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  1. IC: Skrall [Roxtus, Stables] Skrall didn't win battles by not fighting them, and he didn't lose campaigns by the result of a single skirmish. He resigned himself to another day, with his last act of defiance being spitting on the ground as he was lifted to his knees. Straining against the shackles, Skrall lifted himself into the cart. It was a nontrivial task, given he had been deprived of his full free range of motion. The sooner they got underway, the sooner opportunities would present themselves, and he could begin the next phase.
  2. IC: Nichou [Forsi, Papa Podu's] "Yeahhhh," Nichou agreed, trying to guide the conversation back to the two wayfinders among them. "So - Sigrus, weren't you navigating for ships? Do you even know the land routes?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Mel@Tarn
  3. OOC: Busy few weeks for me but I'm back on the grind IC: Skrall [Roxtus, Stables] Skrall once again experienced a lack of breath, however through different means to a few minutes prior. The grapple's yank tripped him flat on his face, dazed long enough for one of the nearby Skrall to disarm him.
  4. IC: Frii'Glokk [Ostia, The Dancing Crab] The armored skakdi, observing with his signature intensity until now, raised his gun-arm to the air. A strange parallel. "Grass is always greener." Having split the difference between the realistic and optimistic views of Zakaz given by the two Ga-Lesterin, the Fe-Skakdi looked Tailua in the optics and lowered the arm-gun back to his side. Time to finish the point. "Sometimes you need to get prepared on a different island before you're ready to return for payback." OOC: @Emzee @Ghosthands @ARROW404 IC: Quoribay [Iron Mahi, Middle Cargo Car] We waited for moment. No movement. Aside from the 'everything' that was constantly in motion because, we were on a train, I guess. No unexpected movement. Looked like we were in the clear. Still couldn't shake that feeling creeping up the back of my spine, but what the Karz, we had a job to do. "No and yes, respectively," I ordered Skrol. "You head the opposite of the way I go. If that isn't it then we double back to each other's car" I made my move, creeping up to the door that lead to the final train car. I opened it, bracing myself for the noise and the rushing wind, then carefully crossed to the other car. No wonder they typically don't want passengers to cross trains - that felt dangerous. Because it was dangerous. Not that I couldn't handle it - because I did. Effortlessly. OOC: @Krayzikk@~Xemnas~@a goose OOC: Nichou from Ga-Wahi IC: Nichou [Forsi] Forsi was on the border of Po-Wahi and Ga-Wahi, so much so that people from either city might disagree about which region. While it was nestled in the fertile crescent of Naho bay, If you took a short walk from the docks you would see the telltale tumbleweeds and cracked clay soil of the Motara desert's outskirts. Po-Wahi - A dusty museum of the duality of memory: Traveling with the companions. Hafu's kidnapping. Meeting Kyhra on a caravan to Po-Koro. Kyhra missing in action since the invasion of Ko-Koro. Traveling to Po-Koro with a reincarnated Aurax. ... Well, there wasn't a second calamity yet? Maybe things were getting better. CUT TO SCENE 27, IRON MAHI STATION Nichou lead the team to the Iron Mahi station, but it was closed for some unknown reason. The first indication of this before they could make out the 'CLOSED' signs was the line to complain to the ticketmaster. It stretched around the corner from the station, even longer than the line that the massive group of travelers created wherever it went. Waiting for a meeting that long would be a black hole of unparalleled proportions. Not that the group was in a rush or anything. There was just some excitement about Aurax's return home. Time for plan B. CUT TO SCENE 28, PAPA PODU'S FRANCHISE STORE #3 Near the end of a hasty lunch at the nearby Papa Podu's. The discussion picked up for the plan for the next phase of the journey. "Anyone here used to navigating the desert paths? Or should we just walk along the tracks?" OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Harvali@ARROW404@Mel@Lady Takanuva@Tarn@BBBBalta@EmperorWhenua@Rahisaurus
  5. IC: Skrall [Roxtus, Stables] There were a lot of words in lieu of action. Focus on words drew focus from reality. The pull on Skrall's shield was strong. Resisting would sap his power. So Skrall charged, intent on plowing into Skrall shieldfirst.
