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  1. IC: Myhruk [Ga-Koro, The Fowadi] He paused for a moment. Who was to say that stepping foot on this abomination of flotation would not cause it to lose all buoyancy and suck him into the depths of Naho Bay the second he stepped foot on it? He didn't say a word as he put one foot on the gangplank, leaning forwards as if stretching his legs until it looked like he knee could go no further before crumpling in on itself. He flexed back and forth, as if testing the boarding ramp for any give or flex. On the fourth leg stretch, he bolted forward in a sprint up the ramp and over the side, as if the floor was falling under him but he could stay mid air if he just gained enough momentum. The Lesterin didn't stop until he reached the mast, which he hugged momentarily, his arms hitting it and bracing his impact like a spring before he flipped around to not-so-casually lean against it. Luckily, there was no way anyone nearby noticed.
  2. IC: Myhruk [Ga-Koro, Docks] He followed. At least this guy maybe knew where someone maybe was that could maybe get him somewhere. That was more 'in the right direction' than his own plan of 'wandering around'. "Yeah. Need to get to Slurpee™. For reasons."
  3. IC: Nichou [Ga-Koro, Streets] Nichou made a few mental notes as the handshake suddenly and rapidly deconstructed after existing well past its expiration date. Had he...? Or did she just...? He glanced back upwards, where one could easily imagine a proverbial red glow of embarrassment had been emanating from the vents on her Kakama's cheeks. At least, that's what the rest of Nale's body language could have easily suggested. You really had to be there. Yeah, probably her. Huh. The carpenter let loose a polite smile in response to Nale's reflexively apologetic demeanor, and nodded in agreement with her conclusion on pleasantness of their greeting. When the Fa-Matoran posed a hypothetical, the craftsman paused momentarily to look over his shoulder. "Looks like the lines between your 'us' and my 'us' are getting blurred by the second," he spoke as he saw Sigrus and Ranok deep in discussion with Eita, and Nara near a Matoran in wooden armor (Did either of them also do woodworking? A question for later). "So... yeah! (Probably)." "..." "Sounds like you all were on some sort of... uh... thing?" he continued to (quietly) ask Nale. He raised a hand to his modulator to funnel the sound of his voice away from the rest of the group, because the follow up was a whisper: "I wasn't really paying attention to what they were talking about and frankly, at this point I'm too afraid to ask." OOC: @Tarn
  4. IC: Kreigero [Temple of Peace] Yes, I am still injured (I noticed!), Kreigero refrained from sarcastically verbalizing. The Ko-Matoran carefully picked herself up. Reyal watched, still as one of the wahi's many frozen rocks, as if the event was nature's ultimate judge of health. Satisfied once she was on her feet and stable, the Hapaka turned to follow Savrehn. Huh. They strolled to Atamai to alert him to their march beginning anew. While they did so, the trapper continued to strike the conversation while the iron was hot. "Who's to say we can't tell anybody? Isn't the point of killing us so that we don't return and alert anybody? Guess they might hold a grudge... but I get the feeling we're already in that territory to begin with. Starting a rumor or two might let people know what's out there. Prepare better than we did." "...If anyone believes us and doesn't think this is all a cactus dream, that is."
  5. IC: Myhruk [Ga-Koro, Docks] Fowadi, huh? He wondered why this Toa looked so sad. Really sad that he can't help? Maybe. Hard to say exactly. At least, hard for Myhruk to be sure sometimes. "Well while you're trying to help, since you don't know anything and can't help me, do you know anyone who does know something and can help me get a boat ride to Sangheli?"
  6. IC: Myhruk [Ga-Koro, Docks] Why were people talking to him? It felt like all his life, Myhruk was never noticed by anyone, and yet this is the second time in recent memory that someone has gone out of their way to run into him. The Lesterin's eyes scanned this stranger, during the process of which the tall Seprillian looked down on Tekmo both physically and metaphorically. This dude wore a Shelek and he was asking politely if there was anything to do to help? Was Myhruk about to be on the wrong end of some prank? "Yeah, you a tour guide or somfin? I'm tryna to get to Sarsaparilla. Know if that boat-" he pointed to the Fowadi "-can take me there?" "Or uh, any other ones, but the biggest boat the better, really."
  7. OOC: Myhruk from Ta-Wahi. Oh, and here's some free vibes, don't spend them all in one place. IC: Myhruk [Ga-Koro] It had been a disappointing ride. Yeah, there were trees (Lots of them! Holy #### that was a lot of trees!) and sand (All weird and white, not the usual black or grey, very strange) and more water than anybody really needed, but a LOT was missing. There wasn't that musk of alloys, the nipping taste of tar, nor the wobbling haze of mirage. In fact, compared to the nearby buildings, his armor looked almost dirty. The horizon could be seen in all directions, and in one of them, it just went on forever! Spooky stuff. None of it made sense to him. It was all so alien. He walked the streets of Ga-Koro, marveling at how stupid the architecture was. Bet I could beat the #### out of one of those lily huts's walls. It was pretty scary to be on all those lilypads, floating over Naho Bay with nary a railing in sight (and some of them were pretty high up!). So unstable compared to Ta-Koro's solid foundation in the lake of fire. Nothing here looked as permanent as the buildings in Ta - if anything, Ga-Koro was just an assorted district of favelas tied to a dock that someone put too far out at sea. Mid-term, temporary housing at best. To be fair, perhaps all these hastily-constructed lily huts were built for the visitors. Yeah, he wasn't the only alien in town; hard to miss the crystal fleet. A lot of very wacky looking boats (though in his opinion, what boat wasn't?). He stumbled across the various lilypads, passing by a strange, super flat boat with no sails (How dumb were these foreigners?) as he slowly made his way to the one boat that looked like solid ground. Kinda strange how something covered in that much metal could float, but metal made a lot more sense for a warship than crystal.
