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  1. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - Combustible Lemons Seizing the opportunity, Lutenus tried to run towards and pounce towards Lorqua, intent on forcing her to yield early. He wondered why the Great Beings made Thornax the way they were. Were they supposed to explode when they were overripe? What was the inspiration or necessity that made them? What use was there for combustible fruit? @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Vraek (Streets of Atero) - Somewhere, a Ta-Metruan Mask Maker Is Crying The Glatorian of Ice was visibly conflicted for a few moments as she weighed her options. “Very well, let me see what you have in stock. This would be purely for personal or ceremonial use of course, not the arena. Something so beautiful is undoubtedly rather delicate, and thus unsuited for combat.” She wanted to make this clear beforehand, in case Xani was hoping to gain free publicity by having a Glatorian of Iconox herself wear one of her masks in the Arena Tajun. She then paused before adding an addendum. “...Granted, I am far from delicate and beautiful, but that’s a noted exception.” She didn’t want either Xani nor Jeizmel to think she had just implied she thought of herself as ugly and had low self-esteem, you see. This wasn’t insecurity, not at all. @Daniel the Finlander @That Matoran with a Vahi IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Outside Somnii’s Cell) - Chasing a Ghost What was she babbling about? There were definitely no Great Beings in the Gatherers. Taldrix would like to think she’d know if- She hadn’t seen the Ghost. No one had, save Crucius and his flunkies. This pampered child, who was only valuable because of her position HAD! The brat knew more than SHE did! Unacceptable! Crucius said that she might be permitted to see him if something went wrong with the Aula Agoria. Was it worth jeopardising the item in question just to satiate her curiosity? Yes, yes, of course it was - but it wasn’t worth her own life, which might outlast her usefulness if the Ghost couldn’t get what they wanted out of her. And lives tended to end just after usefulness did, in her observation. And there was always the possibility that the desert had cooked the little maggot’s brain, and she had been seeing things that weren’t there. “If the new boss is secretly a Great Being, that’s his business.” The item was right about one thing at least - she didn’t know about the guy in charge, no point denying it. “Far more likely you just imagined it… as you are imagining plans of escape.” There was no point denying that, either. “Between the two, I’d say the Great Being one is more feasible.” @a goose
  2. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - He’s Jumpy Lutenus, believing that the javelin was not supposed to miss, quickly jumped backwards, and fired his Thornax at Lorqua’s legs. @oncertainty @Techn0geist
  3. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - Demo Mode Within, the man internally debated with the machine. It believed that continuing its charge was paramount. Lutenus now wasn’t so sure, having seen Lorqua’s unusual cybernetic arm - all but certainly another Celrys special. “Oh, that’s rather good.” He said, beginning to walk in an anti-clockwise circle around Lorqua. “Is there anything else?” He hoped to induce her into counter-attacking. @oncertainty @Techn0geist
  4. IC: Skrall (Skrall Convoy, East of Roxtus) - And Substitute My Own Skrall sighs. “Honour demands that Skrall speak truthfully, the poison of doubt already festers within this warrior, to great shame. But what does it matter, if pride in the Black Legion is this one’s swift end? It is infinitely preferable to the slow, more painful death of the self, betraying all that the Skrall are, and all that the Skrall can become. This one’s life means little…” He then grows more contemplative. “Though, there may be truth in this story, that the words of profligates should not go unheeded…” @a goose @BULiK @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad @Nato G @oncertainty
  5. IC: Skrall (Skrall Convoy, East of Roxtus) - Literary Analysis “Then the survivor was saved by being the most resilient of the party, withstanding the various witchcrafts described - and witchcraft does exist, the power of the Sisters is known.” Skrall said all this as if it were obvious. “This tale is… more feasible, as it tells of greater struggles than the one told by the prisoner, who would have others believe that Skrall could be felled far more easily. How does one story prove another?” @a goose @BULiK @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad @Nato G @oncertainty
  6. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - A Nice Trip The javelin did indeed, trip up Lutenus, but he started clambering up to his feet very quickly- @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Skrall (Skrall Convoy, East of Roxtus) - I Reject Your Reality “There will be no ‘wager.’ Do not disgrace the memory of the fallen with further falsehood.” @a goose @BULiK @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad @Nato G @oncertainty
  7. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - CPU ACTIVATE. Lutenus charges Lorqua, training axe in hand- @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Skrall (Skrall Convoy, East of Roxtus) - That Liar Lies Skrall, defeated so easily? Impossible! Skrall’s mind was made, now - this prisoner was definitely false. “The prisoner lies - Skrall cannot be bested in such a fashion.” @BULiK @a goose @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad @Nato G @oncertainty IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Outside Somnii’s Cell) - Mystery Man What? Four eyes? Only Great Beings had those. She wasn’t referring to eyeglasses, was she? Cybernetic enhancements? Taldrix brushed this aside. “You’ve far more immediate concerns.” She then started glaring at the Skrall slave, to force him into leaving before she lost her temper. @a goose @Mel
