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    Definitely not cutting up the curtains to sew clothes...or drawing on the walls...
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    •Sewing & pattern design...despite a lack of training. Still learning a lot!
    •An occasional bit of fiddling with leather
    •Cooking & baking
    •Making stuff, mainly massive messes
    •Baby ducks
    •Baby Yoda
    •Formerly giving stroller rides to dogs and a little bit of dance
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    • Coffee!
    And now merely trying to rebuild a home for my ma with my little miter saw.

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  1. Oh how blessed to be blogging! Even for a slight scrap of an entry, for it feels as though it’s been a century. Six months have slipped by in this adventure, under six more and current content shall be censored no more. In light of upcoming bird-day, I simply couldn’t shy away! Little, tired scrapbook styled cards. Drawn ink doodle original, then the printed b&w and filled with colored pencil. Only 4. Sewn on chicken feather. I haven’t a smidge of insight on what exactly this copper hollow object was originally. I found it in the crooked creekside green barn, naturally befriended it as a prospective pumpkin. Sanded, Barkeeper’s Friend shiny scrub, sewing machine sewn stemish stuff. And might grab the low-light graphite scans! Well, actually some are photos because no scanner access then. Done in May during definitely the worst week of my life, in someone’s shadowy basement. Guilt inherent, couldn’t pay rent, nor could my parent, nor would any take it. So, “Art, must make it!”. Rushed art crushed my detailing ideals. I would say I’m ashamed, but hey, at this point I cannot believe we’re still at all sane. 9x12” 1967 Chevelle, apparently. Thanks, Deputy. Seriously. Minis, 4x6’s Convenient when portraits are publicly hanging around houses. Reference from tablet photos of photographs. From a weathered wallet size fauna photo set. Bear baby- I now see I scanned in in too-low res, will redo eventually. Deer- Looks like maybe too low quality scanned too? RIP if so, gave it to a helper. Owl- This one was actually done at pasthome in April. First discovery work of “I can sharpen the mechanical pencil graphite bit finer in an open regular pencil sharpener?!” I completely forgot these existed until sorting out my costume and art trunk the other day. Is existential amnesia a thing? Six months, the number of our identities slumber. I’ve role-called in as the ragamuffin renovation & rat carcass removal robot, and given its continuation, it pervades my every thought. But the projects, to my ability, are vehemently vanishing. I can honestly say it's almost done and we somehow survived. I do apologize for the mandatory vagueness of all this, words are so powerless with no pictures to go with. Feebly, in disbelief, I’m rejoicing, starting to remember me, it feels so happy. Much more importantly to me, that same personhood phenomenon blazes in the eyes of someone who had absolutely lost her illusion of life. I truly like it, humanity. It’s beautiful, being alive. And I give a great gratitude to this dear old site. The raffles/contests here have literally made my year. It always felt comforting to me, here. So often my circumstances have uncontrollably crashed, but here stands this little relic of a community, rather unchanged. Virtual hugs, dear life, and what is left of BZP. Thanks to thee! “ ‘Dear old world', she murmured, 'you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.’ ” — L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables.
  2. Strange how survival mindset makes one oblivious to the six months without a dishwasher until the second a splendid scrubber is setup! 🍽️

  3. *my uncontrollable excitement upon blog returns* Yay and welcome back!
  4. Mushy the Mushroom

    All Hallows' Day

    Beautiful, gives off major The Great Pumpkin vibes, but far surpasses due to cat content!
  5. "Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman" Youtube audiobook/reading.
  6. 🌲Would you believe? Two months precisely until Christmas Eve!



    1. Bambi


      Best day of the year, not up for debate

  7. I launch a spinning top, hectic hopping in your direction causing you to drop the mask for my collection. My mask.
  8. oh look an active user 😎

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Oh my, a rare profile comment, what a fine surprise! Hello!

  9. "Brighter Than The Sun (feat. Lucy Grimble) - Rivers & Robots".
  10. Pressing question: 

    Are you facing your fruits again? Shall the tradition live on? 🎃

    1. Bambi


      Honestly I forgot about it lol. Not sure, I'll have to see how busy I am around that time

  11. I find a mirror-like portal to an enchanted fantasyland, skip there out of your universe, and return to break the earth control and mask grasp-curse by the healing power of a nice nymph nurse's medicine purse. My mask.
  12. Yay, for today it's mememaster @Heyzorks birthday, a fine event to celebrate! 🎂 [Party Llamas in honor, as your avatar reminds me a bit of one!]
  13. I invite you to a game of musical chairs with some woodland bears for a prize of money, but you drop your mask into a nearby vat of their harvest honey while I grab it up and go off running. My sticky mask.
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