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  2. I think it turned out really good this year. The website really added to things.
  3. Voltex

    More Art

    Just the other day I shared a bunch of cover pieces from some of the Bionicle campaigns I run on Discord, and just last night SPECTER L completed their latest piece for my horror campaign, Glass! I commissioned it for "Book I", A Midnight Requiem, and as I like to do with everything in Glass, I hid away various secrets of my own within the cover. Many have been uncovered by the players on the Discord already, but a few still remain hidden This cover features @Jakura Nuva's character in the campaign, Dale Eisenhorn. He's an Agori who worships the Moon, but he's in a spot of trouble with the Green... like with last time, if you click the image you should be able to see a higher quality version.
  4. This year's BIONICLE Day has passed recently. On that occasion, I was browsing YouTube videos, searching for the phrase "#BIONICLE" and found a lot of things that I simply hadn't heard of. We've all heard of canon contests, Quest for Mata Nui and Masks of Power games, even the small project like Kolhii Champions is well known. But there are things like animation "Secrets of Metru Nui" or animation trailer "BIONICLE Forsaken" (author of second project started even a Minecraft server with whole Mata Nui Island to explore, which looks great) or something more obscure like "Project K" which have not received the support they deserve, so I'm here to give you links to vids found by me and ask you to share with your finds I'm curious what Bionicle projects are still in production Project K: BIONICLE Forsaken: Mata Nui Minecraft Server:
  5. Never thought about that. I think he's like Furno. Fresh new Hero.
  6. i honestly belived they would pick something like brick-made Tahu, as it fits thier 90 years thematic. That one is good too, little odd, but good. Congratulations.
  7. I read in Wikipedia that LEGO were trying to legally fight with copycats, but due to the fact that all of LEGO patents have expired, that answers my question pretty much fine. There is no legal way to somehow sue other companies, exept the fact that they use word Bionicle, which is trademark of Lego.
  8. it looked like Dume was speaking to Makuta tough. Anyways, i tought Dume was bad guy, when i watched movie for the first time.
  9. This is the answer, more or less. Makuta was simply looking in a mirror. It wasn't the first time he had monologued to himself either, and wouldn't be the last, so in that sense it is consistent with his character as well.
  10. IC: Raika Rivulets of calm crept through the panic in Raika's chest, until she could breathe steadily again. There was some anxiety, still, about their new arrival getting inside of her head so easily. But… the calm wormed its way deeper and deeper, until it pushed slowly through the wall that had been holding back all of the Menti's emotion like rain through a fortress wall. Their shaking intensified, now also fuelled by sheer exhaustion as the last two days' events caught up with her. Two meals, an hour's sleep. The days settled on her like snow, bringing a gentle numbness, a relaxation… Ice ran through Raika's veins as she felt the gentle pressure against her mind. Willhammer The barriers around Raika's mind slammed up, iron-hard and frosted with hostility at this unwanted intrusion. Hostility and panic. What would happen if she found out, my brave little warrior? Little boy, who wore another's armor and fled when his village burned? The immediate rush of fury and betrayal was tempered by something half-remembered from childhood. Seeing her mother, holding a sobbing warrior close, the pain draining from her face. The utter, complete calm of that room. The safety. Healing. Mitsuri likely thought she was helping. Shame flowed across their mind for the third time that day, and some of the frost on her barrier walls melted. But barriers they remained. .:...Please… stay out of my mind:. spoke Raika, as steadily as possible. .:I… thank you for your effort, but that is something you need my permission for, Vilda Mitsuri.:. She felt a knot in her stomach even as she said this. Like she was already driving a wedge between them. .:... I am not angry,:. she said, letting some of the tension leave her shoulders, .:just… tired. Perhaps a bit on edge.:. She couldn't stop the almost violent shaking of her body. The cool panic that had kept her going had been thoroughly drained away, to be replaced with bone-melting exhaustion. Through the haze, they spoke .:...my…p-promise… still stands.:. @The UltimoScorp@Keeper of Kraata@ARROW404 @Click
  11. Yesterday
  12. It makes a great deal of sense that Matoran, who were intended to be nonsapient components in a greater machine, would have their individual designations ('names') within the system originate as purpose-verbs (eg, construct, analyze, record) rather than anything else. We could even look to more ancient Spherus Magnan concepts from which the Great Beings presumably drew their language of construction; Glatorian may share that element if it refers to "someone whose purpose is to fight" or similar.
  13. IC: Azusai - Ga-Koro (Cael's Hut) Her wandering eyes settled on the green Toa, and a bit of a smile peeked across her face. "Ah, you're Miss Daring... Karoru has told me so much about you!" Then the grey Toa kneeled down to her level, and her attention snapped back. "Captain Kyhrilik..." Finding her manners again, Azusai offered a quick bow that almost turned into a stagger into his shoulder. "W-with all due respect... I have... lost my home, and the sea has become the closest thing to a home I have now. And if you can prevent anyone else from suffering the same fate as me, I will do anything I can to ensure that." She started softly and unsure, but her voice gained momentum and conviction by the end, and she knew it was true. OOC: Sorry for the wait, @Krayzikk @Snelly @otter @Lady Takanuva @sunflower
  14. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Outskirts She could feel the shy one quivering in her armor by her side, but her voice came through clearly and with impressive surety. Mitsuri's eye met hers through her Volitak's visor for only a brief moment before it was her turn to look away shyly, her Vilda pride trying to hide it in a wince and a turn to the Iden wearer offering a much appreciated drink, but her Vilda training instinctively projected a calming aura to try to ease the stress. .:I appreciate your kindness, travelers... and your conviction.:. She offered a gentle nod toward Raika as her other hand guided the flask to her own lips. She... reminded Mitsuri of someone. Not as brazen perhaps, but the determination, the kindness was there... but she shouldn't think of that now. For the first time, Mitsuri realized they had another unusual guest standing at a distance from their little huddle. He spoke up, offering a stiff bow to her. She nodded in return as she answered. .:You have a trained eye, Mashtet Ahri. Yes, I am Vilda Mitsuri, and this is my companion, Shinku. I am... relieved to hear others have found safe harbor nearby, and though I may have little to offer physically at the moment, I will do whatever I can to aid your noble venture.:. OOC: Apologies for the wait @Lady Takanuva@The UltimoScorp@Keeper of Kraata@ARROW404
  15. Congrats on 10k, and I think the island works better as its own build anyway.
  16. Hey man, don't feel too beat up about it if you don't get made. You did a great job just making it this far. I'm proud to be one of the supporters and I for one would buy the set if it gets produced.
  17. This is definitely a question that I've seen asked (and answered) before, but it was a long time ago and I don't remember the source for it... maybe one of the old Greg Discussion topics? I do remember that the gist of the given answer, though, was that Dume's chamber contained a mirror; so when Makuta-disguised-as-Dume entered, it reflected back at him his 'true' form, and he had a conversation with himself to practice keeping in-character as Dume.
  18. Are you offering to sell the 175 disk? I am highly interested in acquiring one if you are.
  19. Voltex

