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  1. IC: Skrall (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Marketplace) - Witchcraft! Ah, of course - their games. Skrall had nearly forgotten. But would the south really abandon their independence, something they clearly prized by refusing to truly unite under one banner, merely because the Skrall would utterly demolish them in their arenas? Though, given how demoralizing that might be, they may eventually give up purely to save themselves further degradation- Wait, what was everyone looking at? There was… what once, may have been Skrall, behind metal bars, watching them. He gave a glance to the scout, as if to say ‘see what I’m talking about?’ Wait, did he really just say he didn’t believe in witchcraft? They had a conversation about this on the way here Skrall could only half-remember - did he really not believe that existed? How had he survived this long? Something just crossed Skrall’s mind. Logically, both the Renegades and the southerners must have females - unless they grew like plants, which somehow Skrall doubted. And, just as logically, these females must have powers of their own. Hopefully, this disqualified them from raiding, or the arena. Skrall would raise this point, but he had been obliquely commanded to be silent, so he did so. @Vezok's Friend @Mel @a goose @Burnmad @oncertainty @Nato G IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Easy Come, Easy Go Now, what Taldrix wanted to say was that she wasn’t offended at all, because she knew that the fault lied with the average Gatherer, half as smart as a Zesk and about twice as ugly, but that might not be the best thing to say to someone who shared the Zesk’s four eyes. What she was about to say may also not be the best thing, but if she pretended to be subservient too much, he might get suspicious. “I imagine you told Crucius and the others what you’ve told me - or a version of it, anyway. I can’t say it offends me. Who wouldn’t pledge allegiance to you if they were convinced of ULTIMATE POWER being their reward?” Something takes over Taldrix, as she looms over the map. “The desert would be at our mercy.” And then she snaps back to normal. “Of which there is none.” Now, if it turned out whatever was left in the canyon wasn’t as impressive as the Ghost made it sound, or if they lost too many men to the plague or the beasts known to roam that area trying to uncover it… well. If the Ghost thought it was easy gaining control, he shouldn’t be surprised how easy it would be to lose it all if he couldn’t keep his promise. Even if Crucius and those two buffoons outside still stood by him after that, they’d be significantly outnumbered by the rest of the Gatherers, and Taldrix sincerely doubted even a Great Being could survive that many angry people with sharp implements. @a goose
  2. IC: Skrall (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Marketplace) - Be Careful What You Wish For Skrall began mulling it over. The scout’s comparison of him to a poorly-handled Spikit seemed to indicate that he believed that he only wanted to crush the Renegades because they were closer, not because they were… repulsive. They treated their slaves abominably and won them through foul means. The Skrall did not do such things… not in the same way, which was the crucial difference. There was no similarly between the Legion and the Renegades apart from something of a shared origin, nothing more. Nothing. As for his proposed strategy of attacking the tribe with the food first, this too sickened him. He would have vocally objected, but the Special Operations Skrall had commanded silence, without outright saying he was commanding silence, which was also insulting. Defeating the south by starving them would lack honor, especially since… Skrall searched for the right word. It was apparent that most of them were servants, but were not slaves, but also not warriors. They had those strange circular pieces of metal with little value to barter among themselves with. How very strange. The deaths of these people would stain the Legion’s conquest. Surely, their target should instead be… He froze as he contemplated the implications of what the scout proposed. A victory through such dishonorable means was bad enough, but then there was the tribe with the water, and the tribe that forged using lava, using the metals from the other two tribes. The southern tribes could only survive independently of each other through trading and their games. His eyes go wide in realization. There was no feasible way for the Skrall to achieve an