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  1. The Matoran rendition of my self-moc, Poraru, built for a Matoran collab I did with some other builders!
  2. The latest version of my self-moc, built for my last article for New Elementary, comes with a pretty major life-event announcement as well; I've been hired by The LEGO Group as a Model Designer!
  3. My take on the Agori of the Rock Tribe, Atakus.
  4. Another build made for my 2022 Ninjago reviews on New Elementary.
  5. The old homepage now on .info won't be going away though, right?
  6. I built this blend of the movie-style Rahkshi design and the funky deviant creatures from the recent Eternals film for an article on New Elementary delving into the satin blade piece found in the sets it got.
  7. A revamp of Hakann, built for New Elementary.
  8. Built for my latest New Elementary article, this Tahu revamp focuses on using the recently introduced SCCBS pieces found in the EVO sets from the latest Ninjago wave. Check out the article on the site for additional photos, insight and mocs!
  9. After a lot of work, our celebration of the 20th anniversary of Bionicle at New Elementary has kicked off! You can check out the full article including mocs from other contributors right here: https://www.newelementary.com/2021/11/lego-bionicle-20th-anniversary.html Among the builds I've created for this project is the Lifebringer, showcasing the usage of the 2004 Matoran torso element. Stay tuned for the continuation of this series!
  10. Built for the latest Time for Crab collaboration
  11. One of my mocs that I built for my recent article on New Elementary, which you can read here: https://www.newelementary.com/2021/08/5x5-fest-aron-gerencsers-mocs.html
  12. My entry for the community-wide Dark Hunter collaboration organised for Bionicle Day.
  13. Pretty amazing that this long after the beginning and even end of G1, pieces of history still pop up. Nice find!
  14. I haven't had the free time to cook up a proper entry for BBC Contest #78:The Good 20-20! unfortunately, but out of nostalgia and solidarity I was determined to participate in some way. As a result, I whipped up this quick and simple Matoran build dedicated to BZPower member and fan comic creator Dark709. Early in the history of Bionicle and BZP, as a wee lad and eager fan I happened upon Dark709's comics which introduced me to the fandom. I'd spend years lurking before joining the forum in 2007.
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