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  1. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Abyss “Thanks for the help,” Savrehn replied as genuinely as he could. This wasn’t how he thought this situation would end, but maybe Mata Nui was feeling generous today. “We’ll be getting along, then.” He glanced to Atamai, then turned to Kreigero, placing a hand on the other Ko-Matoran’s shoulder once again. Savrehn gestured his head in the other direction. “Come on.” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~@Ghosthands@Goose
  2. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - The Iron Mahi “Probably should be careful with that in here,” Datrox said. He looked away from the device for a moment and glanced around the train car. “It uh, it looks dangerous.” He could tell it was supposed to be a weapon, and he preferred the amnesiac woman wouldn’t try to fiddle with it on a crowded passenger train. He looked to Kohra again. “So as far as we know, you’re somebody who knew a little something about tech. I guess that’s not a huge revelation for a Vortixx.” Datrox sighed. “Gotta be something that would set off a memory or two—get us somewhere. Which, speaking of getting us somewhere…” The Ta-Toa leaned back further in his seat. “Should be a smooth ride from here to Forsi. Then, we’ll be in Ga-Koro before you know it, and hopefully solving this whole thing. You’ve got that to look forward to.” There was a sudden feeling in his chest. Like he should be worried about something. “Although, last time I took the Mahi…nah, couldn’t happen again.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  3. IC: Surdo - Ko-Wahi - Obsidian Outpost “Well,” Surdo said, responding to Baszlin with a more awkward glance of his own. He hadn’t been sure whether to say anything or let the standoff resolve itself, but Quoribay’s threat had seemingly managed to convince Baz not to do anything hasty. Or, maybe he had just decided it wasn’t worth it right now. “We can kill eachother after the job is done, yes?” he said, looking around the room. He then let out a weak laugh. “Joking. Obviously.” OOC: @Perp@BULiK@Johnny Blocksville@Nato G
  4. IC: Surdo - Ko-Wahi - Obsidian Outpost “No?” he replied to Baszlin. “Oh, well.” They were greeted at the door by a Toa of Gravity, who Surdo did not recognize, but was clearly another member of the crew Quoribay was putting together. The Fe-Matoran put on his best impression of a friendly person. “Yes, right on time,” Surdo said as he entered, one last shiver passing through his body before the warmth of the indoors welcomed him. “I’m an old friend of Quoribay’s, way back,” he explained to the Toa at the door. “And this here is my new friend, and most-reliable bodyguard, Baz. Do not let appearances deceive you, he’s quite the gentleman.” Surdo then hurriedly limped ahead of Baszlin and the Toa, into the planning room proper. “Now, where is—” He spotted the other Fe-Matoran and let out a fake laugh, walking over to Quoribay and slapping him on the back—hard. “The man of the hour! The one who will lead us to success, yes?” Surdo grinned as wide as he could force his mouth to go. “What have I missed?” OOC: @Perp@BULiK@Johnny Blocksville
  5. OOC: Surdo and Baszlin from Ta-Wahi. IC: Surdo - Ko-Wahi - Obsidian Outpost As with the ferry before, the cable car ride was uneventful, although Surdo seemed noticeably nervous as it crossed the ravine into Ko-Wahi. It was, after all, essentially just a box with people in it, suspended high up with a non-zero chance for something to go wrong. It felt like something he couldn’t control. But maybe he was just paranoid. His worries alleviated once they reached the other side, and a slightly shakier Surdo limped out of the cable car and was met with a wall of cold air that made him shiver, even with his duster on. The Fe-Matoran swore something under his breath. “Does this bring back any memories?” he asked Baszlin, gripping the head of his cane tighter as another cold wind passed through his body. The Outpost was close by, and Surdo, not wanting to be stuck outside much longer, made his way over. He knocked on a wall as he entered to catch the attention of those already inside. “Honey, I’m home!” OOC: @Perp@BULiK
  6. IC: Surdo - Ta-Koro Ate the rest? Baz was a bit of an odd fellow, but he might have been less hinged than Surdo thought he was. That wasn’t a negative trait, however. Stable individuals would hold back too much, and stable individuals asked too many questions. “Interesting,” Surdo said, not breaking his gaze away from the path ahead. “You’ve been through quite a lot, then. I sympathize.” He noticed the brief staring contest out of the corner of his optic. “Remember, as far as anyone’s concerned we’re just passing through,” he said, limping along steadily down the street. “If anyone takes issue with that, we can take care of it.” He wasn’t really giving Baz free reign to commit violence if their trip through Ta-Koro was compromised, but it was a reminder that Surdo was not going to allow anything to get in between him and their goal. He wasn’t going to go down before he even learned what the score was. Eventually, they reached the cable car station. As a form of transport, it felt more precarious to Surdo than anything else they could take. But, it was the best, if not the only to get them to the Outpost. It certainly beat traveling on foot through the breadth of the Wahi to get there. He boarded, and the pair were on their way. OOC: Surdo and Baszlin to Ko-Wahi. @Perp
  7. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Abyss “He’s a bit of a free spirit,” Savrehn interjected, unable to stay idle. “Tends to wander ahead of us, but never get lost. Very brave, that one.” He glanced over at Kreigero. He wasn’t sure if the Toa had somehow figured out what they were doing, or if this was genuine concern for the wellbeing of a pet. More than likely, he just wanted to make the group nervous. “He’ll return to us when he feels like it. You know how Rahi are.” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~@Ghosthands@Goose
