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  1. Name: Akrianos Tribe: Unknown Species: Glatorian Gender: Male Appearance: Tall and lean. Akrianos wears old, unpainted silver armour; long dulled and marred by the elements, and covered by a sun-bleached and sand-stained surcoat of black and white, which appears to have once been something of great esteem. His helmet if of the same material and colour as his armour; handcrafted in a simple shape, but with many hand-carved details of unknown origin, and banded with a cross-shaped and rivet studded strip of metal, with holes for his pale yellow eyes in the horizontal band, and vertical vents near his mouth. Akrianos carried a massive sword and a morning star, but both have been seized by his captors. Cybernetics: Sword Link: With the sword in hand, Akrianos can use his cybernetics in his arm to activate a function on his sword which electro-mechanically converts it to a large tower shield. Stimulant Pump: Over the years, Akrianos has continually tweaked this cybernetic, providing him with an on-demand cocktail of various stimulants, granting him enhanced strength, speed and endurance in combat for brief periods. The stimulants aren't regenerative though, and are limited to four uses before needing to be topped up at the nearest location with traders. Personality & Traits: Akrianos is calculating, driven, and adaptable; capable of striking out solo or working with allies, as the situation suits. He prefers diplomacy when possible, but remains alert, prepared, and calm, even in the most insufferable situations. A cybernetic craftsman and ronin by trade, Akrianos spends most of his time exploring Spherus Magna, stopping in cities for work both as a warrior and to upgrade cybernetics of the lucky few. Weaknesses: Akrianos refuses to give up, to a fault. His tendency to wander off the beaten path can wind him up in trouble, as well. Background: A warrior and craftsman of no renown, Akrianos makes his living as a wandering mercenary and cybernetic repairman across Spherus Magna. His age is unkown, although he looks as though he's seen many battles, and even more miles. Although the few who know him see his wandering as aimless, Akrianos has dedicated his life to a search, which he keeps to himself. On his latest journey between Roxtus and Atero, however, he encountered Bone Hunters, and has spent the past several months in servitude at their Stronghold, awaiting the right moment to escape.
  2. I definitely got too much UV on my plastic over the years! The wear and tear sitting here for days on end typing back in the heyday probably didn’t help hahaha!
  3. Sounds good, just keep me posted! I’d be happy to get it out of my collection and to someone who will appreciate it.
  4. Agreed! I can still tell you exactly where I was when I received and built Muaka and Kane-Ra at Christmas 2001, so it’s going to be a really special event! I’ll post somewhere here when that is happening. I’m missing the Manas, Nui-Jaga, Power Pack, and Master Builder set. But with the prices for the Master Builder set here, I’ll probably focus on the other three.
  5. Oh wow, even in the last couple months he’s jumped up! I’ve got two or three Brutakas. If you want one DM me and maybe we can get one to you.
  6. I believe you’re correct; that sounds exactly right! Thanks for filling the gaps I left haha
  7. Still no word on that El Dorado Fortress remake rumour 🙃
  8. It always impresses me when someone can take an existing element, especially with such organic shaping, and upscale it; especially with System! Great work!
  9. Interesting! You’d think OP would have mentioned winning it would they have been the winner. I’d assume they’re second or third owner. I believe they had similar display models in store, and considering the large plinth it’s mounted on, I’d lean toward this being a store display.
  10. We used to have a few fun systems of friendly competition. The ranks were a cool way of “progressing through” the Bionicle story and encourage posting in on-topic areas of the forum. We also used to have a protodermis bar that functioned similar to a morality system in RPGs. You started with the bar at half, or neutral, and could lose or gain up to 5 (I think? It’s been a long time) boosts or losses to the bar, for alternately doing good deeds for the server and misbehaving. Once the bar emptied, you were banned. When it filled, you gained the Outstanding BZPower Citizen role, which would change your name to orange, and could be flourished with a premier membership.
  11. I wouldn’t say I hang around, as I’ve taken many long breaks since ~2010. Alas, I am always pulled back in by the rat gnawing at the back of my mind compelling me to keep playing text based RPGs
  12. This is like someone saying Iudex Gundyr was the best DS3 boss. Odd choice, but I can see merit in it. The Metru system wasn’t my favourite as compared to earlier systems, but I think I understand why Lhikan was chosen.
  13. I would reach out to LEGO support! They’ve got a history department that does a pretty great job of tracking this stuff, especially if you have photos! Best of luck!
  14. I’m missing 3 sets from 2001-2002, and I’ve got most sets up to 2007 now. Need to thin out duplicates before I get more now! My most recent acquisition was a sealed Muaka and Kane-Ra which I’ll open for YouTube and build on stream alongside the Bionicle GWP sometime soon.
  15. Not quite 20 years, but less than 6 months now! Site is looking a bit different these days…
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