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    Lead the charge with Chewbacca! Add a big Wookiee to your LEGO® Star Wars collection with this buildable and highly posable Chewbacca figure. Standing over 11” (30cm) tall, Chewbacca features ‘fur’ decoration, a detailed head, removable ammo belt and bag, and a bowcaster weapon with spring-loaded shooter and extra ammo. Young Wookiee warriors will love playing out heroic battles against iconic enemy characters. Buildable and highly posable Chewbacca figure features ‘fur’ decoration, detailed head design, removable ammo belt and bag, and a bowcaster weapon with spring-loaded shooter. Move the limbs into any battle pose. Blast the enemy with the powerful spring-loaded shooter. Extra ammo included. Features a sturdy and durable design for intense action play. Play out epic adventures from the Star Wars universe. Stands over 11” (30cm) high. Prize donated by The LEGO Group.
  2. I've tried adding a YouTube video to Episode 0, let me know if that looks good to you and I can work on adding them for the rest. Yes the image is very lo-res, I don't feel like recreating the old gif in hi-res.
  3. I won't be streaming on November 1st or 8th since I'll be out of town.
  4. Unfortunately not. I tried to find a plugin or something that would allow you to do that, but didn't have any luck. Maybe at some point we'll upload them to YouTube or something as well.
  5. Sounds good! Thanks for the heads up! I think we'll keep going with The Incredibles and I'll wait to see if Bricktales goes on sale. Even if it's only $5 off that'll be better than nothing.
  6. Sorry about that! It looks like I missed some permissions. Hopefully you can see it now.
  7. I've put together an archive of the original BZPowercast! Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback or suggestions.
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    Lead the Clone forces with posable Commander Cody™! Lead the Clone Army into battle with super-tough Clone Commander Cody™! This amazing buildable LEGO® figure has everything you need to recreate intense battles from the Star Wars saga, including fully posable limbs, custom orange clone armor, and buildable blaster rifle and backpack. So suit up, grab your weapon and prepare for battle! Features fully posable limbs, custom orange clone armor, and buildable blaster rifle and backpack Replay battle poses just like Commander Cody! Protect the Jedi against Empire attack! Sturdy and durable design for intense Replay intense battle scenes from the Star Wars™ saga Stands over 9” (23cm) tall Prize donated by The LEGO Group.
  9. So I was able to find the original files! Now I just have to figure out a good way to share them. I have some ideas that I'll get cracking on.
  10. Haha, I probably went a bit overboard on that 75-hit combo, but like I said, now I never have to worry about it again at least. Good to know about Dory! I saw that achievement and that was the first hint I knew that there were other Pixar characters in the game. It looks like there are three types of bags - do you know if one is better to open than others when it comes to getting certain characters? I haven't at all looked into how those are distributed yet. Good to know that I should focus on more than just crime quests and Incredibricks!
  11. Can you dig up a link to an old news story where they were mentioned? If I know the file path they used to be stored at I might be able to find them.
  12. Interesting theory! I'll have to remember that for any future level packs we play, so we can avoid it in the future. According to my spreadsheet, I'm 40.5% of the way through Incredibles and 34.9% of the way through Jurassic World, so even though they both have difficulties, I think I'll take the 5% boost and go to Incredibles! I definitely know we've come across some areas that need both Emmet and Unikitty, so that sounds like a good idea to add them to the collection!
  13. I do have the Joker and Harley Quinn pack, so we can definitely open that up tomorrow! I also realized that I do in fact have Incredibles digitally, so we can pick that up again next week if we want to.
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    Dive deep to grab the Golden Mask with Gali! Gear up for an epic underwater duel to claim the precious Golden Mask of Water! Attach the shark fins to the feet of Gali – Master of Water and dive deep to the ancient ruins in the oceanic crater. Connect the fins to the harpoon to create a powerful elemental trident to attack the Skull Spider. Activate the battle arm to fend off its attempts to pop off Gali’s mask. The all-powerful Golden Mask simply must be safeguarded from evil forces Features a BIONICLE® head with mask and mask pop-off trigger, 2 BIONICLE shells, tribal chest decoration, 2 shark fins, convertible harpoon/elemental trident (using the shark fins), wheel-operated bashing battle arm function and posable joints Also includes the Golden Mask of Water and a silver-colored Skull Spider Dive to the bottom of the ocean in shark fin mode Attach the shark fins to the harpoon to make an awesome elemental trident Turn the wheel to power up the bashing battlearm Don't let the Skull Spider pop off Gali’s mask! Battle for the Golden Mask of Water Highly posable and durable for intense action play Combine with 70780 LEGO® BIONICLE® Protector of Water using building instructions available at LEGO.com/BIONICLE to power up for ultra elemental battle! Stands over 8” (21cm) tall Prize donated by The LEGO Group.
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