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  1. IC: Enra (The Place) Enra accompanied the Wanderer as he moved towards the Broker’s convoy. “You’re not gonna ride with a bunch of heavily-armed strangers without me, are ya boss?” @Smudge8 @Ghosthands
  2. IC: Enra (The Place) “What, of the same ‘The’ clan? I’ll tell him, alright. You stay out ‘ere.” Enra slid back inside the Place, and went off to inform the Wanderer. “Boss, there’s a bloke with a shotgun outside saying that one ‘The Broker’ is here to see you. I reckon you two are related?” She couldn’t help but grin smarmily at her own joke. @Ghosthands@Smudge8
  3. IC: Enra (The Place) “Huh?” From the drawn shotgun, Enra had been expecting something along the lines of ‘your money or your life,’ or ‘stand and deliver.’ “Oh yeah, he’s just in here… why? You here to watch or participate?” @Ghosthands
  4. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Koro, The Fowadi) “Look, I’m going to need you to be consistent with your-” Don’t say gibberish. “Erm, pronunciation.” Good. Tekmo clambered back aboard the Fowadi, Myhruk presumably following. “Right. Hellooooo? Anyone about?” @BULiK
  5. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Koro) “Well, I don’t think the ship is fully emptied, so if we go aboard we’re bound to run into someone who DOES know something - hold on, you just pronounced your destination as Santheti-” WRONG. “Sagelli-” WRONG. “Serengali-” WRONG. “Sanghaprilla.” EH, CLOSE ENOUGH. “When earlier, you said it as ssssssss-oh forget it. Follow me.” Tekmo began leading Myhruk towards the Fowadi. @BULiK
  6. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Koro) “I won’t pretend to know my way around this place - anymore - nor will I pretend to know what Saspa Sararasp Sepelaepla Sasarasarilla is. I believe that the Fowadi is heading to… not there, that’s for certain.” Tekmo tried to obscure the fact that he had already forgotten what the Fowadi and the Aggressors were actually doing. “So… it would seem that I cannot help you. Nuts.” He looked down upon himself like Myhruk was doing, in shame. @BULiK
  7. IC: Tekmo (Ga-Koro) Tekmo, having disembarked the Fowadi, wandered around the streets of Ga-Koro, desperately trying to look as if he wasn’t terribly, hopelessly lost. Well… they weren’t exactly ‘streets,’ but- His Iron Mahi of thought was derailed by the sight of someone who looked like they’d just popped out of the ashen dirt of Ta-Wahi. “Oh, beg my pardon, but can I help you?” He asked Myhruk. @BULiK
  8. IC: Enra (The Place) “OK, buck up, here we go…” Grumbling, Enra stepped out of the Place’s front entrance to ‘greet’ their ‘guests.’ “Hello, and welcome to the Place. With open bar. I’m Enra, I work here, and you are…?” @Ghosthands @Smudge8
  9. IC: Enra (The Place) “Boss, please - I don’t wanna toot me own trumpet or anything...” Enra raised her hands and broke eye contact to express transparently false humility. “But I’ll give it my all, as always… you thinking of joining in on the fun?”
  10. IC: Enra (The Place) “I ain’t just been sitting around on me bum all day, if that’s what you’re getting at. Got security ready, got medical ready, got kitchen ready, got the girls ready...” Enra held up her shock gauntlets on her arms and struck a few poses, before continuing. “So yeah, I’d say we’re ‘bout ninety-nine…” She scowled as she thought back to the still unsquashed fly hovering around somewhere. “Point-nine percent ready.”
  11. IC: Enra (The Place) “Oh, you’re back already eh?” Enra asked the returning Wanderer as she pretended to look at a stone tablet as if it contained important information. As instructed, the Place was made ready for the coming event... well, Enra’s room was still a mess, but everything the guests would see was fine. “How’d your sales pitch go, boss?”
  12. IC: Tekmo (Ostia, Fowadi) Tekmo - having never sailed before in his life - hadn’t heard the song Ember was singing before, so he mouthed the lyrics as it went along and hoped no one would notice.
  13. IC: Tekmo (Ostia, Fowadi) The conversation between Rynekk and Ironshaper had clearly become quite personal, and so, rather than continue to follow them around like a Burnak pup, Tekmo left to further explore the ship.
  14. IC: Tekmo (Ostia, Fowadi) Tekmo followed Rynekk up. "So, erm... what are the rest of the crew like? Any particular individuals I should know about?"
  15. IC: Enra (The Place, Enra’s Room) "Right. Uh... let’s do that, then." Enra squeezed out of the doorway, and made her way to the arena proper, muttering under her breath. "What do I know about running a gladiatorial arena? I wouldn’t ask him to fill in for me, now would I?" @Smudge8
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