrolls, books, and tablets. The floor writhes with a million purple carapaces of Scarabax Beetles rushing to and fro with new artifacts or replacing those taken out.

A sudden click startles you to look back down the hallway, where a solitary beetle holds a piece of parchment in its mandibles, beckoning for you to reach down and pick it up. A booming voice sounds from below:

"Well, pick it up, and read on!"


I've been writing a lot more lately, and plan to write even more over the summer break, so I figured I'd make a Library topic to start collecting all of that so I don't have to put all the links in my signature. And what better way to do it than Peach 00's little story introduction? I plan to format this a little better, but I'm going to bed right now, so I'll finish that all later. Stories without links are in progress and not posted yet.


Short Stories:


Lesovikk's Hiatus: A Chronicle

About 2,300 words

In a brief moment of inaction, Lesovikk's entire team is slain save himself, and now he must cope with his losses while battling Steltan thieves and Rock Lions. My entry to KanohiJournal's Lesovikk's Hiatus Contest.


The Journal

About 2,700 words

The island of Mahri Nui has sunk beneath the waves, and many Matoran have already lost their memories, but Reysa has found his journal locked away inside his sunken home. What secrets may lie in these tablets? My entry to the S&T Contest: Memoirs of the Dead.


Fortnightly Flash Fiction Contest Entries:


On the Run

About 840 words

Deep beneath the city of Metru Nui, Borek is working on a heist of a valuable Kanohi mask from the Archives, but the Vahki are already after him. Not that they are the creatures he should be worried about down there. Entry for FFFC #4: Surrender or Run.


Warpath: Cold Justice

About 870 words

Set in an alternate universe, tensions are building between the Toa Mata, starting from the moment Kopaka nearly gets crushed by a careless Pohatu. My entry for FFFC #5: A Canister Ashore, as well as a concept I plan to flesh out a bit more in a series of epics.


New Beginnings

About 790 words

These islanders live in a Karzahni, filled with constant attacks by the Makuta's experiments, and their Toa have already been lost, but new hope is awakened as a canister washes ashore. My second entry to FFFC #5: A Canister Ashore.


Plagued Friendship

About 780 words

My latest story of two Iron Agori struggling to survive the Dreaming Plague together, although the pressure builds as one discovers he is immune and doomed to watch his best friend die slowly. My entry to FFFC #6: Trial By Fire.


The Broken Series

An eight-part short story saga I'm currently working on of six Toa who have braved some of life's hardest circumstances to come together to form...I'll tell you once I get it out. :P



??? words

Surek is a fresh Toa of Plasma with a mysterious past and terrible nightmares who is afraid of using his element for good. One day, a fiery Dark Hunter storms his village demanding their wise Turaga, giving Surek the choice of defending his village or let it get turned to ash.



??? words

This is the story of Uitad, my BZPRPG character, in the Core Universe. When his life is threatened by a ruinous Rahi attack, the Matoran of his village have no choice but to take him to the most feared place in the Matoran Universe: Karzahni.


More to come.






The Builder

Chapters: 3 (unfinished)

One of my earlier Epics of a Toa who has been enslaved by the Bohrok Swarms and now lives to serve them, rebuilding their bodies and upgrading their abilities. He begins having dreams that may be more than that, memories from a past life, before the Swarms, and he begins to plot his resistance. I plan to rewrite this epic sometime during the summer.


Good Company (title pending)

Chapters: In Progress

With the civilizations of the Matoran Universe and Bara Magna unified, the Toa Nuva see no point in them remaining, and go into stasis. Thousands of years pass, and the only surviving member, Takanuva, awakens to an apocalyptic world where the Makuta have come back to enslave the Matoran and Agori. They have only one hope: reuniting the Chronicler's Company from across Spherus Magna to combat the evil, as well as new threats bent on stopping them.


Under the New Sky

Chapters: In Progress

Only a few years have past since reunification of Spherus Magna, and New Atero is rocked by race riots as Agori take to the streets to expel the "Biomechanical menace" from their homelands. Something drastic is needed to reunify the races, such as the leadership of Mata Nui himself, but the Kanohi Ignika has been dormant for too long. The only way of reawakening Mata Nui lies in his old body, and the only way to retrieve it is a joint venture by both Matoran and Agori.



I hope you enjoy these stories and those to come. I'm really excited about my ideas for this summer and hope they turn out well!

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