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  1. IC: Surdo - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (First Passenger Car) Surdo peeked over the seat at his Skakdi companion and the Lesterin woman he was conversing with, ignoring the fight happening behind him for a moment. “Baz! What are you two talking about over there?” He felt around the floor for his cane, optics still mostly on Baszlin. “These people are not our acquaintances, don’t just—” he flinched at a terrible noise, “—start giving her information! Are you listening?!” IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi “Right,” Datrox replied. The itch had now spread through his entire arm, and he could feel his fingers move independently of eachother, impatiently grasping at air. “Wouldn’t want that.” A creak of metal, no doubt something the heisters were doing, gave Datrox what he hoped would be enough distraction to quickly launch his lightly-armored form past the Vortixx and over the seats next to him (a move that would have probably looked familiar to Minnorak, albeit with less effort), before leaping back into the aisle just behind him. Datrox was now in the next car proper. “You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve been on a train and this has happened. Funny, right?” His sword arm was finally satisfied as he drew his weapon, although he hadn’t taken on a combat stance just yet. He had to let the Vortixx make the first move, but first.. “You got a name?” OOC: @BULiK@Perp@Morgan Yu@oncertainty@Vezok's Friend@Nato G
  2. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (First Passenger Car) “Ah, so you are the conductor!” Datrox did not move from his position, instead trying to push into the other car casually, as if the Vortixx’s words had only sort-of registered with him. “My friend came through here, was trying to bring her back to her seat and—you wouldn’t know where she went, would you?” Noise erupted from the front of the train. “Engine trouble?” Datrox asked, with only a hint of sarcasm. His sword arm was starting to itch again. IC: Surdo - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (First Passenger Car) Surdo winced, dropping his cane to cover his audio receptors. He had been more caught off guard by Karmine firing than the actual guard. Things just had to escalate didn’t they? The Fe-Matoran clambered over a nearby abandoned seat to take cover behind it. Combat was not his job, that was everyone else’s. OOC: @Vezok's Friend@Nato G@BULiK@Morgan Yu
  3. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (First Passenger Car) Datrox smirked to himself as he walked away from Dolbren. He knew better. The other Toa was there for a reason. But their game was over, and he had made no attempt to impede Datrox which meant he knew something he didn’t. As long as he wasn’t getting in his way, or actively doing anything worth stopping, Datrox was content to leave him behind in the other car for now. Besides, he kind of liked the guy. As he crossed into the first passenger car, Datrox almost bumped into Minnorak. Attempting to peer over the Vortixx’s shoulder wasn’t much use given the height advantage he had, but from what Datrox could tell, Kohra was missing. The loud gust of wind coming from an open window told half the story. Datrox wasn’t going to assume the worst yet. And he was, at the very least, going to try his best to be very annoying to the people causing problems on the Mahi. Keep your friend out of trouble. Failed step one. Keep yourself out of trouble. “Pardon me,” he piped up to Minnorak, trying to gain his attention amid what was happening. “Are you the conductor?” Failed step two. OOC: @Vezok's Friend@Perp@oncertainty@Krayzikk Going by the layout Perp made for this one and putting Datrox already halfway into the other car. Can you believe he's been there for basically a whole year?
  4. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (Second Passenger Car) “Kohra—” He took a couple steps after her and began to reach his hand out in vain, quickly putting it back at his side. Datrox stopped and looked back at Dolbren. “…I think you’ve pried enough, yeah,” he said, still half-thinking about the things the Ba-Toa had said to him. Maybe he was right, but for now that wasn’t important. Datrox looked towards the cargo cabin, then back down the aisle to the other passenger car, at Kohra. “I didn’t want to get the Sentinels involved anyway,” Datrox admitted, “especially if it turns out to be nothing, after all.” He said the last part in a way that, to Dolbren’s ears, sounded awfully insincere. The longer he had spoken to the other Toa, the more Datrox was becoming more and more convinced his paranoia had been right. He didn’t want to be apart from Kohra. In a situation like this, where he wasn’t fully sure what was going on yet, Datrox felt more concerned about her than he had before. A couple of glances her way, even after she had gotten on the next car, gave away that much. Then again, even with her condition, Kohra was still armed. That gave him some peace of mind. And maybe some time. “I don’t want to leave her alone too along,” Datrox said, half-turning away from the other Toa and preparing to walk. “I think something else is going on here. At least, I have an idea. Maybe just a hunch.” He pulled back his cloak, revealing a lightly-armored body in a shade of maroon. He wasn’t sure what the Ba-Toa would do next, but the conversation felt unfinished. “So do you have any more words of wisdom for me before I go over there?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend@oncertainty@Nato G
