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  1. I’m too old for new BZPRPG haha. Looks like a great RPG, but not really something I can see myself fitting into. I like 2000s BZPRPG vibes, and SK hit that note. Truly was a work of art!
  2. IC: Korruhn, Kini Nui Korruhn felt the hand of his friend meet his, and he kneeled, closing his eyes. He could feel the eye on his arm fixate it’s gaze on something far beyond the sight of mortality. The Void coursed through his veins, and his body began to emit a thick black smoke, shrouding the pair in darkness, and thin tendrils of golden flecks spiralled up through the smoke, not in straight lines, but in odd symbols, unrecognizable to any who lived. It would have truly been a sight to take in, were there not two giant mechs fighting nearby. Korruhn’s body began to shake inside his armour, barely able to contain the energy coursing through him. He held with every ounce of his strength. Suddenly, the cloud of smoke imploded, pushing a shockwave of energy away from it’s epicenter. As the smoke cleared, one could see a circular depression where Korruhn and Leklo stood only a moment ago. All that remained was the large backpack Korruhn had worn, emptied of its contents. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC: Korruhn, Kini-Nui The brilliance of the light was dulled immediately by smoke pouring into the cabin of the Alp before he could even disembark. Shouting, crumbling stone, and twisting steel created a sickening rhythm. He stepped out to utter chaos; the temple complex couldn't even be made out in the thick fog of war. Before him, two colossal titans did battle, with his companions and many others joining in the fray, shouting battle cries and charging with weapons aimed to kill. A trail of smoke caught Korruhn's eye, following the path of a burning chunk of metal the size of a Muaka coming right for him at the landing zone. The agility of his Kakama propelled him out of the way in a blur, and as the debris slammed into the ground Korruhn rose; the menpo of his mighty ACR, The Triumph, glimmered in the light of the fire. "Leklo!" Korruhn shouted at his companion, his voice booming and still nearly inaudible in the calamity. "We need to go to the Far Shore and get the other Stones! Are you with me?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  4. IC: Korruhn, The Ambling Alp ”Agreed. Our lives and sacrifices mean nothing if we’re still at the behest of the cycles,” Korruhn replied. “Every one of us deserves the free will the gods deny us.” He turned to Leklo as he spoke to him, opening the hatch to the Alp. The light from the Kini Nui spilled brilliantly into the doorway. Korruhn had yet to see it, but his inner cartographer was nothing less than giddy. The bag on his back shifted slightly. ”Buddy,” he addressed him, laughing happily, “if I had a plan, I’d have told you it far earlier than the moment we arrived.” OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Toru Nui @Void Emissary @EmperorWhenua
  5. IC: Korruhn, Grime, Kumu Peninsula (after leaving Sidra, before reuniting with Leklo) Korruhn wasted no time as he said his last words to Sidra. With a brief farewell and best wishes to Taja, he turned and walked away from the pair, the corpse of Grime still slumped on his shoulder. The thought that this could be Dume shook the Toa to his core; it tore at every moral fiber and crumbled all his tenets like stone pillars. The man sold his people out; took advantage of Korruhn and all of the others, that much was clear. But, on the other hand, he had been the one to grant Korruhn this gift, the one who gave him a fighting chance to save his people; he had even laid his life on the line for him, twice. Regardless, Korruhn knew in his core that he needed more answers, regardless of who Grime--or Dume--was. He was an asset, and this was war. After a short while of walking, the Void-Touched found himself again staring at the whorling torrent of energy that denoted the portal to Icarax’ kingdom. He felt the energy seeping through the air around him, flowing through his veins. He knew Icarax would help him. He stepped through the portal. Korruhn emerged in a place altogether different from the one he remembered. He stood in a hallway that stretched endlessly both ahead of him. If he turned around, it also extended endlessly behind him. There was no sign of the portal he had just stepped through. The floor underfoot was black stone, as were the walls. The only light came from a single lightstone embedded in the ceiling directly above him. It was cleverly recessed so as to be barely discernible, and it cast the round puddle of light in which the toa now stood. The shadows beyond the puddle quickly grew deep and dark; visibility extended maybe a few meters and no farther, even for Korruhn's sensitive eyes. There was only one choice: forward or back? “Icarax? Icarax?!” Korruhn called out into the endless shaft, to no reply. He looked ahead, and again behind. But again, nothing. He cursed. “Mata Nui be .” Turning to his back, Korruhn began down the endless nothing, not sure if he would find Icarax, or even anything. He stepped out of the puddle of light, but he only walked in the darkness for a moment before another light in the ceiling flicked on as he passed underneath, then another as he continued walking. The lights seemed to sense the motion of the being below through some ancient mechanism, and only turned on when someone passed by. In the same way, they extinguished themselves as the walker left them behind. This produced the uncanny illusion of walking in place: the walls and floor looked exactly the same, and because the lights turned off behind him, Korruhn couldn't tell how far he was from where he started. He wasn't sure if it mattered, anyway. Icarax's domain seemed to operate by its own rules. After an uncertain amount of time, the hallway abruptly ended and he came to a door. The light that flicked on directly above illuminated its sheer, smooth surface. There was evidence of neither lock nor handle, and no way to open it Then a voice rumbled out of the stone, low and dry and dusty: "Who walks these halls?" “I am Korruhn,” he replied, looking about, fruitlessly trying to source the noise. “I come to speak with Icarax.” There was a long silence. Then the door slid open soundlessly, admitting Korruhn to enter. He passed through into a slightly wider, dimly lit hall. Though he didn't know it, this area was only accessible with explicit permission, permission only granted to a scarce few and even then, each and every one of them knew that breaking the trust invested in them with that privilege would have the most dire of consequences. This was where they did their work, and they made sure it was well protected. Still, even with the best of security, given the right circumstances and enough misfortune, even this place could be infiltrated. In fact, every now and then Icarax would test the defenses themselves, tasking someone, witting or unwitting, to try make their way as deep into the temple complex as possible. Very few had ever managed to get away with it. As for the times someone had legitimately tried to break in without Icarax’s knowledge, well... most that had tried had been caught in the attempt and brutally punished for their hubris. As for the ones that survived... provisions had been made. Icarax liked to stop by this hall sometimes just to look upon the intruders and relive the memory of hunting them down. They were displayed like trophies on either side of the room from one wall to the other, save for a few display cases that had yet to be filled. One of their most prized ‘guests’ was a black-clad toa of shadow —though, from what the aspect had learned about them, that had not been their original element. They were an absolutely magnificent specimen whose every feature hinted at malice and who had wielded a crystalline blade crafted so finely, it was hard for even Icarax to tell where its edge cut the air, even when resting in its display case. The other odd thing about them had been the tiny golden cuboid clutched in their hand which had proven impossible to pry free. No matter. It added to the mystique of the display. Korruhn saw the room but did not know its history. Nevertheless, it was a dark, forboding place. The two halls of the hall were lined with stasis tubes, one of which a rahkshi stood before, hands clasped behind its back. its spines rattled as he entered, and it turned to look at him with cold eyes. Korruhn took immediate notice of the Rakhshi. Something was… off. It looked as though it was monitoring the stasis tubes, but in the Toa’s limited experience they were warriors through-and-through. And, on that note, what could this place even be? He looked to the Rahkshi. “Who are you? What is this place?” He said, half-not expecting a reply. “Where is Icarax?” “It is I,” the rahkshi said. It turned to face him fully, hands still clasped behind its back. “I did not expect you to return so swiftly, Korruhn. Is it done?” “Regretfully, no. I encountered another of your kind, an Uhuraz. He slowed me down, and he killed Grime,” he replied, holding up the Matoran. “I need him alive, and I’m gonna need whatever else you’ve got to help. There’s a NUVA Dark Hunter outside the door.” “And the Makoki Stone?” “Safe. If I can get to Kini-Nui soon, I can acquire the ones we don’t yet have, if I have the capability to incapacitate the Hunter..” Korruhn played it safe, he wasn’t quite sure how to reveal to the Aspect that he had just given it to that very Hunter outside the door. But she would get her punishment soon enough. “Safe? It will be safe at the Great Temple, where it belongs. That is where I sent you, is it not? As part of our agreement.” “Yeah, and, as you said yourself, I’m a Chronicler. I need Grime, and I need some upgrades. I know you can do both,” Korruhn replied. “Look, standing here arguing about the agreement we both know isn’t going to get anything done for either of us. So give me what I need, so I can accomplish what you need.” “I