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  2. couple'a wanderer girls are looking for survivors of the dragons' awakening and trying to get them to safety. been a minute since anything happened there, a new face might be a good shakeup
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  4. IC: Nara, The Great Takea Several hours had drained the spirits from Nara's system. Feeling more level-headed now and a little embarrassed about her earlier actions, she looked to the newcomers. They were quite the group, ranging from the small, gentle-looking grey-and-magenta figure of Timak to the far more attention-drawing purple and teal crystalline Toa Kimala. Reaching out a hand to the nearest of them, Timak, she smiled graciously. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Nara." OOC: @Rahisaurus @ARROW404 @Xemnas
  5. Great creation but hired by lego? Is that for real or is it a joke?
  6. I release trained Baby Yoda to storm you with hugs, swipe the mask from your fists, and replace it with a baked cinnamon twist. My mask.
  7. Ooh boy do i love that torso design!
  8. The latest version of my self-moc, built for my last article for New Elementary, comes with a pretty major life-event announcement as well; I've been hired by The LEGO Group as a Model Designer!
  9. character creating is like, the closest i think i've come to feeling like hephaestus constructing another one of his masterpieces. the moment you know you're done is when you finally find that last piece of the puzzle that has you thinking about your new guy to the point of near obsession

  10. soulfire exist, and are on pilgrimage to sado a buff idiot is fighting a librarian its pretty good
  11. IC: Rudra, 小さい竜 (Chiisai Ryuu) Bridge ... ... Hey, what the karz happened in here? Yeesh, all the dust— you really didn't go and check on this idiot once in three months? Alright, alright. Fine. We'll get back on script, we're under contract for screentime and deadlines are comin' up. Stations, everyone! We got people waiting! And for Pete's sake, somebody hit the lights! CLICK! The Vo-Toa returned to the waking world, none the wiser of the infinite distance between moments that he'd spent beyond it. He stayed silent, eyes carefully darting between the three who'd hit the little Le-Koronan Standoff in the control room with him as Aeragot, true to his nature as a Real One Sent By The Spirit, valiantly stepped up to bat for his (future) boss even in the face of the cracking, hissing whip of energy at their fronts, and whatever the karz the second lady had waiting for them at her backs (he remembered her hand going to her hip for a minute there. If their weapons could become invisible, he was gonna complain the whole way up to the pearly gates when they were drawn and he didn't see it.) But, really, not to beleaguer the point, he was proud of the guy. Coming onto the ship and talking the Leff-tennant down from the warpath was no mean feat on its own, especially for the sake of some man he'd never met. It told Rudra plenty about his character— a smart, reasonable, logical guy with a good heart to match the good head on his shoulders. Doubtlessly worthy of praise. He took action. He was sharp, quick on the uptake. He knew his way around a conversation. All excellent skills that'd serve him well... With a hissing, then heaving sigh, the thief's hands lost their fulminated luster, palms opening as they rose. ...Outside of Rudra's plans. He fought to plaster a smile atop his grimace as he favored the Onu-Toa. "I get the picture, kid. I'll give." a weary voice reeded out, raggedly going with the flow. (Never minding the fact that they were more than likely close to the same age.) For the first time today, something'd actually hurt to do. In case things weren't clear— he definitely didn't have it out for his compatriot. More than anything, he wanted to mold the kid into the stud of a partner-in-crime he knew he could be, in another life... But as the man had made his defense, pitting a silver tongue against the acrid words of the Dasaka, things forced themselves into stark contrast as the conversation had turned, and his fatal flaw had exposed itself. While the hands rose, his shoulders sagged. Aeragot lacked vision. Faith. He couldn't begrudge him, not when he'd proven so valuable and so agreeable, but all the same, he was advocating for acquiescence. To turn tail and be walked like a dog down to the authorities, because the odds were safer there. He probably didn't see it that specific way, and probably wouldn't say it that way, but that was what his proposal had meant. He didn't believe it was possible. Not when the chips were down. Therefore, there wasn't any room on the boat for him in the plans Rudra'd drawn up. Whether you were navy, a pirate, or a thief on a caper, you needed underlings with both skills and a willingness to put their chips on your bet. One or the other was never gonna work out. You needed fellas who understood the plan— And Rudra's was to win. Far be it from him to sour a good relationship over something so pithy as that, though. It wasn't like he'd had any idea that Rudra had the Spirit on his side all day. "Favor for a favor. I like squaring my debts. Get outta here." He pinned Tazera with a steely glare, even as his hands inched higher in the universal gesture of surrender. "I said I give, but he gets to dip out now, hear me? You both heard the fella say he didn't want in— straight up shot my ****** down. No reason to arrest." You know... he could probably seal it. "Or's that justice of yours you keep yelling my head off about say a peaceful third party don't get the privilege? That one in the honor code?" Just get the man off the ship. I'll comply. Cuff me.
  12. For my own part, I'm involved with two clans on the island. The first is the Plangori--a traditionalist clan of dyers who sponsored the Mashtet mission on the island. Morie, their leader, is an elderly menti who fully expects not to survive the war to retake the islands. She is actually Mashtet on her maternal grandfather's side, and sponsored the mission with the ostensible goal of restoring her heirloom Mashtet carvings. However, she believes that there is something more to the clan's disappearance--and that the Fursics are probably involved somehow. Right now though, she's run into a young daikura menti with absolutely no life skills whatsoever while patrolling. Also involved on the island of Hanaloi, though a lot less intentionally, are the Kuychar. The Kuychar are a fairly traditional but cautious Tajaar clan who had to flee the invasions of rakshi at the beginning of the arc. They stopped on Hanaloi to resupply and noticed the strange happenings on the island, and some of their dashi warriors are examining the situation more closely. And then there's Hatchi a (stealthed) non-binary former caravan leader who escaped to Sado with clan's horses and is involved with the M*A*S*H larp while they find out what in the world they should do next. (It will probably involve that little group on Oki once they reach Sado.)
