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  1. For question 4. - No, they remained in their Mahri forms. I'm not certain if their armor lost the breathing apparatus used in the Pit, but there wasn't any major change in their armor or appearance. And for 9. - Also no, I'm pretty sure even before it malfunctioned, the Red Star only worked on entities within the GSR
  2. I'm listening to Fábián Juli because her music is full with passion, and also because she recently died at the fairly young age of 37, and this is how we, mere beneficiaries cope. Everybody, this is Hungary in festival season: Juli Fabian & Zoohacker - Jazz and Wine (Official video) and if I may add one more: Juli Fabian & Zoohacker - Sizzlin'
  3. Thank you! It is brown because the animal in real life was also brown. And thanks for the compliments everyone. It is my first build and might be the last, as I am not a MOC builder. But this sad ocassion was yearning for a tribute.
  4. Our beloved beardie passed away, recently. Her name was Puku, after Takua's ussal crab. I wanted to commemorate her in some way, and considering her name, building her likeness from Bionicle parts seemed fitting. Due to an injury from before she came to us, she missed part of her tail and several toes. I tried to represent this as best I could on the model. Puku in real life:
  5. The government tried out the air defense sirens where I live....after that I had a pretty bad dream about bombings, where my community was crammed in a stadium (don't ask) and we needed food, so me and a few other people were about to set out for supplies. There were like 3-5 minutes between attacks, so we faced a pretty complicated task, but I woke up before the dream continued.
  6. It sits on my wishlist (mind you, I have only a few things there), but the backlog is huuuge. So, no new games for a while. Do you play it? How polished is the game so far?
  7. Yes, lost but not forgotten. Never have I ever pet a bearded dragon.
  8. Tad late, but welcome to BZPower!

    1. Scorporal


      Thank you Iaredios! This is really nice from you.

  9. I'm playing the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC. I'm happy that our computer keeps up with those stunning graphics without blinking. I was eyeing the Witcher franchise for some time, but only played it once or twice occasionally. But when I finally gave in this year, and pushed through the mostly boring first installment, I was surprised that I wanted to play through the second (and short) game twice. So yes, now I am here with the last one, and it's definitely the best part of the trilogy. It's even better to read the books in the meantime, since it makes a lot more sense with the full backstory.
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