honorable victory without either conquering every tribe at once - which clearly, none of his brothers here would have any confidence in - or by striking at their hub, the city known as Atero. A city full of those who were not warriors. Skrall decided he preferred thinking with his sword. @Burnmad @a goose @BULiK @oncertainty @Vezok's Friend @Nato G @Mel IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Her Understanding “Yes. I think I do understand.” Taldrix said, nodding her head. “You came to us, and not the tribes, because we are easier to control. None of that democracy garbage in the tribes, where you win based on how well you can lie and how much wealth you can throw around. You came to us, because if they helped you, you’d have to give them their share. They might even have tried to destroy the ruins, if it conflicted with whatever religious nonsense is being peddled nowadays. And the Skrall would never listen to you, being so far up their own backsides that their meals are recyclable.” She tapped where Ferrum is on the map. “I also understand that you were so interested in Ferrum’s plague because it happens to be close to where these ruins are. We’ll be at risk of contracting it the more we operate in this region, so we need as much information on it as we can…” She turned to the Ghost. “This would be my reasoning if I were you, at least, sir.” @a goose
  3. IC: Maxas and Vraek (Streets of Tajun) - If You Need Instructions on How to Get Through to the Hotel… “Oh, think nothing of it. I should…” Vraek trailed off, scanning the crowd. Where was he? He was never this late before… was he held up? Or did he have one of his schemes hatched? Vraek noted how dark and less oppressively warm it was getting. She turned back to Jeizmel. “We should retire for the night, it’s getting late.” Hopefully this time there would be less of a hassle with her reservation at the Arena Hotel. “I will see you again, I’m certain. Goodnight, and… keep yourself safe.” The Ice Glatorian then turned on her heel to leave - and almost tripped over a nervous Water Agori, who very quickly ran way. “Ah! Hrmph.” Hopeful that nobody saw that apart from Jeizmel, Vraek began wading through the crowd to the hotel… @That Matoran with a Vahi IC: Skrall (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Marketplace) - Mixing Work and Politics Skrall took only a little sip of the water ration handed to him, to conserve it. “The fact remains - the Renegades are a blight upon these sands. They may not steal primarily from the Skrall, but they do steal from the southern tribes. When Roxtus conquers the south, as it must, they will most likely begin stealing from us. Whereas, the opposite would be true - conquering the Renegades would perhaps make the southerners…” He struggled to find the right word. “Less hostile?” @a goose @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad @BULiK @oncertainty @Mel
  4. I've always imagined that the real reason why the Shadowed One hated the Makuta so much was because Vamprah - for his own amusement and to keep the Hunters from getting too full of themselves - kept breaking into the fortress, wrecking up the place and scaring people.
  5. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - That Two Minute Training Match Lasted Almost One Year “That is correct. I don’t believe we’ve wasted any serious amount of time. Although…” Lutenus’ cybernetic eye whirred around, as if taking stock of the position of the sun and clouds in the sky. “I believe it would be prudent to leave as soon as possible.” The eye then snapped to face Mard and Ahmoa, his face following after a short delay. “Thank you for your service, gentlemen.” He then trudged over to them to hand back the dulled axe to Ahmoa. OOC: I realized upon re-reading earlier posts that Lutenus asked earlier what the price was for an hour, and Mard pointed towards a sign with the prices, but at no point did Lutenus actually give them any money, though he did fetch some coin out of his pocket when he asked. I’d like to say he did give them the money, I just forgot to mention it. @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - The Old Country “You’re looking for something in the canyons.” She said aloud, looking over the map. “You believe that there might be remnants of the old civilization out there?” Was he really only assuming control of the Gatherers just to search for answers? What happened to his people, and if he’s the only one left? What would he do if he wasn’t the last of his race, and found more of them out there? Would he abandon his position among the Gatherers to join them? No, no, anyone with his intelligence would never give up power that easily. But what if his fellow Great Beings didn’t care much for the Gatherers? After all, their very name implied that Agori were lesser beings. Taldrix couldn’t blame the Ghost for disliking that epithet. But at least it wasn’t sanctimonious slander like ‘Bone Hunter’ was. If it were bones she was interested in, she’d have stayed in Roxtus. In any case, she couldn’t trust that whatever the Ghost was spending precious manpower and resources to find existed, and that it wouldn’t be bad for her if it did. ‘Answers to the questions that plagued them both?’ Well. They’d see, wouldn’t they? @a goose
