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  2. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) "Ah, I see," Dahkapa mumbled and rubbed his chin. This complicated things. "Who would receive such a request if I were to make one?" OOC: @Visaru
  3. I think he just decided to leave LEGO on his own. It does not have to be so bad, him been kicked out by LEGO. The man has been writing and working with LEGO for 20 years. 20 YEARS. He just got tired. As for Bionicle, i agree, afther 2010 story, each and every of us just finished G1 with his\her own imagination. Personally for me Bionicle canon was never some restriction, but mere support for my creativity. Shame that some stories were left unfinishe thou.
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  5. Thank you so much, everyone! So I drew up a sketch of hypothetical costume pieces on top of my body proportions, and I decided that a full-body Brutaka costume would look good/cool. So I'm going to go forward with it. Hoping to get started soon, in order to have enough time to get it really accurate; goal is to have it finished by next July or so. Afterwards, I am hoping to do Hydraxon. Who, aside from his feet (which I'd probably have to cheat on a bit) is also very humanoid- even more so than Brutaka. If my Brutaka sketch didn't look good, I'd have done Hydraxon instead. When I get around to doing him, my goal is to have it super smooth and refined, compared to the slightly rougher quality of the Brutaka mask (I'm still learning how to best cut and glue foam etc). Beyond that, it'd be awesome to do at least the mask of the Olisi; I think it would have more of a traditional Halloween mask look. My craftsmanship definitely isn't good enough yet to pull it off well, but in the future I'll get better. A movie-style Metru Vakama or Lhikan would be extremely ambitious (the characters are so smooth and metallic looking, have to get the details spot-on for it to be recognizable). But it's doable, TheMrOrangeContinuum on Deviantart made an amazing movie-style Vakama costume: https://www.deviantart.com/themrorangecontinuum/art/Bionicle-Vakama-Cosplay-767338122
  6. I'm not sure which day it was announced, but the winner of the microbuilds contest has finally been revealed, so now we know the winners of all five contests.
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  8. IC: Akie - Arriving in Onu-Koro "Oh... well, that's okay, then." Her smile, even behind her mask, made the young Toa's relief quite obvious, despite her attempt to play it off casually. She might well have fumbled the first impression embarrassingly, but with no harm done greater than a temporary misunderstanding easily cleared up... well, frankly, it could have gone a lot worse. That he seemed friendlier than the initial scowl he'd been wearing would have suggested was certainly helping to put her more at ease, too. As he spoke, she thought to ask about the (presumably poor) reception he'd alluded to having; but at the same time, the way he hurried on the conversation was enough to suggest to Akie that he didn't want to talk about it. Or at least, not to a complete stranger... which was absolutely valid. She was, after all, a newcomer not only to the city but to the island as a whole; so even if he had elaborated, she most likely would have had no frame of reference on which to base anything he said. Speaking of... "Oh, ah, it's that obvious?" She chuckled lightly, making clear that she wasn't bothered by the observation. Surprised? Sure... but if his words were any indication, her situation was a fairly common one. Whatever this island was, it was clearly some kind of hub for those lost at sea; so it was probably more than just random chance that had beached her on these shores. "That's right, yeah. I washed up here... maybe a week ago?" She scratched her head slightly. Her sense of time was still a bit messed up after whatever she'd been through, so she may have been a few days off, one way or the other. She couldn't really have said. "So, yeah, this is probably going to sound the dumbest of dumb questions, but... could you tell me what island this is?" And then, because her curiosity couldn't resist asking: "And, ah... does this happen often here...?" @oncertainty ooc: Sorry for the delayed reply! I'm a bit of a slow writer generally, and I've had a lot of things on my mind distracting me recently ^^;
  9. The avian bonsai was definitely one of my favorites at Brickfair too.
  10. It's sad that he's not allowed to finish the G1 story which has been abandoned/unused for 12 years.
  11. Sadly knock-offs won't stop. It's common and the don't need accurate names of the real thing they pounce on it when the old thing isn't protected by being sold on shelves.
