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Official BBC Contest #65: For the Birds!

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Dr. Razorbeak:Entry PictureEntry TopicEdit: Just realized that this is late. :/ My bad, I thought the contest entry period went to the end of the weekend. Is it okay if this is still entered an hour after the closing time?

I don't think you are too late to enter, it says that you can until June 22nd at 11:59 P.M.


Entries begin being accepted as soon as this topic is posted, and will stop being accepted on Saturday, June 22nd at 11:59 P.M. EST.

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IMG_0692.GIF.3309bb29bcc7460f3b8786a87af44771.png.da7133cb92dbb2189370ddfa6f4d46de.png Member-Made Emote Topic h.jpg.3e4ad884a1ceef85d03b81b5df0c09ef.jpg

Original Mush art thanks to @Bambi





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It's great to see a bunch of entries coming at the last minute, even if it lowers my chances of winning.:P It makes me sad seeing less and less entries each contest, and I thought we'd end up with barely any this time at first.

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I probably just messed up the time and look stupid or something, but here's my entry:


Entry Name: Hydroenix

Entry Pic: Here

Topic: Here


You all had last minute entries, I had last second. :P



EDIT: Well, if I really did have some extra time, this is a much better entry picture, but if I'm late, don't worry about it.

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