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Can a Bionicle come to Earth?

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Earth does not and never will exist in the prime Bionicle universe or any alternates explored in official story lines. This has been confirmed several times.Technically speaking it is possible through inter-dimentional travel which does exist in Bionicle.Though nothing restricts fanfics from exploring this idea.

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Northmarch is right. It's confirmed that humans don't exist in Bionicle.I disagree with the dimensional travel thing, though... if we had dimensional travel abilities I don't think we could go to fictitious universes, and that principle applies to the Bionicle universe too. (I don't think they would be able to use the Olmak, for example, to break the fourth wall.)

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Yes it has. Humans will never be in Bionicle. Period. It's surprising how often this is asked.

I had the same reaction. Didn't we just have this topic like, last month? :P


What is confirmed is that humans (Earth, specifically) do not exist in the Bionicle universe. (And all the alternate timelines of the Bionicle universe thus have no humans either -- they are "what if" dimensions where only the "same game pieces" exist as exist in the Core Dimension, just "the game is played differently" as it were.)


LEGO has not delved into the idea of a crossover system between the Bionicle tree of dimensions and completely different dimensions (like Hero Factory, in which humans DO exist). So canonically, no, it will not happen.


But if you want it to happen in fanfics, the canon rules don't matter -- it's your playground so you make the rules. You could even have Spherus Magna be a radically transformed future Earth... or forget Spherus Magna and make the Great Spirit robot much smaller and secretly somewhere in the Pacific... Whatever you want. :P (Which also means there's no need to discuss it here; this is for canon story discussion -- that would go in a fanfic in the Library.)


And, question answered (deja vu...), topic closed. ^_^

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