  12. Actually they have 7 sets both, not counting their Invasion from Below minifigures where they both appear in...then they both have 7 sets. Rocka could have beaten Furno if he had a set based on when he was in the ship and before his https://brickset.com/sets/2143-1/Rocka-3-0 lion 3.0 form. One thing of note is that Rocka's Savage Moon XL figure is a LOT bigger than Furno XL from Brain Attack But yeah he is gold so he seems to be a bit of a designers pet like Lloyd Garmadon (Who has the all powerful power of creation)
  13. Updated my G2 Matoro MOC lately to more accurately capture the original figure's colors. Captions in the linked Flickr posts below: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96380166@N07/52294526504/in/photostream/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/96380166@N07/52294264923/in/photostream/
  14. Mushy the Mushroom


    Well, personally yes, yes, yes! Except in Google Docs due to the terror of accidental publishing my most catastrophic cringe. Aw, I don't think it could be! It sent me a follow notification with the entry title and I was thinking "Ooh how grand! An old timey-type blog title!" then it slipped through my hands. Beautiful photography!
  15. Hope things get better your way and many airhugs! PS: I've been admiring your keen Discord flower profile picture bunches, if that's by you!
  16. that may have some logic in it, considering what Turaga Lhikan said to Makuta: "Makuta! You were sworn to protect matoran" indicating that Makuta was a protector at the start. Maybe Makuta convinced Dume, that he needs Mask of time for some research purposes. Anyway, thanks. But i like to hear more theories.
  17. Well, maybe Dume was not under the impression that the vahki ''dealing'' with the matoran necessarely meant hurting them. It is also notable to say that at that moment in time, Shadow was not considered evil yet. It was going hand in hand with the Makuta species, which at that point were still allies(and very important figures in the universe). If Makuta really deceived Dume in thinking the new Toa were truly impostors, then his sentence could simply be interpreted as : ''No, the mask isn't complete, but still, when you arrive in Metru-Nui (the great shadow), the Vahki will keep the matoran in line''. A little like how the cops keep the citizen in line during the visit of a notable figure, for diplomacy. Eventually Dume may have understood Makuta's true intentions (or not) and was replaced then.
  18. I don't know why the file would be "unavailable", but just to be safe, I've uploaded it to Mediafire. You can view it here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7oc92bee9e3p9gc/I-1-S_Upscaled.7z/file Though I must warn you, Zyro is not perfect. The last few sets of footsteps are faded and barely visible in the upscaled image compared to the original. But it's still generally a major improvement.
  19. IC: Dolbren - The Iron Mahi Dolbren raised the brows of his mask. He couldn't hear the specifics of the Vortixx's comment, mumbled as she pushed her way past him, but the tone was clear enough. Some people just didn't know how to deal with tact. For all she knew, he really was trying to help people. Still: when people showed you who they were, it was best to believe them. Not to mention, when it was revealed how things were going to happen, there was no use fighting the tide. He looked over to Datrox. "Well. I thought we might try the cargo cabin for the Sentinels, but it looks like your friend was impatient." He looked back to the fore of the carriage, peering down the aisle. "I don't want to overstep my bounds but, is she all right?" After less than a breath's pause, he rubbed the back of his neck. "Ah, don't answer that. Bad habit to pry. I don't need to know." He really, really felt like he did. "I can't say I like it, but if she's going up there she could probably use the support." Nice and noncommittal. That was for the best. It was nigh-on out of his hands. Deal with it Minnorak. Deal with it Surdo. What's that you say; leaving someone (someones?) out? Oh, well, Karmine or Baszlin? That would be be educational, certainly, but hard to imagine it might not just escalate things further. OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Nato G @Tarn