  5. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Warehouse “I’ve got her!” Many events had played out in what seemed like a flash, but the moment she saw Nara falling, Nale found herself hard focused on rescuing her friend. Without even thinking about it she dashed forward, dropping her spear in the process, then threw herself towards the falling Matoran with her arms outstretched. For a moment, she wondered if she had miscalculated her position and would miss, only for Nara to land safely in Nale’s arms. The Fa-Matoran let out an audible “oof!” as she caught her ally, then a sigh of relief. “Hey,” Nale said, a slight smile on her Kakama. “You alright?” OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  6. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Warehouse “Ha, makes you stop and think, huh?” Nale smiled. Even though she didn’t look back at him, Nichou could tell from behind her Kakama. “That’s why it’s a good question to ask people, especially if you’ve just met—they have to commit to something.” It was important, especially in situations like this, to know whether the person beside you would be there when you needed them. To not abandon you in a scuffle, or focus on saving themselves first. Nale hadn’t been on many journeys yet, but she wasn’t going to let this one be her last. She slowed down just a bit, allowing Nichou to get closer and hear the Fa-Matoran as she lowered her voice slightly. “Thank you.” OOC: @BULiK
  7. IC: Surdo - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (First Passenger Car) “Then let’s get moving,” Surdo said, waving his hand around like he was ringmaster of the operation. He began to limp ahead of the others. “Stick close to me, Baz,” he said to his Skakdi companion. “I need you if anything happens.” He paused at the door and scratched the chin of his Komau, before turning around and looking at the only Toa present. “Karmine, you should go in first,” he said, pointing to their purple-clad ally. “Shock and awe.” IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (Second Passenger Car) Datrox gestured for Kohra to follow closely as he began to follow. He gave her a look, meaning Trust me. Behind her, the Ta-Toa could swear he could make out another figure in the next train car. Watching them. The tingle of suspicion went up Datrox’s spine again, but he made no obvious indication he had noticed the other person to Dolbren, nor did he alert Kohra. He then walked alongside the other Toa, lagging slightly behind to not bump shoulders with him as they walked the aisle. Datrox was looking at him the entire time, wanting to keep everything in Dolbren’s gaze visible to himself as well, his only blindspot being directly to his right and behind him. He kept the silhouette of Kohra in his peripheral. “Depends on how you define it,” he answered, playing along. “I say I’m from Ta-Wahi. But that’s not really my home, anymore. I’ve been away too long—been a different person too long.” To Datrox, he felt as if he had been a Toa longer than he had been a Matoran. His memories of life in his own village were hazy at this point, and Ta-Koro was not the same place he had known back then for some time now. “I have nothing to go back to.” He cocked his head to the side. “Are you trying to get home, Dolbren?” he asked, genuinely curious. OOC: @BULiK@Vezok's Friend@oncertainty@Void Emissary@Goose and @Nato G (I hadn't noticed Minnorak was looking into the other train car before, sorry Nato) @Johnny Blocksville@Perp
  8. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (Second Passenger Car) “Well, I can never say no to that.” The other Toa was speaking his language, perhaps purposely using the Toa of Fire’s own morals to keep him from the other passenger car. Datrox could still sense it—the underlying dishonesty. He needed Dolbren to slip up, or push him until he finally gave away what his real motive was. What was really happening here. In Datrox’s mind, there was only two ways to achieve this: interrogate him until he got tired of it, or #### him off. He seemed too firm for the first to work, but he could keep trying until option B was necessary. He glanced over his shoulder at Kohra before focusing back on the other Toa. “Datrox, once of Ta-Wahi. Now of…anywhere,” the Ta-Toa said, shrugging. “No place to call home.” He half-turned to begin walking down the aisle before pausing. Datrox’s gaze was briefly aimed at the floor as he raised a finger in the air. “Just one more question, though, Dolbren. We can walk and talk, or you can answer me right here.” He looked at the Toa of Gravity, once again locking optics with him. A faux smile was on Datrox’s Huna. He couldn’t give away too much of his suspicions, but he had figured out a question that would at least force Dolbren to think once more about how to answer. After all, if he was being honest about his name, would he choose to be honest again? Or would he lie, and falter in some way that would give Datrox the “aha” moment he was searching for. His excuse. His tone was that of an authority, asking a wayward Matoran what they were doing sneaking around at night, having already decided they were up to something. “Where were you planning on heading when you got on this train?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend@oncertainty@Void Emissary@BULiK
  9. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Warehouse “Mata Nui no,” Nale quickly replied, scoffing. “I just mean, so far it could certainly pass as someone’s very eccentric garden. I’m picking up the actual vibe, though.” She gripped her spear tighter. “And I don’t like it.” She focused her attention back on not bumping into anything, or any of the other members of the group. She didn’t have the capability like Nichou to see in low light, or even near darkness (one of the perks of being the kind of Matoran who usually preferred to spend most of their lives underground). Nale’s optics were moving back and forth, focusing on every corner and possible hiding spot in the warehouse. So far, so good. Maybe they would just be in and out, and this leg of the journey would be over quick. Or, maybe jamming this many people into a shady warehouse and attempting to stealth your way through would not have the best of outcomes. “You have my back if anything happens?” OOC: @BULiK
