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    BIONICLE, History, Movies, Board Games, Music; favorite artists include: CHVRCHES, Grimes, Luna Shadows, Sasha Alex Sloan, Ava Max, MARINA, Taylor Swift, and Kim Petras.

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  1. Why should I care, if no one else does?  Has been my attitude towards a lot of things for a long time, but I never thought the day would come where I'd say it about my writing. 

    How much deeper can rock bottom's basement go? 

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom


      I care. I believe in you! 

  2. ASMR Alise rambling (technically the video is word association, but I'm still right).
  3. 0/10 should have waited for Skull Slicer. 😝
  4. That's actually really cool because those two are like long lost heirlooms or something. I've tried searching for them online (and I know most stuffed animals aren't like Beanie Babies with entire websites dedicated to tracking them), but I can't find anything about "The Windsor Collection Exclusively at Sears".
  5. I liked it when it was airing and some of the episodes lived rent free in my head for years to come. I stopped watching before the series ended and didn't even know they made a sequel until late 2022 when I decided to look up the show for old times' sake. For whatever reason, the episodes I wanted to relive the most were the ones where the monsters got into the real world and the alien movie one. The animated action adventure genre (AtLA, Ben 10) is my favorite TV genre and I think "Code Lyoko" was one of the better shows in it. I wish it got more love aside from showing up on the occasional "TV shows that deserve a second chance" video on YT.
  6. An orange...SHADOW LEECH! Knew I could remember it without going to BS01.
  7. Happy 10 year BZP anniversary! 

  8. I mean it's no weirder than the names I thought up. Kultatrix Kixik Kalax Ku-Xek
  9. Ah yeah, that's a big one. I was thinking about that the other day that Greg could have revealed it anytime in the last five years and literally nothing would happen, but nope we're never going to know. Probably starts with K and has a X in it.
  10. Is there anything the Bionicle community hasn't done yet? (Except discover the identify of who sung the Piraka Rap obviously)
  11. Should have named it "The Corpsemobile 2.0". But no seriously cool little moc, really like the wheel design.
  12. Thank you! Really cool that you've acquired many of the same ones especially Mr. Atonomi (yes I know it's spelled Punxsutawney, but I can't even spell it now without googling it so he's Mr. Atonomi). Axolotls for the win.
  13. Thanks. Your comment got me wondering why my lego and stuffed animal hobbies never clashed as a kid and I'm guessing it's because back then I mostly got animals from yard/garage sales (and still found some good stuff). I'm pretty sure I've only found Bionicle sets/pieces at exactly one sale I went to.
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