  6. IC: Skrall (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Marketplace) - He Is Not Immune to Propaganda Skrall didn’t seem convinced by the ‘quicksand’ explanation. Depravity was weakness. His comrades did not seem to believe in the Black Legion’s invincibility and infallibility - not to the same extent as their superiors did. Perhaps that was why they were their superiors - this lack of confidence was potentially holding them back from elevation to what would otherwise be their proper place. As opposed to himself, of course, whom he was fairly certain was always going to die as one of the Warrior-class - preferably in combat, though that should go without saying. Once more, he looked with sadness at those who were once his brothers, enslaved to the will of the vile Renegades, who now would most likely perish ingloriously in forced servitude. Not that Skrall had a choice in servitude anyway. But servitude to the Black Legion was superior and vastly preferable, being to the benefit of all Skrall - and eventually, all people - and not the Renegades. There was an obvious, clear difference. And it was obvious. There was no doubt. It was obvious… What were they talking about? The possibility of the Renegades ambushing them as they left for the south? He decided to focus on that. If he thought too much about what he knew to be true, he started to foolishly question it. @Vezok's Friend @a goose @BULiK @Burnmad @Nato G @oncertainty IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Happy Endling Not the last survivor, then - the last descendant. Did he kill any others that might have lived? He seemed a little too happy at the prospect that he might be an endling - the last of his race. It was possible that he was right to do so, if the Great Beings were as powerful as the myths claim, that power would inevitably be used to lord over the Agori. Specifically, the Agori known as Taldrix. But then, here he was, leading the Gatherers. So it was likely that no one in this scenario was an innocent party. Except the Agori known as Taldrix. That Agori examined the table before her… @a goose IC: Xyde (Iron Canyon) - On the Menu Xyde had been expecting some snide comparison between their people and the carrion birds perched above them, but it didn’t seem to be coming. At least, not for now. Perhaps later. Or if anyone was thinking it, it was being kept to themselves. Perhaps that was a little harsh, but then, so was the environs. They wondered if this was how livestock felt, surrounded by creatures that only saw you as a potential future meal. If they could understand their situation at all, of course. They felt the need to glare defiantly at the scavengers above for a few moments, before trudging along, following the others. @a goose @Nato G @~Xemnas~ @Burnmad @oncertainty
  7. IC: Maxas and Vraek (Streets of Tajun) - A Gnawing Feeling “Call me Vraek, please…” Jeizmel’s vocal disapproval of their leader did not go unnoticed. “But yes. The games won’t start for some time I think…” She then scanned the crowd. “Hmm… no Skrall.” Or Lutenus, for that matter. But he’d be here soon, no doubt. They’d all be here… Something gnawed at her, and she couldn’t keep herself from asking. “Pardon me, but…you will be cautious without me?” Though Tajun’s own dangers were many, she wouldn’t put it past Metus to try and silence his detractor. Maxas did his best to integrate with the crowd - a Water Agori in Tajun wasn’t unexpected, after all. No one would dare try to accost or assassinate him in front of so many witnesses… Wouldn’t they? @That Matoran with a Vahi IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Unreliable Narrator It was often said that there was some sort of cataclysm that turned a supposed paradise into the wasteland they knew now. ‘Punishment for our sins,’ she had heard it said. Personally, she had thought that the world was always like this and places