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  1. IC: Mar (Ko-Koro) I couldn't help but smile just a little bit as Siika made use of our best interrogation tool. I'd done the same thing with Karv before, just not with the extra helping of bait flavoring. I let Karv hear the signal he needed, and made sure nobody else did. Part of the whole mystique of our little duo was that Karv seemed to act on his own sometimes. If he had to take a bite... well, that wasn't off the table. Our quarry didn't seem to be having a great time, but then again, that was the idea. The fact that he was hearing the way Karv was obsessively sniffing him very well could only serve to make his day a lot less fun. "Get that thing off of me you degenerates. I'll talk" he eventually managed to gasp out, and Karv got the signal to back off. "Well?" He didn't give the most intelligible answer in the world, half occupied with spitting bait-mush out of his mouth and a curse or two, but I got the picture. "Alright, you can let him down now" I said to Siika. OOC: @Rahisaurus
  2. IC: Salwa (Precipere) The party had arrived. I hadn't made any sort of attempt to make myself known, and it would stay that way for now. Outsiders were not common here, this entire event was unprecedented, and that made my spine tingle with anticipation of more unexpected things to happen. Never a good sign. For now, I stayed out of sight, but I made sure to stay awake and indoors. If I was needed, I'd be called for eventually.
  3. IC: Salwa (Precipere) I had made about as many preparations as I could think of for what was about to come. Saying it like that wasn't one of them, though. Gatog was glad to see me, and that never got old. The Rock Steed had been pacing a lot while he was in his pen, I could tell by the fresh tracks made all over it. He would need activity again soon, he was definitely ready, more than I was at any rate. There was little sleep to be had, and I was awake early. I sat up for a while, one of my ancestral knifes held in one hand, for picking through the Thornax stew I held in the other. A foul breakfast if ever there was one, but it definitely woke me up. Offensive to the senses in the way few things I'd ever come across were. Dawn approached with a foreboding tone, the glare of the sun had often felt like the overbearing, expectant gaze of my forebears measuring my accomplishments. Now, of all days, that feeling was especially present. Ready or not, they would soon arrive.
  4. IC: Ageru Tamachan (Sado, Imperial Gardens) "Yes, it was high time I found someone to give that a look." She answered quite matter-of-factly. A simple statement about that which could be uncontroversially agreed upon, she was very good with those. Tama weighed the token in her hand for a moment, mulling over what she'd be having. Actually having multiple choices was still a bit new for her... fish? No, she'd already had one herself just recently and she was very used to that. She ultimately settled on a bowl of the steaming broth that she saw one of the cooks serving. The inviting smell and warmth of something to hold in her limbs as she went to sleep on solid ground rather than in the saddle sounded ideal. OOC: @Mel
  5. IC: Zelvin (Cave Near Mangaia) Zelvin nodded gratefully and helped herself to Drakkar's offer of a warm meal. Hospitality of this sort was rarely something Zelvin declined, and that included from people of Drakkar's severe calibre. She wasn't really in much danger at this point, she felt, because if Drakkar was interested in discussing the beyond, she'd be happy to oblige. The suspicious Matoran was welcome to join in as well, she figured. "Spiritual woes are indeed why I'm down here" Zelvin admitted, "I occasionally feel the urge to visit places of spiritual significance, and I'm not above including spots associated with the Dark one in that category" She'd had a visit to the Ta-Kini some time ago, and now she was slumming it in the tunnels underneath the Great Temple, either seemed to her like they were perfectly legitimate. "I hold out hope I might get the benefit of some favor rubbing off on me by conducting a pilgrimage now and then" OOC: @Snelly @ARROW404
