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  1. IC:Jojax-Fort Garsi Jojax hit the ground with a loud thud, barely avoiding various projectiles being fired at her. She started pulling herself off of the ground when suddenly, there was the loud whirring of an engine as something came barreling out of the battle towards Jojax. In an instant, she was overcome by an animalistic fear. She tried to run, but her Mask was still active, causing her to go careening foreward, smashing into rocks and other obstacles, but she was making headway. Then she hit a different kind of wall. The various gizmos attached to her mask dimmed, and the device exacted its toll. Sapped of all her streingth Jojax collapsed onto her hands and knees panting. No longer able to run. The rider skidded to a halt less than a dozen bio away and began to shout, "Get your scrawny asses out of here already, before I blast you all to the steps of Kino-Ur" Out of breath, Jojax just knelt there and hoped she wouldn't be noticed.
  2. IC: Jojax-Fort Garsi The earth beneeth Jojax suddenly birst to life, shooting Jojax high into the air. Jojax screamed obcenities all the way up. When the pillar jerked to a stop Jojax was tossed in the air, and landed back on top of the pillar with a thud. She groaned and got back to her feet. From up here she could survey the entire battlefield, and it wasn't pretty, a thick mist obscured most of the area, large stone spikes jutting out of the ground. It was a mess of battle cries and screams of pain. This battle was nothing like the sarke ring. "######################## I'm outta here!" With her enhanced streingth she jumped as far away from the pillar as she could, decending onto the ground below.
  3. IC: Jojax-Fort Garsi Jojax snarled at the Skakdi on the ground as she grasped her side. His words hurt more than any physical attack. "This is my heratage! #####################" Currently ignoring the two others who were actualy a threat, and kicked the ice Skakdi.
  4. IC: Jojax- Battle of Fort Garsi The sounds and explosions of battle asaulted Jojax's ears. She had gone into this hoping to prove her worth after her previous Sarke failure, but this was nothing like Sarke at all. Bloodcurtling screams replaced the cheers, the battlefield kept shifing under her feet before she could adapt. Dad had always described combat as a complex dance, by comparison this was a bunch of Kinderskak's screaming and chasing each other. Jojax rapidly fired her impact vision, disorienting the foes falling down on her, giving her enough time to dodge the two spears. The third skakdi swiped at her with his sword, cutting a gash across her torso. Jojax grit her teeth and activated her mask to enhance her streingth. She grabed the chainsaw skakdi by the wrist and flung him at the two with spears. Suddenly a call came from over tha wall. "Retreat! Full Retreat!" What? Jojax thought to herself. The fight just started!
  5. IC: The Wanderer-The Place "Of course not." The wanderer said calmly, retaining his composure. "I'm sure the Broker won't mind if I bring a partner." He turned back to face the broker's henchmen. OOC: Sorry, I took so long to reply. @Toru Nui @Ghosthands
  6. IC: Jojax-Fort Garzi Assault Jojax heard the rumbling of engines as the battlebikers headed towards Jojax's position. "Oh yea!" She shouted as she began to charge. "Now this is more like it!" But instead of running foreward she began to slide backwards along the ground. Before she could react Jojax tripped and went hurtling back towards the magnetized wall, eventualy impacting with a thud. "You've got Karzin friends on the other side of this wall!" She shouted to no one in particular. It took some effort to peel herself off of the wall and...Stand Up? This was dissorienting. Under the infuence of the magnetic field the wall had become the floor, the collapsed hillside was a wall, and a collection of Skakdi and Bikes were falling out of the 'sky'. Jojax smied and deployed her floating gloves, getting ready to repeatedly punch the next opponent to get in range. This was going to be like when she used her impact vision to shoot Makuta fish in an aquarim that one time. OOC: @ARROW404@Nato G @Zeal @Sparticus147@Mel @Geardirector@Visaru @Snelly
  7. IC: Jojax-Fort Garsi Assault As the squad of energy hounds grew closer Jojax snered. It was time to try one of the moves she'd been working on. She channeled her Elemental power into her gloves. She raised her hands into the air and left the ground with a jerk, carried by her hands. She rose over the hounds and took a deep breath, ready to shout her battlecry as she dropped into the pack. Then the ground erupted. Jojax reactivated her gloves, dangling over the rockslide like she was holding onto a pullup bar. Once the ground looked somewhat stable she dropped back down and surveyed the scene shouting "Boss! You alright?" IC: The Wanderer-The place The wanderer followed briskly. Keeping a smile on his face, and a sharp eye out for trouble.