  6. IC: Skrall [Roxtus, Stables] His foe relenting his grip, Skrall immediately reached his right hand towards his back to withdraw his shield. As he brought it in front of him, he saw Skrall make his throw. He angled the shield and tensed his stance. The crate impacted the rounded surface, contents creating a muffled cacophony as they bounced inside. Skrall didn't have to stop the entire mass so much as absorb enough to deflect it to his right side. A growl. Three Skrall were ahead of him. Two had blades drawn, while the lackey resorted to words. Skrall consolidated his position by stepping backwards in pace with the one approaching to his left flank, while retaliating in kind. "I may be headed to the mongrels, but no Skrall surrenders his shield."
  7. IC: Skrall [Roxtus, Stables] When the soldier began to move for him at orders from special forces, the delinquent saw his options and chose the path of greatest resistance. He raised his hands in front of him, level with the ground. But as Skrall took hold of Skrall's right hand, Skrall's left hand was moving away. In fact, all of Skrall began to move in that split second from Skrall's grip finding purchase. His torso rotated counterclockwise as his entire body threw its force behind a punch towards the ground on his left. The sudden jerk to the left and down was meant to drive the latched-on Skrall off of his footing and into the dirt floor. Skrall's left hand reached the handle on his hip. It unsheathed the black blade of his shortsword and raised it to the ready. "No."
  8. IC: Skrall [Roxtus, Stables] Skrall continued to stand somewhat dazed, putting up no resistance. But at the question, his eyes glowed bright red for a moment.
  9. IC: Quoribay [Iron Mahi, Cargo Car #?] Having stowed away in cargo, naturally, we found ourselves to be in one of the cargo cars. But which? Obviously not the one with the ussal-less-carriage we were after, but we needed to find a way there so it was ready to unload once Dolbren made his way back here. And deal with any lingering threats along the way. For now though, the coast (aside from the ghost) was clear. To each side of the car was a door. Within that door was a window. Pretty easy to tell that to either side of us was another cargo car, but with the glare and how dim the insides of these cargo cars were, I couldn't tell which one was the prize. Or which way was the front of the train - until there was that loud creaking of metal to my left. Dolby was at work cooking up some chicanery. So that unintentional-but-definitely-intentional signal told me that the car on my left side was towards the front of the train (car number three out of five for any of you folks counting along at home) and the one to my right was the last car. Given the guards were distracted by the... uh... distraction that Surdo had choreographed, it was probably best to check that one first, right? WRONG! Now, rule number one of running a heist is to never fully trust your crew, especially if you plan on double crossing them. Skrol had successfully not ####ed me over so far, but who's to say the blind ####### wasn't just lucky? If the guards hadn't moved up front due to the whole hostage situation, they sure as Karz would want to check out why the train was screaming and being split in half. With a whispered "shh!" I tugged Skrol's shoulder to tell him to follow me, and then ducked behind another of the large crates on the floor. Luckily I didn't forget to put the lid back on over our old crate in the process. We would listen in case a guard ran past out of the caboose. OOC: @~Xemnas~@Krayzikk@a goose
  10. IC: Skrall [Roxtus] Skrall stumbled forwards at the prompting of Skrall, paying no attention to Skrall and Skrall infighting. They wouldn't get it.
