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  1. Seconding Bulik on that one. We all come back. I'm gonna miss having Onepu in your capable hands o7.
  2. IC: Nuparu (Akiri's Office) Nuparu remained silent for a while, partially because he didn't quite know what he was going to say, and Nuparu was always at his worst when he didn't have the answer. His hands found something to hold on to, and he opened his iStone to seemingly spend a few moments actually taking notes. It wasn't much of a surprise, perhaps. Having a lot to think about was something Nuparu was getting increasingly used to. At last, he spoke up: "For your negligence and absence, Tarnok, you are to report to Onepu for return to duty immediately. Leli, you too. The best way to make up for your, uhm, insubordination is to get back to work" OOC: @Krayzikk @sunflower IC: Ferron (Papa-Nihu Reef) "Well, there's always going to be a degree of your own particulars involved in something like this," Ferron answered, giving the Toa a nod as he folded his hands. "I can't tell you the way you get there is wrong, as long as you do it" "But yes, let's begin. We'll close our eyes, and breathe..." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  3. IC: Zelvin (Charred Forest) Zelvin had long since bid her farewell to the people who had either accompanied her or gotten pulled into the aftermath of her little arrest action in the forest. The two criminals were firmly secured with bonds that she had just conjured up out of her own power, and their weapons were coming along slung over her back. She glanced back towards the forest before she turned for good towards the west and the way upwards. Time to cash in the bounty. OOC: Zelvin to Ko-Wahi. Just needed to get this one out finally. @Razgriz especially thanks for coming along. @Zasshu you can assume Chiaki was also compensated for his help with this little caper.
  4. IC: Krex (Assault on Fort Garsi) It had been a lot of activity in just a few moments for Krex. She often had a problem going even a day or two without wishing for a real fight to break out so the days would pass by a little bit faster. Testing her perimeter defenses could only provide so much amusement for a day or two. She didn't regret wishing for that now that they had someone foolhardy enough to actually put the fort's reputation to the test, just that she hadn't done even more tests. As Kirik rode out to lead a bike squadron on an intercept course, Krex had been piling fire and the occasional explosive onto the main scene of the action she saw. That was rapidly proving less and less effective, the attackers were pairing up, using their elemental powers to respond and keep the damage being sent towards them well out of reach of them. Krex privately wished she could have that sort of ability just by herself. The walls were getting hammered. Not much was sticking, but the shockwaves of the action coming upon the ramparts and the piles of churned and upturned earth and mud and dust were almost burying it, if it kept up like this. "Right, boss" Krex andswered to Ipsudir's command. Her mind was already taken with an idea that she was formulating. "Srednak," she barked, "help me out here. The Skadki of Iron she had been left beside nodded, and they approached each other, purpose clear with just a few gestures from The Fuse. The large boulder that Zanakra had used as cover for the landslide earlier shook and wrenched itself loose, rising out from the dirt, and was tossed right at her. OOC: @Snelly @Visaru @Smudge8 @Nato G @Sparticus147 @Zeal @Mel @ARROW404 here we are. Apologies for the long wait. Do absolutely let me know if anything here needs to be fixed up.