  8. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - And in the Green Corner… Oh, that was interesting… Lorqua considered herself Tesaran after all? Or was that purely for appearances’ sake? In any case, Lutenus waited for the signal from the referee to start… @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Outside Somnii’s Cell) - Sick Burn ‘Burning effigies’ - now, was that a metaphor, or did she think that was something Gatherers did? Best not to acknowledge it in any case. “A thousand apologies, O unknowable one. You were talking to me, asking me a question, so I assumed that you wanted to talk - but I see that was naïve of me, I am but a lowly Gatherer, beneath your attention. I will leave you to your busy schedule of not dying.” Taldrix then turned to leave, while also turning her attention to the Skrall item. “You - back in your pen, now.” @a goose @Mel
  9. IC: Maxas (South-west of Atero, the Skrall River) - Nobody’s Gonna Say It Outright On his Kaxium, Maxas made a slow journey back to Tajun. He didn’t want that Iron Glatorian to see him. He knew there was something more to this - Ferrum goes dark, but one of their Glatorian is heading off to participate in the games as if nothing was wrong? No, Maxas was onto their little game… he didn’t know what that game was, but he’d find out, make no mistake… IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - Is That Marionette Real Enough Yet? “LUTENUS - of the Jungle Tribe.” He announced, as per Ahmoa’s instruction, as he stepped into the training arena. This wasn’t his first time doing this, but it was good that they had gone over the rules - standard stuff, no vital areas, no serious wounds. Fortunately, the device Celrys had installed in his brain knew when to hold back. Or, rather, he knew when to hold back, and thus so did the machine. He could tell they all thought he was mad. They feared his cybernetics, they feared the march of progress. It was understandable, they hadn’t seen what he had seen, didn’t know what he knew. It was the will of his Lord that he abandon the weakness of flesh for the purity of steel. This command had been relayed in unusual ways, to be sure, but since the Lord of Jungle was no longer on this material plane, it would have had to be. He’d replace his entire body with superior mechanical implements if he could, but such advances likely would not be made within his lifetime, and would be horrifically expensive, even for a long-serving Glatorian of prosperous villages such as Tesara. He brandished and examined the training axe in his hands. He would have to be in top condition for these Games. Iconox and Roxtus could not win, no matter the cost. @Techn0geist @oncertainty IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Outside Somnii’s Cell) - That Light You Love Now Just Won’t Shine Right, so she was still firmly in the ‘pointless defiance’ stage of captivity. Good to know. Taldrix began scribbling that down, her expression switching back from mocking to clinical. “Pointless… defiance…” Well, maybe a little bit of mockery still remained. “To be clear, I was not speaking literally. It was all a metaphor for the relationship between us and you tribals. Your parents did teach you what metaphors are, didn’t they?” @a goose @Mel
  10. IC: Skrall (Skrall Convoy, East of Roxtus) - The Enemy ‘Nothing is fast enough to kill a whole patrol and simply vanish into thin air.’ Nothing they knew of. Something was driving them south. Something they knew very little about. Or rather, the Warriors did. Did Special Operations and the Leaders know? If they didn’t, did the Sisters? There were rumours of course. Ghosts. Beasts. Machines. Shapeshifters. Even traitors, as unimaginable as that was. For Skrall to have failed in their duties as their prisoner had, that was understandable, if not forgivable. But for Skrall to turn on their own? This… If the prisoner had anything of value to say, he would have said it to his superiors, and if what he had to say was of value, it would have been heeded. Therefore he was deserving of his punishment. But something had slaughtered his comrades. Something that left only him behind. And if he truly knew nothing, then to blame him for the incident was useless. Therefore he was undeserving of his punishment. “Who are Skrall to believe, then?” He asked the prisoner. “Our superiors, or you?” It was not quite an accusation, but more of an explanation as to why they would not listen to him. @a goose @BULiK @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad @Nato G @oncertainty IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Outside Somnii’s Cell) - Broken Toys A dark chuckle briefly escapes the Gatherer’s throat. “Oh, if only. The real story behind this…” Taldrix pointed to the slave. “Thing, however, is a bit too… inappropriate, for such young ears.” She grins, mockingly. “You know when you got bored of whatever new toy daddy bought for you, so you threw it out and the poor kids played with it instead? This is that, except you are a lady Skrall, the toy is this loser,” she gestured to the slave again, “and I am one of the poor kids you used to turn your nose up at.” She gets a little closer to the bars of the young leader’s cell. “Not turning your nose up at me NOW, are you, kiddo?” @a goose @Mel