  20. IC: Hakari - Ga-koro - Warehouse - Hakari's mask activated as the Stone Ape charged, quickly dashing around the beast so that she was behind it before stopping. She then turned on the lighter as she did, she knew the parasite was attracted to light, and also weak to the flames. Perhaps the flame wasn't big enough however. There were a lot of plants in the warehouse, and lucky enough for Hakari there were a few withered vines or branches. She picked up a flimsy looking stick and then used the lighter to set it ablaze. She then waved it at the Stone Ape. "Oi ugly, over here!" If the parasite was truly the same as the one that had infested the guuko, it would be naturally drawn to the light of the flames. OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus
  21. Last week
  22. IC: Kaminari - Ko-koro - The dragon mystic nodded. "I thought you'd never ask, lead the way." @Keeper of Kraata @Visaru
  23. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car] Compared to the armored figure now in front of her, the sickly vortixx looked rather diminutive. But she didn’t seem to be cognizant of that fact. Minnorak’s words reached her, but it took a second for them to process. She blinked, but kept moving. Why was he talking like he was in charge? There was no time for this. He clearly wasn’t with the railroad - didn’t even have a name tag. “What…yeah sure, I’ll just be a minute.” She gestured with her visible hand for the other Vortixx to stand aside as she passed, looking for whoever needed help or someone actually in charge on this train. OOC: @Tarn @oncertainty @Nato G
  24. Wow, that's an impressive result! The 7zip file is "Unavailable", but it's clearly a big improvement. It even looks like it could have been the original, uncompressed image; great work! This could help out the sandy beach textures the most, since there's only so much Photoshop could do with such a noisy image.
  25. Looking at the games mentioned, I surmise that I am much younger. I didn't have any consoles growing up, nor many toys other than Lego, so www.lego.com was my one stop spot for Gaming, I have fond memories of many games there: The first I can remember is the Dino Attack game-in which you drive a car with instant acceleration (sounds fun but it makes it real hard to drive) and run away from insta-death mutant lizards. Some very fractured memories of Aqua Raiders games, although I think I played that on a Flash Game site a bit later. THE GOAT, CRYSTAL ALIEN CONFLICT (Okay, well MNOG is great in a story-telling way!) is really up there for me, little me had never heard of a live strategy game so it was quite the challenge and in the end I enlisted my dad's help to pass some levels. The Power Miner games where mainly just small ones, such as the rock monster long jump game, that was more my skill level. Whilst I wasn't into Bionicle back then, I do remember playing the Phantoka Battle for Power games and once again needing dad's help especially on the pursuit one. There was also the Lego City/Agents free roam game across several years, that was a weird one as it was the first time I'd seen a game that crosses over themes. It had a mixture of things to do such as time trials or item collecting, even some Agents shenanigans. There was also a plethora of Racers games over the years, one, likely back in 2006 was terrifying for me, you drive around a city and cops chase you (I guess like Smashy Road huh), that was the height of adrenaline. Then there was the Space Police games, I don't really remember them much, they weren't as interesting. Other time I think TLG realised it wasn't worth their time making flash games or at least, challenging ones, as older kids would just graduate to other stuff. Thankfully there was that library of old games to play so I would revisit Crystal Alien Conflict etc. Although even that would eventually get removed. However, as games dwindled on the Lego site, there would be a brief renaissance: The Pharaoh's Quest Game and The Dino Game. These were awesome. Both were side-scrolling, multi-level games with collectibles, bosses, puzzles and unique environments. After that I would slowly stop visiting the site and eventually the game archive would disappear but those games were a great send off to the flash era. Great memories. Footnote: You know, I think I remember coming across the name 'MNOG' in the index but for little me it just didn't sound interesting, if only I did play it then, that would have been cool.
  26. Ah so you are the man behind the slaughter...or should I say behind the legend? Really cool stuff here and that's quite interesting seeing the behind the scenes work. I'm sure like many, I've been considering making a mask for years now. Do you have any future costume ideas planned?
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