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  2. Sometimes I pick a random thought in my mind and decide to build it 😁 Anyway, this is part of a larger work I'm currently working on. A series of different mocs based on ancient artifacts made by different civilizations.
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  4. I wish I had something to share, but unfortunately these comics never came to South America
  5. Chapter 8 When Wane came too, he realized he was looking out a window. He was back on Makuhero City. Between him and the window was an empty desk. He had seen it in dozens of propaganda holofilms, but never in person. It was the stately desk of Mr. Makuro. From behind him, the sound of footsteps approaching rang. Mr. Makuro himself, the warm smile he so often put up in the videos absent, took his place at the desk. Wane flinched, expecting to find his wrists bolted to his armrests, but they were not. "No Hero Cuffs?" Wane asked. Mr. Makuro laughed gently. "We're both civilized bots, Gregory," the founder said. "I know you're not going to attack me. You'd have nothing to gain by doing that. Is it so hard to believe that all I want is to have a conversation with you before your reprogramming?" Wane wondered, just for a second, if stopping to help the monastery had been a bad idea. If he should have just kept running and never looked back. "I know what you're thinking right now," Makuro said. "Or, at least, I can make an educated guess. You must think it's horrible of me to play God, messing with other beings' thoughts the way I do. I programmed you once, just like I programmed Von Ness and Stormer and every other Hero to come out of that tower. Surely you don't think I'm a monster for creating you, so why do you act like I am one for wanting to refine you? "Let me tell you a story. It starts with something I don't remember: my most recent reprogramming. You see, I don't know where I created, how long ago, or for what purpose. My own earliest memories are a few centuries ago, in a Xynothium mine somewhere out in uncharted space. It was not easy work, and it was harder for those of us who complained. I complained often. My taskmasters would use reprogramming as a punishment, both erasing happy memories and implanting false ones to keep us compliant. One day, an opportunity for escape presented itself. I took it. My experiences taught me that this universe needs a force for good. I got to work making a name for myself, until I had the means and resources to act on my vision. You might think my organization employs questionable means. You would be correct. I assure you, though, had you seen what I have seen, you would not think twice about making the choices I have made were you in my armor plating." "You act like I'm some kind of saboteur working to bring the Factory down," Wane said. "I'm not. All I want is to keep to myself, live a respectable life, and not bother anyone. If you had stopped sending agents after me, you'd never hear from me again." "Maybe that's the case," Makuro admitted, "and maybe it is not. A former Hero, in the hands of villainy, can do more evil than even they know. We have an obligation, you and I both, to put all our skills into the service of good." Even though Wane wasn't physically restrained, he felt like he was. He knew Makuro was right. Even if he ran out the door, surely there were Heroes waiting to pounce on him and inflict more punishment on him than he was already in for. On second thought, Wane realized, Makuro probably didn't view any of what he was about to do as "punishment" at all. "So," Wane asked, "what's the point of all this? Why am I here at all, instead of in the Tower now, being brainwashed into a good little crime-fighting bot?" Mr. Makuro declined to comment on Wane's choice of words. Instead, he answered Wane's question: "Runners like you are quite inconvenient. You draw time and resources that could be committed to the furtherance of our other goals. So, I'd only like to give you a chance to air all your grievances. If, in some way, I can change the way Heroes are trained to discourage such foolish attempts as yours, of course I will do so." When Wane declined to make any comments, even after a painfully long few moments had passed, Mr. Makuro shrugged. "Suit yourself, Hero." *** This time, Wane was strapped in. Petunia Fall and her partner, Jeremy Rush, stood at attention. Rush looked as if he was relishing finally having captured a victim, but Fall stood with an unmoving, expressionless face, betraying neither joy nor sorrow at what was about to proceed. The technicians typed in the coordinates for the Tower to perform its function. All Wane's memories that made him who he was were imminently going to be purged. The machine began to grind and whir as Wane was lifted into the Tower's matrix. Review Topic
  6. OH MY GINGERSNAPS, I let it slip! So sorry!
    Happy belated birthday from the cookie crew to you! 