  11. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - The Fruit of Our Labour “No need, I carry my own.” Lutenus held up his Thornax Launcher. “I would like a blunted axe or axe-equivalent, if you have any.” One didn’t need a cybernetic ocular prosthesis to see that these two Agori were afraid of them. No doubt something to do with that Iron Glatorian… or was it backwards superstition concerning his mechanical enhancements? He had not replaced his muscles - YET - so what was the problem, exactly? His cyber eye slowly looked over Mard and Ahmoa, making a faint clicking and whirring noise as it did so. Lutenus’ expression remained neutral. @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Vraek (Streets of Atero) - Clear as Crystal “You practise the art of crystal, you say? Did you craft that mask yourself?” Vraek asked, referring to Xani’s crystalline mask. “It’s… rather well done.” She was tempted to ask how much it cost to get one for herself, but if Xani wasn’t the crafter, that would be pointless. Besides - it would be far too garish and impractical in the arena. @Daniel the Finlander @That Matoran with a Vahi
  12. IC: Lutenus (Outskirts of Atero, Training Ground) - I’d Rather Let the Machine Fight for Me “Funny you should say that - oh, one moment.” Lutenus’ response to Lorqua was cut off by the ground’s staff hailing them… the very same Agori who were accompanying the enigmatic Iron Glatorian back at the Red Star Inn. They were asking for payment. “Yes, of course.” Lutenus fished coins out of his pocket. “How much to rent a space for two for…” His cyborg eye whirred around in his socket as he contemplated how much time they’d stay there. “Ooh, let’s say, an hour or so?” @oncertainty @Techn0geist IC: Vraek (Streets of Atero) - Fanclub “A fan.” After all, as she had just finished explaining to Jeizmel, she couldn’t be her assistant on account of her banishment, however temporary it was. “I take it you are one as well?” @Daniel the Finlander @That Matoran with a Vahi
  13. IC: Lutenus (Streets of Atero) - No Train, No Game “I do believe they have some small training areas available for rental. There’s one… this way.” Lutenus drew Lorqua to the training grounds owned by Mard and Ahmoa, not knowing that these were the same Agori that were with the enigmatic Iron Glatorian from earlier. @oncertainty @Techn0geist
  14. IC: Lutenus and Vraek (Streets of Atero) - Wreckage “Vraek.” She corrected, insistently. “But yes, I will be representing Iconox. Would I be doing anything else?” What else could she do? Barbaric practices or not, the Ice Tribe were her people and her home. To abandon them was unthinkable. Elsewhere, Lutenus stepped out of the Red Star Inn, and back onto the street. “Hmmm… what do you say… you and I have a little sparring match before we depart for Tajun? To… reintegrate yourself with arena combat.” @Daniel the Finlander @That Matoran with a Vahi @oncertainty IC: Skrall (Roxtus, Stables) - Road Trip Skrall looked at the prisoner. He forcibly suppressed and quashed a treacherous feeling akin to pity. This creature was no longer Skrall, and must be treated as such, despite the semblance of honour he had regained in resisting them. Meanwhile, there were his brothers, Skrall without question, despite their myriad differences and their quarrels that would have brought shame to the Rock Tribe if an outsider or a higher-ranking tribesman beheld them. He finished loading the last of the supplies, and boarded one of the carriages. He wasn’t certain what possibility would be worse - the mind-numbing boredom of such a long journey in silence, or the return of this… infighting. @BULiK @a goose @Burnmad @Nato G @Vezok's Friend @oncertainty IC: Taldrix (Bone Hunter Stronghold, Outside Somnii’s Cell) - Rude to the Waiter Oh. This one. This worthless, pathetic wretch. She snatched the plate of food out of his hands with only a mildly contemptuous glare. “This is usually where I’d make a joke at the Skrall’s expense, but the one that just walked in should be quite sufficient. You can go now, unless there was anything else?” @Mel
  15. IC: Lutenus (Atero, Red Star Inn) - Are You Inn or Out? “Thank you… I think.” The metal eye whirred as it spun around, as Lutenus began heading out of the inn, with Lorqua presumably following. “But to answer your question, no, I don’t believe there’s any reason to dally further - though it may still be some time before the caravans move in full force. I take it you’re prepared to fight in the arena once more, then?” @oncertainty IC: Skrall (Roxtus, Stables) - Instability in the Stables Oh for love of rock - what were they arguing about now? Actually, he didn’t care. “This bickering is pointless.” He blurted out, before deciding to stick with it. “This argument makes no sense.” Technically, now he was contributing to the very discord he was condemning, but only in the pursuit of ending it. “Skrall cannot appear to be divided in front of prisoners - certainly not when Skrall meet with the renegades and the southerners.” @a goose @BULiK @Nato G @Burnmad @Vezok's Friend @oncertainty IC: Xyde (Precipere, Somok’s Hut) - Fine, Be That Way, You Old #### “Nothing I’ve seen or heard of.” They’d like to know something so they too, could spitefully withhold it, but Xyde genuinely hadn’t seen or noticed anything unusual. Except… “Well, actually, I’ve noticed that people tend to make more metal bits than they used to, which raises medical complications - nothing WE need to be concerned with, of course.” @Nato G @Geardirector
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