  6. IC: Ferron (Onu-Koro) "That's right. the Koro hands out some regular doses of the stuff now, pretty varied selection but it's not the most pleasant dining experience." "In fairness, it doesn't need to be. I could just absorb it through my hands in the old-fashioned way people used to prefer, and it would be about as effective." He exposited these small details as he secured his pack, and began walking out into the streets of the Koro again. "I'm not much of a cook myself, but some people realized there was good business in this new allowance that everybody gets now. So they figured, they could make money working with the ingredients people bring them to make something tastier out of it. I'm going to one of those" OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  7. IC: Vilda Mako (Ga-Koro) The cold I'd felt during my brief excursion to the region called 'Ko-Wahi' when I last went up there had not been easily forgotten. This time, I was going to come prepared. Under Pradhai's strong direction I made sure I was ready to wrap up warm the moment we reached the cold wastes. Kama was a trickier matter. For once, she would have to be satisfied with staying somewhere other than on my shoulder while she was travelling along with me. Not very spacious, being tucked into a smock I strapped to my chest with her head poking out, but she was gonna be warm and that was the point now. I thought for a moment about weapons. I still had my usual pair of Chakrams, meant for a Mindarm to swing around and cause some havoc. I had decided to peruse the shops I could find, and haggle my way to handing over some dragons as a novelty bargain for something that the locals said would be perfect as a throwable. Get it right and it comes back, they said. Alright, bamboo disks seemed like a reasonable way to get something reusable that I could fall back on if there was no need for lethal force. If there really was going to be some action, that might suit me just fine honestly. I took a seat and proceeded to plie Kama with some helpings of birdseed. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Mel @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  8. IC: Salwa (Precipere) "Very well" I answered after some moments of silence. I could handle that, yeah, yeah no problem. Especially the warding off of suspicion part. "I'll go and get ready. Even if we can't reach Vulcanus to join the expedition, they will have to pass nearby to us just to get to Ferrum so we can meet them on the way if nothing else." OOC: @Nato G @Toru Nui
  9. IC: Salwa (Precipere) "I just need us to be clear on our goals, Elder," I answered, "what are we hoping to gain and what do we need to expect. For now, it seems to me we're equipped to offer medical help and reconnaisance, between me and Xyde." OOC: @Nato G @Toru Nui
  10. IC: Mar (Ko-Koro) Karv made it in after Siika, taking a seat next to where I was standing and fixing his eyes on the Matoran I held at bladepoint with his throat set to growl at the slightest provocation. I nodded as Siika confirmed what I had guessed upon getting a good look at him. This was somebody else besides the person we were looking for, but definitely someone connected to them. "Well, I guess you're just gonna have to tell us where they are, then" I said, directing it at the Matoran who glared back at us with something wild at the edge of his vision. "It'll be a cold day in Karzahni before I tell you anything" he growled, prompting me to look around us as the stark ice-blue walls and to listen for just a moment to the sound of the wind outside. "In my business, that's what we call a poor choice of words" I said with something like a wink, approximated with the shutter on my mask's scope. "I'm sure my partner here can persuade you to see things our way" OOC: @Rahisaurus
  11. IC: Ageru Tamachan (Sado, Imperial Gardens) It turned out to be easier than Tama had expected to find someone available to do repairwork on her shoulderplate. Easier than she'd feared, at least. She had to leave it with them for some time, just so they would actually have time to get around to it in between all the other work they were swamped with. No surprise, weapons and armor depreciated quickly in the face of the Rahkshi. She rolled her shoulder, never quite comfortable when her armor didn't rest against it or anywhere else she wore it. Her swordarm needed to be as good as possible, it had gotten a lot of work recently. The amount of parries she'd been doing would have blunted any physical blade. The training yards that still stood nearby to the School of the Mind were not a place that Tama had assumed she would ever return to willingly, but here she was after all. It had a very different character now. Finding a sparring partner was easily done, and she could put her mind to getting some real practice done, no fuss about her style or affect. Everyone here had more important things to worry about. She cut the practice session short, delivered a bow to her partner, and went to meet with Hatchi. "Hello. I hope I didn't keep you waiting" she said as she arrived. OOC: @Mel
  12. Speaking of stuff ongoing. @Mel@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)@Keeper of Kraata lmk who is planning to post next in Ga because Mako has little to add at the moment.