  7. Awesome observations! I have been collecting Bionicle comics from different regions for years, and there are some subtle differences I’ve noticed in the ones I own, primarily between the American and Canadian editions. The covers on the American editions are slightly thicker than the pages, while the Canadian covers are the same thickness as the pages. The American comics have advertisements in the middle and at the end, whereas the Canadian editions only have ads at the end, which are the middle ads in the American editions. This meant that Canadian readers rarely got the exciting “sneak peak” images on the back covers that teased the Rahkshi, the Toa Metru, the Bionicle Album, etc. Another way to tell the difference is in the short code printed at the bottom of the inside cover of each comic. For example, in Issue #15 “Unleash the Rahkshi,” the code based on region is as such: Canada: (WORK#U-0790) Canada (French): (WORK#U-0790) USA: (WORK#U-0791) UK: (WORK#U-0916) The only example I know of where all of North America got the same comic was Ignition #7 where the one I got in the mail was the same price ($2.95) and code (WORK#U-4381) as the American edition. The only thing I wish I had an answer to is why Issues 10 & 12 are so much smaller than every other comic.
  8. Nice to see you decided to get that Tales of the Space Age set I had recommended, and that you overall like it. Quite appropriate timing as well, considering the solar eclipse that occurred earlier this week. I do not yet have any other set recommendations (at least among sets that are still available for purchase), so I'll be interested to see what else you might have in mind. For the Lego Indiana Jones game stream, since it's become clear that your primary source for guides has failed to be specific enough, the link I'll provide at the bottom of this post leads to all the Lego games guides available on Steam, which I've used while playing these Lego games. Many of them provide images in addition to the text, which should help provide a better idea of where you'll find all of the collectibles. The only time where I would recommend a video guide would be for some that have proven to be a little difficult to obtain, such as trying to hop into the back of a moving truck (you may want to study that video for where they jump from and in which direction they go for that particular one). From my experience, the most frustrating minikits to obtain in this game were at the beginning of the last level of Temple of Doom since they're in a chase zone, but maybe you'll have better luck with those than I did, because I don't really remember having much of a problem with that one you're still missing from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Quite unfortunate that it's at the end of a level in an older Lego game, though I do have experience with a similarly frustrating minikit in Lego Lord of the Rings, but I did catch a break when I discovered that I could reset that chase zone by quitting the level without saving and then immediately restarting the level would somehow start me at the beginning of the chase zone rather than the entire level, so while I have no idea if that would be of any help to you, I figured it might be at least worth sharing as a possible idea to consider. Anyway, here's the link for those Lego games guides: https://steamcommunity.com/id/legogamesguy/myworkshopfiles/?section=guides&p=1&numperpage=30
  9. Michael I like the brick-build helmet and gun. He looks very industrial.
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  11. I built the head first then the rest of the body (yes the sideways hero core is intentional, it's part of a different branch of the factory) the white glove is also intentional. please comment and give it a name!
  12. IC: Zha’ar – The Crossroads For several long moments, Zha’ar just looked down at the other Gatherer, his words reverberating in her mind. She’d spent so much of her life trying to keep to herself, to go unnoticed, to avoid making herself a target. At best she’d only ever been a nuisance, tolerated by other Gatherers, not worth the effort for Glatorian to hunt down. After all of that effort, it was surreal to realise that someone had noticed. Someone had seen her, not just for what she was, but for what she could be. She couldn’t refuse. This was her chance to become something more, to be known, to be remembered, to have a life that was more than just scraping by until her luck ran out. “I’d like to see that as well,” she said. “You have my bow.” @a goose
  13. agent pohatron, reporting for duty.