  8. IC: Myhruk [Ta-Koro] "Likewise." The exchange completed, he strolled out of the alleyway, passing a gallery of dents along the way. After quickly grabbing a Infernavika burrito at one of his favorite stands, he snagged a seat on an Ussal-driven cart that would take the Hura Mafa trail to Ga-Koro. Myhruk left the frustrated kid back in his home of Ta-Koro. In that alley with all the scrapes he'd made. Myhruk saw how he had been holding himself back. To find out who he was, Myhruk needed to be someone else. Someone strong. A player of games, a bystander no longer. As he ate, Myhruk wondered when he'd come back to his home city. When he got back from Seprilli it'd be pretty awesome if he could tell - Wait. What was that guy's name? He'd never asked his name. ####. OOC: Myhruk to Ga-Wahi
  9. IC: Kihr [Spineless Bay] The old messenger's face didn't change a bit as Vekus looked up to him, nor when she asked him the obvious follow up. The decrepit man merely stood still, the soft wheezing of a mechanical breathing apparatus rising and falling with a tempo as slow as the tides. After the question, he began to stir from what one might have assumed was a standing slumber. He carefully turned around and began walking away from the setting sun. "Follow me," his grizzled voice announced. It didn't carry any disdain or intimidation. If anything, it was bored at the prospect of babysitting. Vekus brought this opportunity to the broker, so she had a responsibility to uphold. If it was a mission she believed in, she should have no problem supervising the excavation. The message being carried by an operative more senior (In more than just age) than Vekus was both a blessing and a curse. While he may enough enough to serve on Seprilli's Assembly, any manpower added security. What was unspoken was that Kihr was an assurance of a certain... compliance. Standards had to be kept - "trust, but verify." 'Cept Broker didn't trust.
  10. IC: Myhruk [Ta-Koro] As his brother in spirit continued to speak, the Lesterin slowly realized that swimming all the way, while not only being infeasible, was bad for another reason. One of his greatest fears was being on a boat and it sinking and him drowning like he did in his dreams every night. Swimming was like doing that, but skipping the boat part and bellyflopping right into the drowning part, and with no flotsam to cling to before hypothermia set in. That wouldn't do at all. "Hmm..." By comparison, a boat, as devilish a contraption as it may be, may be tolerable. As long as he didn't have to get close to the water. Like, maybe a big boat. If he was in a big boat with walls and there weren't windows, who's to say that wasn't the same as being drunk while being inside of a cramped building? And he did that all of the time in Ta. "Maybe." His hand clenched into a fist, but this didn't come at his advisor at any speed. The fist lingered in between them, ready to be bumped in classic Toa fashion. That's what all the Toa did, right? He'd be used to it. "Thanks bro."
  11. IC: Myhruk [Ta-Koro, Alley] He nodded pensively. He would take the jungle-raised's word on what things were like outside of the caldera. "Say, these guys who've started to remember things - any of them remember where to find this Seprilli place? How far away it is?" I guess the distance didn't matter that much if he couldn't swim in the first place. But if it was close enough, all he had to do was learn how to swim a little bit, right? Just point him in the right direction, and keep at it for a few hours? Surely he could learn to swim that long if he tried, if he had a good reason to. Maybe practice swimming instead of punching walls as an outlet for his angst?
  12. OOC: Recommended listening™: IC: Quoribay [Iron Mahi, ?th Car, ???] Y'know, I'd been in plenty of dangerous situations. On the run, taking hostages, fighting people in very dumb and dangerous ways against impossible odds. But I, the pro that I am, was always cool under pressure. It never 'got' to me like you read in the Mata Nui Daily about some guard members losing their lunch during a stick up, or like you see when some guard members lose their lunch while you're doing a stick up. Me? Never got the creeps, the willies, the makooties, whatever you want to call it. For as long as I could remember. This job though? There was this point when I had this feeling, this instinct, that something was off. I felt this... chill... creeping all over my body. That was the first indication that things weren't going to plan. That that day was going to get even crazier than I had accounted for.
  13. IC: Myhruk [Ta-Koro] "Yeah, can't swim either." ... ... ... "Well, I think? If what I said was true, then... hmm..." ... ... ... "What if swimming is just punching the ocean hard enough?"
  14. IC: Myhruk [Ta-Koro] "Yeah." Probably why the fella brought it up - he'd seen the signs from others. Whispers. Reminded him of whatever past he wasn't getting back. Had to be frustrating. "Dunno if I'd want to go back. There's always a 'somewhere' for folks like us, but knowing that somewhere isn't nowhere isn't any better if I'll still never be there. Is what it is, y'know?" A sigh. He pushed himself off of the away with a clenched fist, standing up straight with a nod of thanks for helping keep him stable earlier. The stone was familiar. Reminded him of something... what had they been talking about? Oh yeah. "Maybe we should punch the ocean." Hard to say if that was a joke or not.
  15. IC: Myhruk [Ta-Koro, Alley] "Wish you knew?"
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