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  1. What kind of material are the printed parts made of, they look very good. I use a Flash Forge Adventure 3 for my printing.
  2. This is my orange beetle kaiju, that I sent to the 2022 Convention Circuit. My creation contains 20 custom parts. 15 of his parts are printed in orange ABS filament the other three parts; his mask and ankle caps are printed in PLA+ gold silk filament. He has two special parts made to hold 3 ball sockets; these are in PLA+ Black. I spent 2 weeks on creating my own 3d models and 2 days printing and cleaning the parts that I created. Mecha Gamera is another MoC that I sent to the 2022 Convention Circuit. This one only has 3 printed parts and they are made out of Platinum Silk PLA+. This is one of my more complex designs because of all the fitting it utilizes to hold him together.
  3. I made my original mask of light and shadows before seeing the mask of light movie, I got my first large Bionicle and it was the 2001 Makuta. I used the mask of shielding as my “mask of light” in my drawing. I also thought that Makuta was the Toa of Shadows. Before making this one you see now, I had light on the left and shadows on the right. However, that did not test well because left and right are analogies for good and evil.
  4. I am also going to donate some masks and items to BZPower, so that they can be given always as rewards for sending MOC’S to Lego convention.
  5. Thanks, I worked on that one a lot (Mask S&L). Anyway, this is Icarax with my 5-hole Kraahkan on.
  6. I real like how my pearl gray Kraahkan came out.
  7. I have been hard at work recreating some of my favorite masks. The only 3d model I did not create was the board game Ignika, this was a 3d model that I found on Thingiverse, that I remodeled to work with the 2001 Toa Mata Heads.
  8. A collection of resin masks that I have created for sale. US $36.00 or Best Offer Shipping $10.40 https://www.ebay.com/itm/175498314339
  9. The image on the disk of time is printed on to it, the collector I know says you would have to reprinted it on the mask somehow. However, you could get fake discs from playsets fond on Alibaba’s now (aliexpress). They just have a disc of time printed on them, but don’t have a gradient. Also, you could get knock off of the golden mask of life from some sellers as well.
  10. This mask was made using 3d resin printing technology. The mask is made from transparent resin, it is airbrushed black then metallic paint is coated onto it. After that it is painted to look oxidized. Then it is given a wash in metallic gold paint. After that the mask is clear coated to protect it from UV rays and handling.
  11. This is a 3d printed mask that I painted.
  12. You would have to find a way to not destroy the color gradient under the number of the disk of time. I don’t think that can be done by sanding or chemically removing the numbers.
  13. I have seen Black Huna ($300) molding error in person. The part in red is missing and is smooth out.
  14. Looking at the main post I believe the Tan Kraahkan is a casting. The color is the same as a casting risen material used to make (masters copies) for casting one time use molds.The purpose of a master is to avoided damaging a original piece. It looks like the mask has 5 flow points for risen also.
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