need nothing from you.” Icarax’s voice was calm, as empty as an old well. “Even now, the Stone has been taken where I wished. Perhaps its bearer has the strength to pierce the veil. Perhaps not. Regardless, you have emptied yourself of all purpose, and it is no longer your burden to bear.” “That Dark Hunter is going to be the undoing of your world; she seeks the crown and the throne for herself; that much is clear. So even if it isn’t a problem now, it’s gonna be,” Korruhn replied. “Now, are you going to bring this one back or not? If you’re not gonna help, whatever, but I have to do, Aspect.” The rahkshi stepped closer. Its cold eyes swept over Grime's dead body. They seemed to soften for a moment, then they blinked horizontally and looked back up at Korruhn. "I will. Lay him down." He was surprised that Icarax agreed, but he wasn’t going to question it now. Reaching to his shoulder, Korruhn removed the battered, blood-soaked body of Grime and set it down between himself and the Rahkshi form of Icarax. “Here,” he said. “Shame I didn’t have your abilities, Icarax. Perhaps this whole thing could have been prevented.” "Perhaps," the Aspect repeated in an emotionless voice. "Empires have risen and fallen on that word." They turned to their task. Dropping to one knee, they placed a claw upon Grime's chest and raised another to the ceiling, as if grasping at a star that Korruhn could not see. Their deep, ageless voice rang out against the dark stone: Goodbye Death’s reign is life's beginning Heaven’s lights are minds dreaming Destined paths cross in breathing Replace one’s rhythm with another’s beating Hello A long silence followed. Then Grime's coughed weakly and began to breathe. His eyelids fluttered, then opened. “Such is our lot in life, I suppose. I was brought into this world a Matoran, and at day's end, I am still that Matoran. Still, I often find myself thinking of what life would be like were I an Aspect instead.” Grime suddenly opened his eyes. “Grime!” Korruhn exclaimed, running and kneeling next to him. “Grime, it’s me, you’re safe.” The matoran blinked away the bleariness of death. He looked around, then his eyes focused on Korruhn. "Where… what…" he managed. He frowned as he tried to remember what had happened, and to make sense of where he was now. "Stannis," he said at last, wincing as if the name tasted sour in his mouth. "You let him touch me. What did he do? What did you let him do to me?" “Miserix is gone, you had no tether to her anyway. So, we severed it,” Korruhn stated. “But, you’re my friend, Grime, and I still have much yet to learn from you.” “What do you know of the name Dume?” "My… my tether?" Grime asked. Then his eyes widened. "You took her from me?" Though still weak, he managed to push himself shakily to his feet. Icarax backed away, his rahkshi face as unreadable as ever. Grime didn't seem to notice. "You say you're my friend," the Matoran said angrily. "But you did the one thing I said not to do. Now you've brought me back just to ask me questions. Is that all I am to you? A way to get what you want?" “She left both of us,” Korruhn replied. “And you died. Now you’re here, of your own volition. You are a Builder, Grime. Not a slave. Stand up and be proud of yourself and where you came from.” Korruhn noticed Icarax back away. Most curious. “I am a Toa,” he continued. “It is my job to protect you, and I have. My question may be frank , but if you know Dume, or are him; I need to know before we do anything else. That name is not well liked on this island.” "What did he give you?" Grime said, continuing to ignore Korruhn's question. "What did Stannis give you that was worth bending to his will?" “He listened to me,” Korruhn replied. “I do not trust him either, but I am only one Toa. I need all the power I can get if I am to accomplish anything. Miserix abandoned the both of us at every turn. She let you die, twice.” Grime began to pace nervously. His face was mostly expressionless, but he couldn't hide the occasional flash of anger or fear that contorted his features. He looked around as if searching for an answer, then looked back at Korruhn. "You don't know what you've done," he said. "But there might still be time to fix it. If we move fast. I need you to teach me the taboos you know. We need all the power we can get." “I don’t, apparently,” Korruhn replied, annoyance in his voice. He didn’t expect such anger for saving Grime. Alas. “So how about you learn from Miserix’ mistakes and start telling me what the is going on so I’m not in the dark here?” "There's no time," Grime said desperately. "If you're really my friend then you need to trust me." "He's right," Icarax interrupted. "There is no time. The end is nigh, sooner than even I had expected. My sibling approaches. You must leave before they arrive." "I promise I'll tell you everything," the matoran said, ignoring Icarax. "Just trust me. Please." Korruhn chewed the words in his mouth as he contemplated. “Fine. We need to leave. And we need discretion. You’re riding in my backpack.”