  11. IC: Quoribay [Iron Mahi, ?th Car] I was so glad to be free from that little box, let me tell you. Finally, after the painstaking setup process, it was my time to shine. When Skrol gave me the secret signal, he began opening the secret compartment, pushing past the decoy fruits to reach the crate's lid. I took the liberty to grab a bula on my way out. One for the road, eh? I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched, but superstition wasn't gonna stop me. I gracefully lowered myself to the floor, all daintily-like in case Skrol had made a massive ####up and the coasts weren't completely clear (true). While I had confidence in the plan... the shivers did give me a bit of a spook. If you recall, priority number one was figuring out just where the Karz I was. Situational awareness, they call it. OOC: @a goose@Krayzikk@~Xemnas~
  12. IC: Tirveus [Roxtus, War Room] The general looked to the Skrall of the five that spoke up in answer, his glare pulsing deadlier upon examining just what was asking him the question. Inconceivable. He almost forgot the question, merely staring with discontent for a few unsettling moments. Skrall writhed against the wall. "Heading directly to Atero is foolhardy and pointless. The southern tourneys are not built equally - what matters strategically is the Great Tournament, and before the Great Tournament can proceed there are the exhibition matches. The first of which is in Tajun." "The fastest route is by way of Tesara, but -" Tirveus looked to Skrall, whose squirming was slowing down, the pace of panic simultaneously calmer yet twitching with more vigor. "You will go by way of Atero." His massive hand loosed its grip and Skrall slid down the wall, violently gagging against his own drool in a fight for breath. The pathetic crumple of armor didn't dare raise a finger. Head against the floor, he looked up at Tirveus with reverent fear. "Skrall here abandoned his watch, and many more paid the price of his incompetence. He is a danger to the strength of the Whole, and must be expunged." "Follow My River south past the Dark Falls until you see a lone mesa to your east. You will sell Skrall there to the Bone Hunters in exchange for safe harbor, fresh water, and future commitments. My Ordinarius will accompany you to project my will and make said arrangements." Atakus bowed. "You will continue southward until my river is truly dead, and you see Sandray Canyon to your west. Beyond that lies Tajun, and your first victory." "Requisition the necessary rock steeds and Spikit carts from the war stables, and leave without delay. There is a Skrall outside who has scouted these territories, he will be your guide through the wastelands." Tirveus kicked Skrall towards the five others, the disgraced warrior rolling on the granite floor. "Dismissed," he snarled.
  13. IC: Skrall [Roxtus, War Room] stinging aching pressure pressure PRESSURE IC: Tirveus [Roxtus, War Room] "Ah yes, there are some details to work out, aren't there," Atakus replied, tone showing that he had expected (and probably warned Tirveus of) something exactly like this. "Let them pass." The Honorguard pulled their glaives back. It was the closest thing to an invitation the fellow Skrall would get. Atakus turned and swiftly lead those who decided to follow to a deeper chamber, not bothering to check behind to see if any got lost in the stone halls of the bunker. The whole situation was boring to the rock triber. As the group got further in, the sounds from within escalated. Something smacked one of the walls. They emerged into the war room to see the lime-armored skrall leader pinning Skrall against the barren wall with one hand, the chokehold lifting the smaller Skrall off his feet. Skrall's weapons were on his back, his hands grasping against the titan's grip in vain. Atakus coughed. "Sir, volunteers for your arena campaign humbly ask for your consultation." Tirveus broke his stare with Skrall, turning his head to see the the strange mix of soldiers standing at the entryway. He frowned, both at seeing them and at his untimely interruption. "Well? I don't have all day." Skrall squirmed.
  14. IC: Tirveus [Roxtus, War Room] The assorted Skrall found their general where was expected - at the war room, conducting his business. Two honorguard Skrall stood outside the basalt bunker's sole entrance, and their glaives crossed to block the entrance as the ad-hoc contubernium approached. Around the corner behind the ceremonial guardians of the Skrall leader, an Agori walked into view. They could tell that Tirveus's office was occupied from the muffled sounds of pained grunts and fists finding their target, although Atakus looked calm as ever despite the scuffle inside. "You have business with the Imperator?" he droned. OOC: @ skrall
  15. IC: Frii'Glokk [Ostia, The Dancing Crab] Blue eyes were locked on the Toa's hand-gun. All else was still.
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