  8. IC: Jojax-Assaulting Fort Garsi "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" As soon as Zanarka gave orders Jojax waas already charging, shooting her firework revolver wildly. Doing a small amount of damage to the area in front of her. IC: The Wanderer-The Place The Wanderer sighed, "I expected he'd come eventually. He sticks his fingers in every pie in the island. He'll proably try and get us indebted to him, which might still be beneficial..." He shrugged. "If he's the one I'm thinking of he'll have little respect for history. Prepare the acolytes in case we have to ask them to leave." He gave Erna a wink before exiting the structure. "Why Hello!" He said, a large smile on his face. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"
  9. IC: Jojax-Outside Fort Garsi Jojax had been patched up by Ahum and spent most of the trip quietly stewing over the fight. More than anything she was worried about what her allies thought of her. She Wasn't really paing attention to where they were going untill they arrived at the giant cube. She suddenly stopped. "Wow."
  10. IC: Jojax-Tahtorak Encampment Just then, a certain Iron skakdi walked past and gave Jojax a wink. "Hey Sweet Teeth, Thanks for makin our boss look good. I was rootin for ya." "SWEET TEETH! Why I oughta...!" Jojax suddenly lurched to her feet, only to wobble as she grew dizzy again. The Iron skakdi just smiled and walked off. Just then a comanding voice rung out “We're done here, we march south. I think it's time we introduce ourselves to our neighbours.” Jojax shook her head, growled, and began walking back to the boat.
  11. IC: Jojax-Tahtorak Encampment @Nato G @Snelly @Zeal @ARROW404 @Sparticus147 Wow, the stars are so pretty... but how did I get here? Oh, right. Joajax opened her eyes. "#############################" She batted T'harrak's hand away as she shat up. "I'm fine!" She snapped. "I just wasn't ready for a professional."
  12. IC: Jojax-Tahtorak Encampment @ARROW404 Jojax's eyes opened wide as she watched Gasril open her jaw. "Aw, Karz..." Before Jojax could finish her sentance a wall of sound washed over her, causing her teeth to chatter and her ears ring. She was commited to her attack at this point, so she closed her eyes and followed through. There was the sharp pain as Gashril's blade bit into Jojax's side, followed by the crunch as Jojax smashed into the spiked armor. Gashril shoved and Jojax went stumbling back. Her ears still ringing, she bent over and put her hands on her knees, breathing heavily as her mask drained the last of her streingth. She grit her teeth. My boss is watching, and I can't let her down, and I can't look stupid in front of the Spineless slugger. I have to win this. RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jojax charged at Gashril, swinging her fists, both natural and levitating gloves, wildly. In one last desperate attempt. Despite this, it was apparent to everyone that Jojax had already lost.
  13. IC: Jojax-Tahtorak Encampment @ARROW404 Jojax normally relied on exploiting her opponents mistakes, and Gashril was too composed. AND TOO QUIET! Fights without a good banter weren't any fun. It was time to stop dragging this out, or else her mask power would drain her too much. Joajax began to channel her elemental power through her wristbands, and the metal gloves lying on the ground behind Jojax began to rise. "It's time to end this!" She shouted.... "FIVE FEINDISH FISTS!" Jojax's eyes flashed and Gashril stumbled backwards from the impact vision. Jojax charged, Her levitating gloves swung in next, Gashril managed to swipe them away, but that left her open to Jojax's fists. Jojax knocked her foe backwards to the edge of the ring with her Kanoka Powered blows. Then, She took a mighty leap upwards and decended on the prone Gashril. "DEVIL'S ELBOW DROP!!!"
  14. I'm going to be dropping a character in Seprilli, Is there anyone who would like me to interact with their character?
  15. IC: Jojax-Tahtorak Encampment @ARROW404 Jojax stumbled past Gashril and grit her teath as the focused sonic blast smashed into her ear. She instinctively lashed out with a pakari-powered leg, attempting to sweep Gashril's feet out from under her. Providing that worked, Jojax would have to pounce on top of her quickly. IC: The Wanderer-The Place (the Wanderer's Bar) @Toru Nui The wanderer smiled and shook his head. "I'm not much of a fighter these days, I'd much rather provide comentary.," He said, pulling his guitar off of his back.
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