  5. IC: Krex (Fort Garsi) Krex's watch over the ramparts confirmed the foolhardy attackers had at least a few tricks up their sleeve. Well, she did as well, she sent a few grenades sailing toward the spot they were throwing debris to clear a path for the Hounds. Her grip on her launcher tightened as she began firing volleys at Tarrakh and Nakihl, to slow them down. In her other hand she had her Rhotuka firing to lay new mines ahead of them. OOC: @Mel @Visaru @Nato G @Snelly @Smudge8 @ARROW404 @Zeal @Sparticus147
  6. IC: Krex (Fort Garsi) Krex had been eyeing the party (and with her good eye, too) that stood at the very edge of her neatly laid-out minefield from the moment they showed up. The Demolitions Expert rarely needed much of an excuse to unleash carnage on whomever was an unwelcome guest at the gates of Fort Garsi, but she usually at least had the decency to not do so without a command from Garsi herself. Or if they were just outright attacked. Now she acted. The Cordak missiles fired by Zanakra started to detonate prematurely, one by one. Triggering explosives from afar was exactly what Krex's Heat Vision was for. She could tell she wouldn't get all of them, but the final strike on the front gate would be just a scratch. "I'm gonna need cover" Krex yelled, to no one in particular. Cordak blasters were one thing, but Krex was a lot more concerned about what else they might want to throw at Fort Garsi. If her precious minefield was neutralized, she would need to improvise other means, and her mind was already working on it. OOC: @Mel @Visaru @Snelly @ARROW404 @Smudge8 @Zeal @Sparticus147 I'm working under the assumption some Cordaks will still hit. I also advise all opposing parties to take a look at Krex's equipment on her profile, I will be using that stuff for all it's worth here. Death is definitely on the table here as well
  7. Alright, hey folks. I've gotten a bunch of stuff of my plate. Give me a poke if you need me for something. I'm getting caught up and we'll se what I can get into
  8. IC: Akiri Nuparu (Nuparu's Office) Nuparu gave a nod to the other two to acknowledge their presence, and then he turned his attention to Tarnok, watching attentively as he gave him the important news. If there was the expectation of a shocked outburst, Nuparu didn't oblige it. Instead he averted his gaze, looking around the room, muttering under his breath. "Three or four months ago... yes, that's about when I first felt it... I should have known..." He seemed to return to the here and now, and addressed Tarnok. "I understand. I suspected something was looming on the horizon, Tarnok. Everyone here has just seemed a bit on edge without explaining why, recently. I dearly hoped it wouldn't be because of this, but I suppose that was a fool's hope." He paused again, and pulled over an iStone to look through some notes he had taken earlier that day. "I of course understand this can't be kept secret for much longer. I agree, I'll figure out how to tell the citizenry. Do the other Akiri know about this?" OOC: @Krayzikk @Razgriz @sunflower
  9. IC: Wiremu and Farzan (Tech Emporium) Wiremu remained quiet, but he was also very curious about what was going on. The grisly details of how the Toa was to carry the device was a tough pill to swallow but so he did. When Jokaro's own exposition was cut off by his own seeming epiphany, Wiremu realized he had been staring at him, and took a moment to remember to blink. It was at this moment I came back through the door, and I was indeed quite a surprise, not to mention surprised myself. "Whoa there, what's going on in here? Jo, have you been attracting clientelle for once?" I asked him, quite sincerely. He wasn't the talkative type outside of work, he had quite correctly observed on multiple occassions I talked enough for the both of us. I heartily agreed with his assessment. I was lumbered by a sizable something or other I was carrying on my back. What it was was not clear to see but I had plans in motion, as always. OOC: @Perp @Emzee
  10. IC: Akiri Nuparu (Ussalry HQ) "I see. My office, then" Nuparu answered, and he turned on his heel to walk out again of the building he had just entered. The Akiri's office wasn't far from the main office of the Koro's guard force anyway, he just wanted to keep his options open. He took the lead in a brisk walk to his own desk, instructing the attendant outside to bring him some extra chairs. Nuparu's office was a bit less cluttered than usual, and he was quick to find himself seated behind his desk. He had his head spinning on the way. Tarnok was a semi-familiar face, one that he knew had been with the Ussalry a long time, and had a good record. Anything urgent he had to share was definitely worth the Akiri's time. "Take a seat, please." OOC: @Krayzikk
  11. IC: Wiremu (Po-Koro, Tech Emporium) "That's right. I understand it's on a bit of an ad-hoc basis all the same" Wiremu answered, "I've just been told I could have somewhere to apply myself. Nuparu does want to me continue my work creating new machinery and tools for the Koro... I assume." Wiremu was about to continue when the door chime cut him off, and instead he muttered something in the vein of an apology before he stepped aside to give Jokaro space. He also wondered now where Jokaro's associate had gotten himself to. OOC: @Perp @Emzee
  12. IC: Akiri Nuparu (Ussalry HQ) The dispatch arrived at a moment when the Akiri's perpetually active mind was, for once, for want of something to occupy it. It didn't happen often, but if it did, it was also easy to put a stop to. Urgent, was it? Very well, he'd come to them. Nuparu came through the entrance to the Ussalry building flanked by a pair of guards, who promptly dispersed and left him to do the formalities on his own. "I was told you needed to speak to me, Tarnok" he said to the Ussalmatoran, and he sounded a touch nonchalant, but his expression was awake and attentive. "I assume we'll need some privacy? I can deal with whatever's available right here if you're in a hurry" OOC: Sorry for the wait, @Krayzikk
  13. IC: Wiremu (Tech Emporium) "Oh, hello?" an unfamiliar voice answered, and Jokaro would get to see the face of another Matoran who had just poked his head in the door of the Emporium. The door had chimed, but he had not quite entered the shop yet. For a moment, him and Jokaro presumably stood there with their head peeking out behind each other's door, before Wiremu took some initiative and opened his fully to step inside. "Uh, hello? My name is Wiremu, I'm... an attaché from Onu-Koro who've been sent here for the benefit of a new agreement our Koros have made. I was told there was a workshop and some inventors here...?