  8. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - The Iron Mahi An eyebrow was raised under Datrox’s visor. There were a couple reasons Kohra would be able to know that, but he wasn’t sure which of them were more likely. “Does that mean you used to work on it?” he asked, although Kohra had so far not struck him as the engineering type. “Maybe you were interested in machinery before…whatever happened.” He turned to the window, looking out at nothing in particular. “Sorry for grabbing your hand like that, by the way. I just didn’t want to lose you in the crowd.” He shrugged. “Figured I would pay for it later.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  9. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - The Iron Mahi “From one end of the Wahi to the other,” Datrox explained as they walked, “it makes a couple stops but the important one right now is Forsi.” Once the station was in sight Datrox started walking a bit faster, but not enough that Kohra couldn’t keep up. “From there we can ferry ourselves to Ga-Koro. Who knows—maybe a change of scenery alone will jog something in your memory,” he added, trying to give his companion some hope. The station was busy with commuters, and Datrox became concerned he could get separated from Kohra. Without thinking he took the Vortixx’s good hand as they slipped through the crowd and quickly boarded, Datrox taking the seat closest to the window. He let out a sigh and reclined in his seat. “Do you think you ever took the Mahi before you lost your memories?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  10. OOC: Surdo and Baszlin from Ga. IC: Surdo - Ta-Koro The overall trip on the ferry was uneventful. Surdo had spent most of it staring into the eyes of the Muaka head on his cane, deep in thought about the work ahead. Some times if he did it long enough, he could swear it was staring back in confusion, questioning his motives or why he would even agree to help Quoribay. But Surdo had his own plan. And if things went how Quoribay wanted to, and they reached this score, whatever it was, then— —once they arrived, the Fe-Matoran kept a steady pace, optics locked ahead. From the dock, then onward to the village of fire, the next step was the cable car and avoiding the attention of the guard—if they would even be noticed. The warmth here was welcome, and made Surdo dread the upcoming chill of Ko-Koro more. “Does Ta-Koro ring any bells for you, Baz? Bring anything to mind?” he asked his companion as they walked. “I’m sure you’ve been here before.” OOC: @Perp
  11. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Tidalpool Inn Surdo paused mid-step and looked over his shoulder at Baszlin, almost appearing embarrassed. “Right you are. right you are,” the Fe-Matoran said, then turned around as if his foot was on a swivel and began marching—if you could call a limp a march—towards the Bay, passing by Baz and nodding to himself. If any other events were happening in the Koro, they seemed to not exist to the bossman as he made his way to the ferry and prepared to board. “Away we go, then.” OOC: Surdo and Baszlin to Ta-Wahi. @Perp IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea Nale glanced over at something. The drinks still seemed to have an effect on her, because she then turned to the group with a somewhat confused expression and asked, “Is that a dragon over there or something?” OOC: @~Xemnas~@BBBBaltawhoever all is here. Good lord.
  12. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Dustpool Inn “Maybe it was just a freak accident that caused it,” Datrox replied, struggling for decent answers. “Maybe someone did it to you. Some people have nasty abilities and they use them in nasty ways.” A pause, and then he suddenly backed his seat up, the sound of it skidding across the floor audible through the building, and stood. The Ta-Toa leaned against the table. “I don’t think I’m hungry anymore,” he said, not looking at Kohra. A bag of widgets fell from his cloak onto the table as he turned to leave. “I’ll be waiting outside. We have a train to catch.” With that, Datrox left the inn, not sure what to think of the situation anymore. He was doing a good deed here, right? He would help Kohra find her memories again, surely. Nothing could stay lost forever. But something was nagging at him. Something was not right with her—besides the amnesia, and besides whatever was wrong with her arm. There was something else going on. He would figure it out sooner or later, he thought, but he preferred sooner. Datrox tapped the side of his Huna and his visor fell, clicking back into place and obscuring his optics once again. Protecting him. The Toa of Fire sighed and leaned against the side of the building, arms crossed, and waited for his companion. OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  13. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Dustpool Inn Odd question, he thought. “I see a woman,” Datrox answered, matter-of-factly. “A woman going through a lot right now.” The Ta-Toa shrugged. What more could he say? “If there’s an answer you’re looking for, I’m not sure what it is,” he continued, glancing down at his plate before pushing it across the table to Kohra. “I don’t know—I want to understand what’s wrong. Maybe then I could see what I’m missing.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  14. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Tidalpool Inn “Yes, yes,” Surdo replied, as if just now remembering. “Obsidian Outpost, Ko-Wahi. The meeting. Wouldn’t want to be late for that, would we?” He glanced down at a bare wrist before shuffling quickly towards the door. “Knowing Quoribay, we might just get there before him,” he said. “Hmm, if we stop by Ta-Wahi we can take the cable car up there. Just have to watch yourself around the guard.” Once he was outside, Surdo slowed his pace. There was a noticeable change in his gait to make himself look more unassuming…even with an armed Skakdi bodyguard. “I think we’ve outstayed our welcome here, anyhow.” OOC: @Perp
  15. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Abyss He watched the Hapaka run off, recalling his previous suggestion he had made. Maybe someone would come looking because of Reyal, but he did not feel the same kind of hope Kreigero did. When the sound of the Hapaka running off began to quiet, paws against ice no longer audible, Savrehn turned back to the metal door before them. The pit in his stomach was still there and, if anything, had just gotten heavier. Now they were left to wait in silence, he thought. He wasn’t sure what to do now. “If we make it out of this,” he said, looking at Atamai, “don’t write it or this place down in any of your histories.” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
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