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  2. I just cast my votes, and if the current results hold out, I'll honestly be quite surprised by the final winner. As for the categories for possible future brackets, while I'm okay with doing all of them, I gave my votes to the ones that I find more interesting.
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  4. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Stables/ Skrall only acknowledged the little speech with the barest of glances. Her attention was firmly on securing their cargo still. She tied his wrists firmly behind his back, cut the rope and then did the same to his ankles, with slack enough to walk almost as normal - but not enough to run. If you couldn’t run in the wastes, you’d be dead. Once the restraints were in place, she first removed her grappling line, then pulled him up by the shoulders from down prone, to kneeling. She indicated the wagons. “Get up. Get in.” OOC: @BULiK @skrall
  5. Speaking of stuff ongoing. @Mel@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)@Keeper of Kraata lmk who is planning to post next in Ga because Mako has little to add at the moment.
  6. I can't decide if "collecting" is the right word or the wrong word for my relationship with Bionicle sets/parts. On the one hand, I harbour zero ambitions of getting everything: every set, every mask, every etc. The only sets that I really have ambitions of pursuing are the ones I sold off in my dark age--and there's not THAT many of them left. On the other hand... the best kind of used LEGO to luck into these days for me is Bionicle, and I can't go shopping on a Bricklink site without checking out at least two categories of part on every site: "Bionicle" and "Bionicle: Kanohi." So my "collection" is still something I enjoy finding and acquiring and adding to.
  7. Pretty much my actual top three Toa! (For sets/figures anyway--characters is another matter. But we wouldn't have had 5 Tahus in a character head-to-head.)
  8. well I entered and you entered so that's at least 2 (toa of music said he was going to enter
  9. IC: Salwa (Precipere) "Ferrum has overshadowed much else that's happening," I admitted as I thought for a moment about what I could pull from my most recent scouting trips, "but the Bone Hunters are also on the move in a way I haven't seen before. I think they captured a survivor from Ferrum. The tournament in Tajun is still on schedule, however." That much I had at least gathered. In the end, it was something to say. I wasn't feeling too comfortable about saying much more, however. OOC: @Nato G @Toru Nui
  10. I think we all know how this one is going to end. It was fun though! Thank you for putting these together.
  11. I collect masks sometimes when I can find them at the right price. I dont have a disposal income thats large enough to buy something like $1250 mismold.
  12. Nyah~ Thank you so much! Someday I suppose...I remember there is over 50 in total.
  13. Is there a clear way to see how many people have already entered or what subject matter they chose? I'm wondered I may double up.
  14. http://www.bzpower.info/Imaging/stories/2023/03/2023-Bracket-Toa-Teaser_6.jpg The final choice is upon us. Three rounds of votes have narrowed down our set of Toa to just three favorites. Left standing are Tahu Mata, 2003 Takanuva, and Lhikan. Who will get the top slot? Vote now in the forth round to help us determine the outcome. Meanwhile, read on for some thoughts on the results for the third round.View the full article
  15. IC: Lorqua - Red Star Inn As Lutenus turned his back to her and walked towards the door, Lorqua stood for a moment, and shook her head. She sighed, and then she jogged forward to catch up. "Yeah. Not that, uh, I think I'll make much difference for Tesara. I'm a decent fighter in the desert, decent enough to make a living at least, but it's a different beast to fight in the Arena. It's been a while. Suppose that means I've strayed, as far as you're concerned. I get it, a lot of people see it that way." She rubbed the back of her neck, just as the two of them reached the threshold of the Inn. "But I will do it. I've got two reasons to be in Tajun now. Seeing as it might be the second best place after Ferrum, to figure out something about what's going on in Ferrum." Lutenus wanted to know that too. Lorqua could tell. OOC: @Toru Nui IC: Skrall - Outside Roxtus Stables Skrall nodded along with both sides of the dispute. Both sides agreed on the one thing that Skrall was interested in, which was getting out of Roxtus. Sooner, rather than later. At the older one's words, he resumed loading the carriages with supplies. "Being on our way works for me." He looked about himself, to any of his fellows who were listening. "Not that my opinion matters. Nor should it." He spoke without malice. He was happy enough to be in motion, for now. OOC: @a goose @BULiK @Burnmad @Nato G @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend IC: Escus - Arena Vulcanus Escus gave a slight nod to the next to arrive, a hooded and quiet Glatorian of Vulcanus. He turned back towards the voice, set his jaw, and raised his brows as the Ferrumite spoke. "That's the impression I'm getting, from what little I've heard. My sympathies." He spun his axe around and placed it on the ground, then lowered himself to sit cross-legged on the floor of the arena. He breathed in deeply, and then regretted it. All he could smell was sulfurous vapours, and the heat made the inside of his nose itch. The corners of his mouth turned up in a hint of a grimace. "All the same, who ever likes to go home anyway?" OOC: @Burnmad @~Xemnas~ @a goose
  16. IC Sigrus | Po-Wahi, Papa Podu's "Hm? Land routes? Ah, I do, yes, yes," the wayfinder said to Nichou. He offered slightly more context this time to his friend, adding, "The Massif is secluded by intention but relies on trade routes by necessity. I charted all the major and minor trading roads before taking office."