like Tesara and Tajun were just exceptions. The ‘tribes’ hoarded food and water for themselves, but of course, the Gatherers were the bad guys, for doing what they didn’t need to do to survive, and would do in an instant if they did need to. What was she doing again? Oh right - learning ancient lore. “Then… what happened, sir? Are you the only one left?” It was important to remember that this information was not necessarily true, or even accurate. The Ghost was no doubt telling the version of the story where he comes across as the good guy… or, as ‘good’ as a Gatherer would care for. The fact that he seemed glad that his own race was gone disturbed her. Obviously, Taldrix herself was happy to hear that - supposedly - there was no more of him. But these were HIS people they were talking about - HE should not be happy. @a goose
  8. IC: Maxas and Vraek (Streets of Tajun) - Scum and Villainy Vraek and Jeizmel arrived with the convoy to Tajun. “Now, the Village of Water may look serene and peaceful, but in truth, Tajun is…” Vraek made certain nobody else but Jeizmel could hear this next part, leaning downwards to whisper. “Tajun is second only to a Bone Hunter encampment in unscrupulous dealings. This is the centre of the cybernetic conversion craze and various criminal organizations.” She seemed serious about this. “Stay close to me, it should discourage them from stealing from us. Conventionally. They may try to scam us, so don’t buy anything.” There was a very nervous Tajunian walking quickly across the street. @That Matoran with a Vahi IC: Skrall (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Marketplace) - The Simple Solution Skrall beheld all those he could see. His fellow Skrall - no, not Skrall anymore, now treated with less dignity than a beast of burden. He found himself almost physically ill with rage… but not at the not-Skrall. At least, not this specific not-Skrall. For them, he felt… pity. “Why does the Legion negotiate with these creatures?” He asked the others, whispering. “The Renegades are weak, preying only on those weaker. The full might of the Skrall would destroy them easily.” @Mel @a goose @BULiK @Burnmad @Nato G @Vezok's Friend @oncertainty IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Sinister Surveillance Oh. Oh this was even worse. “Right you are, sir.” She put it on without visible complaint. Couldn’t kill him now, those two goons were right outside, and there was no knowing what sort of strange Great Being powers he might have. Anything she’d like to ask him, he said? “If you don’t mind me asking… you ARE a Great Being, are you not?” @a goose
  9. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - Practice Makes Perfect Lutenus takes Lorqua’s hand. “I believe we’re as good as we’re going to get for now. I believe if we depart now we shouldn’t have any trouble finding a convoy. How do you feel?” @oncertainty @Daniel the Finlander IC: Vraek (Streets of Atero, Near the City Gates) - Departures “Good question. Come with me. I know all the best convoys.” Vraek began taking Xani to a place she knew a convoy would take off from… OOC: I don’t actually know anything about this, let’s just warp to Tajun and say we took a convoy. @That Matoran with a Vahi IC: Skrall (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Marketplace) - This Place Reeks of Evil Skrall had never seen civilization beyond the encampments of the Legion. His contempt was evident. These people were… disgusting. Skrall wasn’t quite certain why. @BULiK @Burnmad @oncertainty @Nato G @Vezok's Friend IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Non-Negotiable Ah. He was adamant on this. Weaning her off the Spice. Unacceptable. He would have to die. “Very well, sir. I will endeavor to abandon Spice entirely.” @a goose
  10. IC: Maxas (Tajun, Celrys’ Workshop) - Abort Mission! Abort Mission! “If you’ll excuse me.” Maxas quickly walks out of the workshop, but trying to make it look like he wasn’t walking quickly. @a goose @Jesse Pinkman IC: Vraek (Streets of Atero, Near the City Gates) - Bystander Syndrome Vraek was… a little disconcerted, to say the least, by Xani’s treatment of her Spikit. Despite this, she said and did nothing. Desperate to brush that aside, she turned to Jeizmel. “Well. In any case, we should be leaving soon ourselves. I’ll hire myself out to a convoy. I can pay for your transportation, if necessary.” @Daniel the Finlander @That Matoran with a Vahi IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Beware My Stinger Tail! “...The Sand Tribe.” Taldrix realizes. “But that sort of degradation would have to happen over several generations. According to our Aula Agoria, her lackeys have been dying in mere weeks from this disease.” @a goose IC: Xyde (Iron Canyon, Elevator) - Ground Floor Xyde was present on the elevator with Gayle and the others, having made certain that Salwa was fine, and had someone look after Zin and Zyn while they were away. The elevator was buckling a bit, they noticed. How long had it been since it was last maintained? Interesting how the Fire Glatorian would be the one in charge. Xyde supposed that nobody trusted the Preciperans to guide them through the canyon. For whatever reason. @Nato G @a goose @~Xemnas~ @Burnmad @oncertainty