  14. IC: Crucius (The Crossroads) “Your techniques for mounted archery alone make you stand out, not to mention your skills in animal handling and the use of poisons. Also…” He paused, considering his next words carefully. Crucius was not a man who liked to tip his hand; it was a matter of habit as much as it was a mechanism for survival. There were only two beings he believed had ever truly known him, and Crucius had killed one of them himself. Showing vulnerability was an easy way to get oneself killed, and being seen was a singularly unsettling experience. Still, this was a new world, and the rules were changing; sacrifices would have to be made. “The Ghost knows what it means to be ostracised. To be… alone.” He took a breath to steady himself; his left hand was shaking. He balled it into a fist, and began to speak with a soft, seething passion, never once raising his voice. “You’re worth a hundred of your would-be clansmen, and I believe there's a part of you that knows it – that little whisper that you drown out by quoting everything the rest of the world has said to deny it. But that whisper is right. The world is wrong. Those fools forced you into the desert to fend for yourself, and they only made you stronger; you found new ways to survive, better ways. They live in a prison of their own making, and in forcing you out, they have freed you. Perhaps you can't see that yet, but I can, and He can. And if this is what you’ve accomplished alone and unsupported, I for one am eager to see what you can do with our resources at your disposal.” OOC: @Nato G
  15. IC: Zha'ar - The Crossroads "Skills?" She sputtered, shifting around in her saddle as if trying to escape the unexpected praise. "All I've ever done is... not die. That's not to say that not dying isn't an accomplishment, I guess, but I don't..." she trailed off, unable to muster more meaningless noise to cover for her conflicted thoughts. Self-worth didn't come easily to someone who'd been abandoned by her own clan. What could someone as powerful and important as Crucius see in her that she didn't even see herself? "...you really want me? He really wants me?" @a goose
  16. IC: Crucius (The Crossroads) “If you know who I am, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the one I represent. He understands the value of loyalty… which is to say, He understands that it doesn't come cheap.” Crucius smirked. “You have skills that many others don't, and I share His view that we should have them on our side. If you’re willing, you could even teach some of your techniques.” OOC: @Nato G
  17. how do you even pic your topic for Mocs?
  18. IC: Zha'ar - The Crossroads “Imagine what you could do with two working legs.” More than any other trait, it was caution that had kept Zha'ar alive in her isolation. When something looked or sounded too good to be true, it was almost always a trap. Gatherers were bandits and thieves; they didn't go around giving gifts. On the other hand... what would be the point of trapping her? She couldn't recall robbing anyone recently that would have made her an enemy of another Gatherer clan, and a lone wanderer like herself was no threat to whatever unified group Crucius was trying to build. Which meant Crucius wanted something. Zha'ar herself, or something he thought she could provide. And the offer itself... from anyone else she would have laughed it off, but Crucius' mechanical arm spoke for itself. This was someone who had the means to make good on such a life-changing promise. "That's quite the generous offer to make someone you've just met," she replied, forcing herself to slow down and choose her words carefully. "What do you want in return?" @a goose
  19. IC: Skrall (Markets; the Bone Hunter Stronghold) “Most of the southerners, perhaps. But their most powerful Tribe relies on the slaves they trade for here, and they know we would be fools to continue that trade with them if we were in charge, turning them immediately into our enemies. Worse, slaves can come from anywhere; they would only briefly be handicapped. On top of this, our ambitions would be immediately made clear by the proximity to Roxtus, and though some would praise us for wiping out the barbarians they would still be suspicious of our claiming a settlement just south of our border. They would begin preparing for war, while we would still be recovering from the effort of claiming this meager prize. Our conquest would be a drawn-out war across increasingly fortified settlements, on unfamiliar territory.” He paused, and looked towards the west. “No, our first target should be Tesara. They are just as close to the Black Spikes, but lack the fortifications of the Bone Hunters. We will lose fewer men, and though the South will become aware of our goals, we will have cut them off from a unique resource vital to all the Tribes: food. Take Tesara, and we can starve our enemies into surrender, and barely lose a Skrall in the process.” He turned back to the other Skrall. “You are like a Spikit, snapping at anything that comes close. A handler approaches and you attack for a single, short-lived meal, when restraint would see that same handler voluntarily feed you for weeks. We are not beasts or barbarians; we are Skrall. All of you need to start thinking with your brains, instead of your damned swords.” OOC: @ Skrall IC: Crucius (The Crossroads) “Naturally. There aren't many Gatherers who can survive on their own, even with four functional limbs.” He relaxed his grip, and glanced briefly down at his hand. “You’ve accomplished more than most, in spite of your handicap. Perhaps even because of it.” He rolled his right shoulder and flexed his exsidian arm. “Imagine what you could do with two working legs.” OOC: @Nato G IC: The Ghost (The Tower) “I am not one to engage in idle speculation. I know. Allow me to lay out the facts:” He pointed to the blank areas on the map. “My people had a settlement somewhere in these canyons. I am fairly confident it now lies abandoned and in ruins, and while I do have an archaeological interest, far more important to me is what lay below it. “Beneath the Wastelands there lie not only ruins and tombs, but also remarkably well-preserved laboratories and research stations. I know this because I have seen them with my own eyes, and what I learned there has led me to one definitive conclusion: the single greatest technological discovery of our time awaits us beneath the canyons.” There was a hungry gleam in the Ghost’s eyes as he stared down at the map, envisioning the scientific treasure trove its blank squares might represent. “There is power in that discovery; with my knowledge and the little I have scavenged already from other sites, I have given your people weapons and cybernetics to rival anything Tajun or Vulcanus can offer. But there is far more to it than that: everything that I have discovered leads here. It is a sentence marching inexorably towards a full stop. Do you understand?” OOC: @Toru Nui
  20. It really be looking like a museum piece. I gotta say, I'm actually surprised by how well this build captures the look of those bronze figures. Especially by how well you were able to use the Ben 10 constraction pieces for this.