  10. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro (Outside Great Takea) “Yeah, a little,” Nale replied, crossing her arms and nodding. “There was a war, lots of ugly stuff. Imagine that, huh? You lose your memories, and all you remember is the most recent stuff. The bad stuff.” The conversation continued, the pair speaking as though they were the only ones there. Their words became static, difficult to parse from the rest of the group’s talk. Maybe they learned a little more about eachother, but Nale still hadn’t figured out why she found Nichou so fascinating. Just that she liked talking to him. All of a sudden there was a smash cut. The scene changed to the warehouse. Nale wasn’t sure where they were, and was beginning to question her own involvement in this “quest” as it was beginning to move into the territory of breaking and entering, along with soon-to-be robbery. But this is what they were looking for—it almost seemed too easy, for them to find it like this, unattended. She had her spear and buckler out, glancing around for any sign of a trap, or guard, or something. Somewhat subconsciously, she stuck close to Nichou as they brought up the rear. “Some place, huh?” Nale said to the Onu-Matoran. “I was expecting it to be a lot more shady. Well, I guess the plants make a lot of shade, but…that’s not what I mean.” OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @Harvali@Lady Takanuva @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel @BBBBalta
  11. IC: Surdo - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (First Passenger Car) Surdo turned to Baszlin, his expression changing to something of either confusion or pity. He suddenly felt guilty, as if he had misled his loyal retainer. Baz had understood, right? That this was part of the plan? Perhaps the Skakdi’s bit-detection system was off today. “Ah, yes,” he answered, placing a hand over his heartlight. “Thanks to your quick thinking, Baz, to…check on me. Must have been nothing too serious, just…” Surdo shook his head and sighed. “It’s not important now. We still have a part to play here, don’t we?” The Fe-Matoran looked around the car and smirked. “No sign of the Sentinels, and no sign of any would-be heroes crashing in to save the day. I believe our next move is the front engine.” OOC: @BULiK@Perp@Johnny Blocksville
  12. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro (Outside Great Takea) “I guess you could call it a quest. We’re looking for a plant,” Nale began to explain, “or maybe some kind of drug? Medicinal. Nothing illicit, as far as I know. Eita says he’s lost his memories, and the village healer told us that this ‘thing’ we’re looking for might be the answer. It’s called Miracle Cactus.” She put a finger to the chin of her Kakama in thought. “Hmm, although the name does sound pretty illicit.” Nale shrugged. “But whatever the case, that’s what we’re looking for. That’s our ‘quest.’” Nale looked over at the others. “Although, sounds like that other group has a problem they need solved, too.” OOC: @BULiK
  13. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Wahi - The Iron Mahi (Second Passenger Car) Datrox relented, just for a moment. “You’re right,” he said, taking a step back from Dolbren. “It is, after all, a good idea to leave these sort of matters up to authority, right?” He half-glanced behind himself at Kohra. Datrox wanted to do something irrational. He could tell something was going on and he needed to step in. But that would have meant putting Kohra in the middle of it, and in her current condition he wasn’t sure if that was worth it. His sword hand, if it could talk, would have been yelling at him. This isn’t correct, it would be saying. Draw the Blade. Show him you mean business. For a brief second, it seemed like his hand was reaching for his weapon, but at the last second changed course and rubbed the back of his neck. “Say—” Datrox then said, looking back at the Ba-Toa, “—what’s your name, partner?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend@oncertainty and @BULiK@Void Emissary@Goose
  14. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro (Outside Great Takea) “I’ll remember that,” Nale said, giving Nichou a glimpse of a genuine smile. She stood there, face to face with the other Matoran for a moment, before she looked down and realized she still had his hand in her grip. Nale suddenly retrieved her hand, almost recoiling. It was like she had suddenly remembered she didn’t like other people touching her. Well…most people. “Sorry,” she apologized, getting flustered all over again. “It’s nice to meet you. If you’ll be sticking around with us, that is.” OOC: @BULiK
  15. IC: Savrehn - Temple of Peace Savrehn was quiet for a moment, looking out across the snow. “No. But I haven’t in a long time,” he admitted, sighing. “At least, not any that I remember when I wake up,” he added. He shrugged. “Maybe that’s for the better—no nightmares.” The older Ko-Matoran scratched the chin of his Tryna, his optics briefly shutting before popping open again. He was tired. He produced his familiar flask and took a large swig, debated offering it to Kreigero, then put it away again. “Can’t stay here much longer,” Savrehn said, beginning to change the subject. “We’re still a ways out, and you’re still injured. I’ll let Atamai know you’re awake and we can start walking again.” He stood up, letting out a loud grunt as he straightened his back out. “Some story we would have if we could tell anyone about it, huh? Guess we could always settle for ‘trio of Matoran travelers almost die in wilderness; nothing else of note happens.’” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
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