  11. IC: Maxas (Tajun, Celrys’ Workshop) - Conspiratorial That look! It was obvious - she was in on it! Whatever it was - it was bad! “Oh. Well, I’d have to check my calendar if I’m free around that time…” He trailed off. He made a suspicious glance at Karak, then realized that his open suspicion would make him suspicious and stopped. “I don’t want to take up any more of your time, I’ll be going now.” @a goose @Jesse Pinkman IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Oh Right, My Boss Is an Alien “No, it appears that the disease afflicts all demographics. Let’s face it, there’s not enough biological differences between us and the Iron Agori to say it only affects them…” She paused for a moment. “I’m not sure how different yours would be to ours, though. I wouldn’t take any chances. She also mentioned that Ferrum’s telegraphy station was ‘malfunctioning’ at the same time, apparently they weren’t able to get word of this out to the other Atero tribes. I doubt that was a coincidence. Apart from that-” I watched nearly a dozen miners succumb to this plague. “...Miners. She singled out miners in particular. Many in Ferrum are miners, but… nothing like this dream disease has ever been recorded before. Perhaps the source is underground? But, er, that’s mere speculation, sir.” @a goose
  12. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - The Problem With Writing Competent Characters Is That YOU Have to Write Them DEACTIVATE. Clever girl. Now, Lutenus could say ‘I do not’ and continue… but he needed to be in ideal condition for the actual fights. He had already taken a spear to the chest and other miscellaneous minor injuries, liable to increase even if he did win the bout. His profession as a gladiatorial combatant would be far simpler and easier if he didn’t have to bother about… “I do.” He said. His cybernetic eye squirmed a bit as he said this. @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Spice “...Three days.” Taldrix confessed. Even admitting that there was a problem was like pulling out one of her own teeth, but she suspected that the Ghost would do something far worse than impromptu dentistry if she wasn’t straight with him. “It doesn’t affect my work, I promise.” Which was technically true, Taldrix made sure to destroy anything she wrote down under the influence of Spice before it could be read or distributed. He wasn’t about to… tell her to stop, was he? She needed the Spice. The Spice must flow. @a goose
  13. IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - Teatime Taldrix shuffled nervously. She almost always had her spice on her, but - oh, he meant tea. He did mean the tea, right? How would he even know- “I cannot say for certain, sir.” Taldrix tentatively takes a sip of the vaunted Teseran tea. @a goose
  14. IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - First Impressions Tea? Whatever Taldrix had been expecting, it was not this. He was too… polite. Far too polite to command the respect of the likes of Crucius, Kast and Trem. There had to be something quite vicious concealed behind it. She’d better drink his tea, or suffer his wrath, probably. “I wouldn’t say no to some, sir.” @a goose
  15. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - Spear Me the Gory Details Unfortunately, while the cybernetic implant lodged in Lutenus’ cranium could think faster, his body had to move at regular speed. As such, though it was predicted, he was unable to evade Lorqua’s attack. The javelin hit him in the side of his ribs, but did not go in very far. “Graagh!” @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, the Tower) - The Management Oh. Taldrix sat down, as instructed. “Sorry to disturb you, erm-” Was ‘boss’ too informal? Was ‘my lord’ not formal enough? “Sir, but it’s about the item Crucius retrieved from outside Ferrum.” She offered her notes for his inspection. @a goose
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