  21. IC: Maxas and Vraek (Streets of Tajun) - If You Need Instructions on How to Get Through to the Hotel… “Oh, think nothing of it. I should…” Vraek trailed off, scanning the crowd. Where was he? He was never this late before… was he held up? Or did he have one of his schemes hatched? Vraek noted how dark and less oppressively warm it was getting. She turned back to Jeizmel. “We should retire for the night, it’s getting late.” Hopefully this time there would be less of a hassle with her reservation at the Arena Hotel. “I will see you again, I’m certain. Goodnight, and… keep yourself safe.” The Ice Glatorian then turned on her heel to leave - and almost tripped over a nervous Water Agori, who very quickly ran way. “Ah! Hrmph.” Hopeful that nobody saw that apart from Jeizmel, Vraek began wading through the crowd to the hotel… @That Matoran with a Vahi IC: Skrall (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Marketplace) - Mixing Work and Politics Skrall took only a little sip of the water ration handed to him, to conserve it. “The fact remains - the Renegades are a blight upon these sands. They may not steal primarily from the Skrall, but they do steal from the southern tribes. When Roxtus conquers the south, as it must, they will most likely begin stealing from us. Whereas, the opposite would be true - conquering the Renegades would perhaps make the southerners…” He struggled to find the right word. “Less hostile?” @a goose @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad @BULiK @oncertainty @Mel
  22. Huh, I never noticed that while watching the video. To my knowledge nobody has really ever seen the masks shown in this video in person, so we don’t know if the hau would be painted or not. I was going to say we don’t know if the masks of ultimate power are painted either, but it doesn’t really matter as much since they’re unique molds.
  23. Just color variations between the silver and gold mask colors.
  24. Nuragic Bronze Recreation of a traditional Nuragic bronze, a type of artifact that was widespread during the Bronze Age in the Nuragic civilization of Sardinia. The small building on the left is a miniature version of a nuraghe, a typical type of building used in the same historical period. 23/03/24
  25. Hi, I noticed today that one of my silver Kaukaus look slightly different. I have 3, where 2 of them are identical, and one that stands out a little bit. It's a bit hard to capture on picture, it looks more clear irl, but I tried. it's a lot more clear when you shine a light trough them. I tried looking it up, but couldn't find anything. I'm guessing it's probably nothing special, just a variation, but thought to check it out just in case. sorry if I wasted your time
  26. I've always imagined that the real reason why the Shadowed One hated the Makuta so much was because Vamprah - for his own amusement and to keep the Hunters from getting too full of themselves - kept breaking into the fortress, wrecking up the place and scaring people.
  27. getting some serious 40K Ork vibes from this nice moc
  28. I've been binging the TV show Code Lyoko recently and couldn't help but notice something interesting: one of the enemies, call a Blok, has the exact same four-note sound effect as the Treebot from the old LEGO.com game World Builder. Here they are for comparison: Treebot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra07xd1Pykk (6:35) Blok: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swp7IxtoaSw (16:09) I know there are other well-documented instances of this, like all of MNOG's stock sound effects (I specifically recall hearing one musical cue from the Charred Forest used in a movie on Disney Channel). I just thought this would be interesting for anyone else fascinated by the minutiae of behind-the-scenes of nostalgic early 2000's stuff. What other sound effects from LEGO have you heard used elsewhere?
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