  13. IC: Salwa (Precipere) "Ferrum has overshadowed much else that's happening," I admitted as I thought for a moment about what I could pull from my most recent scouting trips, "but the Bone Hunters are also on the move in a way I haven't seen before. I think they captured a survivor from Ferrum. The tournament in Tajun is still on schedule, however." That much I had at least gathered. In the end, it was something to say. I wasn't feeling too comfortable about saying much more, however. OOC: @Nato G @Toru Nui
  14. IC: Mar (Ko-Koro) I winced with pain as Siika roared at the top of her lungs. I remembered to mutter something foul under my breath as I grabbed my crossbow. The moment of silence after the table flipped was used well. I knew there would be more noise coming. I signaled to Karv, directing him to cover the counter and the bartender. The Matoran tending it would hear a growl at the back of the Rahi's throat as it stared him down with teeth bared. He wasn't going anywhere. Clutching my weapon, I closed my eyes, breathed and focused. All this noise. It had to go somewhere, and I had already figured out where. As Siika threw a pair of Matoran over her with her legs, I could feel the crossbow I was holding start to hum gently, vibrating, almost buzzing with power as I hefted it ready to fire. I slipped past Siika and found the closed door to the back room. The person inside had caught the noise, but didn't react notably. Bar fights were presumably to be expected. A few squeezes of the trigger, and the wooden frame of the door leading to the back splintered apart. That woke him up, and he was on the move, but I could see him the whole way. I had long since learned to focus on whatever I was fighting with as a totem. To siphon off some of the sound that came towards me and lessen its strength to spare my ears. The room at the back was larger than I expected, more like a complete living space nestled into a small area right up against the edge of the city wall. I stepped inside, fixing on the Matoran hiding behind an upturned table, holding something in their hand. "You know I can hear you, right?" I asked, sounding a bit self-satisfied. "I'm counting on it" they answered, and next thing I knew I staggered back as my sight and my vision were assaulted at once, a loud and blinding flash - Stralix Powder! The power stored in my crossbow dissipated as my focus snapped. Amateur! I blinked through the spots in my vision as I saw him lunging at me, something long and sharp brandished in his hand. I made a split-second decision and grabbed my pistol. A diskette whirred from the barrel and struck the floor in front of him. More stralix powder ignited as I played it simple and safe, just repulsing all noise away from me and sending it all in his general direction. It was more than enough to halt him, he mimicked me a moment before in staggering backwards and in that moment I reached for my own blade. Now it was gathering ambient noise, as I traded a few parries with him. I was finding my focus again, and I swiped the air ahead of him, a blade of compressed sound launching from the blade to strike him and send him against the table he'd been covering behind moments before. Bladepoint at his neck put him out of commission. I sent a whistle to Karv to tell him to reach me, and then I sent another message to Siika. "I've got him" OOC: @Rahisaurus
  15. IC: Ferron (Onu-Koro) "Well, we won't be sitting down to eat inside there, actually. There are better places for that nowadays" Ferron surmised. Ferron's Forge was, indeed, not the most glamouros sight as the two of them approached the building. The front that faced outwards looked like quite a traditional Onu-Matoran domed hut, just significantly scaled up for someone quite a bit larger than Ferron himself to get through. Even though Ferron was no longer a bulky Toa, his customers could be. At least Oliphko didn't have to bend down to make it inside. The storefront space met them at first as they went inside. A pretty significant stretch stood between that and the actual smithing station that stood against one of the walls, the pipes seen sticking out of Ferron's roof were connected here. Chimneys did not exist in Onu-Koro, here there were pipes, pipes everywhere bundled together and snaked up along the sides of the giant "bubble" the underground city sat in, and went through the roof. Ferron went past both of these and headed further back. At the end of the hut there was a corridor with steps led towards a lower section not visible from the outside. Ferron disappeared down there, and came back up with a backpack, heading back out towards the exit. "This is all I need from here, let's go" OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
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