  14. IC: Zelvin (Charred Forest) "Everyone, a pleasure" Zelvin replied, much more focused on shepherding the two slowly recovering Skakdi up onto their feet so she could get them going. Had they tried to use their vision powers, the crystalline visors she had stuck to their faces would put a stop to that. "We're just in the middle of something, don't mind us" she said, as she moved across the clearing and patted the pockets and pouches she had on her person underneath her robe. "Mr. Highwind," she called to the guardsman who had shown her the way, "catch" Jolek got a small bag of something tossed his way. The way it clattered on impact made it pretty obvious what it was. Zelvin didn't seem overly concerned about the fact that she had just tossed a bag of money to someone in full view like that. She didn't rate the risks at the moment very highly. "A little something as thanks for your help."
  15. IC: Zelvin (Charred Forest) "It's a Sanctum Guard warrant either way, you'd need a bit of leave to collect this, I suspect," Zelvin remarked "but don't worry. I can cover for it in advance" She tucked the reformed gemstones in under her cloak, and did the same with her launcher. Zelvin had to admit, she was finding that fancy device she'd gotten from Mr. Shaddix quite useful. "And I'll of course have to say thank you to both of you," she added, nodding to both Jolek and Chiaki, "you're both entitled to a share of the spoils, no question." Zelvin spent a moment collecting the weapons of the downed duo. She regarded Torben's staff with particular interest. Apparently this device had somehow let the Skakdi influence even the mostly-dead vegetation of the Charred Forest. Very impressive. "I will say, if there's one thing about Skakdi I envy it's those vision powers," she remarked idly, "Laser Vision would suit me rather well, I think" “Company.” he spoke, voice caught between the states of tension and the previous release. He wouldn’t get caught unawares again. “I hear ‘em. They’re not trying super hard for me not to, either.” Zelvin nodded, and put aside her loot to instead have her hands free. She could also hear them, if she engaged her Kanohi. These people weren't trying to sneak up on anyone, which in this case made her feel less on guard. OOC: @Razgriz @capMARVELOUS, and now also @ARROW404 @Harvali @Snelly
  16. IC: Zelvin (Charred Forest) Zelvin didn't run quite as far as the other two did. Instead, the old huntress came to a stop facing the now positively vibrating mound of crystal. The humming was filling the entire clearing, and Zelvin motioned for the others to stay back, as she took one determined step forward again. A moment of total silence fell upon them all, just as the crystal before them reached the point of glowing white-hot like a sun. A single, solitary hairline of a fracture ran its way across the glowing mound, before it all fell apart. Had Drabak been awake to say anything, they would all have learned that this particular modification of his was something he called the "Storm of Spines". Exotic technology was implanted into his spine, giving its spikes the ability to burst out of his back into electrified spikes that would chain their lightning after hitting something. He would have controlled where they hit if he had his consciousness, but now it was just a crapshoot. With Zelvin's addition, the force of this violent launch was absorbed by the crystal, and shattered it. While Drabak's discharge shot harmlessly into the air, the crystal seal shattered into a storm of shards that flew in all directions like a wall of razor-sharp death. Zelvin had counted on it. Crystal was crystal, and the corona of shards cascading from the explosion shifted their path as she gestured powerfully to make the shards follow her guidance. She was working with her element now, and she wasn't going to accept anyway other than her way. The cloud of crystal shards were sucked into a vortex surrounding Zelvin, one that slowly shrank, tightened, slowed down. Finally, Zelvin could could guide it all into her palms, reforming the cloud into solid gemstones. Which she appraised for a moment without a word. "There we are. A bit hairy, but results are results. Let's bag them" she said, quite business-like, and approached one of the downed Ash Lads. OOC: @Razgriz @capMARVELOUS