  6. IC: Korruhn, The Ambling Alp ”Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” he replied. “Sidra may have the stones, but she’s certainly not the only one who knows of them, or is vying for the same thing we are. Let’s worry about stopping them first.” OOC: @Toru Nui
  7. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula ”Indeed. I don’t know much, but I’ll tell you what I know,” Korruhn replied. “Our world as we know it has been cyclical in nature, our cycle included. We have reached the end of that cycle. I don’t know the means, but when it ends, most of us will die, the world will reset, and we will forget again until the next cycle meets its end. ”But, we have a means to end the cycles for good. With the six Makoki stones inserted at the Kini-Nui, the cycle is to come to an end, somehow. Sidra has taken at least two of these to the Kini already. Two more may yet be out there, but we won’t know until we arrive. All I know is the one who ends the cycles will hold the power when the dust settles.” OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui @Void Emissary
  8. IC: Korruhn, The Ambling Alp The group filed into the Alp; a large group for the small ship. But they squeezed in anyway, and soon the air began to be filled with questions and chatter. Korruhn looked forward from his place in the back lounge, with his back to the wall, the large bag on his back brushing the wall (as he couldn't fit in the cockpit while in his ACR), and smiled a subtle smile. As much as he had no clue who these people were, and an apprehension to trust them, Korruhn couldn't help but feel delight at being in a group again, and with his best friend to boot. "Alright, alright," Korruhn addressed the group. "I know you've all got a lot of questions; but let's start with introductions, as I'm sure we'd all like to know who we're riding to the end with. I am Korruhn, the Cartographer of Ko-Metru. I am familiar with my friend Leklo, of course, the Aspect, Whisper, and I've learned the name of Parnassus; but who might the rest of you be?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Void Emissary @Gecko Greavesy @Toru Nui
  9. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula ”Is this... no it can’t be, they shot it down over Fort Nektann.” Korruhn said, climbing aboard. But surely enough, as he stepped in, it was the same Alp he remembered. ”Are your friends coming with?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  10. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "Spiriah? Never heard of him," Korruhn shrugged. "Can't say I did anything to him. I presume you don't know why either? He didn't say? "Interesting. I think I know where the others are. But we need to get back to the temple, stat." OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  11. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "Yeah, he and half the island it seems. All I've encountered in the past few months are more Aspects." Koruhn contemplated the question. He hadn't exactly been the friendliest of souls on the planet, surely. But wanting him dead specifically? What had he done to draw such ire? This world was a cut-throat place, and Korruhn did what he needed to do in order to end this, and surely some of those things had crossed some people. "I suppose I have been productive. The Warskaks certainly aren't my biggest fans; nor is the Aspect Uhuraz, but he and his followers are all dead now anyway," Korruhn continued. "Could be Nuju. Remember that weird encounter in the Hideaway? I got back to Metru Nui after the fight with Axonn--forgot about that guy too--his office was filled with taboos and dark lore. He's not what he's been presenting himself to be. "Anyways, why? What's this about?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  12. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula "Well I guess you're more successful in your quests than I've been, my friend," He replied with a hearty chuckle. But then his face turned serious. "This world is crumbling, Leklo. Many people, including our old rival Sidra, are hunting the Makoki Stones to end it and seize power in the new time. If we don't get to Kini and put our foot down, we could have some real problems." Korruhn looked again to the Aspect, looking furious, and his brethren, and back at Leklo. He thumbed in the direction of the group. "I see you've been keeping strange company as well. Why does the Aspect know my name?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  13. IC: Korruhn, The Caldera Korruhn stood, enveloped in the cloak of his Kraata of Darkness, awaiting his reply. It came, but not from a voice he expected. "Korruhn." The Toa let out a great sigh. The voice sounded like the audible representation of disappointment. Long ago had Korruhn run thin on patience, and after the encounter with Sidra, he was in no mood for any sort of welcoming party of any kind. This was not more than a nuisance. He let down his Kraata, showing his armoured form to the pest before him. An Aspect. Of course. Just what Korruhn needed. Thankfully, to his right, stood Leklo. A wave of relief washed over Korruhn; a feeling of home and comfort he had not felt in what seemed to be an eternity. Nothing in the world was more important in this moment; no Aspect, no war, no end of the world. Nothing. He ignored the being next to him; he had no time or patience to be pestered again. "My friend!" Korruhn smiled, the first time his face had felt the muscles move like that in ages. "I wish we had time to catch up; I'm so glad to see you. What are you doing down here?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Void Emissary
  14. IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula Korruhn made haste away from the temple complexes, back up the Peninsula in the direction of Kini-Nui. Activating his Kraata of Darkness, the Toa disappeared into the mire and murk of the shadows surrounding him; not even a Toa Nuva could pierce the veil. As he started his journey, Korruhn reflected on the encounter he'd had with Sidra and Taja. In his heart was fire; all he could feel were rage, pain and betrayal. The hurt in Taja's eyes was reflected in Korruhn's soul, amplifying his own malignant emotions. What happened to Unity, Duty, Destiny? Did they get to Unity and give up? Korruhn felt the pain of walking away from his fellow Toa, but he could not shake the feeling he got seeing her standing next to Sidra, as an ally of all things! Sidra the TERRORIST, that is. Sidra the thief, Sidra the assassin, Sidra the denegration of all that was good and pure in this world. And Taja stood beside her, and was hurt when HE wouldn't help?! We're TOA, we are the guardians of the Matoran, and the vanquishers of their threats. Not allies of evil. If we forgive and forget all her actions, we're just playing a cycle again. She will repeat her pattern of behavior. And yet, I am the evil one, of course. It was the worst possible thought Korruhn could have had, Sidra the Parasite, the enemy of Metru Nui, had pulled the cloak over the eyes of nearly everyone he knew and loved, and turned them against him. If Sidra couldn't figure out why Korruhn hated her now, he would have to begin questioning her intelligence. Alas, as Korruhn walked away from the pair, he felt well and truly alone. There was only one person left he could trust. He approached the location he was told he would be at, and called his name. "Leklo!?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua Note: there's some stuff that happens between the Sidra encounter and this post, still jamming that out though
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