    Cover Arts

    I might share the variant covers for Verdant Wind at some point, they were pretty neat. And yeah, it's all still text based! It's easier to run that way, folks can just pop in and give a response whenever they're online.
  20. Last week
  21. That quote doesn't tell the full story. It's incomplete information that was never updated. Look here: https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/2003-2008/page193#post7709-line4,17 https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/2003-2008/page133#post5289-line4 "Actually, the sets were never "originally" anything, really, because the set designers don't think in terms of characters when they design. When they were shown to the story team, someone suggested that was who they could be. The head of the story team at that time, Bob Thompson, said no, because he might want to tell a Toa Nidhiki or Toa Dume story down the road and so he didn't want sets out for them now. The whole conversation took about three seconds at which point the idea was scrapped."
  22. "Swan Lake" from my beloved-but-battered music box.
  23. Hello, happy 810NICLE day USA people! Ran out of time to post this update on my project but as the Island is a build of it's own I'll just post it here: MNR_2022ISLAND1280×960 67.3 KB (Thanks to my brother, @eilrach for help with this, took us 2 or 3 days of work to get it like this, it’s not perfect but this along with 6 mini Toa Mata was going to be the final update) (Note: This was written just before it got 10k) Well, here we are, on the verge of 10,000 supporters. I won’t be able to update this once it hits the goal so some aspects such as the Island of Mata Nui won’t get seen here…although I will post a version of the GSR with that and instructions to Bricklink so keep an eye out for that! (I will stay true to my promise!) Gathered friends, thank you. When this started out, it felt impossible to get here, this was my first Studio build and I did not know if I would complete it. Once it was built, I did not know if people would be interested, but we did it, thanks to you, a Toa, a hero. Thank you all. Thank you Maskposting, thank you r/bioniclelego, thank you TTV Boards-my digital home, thank you BZP, thank you to all those who shared the message whether it be on “Biscord” or “Biogram” and thank you to all the people who gave input and advice-you were heard. And thank you to all those with other projects, who code and modify games, those with digital forges in which new masks and tools are made, who make mocs from worlds both strange and familiar, those who film stop motions, those who review and those who write new tales. You have ensured that Bionicle has never been gone. Whatever happens from here, Bionicle will continue to live on. I was brought into the fandom by fan works and I’m sure many more will be. I’ll end things off by quoting the lad himself: “All journey’s must come to an end, but this time, there is a new beginning as well. There will be challenges to face and enemies to fight, but I know you will overcome. All that has gone before, my friends, has only served to give birth to this new day. Let unity, duty and destiny be your guides. Be well, be strong, care for this world and for each other. Farewell.” - Mata Nui Greg Farshtey -Axelford
  24. Exactly my thoughts as the creator, the project is more symbolic if anything.
  25. I don't feel incredibly hopeful that this will be approved, but it's still awesome to see another Bionicle project make it this far.
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