  17. Lenat - Po-koro - Engineering Department IC: The taller man couldn't help the wince as he saw the proposed figures. Even while downscaled the the R&D price would be significant. Maybe they could pull from the Fowadi's operating budget while the ship was away for however long the ship's newest voyage would take. Moving funds between departments like that usually get those involved feeling testy in case such a move was a precursor towards a permanent reduction in funding. Before Lenat could continue down that line of thinking, his guest's words caught his attention once more. "As a matter of fact I was involved in setting that initiative up. Akiri Renaka sees it as chance to mend some tunnels so to speak. A way to promote unity after the unpleasantness of Hewkii's reign as well as improve our own capabilities. At the moment it's only a general agreement dealing with information that's already more or less available for anyone who puts some effort into it however. They wont be teaching us how to build exo-matoran, for example. Are you suggesting asking for their expertise on this project? This design might still be unfinished but it should be quite potent if it can be successfully completed."
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  19. IC: Nichou [Forsi, Papa Podu's] "Yeahhhh," Nichou agreed, trying to guide the conversation back to the two wayfinders among them. "So - Sigrus, weren't you navigating for ships? Do you even know the land routes?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Mel@Tarn
  20. I would replace the bushing with a 12 tooth gear like the ones in the mata to bulk out the shoulders
  21. I've been out of the loop for a bit. Reading this topic has been a blast. Those newly discovered masks are gorgeous! 😍
  22. I've seen a lot of different people in the community pushing this one in recent months, even Faber himself, and it's fantastic to see it make it to review. I've got my fingers crossed that this one makes it through to production. It's the first Bionicle-related Ideas project that's really piqued my interest, and it'll look great up on my display shelf right next to my GWP Tahu & Takua.
  23. Yes! I hope it will get approved this time. It’s a pity that Sodoka’s Bionicle diorama and Axelford’s Great Spirit Robot failed. In the meantime, I suggest everyone in BZPower to go support these projects: 1. 6 Heroes, 1 Destiny - https://ideas.lego.com/projects/c72f5ca0-4c21-41b3-a7ae-3639a84cdf02 2. Island Map - https://ideas.lego.com/projects/8bc9fb81-595e-4381-8cbb-5ad70c302b76 3. The Suva - https://ideas.lego.com/projects/39255b02-2182-4217-ba85-19173d3173a0 There are more, but these are the most interesting. Go ahead to support them!
  24. IC: Skyra Daring - Fowadi, Ta-Wahi Coast, Rehu Cove - I let out a sigh as I listened to Pirok talk between Krayn, Praggos, and Rynekk. Honestly what Pirok was attempting didn't seem too far off from what I would have done, left to my own devices. Luckily for me I had friends that would pull my leash when necessary...that was kind of a weird analogy, but whatever. If I didn't have prior commitments already I probably would have offered to go with Pirok, just to make sure he didn't die out there in the snow. I couldn't say I wasn't at least a little worried about him. But it wasn't like we could stop him from going. Since I was just listening at this point, I started doing some stretches. Once I got through the basic set I did a few hand stands and other aerobics like that. @Krayzikk @a goose @Void Emissary @Emzee @otter
  25. IC: Oceanna - Her House - Oceanna was quick to snatch the bag, opening it not unlike a child opening a present. Her eyes lit up a bit as she saw how much was inside, but she quickly composed herself soon after as she looked back at Aar. "No problem! I was happy to help." The guitarist gave a thumbs up.
  26. IC: Hakari - Forsi, Papa Podu's - Hakari leaned back in her chair as she bit into her sandwich, thinking about how to solve their current issue. Her mask would all her to run to Ostia or Po-koro without too much issue, assuming she didn't get lost on the way. Of course that didn't solve the problem for the rest of the group. "I'm not too sure. If I was by myself I would just run straight towards Po-koro using my mask power." She tapped the golden Kakama on her face. "Not really an option as a group though." OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus
  27. i wouldn't not recommend anything like that. i once but a bootleg version of breakout rocka and within months the rubber weapon-belt had crumbled. I still have my toa mahri sets from 2007 and i have never seen those this deteriorate. I bought that bootleg around 2015 and the rubber deteriorated quickly.
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