  13. I want to cancel this topic and apologies
  14. Although I won't be making any preorders for any of these (I'm saving my funds for some other official Lego sets that I'd like to get soon), I will say that the ones among these that interest me are Working Waterfall, Space Troopers, Mountain View Observatory, and Modular Construction Site. I certainly look forward to seeing if any of those four will be among the five that'll receive enough support for production.
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  16. I got three things going on. The big one is Hanaloi; it’s an island off the coast of Odaiba that was the home of the secretive Mashtet clan before they all disappeared several years prior to narrative present, and not even the survivors know why. But, an expedition of some Mashtet survivors, Plangori, and Dastana have come to the island to assess its use for lumber. However, other have come as well; refugee Kuychar and independent actors have also come, and Zataka’s Rahkshi, led by a dark Menti, also have an agenda in the caves under the Mashtet’s fortress, which has led to some revelations about the Mashtet’s fate. Completely unrelated, a Menti with partial amnesia named Mashtet Ahri washed up on Oki’s shore and has met up with two outcasts, Raika and Yuna, and are trying to help a refugee village. The last thing I got going on is my last Dasaka character basically LARPing M*A*S*H in the Sado gardens.
  17. IC: Verakastian - Fortress Khy;Barr "Whit d'ye mean fetch, lad? A'm right 'ere!" He wished he wasn’t.
  18. IC: Suzume - Sado Streets Ever since her subconscious mind had picked up the peculiarities that had magnified over the past few weeks and culminated with her epiphany in the streets moments ago, Suzume had been swept around in a cycle of fear and confusion. Now was no exception, the realization that she stood alone on one street corner, with a gaggle of Menti opposite her on the other. It was the conception of, through their separation, that she was alone and that street was otherwise empty, that stuck the biggest chord. A primal part of her brain cried ‘danger!’ “I- I… uh…” she stammered, taking a step back, cycling though fear and confusion yet again. “I went to go get breakfast and… um… there was nobody around, maybe it was too early in the morning or a holiday or… or something like that.” OOC: @Mel
  19. If you had your eye on any of the remaining projects in the Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Invitational, make sure you set your alarms! Round 3 of the crowdfunding part of the program begins tomorrow, May 17th, at 5 PM UTC (1 PM Eastern), and the first five out of nine projects to reach three-thousand preorders will go into production. In the running are: Brickwest Stuidoes ($350), 1950s Diner ($130), Train Station Studgate ($400), Winter Chalet ($200), Working Waterfall ($230), Space Troopers ($200), Mountain View Observatory ($320), Steam Powered Science ($300), and Modular Construction Site ($320). Which do you think will make it? Let us know, along with which ones you may be supporting yourself, in the Talkback!View the full article
  20. I'll let those involved in other interactions answer for themselves, but for my part, Clan Ageru is the main force holding the line against Makuta's forces on Odaiba. They've been pushed back to a foothold near Sado, controlling barely enough land to feed the remaining Dasaka population in the Archipelago, and under constant threat of attack by Rahkshi and infected Rahi. Kilanya, leader of the Ageru, is one of the few Toroshu who chose to remain behind during the evacuation. She currently commands the Dasaka forces on Odaiba from Fort Kizuno, an old fortress situated near the front line. The war has been brutal, and the Dasaka have sustained heavy losses, but Kilanya nonetheless stands and fights among her troops to bolster morale. Right now, Kilanya has just returned to Kizuno from the war council on Sado, and is overseeing a training session at the fort. For the moment, there is a lull in the fighting and reinforcements from Clan Dastana (now the ruling clan of Kentoku) are expected, but who knows how long things will stay quiet? If you'd like to have your character be one of the Menti defending Odaiba, they'd be most welcome. They wouldn't have to be an Ageru, by the way: the invasion has shaken up the usual order of things, and Kilanya's forces are made up of Menti of all stripes.
  21. IC: Kimala - The Great Takea @Xemnas@Rahisaurus The Toa of Crystal observed with a faint smile, then took the chance to approach when the deal was sealed. "If you don't mind, I would be happy to go with you too," she offered. "Kimala, Toa of Crystal," she presented herself, bowing slightly toward the newcomer. "Timak and I are acquainted."
  22. Lemme phrase this differently- what are the current ongoing stories on the Archipelago?
  23. IC, Eita: The Great Takea The Dashi's eyes widened at Timak's display of elemental power. "Okay, that's pretty cool!" he said. "Alright, let me introduce you to the others. I'm Eita of clan Kinzoku, by the way." OOC: @Rahisaurus
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  25. I would highly recommend to keep it as mysterious as possible and to not really explain anything too much. If they are unfamiliar with Bionicle this could work really good, especially if you have the one shot set inside the MU and reveal the MUs true nature at the end.
  26. I return from the void of inactivity and use the new site layout to wrest the mask from your grasp. my mask
  27. It's not about the size of your Disk - it's how you use it. Folks, it's that time again where we whip out the Native Tech 3D renders, and once more we're serving up diskettes - pistol(?) edition. Hope you like toggles! The Diskette Pistol Three Quarters Profile Front Top Toggles Open Close-Up Aiming The "Hans Olo" Three Quarters Profile Front The "Wauser" Three Quarters Profile Front Bottom The Artillery Three Quarters Profile Front Aiming Once again, thanks to @Geardirector for coming up with the darn thing in the first place.
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