  17. IC: Wiremu (Po-Koro) The carriage ride through the desert was about as unpleasant as Wiremu had expected, but he was dealing with it. The harsh sunlight was the worst part. He doubted the wisdom of Midak's advice to catch as much as he had a chance to. The way it was reflecting off of the endless sand dunes forced him to blink or shield his eyes to avoid seeing nothing but featureless, blinding white. It was a good thing he wasn't the one driving. "Uhm, excuse me, but how do you manage in this... this light?" he wanted to know of the Cart driver, who gave the engineer a most unhelpful shrug. "Ye get used to it. It'll take a while for your eyes to adjust, but it shouldn't be such a bother long as you don't let the sun stare ya down" Wiremu was endlessly pleased when the gate to Po-Koro appeared on the horizon. He couldn't remember the last time he had left Onu-Koro, let alone travelled to another of the island's villages. Wasn't much "village" left nowadays. Well inside, Wiremu was soon put in contact with a representative of the Akiri, and a bit of a surprise for him. "We've gotten you a hut close by to an establishment maintained by some of our own brighter minds. We're sure if you want to find somewhere to keep your mind engaged, that'll do you fine" Wiremu nodded in pleasant surprise. That sounded a lot better already. Someone to have some constructive, original work of his own to do in-between this "teaching" assignment he was supposed to get a handle on. Maybe he could learn about something new that Nuparu could use in Onu-Koro as well. Wiremu spent a few moments getting settled into his dimly-lit new hut (thank the Great Spirit), and afterwards, he began his walk down the street towards the "Tech Emporium" he had been instructed to look for. OOC: @Perp
  18. IC: Krex (Fort Garsi) Krex was interrupted from her line of inqury by the impromptu practice match that erupted between warlord and The Stonebelly. She leaned against the wall, tilting her head as her concentration was quickly directed towards the sudden spot of entertainment she was getting. This was why she liked working for Garsi. "Scratch that Kirik, but hey," she spoke up, "as long as we've got this show here, how long do you reckon Grolasch is gonna last against the boss?" OOC: @Mel @Visaru @Wotz
  19. IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn) ::Several days ago by now,.:: I answered, ::The attack Cephala here describes rings a bell, I think it was around that time:: I could tell Prahdai's mind was on the move. If she was about to embark on some sort of foolhardy rescue mission, then she was a women after my style, which already knew she was. My train of thought was interrupted by the moment when a local burst through the doors into the inn, and her gaze fixed on us in a way I had begun to recognize. More curiosity, no doubt given an extra boost with the undue arrival of all the others who had arrived here over the last day. I decided to get ahead of her by speaking up first. "Hey there, you wouldn't happen to be a curious islander who's curious about the new arrivals, are you? I'm one dragon short of a fistful, so I hope you are" OOC: @Mel @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Toatapio Nuva
  20. IC: Zelvin and Ash Lads (Charred Forest) Chiaki had picked his moment well. Between getting attacked at such a vulnerable moment and getting a sustained electric shock applied right to his guts, Torben was out for the count by the time he hit the ground. He would continue to spasm erratically as the electricity coursed through him. Zelvin could turn her attention to what was happening with the other Skakdi. Drabak got to feel the full force of Jolek's final blow, and it did everything hoped for and more. The Skakdi gurgled something that may have been words, but he no longer had the strength to shape them. There was one part of his body that reacted differently, however. His spine's many points hummed with their own power, electrical arcs jumping across them as something built up. Whatever "work" Drabak had had done to his spine, it was about to go off, and Drabak himself wasn't there to guide it in any way, if he even could have. Thinking quickly, Zelvin pulled out her one piece of truly high-tech equipment. The air around Drabak was getting uncomfortably hot as Zelvin fired her launcher at the ground next to him. "Get to cover!" Zelvin shouted to the others, even as a mound of crystal burst out of the ground to grow upwards from where Zelvin had just seeded it. It grew upwards to wrap around the unconscious Drabak, sealing the Skakdi inside the crystal that had spontaneously started to grow, and whatever his modified spine was about to do. OOC: @Razgriz @capMARVELOUS
