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Mario Kart Wifi

Posted by Laka , Sep 20 2009 · 186 views

So I will bump this entry whenever I'm on Mario Kart Wii Wifi.

If you have my FC, join me. If you don't, add me and send me a PM and I might get you added before I log off.

FC: 0130-5025-6291
VR: 9064
BR: 6900~



Epic Win

Posted by Laka , Sep 20 2009 · 228 views


Vezok bleh



Cannibals Onoz

Posted by Laka , Sep 19 2009 · 126 views

Looks like Cholie likes eating people. BE CAREFUL




Posted by Laka , Sep 19 2009 · 124 views

Wait, that's in 2012, nvm.

I kinda like the sets. Mostly for nostalgia/new molds/recolored pieces.




So Um

Posted by Laka , Sep 18 2009 · 114 views
I accidentally enjoyed writing?

Today in AP English Language and Composition, we were doing practice thingy for the AP test. Basically, we get a little passage (less than a page), and then we have to read it and then answer the prompt. We had like 40ish mins to do it. And I accidentally fun. It was all the fun of a timed challenge, with none of the grading (I think). So yeah, it was kinda cool. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can spin that so it'll work for making MOCing fun.



Oh Yes

Posted by Laka , Sep 17 2009 · 303 views
Office starts tonight. :3

Also, I'm losing interest in Pokemanz, which saddens me. I just never have good opportunities for battles, and all my Pokes are outdated bleh. HG/SS doesn't seem too interesting to me from what I've seen, but I'll probly get SS anyways.

Homecoming in what, like 2 weeks? Pants and date are need.... Also probably some sort of florescent get up, since that's like the theme. -__-"

Spirit week should be aight in 2 weeks. Twin day, Geek day, Retro day, Superhero TShirt day (If you a costume or mask, YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED ARGGGGH), then Spirit day.

Yeah, so life is good, yo. Just wish I was getting more sleep.



How To Get Comments In Your Blog

Posted by Laka , Sep 16 2009 · 150 views
Wait until two or moar people who initiate conversations in your entries are online. Post an interesting/boring blog entry. Wait for them to start commenting after each other.





No Way

Posted by Laka , Sep 16 2009 · 178 views
Today was like cool. Physics was BLEH. Guitar was cool since I got to see one of my friend I hadn't seen since last year. ^__^. Man, I missed her more than I realized lol. Italian was awesome for an extra long class. Drafting was k. Lunch was cool. Nom honey chicken wing things and raspberry Arizona. Math was aight. English was pretty cool. Psych was a little boring tho. After school was fun hanging out an stuff. Then yay new phone. EnV3. :3

Also not MOCing is weird..... I kinda miss it but no ideas really.

I wish I had more monies for music, since I don't be a pirate.gif

Do what you want cuz a pirate is free. YOU ARE A PIRATE.



The Secret To Immortality

Posted by Laka , Sep 12 2009 · 177 views
Don't die. smile.gif



Obligatory Pancake Mashing

Posted by Laka , Sep 08 2009 · 125 views
0. Division wheee. I don't care for the people there, but I don't hate them either, and I have 6th with this one girl who's cool there, so yeah. It's only 15 minutes anyways.

1. Honors Physics. Bleh, all the female science teachers seem to be clones at my school. As I've already had two, it shouldn't be too much of an adjustment. Also, my lab group of 4 includes 3 attractive girls eeee. I just hope I don't have to do all the work like in Bio. ;-;

2. Honors Italian. Lots of people from last year, and the same teacher, too, so it should be a pretty fly class. I just need the stairs to be more empty, so I can get there on time. D=

3. Guitar 1. I know some people, but don't sit by them boo. Oh well, cool teacher is cool, so yeah.

4. Honors Arch Drafting 2. I know like 4 people in the class lol. Fortunately I sit by one of them eeee, and she got her schedule changed like today, and magically showed up and I was like eeee it's you and she was like eeee and then the teacher was like hey you sit there and you sit there so we were like eeee. Yay run on sentences. If you read all that, you win an internet.

5. LUNCH OMNOMNOM. Only like one other guy from my group last year is there so lol. But this one guy I didn't like has 6th. YESSSSSS. Also some other friends and stuff, so yeah.

6. Honors Telescoped Algebra 2/Trig/PreCalc. This teacher is oobar coolio. He's been the sponsor of the Christian club for the other 2 years I've been there, so we like know each other, and yeah. No seating chart so far, so woop. Sat by aforementioned division girl and this guy I almost hate, and he almost hates me, but we actually don't hate each other and get along.

7. AP English Language and Composition. Gah they didn't give me the teacher I wanted. ;-;. Also no seating chart yet yaaay. Some peeps I know, and one of the girls from my physics group (The one who sits next to me and is the most attractive yaay). And she sat behind me today, so that's good I guess.

