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  1. Been playing Devin Townsend's "Lightwork" on repeat.
  2. I unfortunately don't have any 3D printed parts to participate, but I just wanted to say this is an awesome idea for a contest! The 3D prints have brought a lot of fresh material to Bionicle, and the above MoCs are great examples of that. The intricate design on that orange chestplate is really cool, tourmalinex.
  3. Awesome list! Coup is one of my favorite games ever, and I highly recommend the sequel "Coup Rebellion." It's the same structure, except there are a couple dozen different cards which are randomized each session. Makes the game way more dynamic. Settlers is great too, had a lot of fun times with that. I'll have to check out some of the ones you highly recommended, they look fun. You ever played Dominion?
  4. There are a couple tracks from Within Temptation that I love. I've listened to "Mother Earth" many, many times. The only metal I really listen to is an album here and there that gets recommended to me, but they comprise some of my favorite music. I love TOOL, I've listened to Fear Inoculum more times than I can count and most of their older music too. Also saw them in concert. Also "In Cauda Venenum" by Opeth, and Moonspell's first couple of albums. Nightwish and Rhapsody of Fire are great but I don't listen to them too much anymore.
  5. Today I started listening to "Empath," the album by Devin Townsend. It's great.
  6. Been enjoying Frostpunk. I just got a 3060ti and WOW it's nice to play with some good graphics.
  7. Wow! This is a great idea, and you've done a good job with it so far. What a cool way to breathe some fresh life into the old Bionicle.
  8. Just want to share this pic of my son playing with some Bionicle sets for the first time. It melted my heart, if anyone else will get it it's got to be you guys! My plans to indoctrinate the babies are finally coming to fruition. 🤨
  9. Mine are disassembled and stored haphazardly in the shed. I'm hoping my children will take to them when they are older, but even if they don't, I doubt I'll ever have the heart to sell them.
  10. "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.
  11. When I find the time to game, I have been playing Spiritfarer. It's really fun, and has a very original structure and pace. I also happen to love both base-builder and ocean-exploring games, and Spiritfarer satisfies both game styles.
  12. Nescent

    Axonn and Mazeka

    Love it. I always considered Axonn to be my favorite set.
  13. put-out-the-candle-put-it-out.gif.97aab87c94b900808488bc256c2e12ba.gif

    Wishing you a superb birthday, and oh my, what a charming profile cat! ^_^

    -Spontaneous citizen birthday greeter.

  14. I found out when Ehlek's elbow broke the first time I built him straight out of the canister. So, 2007.
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