  21. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) Yes, basically. There's no requirements about how many posts = certain distance traveled. If you want to get us right to the Koro in just one post, nobody's gonna stop ya. IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost) I had to hand it to Joskander, using his powers like that to make way was more useful than anything I would've been able to manage on my own. Sound is a tricky element at the best of times, even if you have the habit like I do. "That's handy" I deigned to say out loud, as I began walking the path through the snow. Karv followed me.
  22. IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn) I ushered Kama onto my shoulder, and thought for a moment about whether or not I should perhaps spring for a cane of my own? There was a certain something it added to the general aesthetic I was stuck with these days. I might have to consider it. "Ah, well that's going to be a story and a half all on its own, you know" I answered to Pradhai's question about clan affairs, "The last I heard she's gotten a local pretty boy all twisted around her finger and taken him with her up into the snowcapped hills you can reach just a day's march from here" OOC: @Mel
  23. IC: Ferron (Papa-Nihu Reef) The Turaga nodded sagely, perhaps getting a bit too in-character as he folded his hands and regarded Oliphko without answering for a few staid moments. "No, not at all. I'm a little bit out of my depth on this as I said before. I've hit the books at the Wise Man's Archive a few times, but learning about this sort of thing is quite new territory for me" "I think this spot suits us well in part because of the noise of the water outside. From what I've read so far, there are two different practices, meditation and mindfulness, that are often conflated." Ferron held out his prosthetic hand, so his palm was illuminated by the lightstone between them. He placed his other finger in his palm, and held it there. "You sound like you're describing both," he said, "achieving unity with the material word, to bring yourself into an awareness of the present moment, is mindfulness. Meditation on the other hand, is the rejection of your conscious awareness of what's around you and your presence in the material." As he spoke, his finger was etching lines into his palm, the Turaga using his powers to effect his metallic hand. He first drew a rough sketch if the island, the material word for all intents and purposes, before dispelling it and drawing out the symbol of the three virtues. "It depends on what you're after," Ferron said, "for someone like you, well... your element is literally all around us right now" OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  24. IC: Farzan (Tech Emporium) "Armor plates, you say" I replied to Dehkaz, and noted down the Wrist-Volo as well. Ferrous strips, able to take very solid hits, hmm... I had my suspicions about just what Dehkaz was going to do with these armor plates, and I very much approved. "That'll be no problem. I can get you those in just a few days." I answered, quite matter-of-factly. I'd have to break out a heatstone blowtorch, maybe, but that's about the extent of what I foresaw to be necessary. OOC: @sunflower @Snelly @Krayzikk
  25. IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost) "Fine by me," I acquiesced, "I do actually have some curiosity about how things are going there at the moment" I whistled to get Karv to follow me, and I whispered to Joskander that I "just need a moment" I peered up through the stonework around me with my mask. My erstwhile original companion appeared to be entirely checked out, snoozing away in a corner near the fire we had made in the observation tower. Good for him, honestly. "Okay, I'm pretty sure now I haven't forgotten anything or need to get anything. I'm ready to leave when you are" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
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