8. AP Psychology. Again I didn't get the teacher I wanted lol. She seems aight, though. Some peeps I know, and are cool. cool.gif. Also, no seating chart yet. I <3 those kinds of classes.


eeeee cool people and yeah lol



Name Change

Posted by Laka , Sep 07 2009 · 213 views
Been meaning to change it, but I haven't come up with a good one. If you have suggestions, suggest away.

In other news, I'll probably post my most recent two MOCs at some point. Those of you who have me as a contact have probably seen them already.



Hey Look

Posted by Laka , Sep 07 2009 · 128 views
My name looks good in orange. ^__^

Also school tomorrow. D=



K's Corner Contest #3

Posted by Laka , Aug 23 2009 · 171 views
Bionicle Contests

K's Corner Contest #3: It's ALIVE!

This time: Build an organic, living thing. Yes, this means no mechanical bits. wink.gif
~These creatures do not have to exist in real life, but they have to be organic. I recommend not using silver, but that is not necessary.
~Plants, animals, cryptids, etc.

Got it? Good. Go build!

Entries will be accepted from when this entry was posted until the deadline. The deadline is currently September, 31st at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

To enter, post a comment with you picture in this entry. Make it look like this:

Entry Name:
Entry Pic:
Topic (If made):

There may or may not be an entry list.


1) Painted parts are NOT ALLOWED. No non-LEGO parts. All other LEGO parts are fair game; however, for the most part, they should have Bionicle pieces and Technic pieces. There is no specific ratio, though. Pictures in which the appearance of the MOC has been edited in Photoshop or other editing software are prohibited. If either method is used, the MOC will be disqualified. The background may be edited, as long as it does not alter the appearance of the MOC.

2) Your entry may not have been posted on BZPower previously.

3) Any flaming will result in disqualification from the contest. Competition is good if you keep it clean. Everyone play fair, NO WHINING, no insults. I reserve the right to DQ any entry at any time for any reason.

4) Absolutely, positively NO CHEATING! Anyone found to be cheating or even suspected of cheating will face immediate disqualification from this contest and will possibly be banned from participating in future K's Corner Contests.

5) No "this is unfair" posting. Some people have more parts, money, time, etc... than others. That's life; we each have to do our best with what we have. Any excessive complaining may, at the judgment of me, disqualify you!

6) Discussion is encouraged in the main entry. It's open for all questions and comments.

7) The contest is open to all BZPers. Advertising your MOC is fine by making a signature or avatar reminding people to vote for you, but mass-PMing will lead to immediate disqualification. So will advertising your MOC in someone else's thread.

**ONE pic allowed
**Pic may only be 250x100 pixels or 468x60 pixels or smaller
**Text may not exceed 5 lines
Anyone found breaking the signature rules will lose 50 points in the Preliminary Polls.


This contest will not have the traditional polls. Instead, there will be an entry after the deadline for the 23 judges to give out points with their discretion. Each judges will have 200 points to give to each MOC. The judges are not required to give out all these points, but only how many they think the MOC deserves. After the first week, the top few MOCs (Maybe 5?), will advance into the next round of judging. The amount of rounds and advancing MOCs will depend on the number of entries.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. Either myself or one of my assistants will answer your question.




Contest Later

Posted by Laka , Aug 20 2009 · 138 views
Bionicle Contests
Yeah, it's a little lot late. I'll try to get it up either tonight or tomorrow....



Hai Guise

Posted by Laka , Aug 18 2009 · 151 views
So it's been like some time now. My Premier Membership expired like a week before the forums went offline, so yeh. I'll probably renew once perks week is over, and then I'll be OBZPC yay.

Yeah, I dunno what to say really. I've been MOCing some, but nothing really interesting. Maybe I'll a topic in LGD later.

Name change sometime in the next week so I don't have to wait. EDIT: Gah I should be able to change my name. Why isn't that one of the perks. D=. Oh well.




Emerging Fluidic Master

Premier Outstanding BZP Citizens
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Ko - Koro

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-Game: Monopoly: LOTR Edition?
-Video Game: Pokemon Platinum and Mario Kart Wii
-Movie: The Dark Knight
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-Food: Chicken Tikka Masala
-Color: Purple/Black/Blue
-BIONICLE Set: Kopaka Mata
-Element: Ice
-MOCist: The Godfather (Natha)

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Cyclops Is...

<- Oh my!

If you use these: give credit to DX: Legend of Love for the invention of Cyclops and Taka-Tahu Nuva for the sprites. ^

The origin of cyclops:
DX: LoL->
Degenexo (9:53:34 PM): o]
Degenexo (9:53:37 PM): *o
Me -> Sandbox9 (9:53:44 PM): lol, I thought it was a cyclops
Sandbox9 (9:54:44 PM): o] rawr



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