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In the Bionicle Encyclopedia, it says that Nuju decides to only speak the language of rahi (I think). This is further confirmed in MNOLG when he requires Matoro to translate for him.




In Bionicle the Game (YES, I KNOW THAT GAME IS NOT AT ALL CANON) Nuju speaks to Kopaka.


More (canon) and importantly, in comic #1 Nuju speaks directly to him, without any translator.




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Specifically, the language of flying Rahi, not all Rahi (he learned it from Rahaga Kualus). Anywho, it is well-known that he still knows Matoran and will use it when no translator is available or efficient such as emergency situations. And if I had a penny for every time I've answered this question... :P


And since that answers it, topic will now be closed. ^_^

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